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For the time being I’m on a kinda-sorta hiatus. I’m still going to try to post as much as I can, but to be honest…eh. I don’t know what I’m capable of.

I mentioned this really briefly on twitter, but it’s become more of a problem than I originally thought, so it need to be mentioned again.

Ah, I think I already stated it once, I tend to have this incredibly long cold all winter and it started early this year. It’s completely draining me…to the point where I’m often sleeping 12 hours a day. Really makes it hard to get a normal amount of stuff done when you’re only awake half of the time.

Anyway, the hiatus has become…kind of necessary. I’m actually having a hard time watching anime. Either it’s raw and my brain is too foggy for another language to make any sort of sense to me or it’s subtitled and my brain is too tired to read anything, especially while paying attention to the screen.

And writing? Ha. I fail at writing right now. I think I’m making even more mistakes than usual.

Yeah, about the only thing I’ve been able to do properly is make some minor graphics with Photoshop…but I finished my banners for Christmas…so now I’m just bored. Things that would normally relieve my boredom are beyond my understanding (anime and blogging). Which really seems…pathetic. I’m too dumb to watch anime and blog right now. *failure*

But self-pity aside, let’s finally get to the important stuff. My schedule…you can pretty much throw it right out the window for the time being. I have to catch up with Clannad 06 (absolutely need to do this post), Skip Beat! 05 & 06 (joint post), and my Weekly Anime.

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but to me it’s a mountain. Especially with the way I’m known to blog. I tend to want to write too much. I’m a wordy person, it can’t be helped. But I’m going to take it easy and just blog when I want to, because otherwise it’ll just make me feel worse.

Until my semi-hiatus is over, I’ll probably be doubling up all my Skip Beat! posts and my Weekly Anime will be cut down to only things I can easily think up something to say. Clannad should be…like normal (except maybe late) and Shugo Chara!…should probably actually be on time since I’m always bothered by the increase in page views when I’m late with it. Not anyone’s fault, it just bothers me somehow.

I’m also slow on replying to comments right now. I don’t think I’ve even read all the ones I’ve gotten in these past few days.

For now, I’ll do my best to catch up, but I’m focusing on my health and the outside world (with good reason). I’ll just leave off apologizing for the messy post, but I’m feeling really light-headed at the moment, so I can’t be bothered to check it over.


  1. If you haven’t watched episode 6 of Clannad After Story yet, have a tissue box ready. Though I’m sure you already knew that :p

    I hope you feel at least a bit better. Get some rest, breaks do you good, you’ll feel better when you get back~

  2. Aww Hope your feeling better =0 I know what colds feel like. Anyways I’m praying for you.

  3. :(
    Poor you. Hope you have a good rest.
    Don’t worry about catching up on everything if you can’t at the moment. We all know how much of a pain life is when it gets in the way. But then again, it’s always a pain. *sigh*
    Well, feel better! ^^

  4. You already know what I’m going to say.

    Just take it easy, as always. It’s inconvenient, but your health comes first. *nods*

  5. Of course health comes before everything! So don’t worry and just get better. Important things first, just take it easy xP
    I too hate the cold but what can we do?
    Rest well and recover nicely ^-^

  6. Have a good long rest Fuyu. Sad to say, you’re the third person in my blogroll who is, already has, or is thinking of halting blogging for a while. Then again, I’m also feeling the pressure. I can hardly keep up with blogging, studying and working at the same time. :(

    Anyhow, like everyone else have said above me, health comes first. Do us all a favor by feeling better. :)

  7. Dang poor you…. And you live in Manhattan right? Poor you. I’m always getting sick. I’m dealing with the flu as I write this. I really pity you, THE WHOLE WINTER? I hope you get better! Drink lots of fluids, and eat soup. (Dang I sound like a mom!)

  8. Please get better soon. stock up on medicines and soups. as much as we will miss your writing, your health is more important.

  9. Poor girl. Take it easy okay, and focus on your health.

  10. …Please get better soon. stock up on medicines and soups. as much as we will miss your writing, your health is more important…. That’s right we will miss your writing but if your sick. You need to forget about your blog and become better! Just imagine a strange Shugo Chara! pic in your mind (Nagihiko in that dress with cat hands!)

  11. Rest well! And don’t let the fangirls pressure you! XD

    Write for yourself and enjoy it. I tend to have the desire to write more than what I can too (heh), so I continue to find ways to strike a balance between blogging what I want and what I can (given the lack of time and writing prowess).

    If blogging is becoming a drag, don’t hesitate to take a break. Let inspiration come, naturally. Don’t hesitate to change blogging style too, especially if episodic writing is becoming too much of a chore.

  12. Hope you get better soon! I’ll really pray for your health. I’m also having problems right now and you don’t have to worry about me ‘coz I’m feeling better now and I had moved on ^_^. Umm anyway, when you feel like you need to rest down a little, take a break :).

  13. Well, health is more important than anything else. So yeah, do whatever you need to recover :).

  14. Many people are getting sick and post less often due to busy schedule these days. I hope you’ll get better soon :)

    P.S. The bunny is very cute :)

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