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Well…this was probably the best episode of Doki so far. It was really predictable, but I feel like it got some of the charm from the first season back. I’ll go ahead and say that it’s the two scenes of cross-dressing that made this episode a lot better. Even with it being all filler-y.

Though, the plot involving Ikuto’s violin popped up again in this episode.

Hm…basically this episode is making me feel a lot better about Doki after the “below no expectations” episode last week. I still think that the filler character in that episode was awful, but they handled the filler character better this time.

However! There is something we need to address first! I honestly don’t follow the Shugo Chara! news anymore and just watch the episode every week now. I only know what comments tell me. So is episode 59’s title on wikipedia right? “Hoshina Utau! New Departure!”

Because if so and it means what I think it does…consider me pissed off about something new. We have a bunch of time where there’s going to be nothing real going on, and Satelight is considering making Utau leave? That’s…messed up. That’s really, really messed up.

At the very least they better put the ramen scene in that episode. *sigh* I’m going to be really disappointed if Satelight tosses out one of the increasingly fewer reasons why some older fans are watching Doki. Utau is a really popular character and not utilizing her during any fillers seems like a really bad idea to me.


Yoru has his cats looking around the town for Ikuto’s violin, but it hasn’t been found yet. After Yoru says they’ll definitely find his important violin, Ikuto says that it’s not really important.

At school, Amu’s friends show her this new cute thing (which she pretends to be uninterested in), but people around them panic because no one was supposed to bring anything cute to school that day. A student from the middle school section was coming that day for the karate club and he hates cute things. He shows up then and gets all angry eyes after seeing the cute kitty toy, but Amu goes into Cool & Spicy mode and acts unafraid and such.

After school, Amu, Rima, and Yaya talk about it on the way to the Garden and Yaya explains about the student (he comes from a karate family essentially I guess, where they’re really strict and whatever). While they’re talking they find a cute little deer mascot, but (oh noes!) the older student sees them with it, goes scary eyes on them, and they all run away. And again, and again, and again as he basically ends up chasing them all over the school.

At the garden Tadase and Nagihiko are waiting for the others to show up when Kukai shows up to check up on Nagihiko. Kukai wants to teach Nagihiko more about being the Jack and has Tadase chara change. Apparently the Jack’s job is essentially taking care of the king (in such an odd and fangirl pandering way in Kukai’s case). Kukai explains that the Jack is supposed to keep Tadase’s king mode under control, because he tends to act spoiled in that form (Tadase’s would-be self is spoiled because he’s usually such a nice boy or something). Kukai then suddenly changes subjects by asking about how it felt to wear a skirt. A nice, scar aura surrounds Nagihiko as he tells him that he’ll let him find out. (Ohohoho~)

Amu, Rima, and Yaya are finally out of energy and the snepai catches up with them. Amu turns around to ask what’s so bad about cute things, before he can answer really, the karate club members all get in the way to try and stop him and Amu and the others leave again. They go to the garden, still talking, but stop when they suddenly come upon…this scene. They’re all shocked (but Yaya snaps out of it and starts taking picture of Tadase).

While walking home Amu and her charas talk about the tough day (though Amu was glad to see Tadase in a skirt), when scary-senpai shows up and tells Amu to come somewhere to talk with him. Amu’s freaked out at first, but after sitting for a while, they notice that he doesn’t seem to be all scary-angry. After a while of beating around the bush, scary-senpai says something that sounds like a love confession (causing an obvious reaction from Amu), but clarifies that he actually likes cute things (which causes Amu to freak out even more). After he goes on a while (about how he shouldn’t like cute things or something) and explains that the deer thing was his, Amu hands it over and after a few moments, leaves. (Oh yeah, and Lulu was behind a tree nearby.)

Amu thinks aloud about how it must be tough for him, she gets a surprise when Ikuto answers her. He was up in a tree nearby (lol, of course). Amu accuses him of eavesdropping, but Yoru tells her that they were there first. Because of the previous conversation, their conversation leads to the discussion of “important” things (Amu basically says Ikuto doesn’t understand what it’s like to lose something important when she doesn’t think he’s being sensitive to the situation or something). Yoru quickly steps in to say that Iuto’s “important thing” is in trouble (or something) and that they’re looking for it all the time, but before he can continue, he’s called over by Ikuto and they leave. Amu’s left wondering about the important thing.

Meanwhile at Easter, asshole director is watching stalker scientist do something with Ikuto’s violin (involving x-egg energy no!!!). Which explains what the data the scientists collected in episode 55 was for. Meanwhile, Lulu is being a stalker of scary-senpai and he’s her next target.

Scary senpai hears some things from his father and grandfather that makes him try to throw his cute little deer away (something about being a “man!” or something equally stupid). So Lulu comes in and does her ?-egg thing. The Guardians all get to the house (dojo or whatever) not long after and come in to see scary-senpai being scarily happy about cute things. So he chara-nari’s into…Punch Dream (lolwut?) and sends deers after all of them that make everything…cute. Then he does an attack on all of the boys which also makes them…cute (and by cute I mean crossdressing cute) which causes multiple reaction (fangirling from Amu, jealousy from Yaya). Rima reminds Amu to get down to serious business and they each transform (Amu transforms into Amulet Spade). After fighting a bit, they get cornered so Amu switches to Amulet Clover and creates some treat which the deers all go after. After they fight, Amu tells him to like whatever he wants to like because that’s what a real man should do (or something) and Amulet Clover gets to do her first ever Open Heart! With the egg healed, all the boys return to normal (nooooo!), Lulu is thwarted (and mad about it this time too), and all is well again. They all got out before scary-senpai woke up (and had his own head-clearing honto no jibun moment).

The next day both of Amu’s friends have their own cute kitty things, but scary senpai shows up again so they get worried. This time after doing his scary look, he just comments that they’re cute and you get to see that he has his own deer thing with him.


Well, like I said…better. There were some really great moments in here and it’s a lot more like the first season. With the major exception being Lulu who feels kind of unnecessary a lot of the time. She’s just wandering around.


Ikuto, you’re so stubborn~ Saying that it’s not something important to you even though you’re always taking such good care of it and carrying it around…almost 24/7 (except when it’s raining, because he doesn’t want it to get damanged~).

He’s a stubborn and proud cat-boy (just like real kitties can be. Cute~).


Did they even mention this kid’s name once or did I completely miss it? I missed it, right?

Anyway, as far as filler characters go…he’s successful. He caused something important for another character to be revealed or something so…yeah. Successful as a filler character.

He also gave us an awesome anime-original moment, so I’m happy about that.


KYAAA! Amu-chan! COOL & SPICY~!

Ah…it’s been a while. After so many disappointing Lulu moments, this scene was very refreshing.


I actually liked these scenes quite a bit. Mostly owed to chibi Rima. She had to be dragged around or her expression was just almost blank, and…Ah. Rima is cute. It’s that simple.


Kukai! You’re back! Yay! Of course, I already knew he would be, but it’s still cause for celebration. Kukai’s been appearing more often recently. I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

…Especially since Utau may be leaving us. *despair*


Oh Nagihiko, you really are the most level-headed in the bunch. That’s pretty much what my reaction was when I first saw the scene (though, I’m not level-headed…). But Nagihiko is just so smart and mature. We all love him, don’t we? And if you don’t…well then. I don’t think we have anything to discuss with one another ever because there must be something wrong with you.


If I remember correctly, isn’t this one of the scenes from the manga that converted some Tadase haters? After all, wanting to be spoiled because you’re too nice adds on a bit more to his would-be self outside of taking over the world.

…I can’t believe some people took the “taking over the world” stuff so seriously though. That was never my reason (I just took it as a joke).


Hehehehe. Kukai asked the million dollar question. Thank you Kukai. You may regret this someday, but I assure you, the rest of us (most of us really) will love you forever.

So the time has come to reveal with Nagihiko’s pleasant smile what this episode is really about…


Skirts! Of course!

(Oh, I love how Tadase even got forced into the girl’s guardian’s cape too…really completes it, doesn’t it?)


The reaction…is obvious.

And I just have to say, Welcome back Shugo Chara! We all missed you.


Except for Tadase and Kukai. They have successfully found their most embarassing moment in life. And it’s been caught on film!

Of course, the anime usually tends to be at its best with the manga moments, but they did a great job with the small changes in this one. All of the girls seeing it and Yaya getting pictures was great. Then we also get the icing on top of our trap cake later in this episode…

But poor Tadase. He really does look good in that skirt.


…Well, well, well. Look who’s the new number one stalker at Easter now.

You know, even though there was a ton of rage (and crack pairings) that set the fandom into crazed mode after Lulu first appeared…it’s pretty much quieted down completely (at least in my parts of the fandom).

I keep forgetting that she even exists. She’s kind of just like a plot device. I guess, it’s because the subs came out for 55 and I found the exact translation of her wish. She wants her mom to win more awards…how special and deserving (sarcasm should be obvious). Really…I think it’s because she barely even comes into contact with real characters anymore. So it feels like she just doesn’t matter. Even while her ?-eggs are causing trouble.


Ikuto! \o/

I got distracted by the skirts, so the fact that Ikuto had appeared kind of slipped my mind. So I honestly had a, “Ah…AH!!! Yay!” inner moment when Ikuto appeared. In a tree…like usual. ^_^ *is happy*


*is also happy* The Tsukiyomi grin! It feels like a while since we’ve really seen it…even though Ikuto’s almost always smirking. But nonetheless, yay! We got Ikuto and tsuntsun Amu. I’m good.

Of course, the scene with the discussion of “important things” is what I’m talking about when I said the filler character lead to development of important characters. This way Amu found out that something is going on.


Though I love how quickly Amu dropped her act when she heard that there was trouble (she’s so cute). Too bad it wasn’t really pointed out. Ikuto was too distracted by his chara being a blabbermouth (like usual).

Ah, but Yoru was cute when he got all startled. So it’s still okay.


But darn them! Why do they keep reminding us? I got Ikuto being Ikuto for a little bit and was quite happy before they reminded us with an ominous picture of what’s to come. With chains and everything.

…I hate you Satelight!!! Poor Ikuto… (and stupid manga…taking too long…)



Another thing I’ve been missing from Shugo Chara! for a while that we got again were the group reactions. Filler character gave us that too, so I’m relatively satisfied with him. Especially since we got not just one…but two! Wow! (as usual, Rima stands out…especially in the second one)


…Refer to Rima’s expession in the second group reaction picture for my feelings on this please.

I mean, it looks like he’s wearing a pink toilet seat around his head.


There…there are just no words to use.

This is even better than the skirts scene to me. I…I can’t say anything. There’s too much to say, and none of it even properly expresses the epicness of this moment. So I’ll say it simply: Good job Satelight.

I really hope that a better quality raw comes out soon so I can put together a better version of this image. (Tch, just one week late for a trap banner on this blog)

…Heh. We only saw Kukai in boxers before, so this is a fun surprise (and lol Daichi). It’s great to see Nagihiko back in girls’ clothes too. Especially with…bunny ears. It’s like they’re trying to break all the fanboys who fell for the Nadeshiko trap in the first place. Ah, like I said last week. Nagihiko is the best boy AND girl ever. He looks better than even Tadase (who in my mind is meant to where skirts). Without a doubt, Nagihiko is the best.


Of course, Amu and Miki seem to disagree with me for obvious reasons. Oh Amu. You’re such a fangirl. This absolutely solidifies it.


Wow, it didn’t take them forever to get to Amulet Clover. I’m relatively surprised.

But of course, I have my complaint anyway. Why did Amulet Clover’s skirt look twice its normal size? I mean, it’s usually big, but…honestly. I’m not the only one who noticed it, am I?


If I understoof this correctly…Satelight ripped off Ouran big time (unless Ouran ripped someone else off which is possible…in which case Satelight ripped them off too). I am completely reminded of Hunny-senpai’s story. Karate, cute things, just toss in the cliche of the senpai being all scary instead of cute and there it is. Wow.

Even if you’re running out of ideas, please try something someone can’t automatically connect with another anime. Especially a shoujo anime. Just a small tip Satelight.


Yay! Never before seen in either the manga or the anime, Amulet Clover did Open Heart! Hurray!

For some reason that always bothered me…that Amulet Clover didn’t get to do the same attack as the others (felt like it kind of separated that transformation too much for Amu’s others), so I’m happy we finally got to see it. Amulet Clover can use the Humpty Lock too!

But…when do we get to see Amulet Clover’s bubble attack?


And finally! Amu pissed of Lulu quite a bit and it’s making me smile. Oh, where’d that confidence go? Amu purified a ?-egg again, barely even breaking a sweat this time.

Hehehe. I’m happy for today. Amu pissed Lulu off, we got to see some real plot, and I got not one, but two scenes of boys in dresses and/or skirts. I am pleased.



Ami and the charas having an adventure at her school. It seems like it has the potential to be incredibly cute. As long as I’m in the right mood I’ll probably enjoy it (though I’d enjoy it more if Eru showed up). I can’t speak for others since I know chara episodes bother some people.


Hehe. This is my favorite poll so far. It’s the most fun.

My answer is obvious again I think. Traps were born to where girls’ clothes.


  1. HOLY…*head smacks desk*
    That was my real reaction to Kukai, and Tadase actual cross-dressing moment…(thats the second time, got hit with the basketball earlier today -___-)
    Well we have some (tinsy weensy bit) of plot development here…
    um not sure what else to say that has already been covered (ie. Lulu infuriates me, TOO many filler characters, personally I think 4 is pushing it, but thats me and cliched shoujo themes)

  2. Yeah baby, the skirt scene was gold! And it just got better with the cross-dressing scene. Even the charas copped it. Overall a very satisfying episode. Honestly I think the male trio should join Princess Princess. They all make wonderful girls.

  3. Another great post! I agree with you 100% percent!

    THIS EPISODE WAS EPIC FUCKING WIN! XD The skirt scene and cross-dressing scene sealed it all for me, but the unexpected slight Amuto, the violin-kidnap reminder and crazy filler guy really made this ep for me. I think this IS definetly the best Doki ep so far. XD Pure win.

    When I saw evil bastard step father filling the violin with x-energy, I wanted to grab those chains they had in that screenshot with Ikuto and beat him with them. Damn asshole. >.<

    LOL Lulu getting pissed off by Amu is great. Especially since Amu’s just been getting pissed off at her lately and not the other way around. So, Amu and Ikuto BOTH have pwned Lulu in some way. :D Awesomeness.

    Next week looks pretty cute. Don’t usually like eps with just the charas, but I’m sure something will happen, with Lulu around.

    About the Utau thing.. from what I’ve heard, something goes wrong with her live and she falls sick or something so they have to recruit Amu to help. (I personally think Easter fucks up her singing oppurtunity somehow.. ) But if she leaves.. NOOOO! *Sniff* :( She better not go. Under any circumstances!

    I voted Nagihiko, though Tadase would probably be next. Seeing him in a skirt is epic win. Especially when it consists of Nagi taking off Kukai’s pants as well. XD

  4. Wow, this was up fast. XD
    As for the chara-nari of the week…I am amused. It has WTFU!? written all over it, but it made me laugh. Nice. XD
    Oh my, this episode-every yaoi fangirl’s dream. Seriously. Someone said that guys from Shugo Chara looked good in skirts. And know we know that they’re not wrong. XD
    Jack’s job-looking after the king, huh? Well, Tadase’s going to have a rough time with Nagihiko. XD
    (By the way, what was Nagihiko’s “message of death” to Tadase?)
    Kuukai…you will regret bringing up the skirt question. But it makes this better. 8D
    Yaya has found her ideal blackmail. 8D
    Let’s see…at this rate, how long will it take for Amu to find out about the violin in the anime…?
    The violin…be prepared for the X-eggie energy. O.O
    Amu dosen’t seem the least bit surprised at the whole thing. But that’s to be expected. Since she knows.
    Pink toilet seat…XD Your captions crack me up. XD
    And the scene…WIN. I don’t know why. I seriously loved it. Kuukai looks like Amulet Heart. XD
    I am not happy. Amulet Clover has relatively low screentime already. Why can’t they show a proper chara-nari sequence? Ugh.
    As for Amulet Clover’s Open Heart…I’ll admit it. I did not like it. Whatever happened to Remake Honey? This is stupid. Other than the other parts of the episode, I did not like that.
    The next episode looks cute. 8D

  5. this eppie was funny!!!!!!!!! cross dressing and cute reindeers! and ikuto! too bad he didn’t cross dress too! woulda been fun to c!

  6. Well, unlike last week I watched this episode.
    Ikuto, Amulet Spade, Tadase in a skirt, Kukai, Amulet Clover, the boys in dresses… they all balanced out the suckiness.

    At the skirt scene, I looked like Amu, Yaya and Rima for a second, and then started giggling, and mum was all like w.t.f

    Is it just me, or were Amulet Clover’s gloves longer?

    I still think Nagihiko looks like a girl. ._.
    I wish Nagikiko and Nadeshiko really were twins.

    Eh, that’s about all I have to say.

  7. I loved the cross-dressing scences. Tadase looks cute in a skirt(the colour made it better than the Managa) I thought it was funny how the boys got hit with a cute attack and turned to cross dressers, which made me really happy because I wanted to see what Kukai looked like in a dress.

    When I saw the filler characters Character transformation thing I thought “I want pajama’s like that…well with out the head toliet seat thing” those would be cute Pajama’s

    I also thinking in my mind about a fanart picture that would be cute to see, All the girls dressed in boys uniforms and the boys dress in girl uniforms(hmm I wonder what Kairi and Ikuto would look like in a skirt… there too much of men to ever be seen in skirts)of course our trap friend Nagihiko would be standing off to the side wondering which outfit too wear.

  8. Ikuto and Crossdressing (but not together thank goodness). It is the best episode of Doki so far.

  9. . . . . . OMG! Go, go, go! More Cross-dressing boys! It makes me wonder how Ikuto would look i’f he got hit by it…? *Shiver* No, forget that… Well Tadase, we all knew you were a girl, and Satelight admits it! Ha ha…Haaah….IKUTO IN A TREE.AGAIN. AND A PICTURE WITH CHAINS AND HIM. DONT REMIND ME DAMMIT! Oh, yeh, I’f I remember right, When Evil dog Ikuto (DID NOT) Killed comes back to lif, to screw with them before they Find Ikuto. And When Amu’s about to be bit, Utau comes in Seraphic Charm! But anyways, thats basically all I can say….

  10. Eeeep! I love it!! Tadase IS born to wear skirts. He looks so good! I hope Utau doesn’t leave! That would suck!!!! I’m all for plot development but, is it just me or does it seem like they are moving too fast? I don’t want Lulu to be around during Amu and Ikuto’s slumber party. Unless they drag out Ikuto’s staying at Amu’s over like, 25 episodes. (Which would rock!!~ even though we would all wonder how her parents didn’t notice.)

  11. Nagii~!!! You are incredibly awsome!! xDDD
    But before going on my fangirl mode because of Ikuto, and Nagi, I wanna say sthin’ about next episodes
    The 58 is all focus in Ami, and she’s taking Amu’s charas to kindergarden. And the 59 won’t be about chap29 as a lot of ppl [includin’ me] thought, I think is just Uti leavin’, sthin’ about a concert I think. So, not ramen contest for us T.T
    That’s according the admi of the SC foros, and she’s totally reliable.

    Now, back to epi.
    First, Ikuto, of course. OMG, poor Ikuto!! He’s already enterin’ is his bad * T.T But it surprised me that missin’ violin started now, bcause that scene seems so far away, and that’s when he recovered his violin. And he didn’t spent much time without it. So wth is Satelight plannin’?
    But I’m glad to he’s relativly fine. In a tree and with his stubborness and his famous “Tsukiyomi gin” xD
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    I’m also glad to see my Cool & Spicy Amu again. It’s been a while. The anime kinda lost Amu’s essence and I was really mad at it. So, glad to see her again =P
    And the filler character… meh. I mean, he did a good work as a filler character since the whole episode didn’t focus on him, and thanx to him to got some good things [Cheerleader Kukai and Tsuntsun Amu-Ikuto xD], but he just gave me the meh sensation.
    Anyway… SKIRT!!! Hahahahha xDD
    The first time I saw Tadase with the girl’s uniform, after I’d stopped laughin’ I though “Sure Peatch-Pit had fun doin’ this. Just look Tadase’s legs!”. But I was sure I enjoyed it xD And now besides havin’ Kukai fightin’ for his manliness in boxer against Nagi, we do have him on a girl costume. Haha, I just like those kind of thing. Specially if it’s Kukai. And all thanx Nagi ♥ He’s way too awsome. I know I’ve said it thousand of times, but he is. He’s aura also is great, he also knew he’d enjoy doin’ that xD [but for me, nobody beats Uti’s aura ;)]
    And this time we also got Rima and Yaya seein’ that. The first time, I think, I wanted to thank Yaya for doing sthin’. Takin’ pics~! That kind of scene doesn’t repeat much, so it’s an excellent idea to have pics that will never let ppl forget~! BD [Oh, and Kukai’s face… Priceless].
    Oh btw, I think this is the ugliest transformation ever. The thing u can do with it is great if you have Kukai near by xD But still. Freakin’ ugly.
    Oh, and yeah, Amulet Clover did her appeareance and “Open Heart!”. Never thought about her never doin’ it.

    No Lulu comments ;P

  12. Utau is not leaving us…she’s just having some trouble later on (bet it’s Easter again, meh). But no, she’s definitely not leaving us until she treats Amu to ramen and agrees to Kukai’s challenge of pre-rabu! I will not have it done any other way! >:/


    Ikuto~…usotsuki…but it’s cute. haha Hmm, I’ve been thinking about this over breakfast and wondered if he’d act the same way if Amu was mad or upset at him over something (minus all the drama and all that). That’d be cute, too. Should go write a ficcy like that…nyahaha. x3

    I think his name is…Iwagaki? I dunno, but something like that. Anyways, he made it onto my list of top ten favorite filler characters for being interesting. That and I suddenly remembered that I like anime guys who act/look all tough on the outside but has a secret fetish weakness for cute things. Heh…I had more to say but I’ll hold it off. ^^;

    COOL&SPICY~! is back~! xDDD Made me so happy. That’s our Amu-chan!
    Lol & Rima’s expressions were the best.

    Nagi is so awesome. He’s the best guy in the series, no lie…or rather, he definitely ties Ikuto for it. I still love Ikuto more but yea, everyone must love Nagi. <3

    & who wouldn’t want to get spoiled by Kukai is what I’d like to know. lol

    Hey! What happened to the “MASSAGE OF DEATH!!!” (why am I typing in caps?)?!…Ah well…SKIIIIIRRRRRTTTTTTTSSSS!!! xDDD
    Tadase has such nice legs, he makes all the girls jealous. :P
    I loved all the small changes they put in the anime but I kinda wanted to see Amu’s “snowman” face. Lol Will we ever get that? …hmm, maybe we should have them crossdress again in the future, just for that reason. No objections, right? xD;

    I want Lulu to meet the Guardians already because of the fact that it just feels like she’s just there to be an Easter villian…yea, nothing else to be said. But her being angry at the end (with her Nagoya dialect~!) and then “Hey, give me some of that putty love!” was quite cute. Not enough to earn a “Lulu~!” from me yet but it was definitely cute.

    …I want one of them putty-kitties they had now. It’s so cute! Gah!

    Lol It’s not just me, right? Any time we’re going to get a confession of whatever sorts that just so happens to be in front of Amu (with the exception of Kairi’s), Ikuto is always secretly hovering off somewhere close by, right? xDD
    & the whole searching for “important things” bit was kind of a partial lie to follow her anyway. *giggle* I find it so entertaining to think if he just randomly saw her walking around with some guy, he’d follow them just because of Amu (and he’ll never say or admit it, either…so it’s even more amusing, lol).

    Hrm, yep…

    And you say you hate Satelight for the chains but you’re secretly loving them because, Easter plot or not, you still get Ikuto. *smirk*

    Nagi is wearing fishnets…OH EM GEE. 8DDD;;;

    Yea, Amu is really just another fangirl. She claims to like Tadase but it’s only because he’s such a pretty boy and girls love pretty boys. :P (This is not Tadamu bashing, btw. Just stating what I think is fact)

    Who wants to bet…$5 with me that Lulu’s Chara-nari won’t be able to beat Amulet Clover’s hips? xDDD;;;

    Rip-offs are everywhere lately. But I’m not a huge fan of Ouran so the karate-part didn’t bother me (I actually forgot about it until you mentioned it, heh). Well…screwed up Chara-nari of the week obviously can’t beat the sweetness of “Remake Honey”. Hahaha!

    & I want bubbles now that you brought it up. =3=

    Ami~! <3 I’ll like the next episode for Ami. Be prepared to moe-dered by her utmost moeness.
    & dude, are we seeing some kind of kindergarten bonding with clay-boy there? o.O;;

    Mmmkay, thx! ^^


  14. I mentioned this last week, but I love boys with femenine sounding voices. Nagihiko and Tadase’s voices are so cute and fit them so well. This anime really does have great voice actors. But if this filler business continues, I’ll just give up on Doki and become a manga-only fan.
    Tadase~! This is why he’s my favorite character. He’s princely and adorable. He reminds me of Yuki Sohma, who I also love.
    And then he seemed so stubborn in that scene with Kukai. So cute.
    Oh, and I’m a total Rimahiko fan now. I’ve always like it a little, but I love it now that I’ve seen chapter 34. They’re the best looking couple in SC!. Nagi is the prettiest boy in the manga, and Rima is arguably the prettiest girl. Together they’re even prettier.
    Nagihiko’s moe costume was the best out of the three. He doesn’t even look like a boy in girl’s clothes – he just looks like a very cute girl.
    I honestly wish Amulet Clover didn’t do an open heart. She has remake honey. She doesn’t really need to do open heart. But I guess she does need open heart for Lulu’s crazy ?-eggs that I’ll never be able to take seriously.
    I forget about Lulu now and then too. I tend to skip over the parts where she appears.
    But I still support Luluto a little. When I first heard of it I lol’d. The fact that it pisses off the more immature amuto fans so much makes it even better.
    Yaya has seemed a lot cuter recently. Since episode 43 or so, I’ve started loving her more and more.

  15. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nagi’s crossdressing made it for the lack of Nadeshiko xD… yeah, he looks better in skirts :P
    and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that was reminded of Honey-sempai with the cute and karate things… what are they going to bring up next?

  16. ow ow I got it!! it was Iwagaki sempai xD

  17. OMG this is like the best doki episode ever so far it was just sooooooooooooooo halrious i was like dying good job satelight! And i like totally miss the group togather like them having the same expressions it just soo warm and welcoming! I JUST LOVE IT! And then iam sooo happy ikuto just popes in its likle the best, but one thing that pisses me off is that like get to the ikuto arc already! Anyways thanks for the nice summary! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!:)

  18. Since I haven’t seen this season yet *still on first*, I’ll skip to the screencap’s. and all I got to say is:


  19. OMG, I had a SC!!D marathon yesterday, and I think they might just be clearing up now. I kind of lost the will to watch it after the second Doki episode. I decided to catch up yesterday. They are improving… finally!

    It must be said… the guy from this episode… he was the scariest opponent out of the whole SC! and DOki series’! I had nightmares…

    And three people hae said he’s wearing a toilet seat, so it’s decided. Toilet Seat man!

    And his name WAS mentioned, it was just really strange and something like Hirashi… or something. My speakers are bad.

    I had several laughing fits! Tadase looks a lot better as a girl, rather than as a boy! LOL!

    I loved Nagihiko’s bunny outfit… -.-

    I think the title for Utau’s Departure is correct-ish. But maybe they mean her departure from… uh… Yukari? Or Something. Maybe she won’t actually LEAVE… Maybe a departure from her ‘love of her brother’? They CAN’T make Utau leave!

    Next episode will be cute! I hope!

    I want a cool Kitty thing!

    Thanks for summarizing!

  20. This episode made me remember some stupid thread in CR,it was about how Tadamu will win because there are small hints(for example they said in the opening Amu is flying into Tadase’s arms…….).I never got to post a response but I wanted to.By the way if you would have to describe Ikuto how would you do it?Anyway great summary as always(clap,clap,clap)!Keep up the good work!

  21. Wow! O.o Cute! <33

  22. Okay… This was not so bad at all!

    Unexpectedly, I had a really good time watching this episode. Seems that Satellite got back on track! Let’s hope they’ll keep up the good work.

    Well, I liked the spoiled-kiddy-king theme of Tadase. He deserves some reward of always being the good guy!

    I also had the laughter of all times when I saw the boys wearing skirts!!! Twice for Tadase! Ha, ha, ha! LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

    But the best of the boys scenes was Nagihiko’s killer smiles after Kukai’s ”Million Dollar Question”!!! Kukai, I’ll owe you forever for this!!!

    Too bad for Ikuto! These idiots from Easter have his violin ruined with their nice(sarcastically) ideas! This violin is priceless, YOU IDIOTS! It’s not for experimental bullshit! What’s wrong with you, anyway?

    The new filler was better than expected, but I certainly agree with the ”toilet seat” thing! how didn’t I come up with this myself, though?

    Last but not least(how could it be, anyway?), Lulu’s pissed-off face was so good! It felt so nice when I saw that. Delight was beyond any expectations for the tolerance of all people when we see this far than useless fake cutie-beauty!

    See you next week, then!

  23. this made me happy. especially that crack filler dude.
    and now that you bring up the ouran thing that’s kinda true.

  24. It is the best Shugo Chara Dokki Eppisode XD
    Most have been so Plain, i think… XD

  25. Hahahah! Toilet seat dude was weird! While the plot was good the filler guy was…….. He has issues.

  26. This episode was epic.
    Thank you Kukai, for your “Million Dollar Question”! Tadase in a skirt was priceless.
    He should have been born as a girl xD
    Nagihiko = winner
    This filler guy’s situation did remind me of Ouran a lot, and I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad. But his attack on the boys made me super happy. :D
    Nagihiko was the cutest out of the three, in my opinion. And I’m glad we got to see Kukai in girls clothes~!
    Ikuto. Ikuto. Ikuto. That’s all I have to say about his scenes x3 He always seems to show up whenever trees are nearby.
    I also liked the chibi scenes of Rima Amu and Yaya fleeing the filler character glare. Even he looked cute as chibi :D
    Thank you for this blog, and let’s hope Satelight keeps this up!

  27. i also thought there was something ouran-like about this show, but it dealt with another character and not hunny.

    this week’s episode gives me a little hope for the series…but then i saw next week. X_X what kind of dreams do 4 year olds have anyway?!

    crossdressing-thumbs up.

  28. hey you got a mistake lol XD :

    “And finally! Amu pissed of Lulu quite a bit and it’s making me smile.”

    it should be lulu pissed of amu :D

  29. oh sorry my bad lol XD i was too distracted by the skirt scene i didn’t pay attention ! gomenasai :3

  30. Well, you probably might heard about this rumor, but in one future episode of shugo chara, Ikuto’s violin will somehow end up in Amu’s closet and he gets trapped in there when she comes.

    And when she goes in her room, Tadase is with her and he starts to confess about his feelings of her(that he likes HER instead of Amuelet Heart!!)

    Finally, Ikuto opens the closet and they both want to know who Amu would choose (major DRAMA!!) :3

  31. Although the skirt thing was funny, I’m just looking forward to the episode when Ikuto’s hiding in her closet. (And the next time we see Dia!!)

  32. SKIRTS! this was the best doki! episode ever! Except for toilet dude. BUT THEIR STARTING IKUTOS ARC TOO SOON …”However! There is something we need to address first! I honestly don’t follow the Shugo Chara! news anymore and just watch the episode every week now. I only know what comments tell me. So is episode 59’s title on wikipedia right? “Hoshina Utau! New Departure!”Because if so and it means what I think it does…consider me pissed off about something new. We have a bunch of time where there’s going to be nothing real going on, and Satelight is considering making Utau leave? That’s…messed up. That’s really, really messed up.

    At the very least they better put the ramen scene in that episode. *sigh* I’m going to be really disappointed if Satelight tosses out one of the increasingly fewer reasons why some older fans are watching Doki. Utau is a really popular character and not utilizing her during any fillers seems like a really bad idea to me.”… I would be pissed if Utau left with out the ramen scene too! GAH! SATELIGHT! I HATE YOU!

  33. Tadase’s legs look even girlier in the anime. Gahh I think I might be becoming a kukaixtadase fan x_x

  34. Utau isn’t leaving. The decripstion said something about her having a concert and Easter interfering.

  35. Oh thanks… I’m so glad! STUPID EASTER!

  36. where does fuyumaiden get the information on shugo chara? bc i can’t find it. she knew what lulu’s name was b4 they even showed her.

  37. Wikipedia had it, and it was Nakayoshi for october. She looks at sites and gets info

  38. Lol.

    I dropped Doki from my list, but…

    I need to watch this episode. *–* If there’s skirts and drags and Rima-dolly, it’s all good.

  39. I luv that episode
    I coudnt stop laughing

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