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ch04-00Rimi fan status has been confirmed.

Posted late because of how busy I was on Friday, Saturday, I was kind of sick on Sunday, and the rest can be chalked up to the presidential election.

I’m covering To Aru Majutsu no Index 04-05, ToraDora! 05, CHAOS;HEAD 04, and Yozakura Quarter 05.

I died. The presidential election killed me. I mean, everything was pretty much over not that late, but…somehow I ended up sleeping until 6PM. What the heck. I don’t even know how that’s possible.

*sigh* It’s too bad things were already pushed back before this stuff because of how unexpectedly busy I was on Halloween. Everything got pushed way back.

Ugh…and I got tons of page views because people kept on visiting the blog to see if my Shugo Chara! summary was up…even though I gave them a link and it was a crappy episode. Seriously. Anything important from the episode, most people would already learn from the chapter summaries. Bah.

But I must sound like such a little jerk. Complaining about extra page views. But! I didn’t earn them! I don’t want them! And it’s not like it meant any new visitors. Just the same people refreshing the page or something.

To Aru Majutsu no Index – Episodes 04 & 05

(Oh poo. I deleted the episode so all episode 04 images are really from the beginning of episode 05…)

index04-01Whoa pretty good fight in episode 04. Not sure if I’d say it’s better than the one in episode 02 (because fire is awesome!) but it was still very awesome. Still has the problem of being one-sided though, but I like my one-sided, “bwahahaha! you can’t defeat me!” fights. Because Kaori didn’t use magic, Touma’s ultimate hax hand couldn’t really do much to stop her. And Touma lost miserably and had to end up with tons of bandages (courtesy for Index).

Of course Touma got to up his AWESOME level by getting beat down a bunch of times with crazy katana attack and still coming right after her. Like it’s been stated, best male protagonist this season. I mean let’s properly map this out, at least for the series I’m watching.index04-03

We have Ryuuji, who is a good guy but clearly lacking in awesome. We have Jin from Kannagi who is…pretty pathetic actually (can’t even take seeing a fully-clothed flat-chested girl). Junichi from AkaSaka is pretty much the general harem lead so he doesn’t even get to be in the running. Takumi from CHAOS;HEAD is…well he’s a hikikomori with a 2D “wife” so we disqualify him too. Akina from Yozakura Quartet is pretty cool, but he’s constantly outshined by his youkai mayor Hime. Then Touma who needs no explanation because he’s just awesome.

index04-02Though, lol. As awesome as Touma is he can’t prevent plot exposition from being obvious because episode 04 took the classic “we’re fighting but less discuss things too” stance. Though episode 02 kind of did that too, especially with what’s-his-name letting trancey-Index tell Touma all about the runes. I guess it was a little different this time though because Touma kept bringing up things that Kaori would really want to talk about…and neither of them wanted to hurt anyone in the first place anyway.index04-05

Kanzaki Kaori isn’t bad after all (kind of saw that coming) she and what’s-his-name fire dude (alright no more of that I’m looking it up…Stiyl. There we go.) are just playing bad guys. I’m actually glad because neither of them really had their crazy going. I want crazy villains. That’s all I have to say on episode 04. Awesome action is awesome, plot development is obvious, and Kanzaki Kaori was wrong and pretty selfish (chasing Index down because your own feelings get hurt otherwise), but she’s a good character. Oh and poor Index. Index… ;_;

Now then…episode five.

index05-04So Index needs to have her memory erased in three days and Touma is unconscious for those three days. His bad luck has no limit. Though it was kind of funny to see how easily they came and left (and in a flashback too) at least for those 12 hours.

But basically, the thing that stands out the most in this episode is that…Index’s church is a bunch of assholes. There were a couple of really tough parts in this episode where I was really feeling bad for Touma and Index, but I figured there was some way out of it. Glad I turned out to be right. Because there’s still many more fights to come. I suppose that after they fix things with Index’s “awakened” state next episode, the enemy will becomes the church, right?index05-05

Ah…it’s good to have someone to hate in an anime.

Damn them though. Even though I have that distince feeling that this is an “everything turns out all right” anime…stupid music and voice acting still can get me all worked up.

Index! ;_;

I love that cute nun girl. So many bad things in life are happening to her, but she doesn’t deserve any of it! Let’s all hate the church and look forward to Touma kicking their asses later on. Ah, and Kaori and Stiyl will too after finding out how they were tricked, right? Awesome.

index05-10Though I have to say, I was pretty suspicious about the 85% and 15% stuff after learning about it, because human brains are complex things that even now we don’t fully understand. You can’t say specifically how much space a brain holds. And no one ever really forgets something (unless it’s by magic or whatever) because people get amnesia and still heal from that. You can go into therapy and recover all sorts of memories from when you were three. Some things just get shoved way back in there (or whatever) but they’re still there. You can’t assign numbers or whatever.

Meh. I was ready to chalk it up to a plot device or something, but I’m glad that’s not the case. And let’s hear it for Komoe-sensei for being the most useful crack humor character ever! Though really she’s only useful when someone else uses her. lol.Ah~! Next week. I’m looking forward to it.

ToraDora! – Episode 05

td05-03Can I please throw Ami off of a bridge? I don’t care if we learn stuff about her that makes her likable later on, she pisses me off. She’s like the whore-ish version of how Rima from Shugo Chara! was at first, you know, except without an ounce of adorableness to make up for it. Also, Rima was always very honest about her “servants” this girl’s just that cliche sort of…bleh. Basically, she’s a bitch whore. I won’t take it back. That’s exactly how she’s acting right now. I may like her later on, but today she is a bitch whore.

Okay…so she’s technically not a whore in the literal sense, but I choose to ignore that. She still specifically tries to act too cutesy in front of guys.td05-02

Agh! Pretending to be all nice around guys, but then acting like a bitch. Those are the sorts of girls that should get kicked out of society in general. You’re infecting the rest of us and ruining our high schools! I don’t mind bitchy girls. I just mind the ones that aren’t upfront. They’re the enemy of the rest of us! Ugh…every time she acted all shy I wanted to smack her into the wall. You’re not nice and shy! STFU!

Heh, but I like Kitamura now more because he knew what Ami was really like (somehow, it doesn’t make sense though)). Oh and Taiga~! I love how she was able to completely ignore Ami’s complete change in personality at first (side note: This is what I want if Rima and Lulu ever meet, Satelight!). Though I wanted to smack her when she started talking about Taiga being small. What does size matter? Just for fashion? Like that even matters when the small girl can kick your ass.

td05-05Best moment was…of course, when Taiga did smack her right across the face to “get a bug” after acting calm for so long (ugh, but when Ami started crying it was so annoying!!!).

I was pleasantly surprised that Kitamura wanted everyone to know Ami’s real side and that he liked Ami’s real side, because really…the problem I have with her isn’t her uber-bitch factor, it’s the fact that she tries to hide it. We can all be bitchy sometimes (Taiga is a good example) so it doesn’t make her a bad person necessairly. The fact that she tries to manipulate people by acting cute is what pisses me off. My most hated thing in anime: Trying to be forced to think of something or someone as cute. If I know it’s supposed to be cute, but it really isn’t or I just don’t think it is, it pisses me off!td05-07

I had so much fun watching her try to act all cutesy and innocent in front of Ryuuji too (haha! Too bad he knows your true nature bitch).

Minori’s answer to Ryuuji’s letter was really one of the highlights of the episode for me (if it weren’t for the slap it would be my favorite moment). So weird (and the teacher didn’t notice at all…). I keep ending up liking her more and more, maybe because she’s the one that’s really kind of an airhead. And a weird one at that. Ami’s just the impostor!

td05-09She really did piss me off when she managed to get Taiga by lying to her about Kitamura. You bitch! How dare you behave so to my cute tiger kitten! Bah…it wasn’t even a real victory so it pissed more off even more. She didn’t know Taiga’s weakness, she was just being a dumb bitch. She fails even at the bitchy girl games that a bitch like her should rule.

Meh…I’m a really nice girl and even I could do a better job than Ami. Of course, I can’t think of anything that she should have known to taunt Taiga with instead, because Taiga is just one big adorable bundle of cuteness to me.

Ah, but it’s all fine. Ami got one brief victory against Taiga (and she did it by lying), but justice will prevail! Hopefully next week Ami’s true personality will be exposed. Taiga already seems to know what’s up anyway (woo~! Taiga you’re so cool!). I’ll be fine with her when she’s not a two-faced bitch I think.

CHAOS;HEAD –  Episode 04

ch04-03So it really seems like the only two people who know what’s going on are the two girls we have with swords. Oh yeah, and old mummy-looking guy with an oddly youthful voice who is apparently Shogun.

So megane girls don’t know everything after all. Teenage detective Yua failed. Maybe she really is crazy. Who knows? Though I don’t really care. Yua’s kind of boring and I was never really that fond of her anyway…

As for Rimi…I love that girl! She’s so nice~ I don’t know how I manage to attach myself to girls from Visual Novels so easily, but Rimi is great. I think it has something to do with their ability to pull of puppy dog eyes. Nagisa is the champion, but Rimi’s pretty good too.ch04-08

Personally, I don’t get why she likes Takumi so much (hopefully it’s something that will be given at least one minute of explanation at some point), but she’s definitely a good girl. I guess because she knows what Takumi is like (hikikomori and such) she takes all of the “akuma onna” stuff as part of his delusions.

Though, she got to separate herself from other girls that inexplicably like loser guys when she slapped Takumi. She’s a nice steady girl and oddly I’m still kind of finding her to be the most sane person in the show. Or at least the most…well-balanced? Like I said before, steady…or something.

ch04-10Ah~! And Rimi was happy at the end of this episode so I was happy too. For once it’s odd that the episode ended on such a normal happy note actually. I thought it was going to end in that whole separate…thing with no people and was going to end with the Shogun introduction. But nope. Rimi got to show what a nice girl she is instead and Takumi finally stopped being a paranoid…ah, I’m so tempted to call him all sorts of names, but I guess if he really thought he saw Rimi covered in blood at the murder scene, you can’t blame him. I’m just biased towards Rimi.

Yeah…I think if there’s one thing I’m even remotely sure of it’s that Rimi would be Takumi’s ally or that at ch04-09least she wants to be. Maybe I’m being tricked by her like Takumi thinks the rest of the class is, but who knows~ I like Rimi anyway. Even the possibly “evil” clip we saw of her covered in blood (and that stuff at the beginning) doesn’t really make her seems like a bad person. At the very least she doesn’t want to hurt Takumi. I think even in those clips you can say that much.

That might be why I like her so much. There’s the possibility that she’s doing awful things, but she doesn’t seem to be bad. In fact she seems like a really, really nice girl. Not many girls would care about someone calling them a devil woman, even though they’ve been friends. And even Takumi seems to be getting that she’s nice so…yeah. I think she is, even if what Takumi saw wasn’t a delusion. I mean, I kind of think it was real. Rimi knows Takumi really well. She’d know to try and let him think it was just a delusion.

ch04-06Then again because of Rimi’s thoughts in episode 03 too…there’s that possibility that she doesn’t remember. Ah. Who knows. Anyway, I just think that Rimi isn’t bad as in evil. I think I can finally safely come to that conclusion. If I’m wrong, I can just say I was blinded by the fact that I somehow picked her as a favorite. I like nice girls and Rimi seems nice. Even when she was all covered in blood and looking at Takumi, I thought she was crazy…but not evil or bad.

Hmm. I kind of already ran out of things to say without even getting into the plot. I guess I have the feeling that I kind of want to leave it off as, “Yay! I actually kind of sort of think I know something!”ch04-02

Well, the cops pissed me off in this episode. I mean, it’s possible that Takumi actually saw something and because of how his mind is all messed-up he says things in that weird way. At the very least when someone says crazy things like that to you and you’re a detective and a policeman in charge of protecting and helpng people, you still do something to help. Talk to his parents or bring it up with the school. Ugh. It reminds me of some of the cops in my own town who act like they’re just there to wield authority and get respect without returning respect to citizens or actually helping citizens. Except the police officer that worked at our schools. She was nice.

ch04-011…I like that girl in Shibuya too. I forget her name, but I liked how she got her ice cream in the store. She can be my second favorite. She’s cool. But unfortunately I accidentally saw a CG from the game (I think that’s what it was anyway) and that would conflict with other interests, so who knows if she’ll keep that position.

And um…oh that thing that came with Takumi’s sword that his sister has. Part of me thinks that would be how to get the Di-Sword to really appear (though it does kind of seem too RPG or anime-like). I mean, it seems odd for them to have that in there if it isn’t important. I mean, oddly enough everything Takumi’s gotten from the internet has lead to finding something out.ch04-04

So, this week’s “thing I want to find out” now that I’m mildly satisfied about Rimi through my own conclusions, is about this “awakening” crap. The swords we kind of found out about too, so yeah. This stuff about Takumi “awakening” is important. Let’s find out about this please.

Hmm…only three non-Rimi images…hurray for Rimi image spam! Bishi! (lol)

Yozakura Quartet – Episode 05

yq05-01So~ This one was a story I recognize from the manga. Except in the manga Ao refused to read the boy’s mind and read a bird’s instead so she could find out what the boy wanted that way. I liked that better.

Though this way still worked, it just worked differently (and I didn’t like it). Ao was the only one that could work well with the kids because of how she was reading their minds. That was cute. But the fact that she relied on it so easily to figure out Junta’s problems (the little boy with the soccer ball by the way), really bothered me. Since it was out of character from the manga.yq05-03

Yeah…I can take almost any sort of changes in adaptations. I can even take filler better than most (not all, I know I’m still cranky sometimes), but when they change how a character acts, it kind of bothers me. Then the fact that they had her do it again after she found out how much it upset Junta. Honestly.

Then she refuses to use it when Hime asks her just a minute later? It feels really inconsistent to me…and stupid. Hime didn’t even get mad like she did in the manga, so I don’t understand what the point of that scene even was. (Though I guess that was fine because pouty, apologetic Hime was cute.)

yq05-05But Ao using her powers this way caused what some could call “character development” but I call it unnecessary emo and I hate it. Though it was nice when Junta’s parents came right when he was able to juggle the soccer ball twenty times like they promised. I can admit that.

Outside of character inconsistencies, this was a fine episode. More plot development that I really hadn’t seen too much of in the manga. Which makes sense since they only have 12 episodes to get to some sort of conclusion. I like Yozakura Quartet, but I really can’t imagine it getting a second season.yq05-04

We got a flashback for Ao too which is good because even though she’s Gin’s sister, you really haven’t been able to see a lot about their relationship yet in volume 2 of the manga. She got to see her brother (or rather, Enjin possessing her brother’s body) which should have happened by now anyway. Though the way it happened at the end of the episode implies that it would continue next week, but next week just seems to finally be that Kotoha episode so…yeah. Whatever. (After next week we’ll finally be through volume one…)

Woot! Beat midnight by ten minutes!

I’m leaving Hakushaku to Yousei for the next one because this is already too late as it is. *tired* Skip Beat!’s episode review will…probably come out tomorrow. I don’t know. Hopefully.

And as usual I feel like I forgot something. Let me know if I did or…whatever.


  1. “Ugh…and I got tons of page views because people kept on visiting the blog to see if my Shugo Chara! summary was up”

    lol, I’m sure I contributed :p I always get bored and tend to just go roaming through my bookmarks, even though I have all my blogs on RSS feeds, so I know when they get updated anyway.

    I can’t wait for the subs for this week’s Toradora, Taiga’s revenge is awesome :3 And it was just as funny as episode 5 :>

    That other chick (with the dark blue/black hair) is Aoi Sena, and she’s second on my favorite list for that show too, behind Rimi of course :3 And of course the police are going to be useless! :p
    Oh and yeah, maybe I’m looking too deep, and at things that don’t matter, but that bracelet has 6 ‘spokes,’ there are 6 main girls around Takumi. Coincidence? Probably~

  2. aw, don’t let the pressure of updating get to you. blogging should be fun. :) sometimes real life obligations get to you..or you have other things you rather do. :) just have fun blogging.

  3. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you liked the devil girl! It must be purified! SEIRA-TAN 4-EVA!

  4. […] most likely accurate depiction of Fuyumaiden’s feelings on […]

  5. Is Yozakura Quartet 5 subbed yet? If so, could you maybe give me a idea as to where. Thanks!! I can’t seem to find it.

    I’ve been translating Hakushaku to Yousei, the light novel. I’ve never translated a novel before, only manga. I can translate,roughly about 30 pages of manga in a hour or day *depends on how my mood is and how tired i am*. But it’s different, my kanji isn’t at a high level, and manga gives you the translation of the kanji beside it in japanese but in light novels they don’t. So I have to figure out all the kanji using a kanji dictionary =D

  6. Toradora!

    I really don’t have much to say about this weeks’ post, considering that I’ve either known about it before the anime showed it. To Aru Majutsu no Index is one of them. And yes, we may not know all about the brain, but we know enough that it takes more than a years’ worth of memories and a 103,000 grimoires to fill the human brain’s memory capacity. Even if they have photographic memory.

    For Toradora, I personally like Ami. Not because of her personality, but because she makes stuff more interesting. She gets annoying after a while, but watching Minori’s answer to Takasu’s question about airheads, and Taiga’s reaction to Kitamura knowing everything just makes the anime much more enjoyable to watch.


    I still can’t say much or even discuss on what was recently revealed, especially Shogun’s true identity, Yua’s interest with the New Gen murders and Takumi, and even about Sena. What they did show that makes me cringe is Nanami’s bangle, for reasons I won’t explain why, but will make people hate Takumi even more, if you don’t already. For an explanation regarding the Di-Swords, watch the next episode. For explanation about reality, watch the next episode. If you’re bored, watch the next episode.

    Hopefully, the “quest” starts next episode.

    And Yozakura Quartet. I haven’t watched it at all.

  7. Touma really is the best non-shojo male character for new anime series this season (Akina’s a close second though). He’s just unapolgically awesome. Index is cute as always, and I like how the “enemies” are really people who care a lot about Index. Komoe-Sensei is pretty cool too. ^_^

    She does seem like the sanest person in the show. I don’t get why she likes Takami though. He might have been nice before his….problems started to develop though. She really does seem like a nice girl. I have a feeling she only slapped him to calm him down though, like in Itazura na kiss.

    Is the yozakawa quartet manga good? I’m thinking about reading it.

  8. *guilty of refreshing multiple pages* ^^;
    Toradora – Aha~, I like Ami even if she is a two-faced bitch-whore. xDD;; I can stand it if it’s in fiction, I guess, or maybe it’s just because ToraDora! does not aim to be such an earth-shattering series so I can just sit back, watch and enjoy by pointing at the screen and saying “Yes! This is the closest an anime/light novel has ever come to making a character this realistic!” or something. Cuz, think about it. Nobody in the real world would be a Taiga or a Ryuuji. Some can come close to a Kitamura but not quite. Minori…you must need caffeine as daily medication or something to be that cheerful and hyper. :P
    I think that’s the main reason I like Ami so much. Cuz she’s more real than the rest…and the fact that she’s voiced by the seiyuu who voiced Seira in Mermaid Melody. Ha, I really dislike that series for being so generic but Seira was wonderful and I love her and her voice and just…yea. <3
    As for Ami lying to Taiga…well, of course, she was an extreme bitch for doing that but that unsettled look she had when Taiga said “I’m going to stalk you no matter where you go” suggests there’s more to her than it seems & yes, I already know what it is :P. Not that this is an excuse for Ami or anything but just saying that Ami has her insecurities as well. Ack, but I wouldn’t really know or comprehend as much cuz I’m no Kawashima Ami. *shrug* W/e. Going to watch the subs now and catch up on a lot of other things.

  9. Ohhh, the bangle IS important. We’ll probably see it again pretty soon (though I’m not really looking forward to it ;A;), once the “quest” starts.

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