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November 4, 2008 at 6:00 am | Posted in Personal | 31 Comments

voting01To remind you what could happen if you don’t vote!

Well, it’s finally November 4th, which even those of you not from America probably recognize as an important day. It’s time for the election for a new president after eight years of…well, we all know what.

I refrain at all time possible from talking about my personal political beliefs, so I doubt anyone even really knew that I was following it that much. I’ve mentioned it a few times in personal discussions, but even then I keep my personal opinions to myself (you know, outside of “politicians are pretty much all asshats”).

So today, I’m afraid I will not be able to catch up on the blogging I’ve missed at all. I am going to be stuck to my TV all day long after I vote (and get my free Starbucks coffee afterward). When I am on the computer…well let’s just say that anime won’t be at the front of my mind.

I only turned 18 in August, but I’ve been following the election for the past…well yeah. It’s been two years now, hasn’t it? I don’t know if I’m that abnormally into politics for my age by today’s standards, but it’s probably due to my parents and brother if I am. Though I think my brother and I probably pay more attention than my parents do (and I pay the most attention) just because of the amount of free time we each may have.

As for who I’m voting for…ehh…I still feel reluctant to say. Not because I think anyone I know will make a big deal of it, but because I don’t want to deal with the…um…less intelligent people who would call me an idiot just because I disagree with them. You know, the sort of people that actually complain about “young people” voting, even though we’re the ones that are going to have to deal with the consequences of what happens in the long run. Yeah, that’s the debt I unwillingly will receive, thank you very much.

Though, to just lay it out…I’m 18, I’m a girl, and I’m from Massachusetts. You can probably take a nice educated (and likely correct) guess from any of those three things. And…yeah. It’s too obvious and I’m proud of my vote so I’ll just say it. I’m voting for Senator Barack Obama today.

It has nothing to do with what I like in anime and I don’t bring up politics in anime posts because it has nothing to do with it. So there’s really no reason it should change anyone else’s opinion either. I didn’t even say that other people had to vote the same way. Of course I’d like for Obama to win, but I want people to vote for who they want to win as well.

I know my brother is voting for McCain and I completely respect that decision (though we both share the same thoughts on his VP candidate, my brother chose to vote according to the top of the ticket).

Though if I know the anime fans correctly, I doubt I’ll get much trouble from saying my own personal choice. If you get mad at me for making a different choice than you I can just go ahead and call you a blind fangirl (or fanboy when necessary) because you’ll be reminding me of exactly the sorts of little girls I’ve dealt with in the past.

This isn’t the point of this post though. The point is just to remind everyone that sometimes we have to take a break from our fictional entertainment and sit down and face reality (actually the point is mostly about the hiatus…).

Even if you’re not eighteen and you can’t vote, you still have to start paying attention. What happens now effects your future. It’s fine to look to entertainment and enjoy yourself, but (especially on a day like today) you have to pay attention to what’s really going on in the world. A lot of it’s bad, but if you keep learning about it, hopefully you can do something to change it. Even if it’s just voting after you turn eighteen.

As for my readers not from America, well…pay attention in your own elections! Though I know a lot of you are paying attention to this election as well.

Sorry that I have nothing clever to say. Quite honestly, I’m all lost in my head because it’s my first time voting and I really, really just can’t believe I’m going to be able to vote for president. It has its problems, but we really do have a great country and I’m glad to vote and take part in this election. It’s times like these that really make me sigh at the weeaboos who think Japan is the BEST COUNTRY EVAR! I mean, I’m sure Japan is a great country and hopefully I’d get a chance to visit it (and others) someday, but I like my own country the most. And it’s one spot of favoritism where I doubt I’ll be called closed-minded. Everyone else should probably be liking their countries the most too.

Now then, I need to wrap this up quickly because I’m starting to do exactly what I didn’t intend to (rambling).

Basically, I can’t blog today and depending on how it all goes, possibly not tomorrow either. The results might not be completely out (the 2000 election keeps popping into my head) or I might be too excited or I might be too…upset. Who knows? But definitely not today and…probably not tomorrow. We’ll see.

Last note: Everyone who is voting…seriously. Go get that free cup of coffee. It’s free. Or apparently you can get something from a couple of other places that are totally not in my area (I want Ben & Jerry’s too…).


  1. Aw and i called my friend a liar when she said you get free food when you vote. :P i better call her tomorrow and apologize.

    i feel bad for not registering to vote now. Not that i think it matters either way WHO gets elected (that and i am from that WONDERFUL state that the popular vote does not count apparently) but now i wish i could vote NO on amendment 2. bleh! to all those out there reading this, please read all these amendments carefully when voting. they are worded in such a way to confuse you.

    oh and if you think you can hide from jury duty by not registering to vote (like i did) you are WRONG! they track you down by your DL. :(

    as long as people are making informed decisions on voting, i really do not care who people vote for (i might make fun of candidates and the stupid things they do, but never to a person who truly thought this person was the best for the job). i do get ticked off when people vote based on misconceptions/lies or based on what “famous people” say about the candidates. i hope everyone who votes does so after doing their research.

    however, watching that much news on the election might fry your brain. :P i know you are excited, but sometimes the reports are really boring! and early in the day, there won’t be much to report on (unless some jerks decide to do something really stupid). so make sure you have some chill time set aside. :)

  2. Yep, I am also watching the us elections despite living in Singapore. I will say that there will also be people who would say something against your belief of Obama. As long as you vote because you feel that Obama is the one that is able to lead the country, that is all you should worry for.


  3. Good post. Political participation is extremely important. Thanks for stressing that. I’m going to be voting today—and maybe “18 year old guy from Berkeley, California” tells you who’s getting my vote :P

  4. I’m gonna vote right now. :)

  5. I’m heading over to vote now….. And getting my free coffee after that!

  6. Even though I’m going to be voting McCain today, I’m happy you took the time to do research and made you’re own decision and actually went to vote. I think voting, at the very least, legitimizes a person’s ability to complain about the country. So if and when the democrats ruin the 401k system, allow Iran to get nukes, and can’t get the country out of a recession because they’ve taxed the rich too much – I get to say that I voted for the other guy.

    I also didn’t want to write about politics on my anime blog but fell to the temptation about a month ago. I was actually surprised that I only got intelligent comments – so maybe the anime community is more polite then general society.

  7. I’ve been following the election to. I’m only sixteen and if I could vote, I would probably vote for McCain. I’m not to fond of either of the candidates though. :P Have fun voting. (And hopefully I can return to anime from reality soon, I’ve had too much reality lately, and been on hiatus for too long.) XD

  8. You’re probably not overly into polics for your age, and even if you are it’s a good thing because you’re better informed then most people.

    A lot of people in my conutry are concerned about the election in the USA, because without the US economy, Canada’s pretty much screwed.

    Thank you for voting for Obama. I’m worried my brother will commit ritual suicide if he doesn’t get in.

    You guys get free food when you vote? O_O no fair. We just get to wait in a line up here.

  9. Everyone’s been talking about the elections for like … a month now … and we’re in Quebec. Hur. I haven’t followed the whole thing but when 90% of your class knows and talks about it you’re bound to pick up on some info. Like Warrior said, we’re pretty much concerned by the elections as well.
    (99.9% of the people I know would vote for Obama if they can XD …)

  10. I think that the election is really imprtant for people in other countries too. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago, but I can easily say that most here would classify those who aren’t following the US election as well. . . idiots (even though we wouldn’t use that exact wording). Especially since the States are just too big a country to ignore. It affect just about every country on the planet and if McCain becomes president or if Obama does, both will choose different thing on a number of different subject that will end up ifluecing everywhere else. (Just as a side note, I don’t know about Tobago, but most Trinidadians are backing Obama.)

  11. Um, (excuse me for posting again) pardon me for saying so, but I think that you’re being a bit petty, Thenullset. Unless you have the power to foresee the future, you can’t say for sure that Obama will screw up your country. If that’s your opinion, that’s fine, but putting it that way makes you sound a bit like someone who’s just talking down to other, or at least that’s the way it sounds to me. I don’t mean to critisize you but I just wanted to point that out.

  12. Christina: Ah yes they can find you no matter what. I had a friend who got jury duty two months after their eighteenth birthday.

    Oh god celebrity endorsements kind of tick me off. Well, I mean they can feel free to say what they want like the rest of us. People who put that much stock into endoresments…meh. It’s not even important to me.

    I took a break to take my kitty for a walk, but a lot of it is really interesting. The Righteous Anger from voters is fun to see when a voting machine breaks down.

    Impz: Oh people will always say something against your opinion, but so far nothing. I’m actually surprised.

    lolikitsune: Oh I think I can take a pretty good guess.

    thenullset: And I get to say I voted for the other guy if McCain “destroys the middle class” or if “we’re in iraq for a hundred years”. Though I don’t believe either would happen. McCain would be my second choice for president out of anyone else who was running at any point anyway.

    It is surprising since after seeing places where actual political conversations take place on the internet, I was almost beginning to think everyone was…well just dumb and ignorant (on both sides).

    amayalee: Ah. I can kind of agree with that. I’m only as fond of Obama as much as it’s possible for me to be fond of…any politician (I dislike them all).

    warriorhope: Well not anymore anyway. When I was 16 no one really intended to vote, but just last week I got surprised when my friends all said they were voting.

    Ah, yes the economy. That’s explaining a lot of other countries’ interest in our election. Though I think people were interested in making us stop being the…um…”asshole police” of the world. Not my words. Something I actually saw on TV (with a bleep of course).

    We get free good and stickers too (lol).

    saimaisama: Oh Obama certainly seems to be popular in all the other countries, isn’t he? If our election was left up to the rest of the world, there’d be absolutely no question about who would win.

    Jazzikins: Oh I feel so important now (kinda~) the whole world seems to be looking at my country today. Maybe I should try to watch BBC news today out of curiosity…

    It’s probably safe to assume it’s Pro-Obama in most areas. At least based off of what I’ve seen (it’s surprising actually since even in my super pro-Obama state there’s a lot of McCain supporters around).

    Hmm…I didn’t really think much of it thenullset’s comment. Maybe because I’m used to my brother. Or maybe because anyone who doesn’t call Obama a “secret terrorist” on the internet automatically restores even a little bit of faith in my fellow voters. Kind of sad in a way…

  13. Yeah, Obama has some serious faults and is generally shit (why did he vote for retroactive telecom immunity? WHY), but there are plenty of good reasons for wanting him over McCain.

    Anyway, peace and all that.

    Have a nice day and enjoy your victory :)

  14. It’s looking good for Obama so far. He already has 174 electorial votes.

  15. As long as Palin disappears into Alaska I’m fine. I don’t want to hear another one of her mavericky speeches again -_-;

  16. You know, when you look at it, if he can win two fairly big states (in terms of electorial votes) like Califonia and Florida, he can win the election pretty easily. Don’t think he has a chance of winning Texas, though. . . and since they have something like the second highest amount of electorial votes, that’ll help McCain a lot. Politics are so interesting, but very, very weird.

  17. Considering I can’t truly participate being all the way in Canada here, I’ve been following the election pretty well for the past month in the least. The results for the election are fast approaching and I will be so upset if Obama doesn’t win!

  18. Finally voted….. For Obama (DUH!) Who did you vote for?

  19. x_x your cat likes to go on walks?! wish i could walk my fattie!!!

    i just pray no one gets hurt this election. emotions tend to go wild and no one deserves to be hurt because they have a different political view.

  20. You’re from Massachusetts?
    I grew up visiting Boston with frequency, but I’m from Connecticut. Born in Mass, though~
    That explains the Red Sox fan in you. I’ve been wondering ever since you ever-so-subtly mentioned it.
    Ahaha, we watch the same kind of shows, have the same kind of response to pairings / morons on forums, root for the same baseball team, and now I just found out that you also support Obama, and are overly into politics for your age.
    I don’t know if I’m as bad as you, especially because I’m 3 years younger than you, but I know I pay more attention to it than anyone else my age.
    It only makes sense we’re both from the same state.

    But, that was totally off-topic, and it’s only because I’ve been noticing it lately. ;^; Ahaha, sorry~ tldr, I know.

    I am sick of this election. It’s our generation that’s going to have to pay for the crap Bush got us in, and I’m sick of all this racism and white supremacy. I’m white, and I honestly don’t support Obama for any other reason than that I think McCain is a blithering idiot. Neither of them can get us out of this mess, all this debt, all the taxes we’re going to face, etc. Oh well, another 4 years to see if we’ll see a better candidate.

  21. Obama won. Congradulations Fuyu! ^_^

  22. Obama won! Good job Fuyumaiden~~~~

  23. Hehe…looks like Obama won. Good for you, Fuyu!

    Although I did not choose to vote for him, I at least took part in the process of voting, which I think is much more important than whom you chose to vote.

    Now it all comes down to waiting and crossing fingers…will Obama be able solve our nation’s problems? No one will know…at least not until he puts his plans to action. ^_^

  24. I can’t vote not because I’m not American, I’m eligible to become one because my mom is American, but because I’m not 18. But even tho I wanted Obama to win and I’m so happy he did.

    When he said he victory speech, I cried. Because I as so moved. =D

  25. @Jazzikins: I don’t know how Obama will be as a President and if you notice I didn’t say that he’d ruin the country but the democrats. It’s the democrats in congress that really worry me. People complain about the government but seem to forget that the democrats have had control of congress for two years now and their approval rating is even lower then Bush’s is.

    There’s a part of me that is quite happy to see Barrack elected because he’s african-american. I think it’s an important moment for our country. If he puts the country in front of party politics then we should be okay. However, if he allows congress to pass alot of left-wing bills then he’ll make the same mistake that Bill Clinton made and we’ll see the republicans take back congress in two years.

    The other reason that I’m partly happy that Obama won was that the republican party lost it’s way once they got control of congress and the presidency and they needed something to snap them back into shape. This, I think, will be it.

  26. Yep ^^ Obama won. I’m still sixteen and I got the news earlier via text messaging. Here in our country, most of the adults are going for Obama too. It’s everywhere in the news here. There had also been a fake elections for fun and opinion-sharing happening at a mall, held by the US Embassy here.

  27. thenullset: Oh god I can agree with that. As pleased as I was every time Obama won another state, it was often ruined when I saw another democrat winning an election for congress.

    I’m hoping that in two years we get a much more balanced congress. Until then…I agree with what you said. I hope he doesn’t allow congress to pass a lot of left-wing bills.

    Hopefully the republicans can manage to regroup (and start trying at least some new things) for the next elections.

  28. Well, that was interesting, to say the least. Highly entertaining, especially the past 3 or 4 months that I’ve really been closely paying attention. ^^ Good luck with your new president, and for everyone’s sakes, I hope he doesn’t turn out to be as much of a screwup as George Bush was.

  29. I am glad that you took part in this historic election, FuyuMaiden :) Exit poll statistics give an interesting profile of the people who voted for each candidate. Regardless, it is time to put the differences aside and unite under the new president.

    And I call on all Americans, as I have often in this campaign, to not despair of our present difficulties but to believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here.

    Americans never quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history, we make history.

    McCain’s Concession Speech

  30. I heard alot of McCain supporters don;t want to accept Obama as their president. Poor them. How was your coffee? Mine was horrible!

  31. Kitsune: God McCain is such a great man. I remember watching his speech and hoping that he stays in politics. If Obama had lost I still would have been satisfied with him in the white house. Just…not his VP pick. We don’t use her name anymore.

    Shugo Chara!Doki: Bah. Well that makes sense since some of them are either racist or think Obama is a muslim terrorist. Though even others…this soon after the election it’s to be expected. A lot of Hillary Clinton supporters said they would NEVER vote for Obama…but they did.

    My coffee was great~ But only because I added in my usual overly large amount of sugar (and some cinnamon this time too).

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