Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 05

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Oh~ I want one too!

I’d heard that Shima was adorable in the game (even though you never got to see him), but aww. Nothing could prepare me for this. I don’t even usually like shota characters! Darn you Key and KyoAni and whoever does Shima’s adorable voice.

I completely even forgot about looking forward to seeing you Misae. …Shima~!

…I can’t think of much to say since this post is so late and my mindset is increasingly preoccupied by more important matter in the real world (Tuesday, November 4th to be precise) so…I’m afraid this is mostly screencaps with really, really shallow commentary.

It doesn’t help that the post got delayed so much either (ran out of things to say)


Oh yeah. And it’s not just screencaps. It’s a lot of screencaps. (I’ve lost the ability to stop myself)

I want a life-sized stuffed sheepy thing. Someone make one. I will pay you money and you will give it to me. Make me one. NAO!

So watching this I was wondering why the heck the girl made a military gun (when I saw screencaps beforehand too).

But then I saw it was a see-saw and confusion was replaced by, “OMFG! THAT IS SO FUCKING CUTE!”

I don’t know why, but I love see-saws. Such a pure and simple means of entertainment. Ah~ Childhood memories.

Kitty with a couple image busts through the 5 dango barrier and adds on a sixth dango.

…Yeah if you don’t get it, it’s like this.

Loud beating guys up Satsuki Yukino voice ftw! I’m going to call her Satsuki-oneesama from now on! (okay, no I’m not)

Why is Tomoya “Furukawa-san’s boyfriend”? Doesn’t she know Tomoya better than Nagisa anyway? I suppose she’s just been infected by Nagisa love~! It happens to the best of us (best of us = me).

Ah!!! You can call me Nana-chan Nagisa~!

…Yeah, I don’t really even know what I end up thinking anymore (I honestly thought that…).

Why does that kitty like Tomoya so much? Is it because he can hear the familiar voice of…ah I can’t do it. I need to stop my stupid jokes at some points.

Anyway….I want kitties to hang out on my lap too! I mean my kitty does, but I want stranger kitties to also!!!

Though I guess kitty isn’t really a stranger kitty to Tomoya considering how much he’s always playing around with it. (I want to play with the kitty too…)

“Tomoya comes with me to school early every day!”
Really meant…
“I keep my boyfriend in line!”

Oh Nagisa. I love you. (We all know who really wears the pants in that relationship)

Of course Tomoyo doesn’t get pretending like she doesn’t care. She’s Tomoyo! She puts 1000% in every single thing she does. Except for when that’s not properly girly enough for her.

But it’s okay. Nagisa is the cutest tattletale ever.

Kitty~! Ah I love this kitty. About time kitty gets some spotlight (AND A NAME! Come on Misae!)

Also…it’s starting right now. If we want more baseball and kitties, KyoAni has to adapt Little Busters! For the kitties! For kitties like Lennon and Hit- …Never mind. Just for the kitties.

New kitties tag for this week too. I need more anime with kitties…

…Hehehe. Misae you are now our ally.

Ah they made so many diffent expressions it was great. I could only justify two screencaps or else I’d flood the page. Besides. You need to watch it for the full effect anyway!


Misae with a ribbon really does look so much cuter and youthful for some reason. (It helps that she’s blushing too)

Shima~! (So apparently his first name is Katsuki, but we’re calling him Shima, because that’s cuter)

Ah…such a cute boy. Has me acting like a fangirl about actual fangirl things (outside of pairings I rarely have my classic fangirl moments since my favorite characters are mostly girls). But Shima~! He’s so darn cute. Shota characters can get annoying, but not Shima. He’s so cute and…ah~! I love him~!

But boo. Misae didn’t agree (though of course she relents and talks to our lovable Shima-kun~).

He’s so cute with all of his, “I don’t know”s but he’s so earnest and wants to grant Misae’s wish anyway. Ah~! So darn cute.

Aww, Misae! How can you be mad at such a cute boy waiting for you all of the time? There’s something wrong with you!

He’s so cute. Like a littly puppy (shut up, I know what’s wrong with saying that) he wants to follow Misae around and help her. Aww.

Misae’s abuse of him makes her so mean! (But because she’s voiced by Satsuki Yukino, I kind of just accept it no matter what and don’t even mind it. It’s inevitable!)

Aww, just like a puppy waiting for their owner to come home. (Shut up, I already said I know!) So cute.

Misae is so cute when she’s flustered.

Aww…how cute. Wet Shima being dried off by Misae, just like a pu- (okay I’ll stop).

But still…it’s cute.

HeyHey! Misae~ Where’s your violent reaction now, huh? Yeah. That’s right.

Oh god Shima-kun! Why did they make him so lovable and adorable!? Just seeing him sad almost broke my heart!

ASSHOLE! I hate you! Your girlfriend is obviously stupid. “It’s because you’re too nice.” WTF. That’s not nice. Obviously no matter what she’s going to be hurt. This way you’re hurting someone else by making them tell her too. There’s something wrong with someone like that. Fucking coward. His girlfriend is an idiot for going out with someone like that anyway. They deserve each other.

… *kicks something* There.

Wow, Shima really is such an honest boy. Which is probably why I love him so much. Real guys are never honest! You guys know what I’m talking about.

Oh, these scenes almost had me crying because of poor Shima-kun.

Crying so much because Misae is going to be hurt. I can’t even really feel bad for her (even though I should because that guy was an asshole), because all I can do it think about Shima.

Like I said, I was almost crying by the end of this scene (or at least I was really upset for Shima), but we all know what will happen next. Bouncy out of place music. Ruined the mood entirely.


Oh god. The music…why?

The preview got me teary-eyed by the end. The music and Shima talking and…oh!

I already know what happens, so I can pretty much say for sure…as long as it doesn’t get screwed up, I’m going to cry. I mean, a preview made me teary-eyed. Oh I’m going to cry so much. It’s a warning. I’m going to be pathetic and type stupid things next week because I’ll still probably be crying (okay maybe not that much, but still).


  1. “But Shima~! He’s so darn cute. Shota characters can get annoying, but not Shima. He’s so cute and…ah~! I love him~!”

    He’s totally a trap, but I’m ok with that, because his eyes are simply gorgeous :3 Ah, what a waste of a gorgeous pair of eyes, why couldn’t they be one of the main girls’ eyes?!

    “This way you’re hurting someone else by making them tell her too. There’s something wrong with someone like that. Fucking coward.”

    SERIOUSLY! What a fucking jerk. Goddamn, man up and just tell her already, instead of leading her on and fucking with her emotions. Goddamn. *rage*

    “Bouncy out of place music. Ruined the mood entirely.”

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of the Dango daikazoku ending song at all, but at least it didn’t make scenes go from waterworks to UPBEAT MARCHING MUSIC in a second flat.

    “I already know what happens, so I can pretty much say for sure…”

    But please don’t say! Because I have no idea what’s coming, although I keep hearing everywhere that Misae’s story is incredibly sad. I have a feeling I’ll be like this after it T_T

  2. the ending theme song really ruined the moment for me too. :( it doesn’t have to be a sad song, but maybe a more somber one would be nice.

    Shima is the cutest character ever! his tears made me want to cry!

    i hope Misae isn’t pinning over that jerk and she really loved Shima. he did not deserve her love for being such a wuss.

  3. I don’t usually like Shotas either, but Shima is just too adorable not to like. Misae beating him up though was…not good.

    The hairdrying scene was the cutest.

    The other guy is an asshole. Unfortunatly I know a lot of guys like that in real life.

    The Nagisa and Tomoya couple moments at the start were really adorable too.

    By the way, good luck with the Election. Everyone in my country is excited to see what will happen too. (more excited then we were over our own election sadly.)

  4. Yes, Shima is cutest thing on earth since Mihashi. Or maybe they’re on equal standing. I DIGRESS. Shima’s just to fucking cute. I want one so bad. Info; He’s voiced by the great Paku Romi-sama. One of my favorite female seiyuus who voices young males. I think she’s known for Ed from FMA, Temari from Naruto, Toshiro from Bleach … and I believe she’s voicing that girl in Kurozuka this season as well.
    And now that you’ve pointed it out a thousand times … yes, Shima’s a totally cute puppy which is kinda odd … because he’s technically a ki- Oh wait, never mind. I’ll shut up now.
    Man, just reading the next episode’s title is making me wanna cry! I feel worst because I know what’ll happen! But it’s so damn bittersweet and cute that I don’t really know how I should be feeling anymore. I’m going to do a lot of crying, fangirling and shouting next week for sure.
    (Everyone’s complaining ’bout the ED now it seems. Hur!)
    As for Igarashi … yes he’s an asshole. What kind of shithead is he to make innocent, honest Shima do the work?! Though admittedly, I can’t bring myself to hate him. No, no. It’s not the glasses. It’s just that fuckballs like him make the story progress.

  5. Shimaaa~! ;___________;
    How come it’s always the most lovable shotas the ones to get such angsty stories? Booo!

    Sheep…I want one, too.
    & It’s a see-saw and a military gun! Har har. >8D

    Oh gawd, the kitteh was so cute! x3333 I want to bring it home and spoil it with catnip and yarn balls!

    Finally! Thank you, Misae! Finally! Them two just walking around together is not enough as a couple! Of course, Nagisa is doing her part as a concerned girlfriend (Nagisa, you’re my moe queen this year even though SaiMoe says otherwise!) so for everything else, all she has to do is be her cute self. Tomoya, however, you’re such a…I dunno! But if he doesn’t go out with her on a date real soon, I’m going to steal Nagisa away from him! & aww, Nagisa said she wouldn’t be taken by some other boy (all the more reason to take her away xDD;;). Such a loyal girlfriend! Tomoya, you lucky bastard! :P

    Misae looks the best in the summer uniform.

    & Shima! Shima, Shima, Shima! *wants to huggle him* He’s so cute and honest! And on a grander scale than the usual “cute and honest” for a shota, anyways. *sigh* I felt bad for him when Misae was just beating him around. The poor dude just recovered from some illness because she gave him encouragement. Don’t do that to the lovable shota you saved! TAT

    Though I forgive Misae cuz she’s so awesome and so cute as a schoolgirl. Heh.

    Aww, man, if Shima was sad in the rain, it would’ve made me bawl.

    I don’t like Iigarashii (however you spell his name, feh, not worth remembering) but I don’t hate him. At least he isn’t one of those guys to do something to a girl that would lead them on and then drop the bombshell on them, saying he already has a girlfriend, for the fun of it. Then I’d hate him. Well, w/e, from this point, he’s no longer important. His only purpose was to bring Shima and Misae together. That’s good enough for me.
    His girlfriend should go die, though. What a bitch. She’s not even wonderful and pretty as Misae is (thank you, KyoAni, for making her look meh…). I bet she’s a whore. Yep, she’s definitely a whore just having fun with Iigarashii. :P

    Anyways…Shiima, be my otouto! I’ll take good care of you! xDD;;

    I don’t know if I’ll cry in the next episode but the Misae arc is now definitely my favorite above all the others. & I sorta lied about not being moved before. I got teary-eyed during ep 22 of last season during the play scene but that was only because of Akio’s EPIC speech. Didn’t cry, but got teary-eyed a little. Hmm, yep.

    Can’t wait till next week. ^^

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