The Return to Simplicity (Theme)

November 1, 2008 at 3:34 am | Posted in Site | 19 Comments

Hurray! The black theme is dead! You’ll never ever see it again because by this time next year (at the most), I’m going to move Simplicity to its own hosting and such a real wordpress blog. Then I’ll be able to control theme changes to fit exactly what I want!

Changes are fun, but it’s really best to have my theme back.

So for now, it’s just a return to the normal “pool” theme with a new banner (featuring Nagihiko and Rima from Shugo Chara!), because it’s already been discussed that I absolutely can’t go back to that old banner (but ha! Tampa Bay lost the World Series!).

I had no idea what to do with this banner. I was actually getting kind of panicky trying to decide.

I had to go through all the series I was watching to make a decision.

  • Clannad – Already did it.
  • Skip Beat! – Well, did it and I can’t really find good images easily.
  • Hakushaku to Yousei – Same image problem.
  • Shugo Chara! – It encourages the idea that this is a “Shugo Chara! blog”.

Everything else didn’t have enough excitement for me or coverage on this blog (actually, that’s kind of true for Hakushaku to Yousei too).

So obviously I ended up with Shugo Chara! in the end. At first I wanted to completely reject using Shugo Chara! because of how disappointing Doki has been so far. I mean…it’s not bad, but it’s gotten too generic and lost quite a bit of Cool and Spicy.

However, a new season of the most discussed series on this blog…should be banner-worthy. So I decided to go with it since I was out of other ideas. Especially since it worked for Nagihiko’s return this week! (Woot! Nagihiko!!!)

Um…so basically I just went to the ending cretids and used the image of Nagihiko and Rima standing together because I really liked it. Of course saying it like that makes it sound a lot simpler than it actually was. Because as anyone would know, there’s big credits in the way of the pictures in the ending credits.

Like this…

But if something is scrolling, you’ll be able to get an image of it. So I took a whole bunch of shots, focusing on Nagihiko first, erased anything that interfered with his image, and put each in a separate layer so that they all matched up and made our lovable trap (though since he’s wearing boys’ clothes we can’t call him that so much anymore…). I then did the same with Rima. I couldn’t do them both at the same time because in the credits they move a part from each other as they scroll.

Then I had to erase all the background, which is really just a hassle anytime you’re even editing a normal screencap. *sigh*

I finished….but then I had to do it over because I found a clearer raw and their images came out a lot nicer. Though I got a little sloppier with being exact about cutting out the background. Especially because of Rima and her hair. It looked okay once it was smaller though…except part of Rima’s hair but it’s like that in the ending.

I also had a minor “OMG!” moment where I thought I cut out Rima’s arms, but then I realized that with her hair that was impossible and it’s just the way the image is…which really bothers me every time I watch the credits now (and now it can bother you guys too), but luckily you can’t really tell in the banner because of where it cuts off. But seriously…they changed the ending in the second episode, why didn’t they fix Rima? Maybe her arms are just behind her somehow, but if so that’s really awkward (fix it for the DVD!!!).

For the background I decided to go with the old Shugo Chara! standby of plaid and make it a little like my original banner. This time I just used the blue plaid background from a page on the official Anime site. I could have made my own plaid design but there’s two problems with that. I didn’t feel like it and mine looks crappy (it has a severe lack of COOL & SPICY).

Ah~ For once my banner actually matches the colors of my blog (this honestly is the first time I’ve used a blue header…).

Also, the caption, “There’s always something to like” just refers to how happy I am to see Nagihiko, even if the rest of Doki has mostly been a disappointment. Also, a lot of us will always have a pairing to get excited over now. Suspicious Rima FTW!

Now then for some other updates, I’m thinking about putting more contact information on the About page. Basically, just adding my contact information for some instant messengers now that I use them more often.

I kind of feel hesitant about doing that, because e-mails I can get to whenever. IMs just keep popping up. Though I thought I’d mention it for now so people will know I’m going to be using instant messengers or whatever. The screenname is FuyuMaiden for…anything I use.

Yeah…for now I’ll keep it off the About page. (Though as a warning, even if you IM me I might just space out and stop talking to you when I get preoccupied with something without saying “I need to do something. Talk to you later” or whatever.)

What else? Ah. The theme change is going to be messy today because I’m going to be really busy. I just happened to be up when Halloween should be over for most of the world and decided to change the banner now (no! Not enough top time for new Arina Tanemura news!).

I still have my Clannad and Shugo Chara! posts to do and a post with the answers to the Cosplay Challenge for later too. So, I’m going to be busy today. I underestimated how occupied I’d get with Halloween and wasn’t able to finish what I wanted to and…meh. Well whatever.

Theme is back to normal, I’ll fix the rest of the stuff later. For now that’s that.


  1. 0_0 you put so much effort into your banner. i am impressed. i think i am doing great by being able to cute out screenies in paint. :P i haven’t got the skill to actually make a layout for my blog x_X my brain might explode.

    as for doki, i can not comment on the quality of the show as the subbers haven’t…you know subbed the actual show (as 52 and 53 really weren’t NEW). :( so it is sad to read that all this waiting will not pay off.

    i do like this layout much better. the black messed with my eyes at times. but the banner was super cute. :)

  2. Oh God, I’m finding a host for me too but I’m a n00b who doesn’t know anything about IRC so I’m still stuck on WordPress T.T…

    The person in dark long hair in your header is a guy? He looks really beautiful imo. And I love Rima too ^_^.

    And I’ll kinda miss the dark theme you had. Time sure flies fast ^_^. I wonder what’s in store for Christmas :)…

  3. @kanzeon: lulz me too. Whats IRC anyway? Is that the chat thingey? lulz I cant get in there.

  4. @kanzeon: Join Dasaku lol. I had no idea how to get my own host either so I just popped Randall a random email and he accepted :D

    @FuyuMaiden: I cannot wait to see the new theme once you get a hosting thing. New themes are exciting!

  5. shugo chara doki 5 is in veoh now! my fav episode!! nagihiko’s really funny!! XD XD XD!

  6. err.. 56 i mean.. XD

  7. Rimahiko banner. ^_^

  8. That’s absolutely amazing how you extracted it Rimahiko out! :D It looks really good~ Haha I would love to do one for Utau, but her hair…will probably kill my eyes by the time I’m done with her. XD;;

    I never posted at your blog before, but your summaries for Shugo Chara are wonderful! :D Its a pity that the younger kids make the pairings in Shugo Chara a war, but I try to turn a blind eye. :)

  9. @Kairu Ishimaru: Lol when I ran it, my computer went crazy (or is it just how the client looks?). I guess you already have your own host Kairu-kun..

    @blissmo: Dasaku seems cool! I’ll try that one… Thanks for the recommendation ^_^.

    Lol at my double comment ^_^

  10. WOW the banner is awesome! I love it soooooo much! Rimahiko

  11. Nagi & Rimaaaaa~!!! <3
    I like the caption. For me, it doesn’t make me think of just Doki but when I’m bored I always find something interesting to be…well, interested in. Yea…lol Simplicity at its best~!
    Ah, I hope for more Rimahiko now.
    Hmm…the plaid is nice but it matches too well with the blog so I would’ve completely missed it if you didn’t point it out in a post (even though it’s Rimahiko! *gasp!* I fail as a fan. T_T). Not that it’s your fault or anything, no…Rimahiko just needs their own sparklies and special background like Amuto. Aaaiiiiyaaaa~…
    Well, I applaud you on a great job of getting rid of the credits (they’re so annoying). Now work on Ikuto and Utau and everyone else! xDD;;
    Yep, good job. Will be waiting for your later posts. ^^

  12. Haha, I was actually going to use this theme a while back when I was trying to decide what theme to use for my blog, but when I looked at it closer I was like.. wait a second, this looks very very familiar :p

    Man, your banner looks so nice, but that must have taken forever. I’m way too lazy to go through that much effort :p

  13. Christina: I don’t make the layout I just switch between what they give us.

    It’s gotten so boring. The past three episodes have just been about filler characters. It’s so boring!

    53 was the best episode so far I think…and that’s just awful since it was a recap and I still made fun of a lot of it.

    kanzeon: I’m going to just pay for a host so I can get my nice own .com thing going. (It’s purely for my own pride)

    Haha. Yes, he’s a guy, but he’s also a trap (spent 25 episodes in the first season as a girl). I think the reason why I paired him and Rima together so quickly is because they’re both so beautiful (my god Nagihiko was such a pretty girl…).

    blissmo: I kind of picked one out, but I have backups in case it doesn’t work (but ah, when I imagine it it looks so much nicer…)

    kousaka miidori: Oh I saw it~! I’m trying to get at least my thoughts finished so I can post something soon.

    kixy: I want to do it with all of them. I don’t think Utau would actually be that hard (Rima’s got to be the most difficult), but I wanted to make in image of Kukai and Utau together, but it’s impossible because Kukai kind of gets cut off oddly. Ah, but I’ll try my best (not for a banner though, just for fun~).

    Shugo Chara!Doki: Yes Rimahiko~! Ah it’s a pairing that we can agree on, isn’t it?

    xiao_jie: Yes! Simplicity! It’s another reason I kind of chose that caption because it goes back more to simplicity than my others have and it looks more like my original one too.

    Well yeah there is that, but since the banner isn’t for any, “OMG! NEW SERIES!” sort of event, I figure it’s okay if it doesn’t get lots of attention.

    Well, I’m going to make and Utau and Kukai one…but Amu and Ikuto won’t work because Amu’s too big…she’s all close up and stuff. Annoying.

    nazarielle: It’s a great theme (except for the fact that it doesn’t double space comments). You can have it when I move to get my own hosting~

    It actually didn’t take as long as I made it seem. or rather, it did, but I didn’t mind because my mind was being all fuzzy and it was really the only thing I could do to keep it occupied.

  14. I’ve actually been trying to clone my blog across the web on multiple web hosts that claim to host for ‘free.’ So far, I’ve only found one that works. :)

  15. Fuyumaiden: Technically I don’t care about pairings anymore. Whatever happens is fine to me!

  16. Well, after a while without comment, I’ll just leave a short comment at first.
    Love your banner. I really do ♥
    And even though I liked ur halloween theme, I’m glad to see simplicity’s old theme back. And with Rimahiko. At least for me, haha.

  17. I actually thought this was a totally different site when I click on my blogroll link. I was like “WHAT” and then I come down and realize you switch. And guess what, I love it. It’s adorable. =D Go Shugo Chara!!!

  18. Welcome back to the simplicity theme :) I prefer brighter themes because they have better legibility and lighten the mood :)

  19. […] it on the list, I think it deserves highter). It’s episode 62 of Shugo Chara! which proved my banner right and rewarded my patience (and stubbornness) with much-anticipated filler (lol sounds like an […]

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