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Yay! Nagihiko is back~!

Outside of Nagihiko parts though this episode was…so boring. I couldn’t even properly enjoy the Nagihiko parts because I was just generally annoyed. The filler character this week was just intrusive and I think we can all now see the main problem that will make Doki difficult to enjoy sometimes.

Outside of complaints of some genericness, there’s a bigger problem that I really noticed in this episode.

The “monster of the week” formula that pretty much always appears in magical girl fillers has one major flaw. Each episode they need to create a new character and sometimes because of that you’ll have two stories running at once and they don’t really fit together.

Last season when they still needed a battle to take place but couldn’t spend time on a new character (because it would be intrusive), Satelight could just send an x-egg and x-charas out there. Like in episode 18.

However with this chara-nari “Dream” thing, they can’t do that. I mean, if a random Chara-Nari’d person showed up in a…Scuba suit (I don’t know), it would be too “WTF!?” So they have to explain why Scuba Dream wants to be a Scuba Diver.

…I hope you’re getting what I mean. I’m kind of saying it in an odd way.

Basically…the way Satelight is doing things, we’re never really going to get an episode that just focuses on the characters we all know and like.

*sigh* I don’t know why they didn’t combine this episode and the next one to make Nagihiko’s entrance purely focused on Nagihiko. I guess they wanted Nagihiko to be able to show off so Rima would accept him as a Guardian. But this would have been easier if they didn’t try to force us to care about some filler character we saw for maybe five minutes.

I guess I’m just feeling disappointed because as fun as action can be sometimes, it’s not fun if I don’t care about the outcome. I don’t care about the filler characters or about Lulu. Satelight has to do a better job of making me care.

I’m looking for the episode where Lulu tries her pendant out on one of the Guardians and they have to be saved. Then I’ll care. (Oh! Oh! It should be Rima and then Nagihiko can save her!!!) Or the episode where Amu sees Ikuto helping Easter. For this plotline, those are episodes I might enjoy. Otherwise, I think I can only enjoy fillers that don’t have the plot in them at all and just focus on the characters.

Oh! Or another one! Amu gets hit by one of the Chara-Nari’d Dream attacks and falls asleep and has an Alice in Wonderland dream. That too.


Around the Fujisaki house, Nagihiko is greeted by a familiar man and dog (from episode 25) without using his name or showing his full face. While sleeping in class, Amu has a dream where Nadeshiko says that she’s come back. But she’s woken up by Nikaidou. At the garden, she explains that she was up late listening to one of Ami’s concerts. Their conversation is interrupted when some random kid not even from their school somehow manages to get his foot in the water. They go to check on him and find out he’s looking for the planetarium so Amu decides to help him find it.

Kukai was called to a meeting with the first king and Nadeshiko comes in. Kukai is understandably happy to see her (Nadeshiko~) and gives her the usual ruffled hair treatment. But Nadeshiko leaves and comes back dressed in the boy’s uniform and reveals his big trap secret to Kukai. He’s actually a boy named Nagihiko. Kukai freaks out, very confused, and Tadase basically reveals with a smile that he knew all along. The first king breaks up the trap fun to tell them why they’re all here. He wanted Kukai to help out the new Jack’s Chair, Nagihiko. Which Nagihiko apparently knew nothing about, but because Kairi is gone and Easter’s new plans, they need all the Guardian spots filled.

Nagihiko seems reluctant to take the spot, so Kukai and Tadase try their different ways of convincing him (Kukai by being casual, Tadase by being a sparkly shota). Neither really works. But the First King says some things that probably gets Nagihiko to agree…somewhat.

Amu and the random kid are walking to find the planetarium and he tells her all about his rocket boy dreams. Lulu is watching them from behind a tree, she displeased to see Amu with her “target” but plans to go on like usual (without thinking it’s any big deal). Then Amu has apparently forgotten where the planetarium is, but luckily the First King shows up and the kid goes with him instead.

Elsewhere, Kukai and Tadase are helping Nagihiko with information to join the guardians (even though he apparently hasn’t agreed). Nagihiko’s reasons for being reluctant to join are revealed when they notice Temari isn’t around. Apparently when he came back to Japan, she went back into her egg…and then a new egg was born as well (one similar to Temari’s, but blue). Kukai takes his usual optimistic attitude and says Amu will be glad to see him, but ends up depressing Nagihiko. Amu wants to see Nadeshiko, not him.

Amu happens to appear at that exact moment, she briefly mistakes Nagihiko for “Nadeshiko” but realizes soon enough and greets him enthusiastically. When Kukai asks how she knows, she says that it’s Nagihiko, Nadeshiko’s twin, the lie our sneaky trap made up the last time he met her. Amu gets excited about him being a transfer student, then notices the Guardian’s cape as well. Kukai and Tadase quickly introduce him as the new Jack. Amu gets all sparkly and happy with this news, leaving Nagihiko unable to respond (Amu’s kirakira works~). Amu gets excited then runs off so that everyone else can know. Nagihiko just stands there until she’s gone and expresses his frustration (lol, everything happened in the way he didn’t want it too).

Amu, Tadase, and Kukai introduce Nagihiko to Yaya and Rima (Yaya’s upset because she never knew about Nadeshiko’s twin). Nagihiko shows them his still unhatched egg. Rima asks who Nadeshiko is, learns she was the queen from Tadase, then turns to Nagihiko and asks him if he can be a guardian without a shugo chara. Tadase is about to answer for him about what he did in the past, but Nagihiko quickly gets him to shut up, though Rima is still suspicious and watches him carefully (Jiii-). Amu and Yaya’s conversation about Nadeshiko being Amu’s close friend, Rima gets all teary eyed and says that even though she’s in the same class and the queen’s chair too, that they aren’t as close. Amu gets panicky, but Nagihiko sees right through Rima’s fake tears. Rima quickly drops the act and asks how he knew. When Nagihiko tries to properly greet her, she hides behind Amu and tells her not to get along with him or be close with him.

In the forest around the school, Lulu’s having a random little tea party with Nana because she’s waiting for the kid. The guardians are watching Kukai and Nagihiko play soccer when Miki senses a shugo chara so Amu goes to investigate and meets Lulu again. Lulu says bitchy things, pisses Amu off, then leaves, and Amu stays pissed off. Once Lulu’s away she says she won’t let Amu get in the way (or whatever). Then the kid comes out of the planetarium and Lulu does the usual to turn his egg into a ?-egg.

Amu’s still ticked off when the kid shows up at their soccer field with a ?-egg (which Nagihiko obviously doesn’t recognize) and transforms into Space Dream. He flies off and the whole group chara-nari’s together. The rest of them go ahead of Nagihiko and he picks up the book the kid left behind. Space Dream is making all sorts of stuff fly around. Kukai starts to catch up to him, but the kid’s power makes his board fly away. Amu tries to jump up after him, but she can’t jump high enough when he flies away.

The kid then tries to make some big playground thing fly away because it has a rocket. Nagihiko tells her to use Tightrope Dancer, which she does when Tadase tells her too (though reluctantly). Then Nagihiko has Yaya use her ducks which tie the ropes around the playground  thing so the guardians can try to hold it down. Rima seems displeased that it worked (stubborn~).

While the guardians try to hold it down, Amu jumps after the kid again, this time her Humpty Lock starts glowing and she ends up with her brand new flying roller blades so she can fly after the boy and keep up. The Guardians continue to try and hold the playground stuff down, Amu does her usual “snap out of it” speech, and the kid’s ? turns into an X when he properly remembers stuff. Amu does Open Heart and it’s all over. Lulu and Nana walk away and the embryo didn’t even appear. They talk to the kid after he wakes up, Nagihiko gives him his book back and all is well.

Back at the garden everyone is happy because they did a good job and congratulating each other and such. Rima says that she’ll accept Nagihiko as the jack because it can’t be helped, but he still can’t get along with Amu! The end.

Yay~ Finally finished it. You guys can stop super refreshing now, okay? (The page views really went way up these past couple of days) I still need to do some typo checks and such, but I decided to put it up as soon as I finished it.


Well…from my thoughts at the beginning we kind of already know how I feel about this episode. To sum it up: Nagihiko – YAY!!! / Filler Character – Eh. Please stop. / Rima – OMG!SOCUTE! / Rimahiko – Hehe. Just as planned.

I also did more screencaps than I have in a long time…

I only noticed this because I had to pause the video at the beginning to do something…but that doggy is so cute~! Reminds me a little bit of my puppy Miko (all dogs in anime seem to…). So cute…

Holy shit! Amu had a dream foreseeing Nadeshiko’s return! Cross another one off of the mahou shoujo cliche list!

Ah, I’m actually just kidding here. Seeing Amu think about Nadeshiko kind of makes me sad because…she has no idea.

oh lol Rima. But he’s unworthy! Unworthy!

I have to go back to what I was saying at the beginning again kind of. At least to explain why I suddenly felt this so strongly today. It’s all because of this character. First filler character that didn’t just make me go, “This is so pointless” and actually made me go, “UGH! F&$%ing worthless!”

Stupidest and laziest crap ever. No one is going to change my mind on this. At least until now filler characters have had some effect on normal characters or plot or whatever. This time…completely worthless.

Which version do you like best? Personally I can’t choose. (Ah, that should be our poll for today!)

*sigh* Sometimes I wish they really were twins, as much as I love traps. Nadeshiko and Nagihiko are both great…then when you remember that they’re the same person it like…super great. Ah I don’t know. I love Nadehiko though.

Oh lol, Kukai is everyone’s big brother, ruffling up their hair. Ah…this scene also made me with Nadeshiko was really a girl because she’s so darn cute. How come Nadeshiko is a better girl than most girls? And come to think of it…why is Nagihiko a better man than characters in other anime that are older than him? Unfair~!

Oh Kukai. He always has to witness the “W-WHAT!?” stuff in this series. First incest and now traps. Poor Kukai.

And Tadase has his Tsukasa going. Smiling and going, “Haha. Yes, yes. I knew all along.”

Kairi because it’s Kairi. I miss him. Please let’s have just one episode with all the Guardians around. The only two that haven’t met now are Kairi and Nagihiko. Spoiler: Especially considering Rima’s even met “Nadeshiko” in the manga now.


At first I probably had the same expression as Nagihiko watching this scene, but now it’s kind of like, “lol. Uke.” Oh Tadase…it doesn’t help your “manly level” when you look like that.

And now we reach the part of the episode where I have to screencap and comment on absolutely everything involving Nagihiko, Rima or both.

Aw…poor Nagihiko. He can’t see Temari. I’m sure you’ll see her again soon! Just keep going Nagihiko! Fight-o desu yo~! (I still can’t help it even after four weeks…)

Aw depressed Trap. Amu’s his best friend and he can’t help but keep such a big secret from her. Poor Nagihiko (again).

(Hehe, as a side note, I really love Saeko Chiba’s boy voice. Nagihiko sounds so mature~!)

Finally! A reunion between two best friends (though Amu doesn’t quite realize it). It’s been about six months, and more precisely 30 episodes. THIRTY!!! That’s too many.

Ah and Amu and Nadehiko regain their spot as, “best, best friends” for me. Though Rima and Utau can share best female friend still.

Nagihiko’s so good at lying, even he can’t help but feel awkward about it.


How did Amu manage to conjure up as many sparkles (or rather more) than Tadase? My god…going on this Dia’s likely to hatch any day now, isn’t she?

And it seems there are some things even Nagihiko is weak for. Amu’s his weakness (aw, that’s so cute…). I love it when cool, mature guys have one thing they can’t stand up to (it’s cute both romantically and just for friendship). Nagihiko~!

Nagihiko’s a pushover for an excited Amu because she’s his best friend and he’s afraid of her hating him and…d’aww! Who care’s why, it’s just cute? The friendship between girls- Or rather, the friendship between girls and their trap friends! Yay~!

And so Nagihiko has successfully become a member of the Guardians against his will. Hurray! *confetti*

And now…a “Rima is suspicious” montage.

Aww. Suspicious Rima is a cute Rima. Especially for…

this. Jiiii—

Not quite as cute as Utau’s back in episode 41, but it’s damn close. Especially since I love srs bsns suspicious Rima (cute~).

Awww~ Rima tugged on Amu’s clothes and started crying again. So cute~! (Rima’s tears are Amu’s weakness like her “kirakira” smile is Nagihiko’s)

Of course, Nagihiko saw right through it because like Rima said before, “good girls should be able to fake their tears” and Nagihiko is the best girl that ever exists (oh it’s true).

And this is precisely where I went, “Oh! Rimahiko!” in the manga. The person best suited for Rima should be someone who can stand up to her queenly stature. Who better than Nagihiko? He had the same spot in the guardians before and pretty much no one can fool him. He’s the master of fooling other people. The whole school thought he was a girl! Including his best friend who slept over his house!

As for why Rima is good for Nagihiko…well Nagihiko also needs someone suspicious of him since he’s so good at fooling people. Right? Yeah that’s right.

So for now, at least until we get some scenes with Utau and Kukai, these two are my second favorite ship.

Heh~ Suspicious and possessive Rima. Doubly cute.

Come on! One more suspicious Rima! Look at her watching the soccer game and keeping her eye on Nagihiko. Trying to make catching him doing some funny trap business.

Lulu…being around was so pointless in this episode. Especially since she’s alone. (Shouldn’t other Easter people be helping her?) Oh well, at least we now know Amu doesn’t know about Lulu being part of Easter (good because that would have been a plothole).

Though, I’m bothered that Amu gets so bothered by Lulu. Ticks me off about Satelight because Amu is master of the, “Like I care what you think” cool attitude and her getting pissed off at Lulu doesn’t fit that.

Lulu has the “Rima attitude” going on around Amu though, so I hope the two of them get to meet soon. If Rima doesn’t out-snob Lulu, then Satelight is a failure and Lulu is a total Mary-Sue.

…Ugh. Worst one yet. They keep getting worse each week. Please make them stop. (Though actually, last week’s may have bothered me more…)

Hey! Hey! Magical boys don’t have a hard enough time looking like girls already! We should shove them in a pink background and specifically show off how they all have the same figure as girls so that they really have to man it up to not be called gay.


Also now, no one (even Rima who always could before) is going to be able to chara-nari unless Amu is around because they all need to do their big group chara-nari. Meh. Amu’s great, but this means that none of the other characters are really ever going to get the full spotlight in a battle.

Nagihiko, you’re so cool even when you can’t chara-nari or chara change. It’s because he’s so smart (sometimes I think he’s the smartest characters in the whole series…because Nagihiko knows everything).

“STFU. You stay out of this.”

Ah…I think that this was my favorite Rima expression in the whole episode. She’s so spoiled (and suspicious, and possessive, and just darn cute). She got displeased with Tadase because he told her to do what Nagihiko wanted her to.

I seem to like the quick expressions without words best, don’t I? (See my Nagisa icon to get what I mean)

But Rima ends up grudgingly respecting Nagihiko and seeing him as useful (god she’s so cute).

So…those of you who thought Amu could fly before were wrong. Apparently she can’t jump really high and float. That’s it. (even though she can pretty much fly when she does a chara change…)

Finally! The embryo didn’t show up! (Good, you stopped messing with my plot Satelight)

And you should be glad Lulu. Even if it did show up, no one is around to help you get it.

Ah…Kukai really would be such a cool older brother. I’m so glad he shows up next week! More ruffling of girls’ hair!

So Rima grudgingly accepts Nagihiko as the Jack’s chair.

But he still has to stay the F— away from Amu.

It’s kind of odd since Rima doesn’t seem to have a problem with Tadase or Kukai, but I guess she specifically gets that “best friends” feeling from the two of them and she can’t have that. Amu’s sparkly smile is reserved for her!


Heh. Nagihiko’s going to force something on the non-traps. This episode was nice for the Rima and Nagihiko interaction, but I kind of wish we saved filler character and RimaxNagihiko interaction for next week and just had a pure, Nagihiko-focused episode for his return. Ah well…can’t have that now.

We also have a filler character that’s fugly and I can already tell you where it’s going to go from the preview.

Poor scary-faced guy has a scary face so everyone is afraid of him, but he’s secretly nice and likes nice (girly) things.

Apparently Doki ran out of classic mahou shoujo cliches and went to anime cliches in general.


So the question I brought up before.

My answer should be obvious based on what made me come up with the question.

Edit: WTF? It’s not showing up for me. (I’m trying to fix it, someone tell me if they can see it) If the poll doesn’t show up for you either, you should be able to vote here.


  1. ZOMG!!! Nagihiko is back!!! =O
    I can’t believe Satelight interupted ne?
    so yeah..
    Also Rima doing ‘Jii-‘ was so adorable!!!
    I can’t wait for the next epi.

  2. Lot’s of Nagihiko, Rima and Kukai’s ruffling girls hair made this episode decent for me.

    I like both. Hopefully he still dresses up as Nadeshiko from time to time. Like for a sleepover filler.

    Sparkle smile attack from Amu. Yep. It’s cute how he can’t stand up to her. It’s probably a good thing he can stand up to Rima though. Definatly still Amu’s best over all friend.

    Yes. Suspicous, pouting, pocessive Rima is still very cute. This episode proves again why she’s one of the stubborness trio.

    Kukai and his hair ruffling! Love it. Side Note: He looks taller then before.

    Yeah. I have a feeling there’s going be a lot of episodes were Rima is pocessive of Amu this season.

    I hope Lulu tries the necklace on a Guardian too. Nagihiko saving Rima sounds awesome for sure. I have feeling Kukai or Yaya would be the guardian they’d try it on though. I could see an episode where Amu sees Ikuto helping Easter and worries.

    Yeah. Filler guy for the next episode seems like that kind of guy. Bet you five bucks that his family is also part of the Japanese Mafia. Oh well, next week they’ll be skirts~!

  3. ha ha the skirts i cant wait and oh joy another boring anime original filler charactor that will only be here for 1 episode!

  4. I just skipped past all the “rocket boy” parts except the battle.which I really didn’t like.
    My brother looked at the screen when the transformation was happing and asked what are you watching when did that anime having an “oragy transformation” I pressed pause and laughed my butt off.
    You didn’t metion when Nagihiko noticed Rima was having a hard time pulling her rope so he pulled his rope harder.(I thought that was cute)

    I like the Rima and Nagihiko pairing espically since I saw scans of chapter 34 after Rima finds out his serect.

    I can’t wait until next week and what Nagihiko makes the other boys do.
    I’ll probably skip past the filler character parts next week

  5. Only two things to say about this episode after reading this summary:1.OMG NAGIHIKO’S BACK!! 2.Multiple chara-nari? Now I’m just plain scared. Well… at least he came back…. but that doesn’t make up for the epic sparkly background and scary things…(Spaceman says what?!)Still, thanks for blogging this episode.

  6. ABOUT THE POLL IT’S NOT SHOWING UP FOR ME EITHER! But that’s okay! Rima so cute!

  7. I was lol’ing all the time at this episode. Seriously. This was even more entertaining than last week’s. I’m kind of amused as Satellight (Yes, seriously) keep making the chara-naris even weirder.
    And that just makes the whole thing funnier. XD
    I’m just watching Doki up to now for self-entertainment, but now, at least there was something to look forward to in this episode. Kuukai’s expressions were…welll, interesting. XD Tadase and Tsukasa look so calm when they told him he was a trap.
    Amu’s kira kira attack…she should seriously use it on the other guys. It’ll be nice to see how each character will reply.
    Nagihiko: Master of lying. XD
    The chibi scenes here were so cute.
    The group chara-nari…WTFU. I guess this explains why it’s mantained the pink background and not made it blue last time for Amulet Spade.
    Rima got all possesive over Amu. This reminds me of Volume 4 where they absolutely…well…weren’t the “best of friends.”
    And look at them now. XD
    Well, if there are -any- Rimamu fans, this episode would be good to watch.
    The preview…it seems pretty likely we’ll get the skirts on Tadase and Kuukai in he next episode.
    Overall, this was amusing. XD

  8. I enjoyed it simply because I didn’t care about anything else except the main characters! ^^;; Haha, I actually didn’t even bother to try to and I’m glad I didn’t. Got what I wanted. Am satisfied. *thumbs up*

    Argh!!! Seeing Nadeshiko makes me sad because we won’t see her again until Yamato Maihime appears! ;___; I love Nagi and all, but I loved trap-kun Nadeshiko, too! I even wanted Amu to get a little teary-eyed and go hug her in her dream just because I couldn’t. Dx *sigh* I wished they really were twins sometimes, too, but that wouldn’t be as fun. Hmm.

    How come Nadeshiko is a better girl than most girls? And come to think of it…why is Nagihiko a better man than characters in other anime that are older than him? Unfair~!

    Nadehiko is the Sue here, not Amu! But it’s totally acceptable because he’s such an awesome guy! 8DDDD;;; I have to admit, that Amuhiko is still my second favorite Amuxother boy pairing even though I love Rimahiko. They just look very sweet together and the compatibility works so well. x3

    Kairi~! ;____; Come back soon, k, Iinchou?

    Lol Poor Kukai, indeed. ^^;

    Tadase’s “kira kira kougeki” doesn’t work on Nagi but he can’t resist Amu’s~! <3

    Dude, I know it’s one thing to see Rima jealous over Amu’s friendship with Nadehiko and all but I want to see Ikuto even a little jealous of how Amu would always run to Nadehiko for advice. Wouldn’t that be so cute? xDD Because Nagi knows how to help Amu the best (especially with boys). Ikuto would just make Amu more flustered. & him being possesive over her makes me giggle. Hehehe x333

    …I wonder how he’ll react when he finds out that the first guy to see Amu in her underwear and the first guy she slept in the same room wasn’t him. *shot for vulgar thoughts* xDDDD;;;;

    Aww, Rima~! You’re so cute when you’re suspicious! Lol “Amu, don’t get friendly with this guy! He’s the suspicious one!” Gah, I can’t hold in the squealing if this keeps up.

    I’m getting annoyed with Satelight screwing up Amu’s Cool&Spicyness, too. I mean, with Lulu, anyone can be annoyed, even Amu but she could totally hide that up, you know? Stop f***in’ around with Amu, Satelight, or I’ll whip you! (aish, so violent…)

    They are all nekkid together! xDDD;;; Well, animation as very good, I’ll give them that. Now why couldn’t they do this last episode with Utau? She needs to be in the group nekkidness, too. :P
    Nagi does know everything, hun. 8D In fact, I don’t know if there’s a single thing that Nagi doesn’t know.

    Hmm, maybe they can only fly up to a certain height (otherwise, the air pressure will hurt them). That, and gravity plays as a factor (stupid). Hmm…but I love the rollerblades. Yes, I do. :3

    Kukai is like the brother that Amu never had and it should stay that way because it just makes it all the more cute! hehe x3 I want Ikuto to be a little peeved by this, too. He doesn’t need to show it. He can just grab her roughly by the arm like he did in ep…29 (?) and say “You’re such a heartbreaker, Amu.” Kyaa!!! xD

    Aww~! at the last screencap. I want that as my siggy. Someone make me a siggy with that screencap! And it has “love love love” and hearts all over it, too. What’s up with that? ^^;
    Well, anyways, heh, I know I’ve never said this before but doesn’t Rima gives you a small impression of Ushio? Best friend possesiveness, curly hair, bishoujo…only not as extreme as Ushio was. Ha, if I was into shoujo-ai, I’d love Rimu (oh dear, what am I saying?). haha …Come to think of it, Amu is a little like Haine, too. ^^;; The references, the references…

    So…SKIRTS!!!!! Mmkay? :D
    Next week filler character is a ripoff of Ryuuji. How dare they ripoff Ryuuji who is a ripoff of Watanuki?! Dx
    Yep, skirts is enough to make me happy so just those, plz. ^^

  9. in the beginning of the first season, they introduced each character who’s heart egg became an x-egg. then, after that, satelight just made a bunch of random x-eggs appear, and we didn’t know who they belonged to. so i bet that after the first 15 episodes, a bunch of random wishing eggs are going to appear. anyways, i’m so happy nadi came back!!!!!!!! =]] but i wish amu found out that nagehiko was actually nadeshiko, so we wouldn’t have to keep waiting for that episode. it’s baka how they keep making filler characters come, but the skirts made up for it. =]

  10. rima is sooooo adorable in this episode!!!!!!! lolz possessive and cute!!! but then again, everyone loves amu. the mult chara-nari was o.O i bet that in the background, nagehiko was sweatdropping and thinking “what the heck is going on?” and rocket boy was just retarded. period. i actually went and counted the sparkles to see who won, tadase’s sparkle attack or amu’s kirakira attack. and the winner is DUN DUN DUN… amu, with 78 sparkles to tadase with 17. =]

  11. Nagi!! I love Nagi!! I think you’re right, that was what I was looking for, about him, long time ago… why do I find him SO interesting? and that’s because he’s the best girl and the best boy ever!!! can’t he be more perfect?! sigh… yeah!! Rima is ubberly cute! so those two are meant for each other ;D

  12. no wait this isnt supposed to happen yet!i like kagehko back and all but this isnt supposed to happen till chapter 27 where ikuto tries to get the violin back and then thus starting the ‘ikuto arc!’ but what the heck is hasnt no the ikuto arc isnt here!


  14. Hey! Nadeshiko is back! Poor Amu! She has no idea… She has to be so ignorant! That’s damn bothering in a way.

    You’re so right! Rima’s just irresistibly cute in this episode! Nagihiko has to put up with this suspicious but so damn cute face of hers for quite a long time.

    But WTF?! What’s this mess with these crappy filler characters??? Can’t stand this anymore! Someone stop Satelite guys from rocking my nerves!

    God help us with better luck next time!

  15. Lol Rima looks so cute in this episode, too bad I’m still watching the first season =( But YAY Nagihiko is back!!!

    Man I’ve never seen Rima act like that before, this will be a interesting episode when the time comes. I’ll watch it not just for Nagihiko but for Rima,lol.

  16. i swear rima is sooooooo cuteeeee in this episode but i just hated this filler it was like boring only part i liked was the guardians and that was it and no ikuto today….anyways i think the plot is gettin messed up it should give a break with the kids just get into the guardians and ikuto anyways thanks for the breif summary! keep up the good work!

  17. Nagihikoooo~! Welcome back ♥
    Though I’m happy Nagihiko’s back, this is not what I expected. Well, not actually, I think the problem is that I saw this coming and it’s not good.
    In the manga Nagi’s theme was introduced more properly, of course. Without buzz-lightear filler character *sigh*
    The only thing I’ll say about the filler character is that his is the ugliest outfit I’ve ever seen for a shoujo anime and that it was so damn pointless. And the “monster of the week” thing, as you say pisses me off. I think they aren’t considering the loyal follower of SC, just trying to hook up new ppl with some formula they’d think it work if you’ve never read sc before.
    Well, moving on…
    Rimahiko ftw!! xDD
    Oh, I remember why I like that pair so much. After chap34, of course. I think that’s when I remember after being so worried about Ikuto [which, btw, I still am. And the next chapter is focused on Yaya. ON YAYA!! Damn it Dx]
    Rima is so incredibily cute~!! I just wanna hug her~!!
    And yep, I think Rima and Nagi are meant for each other. You’ve already given the reason, so I’m not repeatin’ (LL
    Which leads me to the other subject…
    Nadeshiko vs. Nagihiko.
    I mean, Nadehiko is awsome. I remember when I first started reading the manga and she was the one that introduce Amu at the guardians. Amu was so amused by her~! But Nadeshiko’s “Let’s play a lot together and become best friends” tactic with Amu, just great xD And in the end she got so attached to Amu… As a girl is way too awsome ♥
    But Nagihiko… You just rock. You’re such a good liar~!
    I mean, if it wasn’t for the spoiler nobody would ever suspected Nadeshiko actually was a ‘he. And for that lie, he invented another one to get out of it. Haha
    And Amu’s best friend aura is still there.
    It’s like Kukai bro’s aura, haha xD Now, one of the things it came to my mind was “…I don’t think Kukai would ever ruffling up Uti’s hair. That’d be just wrong”. So, Utakai is aproved~!
    [But if Utau likes the bro feeling, maybe we should let Kukai do it xD Haha, just jk…]
    And omg, I want the skirtssssss! Haha, that was so funny when I read it, I want it again~! xD
    And, we were discussin’ in a forum, and if they decide to put all in order, Ikuto’s extended visit would start at ep58. So, I’ll look forward to it.
    I couln’t say much since I watched it and read it at 4 a.m yesterday really seepy and today no much inspiration xP

  18. uwah~! He’s back. I love the way he looks in Doki. I’m getting used to the slight style change.
    And I love his voice. I love guys with female voice actors or feminine sounding voices. I love love LOVE them.
    This episode also reminded me why I love Tadase so much. He’s adorable and uke-tastic. That’s why I’ve recently become a Tadasexkukai shipper.

    I hate the group chara-nari thing. Kukai was the only boy who did do a “sparkly twirl around in the nude” transformation. And it was awesome. Seeing him do the new one just feels kind of awkward. In fact, all of them transforming together feels kind os weird. When characters transform in mahou shoujo, usually they get their own little space wherethey can twirl around. Having them all in the same space feels a little weird.
    … I’m not sure how to explain it.


    No other comments. :D Except for, “Wow PEACH-PIT, you’ve disappointed me this. You guys just had to propose the damn Lulu idea, knowing that Satelight will screw up. Oh yeah, chapter 35 sucked. D; Yaya… *headdesk*”

  20. i like this eps but my question is: is satelight going to start the ikuto arc in the middle of this filler?? i really don’t want them to. i liked this episode. i think nagihiko looks better than nadeshiko. i like nagihiko more and i think rima x nagihiko is cute. chapter 35 was ok but i wanna know what happens to ikuto!!

  21. i saw the preview for the next epi and whoever said they looked forward to the next epi, dont. it has and incredibly ugly(for anime)guy in it and he looked even UGLIER in the chara nari. ugh. lulu is ok i guess except for her hair and character. its a combination of amu, utau, and rima and it just sucks sorry peachpit. her hair is just way too… CURLY. i can’t stand it…

  22. Out of anything, the group transformation screencap made me laugh because they looked like naked space dancers performing in some Spice Girls Video. Yeah. They reminded me of Spice Girls xD.
    NAGIHIKO! :D…but seriously, how did Amu get so many sparkles? Do her sparkles reproduce?)
    It’s nice to see Kukai again too after what felt like (to me) a bajillion years and a half.

    Oh Kukai. He always has to witness the “W-WHAT!?” stuff in this series. First incest and now traps. Poor Kukai.

    So true xD

    If only everyone came back (cough cough Kairi) then it would be a big celebration. Hopefully without a group transformation @_@;;

    Thank you for the blog, and sorry for the super long comment!

  23. …*Cough*…Yeah, that’s all I can say for this Filler dude… Mamoru? Isn’t that guy off Sailor Moon? Ah, I get lower, and lower expectations of Doki, everytime I see there Filler characters… And are my complaints over? Oh, not yet. First of all…who the HELL designed his Character Transformation? It looks like a 6 year olds Haloween outfit. It’s waaay to childish…And yeah, Lulu being there… *Headdesk* First they put Ikuto in there for 5 seconds each episode, and now there doing the same with Lulu… So, now, I hate Lulu even more, for riping off Utau’s Tsundre, (Did I mention she does a horrible job at it?) Pouting after doing things wrong, and being pushy and trying to do things herself. I wish Ikuto would show the Bitch, what ‘real’ effort is and a dream for ‘you’ instead of others. Or does Ikuto wish for Alto/Aruto…? Gah, nevermind. And…the pink BG on their Character transformations…*Shiver* Amu, I only pray you dont do it to Ikuto…But Now for the compliments… Nagihiko.Nagihiko.Nagihiko.Nagihiko.Nagihiko.Rima.Rima.Rima.Rima.Rima.Rimahiko.Rimahiko.Rimahiko.Rimahiko.Rimahiko. Yay! Fnally, Nagihiko is back! And the Rimahiko Spazms start! Yes, I’mpleased in that part..And YAY Kukai! Yeah, I agree. I thought the Incest was enough, But now a trap…? Meh, I dont care. But Rima getting suspicious, and Nagihiko ruining Rima, I went “YES!!!! GO Nadesh- I mean Nagihiko and Rima!” Ah, I love this couple. And Rima suspiciousness is prriceless. It’s my Computer Back ground now! Hahaha… I just hope Amu get’s some Nagehiko to, maybe? I guess I prefer Nagihiko…because thats who he really is. And thats the only person who signs Rimahiko fan shipping!Yeah…Yeah.

  24. zuru2x… I’m like to see more Ikuto… Why Peach Pit often draw Tadase with nice n colorful background? Ikuto background is dark(black without draw-icon), And i hates, very very hates Tadase 4ever!!!!

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