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It’s called “Sakura-Hime Kaden” [桜華伝 (さくら ひめ かでん)] which as a simplified, not exact translation, could be “Sakura Princess Legend” or something~ (I had to find the kanji and get help with the third one). So more specific might me “Sakura Princess Flower Legend” if you translate all the kanji separately (kaden in romajii doesn’t seem to mean much).

It should be starting in the…January issue of Ribon? Which would be released 12/01/08 (right?). I’m not sure, someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit: Still don’t know what it’s about exactly, but someone translated the blue text and it seems it will be a historical series. The Heian era specifically (meaning SUPER pretty kimono drawn by Arina-sensei!)

I owe a very big thank you to MinaMurray for bringing this to my attention. Arina-sensei’s break got me out of the habit of obsessively looking for information on a new chapter for her series because…well there was nothing to obsessively look for.

Looking at the images I saw though, it looks like it might be a fantasy story. Something she hinted at in an interview on ANN before. To quote:

You’ve written a lot of love stories, but have you thought about doing other genres, like maybe fantasy, like Lord of the Rings or something?

Oh, I love Lord of the Rings. My next work might be … I’m working on it, thinking about it, to make it more like fantasy than a love story.

Though this interview was from August 5, 2007 (hey that’s my friend’s birthday!).

Don’t know if she would have changed her mind on something like that and come up with an idea she liked better, but I’m definitely getting kind of a fantasy feeling from this one. Though, considering that 3/4 of her multi-volume series have involved magic, supernatural, or fantasy stuff…that’s really not much of a surprise.

Automatically, I’m looking forward to it because “Sakura” being in the title tells me I’m sure to get plenty of pretty color images with sakura in them. The only color image I’ve really seen tends to confirm that anyway.

So! Anyone with more information be sure to let the rest of us know. Everyone else needs to start reforming the Arina Tanemura fandom properly now that the break is over. I say we all return to the ShinKuro forums! There was some talk about making it a general Arina Tanemura forum, but that idea kind of stopped being talked about once we heard how short Mistress Fortune was going to be.

I will be updating this post as I get more information and I certainly will be blogging this series monthly. Same as Mistress Fortune and (briefly) Shinshi Doumei Cross.

Random Edit: Hahaha! I beat you again ANN! I always win with my Arina-sensei news.


  1. woo-hoo! New series ^-^ I love all of her characters they always have something original to them! ^-^ Seems promising!

  2. Seems interesting and cute :) hope its going to be a good manga and maybe Anime !!

  3. […] What else? Ah. The theme change is going to be messy today because I’m going to be really busy. I just happened to be up when Halloween should be over for most of the world and decided to change the banner now (no! Not enough top time for new Arina Tanemura news!). […]

  4. OMG I’m so excited for this one ^_^. This seems like an early Christmas gift for us Arina fans!

  5. Looks interesting. I can’t wait to read it.

  6. Somehow I am slightly less excited on this then Mistress Fortune’s news. Most likely because I waited too long for SDC to end.

    The Art how ever, is pretty as always.

  7. Thankyou for posting about this; I’ve only actually read Full Moon, but this seems very interesting and I’d like to try it~~

  8. No need to thank. I was so excited yesterday that I needed to scream it out loud ~
    The Januray issue is released on December 1st 2008. Weird, I know.
    I hope for a Shinobi-historical series. There was a picture with an Arina calendar feating new characters with Shinobi-clothes as well on the Ribbon page.
    Greets, Mina

  9. I got your update on Twitter and immediately asked my aunt for a laptop (it’s an ancient one~) but when I clicked on the link, I didn’t see any art by Arinacchi. I thought you played a trick on me! “What happened to her 3-something month break?!” or something was what I said. xD;

    Ah, but I’m really looking forward to this. Sakura~! <3 I hope the really cute girl here isn’t named Sakura, though. I’d like some original names from Arinacchi as she always does (I think so anyway).

    Well, yep. Fantasy sounds good. I think I’ll join the Shinkuro forums when this manga starts or whatever forum is based on this series…isn’t there some general forum for Arina-sensei anyway? Hmm, well, yea. Can’t wait! ^^

  10. Alice: Ah, they do, don’t they? THis new girl (Possibly “Sakura” or whatever her name is) doesn’t seem to be an exception just by looking at the image. But I’m curious about the guys. Where are our guys!?

    Mo0on12: Yes. Anime. I’m going to start demanding one now and get ahead of things! Though, I’d rather they do an anime when the manga’s almost over so we don’t get a Full Moon or KKJ situation.

    kanzeon: Ah it is~ Of course with the series starting out for Christmas that means there’s not going to be an opportunity for many Christmas images. Have to wait until next year (I’ll have to still use ShinKuro for a banner then…).

    LilaChan: When there’s a break, your excitement tends to fade away. Een though I’m really excited I’m not having my usual, “OMG! ARINA-SENSEI~!!!” reaction.

    livingenigma: You should definitely try it. And maybe some other Arina Tanemura manga too~ (If you have time)

    MinaMurray: Ah good. I thought the date was odd because the manga phonebooks usually come out insanely early the month before the month…they’re for. December 18th didn’t seem good enough. Fixed it now.

    Shinobi historical series…I’d like to see that. I’ve always wanted to see Arina do a historical series (partially because I wanted to see her draw girls in pretty kimono~).

    xiao_jie: Ah that. Apparently the url is the same for a lot of the pages so it didn’t quite lead where I wanted it to. Clicking on the link and then clicking the third “bar” (the purple one) leads you to the proper Arina-sensei images.

    I kind of agree with that. Too many Sakura’s and I’d like her to have a name…that I’ve never, ever heard of before. Because that’s what Arina-sense does!

    There’s the ArinaFans forum (along with a lot of others I’m sure actually) but it’s never really that active.

  11. Buenisimo!!! xD
    It’s an expression, like sayin’ “awsome!” (and no, I just could’t say “awsome!”. It wouldn’t be genuine.)
    This is a sign. The other day I was telling a friend I’d like to start a new manga. But not only new for me, just new, so I could hook up with it on time. And what’d be better than an Arina Tanemura’s work?? Again, buenisimo!! xD
    Thanx for the info =)

  12. It’s giving me Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne vibes for some reason xD I can only hope she’ll grow as a writer / mangaka with this one! It’ll be great if she can top what she did with FMoS :3

  13. how did i miss this post?!

    i simply LOVE all of her works and now i can’t wait for this new one! thanks for the heads up. :)

  14. OMGOSH! I heard about this too! It says that it’s a “Love and Battle” story. The first thing that pops up in my head is a RxJ story, and a warrior princess.

  15. AHHHHHH This storry seems to be so GREAT !!!!!! I can’t wait to read it !!!!!! And I hope that it will become an anime someday. I really hope that the name of this girl is Sakura, becuase I love this name, and I’d like to see Arina using this name in one of her mangas.

  16. The new pictures from her blog are totally cute! the heroine looks really adorable.

  17. As lucky as I am, my mum is at Hong kong while this issue of Ribon is out, so I shall ask her to buy me this issue, it’ll also include a Ribon 2009 calender, and have not 1…but 2 new art by Arina Tanemura! All I got to do is wait till feb till she’s back T_T
    I hope someone would upload scans of it when it’s out ^_^”
    I have also orded SDC volume 11 limited edition, and it is in stock, so I’ll be definately getting it. SDC playing cards ~ Arina-sensei…stop stealing money from my pocket D:
    Fullmoon Wo Sagashite is still my favourite series, I strongly hope this series would be better then FMwS. I also hope this series would be more easily to animate. Shinshi Doumei Cross was just NOT anime material in anyway, the target audience for SDC is too small. If this is a mahou shoujo series, then our chances of another Arina anime should be in the way.

  18. I just uploaded some scans of the preview in the December issue (ok, right now the internet sucks, so it’s only a few pics of the poster and a page with only text…but the rest of them will be up shortly). :]

  19. omg i cant wait for this!!!!!!!

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