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Edit: *despair* Nagisa lost to the un-moe overly tsundere, but popular, chibi character. As expected. But everyone who loves Nagisa and voted for her deserves thanks. The rest of you should be ashamed.

Bleh. My title is too nice. But since I’m always telling people to respect opinions, I can’t tell non-Nagisa fans to vote for her.

Anyway! Nagisa’s in the final four of SaiMoe and to go any further she needs votes! She’s the last girl of Clannad left and to me she’s really the only one left that fits non-specific moe, original moe, left in the competition. If you want her to win, you have to vote for her. Even if you don’t think she will win at least show your support.

And you know…vote for the other one if you really want to.

I’ve said it a couple of times in Twitter, if Nagisa loses…I’m going on strike! Well not really this time actually. Personally I may find Kagami completely un-moe, but she’s been the strongest character in the whole competition. A loss to Kagami is a respectable loss.

Also, I’m a girl, so some things I just don’t get about certain moe.

Anyway, I’m not going to campaign or try to convince anyone to vote for Nagisa because that’s stupid. I’m just here to point out how to go about voting for those who have forgotten how and where to get the info.

Also, easy links for the people who know what to do:

Also feel free to ask me questions too. If you don’t want to wait for a response here, check for me on AIM (username’s FuyuMaiden like everywhere else) and I’d probably get back to you faster.

Of course, this information is useful even if you want to vote for Kagami today or vote for Tsukasa or Hinagiku tomorrow, but I did it for the Nagisa fans who have forgotten how to vote and where to go. I also know plenty of people who forget to vote if the next competition doesn’t start right after the one before it.

Basically…this is a reminder to go out and vote for your moe girl of choice today (especially if it’s Nagisa).

OMG! I’m actually running out of Nagisa images because I super spam them so much on this blog (okay, so it’s mostly because of that one Nagisa post in my countdown from way back). I had to reuse this one so that my supply doesn’t keep dwindling. Dammit.

Need more images…stupid magazines. Pimp the After Story more. Or KyoAni needs to get to Nagisa’s arc so that the images will be of just her! I have tons of her with just about every other girl in Clannad.

*ahem* Well now if you’ll excuse me I have to stare at my computer screen until I can get my vote code.


  1. Kagami’s more tsundre than moe. Nagisa’s the classic moe, also she’s hella adorable. So, I agree, she should win.

  2. I really want Nagisa to win, or at least beat Kagami, but I guess Hina will win in the end.

    Btw, looks like Nagisa has taken the lead against Kagami =O

  3. Abstractsoul: Thank you! That’s exactly it. Nagisa is just the classic moe. moe in its purest adorable form.

    Meball: Nuu! If Nagisa beats Kagami she has to win it all! I’d vote for Hina against Kagami though. She seems more moe to me.

    Ah, but who knows if that lead is a real lead. There could be tons of fake votes. Though, up until now (as far as I know) Nagisa’s opponents have always had more fake votes than her.

    Of course, revenge votes against Kagami could really be helping too. She beat Amu, Kyou, and Tomoyo in order. Three girls with varying popularity, but loyal and bitter fans (except lots of Kyou fans are Kagami fans apparently).

  4. Man.. you have to wait a couple hours before you can vote? That sucks D: Oh well, time to go find Toradora raws then I guess :p

  5. Oh? Did I forget to mention that? Silly me~ Tehe!

    (I didn’t mention it so that no one would just go, “Why bother!” right away. if they open the link, they’d be more willing to wait!)

  6. Curses, tricked again!

    Who is Nagisa up against anyway? I’d love to see her win this tournament. She really is the epitome of moe.

  7. She’s up against Kagami from Lucky Star.

  8. Hmm.. time to find out who that is >_>

  9. Huh? You have to get a different voting code? Why? o.O

    Unless I’ve been all wrong at this again or whatever cuz I’ve been using the same code throughout. Hope this isn’t the case. I don’t want to wait 5 something hours to get a stupid code so I’ll just use the one I saved.

    GO NAGISAAAAAA!!!!!!!!1one <3333

  10. *comes out of lurking for the sake of Nagisa*
    Ok, so I waited hours for my code. I pasted it and Nagisa’s code thingie into the right place, then clicked the only thing clickable. And then a grey page came up, with something red at the top, some text, then a button, and beneath that some more text. Did I mess up something?

  11. B: I can answer this quickly before I have to get off the computer temporarily.

    I’ve never encountered that but I can think of two possibilites. One is that they switched threads. So just in case make sure you’re doing it here:
    If you did do it there I’d do a search for your voting code first to make sure it didn’t go through or something somehow.

    If none of that worked your IP might have been banned for the day. What did the page say? Can you copy and paste it as a comment?

  12. Thanks a bunch ^^ Yep, it’s surely there. Searched for my code, but couldnt find it =/ I really-really hope I didnt get banned…it’d be crazy, since this is the first time I’ve voted.

    The message was this:

    名前: <>


    (there’s a button here)



  13. I got to same page, B, I just hit the butan cuz I figured it was just double checking to see if I wanted to post.

  14. Ah, I see. Clicked on the button now, and the next page is an error message…
    Sorry Nagisa, I really-really wanted to vote for you, but alas, bad luck has gotten into my way :(
    Thanks for all your help though everyone ^^

  15. It might have still gone through, I’m not sure since I’ve (luckily) never encountered any problems. Hopefully it went through. I’m still going to check and try something just in case though.

  16. This is going to be an interesting match indeed…frankly, Nagisa is my favourite of the semi-finalists so I’m hoping she wins, but I don’t think I’d be too displeased to see Kagamin win either ^^;

  17. I’m sooo torn apart between these two, they’re my two current faves… I like Nagisa and Kagami (don’t hate me pleeease >_<) as well. But I totally agree that Nagisa is the real deal MOE period.

  18. B: It’s an IP ban. Meaning that you’ve been rejected to post on 2ch because you’re overseas. Same thing with me it seems. I guess I can only root for Nagisa fans and Hinagiku fans. Can’t even vote for anything.

  19. Aww, that’s so not fair =( Weird though, because my friend who also lives overseas but in a different country could send in her vote =/ Ah well, cant do much about it now I guess =(

  20. B: I know. I don’t get it either, but they’re probably rejecting people from Canada and outside the US. Strangely. Maybe other asian countries can, but a lot of it doesn’t really make sense.

    Oh well, if Nagisa lost, then it’s the Tsukasa vs Hinagiku round. Time to campaign for Hinagiku, just to prevent a pure Lucky Star win.

    If you’re Hinagiku fan, vote for her! A vote for Hinagiku is a vote against Lucky Star domination! And stuff. You get cookies, cupcakes, and ice cream. Go and vote!

  21. Haha, I feel ashamed now I guess? I voted for tsundere over classic moe. I agree that Nagisa /is/ more moe in the classic sense of the term but I guess tsundere’ pwning that. Euh, twin tails are powerful? (That and I’ve got a real soft spot for tsundere)

  22. クレナイ夢: I’m going to be voting for Hinagiku, though I really don’t mind if Tsukasa wins (outside a one series final being a series where I don’t find any characters moe). At this point I’m either all for Hinagiku or all for Tsukasa (but today I’m voting for Hinagiku).

    Ah well. Time to get ready for next year’s SaiMoe. Based off of this year so far (well obviously Nagisa is still my favorite, but for a new character) I’d say…maybe Taiga? If she tones down the supertsun by the end of the series anyway.

    Until someone really catches my attention…I’m just going to go ahead and start Natsume Rin’s campaign (hopefully for 2010!). She’s not quite Nagisa-class moe for me, but she’s damn close just by what I’ve been able to experience (and hey, she’s sure to be popular enough to win since she can easily be mistaken for tsundere).

    saimaisama: Good! You should feel ashamed! Though considering Nagisa lost by…like over a hundred, I don’t mind your one vote that much.

    I have a soft spot for tsundere too (twin-tailed specifically), but Nagisa’s classic, “ganbarre!” moe beats it out for me. She’s a good moderation of moe…like Sakura from CCS (the ULTIMATE in moe…it’s a fact).

  23. Bleh, well, I kinda expected this to happen. Lucky Star seems pretty popular, and if this fall season is anything to go by, tsundere is the new moe.

    Taiga might be good for the next Saimoe, but I doubt she’d win. People are so pissed about how they’ve adapted Toradora to an anime that I’m sure she’d get votes against her just for that.

    Speaking of that, that’s pretty much exactly why this tournament is bunk. It’s a ladder fight, so basically, you knock out girls you think can beat your favorite, while also voting for your favorite. Which, of course, goes exactly against the idea of voting for who is the most moe. It was interesting to take part in it this year, but I doubt I’ll even want to look at the next one.

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