Vote in SaiMoe (for Nagisa please…)

October 29, 2008 at 12:45 pm | Posted in Random | 24 Comments

Edit: *despair* Nagisa lost to the un-moe overly tsundere, but popular, chibi character. As expected. But everyone who loves Nagisa and voted for her deserves thanks. The rest of you should be ashamed.

Bleh. My title is too nice. But since I’m always telling people to respect opinions, I can’t tell non-Nagisa fans to vote for her.

Anyway! Nagisa’s in the final four of SaiMoe and to go any further she needs votes! She’s the last girl of Clannad left and to me she’s really the only one left that fits non-specific moe, original moe, left in the competition. If you want her to win, you have to vote for her. Even if you don’t think she will win at least show your support.

And you know…vote for the other one if you really want to.

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