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Ah…too much to talk about this week. Something quick on ToraDora! 02-04, Yozakura Quartet 04, Hakushaku to Yousei 01-03 (Yes, finally), and CHAOS;HEAD 03. Also something random about SaiMoe (Nagisa~!).

And as far as the image this week goes…a stubborn Lydia is a cute Lydia and that fact needs attention!

Randomly about SaiMoe: Woot! Nagisa took another one down in SaiMoe even though she was supposed to lose (In fact she was until the last hour or half hour or something). She won against both Kyo-Ani hate and Clannad hate. Yay Nagisa~!

Her next opponent is Kagami, so a lot of supporters are already giving up. Kind of pissing me off since of course if they don’t vote she won’t beat her. Stupid jerks. Even if you don’t think a character will win, if you want them to, you vote anyway. At the very least you have to make sure they don’t get a humongous loss.

Personally, I still want Nagisa to win it all. Not just as an insane Nagisa fan either. If you ask me, she’s the character in the top eight that fits moe best. You know, that original Sakura moe. She’s cute, always does her best, and you always want to help her (unless you’re a heartless asshole who expects girls both real and fictional to always be strong and independent).

ToraDora! – Episode 02-04

You know I tried to fight really hard against this anime, but I’m completely pulled in now. All the characters became likable for me by episode four…except that one stupid girl we see in the preview. She’s already annoying me and she hasn’t even appeared yet.

I thought for sure I’d hate Taiga, but somehow she ended up being really cute (I got over that hate right in episode one). I disliked Minori at first because of how ridiculous she was (and annoying), but she grew on me in episode three. I…never really even disliked Kitamura actually. Since episode two with his crazy laugh he actually became a favorite character. Ryuuji I always figured I’d like. He’s a nice guy. And Ryuuji’s mom, well I just don’t mind her anymore (she really pissed me off in episode one though).

I dropped this from blogging so I could read the manga adaptation before watching episode two, and I’m glad I did. Their rushing wasn’t that bad, but if I didn’t know all the stuff that came before the lamppost scene I would have felt like it was…too soon for them to be bonding. It probably would have been better to make that episode three and let us all think Taiga is just a bitch for longer. Then having her be so frustrated over all of her worries would have a bigger impact.

But! Like I said, I don’t mind. If I had watched the anime episode first I would have had more of a, “???” feeling, but it really was fine. Still not sure if I’m going to add ToraDora! to regular blogging again though.

Yozakura Quartet – Episode 04

You know, I was becoming increasingly bothered by the way the anime is adapting the manga. I guess it was the kind of weird order in which things are happening…I’m not sure. But the problems I was having seemed to have been fixed with this episode. They introduced the overall plot this week, something the manga up to volume two has really only left hints for. Though because of that, I can’t say if this episode really follow the manga because I haven’t read past volume two.

Anyway, this week’s episode was actually something I haven’t even read in the manga. Which is odd because they actually have a conversation that specifically follows last week’s events. Ah! It has me all confused trying to remember what happened in the manga and what’s just happened in the anime. Probably why I was so bothered by the differences, because outside of Akina succeeding as oyakume being a secret in the manga, they’re all too subtle to keep things straight.

But! Any complaints I had about the anime were well-worth it to finally hear the town song! Tsun Tsun Dere Tsun Dere Tsun Tsun~! Ah. How nice. It appeared at the end of chapter one in the manga and we’re in episode 04 of the anime now. I was starting to get worried. Ah, I love hearing Hime sing. She sounds so cute. I’m really looking forward to the OST coming out now. Because the soundtrack in general is pretty good, but I want the town song!

Anyway, this episode was a lot better than the last couple have been. Interactions between the characters seems to be the series’ strength and this episode was full of that. In fact this episode kind of had slice-of-life interactions. You know…talking about nothing. Personally, I’m a fan of that sort of thing when the characters are interesting (I love Hime the most, but I like all of the characters). So…that would kind of make this a slice-of-life action show, right? Which would explain why it’s not that popular. They’re kind of opposite ideas so it’s rare to find fans of both. I’m a fan of both though (but I’m a fan of almost everything as long as there’s good characters).

Also it’s the first episode that hasn’t been from the manga, but that I’ve been able to like. So it made it interesting. I also got to see a lot more of Gin…considering that I never even really got to see him before. Ah yeah, watching that flashback scene with Hime, Akina, and Gin made me go from not knowing anything and not caring much about Gin at all, to DEMANDING that he get his body back to himself by the end of the series (manga at least).

Personally I don’t have any pairings going on in this anime, I have more of the, “Everyone should get along just like they do now” idea going (except with Gin back to his normal self). I like the kind of friendship theme going on in this anime. Hmm…when everyone in an anime is friends, I always feel really hesitant to break it up at all with pairings.

…I still feel like there’s a lot more I have to say, but I’ll cut it off now before I start rambling. (Oh yeah, but the fights were pretty cool in this episode) Too much happened in this episode for me to cover everything here. So basically, this episode was the best one so far and I think anyone considering dropping the series should at least watch this one before making their final decision. After this they seem to be following the manga again (with another added-in flashback).

Hakushaku to Yousei – Episodes 01-03

First off, it might be best to explain why I haven’t posted anything about this anime despite loving it oh-so-much. Quite simply…I love it too much. I mean, what can I say outside of, “Oh~!” “Haha~!” and “Teehee~!” every week? Nothing!

Well, that’s not entirely true, but it’s mostly true. So instead, for this week I’ll ignore all the fangirling stuff and explain why I personally love the series. Which means that some of you (especially guys) won’t get it.

I was expecting a lot from this anime from the beginning and it certainly delivered. Everything I’d heard about it, I loved automatically. Ah~! I was in an awful mood a couple of times times before I started watched an episode, but while watching it all the bad feelings drifted away. That’s definitely a good sign. Heck, even pessimistic little me doesn’t expect the anime to get bad all of a sudden (the spoilers I read definitely help though).

I love the opening. It has a violin, so it’s only natural. The song itself is good too and I loved it when they used it for the chase scene in the first episode. The animation in the opening is also quite good. Everything matches the beats and…ah I love it~! Violins ftw!

The ending I like much less. I’m not into songs sung by male seiyuu…pretty much ever (it’s also just a pretty boring song). However…my good that animation. I’m not the type to normally go for that sort of thing, but ah!!! I can’t not watch it! As for what that animation is…that’s a secret between me and anyone who actually watches the series. Explaining it and why I like it makes me feel like I might change some people’s opinions of me and male readers may actually realize that I’m a girl…who likes bishies as well as cute girls! Oh noes~!

*ahem* But I’m getting all sorts of fangirl crazy going now, so let me take a break to regroup. *deep breath* Okay back.

Now then, the anime wouldn’t be enjoyable for everyone. It just so happens that this anime fits all of my specific interests perfectly. If you’re not me you might not find it so incredibly wonderful. For example…I don’t think 95% of guys would like this anime. Even guys who can actually like shoujo may find this too…shoujo-y and…I’m not sure what else to say. There’s got to be some word for it.

For me this series is like the jackpot. Since I was a little girl there’s always been on genre I’ve absolutely loved and that is Fantasy (and fairytales to be specific). Yes…I’m almost at the Kyoko-level obsession with fairytales and fantasy in general. I have my little daydream moments, but alas~! I can easily discern reality from fantasy. I’ve been like that since I was little. I had an active imagination, but I always knew what was real and what wasn’t. Which probably was actually why I loved fantasy that much more. I knew none of it was real so I wanted it to be real so much more.

I mean…how awesome would it be to actually be rewarded for your misery by your fairy godmother or something?

…And now instead of sounding fangirl-crazy, I’m starting to sound just regular crazy. Let’s get back to the series now…

My only minor complaint about the anime would be that it seems to move just a little too quickly sometimes. They’re already at the place where they’d get the sword in episode three and we already learned a lot about Edgar’s past in episode two. Maybe I’m just used to other fantasy adventures where it takes like…half the book to get anywhere. And mystery is always the most important draw. Right now the only specific mystery left seems to be about Ermine, and quite a bit was explained about her in episode three as well.

But the flow of information has been steady, despite seemingly revealing too much too soon in episode two. So I really can’t complain.

That’s all just complaints for story purposes too, it all works fine for relationship purposes. Because Edgar’s still teasing Lydia and she’s still being super tsundere. And that is the main draw for this anime. Our good shoujo romance taking place in the past. The fairies and adventure are all just the setting (but I enjoy them just the same).

Ah~! The Nana Mizuki tsundere. One of my greatest joys in life surpassed only by Nana Mizuki singing (which is why Utau is the ultimate <3 for me, because she’s tsundere and she sings!).

Most importantly, another reason I love this show is that I don’t have to sit down and take it seriously. With all the wind chime sound effects and sparkles, there’s no way I’m supposed to. So I can just sit down and watch it with a big stupid smile on my face the whole episode. Oh god I love all of Ed’s wonderful lines. You really have to admire a guy who can say all of that stuff with a completely straight face.

Ah~ and so basically my reasons for loving this series are the same as they were when I *squee*d all about it back in May remain. Just add on bishies, tsundere, and fairies (how did I not mention fairies before!?). This series is great. I’m just leaving it at that for now. I can’t be too specific with three episodes to cover.

Hopefully now I can blog it properly in here every week (I don’t have enough time to try real posts and that’s partially why it got put off for so long). But don’t expect something quite this long again. (Oh lol…so many random screencaps to take up space…)

CHAOS;HEAD – Episode 03

Whoa so much happened in this episode. But at least it seems like we’re out of the constant, “WTF!?” stage and getting some answers. Of course, more “WTF!?” and questions keep popping up, but it leaves your head a lot less spinny (yes, spinny) when you get some answers.

Personally, one of my top questions was wondering why Takumi became a hikikomori and we got the answer to that in this episode. Unlike what some people think, when someone’s a shut-in otaku I think that it’s not because they’re just obsessed with anime, but that there was a reason why they sought to escape into anime. And that was the case here. It wasn’t stated outright, but since he stopped talking to people and socializing at that age, I think it’s safe to say that’s when his problems started. I think accidentally killing (are they dead or just hurt?) your classmates is actually a good reason to close yourself off too (or rather, there’s never a good reason, but at least he’s not just being a super wuss). Maybe he didn’t even really do it (maybe it’s just that prediction stuff), but when you’re a kid if you think you’re responsible, well that’s that.

The “whose eyes” thing was also covered in this episode which is good, because if it had continued much longer without knowing why I would have gotten kind of frustrated. I figured it was because he thought someone was watching him, but it’s best to know the background.

Oh and the weapons and the remainder of the characters all showed up too. And now Takumi is actually looking around to try and find answers about all sorts of stuff.

So this leaves Rimi as the source of all my biggest questions. Even with the introduction of super, “WTH?” singer girl. She has all those songs about the murders, which really didn’t have much of an effect on me. I mean, everyone is involved in this story somehow. I kind of just think she can predict stuff too. If she has the same ability as Takumi it would explain why she says that famous line too. (Oh yeah and I like the songs btw)

Let’s see so far, the singer and that girl in Shibuya both have those weapons (plus she has the song and the line), Yua is investigating stuff (though why we don’t know), Nanami…well I’m not sure about her (at least you can say she’s Takumi’s sister), then there’s that twin-tailed blonde girl who’s going to transfer into the school, and Rimi…well Rimi’s just Rimi. I think she’s the one that leaves everyone wondering what’s going on with her the most because of that scene in the first episode. We don’t know if that’s past or future or if it even happens (because anime and manga do that crap sometimes).

But if Rimi really is involved, I kind of get the feeling that she doesn’t really remember what she’s doing when she does it. Because we got to hear her thoughts on that singer girl who we pretty much know is definitely involved now. Who knows though~! I like Rimi no matter what though (I like girls who can pull of puppy dog eyes). So amusing to hear her freaked out by scary stories when that image of her being covered in blood is still firmly stuck in my mind.

Hmm…agh I don’t have much to say this week because I can’t really think of many more questions to ask. I guess the sentence appearing on the pictures of the new murder are this weeks, “Oh shi-” cliffhanger. That would make either the singer or Takumi the murdere based on what we know. But what we know means shit. We’re only 1/4 of the way through this anime.

My number one concern right now is finding out about the weapons. Hopefully when we learn more about the two characters seen with them, we’ll learn something about them. Next week it does look like I’ll be getting what I want. More Rimi (who still just seems like she’s no involved at all outside of one scene from Takumi’s POV), and more of the two girls with weapons.

And that’s it for this week. Normally I’d mention Index too, but there’s no fansubs out yet and I decided to watch every episode fansubbed first. This episode seemed like it would be an action one based off of the preview, but I’d still rather wait. I mean, what can I say about an action episode without subtitles if I don’t understand stuff? Just all caps, “AWESOME!” about twenty times? Um…yeah no. It’ll just have to wait until next week.

Now that we’re in the fourth week of these posts, I’m starting to wonder how useful they are. Wouldn’t it be just as easy to do posts the same way in different posts for every anime? Probably…but I’m still keeping this up at least until the winter season starts.

Once the winter season starts though, I kind of think these posts should stick around, but for rambling instead about any anime I can’t talk about in any sort of structure.

Ah well~! It doesn’t matter yet since we’re only about 1/4 into Fall now anyway.

So let’s just leave this off with…vote for Nagisa in SaiMoe! Do it or I’ll find you!

(Oh lol, the Weekly Anime format looks so bad with this theme…and as usual, I feel like I forgot something…)


  1. i also thought i would dislike toradora, but i love the show now. i’m still not so crazy about minorin though.

    and i lol-ed at admiring ed’s ability to say bad pick-up lines with a straight face. i still love the show, but it’s turning out to be more complicated than i thought it would be.

  2. I did the same thing with Toradora :p I wasn’t even gonna watch it, but it turned out ggkthx was subbing it, so I grabbed it. After the third episode I was really hooked.

    On the flip side, I got tired of /facepalming while watching Hakushaku to Yousei, I still haven’t watched the third episode and I doubt I will.

    What the hell is going on?! >:| Ok, so he predicts/wishes for his classmates to not get to go on their trip, but which is it? Does he have the power of premonition or does he have the power to cause events to happen?
    Is he really Shogun? Does he send himself an image of him staking the guy AND with him in it, before it happens? Is it this FES chick? What about the doctor, that Nozomi stuff looks messed up, could it be the screwed with him? And what’s this about having blanks in his memory? It sounds like he knows he has blanks in his memory where he doesn’t remember tons of stuff, but knows he wasn’t asleep at the same time.
    ARGH this show is driving me crazy DDDD:

    *deep breath*

    Ok, anyway, that picture of Nagisa looks omg so moe :3

  3. You DID forget something!!!! You forgot Index-chan!!! D:

  4. HaToY! Yes the animation for the anime ED is wonderful. Especially the last shot. This show is totally a girl’s show (even though my dad watched part of an episode with me and actually laughed at some of Edger’s lines). Nana Mizuki playing a Tsundere is awesome. And Edger..well so I won’t becoming an annoying fangirl I’ll just say I like Edger and leave it at that. I’m almost as obsessed about fairies and fairytales as Kyoko is too, so I enjoy that aspect to.

  5. Second week without a notebook. So, I haven’t watched anything in the past week, except for parts of Chaos;Head I saw/remember.

    And now a moment of fanboying.

    WHOO!! SENA!!!! WHOO!! KOZUE!!!!

    So they finally showed NOZOMI. On a badge. By the third episode. It doesn’t look like they’ve revealed much yet, so I’ll avoid saying anymore than I need to. Still, they revealed A LOT this episode. There are so many clues here to events driving the story, it’s just too bad the whole rationale behind them isn’t known yet. If anyone has any theories, start sticking with one now before the halfway point of the series, before all the plot revealing points show up.

    Bits of Takumi’s past are shown as well. If you don’t get it, re-watch it again and again until you think you do. Because, uh, this is important. Really important. REALLY, REALLY important. Hrm, two of the swords show up (Ayase/Sena) in their resting state. Can’t wait for the “Let’s Talk How All the Delusions Work With (Insert Character)” scene in episode 5-6?

    Ah, just remembering the sequence of future events makes me realize why I hated Takumi before. Such a heartless, cowardly, pathetic, useless bastard. Makes me want to kill him. Maybe they’ll change how he’s portrayed in the middle of the season. Maybe. I hope they do.

    *No Important Spoilers Shown For Those Concerned*

  6. That’s right! Nagisa ain’t going to lose without a struggle first! The moe blood demands it till the very last second of the round before “It’s all OVUR~!”! >:/ I’ve been saying “ain’t” too much lately. Meh…

    ToraDora! – But Ami is so interesting! xDD;;
    Ah, agrees on Taiga. She was really cute this episode, making the whole tsundere-hate about her turn a full 180. Her stuttering and happy spasms just add to the moe. Hehe, cute. I see a great contender for the ’09 competition but that really depends on everything else. Heh.
    Kitamura I occasionally find amusing. “Oh yea, I confessed to Taiga once and got rejected. K, bai.” Weird dude.
    And Ryuuji is such a nice guy, always looking out for Taiga and all (I was reminded of Nikaidou for some parts of this ep, too, since he kinda has the same scolding tone towards Yukari, lol). I get the feeling he acts more like an older brother to her than a future potential love interest and kinda want it to stay that way but my hopes are likely going to get crushed so mind as well just drop them now. Hmm, we’ll see. :/
    I don’t think I’m going to try to keep up with Minori (as much as I like Yui Horie’s portrayal of her) but I did like the student council president who I thought was Ami at first :P. ^^
    Yep, so this week is Ami’s intro. Hope it’ll be good.

    HtY – You finally have this up! *can’t believe it* o.O
    Ah…I had so much to say about this show but I don’t know how to say it now. ^^; I’ve been actively participating in its lj community, though, hoping for more spoilers to pop up. Can’t resist them, ha…
    I want the OP so badly. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to the TV size one on my Sansa but I play it a lot. The ED made me giggle and fangirl spazz/facepalm so I liked it. & I didn’t mind Hikaru Midorikawa’s singing so much for this song so it’s alright.
    On the episodes, I think I’ve gotten use to them moving by things pretty fast since we only have 13 episodes and all (I want a season two already~!). I would be happier if someone had translated even the first novel or something so I could get more details. There are like all 15 volume scans floating around somewhere on the internet. Somebody should get their butts down to workin’ on it already. *sigh* I don’t even want to think about official licensing. T_T
    But kyaa~! How can you resist Lydia? She is indeed a Nana-sama tsunderekko (albeit more Oujo-san-ish) but she’s also so innocent and naïve about certain things and…just cute! xDDD And she’s so pretty, too! Especially her kyarameru-iro hair. Hehe x3
    Which brings me to Eddy…god, Eddy. xD I love Eddy. He’s such a player. And a very big liar, too, but that’s ok. By now, I’m sure most of the smooth compliments he shoots at Lydia are sincere, even though she doesn’t think so. *sigh* …You should listen to the first drama cd. It’s great. ^^
    Hmm, yea…how many more hours till Tuesday? Lol

    I more or less don’t get what you mean by…which posts? I dunno, but I think the “Weekly Anime” ones work pretty well so far. I think I might even do something similar if I do start a blog for the winter season but it all really depends on the load of work I have (oh my god…). Hmm, well, whatever works for you.

    K, thx for your thoughts as always. ^^

  7. I haven’t watched haven’t wrote up the review or watched Yozakura Quartet 4, but It be interesting to see if my opinions change or not.

    Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl and Fairy) episode 3 I can totally reply on since I’m writing the review up now. I totally agree with you, it’s my favorite series of them all that I’m reviewing. It doesn’t give me any bad feelings and it delivers well. Tho I hope Huskley team get someone like Raven because then it can be a fair fight,lol. Anyways I’m so in loved with this series I just spent this month pay check *work* on the first two light novels of this series. Ahhh =D

  8. I also want Nagisa to win SaiMoe but I’m predicting a twin-battle of Kagami vs Tsukasa…

    I totally agree that the characters of ToraDora are really likable and they grew upon you as the series continues on. I’m currently hating Ami but I guess I’ll be ending up liking her XD.

    Lol I’m the same as you on Hakushaku. I honestly can’t write anything about it except for “KYYYAAA!!!~~~” and such XDD… I really love the series very much but I think it would be my “Antique Bakery” or “Natsume Yuujinchou” of this season, where I’m secretly loving it to bits.

  9. @kanzeon
    If Earl and Fairy is anywhere half as good as Natsume, I will eat my hat.

    Taiga is the cutest character to ever emerge in any anime ever.

  10. […] ever! God! Even the cheesy romance novels I read don’t give out this much bull. But as one blogger says: you gotta admire anyone who says out this much crap with the straight face and get away with […]

  11. biankita: I like Minorin just because she’s so incredibly stupid sometimes. Not sure why that makes me like her, but it does.

    It is getting rather complicated, but there’s like 15 volumes of the light novel (so far) so I guess it wouldn’t exactly be that simple and straight forward of a story.


    nazarielle: I just decided to watch ToraDora because it was based on a light novel. I like a lot of anime based off of light novels for some reason.

    That’s HtY~! Either you love the corniness or you just can’t take it.

    I don’t even really try to guess at CHAOS;HEAD much anymore. I’m just enjoying asking the questions and being confused. This week I’m at least satisfied developing the small theory about both Takumi and the singer having the ability or premonition.

    Nagisa is moe! And if you think so you have to vote for her in the next round of SaiMoe~!


    lol2728: Actually I didn’t forget, I just wasn’t able to include Index this week. While I’m writing this my torrent for the fansub is still downloading.


    warriorhope: Oh that last shot in the ED> I’m tempted to turn into super fangirl and make a banner with that image, but I think nekkid pairing image is something not everyone can appreciate. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to look at my own page for more than five seconds…or I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at it for up to a minute. It depends.


    クレナイ夢: Couldn’t you at least watch the episode on a streaming site like Veoh? But it really must stink not having it working yet.

    I have no clue what you’re saying, just like most of the time. This series is so confusing~! (I love it)

    Ah. So Takumi became more dislikable in the story? I kind of hope that doesn’t happen here because I don’t feel like spending energy hating a character right now. It’s enough to pity the poor hikikomori for now. Dude’s got issues.

    It really sounds like so many good scenes are going to appear soon. Ah it’s going to be hard not to try and read any blogs or download the raw next week. Luckily not too many of the blogs I’m following are blogging this series raw.


    xiao_jie: I want Nagisa to get another come from behind win in the last half-hour. That would be awesome. I mean, Nagaisa’s come from behind victories are earning her extra fans and supporters just because they like the underdog.

    Oh hell yes. Taiga is definitely going to go far in SaiMoe ’09. Right now I wouldn’t be surprised if she won it all (but we still have a long time before the next competition). Ooo…now I’m looking forward to next year’s competition. Though my top pick would probably be Nagisa again or Utau. If Nagisa wins this year she won’t win next year and Utau…well she’s from a shoujo series. She just won’t win.

    Ah. Look what SaiMoe is doing to me! It’s all I can think about right now.

    I feel the same about Ryuuji. It’s kind of a shame that most guy/girl friendships in anime don’t stay that way. Eventually they always seem to end up together. I mean, the strongest relationships usually come after just being friends, but it would be nice to see some of them just stay that way.

    I can’t even say anything about HtY since I like it so much, which is why the post took so long. Ah~ Any good thing anyone says about the anime, I’m likely to agree with. heck, I’m likely to agree with anything bad anyone says too, it’s just something that I’ll like about it.

    I think we could actually get a second season of this. I mean, there was a second season of Neo Angelique Abyss and that wasn’t very popular. Some of the same fans though…not me though. Tried to watch the first episode and I didn’t care for it at all.

    Lydia’s so stubborn, but proper. Which makes her even cuter, because she says something stubborn, realizes it’s rude, and corrects herself. So cute. And her hair too! My god…no one is ever going to be able to successfully cosplay as Lydia ever.

    I want to listen to the CD, but I’m holding off until some of my brain fog clears. I want to listen to it when I think I have a chance of understanding.

    I think the weekly posts work I just think they’re not…organized. Or that they’re not necessary. I could just do the same things I post here in seperate posts for each series. Then it’s easier to find the old posts after. But…eh. Whatever. For now it’s taying.

    Start a blog in the winter season! I want to see what your blog would be like.

    Maura: Well, if you don’t like this episode of Yozakura Quartet then it would probably be best to just drop the series and maybe check out the manga.

    I have too many favorites to call it my favorite. HtY is probably the favorite series that I’m watching, but not for blogging. I like it too much to be able to come up with anything useful to see.

    I want Raven to just keep kicking everyone’s ass though because that’s what’s fun for me!

    Ah. Well good luck reading them. If you do manage to get through them before certain things show up in the anime, be sure to share spoilers with the rest of us!

    Kanzeon: Bleh. Everyone keeps saying that. It would be the most boring finish for SaiMoe ever I think. The only people interested would be Lucky Star fans and even though there’s a lot of Lucky Star fans, not everyone is into chibi moe. Like me.

    I’m hoping, at the very least, that it’s Kagami vs. Hinagiku. Because I’d vote for Hinagiku. Kagami vs. Tsukasa I wouldn’t even bother voting because I just wouldn’t care (I feel so mean, but it’s true).

    Hating Ami, huh? Does that mean she’s a bitch or just really dumb? Because for me both would be a good reason to hate a character.

    It’s hard to say anything about it. I’m going to try to put my fangirl hat away next time and try to make some sense of the plot…I doubt I’ll be successful because I’ll be too distracted by, “Kira~n” and bishies appearing. Also Edgar making moves on Lydia (heck yeah!).

    omisyth: Actually, I can’t really argue with Taiga being the cutest that much. She’s not my favorite, but…no wait. Sakura from CCS is the cutest anime character ever. Until Taiga is able to say “hoe~” as cute as Sakura can, she can’t have the title.

  12. I actually watched Yozakura Quartet Episode 4 and I must say it was the best episode so far. It was funny and it was a nice change. I’m definitely not going to drop it ,I really want to continue.

    I like Hakashaku to Yousei the most too!!!! Tho the most hardest series to review, in my personal opinion, this season is Vampire Knight Guilty. I don’t know why,but it is.

  13. “I disliked Minori at first because of how ridiculous she was (and annoying), but she grew on me in episode three.”
    Seconded. She trapped-slash-lured me on episode 3.

  14. Nagisa wouldn’t even be the underdog if Lucky Star just kept their butts out of it (they just had to have Kagami cosplay as Miku). :P But yea, it’d be awesome if she did. Kagami is truly a tsundere queen (enough to rival Utau in my faves cuz tsundere queens just have to have twin tails) but Nagisa is, as you said in the CLANNAD post, the closest recent incarnation of Sakura (lol, I recognize Sakura as a god now, oi…). Or CLAMP had a hand in this, too, and made Nagisa a clone of Sakura just for SaiMoe! *shot*

    Hmm, when there’s a sequel of a series, chances of characters making it this far into the finals are slim unless they were made purely from a blob of moe from the very start. *imagines a heap of dough in front of me*…Not to mention they have to keep it fresh. (Why am I thinking of food?…) How else can they come back for a second year?
    & We should have a shoujo-only moe competition. Utau needs to be crowned properly. *nodnod*

    It’s all I’ve ever been thinking about since school started. *reason why I’m still not in school mode* :P

    I know, right? D:

    Neo Angelique…*shudder*

    If I ever see that, I’d be nice about it and say “It’s ok. Your attempt was good. *patpat*” and get slapped. xDD;;

    I listened to it seven something times already and understand most of the gist of it (omg, I understand something! 8D) except the fairy details but I suggest you listen to it after Kelphie is introduced. Him and/or Paul. Yea.

    But watching all you bloggers…blog seem so painful. I’m already in a lot of pain! ;_;

  15. “That’s HtY~! Either you love the corniness or you just can’t take it.”

    Haha, yeah, at first I thought I’d be able to take it, but it just got to be way too much D: I do have to say, Midorikawa Hikaru is really good at saying completely ludicrous lines, whether it’s as Yoshino Yuusuke or Edgar :p

    “I don’t even really try to guess at CHAOS;HEAD much anymore. I’m just enjoying asking the questions and being confused. This week I’m at least satisfied developing the small theory about both Takumi and the singer having the ability or premonition.”

    I saw a really awesome theory on his whole delusions and such, but it’d mean the entire series really was just a delusion and he had nothing to do with the murders, so I’m not sure that’d really be a satisfying end :p

    “Nagisa is moe! And if you think so you have to vote for her in the next round of SaiMoe~!”

    I need to figure out how to do that, I’d love to see her win, because she really is one of the most moe characters (who isn’t just there to look moe) that I’ve seen so far.

  16. I still haven’t watched Chaos;Head yet, but I spent most of it catching up on all the anime’s I’ve intended to watch and I added in 伯爵と妖精 (Earl and Fairy) since 屍姫 (Corpse Princess) was licensed. First, Takumi.

    In the VN, Takumi went from okay to likeable to ABSOLUTELY MUST HATE to pathetic to “what?” to extremely likeable. It’s spoiling just a bit, but I won’t explain anymore than that. You’ll have to wait and see by what I mean by it. But then again, I’m sure some people might have expected this. Or not.

    And now for Hakushaku to Yousei.

    I really didn’t find it too shoujo-y. It has a really good balance of comedy, uncertain moments, bloody scenes, and romance. The story is really intriguing too as it takes place in England during the 19th Century with the search of a fairy sword, so I’m satisfied with it. There’s a bunch of other reasons, but I won’t list them here. There’s also a lot of Yaoi-like moments, much to my…dislike, but it’s a shoujo. It’s not surprising why girls like it, but guys can like it too, if they’re immune to what makes a shoujo…a shoujo.

    And Lydia isn’t really a tsundere. She just doesn’t know what to do as she has never been in that situation before – being a fairy doctor whose thought of as crazy does do that. If people still think she is, then she’s tsundere-lite. Really lite.

    So yeah, I’m officially hooked on 伯爵と妖精.

  17. Kairu Ishimaru: Ah there’s just something about Minorin. Still not sure how she managed to grow on me.

    xiao_jie: Nagisa might be the underdog to someone else though like…Heaven Forbid, a fellow Clannad character. Ha…but wouldn’t it be awesome if Nagisa actually beat Kagami who beat the “strongest” Clannad characters Tomoyo and Kyou? That would be great. Shut those fanboys up.

    But I can’t even see Kagami the slightest bit moe. Becuase she’s a chibi character and to me they’re never moe. Also…her tsundere is over the top tsundere.

    Hmm, that’s true. Then Ushio for SaiMoe 2009! Keep it in the family!!! But Nanoha characters kept on making it into the finals in different years (Well, just Fate and Nanoha but still).

    lol. Well you just know some girl is going to try cosplaying Lydia purely for the victorian clothes. But no matter what, unless they’re super talented…no wait even then. That wig would be impossible to make properly.

    Blogging’s not that painful. It’s only painful if you’re determined to write out a ton of stuff every time. That’s my only problem (I’m working on telling myself that it’s okay not to write an essay every time).

    Nazarielle: Ah~ Isn’t he? He’s my favorite seiyuu to say ridiculous lines. Well, Yuichi Nakamura can do it pretty well too. That drama CD of Shugo Chara!…I need to listen to it again.

    Every single anime that has a mystery with supernatural elements has the “it’s just a dream/delusion/nightmare” or whatever theory. Kind of bothersome actually. I don’t think it’s true in this case (unless the anime changes crap) because that stuff tends to piss people off and the VN fans all love it.

    Oh! I did a post on voting for SaiMoe so you can find out now. I’m trying to force people to make their moe opinions known!!!

    But as a warning, if you vote for Kagami over Nagisa I’m not talking to you anymore!!!

    クレナイ夢: Ah, but Corpse Princess was licensed by Funimation so that they could release it subbed just a couple of weeks later on YouTube. You can still watch it. Or maybe you don’t want to (I know I haven’t bothered…but I didn’t intend to in the first place).

    Ah. Well I don’t think that’s too much of a spoiler because with a character like him that’s something you’d kind of expect. Usually they end up getting super crappy and then redeem themselves somehow. Or whatever.

    You have an amazing tolerance for sparkles then. I’m amazed. Thought personally I don’t really get the yaoi vibes that fangirls and guys always see. I think guys see it because they specifically dislike it and girls see it because they specifically like it. I’m in the middle so it slips right past me unnoticed (though there was one scene that felt a little weird…).

    Lydia isn’t specifically a tsundere, but Nana-sama still gets to use her tsundere voice for her. And she’s also tsundere for Edgar. Totally. Pretends she doesn’t like him at all, but gets all blushy just the same. You call it tsundere-lite, I call it shoujo tsundere. Basically the same thing though.

  18. Yay anime :D

    O.o weirdly enough
    – the top picture reminds me of
    Chocolat and Pierre in Sugar sugar Rune

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