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You know, Doki isn’t that bad if you watch it with really low expectations and make fun of everything. I actually had quite a bit of fun this week. There’s nothing really new to be pissed about (except for the preview, which I’ll get to later).

But then they kind of threw a plot twist at us in the end of the episode which manga fans should recognize, but that’s sort of troublesome as well. Makes me wonder what anyone’s really supposed to expect.

I really did enjoy laughing at the episode, but the end of the episode leaves me feeling rather…eh. Every time I figure out what they’re doing, they do something else. Now rather than that making Satelight “tricky plot ninjas” it makes them “tricky messing-up the plot ninjas”. Lame sounding, but it’s true.

They left their first hint at Ikuto’s arc in this episode. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they want to get it out of the way early on so they can assure manga fans they will get to it. Which is fine. Or maybe they’re trying to start Ikuto’s arc in the midst of…this crap. Which is not fine.

I know a lot of my readers really want to see Ikuto’s arc, but I want to sit through 20+ weeks of crap episodes. Before anyone calls me crazy, let me explain why (it’s quite simple). I want to see Ikuto’s arc in its entirety and without distractions. To get that, the manga needs to get way ahead first.

The only reason why this stupid filler arc started in the first place was so they’d give the manga time to get ahead. People complain a lot about Satelight “ruining” the series, but up until now they never deviated that much from the manga. By the end of the first season any scene taken out was put back in (different order, but still).

Now then because of this I’d like to say I have some faith in Satelight that despite what happened at the end of this episode, they’ll keep things separate and won’t smush together two stories that don’t belong together, but…well, they did do Kamichama Karin’s anime. But thankfully, no key members of the staff seem to be the same…so there’s that.

This is just me stating possibilities though. Even with my pessimistic attitude about the series, I don’t think it will happen.


In the (asshole) director’s office at Easter, Lulu (and stalker scientist) are showing the results of the ?-egg to the director. Ikuto’s also in the office and is in charge of catching the embryo once it appears (whose bright idea was that?). Lulu introduces herself to Ikuto, but she’s barely acknowledged, causing Yoru and Nana to get into a chara fight.

Outside a store the charas are fighting over what to buy when a girl comes out. Her cell phone rings and Amu recognizes Utau’s new song, Heartful Song, so she brings it up to the girl (Hitomi) who turns out to be a really big fan of Utau. After talking a bit, the girl catches on that Amu might know Utau, which Amu confirms, so she asks to be able to meet Utau and gives her a way to contact her before leaving. Amu panics over her situation, but the charas are still talking about what they should buy for a snack.

Lulu is at her house with her french chef father and actress mother, who are quite odd (like Amu’s parents). Lulu’s mother is on a TV variety show they watch while they eat. In her room, Lulu looks at some pictures of her mother. She made a piece of jewelry that her mother always wears. It also seems that the reason Lulu wants to get the embryo is for her mother (as Nana says) and Lulu tells Nana that Easter will be kept their secret.

At home, Amu worries over how she can get Utau to meet Hitomi. She and her charas imagine two situations, both which have Utau slamming the door on her. The next day Amu is walking around and by some big coincidence sees Hitomi at her tennis practice (I honestly thought this was supposed to happen, but Amu’s surprised tone implies otherwise…). The two of them talk and Hitomi asks if Amu’s talked to Utau yet, but gets that she couldn’t so soon, but still looks forward to it. Amu changes the subject to how tennis must be hard. Hitomi says it is, but Utau song makes it easier (or something) and goes into fangirl mode before singing Heartful Song herself, Amu is incredibly impressed. Hitomi asks if she could even make her debut and wants Utau to listen to her song. She asks Amu to meet Utau and all that stuff again before running off again. Amu decides to help because she promised.

She goes to talk to Yukari and gets an immediate, “no” as a response. While Yukari explains why, Su gets distracted by the messy office and NEEDS to clean it. After they finish talking, Su’s finished cleaning the room and Yukari tells Su to be her chara. Su refuses (along with the other charas) because she wants to be a cute girl’s chara, not an old lady’s chara. So they all get thrown out. As they leave Amu meets up with Utau. Amu and Utau go somewhere to get a drink and Amu gets one of the responses she expected.

At her house, Hitomi gets really excited at the possibility of making her debut, but she also wants to play tennis. After more wondering about what to do, she sees Lulu outside her window and goes outside. After briefly talking, Lulu starts her usual ?-egg thing (because Hitomi wants to be “Utau”). The scientists notice all sorts of important powerful data and Ikuto just stands by looking disinterested.

Utau starts to leave because she has to go back to the office, but Miki senses a ?-egg, while Lulu transforms Hitomi’s egg into ?-egg. Miki tells Amu, and Utau asks what they’re talking about. Amu explains about Easter’s new plan and asks Utau to come, but Iru comes in and says that Utau doesn’t have free time to use on Easter. However, Eru hears Utau’s song and Amu and her charas figure it’s something to do with Hitomi.

Hitomi is back at her practice spot and singing Heartful Song to make everyone in the area fall asleep. The three idiot scientists and Lulu are watching nearby with headphones on (so they’re not affected). Lulu starts to tell Ikuto about the embryo (to catch it when it appears I suppose), but he can’t hear her (or pretends more like it I’d say). Amu and Utau appear so everyone hides. Miki tels everyone to cover their ears but it’s already too later for Ran, Su, and Iru. Eru’s still awake because she’s pissed about Utau’s song being used for evil.

Hitomi stops singing and turns to see Utau. She tells her about how powerful her song is and that everyone is moved, but Utau tells her they’re not (and basically tells her off, but I can’t translate exactly). This upsets Hitomi so she chara-nari’s into Singer Dream. Amu chara-nari’s with Miki. She uses Colorful Canvas, but Hitomi’s attack overpowers hers. While the Easter people are commenting on the power and Lulu is distracted by being all confident, Ikuto leaves unnoticed. Amu uses a new attack (prism music). Utau transforms into Seraphic Charm and uses Angel Cradle to make everyone in the area fall into a normal sleep. This makes Hitomi realize that she can’t be Utau and ? turns into an X, Utau tells her that her own song is fine and Amu uses Open Heart.

Afterward, the embryo appears again, Lulu turns to tell Ikuto to get it, and notices he’s gone. The scientists get all excited over their new data. Hitomi wakes up and gets excited over meeting Utau, but feels that its somewhat bitter or difficult. Utau tells her that her song isn’t bad, but she should sing the song in her heart. Hitomi says she wants to be like Utau, but Utau says she should sing her own song (or something, I suck at translating). Hitomi says that she’ll find her own song and will someday be on the same stage with Utau (who says she’ll look forward to it).

Ikuto walks down the street and sees a car drive away from his house. He rushes into his room and find that his violin is gone. It was stolen!!!

Super lazy today since I still don’t feel well (even what I understood I couldn’t properly put into words in English) and I just had a hard time caring about a lot of the stuff in this episode.


…God this anime is so uber mahou shoujo-y now. It was always pink and sparkly, but they cranked it up by like, 500 sparkle points (or whatever we measure our mahou shoujo crap in).

I’m starting to look at it as a completely different series. Not sure if that’s bad, but it’s definitely not good.

HA! Ignored!

Oh this lifted my spirits as soon as the episode started. I thought we might get some sort of meeting between Utau and Lulu and thought Ikuto wouldn’t even appear. Sheesh, what’s up with you Satelight? Making Ikuto appear when no Guardians did again.

I like it. This time it was really just Amu, Utau, and Ikuto for real (main) characters which suits me just fine.

Hitomi, right? Well anyway, as far as filler characters go…she’s not awful, but she’s not exactly memorable either.

I think the big problem I have with filler characters is that none of them are…subdued. In order to be memorable and make the episode “different” they give each of them a really noticable personality trait (usually they;re outgoing), but that’s it. It’s really annoying. Outgoing characters are fine, but when they’re so…one-dimensional they piss me off. And there you have it, that’s my main problem with filler characters.

Considering that Utau is only ever seen with twintails, we sure see her with quite a few hairstyles, don’t we? Mostly it’s just some variation of braids, but still.

Okay, last week there was some vague feeling that Lulu felt kind of ripped-off of Amu herself too. This week gives us an exact example. Daughter with weird parents, trying to kind of ignore them. Bleh.

I don’t think I’d have such a problem with Lulu if I didn’t keep getting reminded of other characters. Taking parts of different awesome female characters and mixing them up in one girl does not make her an awesome character. Especially when she has some much less likable traits.

And this week we find out why she’s looking for the embryo. Somehow it’s for her mom. But her mom isn’t dying (which I said would be the only wish that would have a chance at seeming worthy compared to others). In fact, her mom seems to be doing just fine.

You’d think I’d be upset by this turn of events, but because it’s not what I expected, I like it better. I get the feeling that Lulu just isn’t thinking properly and will see her mom doesn’t need the wish or something later on. At least that’s the feeling I’m getting.

We also got a kind-of reason for why there’s that jewelry. Lulu makes jewelry and it seems to be part of her would-be self somehow. She has to chara change to use her jewelry and Nana has all that stuff on her dress. Probably should have picked up on it last week, but I was too ticked off.

Oh hey. Amu got new pajamas! (New, right?) …Why does everything need to have that crazy masking? What was wrong with Amu’s old pajamas?

Ah…and wait a minute…is Amu’s room slightly different, or is it just me? I mean, the diamond at least has to be new, right?


Ah, I love how Amu is being all cutesy and still gets rejected by our tsundere queen (using an adorable chibi voice). Hell yes~!

lol…For some reason, the more I look at them I feel like they’re dolls in a doll house…

You know it’s really mean to make any other seiyuu sing a Nana Mizuki song. I mean, sitting through this I kind of thought that Amu could have done a better job (while the magical Amuto spotlight was on her).

But seriously…I don’t think she was good enough to get the sparkly eyes reaction from Amu, who’s heard Utau sing live. So…yeah.

Utau~! Ah, Utau. We don’t see nearly enough of her anymore. Since episode 47 darn it! There’s one thing that’s survived the changes made to this season and that’s the characters. So they should have the good characters show up more often.

Eru drinking out of a cup. Eru drinking out of a cup. Eru drinking out of a cup. Eru drinking out of a cup. Eru drinking out of a cup.

I’m going to make a tiny little cup to attach to my Eru figure…because that is so cute. (Almost anything that small has to be cute.)

Yay! Utau is having a drink with Amu! That’s right Utau! With Rima around all the time and Trap-kun coming back, you have to fight for the place of Amu’s best friend!

…Though I tend to think Amu’s just super best friends with all the main characters and the filler characters are all her normal friends.

(Oh and ha! Utau replied just like they thought she would. Minus Chibi voice and the slamming of a door)

“Oh wow. There’s a girl I don’t know standing outside my house and staring up at my room. I think I should go outside and talk to her.”

My second reason for hating filler characters. They are incredibly dumb.

Agh! Why are these guys still around!? Do something right you asshole director! Fire them!!!

Poor Ikuto is still subjected to their stupidity. I mean, it’s already mean enough to make him do crappy Easter work, but at least let him work in a moron-free zone.

Of course! The number one Utau fan can always hear an Utau song in up to a 10 mile radius! Why? Because Angels have super-hearing! It’s not a well-known fact (devils have super something else to make up for it I’m sure).

…Eru~ (God I love this chara)

You know, this was probably OOC or whatever, but I don’t care. Ikuto pissing off Lulu is good. As long as it’s made perfectly clear that Lulu < Tsukiyomi Siblings, I’m good.

So, Ikuto still hasn’t seen Utau which means Utau still hasn’t seen him. Which should mean that he still “hasn’t been home” but at the end of the episode he goes back to his house casually. Then again, I don’t think Utau should be living in that house anymore since she’s not a part of Easter, but she said that he hadn’t been home before which should mean he hasn’t been to the house they both live in.

…Which plothole is the right plothole?

Okay, the poses for Amulet Spade are fine, but the transformation looks really stupid now. It’s still the exact same transformation, just with Miki’s egg. They should really at least make Amu all glowy-blue or something like before.

My God, I think this one is uglier than last time. I mean, what part of wanting to be a singer requires a granny nightgown? Or crazy note wings…

I felt like I was watching a Disney movie. Like when they get into the singing and magic and stuff. Sort of like in Cinderella or…I don’t know, something else. But man…this felt…overdone (how many times will I get to use that word?).

Utau~! You know after they made Amu get the power-up and stuff, I wondered what was going to happen to some of the others. Specifically Utau because her power purified x-eggs (lots of ’em). But now her power makes the half-asleep people fall into a normal sleep. I like that.

Glad to see that they still make other people able to fight this crap instead of making it all about Amu (kind of like in the first 26 episodes). Of course, Utau is the second best girl with Chara-Nari-ing (well, yeah, she’s the most experienced) so she gets to be the first other person to be useful. Yay Utau!

Also, Utau is so nice when she wants to be. Ah…I love her. I still need to make my Utau puppet…

lulz. And now Lulu should finally have learned her lesson. Unless you specifically keep your eye on him the whole time, he’ll leave because he feels like it. Ah, I’m really enjoying this.

Now then…for a brief, WTF!? moment. Why the hell is Ikuto in charge of actually chasing and getting the embryo? It’s like they don’t even want it. The way Ikuto’s always doing things against them and helping Amu when he can, you’d think they’d get the idea that he probably would just keep it.

Eru and Iru make me smile. Especially srs Eru and pissed-off Iru. So cute.

Yup, this is what I was talking about in the beginning. Ikuto…

Ah. I didn’t expect to see it this soon in the anime so it came as a really sudden blow because, oh I know why they took it. Those idiots! I hate them! I want them to die! *dramadramadrama* You don’t mess with violin’s! Especially not Ikuto’s!

*sigh* But after Amu bringing up the violin as something important to Ikuto in episode 53, I should have expected this.

I’m stuck in a super confused pissed-off mode because of this. On one hand, I’m super pissed off at Easter (and specifically asshole number one) for stealing the violin. On the other hand, I have all that suspicion towards Satelight…because I know they can be stupid and I don’t trust them.

But ah…the violin. I was hoping we might get another Amuto filler with the violin, but now even those hopes are gone. They’ll have to figure out something else. What else is still in the wanter filler list? Ah…Alice in Wonderland filler. Make that happen Satelight. (Seriously, they’d have to be stupid not to make that happen to take up time when it’s something people actually want.)


Nagihiko~! Yay!

Filler character. Boo.

Sheesh. What’s with Satelight and messing up the Jack entrances and exits? Kairi got a recap for his last episode and Nagihiko gets…rocket boy. Bleh. I’m hoping Nagihiko just shows up at the end so we can get his proper, full, spotlight entrance in episode 57. That would be nice.

Rima also gets so much-deserved screentime. They finally animated that tightrope attack of hers and included a scene from the manga. Rima shouldn’t take the backseat now just because her family situation is all out in the open. And now there’s no reason for her to because she can be suspicious of Nagihiko. Yay~!


Ooo, this week was difficult. I ended up with about five questions. I planned on a Lulu vs Utau poll, but since there was no real Lulu vs. Utau I decided to make it about what’s really on my mind instead.

Not even really a question now that I think of it…but it stays.


  1. Nagihiko comes back? Yay~ I can’t wait (shocked Im the first commenter) Poor Lulu weird parents, rejected by Ikuto….

  2. My connection went down and when I rebooted it, lo behold was ep 55 review. Lol

    I agree and hope Satelight won’t officially start the Ikuto arc until filler arc is over. I was pissed that Easter stole the violin but knew it had to happen so just goin’ to stay pissed at Easter for that. But Satelight bringing the plot in this early made me go “wth?”. So yep, I want to enjoy the Ikuto arc at its fullest without any interferences as well.

    Anyways, I liked this episode. Not “very much” liked it but I really liked it. It made me laugh not for the overly mahou shoujo bits of it but for all the things I liked in general so I guess that’s good. :)

    lol Ikuto and Lulu don’t get along (neither do Yoru and Nana). The Lukuto fans have gone way up cuz of that. xD;

    Utau~! Utsukushiiiii~!!! <333 She really is. More on her later.

    I’m only happy with Hitomi on the part that she is a real genuine Utau fan. Everything else about her was meh. :P

    & Lulu…hmm, well at least she’s no longer shallow anymore and she is thoughtful of her parents. Watching that gives me hope that this arc wouldn’t take too long to finish and maybe even ge met to love Lulu as a character in the end. *hopes so*

    Yay! Amu got new pajamas and wall decorations (I think where the huge moon is now is where her old mirror use to be but I’m not sure)! Wait a minute, are they going to remodel her entire room too? Cuz if I remember correctly in the manga, Amu’s bed was not against the wall. It was centered in the middle of the room with enough space on both sides (one towards the wall and the other towards the balcony). Maybe that’s what Satelight is planning? I dunno. As long as Yoru can dump Ikuto in her bed, then anything’s fine. :P

    Argh! I was watching this on KeyHole TV since the streaming wasn’t working and the screen totally froze at the chibi part. *going to rewatch it again after finishing this* But kyaa!!! Chibified Amu and tsundere, chibified Utau FTW! xDDD

    Eru is so cute. She’s so awesome. I wonder what’s her favorite drink so I can drink that 24/7, too. Lol

    And their outfits were so nice psst! Hurry up and add that in!. They’re always nice but for this particular one in the filler arc, the outfits were really nice. I love this series so much because of that. x3

    Ikuto~! I’m enjoyin’ every minute of him onscreen (and he had headphones, which made me asdfjkl;asdfjkl;FAP! like hell, xD; ).
    & who cares much about his house right now? He should move in with Amu already. :P

    Seraphic Charm~! It isn’t so screwed up as it was in the preview so I guess I’m happy about that. ^^ & I really liked how while everybody was falling asleep at Hitomi’s singing, Eru was all fired up about how she ripping off Utau’s song to do bad things. YEA, ERU! Show ‘em how a real idol sings! xDD

    & Easter is just incredibly dumb to think Ikuto would just hand the Embryo over like that if that’s really the case. My guess on why they’re relyin’ on him is that Lulu can’t Chara-nari yet (heh, how ironic it would be if this is true because she can make people who don’t have Charas Chara-nari but can’t do it herself).

    Eru scolding Iru! That’s love. *love*

    Nuuu~! Violin~!!! ;__________; *grabs onto non-existant Eru plush to cry into*

    Meh, the screen froze when the preview came up but I’m glad I didn’t see it the first time watching through cuz it would’ve soured what little happiness I got from this ep (and added onto the horrible stolen-violin feeling, aww man).

    Ah, but Nagi’s back (he’s even prettier than before! *squee*)! *so happy* I actually didn’t say anything/go fangirl crazy about him when the promo for the second season first came out and just told myself to keep silent until the moment he would be back. Now that the wait’s over, I have one thing to say: “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN, TRAP-KUN?!?!” Dx It’s been torture watching the Guardians Jack-less! Satelight, you must make up for Nagi’s absence by giving us sufficient Rimahiko, understand?!

    Other than that, wtf? Astro-boy gone wrong? =_=;

    Thx for the review! Lookin’ forward to Nagi next week. ^^

  3. Oh lawls!!!! I nearly died laughing when I saw Ikuto with headphones. EPIC.
    Oh My God. Eru is drinking out of a soda cup~! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!
    Lulu’s still stupid. Whatev’s. If Ikuto can keep pissing her off, she may get so mad that she quits. I’d enjoy that! XD

    NA.GI.HI.KO~!!!!!! FINALLY. And…..Rima~!!!

    Ikuto’s arc. HORRAY~!!! Hopefully!!! >_<

  4. I laughed my ass off this whole Episode. Eru drinking out of a cup. Ikuto totally rejecting Lulu. Ikuto puting on headphones trying to ignore Lulu, and not listen to the Deathly singing (Or just Lulu). Ah, the irony. And…the HELL?! The background for Amulet Spade is still pink…Damn Satelight…. They screwed up Ikutos Arc by starting it so early…First I wanted it early, now I’m pissed at it being early? Wow, im Bi-polar. But next week we get Nagihiko? Cool… Then I get re-unite my Nagehiko X Amu fanclub! Yaaaay!

  5. ah but remember the violin being stolen means that the ikuto arc is a couplle (Hopefully) episodes away! and yes the return of nagihiko!!! but that lulu i hate her even more now.

  6. Woah I’m sorry I just realized Amu gets her rollerblades next episode. Poor Rima with Nagihiko coming back and all. Two things I noticed that are really weird 1) Utau was actually WORRIED about amu. 2) Iru is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  7. I skipped most of this. I rarely seem to watch the episodes all the way through nowadays.
    Still loving the opening.
    Well… I agree, Singer Dream was dumb… however, it didn’t look too bad when you only saw the top (apart from the stupid wings).

    Prism Music? Meh, okay. It’s not the worst I’ve ever seen… what was the weapon called, though? I didn’t catch it.

    I agree they should have made her glow blue, and I still hate the new Open Heart. I mean… I liked the old one. It would be fine it it was something else.

    Glad Seraphic Charm showed up, she and Amulet Spade are my two fave ‘original’ Chara Naris, so that brightened up the episode (by original, I mean with the charas that belong to them). Although, I have to say that I like Amulet Dia/Diamond too…

    Not much else to say, really.
    I laughed so much at your repeated ‘Eru drinking out of a cup’ though. Cute. ^^

    Still… Nagihiko next week… oh, crud, I won’t be here to see it on Saturday, unless it’s posted up uber-early. >.< I’ll be at Thorpe Park for Fright Night…
    Damn, I’ll have to watch it first thing Sunday.

  8. Shugo Chara!Doki-: Poor Lulu indeed. I still don’t think she deserves my sympathy…but there’s not much of a point in blaming her for Satelight’s screw-ups with her character.

    Utau does worry about Amu now because they’re friends~! Tsunderekko’s always drop the tsuntsun when there’s danger.


    xiao_jie88: I don’t think they will and I hope I’m right. But Ikuto’s violin was probably taken pretty early on in the Dia arc too. At least before (or not long after) The Black Diamond stuff started. At this point I think we can say that his violin was taken so that they can force him to do things like in the Dia arc.

    Lukuto…sounds so weird. What happened to combining the names where they share a letter (like Luto or something), but no matter what it sounds weird.

    Yes, Hitomi is meh. At least her character design was the best we’ve seen in a while (I think so anyway). This is how pigtails are supposed to look Misaki (god her hair pissed me off).

    Yeah, this episode gave me a little hope on that as well. I’m sure I’ll never love Lulu (it’s really impossible when she has no unique traits that makes her lovable to me), but I think I can end up liking her. If her problem is what I think it is anyway. It’s because I got a little reminded of Nagisa’s arc I think. With her wanting her mom’s dream to come true, but her mom (probably) not caring too much.

    Is Amu’s bed in the middle of the room in the manga? Well, it doesn’t matter too much. Like you said, if Yoru can dump Ikuto in her bed it’s fine~! (My god, I keep getting so excited when I think about seeing that episode sometime).

    KeyHole TV kind of sucks sometimes for that stuff. At least I haven’t had it freeze up on me (just the audio speeding up and slowing down for a half-second so stuff doesn’t match up)

    Whatever her favorite drink is, it must be angelic (or weird).

    He should move in with Amu! I’m still hopeful for fillers when Ikuto is in Amu’s house, you know…once we get to Ikuto’s arc. Because that’s guaranteed Ikuto in every one of those episodes (and guaranteed AMuto, because come on…he’s in her house).

    God, I still love seeing Seraphic Charm. It’s still my favorite chara-nari (because Eru and Utau combined is just…*sigh* Yeah).

    Hmm…I’d actually like to see what Lulu’s chara-nari would be (maybe she can chara-nari and just hasn’t yet like Utau and Ikuto were doing for a while). I’m hoping Peach-Pit would design that too (they probably would) because otherwise it’ll probably look stupid.

    This is why plushies are necessary! Stupid toy companies!

    Rimahiko fillers…ah…there better be some. At least next week could qualify (kind of) since it’s Nagihiko’s first episode and Rima is getting spotlight too. They’re already steering us in that direction! Yes! (Sorry Rimase fans, your short-lived pairing is about to be squashed)


    lol2728: But Lulu needs to finish her little arc off first, so it’s not likely. Meh, and now I’m thinking she won’t even leave the country when this is done.

    At least next week looks better (because Rima and Nagihiko~!), outside of rocket boy of course.


    AmuxIku Oh yes, this episode was actually pretty full of laughs. Except when Satelight still screwed up some new stuff.

    Like, I don’t mind the pink background (it was like that in the last transformation too), but I certainly mind pink Amu when she’s transforming into blue Amulet Spade. Hopefully it was just a mistake that they’ll fix later, but I kind of doubt it.


    RabbitFromTheHat: No, I don’t think it’s a couple of episodes away. I’d say the wait would be at least ten episodes, even with this. After all, they need to do stuff to the violin and in the Dia arc (in the manga) they forced Ikuto to do stuff because of his stolen violin first. Yes, I’d say at least ten episodes, probably more since this arc really needs to be finished.

    I mean, this arc just started, it would be pretty stupid to end it so soon and especially to try two arcs at once. Amu needs to be focused on just Ikuto in his arc, not Ikuto and ?-eggs.


    Kura-Chan: Ah, I know how you feel. I wish I could do that, but even without blogging, something compels me to watch the whole thing.

    The granny nightgown is what gave me such a “wtf!?” feeling about Singer Dream, so I agree with you about seeing the top. Except the hair bugs me too.

    Prism Music! Thank you! For some reason I couldn’t figure it out and kept on hearing weird things (because I’m sick). Need to edit that in now. But as for the weapon, I don’t think a name even came up.

    The only thing I like about the new Open Heart is that we might get to see Amulet Clover do Open Heart for once. If the other attacks aren’t powerful enough anymore, then Remake Honey probably won’t be either. So…I’d actually kind of like to see that. But the animation is still…so weird.

    Oh yeah, I get what you mean. Seraphic Charm is my favorite overall, but Amulet Spade is one of my favorite original chara-nari’s too (ah! And Amulet Dia of course!).

    Um, well it won’t appear any earlier than 9:00 PM (my time EST). Though if you have KeyHole TV you can watch it at 8:30 (my time again) as it airs in Japan.

  9. I think the delusion eggs are much better than the regular X-Eggs, because they guarantee more action. That’s really all I have to say about them. I’m genuinely just enjoying Shugo Chara ^^.

    Other than that: aren’t those pyjamas the ones from the scene where Ikuto confesses to her…? And is it me or do Lulu and Eru share the same hair-style..?

  10. Nagihiko~! ;o;
    I can’t wait the Kukia Tadase and Nagihiko scene. Satelite can’t mess it up. It’s too priceless.
    The Lulu and Ikuto moments made me giggle. Especially after reading the Luluto thread.
    I’m starting to like Lulu more though. Her appearence is so cute. I just wish she didn’t have such a typical persnality.
    I couldn’t help but go “Awww” when I saw that picture of her and her mother. Too cute.
    I’m still disapointed with Doki, but I’ll enjoy next week’s episode.

  11. LOL another nice rant! ^.^

    When I first saw that scene at the end, I had a bad feeling. I was like “Oh shit.. did something happen to his mother? (Though why I thought that I have no idea) Or did they take the damn Key?!” He barges into the room and then we see the freaking violin in the backseat and I immediately spazzed out in happiness, yet anger at the evil Easter bastard step father. I’m thinking Satelight is just going to drag this out for a couple of months, to make it seem like Ikuto has a reason to obey Easter here now with the filler arc. It would make a lot of sense, since they’ll have to fix the plot hole after episode 44. All of these filler eps are “Bleh” and not too great because they’re fillers, with a useless filler villian at that, but we all know it’s just to get the manga ahead. If they’re starting that part already, it just means we’re going to see a lot of emo Ikuto and see him suffer a lot without that violin. Such a shame that the evil asshole didn’t get into a car accident on his way back to Easter. >.< I wonder if he’ll be shown next week? About next week.. NAGIHIKO! YESSS!

    LOL, Ikuto owning Lulu and the Easter Idiots more than once in this episode was pure win. Probably why evil bastard step father decided to take it. Eru and Utau were adorable in this episode. :) I just love them! *__* And Ikuto of course.

  12. xlapisxlazulix: Well, that’s true, but the first season started out with quite a bit of action. I think the main reason why we’re getting so much mahou shoujo action now is because the enemy is still new and more difficult for Amu to handle. Like in the beginning of the series.

    I’m pretty sure it will go the way of most mahou shoujo and become the usual format. Basically, I see it mostly becoming stock footage in each battle with maybe one new move from Amu’s side. But I’m pessimistic.

    Yeah, they seem to be the same pajamas. And you’re right about Lulu and Eru, which explains why it feels like she’s more cartoony and doesn’t quite fit in with the main characters. The charas themselves are all rather cartoony.


    13Cici: Well, I’m sure they’ll have it show up eventually. At least I have faith that Satelight doesn’t really “censor” much after the first season. It’s just a question about when.

    She does seem more likable after this episode, but I’m bothered by some inconsistency with her character. It’s like they’re trying to develop her too quickly, but then they remember that she still has to be the generic bad guy too. I don’t know.

    That picture was cute. Lulu’s character design looks better when she’s small (it actually makes her look pretty darn cute).

    I’ll enjoy next week’s episode outside of rocket boy (seriously, that ticks me off so much).


    MyVampireEyes: Ah…I’d actually kind of like to see something happen to his mother. It would be a good way for them to kind of reconcile.

    Yay~! That’s what I think Satelight is doing too! *glomp* (Ah, I don’t know why, but for some reason someone thinking the same thing as me makes me happy…) You get a special piece of internet cake for saying all of that.

    Emo Ikuto is likely, but that can be fixed with Amuto fillers. Let’s see…no more violin playing, but something can still happen! Like an impromptu date because Amu sees Ikuto being emo. Oh~! That would make me such a happy fangirl~!

    Ah. That’s actually something I hadn’t thought of. You get another piece of internet cake (or another internet dessert of your choice). Ikuto was being incredibly disobedient this episode, so the director would naturally want to fix that. Part of me thinks that Satelight doesn’t put that much thought into it (I have no faith in their judgment and writing after two recaps in a row), but if they did that would mean Ikuto’s arc definitely won’t be mixed in here. If they just want to make Ikuto obey, it won’t occur to them to mess with his violin until Lulu’s plans stop working.

  13. aww i was semi excited 2 well i just hope this ?-egg stuff ends soon. anyway ikuto and lulu? i would stop watching shugo chara if that happened. still so far doki has only given us a little amuto goodieness. i am still hoping for more

  14. I know this whole ?-egg stuff is really really boring.

  15. haha I laughed so hard xD
    anyway… somehow you make Satelight look like those three idiots xD
    NAGI!!!! (L)
    I hated the rocket boy >.>

  16. Actually in my entire opinion, I stopped with Shugo chara at in the 40’s episodes. I don’t remember which. But yah, at first I enjoyed it but it seems all the same, and I was really only watching it for Ikuto. I bought Nakayoshi, which is a japanese manga magazine that publishes the Shugo Chara manga, I think I’ll try that for now. Tho nice screencaps.

  17. It would have been so much better if Utau was ale to sing her Heartful song instead of Hitomi. *sighs* Hitomi doesn’t sing very well anyway. She sounds a little off pitch because the tune is too high. Only Utau can pull it off!!!!


    Headphone wearing whistling Ikuto is cute! The chibines looked a little OOC. But it was still cute though. XD


    …When is the filler going to end? Or are we getting the ‘a ?-egg a week’ kind of treatment for… 10+ epsodes?

    The next chara nari looked even worse. Plus the boy looks…fat. At least give us a better looing guy, statelight.


    Well…given the reaction between Ikuto and Lulu, I don’t Lulu will fall in love with Ikuto, right?…. at least I hope so… For some reason, I am wishing that Lulu will fall in love with Tadase…

  18. GOSH don’t starts ikuto’s arc with the filler arc !! you’ll mix things up stupid satelight ! poor ikuto ! i feel so sorry for him !! i wish they at least show some amuto fillers because i love amuto and i hate lulu she is horrible !

  19. LOL, thanks, cake is good! ;D

    Can I have Ikuto on top? LOL, jk. XD

    ^.^ You know, I seriously hope, if Ikuto goes emo, that Amu notices there’s something wrong with him. Like, she gets OVER THE TOP worried about him. I’d cheer satelight if they make Ikuto seem more.. evil.. because of what just went down. Naturally, he’s going to want that violin back, and being more obedient is going to make him more of a “bad guy” in the Guardians (Or at least Tadase’s) eyes. But I hope Amu is seriously worried about him over anything.

    Weirdly, and I think I’ve seriously lost my mind for saying this, I’d rather have no more Amuto scenes until the Ikuto Arc starts. Amu worrying over him, yes. But with too many like this, it’ll ruin the speciality that is his arc and Amuto all together. These moments are so rare and they should be cherished. I love random Amuto, but if it happens right now, it’ll be a little weird. Especially if he gets all villanious.

    Yeah. Most likely. They’re probably just throwing it in here to fix the plot hole. I actually, for once, support satelight on what they’re doing. The manga really needs to get ahead, so we need a few months of fillers. At least one or two. Then we get the good stuff. It’ll make it that more emotional and heart wreching for the anime-only watchers, if we see Ikuto suffer for weeks at a time by evil bastard step father *Kills him*.

    I’d like for something to happen to his mother too so they can fix their relationship. I honestly have no idea why I thought that. O.o I just had a weird feeling that, when Ikuto entered the house, he was going to see his mom passed out or something.

    You know, manga’s and animes are slightly weird. What evil step dad did, breaking into Ikuto’s room like that… that’s freaking theft. He could’ve been arrested for stealing it. The cool thing is we didn’t see ( at least from what I remember) the violin actually getting taken in the manga; we heard about it. Seeing it being taken in the anime is just… so “omg” to put it lightly. XD It really makes you feel for Ikuto. Too bad he couldn’t just run after the damn car and steal it back, causing evil step dad to get into an accident. >: D *Wishes death on evil fugly asshole* Sorry, I’m just feeling pissed off at that damn guy. LOL.

    Anyway… can’t wait till next week. Hope we see more development on this. Can’t wait to read your next post. ^.^

  20. They might finally be getting on with the plot~ Yay~ and did you notice that like right after all the bright seens the entire show for like two minutes was all dull colors? o_o Miki got her new weapon thingy before Ran did~ Haha Ran~ haha~

  21. OMG well i agree this episode was a bit eciting but I really liked how ikuto ignores lulu (LOL) but the ikuto arc is like starting up a bit early but i dont mind more amuto!!! BUT seriously i hate the flippin old man he just pisses me off like leave ikuto alone and go get ur lazy bum out and get it your self!!! But iam not so hot on the next episode it looks like another filler but end up skipping the boring parts! Anyway THANK YOU for giving a summary LATER everyone!
    P.S I wonder if they are actually TRY following the plot and where ikuto actually gets into amu’s room at least!

  22. god the only reason im still watching this series is that i know that during the times of really crappy fillers there might actually be a good epTT.TT
    and for ikuto: ) oh and his violin, who the hell makes easter take his violin so early in the show.*shakes fist in air* DAMN YOU SATELIGHT! you dont do it during fillers, you just dont*rantrantrant*jeez it naruto all over again you know the ep between when sasuke leaves and shippiduen (only good ep was with gaaraTT.TT) ok im done:)

  23. I know damn fillers make me mad. ACK! I’m so mad at satelight. Maybe Nagihiko will lighten up things though.

  24. i know the gaara one was the only really good one but anyway yea if the violin is taken now then doesnt that mean they might cross acrs! *Le Gasp* that would be preposterous!

  25. I thank the Lord for your blogs. Lulu doesn’t seem to have any character that hasn’t already been used, but I have hope that she can redeem herself somehow. In some small way. I also like the little tidbit about her mom. Lulu will MOST LIKELY become a good guy later on and be one of those people that show up once in a blue moon, or just leave the series altogether.
    (Speaking of which, where the hell is Kukai?)
    I just had a horrid thought of Lulu TRANSFERRING (post being good guy) to the academy being buddy-buddy with Amu and crushing on Tadase…….AUGH. (not that I would mind her liking Tadase, because it would mean Ikuto has Amu all to himself =3)
    This better only be a little shove for the Ikuto arc that won’t show up for another 20 or so episodes or else I’ll cry. TOO SOON! TOO SOON!
    I know everyone else is excited for RimaxNagihiko but I’m actually looking forward to some AmuxNagihiko friendship scenes.
    Okay, done rambling…
    Your blogs make me smile! =D

  26. Oh, this was so crap!!!

    Come on! This episode had some good scenes, too…

    Lulu rejected and so completely ignored by Ikuto! Hell, I loved it! and that scene with Lulu talking to zero was so nice!

    Seraphic Charm! Charming as always!

    Amulet Spade; what the hell? Couldn’t someone just fixed it a little bit? What’s with that crappy pink colour again? For God’s sake!

    And what about a filler character that doesn’t just sting? Hitomi? Are you kidding me? Just another character all cutie and no brain? Hell, no! Lord, have mercy!

    Ikuto! Why the violin? Somebody kill Easter idiots for hurting my favourite alley cat! Starting Ikuto arc sounds very interesting, but what about waiting a bit longer? Seems too soon… But it’s not that bad, is it?

    Nagihiko! Here’s our guy! Hope for a flashy intro, but can’t see that coming… Let’s hope I need a new pair of glasses!

    And what about Rima? Where the heck is she? And is there a possibility of having any events betweet her and Nagihiko?… Hmm, Why not?

    Last but not least!!! I’ve missed Amuto, you know! I can accept a willing of no-foolishness, but where are we going with this romantic love story? If the Satellite guys are going to ruin the series, at least let us know about it! But please, please, I’m begging everyone, don’t leave her alone with Tadase! He’s too dump for Amu-chan! He prefers Amulet Heart, for hell’s sake!

    Sorry I was late! Won’t do that again (unless Satellite guys mess with Shugo Chara, then I’ll give it a second thought! Just kidding!)!

    See you on Saturday!

  27. haha!! LUlu got ignoredd (yay ikuto!) !! HAHA i fuckin hate lulu! XD how much longer is she goin to be in these episodes ….seriouly she pisses me off…

    Anyway… this episode was pretty good XD i loved the part where Lulu was talkin to ikuto but he had his headphones on XD lol. and the part where he wasnt there at all! XD

    i also want to point out that i am a big Amuto fan and so i look forward to every episode with ikuto and amu love moments in them. and to all u Tadase x Amu fanss……u suck….haha! XD

  28. […] know thinking about what fuyumaiden said about Shugo Chara!!Doki- isn’t half bad if you watch it with low expectations and make […]


    …That was my first thought. ;3;

  30. lol, Amu did get new pajamas and change her
    room. Did anyone else notice that she has
    pictures of chickens on her wall. What the heck
    Amu. Eru is soo cute. She is one of my favorite charas. Yay chibi scenes!

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