Clannad ~After Story~ – Episode 04

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The Sunohara/Mei arc is officially confirmed as the best arc so far in the anime. Out of both seasons. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I really felt that this one was the best. Perfect balance of humor, moe, drama, it didn’t feel dragged out (good length), and…what? There was a fight scene? Yes. There was.

And the image? I don’t know…I just wanted to use an image of Nagisa and Mei together. That’s all the reason I need.

Before this week I think my favorite arc was Kotomi’s. I rewatched Clannad just a couple of weeks ago (it was my third time watching it overall) and I still cried at the end of Kotomi’s arc. Not sure what it is about the arc (I think it’s the presentation with the music and everything) but it gets me every time.

After Kotomi’s was Nagisa’s (I can admit her arc doesn’t have much impact, but…Akio and Sanae are awesome parents), then Fuuko’s, then…well no one else really had an arc in the anime.

But this arc is my favorite. No contest. At least until the After Story gets going (though, does that count as an arc since it’s basically a part of the main story?).


Considering how much I like this arc, I actually don’t have that much to say. The more I like things the less I can explain why I guess. Or whatever. I’m just best with the shallow stuff.

This was way too normal of a conversation after what Kotomi, Kyou, and Ryou saw last week. I mean, Ryou was crying! Which really isn’t saying much but still. Darn you anime always skipping past the awkward stuff for the sake of keeping your story drama in tact!

lol, Kotomi’s still calling everyone a bully. She’ll never get to be the tsukkomi, huh?

Heh, this week rather than admiring Mei’s willingness to help her brother I couldn’t help but think she was being incredibly naive. Which is fine since she’s supposed to be like 13 or something and she’s already ten times smarter and more mature than most of the 13-year-olds I know.

So even when fictional characters are being naive (even by fictional standards), they’re still smarter than real people. Wow.

Nagisa worried and eating food. Cute. (See, I do shallow best)

I’m not exactly sure the way to explain how my face got whenever this guy, or anyone else from the soccer club, appeared on screen. Basically, imagine a look of complete disgust and disbelief that something could be so repulsive and dumb, and there you have it.

I…have not been so annoyed by one type of character…ever. I think that’s fair to say. I like to wish I could punch my computer screen a lot, but…wow. Annoying. Made me really hate these guys though, so I guess that means job well done.

*gasp* I already hated these guys just for appearing on my screen and then they had them talk about Nagisa like that! STFU! Ah! I want to smack them onto the floor and shove them down a garbage disposal. Assholes.

I mean, seriously! Just for a minute here we’re going to ignore the suspension of disbelief usually in play at these sorts of moments. Soccer is a team sport. Good teams rely on each other and have good people skills so they can build trust with one another. Therefore, this team sucks. They’re the sort of asshole team that will get beat by the underdog team from another school every time (in movies and reality occasionally).

Of course I got a little smile out of it since it pissed Tomoya off so much. (That’s right you go teach the idiots who made fun of your adorable girlfriends a lesson! Unless Nagisa says not to. Then you have to be good and stay put.)

Ah well. We all figured Sunohara had a reason for being the way he is and there it is. A completely unfair situation got to be too much until he finally ran out of patience. I can completely accept that.

Looks like my connection to this arc stays in tact because it was basically the same for my brother. No specific incident, but the same reasons I’d say. You get treated unfairly until you just can’t take it any more and lash out, hoping to make things even. Then for some crappy reason you get the worst punishment and the people who really deserved to get kicked out walk away scot free and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Then you end up just not caring because it’s the only way to deal with crap.

Ugh…pisses me off when I’m reminded of that sort of thing.

So, changing modes now…Yukine~! She can join my awesome younger sisters’ club now. Though I severely doubt her situation is similar to anything I’ve ever dealt with. She’s still awesome because she’s Yukine.

She’s my third favorite now~! All the main girls besides Nagisa get left in the dust because of some of these side characters.

Poor Ryou (she even started crying this time too). This was one of those scenes I’m sure I was supposed to take seriously, but I couldn’t help but giggle because of cute and crying Ryou.

*squee* How long has it been since we got to see super determined Nagisa? It’s one of the reasons why I like her oh so much. Nagisa is always cute (no matter what adorable expression she makes), but it’s moments like this that can completely explain why she’s not just my favorite Clannad girl, but one of my favorite girls in anime.

Ah~! Nagisa~!

Nagisa and Mei are both cute, but when they’re on the screen together…Agh! It’s just the best screencap for this whole episode, okay?

You know it’s times like this where I kind of wish Kyo-Ani took more animation shortcuts. A stillframe of Mei being hit with a ball or of her falling in a way that looks like she might have just tripped…wouldn’t have been so difficult to watch. Poor little imouto.

Oh god and they made her cry. I felt like crying too during this scene. I mean, at some point in this episode all the crying got excessive and kind of felt unnecessary, but it’s still awful to see a cute little girl crying.

I officially declare the Soccer Club to be the biggest assholes in…I don’t know. At the very least, they’re the biggest assholes in any Visual Novel adaptation I’ve seen.

The loli-imouto abuse seemed kind of excessive. I mean, dragging her around by the arm while she’s crying? So mean…and also, being an anime fan for a while, I know what sort of “fanworks” to expect because of a scene like this. *sigh*

Overdone slow motion made me both rage and laugh depending on what they were showing. Oh Kyo-Ani…sometimes less can be more.

Slow motion also kind of gave away what was next…

But woot! Sunohara redeems himself in one well-placed kick to the face (the face! Awesome!). That’s how a big brother should act! Running in to take on like…five assholes. Wait, no. It’s seven. I just counted. Seven.

This pretty much cancels out every goofy and dumb thing Sunohara’s ever done and makes him insanely awesome.

And we’re going to skip right past the fight (and mostly ignore the second one) because there’s not a single screencap you can get from that stuff that doesn’t either look weird, goofy, or just gay.

Basically, for the first time I actually felt like Tomoya and Sunohara were supposed to be delinquents. I mean, even early on in the series they just seemed lazy to me. It felt like everyone else in the school was just being stupid and overdramatic for making such a big deal out of the “third-year delinquents” or whatever crap. But hey! They actually do get into fights.

Well, you kind of always knew that about Sunohara, but still…

Hmm, does it go towards Sunohara’s intense anger that he didn’t notice Nagisa or was it just Sunohara being Sunohara?

…Personally I tend to think both, but I’ll give Sunohara’s RIGHTEOUS ANGER the benefit of the doubt to preserve some seriousness of this scene. Because it’s going to be lol’d at across the internet with yaoi jokes and comments about crying girls.

Couple image because there’s pretty much no other couple image in this episode and that is shameful. Whose After Story is this anyway!?

Ah, but despite the fact that all the crying seemed a teensy bit unnecessary, it actually gave that feeling that Nagisa really is going out with Tomoya now. Most scenes haven’t felt very different from season one until now. Actually, if the first commercial for the After Story is any indication, Violence = NagisaxTomoya moment…so…more of that please (if it’s absolutely necessary).

And all’s well that end’s well~! Honestly…I don’t have much to add in here because I think it’s just a nice ending. Also, I don’t get guys. Because while it hasn’t been exactly like this, I’ve had two guy friends make peace by beating the crap out of each other before. I just don’t get it so I have nothing to add.

Smiling Nagisa makes me happy. And this is an opportunity I will take to remind something incredibly important.

YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR NAGISA IN SAIMOE ON SUNDAY SATURDAY! (Wait, it is Sunday, right?) It’s Saturday!

If anyone I know doesn’t vote for Nagisa and she loses I’m not talking to you again for…I don’t know. But quite a while. Just thought I should let you know. I might do a reminder post on her voting day too with information for people who don’t vote much, but want to. I don’t know, I just want to say that people have to vote for Nagisa right now. If you put aside personal tastes, I think she’s the one that represents moe the best in the final eight.

lol, Tomoya. He’s so mean. Though Tomoya’s just Tomoya and everyone would expect this sort of thing from him. You really have to look at Sanae since she never even thought to bring it up, even though Tomoya tried to point it out to her once.

Oh Sanae, leading high-schoolers on (thank god she only teaches kids).

And lulz. It looks like Sunohara just gets to be the butt of all the jokes again. Good to have our comic relief character back!


Satsuki Yukino using her awesome shouting! I mean, you can like lots of different seiyuu for other things, but without a doubt, Satsuki Yukino is the best for any awesome shouting women.

lol, In the preview I even got a Kaname-esque moment. Rageful teenager voiced by Satsuki Yukino is awesome. Glad we get to see Misae’s story so I can hear the kind and polite then rageful version of her character (ah, the Satsuki Yukino specialty).

Also…Misae seems way too freakin’ cute as a teenager. I think it’s just that red ribbon because as soon as she turns around she looks like an adult again. But Misae + Red Ribbon….cute.

Ah…done. Now I can go crawl into bed until 8:30 PM (EST). Bleh, stupid weird cold won’t go away. Hopefully that sentence alone explains my inactivity and any mistakes that might have been made (also general laziness).


  1. I haven’t been able to watch it since I watched it the first time on Thursday. I just don’t want to have to watch the Soccer Club guys be such dicks to Mei unless I have to, so I’m waiting for Eclipse’s subs, then I’ll watch it again :p

    And poor Sunohara, Tomoya plays him so bad. And yeah, Sanae is totally leading him on, but she thinks she can help him out by getting him to change. Although I guess she doesn’t know Sunohara all that well if she thinks he’ll change because of her :p Oh well, it was hilarious seeing Akio run after him while Tomoya finally got his big laugh out of the whole thing.

    “Also, I don’t get guys. Because while it hasn’t been exactly like this, I’ve had two guy friends make peace by beating the crap out of each other before. I just don’t get it so I have nothing to add.”

    Yeah, it is a guy thing :p I’d try to explain it to you, but I’m not sure I can, and I’m not sure it’d make any sense anyway~

    I can’t wait to see Misae’s story. When I heard her talking a bit more in like.. I guess it was the episode where Mei first comes to stay with Sunohara, I realized she seemed familiar. But I totally didn’t expect her to be the one who voiced Kagome D: Although it does make sense now :p
    Anyway, I can’t wait for more, Misae looks really cute, but we hardly ever get to see much of her :(

    Gah, just thinking about this episode again makes me want to crack some of those soccer guy’s skulls ><

  2. I felt sorry for Mei, I really did, but most of my love for this episode went to Yukine (and Nagisa, too, of course ^^). Yukineee~! :D
    Can’t wait till her arc. I liked all the other ones but none of them have ever moved me so much into getting teary-eyed (I can never really cry during sentimental moments while watching anime for some reason, hmm :/) but maybe that would change with Misae’s or Yukine’s.
    Anyways, back to this ep…omg, MEI~!!! ;_; It doesn’t matter whose imouto she is or whatever! You just can’t pick on a little girl like that, those f***in’ assholes!
    God, I seriously hated the stupid soccer team so much. Even if the producers didn’t make them come off as ugly, drunk-on-their-own-spit bastards, I still would’ve. Because either way, they would’ve kicked Sunohara off their team for whatever reasons even though Sunohara was being the team player like he was. *sigh* Now I really do wonder if there are athletes like them in reality. I really hope not but if there are, wtf are their coaches doing? =_=;
    I mean, look at the basketball team from last season! MAJOR difference there. So why is there school so screwed up?
    Ack, w/e. I’m done with them. Moving on to the awesomeness that was the fight.
    Sunohara was great. This was the Sunohara I wanted to see. He wasn’t just saying to himself “Whatever” about Mei and Tomoya “going out.” Because if it had been anyone else, Sunohara wouldn’t just sit and do nothing about it. He trusted Tomoya because he knew Tomoya was a good guy and would never do anything to hurt Mei (silly Tomoya doesn’t realize their own weird meaningful friendship till now :P).
    Hmm, but I’m still glad they beat the crap out of each other though. Watching boys, who are good friends with each other, pummeling each other into the ground is just funny for me. xDD;; I don’t understand why they do it either so the best way to word it is “It’s probably just a guy thing”. Heh, its the same way on how they see girls act with one another. lol
    Ha, but KyoAni really did do things a little bit excessively in this ep. Dragging Mei around by the arm, slow motion and even the whole crying business. *sigh* When moe girls cry, it’s cute but not in the case where they’re being horribly picked on by stupid jocks. That was just plain mean and pissed me off like nothing else.
    I ONLY thought it was cute during the second fight but it was short-lived. I laughed at that, too, actually, because that’s like…all they did! ^^; Well, anyways, the “Onii-chan! Onii-chan!” was getting annoying and I was already rolling my eyes wishing someone would actually stand in between them just to stop everything. Silly boys. Making the girls cry like that. Bad! :P
    & one more note before moving onto Misae: Nagisa, you are my new MOE queen for being so awesome~! <3 I loved her determined face. It’s such a sincere, determined face. Who can really pull something off like that and look pwnage!cute at the same time? No one, yes? Well, maybe Sakura but that’s a given so it doesn’t count. xDD;
    “Violence = NagisaxTomoya moment”
    This. This is revolunationary math. 8DD
    & yay! Misae next week! She looks so cute with her red ribbon. x3 It actually kinda reminds me of Mion from Higurashi, though (who was also voiced by Satsuki Yukino, go figure). Hmm, yep, Satsuki Yukino is awesome! Can’t wait! x3
    Thx for the review as always! ^^

  3. Oh yeah, what happens at 8:30? lol

  4. The Sunohara/Mei arc is officially confirmed as the best arc so far in the anime.

    Really?! By who?! This gives me more of a reason to reschedule the time I allotted to watch and blog Clannad AS Ep 4.

    I rewatched Clannad just a couple of weeks ago (it was my third time watching it overall) and I still cried at the end of Kotomi’s arc.

    I hate to admit it, but I almost did cry at that point. How pathetic of me. :(

  5. I don’t know how many more times Tomoya can get away with fooling people and they STILL believe him.

    I wonder why most of the “buff” guys in the series are drawn with such ugly faces. Are they all on steroids or something?!

  6. nazarielle: I haven’t been able to rewatch it either. Stupid soccer jocks! Though actually I did skip ahead to that one guy getting kicked in the face a couple of times…heh.

    No, she certainly doesn’t know him that well. The only one that can get Sunohara to change is obviously his little sister…and saying that just gave me some minor siscon vibes…

    Guys have tried to explain it to me before and it still doesn’t make sense. So you’re right to choose not to try and explain it.

    Satsuki Yukino voices pretty much any girl that needs to have some major shouting power. That includes Kagome with her powerful, “OSUWARI!” and Misae with her powerful…beating up on guys in her dorm.

    I had to watch Shugo Chara!! Doki at 8:30. Live stream~ Keyhole TV is awesome for anime I don’t care about seeing in good quality the first time.

    xiao_jie: Not even Kotomi’s teddy bear that traveled all over the world? Her parents sacrificed their life’s work to make sure Kotomi got that bear! You’re so cold~

    God the soccer team was just…let’s just call them repulsive. I think it sums them up best. You really don’t need to say anything except, “They’re just absolutely repulsive.”

    Hehe…yeah. That should have occured to Tomoya too. He’s not exactly the best person to play the role of “taking advantage” of Mei or whatever. I mean…after all it took him forever to start going out with Nagisa.

    Though that really is a pretty powerful friendship, because I don’t know if this is the normal thing but my brother had a very stern, “No dating my sister” policy with his friends. But my brother has awful friends so that probably is different.

    Heh. There’s certainly a lot of things guys don’t get. Like…trying to think of an example in anime…ah! Like anytime girls in an anime hug is has to be a yuri thing. Psh. Boys. (Then again some yaoi fangirls do that too…)

    Ah, I actually liked all the crying in the second fight. How it switched back and forth between Mei and Nagisa both crying the same way. Somehow it just seemed darn adorable. Because it was specifically Mei and Nagisa I’d say.

    Exactly! She has that super moe! I think she’s the closest I’ve seen anyone come to Sakura-level moe…ever.

    I still need to watch Higurashi, but not until I can buy the DVDs and snuggle up in my bed. I can’t not marathon a finished series and I can’t marathon anything with too…that stuff without being all snuggly with my kitty.

    Uh, but I got off-track. Satsuki Yukino next week! Woo! There. That’s better.

    7 lol, Just by me…though lots of people who played the VN said the same thing.

    It’s not pathetic. Every one in the world criest for Key Kyo-Ani anime. It’s a fact. If they don’t even get the urge to cry, they’re not human! Or they’re just an asshole.

    Christina: As long as Sunohara and Nagisa are around, he’ll get away with it for at least two people. Though actually…even Nagisa gets suspicious sometimes now. Just Sunohara then.

    Ugh…steroids and a nice smack in the face with a shovel I’d say. Steroids alone won’t make you look like that.

  7. Nope. & I guess I am. *shrug* & if I were Kotomi’s parent, I wouldn’t leave her in the first place, especially not before her birthday to do whatever crappy work or to go on some quest to find a teddy bear. :/

    Tomoya is a wimp and everyone knows it. xD

    Aww…sometimes I want an big brother when people say that. ^^;

    *rolls eyes at the yuri/yaoi complexities* What’s wrong with spreading love, huh?

    I can’t watch Higurashi, even though I really like the characters. Creeps me out too much. Can’t sleep. No sleep equals…well, you get the idea. I watched most of season two, though, and liked it. :3
    …Dude, I just thought of something almost completely irrelevant. Did Nana-sama ever voice in a horror anime? 8D S’ok, you don’t need to answer. *going to check right now* xDD;;

  8. As I was watching this episode, I was thinking about all of the things I should write in my next blog post about how I hate stupid jocks and how Tomoya should have been smart enough to pwn them for being such jerks.

    But then he did, and I calmed down XD

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