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We’re heading for Halloween now (though if you watch some commercials, it’s already the Christmas season), so it’s finally time for the Halloween header/banner to make its appearance.

All capitals lame post title makes me feel better. I’m grumpy because I’ve missed out on my opportunity to do an image spam of cute anime girls playing baseball. I had some really cute ones of Nagisa and Rin. The Red Sox ran out of “magic”, which isn’t fair. I liked our magic.

This banner features five different series with five different girls. From left to right we have:

  • Fuuko from Clannad
  • Kudryavka from Little Busters!
  • Fate from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
  • Sakura from CardCaptor Sakura
  • Amu from Shugo Chara!
  • Haine from Shinshi Doumei Cross

All of them as witches. Cute, aren’t they? (Even Fuuko is in that image)

Most of the images came from Danbooru under either the Halloween tag (NSFW) or the Witch tag (also NSFW). The Amu image is from a flow card scan I got here and the Haine image…I’ve had forever. I don’t know where it’s from. The background image…I also have no idea on.

If you ask me specifically, I can probably find where the images are from exactly (unless I have no idea).

The tagline…is just the first thing that popped into my head. I couldn’t think of anything less stupid after, so that’s what stayed.

Also, because the header clashed so much with my usual theme, I did a temporary theme change. Irresponsible, yes, but I really wanted to use black and orange. It’s Halloween after all.

The width isn’t off too much so most images for most of my posts (the episode posts) are fine. There’s a couple on the second page, but everything that’s on the first page right now is definitely fine.

My line skips in older posts (I’ve fixed the problem for the first page also) are obvious with this change too. In older posts you’ll get to see a nice…


Instead of…

I also updated pages to look better with the new design and I finally put my Schedule page up and took my “Top Ten” page down for a little bit (the lists are on hold). The Top Ten page is back up because there’s really no reason to take it down, even if the lists are on hiatus. As usual, my old Banner can now be found in the Banners page.

Overall, I like the new design’s look, but I’m not too fond of the navigation. The sidebar disappears when you click on a post and you have to add the pages to the sidebar too. But I’ve seen worse and it’s just temporary. On Novemer 1st the blog will return to normal with another new header.

The problem is…the baseball header depressed me. I wouldn’t have changed my Header at all if my baseball season had continued, but it didn’t. So it’s Halloween time now.

Sorry if it’s confusing or throws you off for a little bit. I tried to make it as convenient as possible. Feel free to say that it bothers you, but I’m not changing it. Being stubborn is just one way I deal with loss. (It’s just 11 days after all)

Now excuse me. My favorite team in any sport in the whole world finally lost its miracle comeback magic. I need to deal with the fact that they’re all actually human and switch my full attention to Basketball in the meantime. The Celtics can still give me my two championships in a row! Woo!


  1. Awesome banner! ^^

  2. xDD
    I come on here and everything’s black and orange. Then I have to squeal at the adorable witches in the header except for Fuuko, who needs to be taken OFF!…but that’s just me. :P like the fangirl I am. lol
    Ah, I want to be a witch for Halloween now…you won’t believe me but I’ve never been a witch before. ^^;
    The layout is awfully nice. I like it alot. hehe
    But yea…the navigation bar is gone (Nuu~! Come back!). But it’s only temp. so no biggie.
    Mmmkay, awesome again as always. ^^
    Ugh, basketball…the equivalent of gambling for the next few months… -_-;

  3. How dare you want to take down adorable Fuko, xiao_jie88! :p

    Witches are cute any time of the year, but on Halloween they’re super-moe~ Unfortunately, I don’t recognize any of the other girls except for Fuko :p

    I think I was actually going to use this theme at one point, until I realized the nav bar disappeared when you clicked on a post. Plus my images overflowed the width :<

  4. Yay! What a cute cute theme~ It really fits the Halloween, and these theme changes are a good thing. Allways seeing the same one gets boring :P
    But yeah, Black and Orange ftw :3

    And I simply love the banner, although it doesn’t really need to be Halloween for witches to be cute. Witches are allways cute, and cool, everyone knows that :D Too bad Haine’s photo hasn’t the same quality as the others (or it’s just me, idk :X) but it’s great just because it’s her~ *w*

    Too bad that where I live, Halloween is just like a normal day (sort of). It’s not that important, but I sure like it :)

  5. What happened to my airy Simplicity ;_;? This new theme scares me…

  6. Hey~!
    Long time without coming…!
    Oh, I really like the new theme…
    Though I don’t get excited bcause of halloween since we don’t celebrate it here. [however, the markets still take the chance to sell halloween products]
    But! I loooove witches ♥
    I collect them, I got me 7th one the other day and I’m happy~! [ppl say is for good luck to hav 7 witches, but I just like them. No superstition for me]
    And of course love the witches pics ♥ Specially the anime ones.
    But now, I do have a Haine pic as a witch that I love[the one with the pink-white-black outfit], is one of my fav, but it’s not that one. Don’t know where I got it either.
    And the Amu one, hehe, I’ve got most of the flow cards, that one is one of my fav.
    Anyway, like your new theme =)

  7. xiao_jie88: lol, I knew someone would have something to say about Fuuko. She’s the only Clannad girl I could find with any witchy-ness going on. Which is awful! I want a cute witch image of Nagisa! No Rin AND no Nagisa witches makes me a sad girl.

    But Fuuko’s cute when she’s not talking or like this >_<

    I’ve actually never been a witch before either. The only Halloween-ish thing I’ve ever been was a black cat.


    nazarielle: Yeah, but the ugly warty ones aren’t cute except on Halloween when there’s a cute little eight-year-old girl underneath the makeup.

    Eh? None of the girls. Well, you will recognize Kudryavka once KyoAni decides to adapt Little Busters!, but you should recognize Sakura! She’s Sakura!

    Bleh, this theme pretty much sucks for anything except Halloween. That’s confirmed. I couldn’t deal with it past eleven days.


    Meball: More reason for me to get my own hosting so I can change my theme to something outside of the ones they offer on wordpress.com

    Haine’s picture doesn’t have the same quality. I have the picture that must have been scanned at my house. It’s like three inches tall. So it wouldn’t have a very good resolution. There’s another picture of a Haine witch I wanted to use but it was too wide.

    Halloween is like, the second best holiday (Christmas and all December holidays are forever first in my book).


    omisyth: Well, it is Halloween. So airy Simplicity got killed by the cute witches and their scary theme. Muahahaha.

    For now anyway. It’ll have a wonderful resurrection later.


    Reina: Aww…no Halloween? Does that mean no Trick-or-Treating? No insane week-long sugar-rushes for the first week of November? You poor thing.

    But at least you still get to enjoy the best parts of Halloween, which is really, all of the stuff you can buy because of it.

    Ah! The pink and black one was the one I wanted to use originally. But it takes up too much space (too wide) and the pink would look too odd.

  8. Helloween theme! Cool. ^_^

  9. I thought I clicked the wrong link when I got directed to your new page. Lol. I love the theme and banner, very cute! I’m working on my Halloween banner, but it’s being stupid, so it’s probably gonna take a while. XD

  10. Wow – this is really different with the complementary colours of the last layout. But nice and cool^^
    Will it stay for the whole winter season? Or only during the spooky period?
    By the way, there exists another witch pic of Haine which was the Hlloween cover of the Ribbon last year. Cute as well.
    Too bad the navigation bar is gone – is was so easy to go back to main site after reading the entries.

    Lovely greets Mina

  11. @nazarielle: Nuu, the more important thing is: How can you not recognize all the other cute girls besides Fuuko?! D8
    lol I kid, I kid.
    No really, how could you not? xD;


    @Fuyu-san: But we still have Christmas, which is mah birthday! 8D lol Yea, I can’t wait for Christmas now. x3

    Ah, you said it…I want an Ikuto in a Halloween costume now. xDDD

  12. Oh my. How very appropriate of you to put up this theme. Loving the new banner as well. Maybe I should learn a thing or two from you when it comes to the Spirit of the Seasons..

  13. got really surprised with the theme. i was so used to the serene blue. it’s nice though. i’m wondering what you’ll do for christmas.

  14. xiao_jie88: Haha, well, I’m relatively new to watching so much anime. Before Geass, I had only watched a handful of anime, maybe 5 or 6 series, and most of them were action/fantasy types :p Oh and I don’t really read manga. I dunno what it is, but I never liked comic books, and since manga is pretty much the same thing, it’s hard for me to enjoy. If I’m reading something, I’d prefer reading a novel, rather than reading dialogue with pictures.

    I do like that Kudryavka chick though, the one that’s the main picture for this post. She looks very moe :>

  15. OMG I like the new theme!!! ^_^ And I love the new banner especially the cute Sakura and Haine. I really feel the Halloween vibes!! Trick or Treat!!!

  16. Both the theme and the banner fit the spirit of the Halloween :) Especially I like that you managed to keep good contrast for the text on the banner :)

  17. @nazarielle: Ah, I see.
    I’m sorta the opposite, though, on the manga/novel case. I like reading novels but I never have the motivation to actually read them. *so lazy* xDD; For manga, I just love the art aspect of it, especially since the story is what makes the art go along with it.

    And yes, Kud is irresistable moe. :3

  18. Ugh. I know how you feel about the sox. I honestly ended up crying for a half hour after that. I’m pretty grumpy about it too, because there was supposed to be NO way Lester was going to loose that game, and there was supposed to be no way that we could bring our elimination game insanity to an end after winning 2 games in a row.
    Seriously disappointed in J.D for striking out. ;;

    Anyways, I’m not a Fuuko fan, and I’ve never seen Little Busters, but this banner is adorable. I came on and I’m like “..Did I get the wrong blog? Nope, there’s cute girls on the banner.” Sakura looks just adorable though. <3 I love the new theme overall.

  19. I’ve been looking for some Halloween pics myself, I’ve just been too lazy to actually check Danbooru. The new theme and banner really fits well with the season though. Good job :P

  20. Well, that was odd.
    I click on your blog and suddenly it’s all dark! I was like ‘whoa, wrong blog?’ until I saw the banner. -ignored dozo!have a starfish-

    I sorta forgot all about Halloween, damn.

  21. Well, that was odd.
    I click on your blog and suddenly it’s all dark! I was like ‘whoa, wrong blog?’ until I saw the banner. -ignores dozo!have a starfish-

    I sorta forgot all about Halloween, damn.

  22. Nice banner :D much better than my banner Y_Y

  23. I love the new look and banner for the Halloween season! Just as everyone else, when I first came to visit it, I almost wondered if it was the right site X)
    Fuko, Sakura and Amu all in one banner really equals to awesomeness!

  24. Wow, shockingly….COOL! It’s fully dark now, I like it.

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