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Ah. This was a tough week. I almost didn’t think I’d get my AW post done at all. I even wondered if I’d fall behind with actually watching a lot of anime too. But of course, there’s Veoh and other places for stuff like that.

This week I blogged CHAOS;HEAD, Yozakura Quartet, and To Aru Majutsu no Index. There’s also some general news about the blog and my plans for the season at the bottom of the post.

Well, all the subbing seems to have picked up now that all the groups know what exactly they’re going to be subbing. That’s good for me. Especially since I’m losing concentration to understand even half of a raw. When I’m sick I usually can’t even watch the whole thing and end up having to just give up.

But subs are fine. I can usually watch a subbed anime without even taking one break. Not that it’s really anything to brag about. It actually sounds pretty pathetic needing to take a break from watching TV at all.

…Let’s just move on then.

CHAOS;HEAD – Episode 02

Holy crap it’s still awesome. I loved the beginning which resolved the cliff-hanger from last week (well kinda), but started getting so annoyed with stupid megane ojou-sama and her generic-ness. However after Rimi and Yua were in a scene together I thought that there was no way two girls like them would be interested in Takumi unless they wanted something, so I realized. “Ah…these girls want something, don’t they?” and I turned out to be right about Yua anyway.

She seems even crazier than Rimi (who actually doesn’t seem that crazy at all, even looking back at her blood-covered scene). And also about Rimi, I’m thinking that she might not want anything from Takumi really. Whether in murdering mode or in normal girl mode, she seems to…well, actually like Takumi.

Oh…to be clear. Yua is the megane girl, Rimi is the pink-haired girl, and Nanami is the little sister. Rimi’s my favorite so far. So let’s talk about her first.

Haha~! She seems so normal, I love it. Things got even more confusing after all the stuff that happened this week and that’s a good thing. That’s a very good thing. Because I love it when no matter how much I try to think about things, I just can’t figure it out.

So Rimi and Takumi both actually know each other and have for a while. It’s probably not just Rimi pretending because that other guy acknowledges it too and Takumi knows her name. Now the question is was Rimi pretending not to remember the whole murdering thing or was it really another delusion of Takumi’s. The fact that he’s the only one who saw Rimi there definitely makes it questionable that she was there. You could wonder if he’s the killer too, but I don’t think so anyway. If only because there would be some blood on his clothes. Someone else would see it even if he didn’t.

Right now, I think Rimi was there and…probably the killer (or at least the one that nailed the guy to the wall). I’m not sure though. If only because she seems to be the most normal character so far. She has her cutesy side, but she actually seems very stable, though definitely hiding something or maybe she has memory loss too. Who knows~! Anything’s possible. Anyway, no matter what she’s definitely the main female character in all of this.

There seems to be the most questions about Rimi right now. I can’t help but wonder about everything about her. I want to know more about her past with Takumi and why he doesn’t remember her. Those are probably my two priorities. I’m not sure if I’ll get more of the past, but the explanation this episode just didn’t cut it for me. Then there’s her connection with the New Gene murders. Hmm…yeah. You could just say I’m interested in everything about her.

This week we also got the police getting involved, which really has no real impact on the plot yet. They’re looking for Takumi anyway, but they all seem pretty ordinary and boring to me right now so I don’t care about them. I can get police stories on regular television, but I can only get multiple possibly crazy and homocidal bishoujo in this anime. So that’s what I’m focused on.

The ending (or rather, the last five or so minutes this time) was the best part of the episode again. Once he started trusting Yua I knew something was going to happen. She actually sounded crazy. I was incredibly disappointed to find out that she wasn’t really (that much anyway), but I suppose if she was crazy and going to kill Takumi we wouldn’t have a story. Unless Rimi busted out of the bushes with her giant weapon and saved the day, but that would be lame. Incredibly so.

The stuff she brought up about Takumi was really interesting. Brings about a lot of new confusion. So now Takumi possibly has some sort of power to predict the murders and we also have some memory loss. I have a hard time disliking him just because he’s so incredibly screwed up. After the stuff happening in this episode too, I’m wondering if there’s a reason for him being a hikikomori besides just adding something to the plot. Most people become a hikikomori because something happened. Now because it’s based off of a VN and the main character usually doesn’t get much backstory, but this one’s definitely different. Takumi is involved in all these murders and there has to be a reason for that. A bunch of questions about him have already been opened that will definitely need answers. I can feel free to ask some of my own.

*deep breath* Well, this is definitely exactly what I wanted from this series. Instead of just saying what I think I get to ask some of my own questions. Kind of makes me want to move blogging this to a whole new post each week to get more interaction, but I don’t feel like it. I’d rather come up with my own theories and ignore everyone else’s. Even theories can be spoilers sometimes.

Basically, the story (as far as twists, mysteries, and cliffhangers go) is still interesting. The music and voice acting is all still making the twists even twistier (…). And because of Takumi’s delusions, you can’t help but wonder what’s even real. Next week it looks like we’re going to be meeting the remainder of the girls and I assume the story will really take off. They have a lot of material to cover in 13 episodes after all.

Yozakura Quartet – Episode 03

I actually hate Hime a little this week. This is why I really didn’t want them to animate this episode. That poor puppy. I mean, it’s a dog. Poor little thing probably only bit Akina because he wanted to take him away from Hime for a little bit. You don’t hit a dog. You scold it, but you don’t hit.

You can’s punish animals by basically taking away your love and that’s what Hime did. Stupid girl.

I’ll forgive her next week when her occasional stupidity makes her fun again, but meh to her this week. Pissed me off. Especially since she hit the dog when it was all happy and then made it get all sad. Then she says it’s because she’d been to soft on it until then. So you don’t go from zero punishment to sending it away. Stupid Hime.

Actually, I’ve already forgive her because of how depressed it made her afterward. Sometimes you just lash out and do things you regret. It can’t be helped if Hime realized it too late. Things happened really quickly after all.

I like Ao a lot more now though since she’s the one who went after the dog even though she’s scared of dogs. She’s my favorite this week.

Of course the biggest asshole this week is the series asshole who got a cute little dog involved in his big scary youkai plans and I officially hate him FOREVER! Asshole. Hime may have been stupid and naive but this guy’s just an asshole who wants…I don’t even know. He just had the poor little dog posessed because it was Hime’s pet anyway. Then he taunted the little dog and super transformed it. Bah. I hate him. That’s all I can say right now to avoid manga spoiler, but…agh I really hate him.

Akina was pretty cool stepping up like that too. Kotoha was mostly just there this week. But really, poor doggy.

…I really don’t have anything to say outside of the stuff about the dog. I love dogs (and kitties) so anything sad about a dog really traumatizes me. I’ll probably never, ever watch this episode again. It’s deperessing. I don’t give a crap about people dying or being sad that much (okay not entirely true), but when it’s an animal, specifically a pet, it’s about five times worse. I mean pets just want their owner’s love, whenever they do something bad they don’t mean it.

Ah goodbye Silver. You were an adorable puppy and I wish you could have stayed around longer. I at least hope you didn’t leave thinking Hime didn’t want you. I’ll probably forget about it all next week. And next week looks like it might be that story about Kotoha. I don’t really know since I don’t pay much attention to her.

To Aru Majutsu no Index – Episode 03

I’m so incredibly thankful that I decided to watch this show with subs first after last week’s episode. Because I would have been completely lost otherwise. Do you realize how much information they shoved into some parts of this episode? Even watching it subbed I got a little lost at one point. I’m just thankful that I already knew a lot of the history stuff about the Christina religion so I was able to follow along fairly easily.

Wow. That made me stop for a minute. We have super loli teachers and discussions about religion and politics in the same episode. Well. That’s anime for you. I’m surprised there wasn’t fanservice too.

*sigh* Well anyway, this week was awesome as usual. I think that this might be my fourth favorite show airing this season. I love the characters, story, music, art, animation, action, and…well probably anything I missed too (ah! voice acting!). Index and Touma would be the main draw for the show because they’re both just excellent characters. Plus the two of them just met and they already have a better relationship than any other characters in a JC Staff anime! Okay, over-dramatization. Especially since Touma still says stupid things and Index still bites him for saying stupid things.

Didn’t expect any sort of “romantic” relationship topic to come up between them at all, I guess because Index just seemed too…I don’t know. Now that it has, I don’t really mind it, but I’m not going to go all fangirling for it. I just like Touma and Index when they’re together, no matter what kind of relationship they’re in. I’ll be happy to follow this anime wherever it goes (even into Hell).

Ah, and for a kind of surprise/non-surprise, that dude who got all lame at the end of the last episode really isn’t that bad. Though, you can kind of expect that from the first villain to appear in a series. He’s not a good guy, but more like a reluctant bad guy I’d say. The sword-wielding lady is kind of emotionless, but she doesn’t seem to just be an evil bitch either. So…I guess I’ll have to look forward to that crazy-looking dude in the OP to get the shit beaten out of him because right now he’s the only one that really pisses me off an says stupid things.

I think back in episode one I was expecting the sudden plot appearance to be resolved in the next episode, but things didn’t get solved until this episode and now there’s a whole brand new confrontation on the way. Am I seriously going to get something that’s going to make me look forward to the next episode every week? Say it’s not so! Where’s my mediocrity!?

…There’s no mediocrity. This series is just pure 100% awesome and entertainment. There’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll just have to deal with having a series I can’t say one single bad thing about. And with this realization I have run out of things to say. It’s just…awesome. And we’ll leave it at that.

Wrap this up, Index’s other sort of personality is still crazy serious and weird, the loli teacher is still ridiculous and funny, and magic is awesome! Highlights of the episode were Index in the cute bunny pajamas, the lolis arguing over who is essentially loli-er, Index explaining her situation and Touma making her feel better (telling her to trust him and stuff), Index calling Touma’s name for fun, and any arguments Index and Touma had (because it’s cute).

Oh yeah…next week looks ten times more awesome! It looks like it’s going to be an actual fight. I mean the Inocentius stuff was pretty damn cool last week, but this stuff looks even better.

Now then, I do have my schedule all worked out now for all of my anime. Unfortunately, I now have an extreme lack of time and had to make sacrifices (immense ones). My winter-long sort-of cold started early this year, which to clarify, basically means I’m going to be sick until Spring. It varies from day to day, but right now I’m having a batch of bad days.

To be clear, none of that is medically accurate, it’s just how I feel all winter long. It’s a long story that I’d rather not get into, so just accept that explanation.

Anyway, I can’t do Top Ten for a while since the posts always took a long time to get ready. Anything I started blogging I’m continuing to blog. ToraDora! and AkaSaka are only “occasional” for when I have something to say. I’m not blogging Kannagi at all anymore (but I’m still watching it). And the greatest sacrifice *sigh* I can’t do regular blogging for Hakushaku to Yousei. It’s the only series I haven’t started yet, so rather than cut out another series I love just as much (which is true for my others) this makes more sense.

My posts in general may be smaller. I might cut out summaries for Skip Beat! for a while. Summaries for Shugo Chara! are getting smaller (but not just because of lack of time, but also lack of interest). I’m also probably not going to reply to as many comments. I’m going to reply to some specific comments, but just because I don’t reply to a comment you leave doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say to you. I just don’t have time (I mean…I always have something to say).

And that’s it for now. These Weekly posts are pretty useful for status updates. So if anything else comes up you guys can find out about it here.


  1. I’ve had Chaos;Head episode 2 downloaded for a few days now and I’m trying to find time to actually watch it, has it gotten really bloody yet? D: I’m so scared to watch it, because I don’t want to end up horrified :<

    I’m still waiting for them to explain in To Aru Majutsu why there’s a loli teacher who looks like she’s about 10 years old, but teaching high school students. That and she keeps insisting she’s an adult, which makes me wonder if the psychic powers or magic have some weird effect on people’s biology.

  2. It’s still not really bloody. That one screencap I have of Rimi covered in blood is pretty much it this episode.

    There’s probably no reason for her looking and acting like a loli except for humor I’m sure. Then again, this is an awesome anime so they might actually have some story for it down the road. I hope so because I think it would be interesting and would clear up the only possible complaint anyone could have about this show (meaning, pointless loli teacher).

  3. I actually thought Yua was really interested in Taku. But who cares about that guy? I personally don’t find him a very interesting main character… he’s boring and a bit crazy. I guess the anime will start to show more bloody scenes and murder cases in the next episodes. Looking forward to it :D

    Yozakura 3 was not as good as eps 1 and 2 (at least for me), and although I like dogs, I hated this one. I don’t know why, but he made me angry o_ô Stupid Silver D:
    And Ao is afraid of dogs… quite a strange thing, indeed. Or is it because she is a cat?
    Next episode we get to see the other bad guy talking (the one with white hair)! I hope he is a badass 8)

    To Aru keeps getting more complicated, but more interesting at the same time :P. But I guess now we know almost everything we need to know about Index past (well, not everything, seeing that she has lost her memories, right?). Even with subs it’s hard to understand those religious parts…
    More importantly, the sexy samurai woman appeared at the end! Kanzaki Kaoru… how exactly will Touma stop that sword? I mean, swords are not magic.. so I guess his right hand won’t work, right? x_X

  4. Ok, I decided to watch the second episode of Chaos;Head and now I think I’m hooked. If for no other reason than wanting to find out WHAT THE FUCK IS REAL?!?!?!? Oh my god it’s frustrating as hell trying to wade through all the information and try to guess what’s what. I can’t even begin to work on theories, because there’s so many questions and so little basis for answers. Plus there’s always the possibility that they’re completely just trolling us and its all just a dream, or a delusion, or the ‘brain in a jar/matrix,’ and so on.

  5. You deliberately put up pictures of pink-haired bishoujos, cute little dogs walking under umbrellas, and pouting lolis to lure me into deeper hell, didn’t you? You evil person! *throws…medicine at you!* >:P

    Hmm, well even though I haven’t read most of this post, I’m seriously considering Chaos;Head and maybe To Aru…argh! Name’s too long! TAMnI, then. Sounds lame, but w/e. Yea…I need some violence and action to balance out the dorama I’m currently having with every other show I’m watching…or maybe it’s just SC!…yea, it’s just that one. Everybody else is lurve. <3

    Hmm, yea…

  6. I love your banner. :)

  7. Dog cavalry looks epic lol

  8. I still haven’t seen Chaos;Head 2 yet, but judging from what everyone is saying and what I’ve seen of the screenshots from Random Curiosity, it seems they’ve shown Yua’s true intentions, but not the actual reason why she is doing so; this is good, because this justifies everything she does. The police show up, but not with “Peaches”, huh? Probably the next episode will clear that up. And Rimi still looks as innocent as ever (I’ll let you people figure out what I mean here), and Takumi is just as clueless as before.

    Nothing to really say about it, except Yua’s revelation is kind of a small thing. I’m really looking forward to Kozue (1st Fav. Char.), Ayase and her concert, and especially Sena (2nd Fav. Char.). I’ll give a hint and a half just for Anime Purists:

    Watch the FROGS! And backpacks too.

    To Aru Majutsu no Index is pretty good. I read the manga, so I’m set for future episodes. And like Chaos;Head, I still haven’t seen it yet, but it looks like it follows the manga, so I’m not that too worried about not keeping up with it right now.

    Yozakura no Quartet I was intending to watch, but keeping up with Ga-Rei Zero and Mouryou no Hako is seriously killing whatever time I have for this. So, probably won’t keep up with it.

  9. Meball: Oh Yua would have been interested in him if this was a typical harem story, but it’s not. It’s a psychological wtf-ery story…with lots of bishoujo just the same.

    You can’t hate Silver, he’s so cute~! He just wanted to be with Hime. Ah! Freakin’ adorable. I’m assuming it’s because she’s a cat. I don’t think she was afraid of Silver in the manga.

    Well yeah everything except the tiny stuff she can’t even remember herself. But everything else seems to be all laid out for us so only magic and super action from her on out!

    No I don’t think his hand works on physical stuff so we’ll see. lol. Watch. She doesn’t even try to use her sword for anything but like, a staff for magic.


    nazarielle: For me it’s fun just to ask the questions even without any theories. I’ve really got nothing now…that I’m willing to share (since I hate being wrong!)


    xiao_jie88: Don’t watch Yozakura Quartet for the doggy though! It’s a trap! But really at this point I probably wouldn’t recommend the anime to anyone. You pretty much get the same stuff, but better art, in the manga. It’s easy to read and follow…so yeah. I’d reccommend checking out the manga~! See, that doesn’t add anything to anime watching.

    But hey…rather than all of these other awesome anime…Are you watching Skip Beat!? Because you haven’t commented at all in my posts so I’m getting the feeling that you aren’t and that’s not right! You can’t be a shoujo fan and not watch Skip Beat, it’s just wrong.

    Of course if you are watching Skip Beat it’s all fine. In that case watch Index…or CHAOS;HEAD. Whichever.


    Kitsune: It is, for its glorious five seconds on screen.


    クレナイ夢: You haven’t? Then how do you know what to say you might spoil something for me! Irresponsible! Ah…but you didn’t (It’s still irresponsible though…)

    No we have no idea why Yua is trying to find stuff out. For now I’m just working off the, “she’s a crazy bishoujo” theory (which has been transferred from Rimi to her now).

    Ah…as far as the police stuff goes, I don’t know. I kind of forgot all that stuff immediately because it was boring. Have to rewatch it.

    I’ll take it to mean that Rimi is innocent so I can add her to my favorite girls of this season! Of course she’d be on that list just the same if she was actually killing people (because that’s interesting). Well, she’s pretty much assured to be MY favorite in this series because of her personality and character design. I decide my favorites quickly.

    The frogs? Okay…(though I kind of figured there was some reason for them)

    Well not for the plot development episode of Index anyway. You have to watch the episodes with action at least. Because JC Staff seems to be doing a decent job so far. There’s something just cool about seeing someone fighting fire. Hopefully next week will be cool without fire too.

    With Yozakura Quartet, you’re probably just better off reading the manga if you get the chance. The anime has the benefit of music, but that’s mainly it. The art in the manga is better too.

  10. Don’t say too much kurenai :p al;jdfalsdjf agh now I’m going to have to rewatch them and note the frogs.. bah. Oh well, at least it’ll kill my boredom.

  11. FuyuMaiden: It’s not THAT irresponsible…Maybe…But don’t worry if I didn’t watch it. Just one look of the screencaps and I already knew where the anime was. And consequently, how much the anime revealed. I’ll probably watch it later…Maybe.

    That’s good at least, so the mystery surrounding Yua is still there. It’ll probably last for 1-2 episodes before they tell you. It really isn’t that important, but that’s for Anime Purists to decide.

    And yea, Rimi is innocent if you say so. Though, it’s kinda funny how you chose Rimi as a favorite so quickly, as you did for Rin and Nagisa. You must have some kind of subconscious pick-favorite-character indicator for VN’s.

    The frogs are just for appreciation for the story and to feel good later on. You’ll be glad you kept watch on them. Same with the backpacks.

    Yeah, J.C Staff animated the action in the first episode well, so I’ll have to keep an eye for later episodes then. Episode 3 is definitely a must-watch for me.

    Huh….I got that feeling after hearing the explanation of Youkai and why they’re fighting in a town. Just something about it turned me off. Glad I actually didn’t watch it fully. I’ll look for the manga then and play Yozakura Quartet music simultaneously.

    nazarielle: Oh, it’s not that much. I’m just reiterating the fun, interesting little bits of the game without going into the main plot. Unless someone whose played the VN thinks so. But you can be assured that unless I use the (spoiler) placeholder, I haven’t said anything that is important/related/significant in the main plot.

    Now, if someone actually looked up spoilers…Yeah~

    Spoilers are bad for you! Bad! Bad! Bad!

  12. Haha, I don’t really hate Hime, tho I do think what she did was wrong. She just doesn’t know how to handle that stuff. But episode two had good points and bad points. The bad points, the animation looks totally off,and I found this a bit of filler that I didn’t think we need. But hey,looking at puppy that turns evil for a haft an hour is…cute…right? The good points are that their are classic scenes in this episode that make it enjoyable,lol.

  13. This series is becoming duller, it’s becoming harder to review. Just because I’m starting to looose my interest. I’m praying it will pick up sooner. I haven’t read the manga, have you? I’m thinking of trying that also. But I won’t drop this series, I”ll continue this to the end,even if I get so mad sometimes that I want to throw my Window Xp out the window!!!

    Little Neko

    PS: Do you want to blogroll each other links?

  14. Maura: Was the animation off? I didn’t even noticed since I hated the episode before even watching it…since I knew what would happen to the cute little puppy.

    But right now I’d definitely recommend the manga over the anime. THey seem to be dragging things out more in the anime (because apparently there’s just four volumes published in Japan) so filler has been added. This episode was dragged out a bit and episode two…didn’t exist at all in the manga.

    And I was actually about to ask you too when I got the chance. You’re added to my blogroll now.

  15. I’ll add you too my blogroll too!!!

    Yah the animation was off, and I was like ‘what’!!! It really tells in the scene where their eating noodles!!! Watch Hime’s face and the porpotion, it was just off and I quickly was like Uh-oh this is bad.

    I really actually was excited for this series,but I think their taking it the wrong way. I’ll definatly have to read the manga. I saw it in the store today!! But I didn’t buy it, because I decided to buy skip beat to review it. I need some manga reviews on my site,lol.

    Anyways I’ll add you!!!

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