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It feels like I’m watching a fanfiction written by a thirteen-year-old fangirl. It honestly feels that way. Just with some tweaking to create a generic mahou shoujo. The only thing missing is Lulu liking either Tadase or Ikuto. Actually glad that hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway Lulu made her appearance and…well everyone can make their own judgments. My opinion hasn’t changed much from last week. Ikuto’s also in the episode, but it really feels like they just threw him in there to keep us happy. It barely worked (on me).

I feel so far behind now. *tear* Usually I get my SC! posts out so early. On Friday nights quite often! And now…I’m a whole day late!

*goes to sob in a corner*

Oh well I’m still the best. *shot* Okay, I’m still…good. There’s too many people blogging SC! now for me to even consider myself the best. Psh. I miss being the only blogger some weeks so I could have an inflated ego without it meaning anything.

…Okay no I don’t. Because more people blogging SC! means less people nagging at me specifically.


On the way to school Yaya pops out behind a pole and take the lock from Amu. She heard from Tadase about her power-up and begs the Humpty Lock to give a power-up to her chara-nari Dear Baby too. At school, Amu’s sort-of friend Manami is the center of attention because of the flowers she brought to class. One of the girls ends up saying that the flowers are kind of like Amu (or something, because that feels awkward) and it initiates Amu’s stubborn act which Rima sees right through.

Walking from school, the girls start talking about a new student that transferred into a nearby school with famous parents (and her father’s French). Amu and Rima hadn’t heard about her, but imagine a girl with blonde hair. The girl they’re assumably talking about is behind a tree nearby, smirking and watching Amu. They get to Manami’s house, but Rima can’t stay because her parents would worry. That causes Amu to worry, but Rima says she’s fine. Flower montage ensues and Manami lets Amu and the other girl know about her dreams of making people smile with flowers (or something, I don’t care). When Amu leaves, the girl from before walks across the street behind her and Miki senses something odd. The girl shows up at Manami’s place.

Miki lets Amu and the charas know what she sensed before, but she was the only one, so instead Amu and her charas decide to make some cookies as thanks for the flowers she got from Manami’s parents’ store. She delivers them the next day, but then the charas all sense the strange aura this time and Amu goes off with them to investigate. She meets the girl, Lulu, who is basically just a bitch and says bitchy things (like Amu isn’t that great). Amu somehow assumes that she’s the girl her friends talked about the day before. She has a chara too, but says she doesn’t need to let them meet it (bitch) and leaves, still being a bitch. Amu then gets upset over what an uber-bitch she was.

Lulu walks up the steps of Easter, passing by Ikuto who glares at her, but replies that “it’s nothing” to Yoru when he asks what’s up. Lulu meets Gozen with the asshole director and gives her opinion on Amu (she’s not impressive and her charas are stupid). Lulu promises to take care of things with some random pendant.

The Guardians have a meeting where they discuss something (I paid zero attention). Elsewhere, Lulu uses her pendant (that will “grant dreams”) on Manami (after chara-changing). The asshole director explains how the pendant works to Gozen (I kind of missed parts of it, but it pretty much explains itself later on by just watching it). Manami’s egg transforms into a “nazo-egg” (riddle/puzzle egg) and does a change with her. The charas all sense a strange aura and go get the guardians to check it out.

Manami is spreading around flowers that makes people fall asleep in the park. Lulu and her chara Nana watch from behind a tree. Apparently Lulu has her own dream that she wants granted with the embryo. Yoru sees the strange stuff going on with Manami so goes to get Ikuto, but runs into Amu. He accidentally tells them about how the stuff going on is Easter’s new plan to get the embryo. Ikuto shows up and scolds Yoru for saying everything (cute~!). The usual confrontation with Ikuto and Tadase happens until the Guardians remember they have stuff to do.

They find Manami and after Amu tells her to stop she gets mad, then swallowed by the egg and transforms into Flower Dream. They all get trapped, but Amu escapes with the Humpty Lock and does her “powered-up” transformation into Amulet Heart. She seems to mostly be on the defensive and losting (inserting lots of smug shots of Lulu) until Manami does an attack while Amu is on the ground that would assumably really hurt her (and Ikuto gets all worried), but Amu blocks it with her pom-poms and makes all the flowers around her disintegrate with them somehow with sparkle power (wtf…they’re pom-poms…). She does her usual pep-talk to Manami telling her that the flowers she’s spreading aren’t making everyone smile and that was her dream. After snapping her out of it a bit she does her powered-up Open Heart (which really looks like a crazy love attack now) and Manami gets healed, but doesn’t remember anything. After Manami rushes off to her parents’s store, everyone notices the embryo which showed up partway through to watch the fight (wtf…). Lulu basically pouts once it leaves because she didn’t get it (wtf…again).

At the roayl garden, the guardians are discussing what just happened. The new eggs are nazo-tama because of the question mark (so Yaya says, but I’m just going with ?-egg). Everyone decides to keep going basically because Easter still sucks like always. It leaves off with Amu wondering about the new enemy from Easter (Lulu, though since it’s just an image it’s not clear if Amu knows it’s her specifically).

Summaries will quite often be smaller than what’s been normal for posts. This is because of a lack of time and lack of interest. I’m still blogging every week though, so I really don’t want to hear complaints.


Meh. Lulu. She just puts a damper on the whole thing for me. Anything I could have enjoyed, I really didn’t.

Though really, the whole darn thing was just completely generic. That’s all I can say. Generic. Ah, a lot of this is going to turn into a rant on the generic-ness and how useless Lulu is, so sorry in advance for that.

Rima’s on to you Amu~! Ah…I’m sorry, but I have to enjoy this smaller moments all the more because of how much I dislike the rest of the episode.

Alright, assuming I understood this correctly, why were they even talking about a girl who transferred into another school? And why would Rima be amazed at her ojou-sama-ness. Especially with the image they conjured up.

Rima is ten times cuter and prettier than that. Amu…well she’s amazed by everyone, but she’s a lot cooler.

Rima~! Oh even now I still can’t help but want to hug this cute little girl every time she smiles. She’s so strong and cute. Every time I hear Rima talk about her parents I can’t help but shout, “Ganbarre!” as loud as I can (in my head).

And then I want to give her a hug. But I can’t. And that sucks.

You know, at first Lulu wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be. All of that is owed to her seiyuu Akemi Kanda. She’s Ryou in Clannad (and was also apparently the girl with the big forehead from episode 45). I find her voice very cute and likable. Lulu’s character design also didn’t feel as awkward in some places as it has before.

However…none of this excuses her generic ojou-sama villainous personality.

No reason to even get pissed Amu. This is just a filler girl who will be sticking around for an unusual amount of episodes. She’s not even worth your time. She’s just taking up space until you get to be all raburabu with Ikuto.

Then again, that in itself is a reason to be pissed.

And it pisses Ikuto off too!

Yup, Ikuto doesn’t like blonde haired girls that subtly rip-off his sister…except bitchier and without any redeeming deredere moments. Or more likely he’s just pissed off that there’s a girl smiling while going into Easter. Bitch. Easter sucks.

She also walked right by Ikuto which is blasphemy! It can’t be done! I can accept stupid question mark eggs, but a girl that can walk right by Ikuto! Never!

Ugh. Stupid jewelry. They explained how it works, but did they explain why it has that power or where it came from? Nooo. Pisses me off. Stupid girl shouldn’t even be allowed to see Gozen. She’s going to fail majorly later on. Until then she’ll be like a Sailor Moon lackey who’s supposedly “great” but keeps failing anyway. She’ll get like twenty-something chances before everyone finally realizes that she just doesn’t stand a chance despite all her big talk.

Honestly, that’s the way this seems to be going right now.

And you. It’s all your fault that this girl was brought here in the first place. Because you’re incompetent and can’t do anything on your own.

I hope you get shoved down the elevator shaft on your way back and have the elevator fall on top of you asshole.

Most. Annoying. Chara. EVER. Now the seiyuu is the same person who voices Temari…so why does she sound like a freakin’ fugly trap here? I didn’t care for the design either, but the voice is repulsive. I don’t blame the seiyuu, since I know she can do better. I blame the staff for thinking this would be good.

At this point, it seems pretty obvious that Lulu deserves no consideration for possibly becoming good because even her would-be self is a bitch (actually she’s worse). Go away Nana. If at least she went away, I could deal with Lulu.

Except for this!!! Trying to make her all stubborn…damn you Satelight! I knew this was going to happen. No! I don’t want this! Come up with something original you ‘tards!

And if Peach-Pit came up with the personality too…well obviously it would turn out like this! They’re too focused on their own work so they would just shove another stubborn girl your way. Come up with something on your own!

Damn it. I suppose this was supposed to make her more likable, but it made me hate her for the unoriginality. She’s like a combined rip-off of Utau and Rima.

Ikuto~! Hehe. Yoru got scolded~! Why do the charas all seem like little kids or pets sometimes? They’re always getting into trouble.

This scene was stupid. I have to say it. It felt like it was just shoved in there. Tadase didn’t even really seem that confrontational, which some would consider good (normally I would), but he should be. New stuff is going on with Easter and…okay this scene was just stupid. Let’s leave it at that. Not well done at all. Lazy writing.

You know the chara’s reaction to all the ?-egg stuff (or riddle egg or nazo egg or whatever) actually gave me a small chuckle, but it would have been funnier if I hadn’t seen the egg eating Manami in that little preview thing. They better get rid of that before Ikuto’s arc or else it just ruins the story development. Until then, I’m just skipping past it on my first time watching each episode.

Flower Dream (assuming I got that right) is fugly. Now I suppose because it’s an evil and “warped” chara-nari that’s only natural, but still. My god…are all of them going to have that awful question mark on their foreheads?

*sigh* People are getting where the Sailor Moon vibes come from now, right?

Pissed off again when they tried to make Lulu cute. Make her have at least one redeeming quality before you try that crap on me!

Best scene in the whole episode and it lasted like two seconds. Ikuto being worried about Amu is always nice, but Satelight doesn’t get any thanks for this. It’s all owed to Yuichi Nakamura. Because it was specifically the way Ikuto said, “Amu” that made me a happy fangirl.

Ah~! He always says it differently each time and every time gets a little fangirl giggle and smile from me. This time was especially good because of how it was placed. You have Tadase shouting “Hinamori-san!” in a way that, quite frankly annoys me even if it’s not Tadase, then you have Ikuto saying, “Amu” in a way that you can tell he’s worried, but he just can’t do anything.

Ah. Yes, this is the reason I’m still watching Shugo Chara!. Because I love all the seiyuu in it. Except, confession time, Tadase’s seiyuu. Reiko Takagi is fine in other things, but Tadase’s voice has always annoyed me. From day one. I think the reason I still get so easily annoyed with Tadase in the anime is owed to that.

But it’s okay. Nana Mizuki, Yuichi Nakamura, Kanae Ito, Sayuri Yahagi, Akemi Kanda as Lulu now, and Saeko Chiba will be coming back soon, are all among my favorite seiyuu. I generally have more favorite female seiyuu than male btw.

=_=; Her pom-poms glow now. The power-up gives her the ability to have her pom-poms glow and dissolve plants.

…God I just can’t do it. I can’t even be sarcastic. Damn you Satelight! Seriously, at least when are we going to see the roller blades? Don’t you guys want to start selling them ASAP!?

And wtf was up with this? This is stupid. This doesn’t even have anything to do with…agh! I can’t say it because it’s a spoiler from the manga, but damn it! The embryo wouldn’t just be hanging around to watch this fight! This is stupid! AGH!!!

… orz

I can’t say anymore about anything anymore. Basically, this is overdone, I liked the old way better, and…bah. Stupid anime.

Poor writing again. Why wouldn’t Ikuto immediately go after the embryo. Stupid anime. Pissing me off. I can’t even describe why I’m pissed off anymore, I’m just…ugh.

Third moment that made me hate Lulu by them trying to make her seem cute. She’s pouting because the embryo got away? NO! Ah! I want to smack her across the face!

Don’t freakin’ pout! Chase after it, get upset, be confident that you’ll find it again. No pouting allowed!

She doesn’t even deserve to have a wish (if she even does). Unless her wish is for a parent dying of an illness to get better, I want her wish to never, ever come true. Useless…agh!

*sigh* I was already to say something sarcastic here, but I just don’t even care anymore. I’m just in it for the seiyuu and any possible future Amuto. Everything else…screw it. I’m just going to rip on this anime every week because I feel it is my duty as a fan! And because I have nothing better to do.

That said…does Amu even know that Lulu is responsible? I mean unless I really, really missed something, there’s no reason she should. If she actually does know…my god that’s the worse case of lazy writing and plotholes in the entire episode.


Utau~! I’m looking forward to next week, if only to have Utau show Lulu how a real blonde tsunderekko should behave! Of course, I’d look forward to Utau no matter what.

…andohmygodEruisdrinkingoutofacup! That’s fucking adorable~! Eru~!

I think my love for her has grown even more recently. I watched every clip with her in it again to grab screencaps to make icons of her because someone put the idea in my head. I ended up with 50…Most of them don’t even make sense (I made them when I was sick after all). Don’t even know what to really do with them all (post them on livejournal or whatever), but you can see them here. Use them wherever if you want to (I don’t need credit).

More Eru love is what’s most important after all (I don’t even know what I’d do with them anyway).

Oh and we have a filler girl too who wants to sing. But who cares? This should mean that Amulet Spade would show up as well, but if it’s Satelight, I’m sure it’ll be Amulet Heart anyway. At least at this point in time (her roller blades haven’t shown up yet).


So because of the poll addition to wordpress, I’m going to include weekly polls for Shugo Chara! posts based on the episode. This week’s question is obvious.

I know what my answer is, but I’ll keep it to myself so I don’t influence anyone else.


  1. i Hate that new girl Lulu she better not get in the way of Ikuto and Amu …. they are awesome together………BIG X on Tadase and Amu…… Big Heart for Ikuto and Amu!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rima and Ikuto were the best things about this episode. I would have slapped Satelight off the side of the head if they hadn’t put something worthwhile in this eppie.

    Lulu…-_- She doesn’t have any individual personalitly. They just stole the clip changing for Amu and the basic parts of personalitly from Utau and Rima.

    Next week looks for Eru, Utau and Yukari harassing Suu.

    The new poll feature is fun. ^_^

  3. Oh, so THAT’S her name. I can stop calling her ‘The Biatch in blue’ now. <.< Or maybe not. It suits her.
    Soo… is her chara’s name ‘Nana’ then?
    <.< I like Nana’s egg. Other than that, I hate everything about the two of them.

    Um… does anyone else think that Flower Dream looks like a bit of a rip-off of Lilymon from Digimon?
    <.< What? I was obsessed with it when I was little, okay?
    I’m not so keen on the powered up ‘Open Heart’
    The pompoms are kinda cool, I guess, and I can’t believe I just said that. I wish they’d power up Amulet Spade and Amulet Clover as well.
    Also, if and when they start selling the roller blades, I want a pair. Even though I can’t roller blade very well, and they’ll never start selling them over here.

    Well, as it goes, this could be a worse filler-thing. I’m willing to watch it, at least, although the powered-up stuff is going to annoy the heck out of me until Amulet Spade and Clover get it too, which may never happen (it better).
    I liked the old Open Heart…

    And yes, Flower Dream is fugly. I wanted to see the chara… I like seeing the random filler charas. I have no idea why.
    And yes, I’m getting serious Sailor Moon vibes.
    I’ll probably rewatch this when the subs come out just to get some kind of idea what’s actually going on, but other than that… not too bothered.

    Oh well. At least we get to see Seraphic Charm next week. (Odd, isn’t it, that the first time in weeks I actually bother to watch the preview is the time Seraphic Charm shows up)

  4. Well isn’t this just splendid-_- another person that i can make fun of and possibly shoot in the near future. God is it just me or is SC becoming a shitty show aside from the Amuto,Utau parts there just nothing interesting about it anymore. Well i will keep hoping that Lulu will die in the next 3 or 4 episodes but i know it wont come true so theres no point but still a person can dream. Thank for the update!

  5. T___T I knew this would happen when they annouced Lulu. I’m surprised that you can keep watching the anime without dieing from intense exposition to boredom. It’s funny, because the whole “13-year old girl’s fanfiction” remark you had reminded me of a SC! fic I read a few weeks ago that went almost like…. one of those, new girls who gets everything stories.
    Still, I’m disappointed that this is what we get instead of Utau(or any character, for that matter)Also, what the heck was up with Flower Dream?! They should fire whoever is doing the “question-mark egg” costume designs! I mean, when you’re a little kid and you draw crazy crap like that, it’s okay, but not when you’re a fully grown adult. Now that I think about it, maybe Satelight fired half of the employees working on SC! and now run is halfway by little school girls. And all Lulu does is say “Guess how much more filler there’s going to be until Nagehiko and the Ikuto Arc~?” Sheesh. I’m glad I only read the manga now. I’ll continue reading your great posts, and that might be all the anime I can take.

  6. “There’s too many people blogging SC! now for me to even consider myself the best.

    Srsly? I don’t believe you unless you give meh proof. xD;

    Well, I’m gonna get Lulu done and over with first. She lived up to my expectations as a normal villian girl who is obviously, duh, going to be turned to the good side by Amu’s superior COOL&SPICY& (newly added, :P )LOVELY~!, lol, rite-ness but not actually changed for the better probably. *sigh* Pretty but bitchy and arrogant. So much she had the nerve to walk by Ikuto as if he was nothing and probably expecting him to look back at her. But out of disgust, bitch, not for your over-poofed, weird outfit our your octupus hair. (Ha, ok, I’ll stop…)
    Not to mention, selfish. And without a doubt, shallow. I can already see her dream as something like to be a “queen” or whatever (and she had promised to share the Embryo with Easter, which is dumb).
    & what the hell? How does she get right to see Gozen when Utau never saw him?! Eh?! Utau is an idol-tsundere goddess! Lulu is a temp. job occupant. Makes no sense. Stupid Satelight. & they’re throwing in some tsuntsun as well? Why can’t you attempt to be innovative, you morons? =.=;;
    Nana…doesn’t live up to the awesome name she has. No, she doesn’t.
    *sigh* I guess I’m done about Lulu for the week. I certainly don’t hate her and I don’t think I will (saved by Akemi Kanda, she is). Overall, I’m satisfied with her villain-archetype but just pissed at how top-notch her bitchiness is. Eh, w/e. She’ll eventually become one of those characters who’d be yelling “Hey! Pay attention to me!” after this filler crud is over with. So it won’t take long for Amu to turn a deaf-ear on her either. Lol

    Other minor wtf-ness:
    Nazo-tamago – We can do without eating the owner, can’t we? -.-;
    Manami’s “Atashi no HANA OOOOO~~~!!! Minna ni EGAOOOO~~!!!” – Wanted so badly to laugh at this but could only headdesk repeatedly for the stupidity of it.
    & I’ve been having Sailor Moon vibes ever since I saw that Chara-nari (along with some Pokemon, too…y’know, the weird-looking ones that came after the first, should-have-been-kept-that-way 150? Yea…). *sigh* Y’know, Sailor Moon is like the foremost predecessor of all mahou shoujo animes so everything ridiculous it has done is forgivable. At least SM should have served as an example of what not to follow to the later generations (or whatever the hell you want to call it) of the genre.
    Yea, Satelight really loves those pom-poms but where the fuckin’ hell are my cheesy rollerblades?! >:(
    Embryo – Go be your glowy self somewhere else. Or go have some tea and cookies with Tsukasa. God knows, he’ll be just “Ara…I have a guest. *smile*” about it. :P

    & finally! Onto the good stuff:
    Rimaaaaa~! x333 You’re so pretty! Let’s all throw a party just because we love our Rima-tan so much, k? :D
    Ikutoooo~!!! *EXTRA HAPPEH!* I really am. I don’t care much if they shoved him in there just to satisfy the fans. As I said, I’m takin’ all the little good stuff that they’re throwing at me even if it seems just odd for them to be there.
    & he cried Amu’s name like that! With such a worried face! WAAAHHHH! You-kyan’s the bestest! *fangirl scream* XDDD
    I’m actually hoping that after Amu and co. saves Ikuto (hopefully, in the next chapter or the one after that), when we get some of our nice Amuto time before the big boss battle, that’ll he get angry at her when she says she’s going to confront Easter and won’t listen to him telling her not to go and endanger herself. Yep, I really want to see a worried and angry Ikuto. It will be awesome. & then maybe he’ll do a proper smexeh confession then, who knows? lol …Kyaa~! I haven’t even thought about how this would look on the screen! *fangirl overload* xDDD;;;
    K, movin’ ons…
    Utau is back next week! Even though stupid Satelight totally screwed up drawing her again (I wanna break their faces), I’m happy! & Utau looks so happy, too! Yay! Utau happy = me thrilled. She’s so pretty when she’s smiling (heh, I even said she looked “dazzling” which is…awkward to say, but w/e, cuz she is, heh).
    & I’m gonna use those screenshots to make icons…after my midterms are over. I seriously need Eru icons. Dx
    K, thx for the review as always! Going to read CLANNAD now! ^^

  7. (Too lazy to log in) Tis was juststupid. The plot was stupid and wishing eggs? Stupid and lame. The chara Nana is just annoying! I hope satelight gets better before Ikuto’s arc

  8. NUUUUUU!! STUPID ?-EGG!! It stole my lovely little X-egg screen time!! RAWR!! Besides a ?-egg, wth? For some reason it still looks fruit-ish to me (I think I need my head checked) *sigh* oh well I guess I’ll live (^-^’)
    Haha someone else agrees with me, when I first saw Flower Dream I screamed DIGIMON! I swear it looks like that one girl’s digimon thing (the one with the flowers)
    Man, I hope the embryo doesn’t keep popping up, it’ll take the mystery out of it and by the time it becomes important we probably won’t be able to recognize it among the regular hear-eggs. -____-
    And another thing a constant flow of random kids who all have their dreams tampered with will be boring! Just like you said, very Sailor Moon is (the mirror thing). I am kind of looking forward to the power ups! ^-^’ Anyway, thanks for the summary and hope Lulu fails quickly so she can leave quickly. (I bet her would-be self is to be a proper lady or something, at least that’s vibe I get from her chara)

  9. ACK! Lulu and Nana are useless characters just to buy satelight sometime! Basically Lulu is a Rima/Amu/Utau mix and Nana is a Brat! Lulu’s voice is cute but her personality is stupid! I hope this passes through soon so we can get to the main plot! Well enough ranting. Nice post is your computer working again? I hope so :P!

  10. I hate Lulu and Nana too.I don’t know I’m just pissed of.I mean we don’t get the bed scene yet and now there has to be like 10 fillers at least until we get any Amuto at all!The manga plot isn’t moving!The only thing that’s gonna make me happy again if Lulu falls in love with either Tadase or Ikuto(I would prefer Ikuto) and she woud get rejected because of Amu.Hmm Rejection=Loving someone else=telling the name of that person=Love Confession!I’m starting to like that Lulu :)).Sorry for Typos!

  11. Could care less for this episode. To be honest, it’s all I can say. Satelight is over doing the Transformation sequence for Amulet Heart, and giveing her GLOWING POM POMS. Yes. Satelight you fail. Lulu pissed me off. Utau…OMG I CANT HELP IT! I’m happy Utau is out of Fugly Easter place, but Damn! Utau was SO much better than Lulu! We need you back! Well whatever. We get her back next episode…And we get Seraphic Charm to. Well HELL they said ” Screw Iru! Eru Forever now! ” Not that I hate Eru and love Iru…I actually love Eru. But still. I need some Iru to. Tsundere Utau, Forever!…Ugh. Lulu screwed up my whole vision for Shugo Chara!! Doki by…well…Everything… Satelight, are you trying to make another Utau copy? Well, stop it. One Utau is good enough. I’m going to Laugh, if Utau see’s Lulu, and gets all pissed. Utau, teach Lulu how to be a good Tsundere queen! And Ikuto was thrown in there. It usually makes me happy to see him, but now it’s pissing me off. Ikuto’s thrown in every episode for 15 seconds? Hell no. Dont treat him like a Character development Leech! Thats Tadase! Gah, I dont have much anything to say except ” This was a waste of 24 minutes of my Life! “. I can say that, with no problem. WHERE THE HELL IS IKUTO’S ARC?! I know it’s just the start of Doki but I want Ikuto’s Arc ASAP! I cant help it…All those Amuto scenes are awaiting us….Well anyways that’s all I can say…Oh yeah! *Runs off to look at the Eru icons*

  12. your right this filler arch does seem to have a fanfiction feel to it.
    Lulu doesn’t seem that bad to me she seems like what I expect from a filler-villian.

    Ikuto was as cool as he usually is so I’m not going to bother to say anything about it.I must metioned Ikuto’s “Amu” thing sounded really wried to me, I think it had to much concern to it
    I have a question why does Tadase call Amu “Hinamori-san”(as well as calling everyone else ___-san/__-kun) is it polite in japan or some thing Tadase does.

  13. I was like… wtf o_O? with Amu’s power ups… but what I trully hated the most was that annoying “open heart” scene… what was wrong with the old one? I liked it :(

    Do you hate Ruru for not being the less interested in Ikuto when they crossed parts? and also… don’t you feel weird Rima walking to school along with Tadase and Yaya? Do they always do that? aren’t her parents supposed to drive her to school?
    I really miss my Tadase’s tsundere moments TT__TT

  14. Oh no~! It’s just what I feared! Season two is getting worse and worse..
    Ever since Tsubasa Chronicle, I’ve been afraid of this kind of thing. This season might go completely down the drain just like season two of Tsubasa did.
    The new open heart wasn’t better. It was just trippy.
    Lulu… I shouldn’t have had high expectations for her. Satelight should have never given her that necklace. She would have been so much better if she did a normal chara-nari and caused x-eggs. I still have high hopes for Nana. Even if I hate her voice.
    We need Nagihiko back! ;o;
    He’s been my 2nd favorite character since chapter 3. I miss him. I honestly thought he’d come back at the very end of this episode.

  15. Eww…Lulu and Nana. Lol Akemi Kanda used her Asuna voice from Negima for this role. The real question is when our favourite trap will come back. Ikuto~

  16. I am disappointed…allow me to crawl into a hole and cry first….


    Well…Lulu is as excepted i guess. She’s a brat. A useless enemy. A character used to buy Statelight time.

    I’m kinda hoping that she will fall for Tadase thogh… in fact, i think that there is high chance she will. If she falls for Ikuto i will personally go to Japan and strangle statelight. There are way too admirers for Ikuto. Tadase should get some love and care too~! *Insert choking sound*

    This episode is pretty boring… nothing new. It’s going to be a -heal a ?-egg per week! -Kind of thing i guess.


    At least there is Utau next week. :) But… how I wish that filler kid next week was NEVER born! We only need one singer in this anime and that is Utau! All other wannabe singers can just go HOME!

  17. Whoa, the hell?

    Lulu’s stupid. I hate her already.

    That fugly-ass director better die by the end of this series, I swear! -_-;

    But…I got a pissed-off Ikuto!!!!! That’s freaking AWESOME!!!!

    I need more angry Ikuto screencaps. Or ANY screencaps of him.

    If Ikuto gets an evil aura, I might scream to the heavens in happiness XD

    Well….Amulet Heart’s pom-poms glow now? -_-; the freakin shit? It’s getting gay now.

    More Ikuto, less Tadase/Amulet Heart/Lulu

  18. Shugo Chara! Doki! makes me wanna stop watching anime~! Hahaha I grew up as an anime fan. Anyways <__> your Elu[i wanted to spell her name the right/manga way ^_^;] screenies/icons made me giggle.


  20. Mikan: Haha. I wonder if that’s extremely good luck or bad luck. Well, it’s just amazing timing anyway.

    I added a post that explains it just now. I tried to publish it as soon as I finished the update, but your timing is better than my own.

  21. GOSH I HATE HER !! LULU ! at least find a better name or design change something make the hair red make her hair short i don’t know CHANGE SOMETHING don’t just go and rip off utau ! they are insulting her! what now more 20 ep about lulu then she will surrender and be friends with amu ?? they just destroyed the whole anime and manga and made it a typical magical girl show !

  22. This anime reminds me of Yes!PrettyCure5 for many reasons:
    1. now the X-charater change in to a super-person o0 (what the heck?)
    2. the opening (but i do like the opening and ending i think its cute…but to my other friends its the 2nd scariest song they listen too.)
    3. “at least they don’t have words fighting tthe battle” oh wait…nooo they doo!! TT____TT

    To my point in the anime already im going to be skimming on the episodes and see if anything is intresting. The thing i hate the most is age change 13+ to some rating as a kid show (manga-anime) Their just slightly ruining it now. I feel bad for those people who watch the anime first and says it sucks and they don;t watch the manga.

    To my prodiction that there may come to be another new character after Lulu leaves.

  23. I was laughing my way through this episode. …I don’t exactly like Ruru, but I don’t want her to die because there’s been a ton of interesting couples made up with her in GW lately. XD
    The director. Let me think…in chapter 35 of the manga he ought to be pushed off the building. And not survive. 8D
    There were several parts I liked, though. They had some new OSTs, from what I heard. Ikuto was worried about Amu, And Utau’s going to make an appearance next episode. That’s the only thing I’m actually looking forward to.
    Open heart…it reminds me of Hikari’s attack in Pretty Cure Max Heart, for some reason. -_- Bleh. Officially became a love-attack, huh?
    I have this feeling that after this arc, there might be a few more anime-original ones befor Ikuto’s arc gets animated.
    I didn’t really hate it overall, though.

  24. Utau should go and beat Lulu up! Shes just a crappy, ugly, unsuitable copy.

  25. warriorhope: Well yeah, after two recaps if there wasn’t anything good…I’m sure people would be storming their company.

    *sigh* I know. At least you can say her hair is original (aside from color) but considering that’s what everyone makes fun of her for, that’s not really a good thing.


    Kura-chan: Well she certainly is a bitch…and her chara too.

    …Ah it does (I had to google it. I was into Pokemon when I was little, but I avoided the extra craze of Digimon).

    They will…in about five or so episodes when Satelight remembers that Amulet Heart isn’t the only Chara-Nari…inducing much rage in the meantime.

    I liked the old Open Heart too! The overdone transformation is starting to grow on me (at least before all of Amu’s poses which kind of bother me), but I miss the old Open Heart. This one’s…weird.

    Seraphic Charm…lulz I keep having random imaginings of it getting Powered-Up too (it’s awful btw).


    Ashley Lovell: Well I wouldn’t say it’s shitty, but it’s certainly become generic outside of what you pointed out. Rima’s still pretty free of generic-ness too, but she’s not getting much screentime (hopefully that will change when Nagihiko shows up to bring more not-generic stuff to the show).


    Raurenu: Bleh. That’s exactly the sort of thing I was thinking about when I said the fanfiction remark. Thinking back on it now, we even have the new girl having some random magical item. But instead of it being a lock (seriously…wtf…) it’s a necklace thing.

    Next week’s chara-nari looks slightly better (because it doesn’t have crazy ugly leaves) but it looks like a reject costume design from the 80’s or something.

    You should watch the anime again for Ikuto’s arc though. Satelight seems to do fine with manga stuff…they just get really off-track into wtf-zone with anime-original crap.


    xiao_jie88: Um, well I at least know of three other people blogging SC! weekly…I think.

    Agh! That pissed me off so much! Her walking by Ikuto! That’s wrong! My god…do you realize that this automatically makes Kotone with her incredible-generic story a better character than one that will stick around longer? My god! Fix it Satelight! Fix it nao!!!

    Really? If her dream ends up being to be a queen then maybe she really should be paired up with Tadase. But I tend to think she’ll have some real, selfless wish or something completely randomly (meaning she’s a bitch the whole time, but at the last minute they’ll redeem her or some crap). I hope I’m wrong though. It’s nice to have a bitchy character to hate.

    But you are right, she’s saved by Akemi Kanda. I haven’t gotten to hear her in too many roles outside of Ryou, so it’s nice hearing her be an ojou-sama bitch. Though part of me thinks that I’ll ignore everything I’ve said up until now if Lulu does end up being nice later because I’ll buy it just because of Akemi Kanda.

    lol, But it’s funny when it eats the owner (though incredibly lame).

    They have to replace the “muri” and screechy “I hate English” (or other phrases) with something ridiculous. I wonder what our singing girl next week will say dramatically and oddly.

    God some of those Pokemon were ugly…

    The roller blades not showing up yet makes me afraid that we won’t get to see Amulet Clover or Spade until they do show up. Hurry up Satelight!!

    ROFL…Tsukasa totally would.

    Oh my so much Amuto in your imagination (lol, though I was actually kind of thinking some of that too). In the manga, the way I’ve seen it, after (or during) Amu saving Ikuto, there has to be some sort of hug in there. It’s non-negotiable. It needs to be in there.

    Utau seems to be happier every time we see her. But hmm…I wonder if they’re going to address a certain plothole because of them deviating from the manga. Has Utau seen Ikuto yet? I’m curious about that and if they don’t address it at all (when Amu’s seen him like…5 times since) I’ll be pissed.


    Alice: Ah! I know I miss the x-eggs too! THey had cute little weird personalities…the ?-eggs…are just weird. And my god, you’re right. They do look fruit-ish to me (kind of like something you’d see in a video game or something).

    If the embyyo keeps showing up things will just seem stupid. If it shows up that much, it would be stupid for them not to catch it.

    The power-ups actually grown on me too, probably because it’s so much shorter. But it still seems very…overdone.


    Safiria: You want her to fall in love with someone just so she can rejected? Ah…but thinking about it, that’s kind of something I’d like to see too. I figured if she liked Ikuto, it could give me some jealous Amu, but if Ikuto specifically has to reject her then….*squee* Somehow that’s something I’d really like to see.


    AmuxIku: Well Utau is back week…and hopefully she’ll come face to face with Lulu and show her how to properly act!

    But yeah…it’s odd that Lunatic Charm doesn’t seem to show up much now. But maybe it’s just to be fair. Lunatic Charm showed up about three times (maybe more that I’m forgetting) and Utau was always doing a chara-change with Iru. Next will be three for Seraphic Charm so it’ll be nice and equal.Then we can get pissed off.

    Though, what I really want to see is Utau chara-changing with Eru. I just want to see some cute wings of Utau~!


    Kelly: Oh I know, she’s pretty much just es expected. But she’s so generic that it pisses me off. I want something I don’t expect~!

    I think it had just the right amount of concern considering that he wanted to help her, but couldn’t.

    Ah. Tadase calls everyone by their surname with either -kun (for boys) or -san (for girls) because it’s his personality. He’s overly polite and doesn’t really go for conflicts much. So he treats everyone, even his friends, formally. He only doesn’t do it with enemies. It’s just how he is. Actually been kind of bothering me lately.

    I mean, it’s a common thing to do in Japan, but normally at that age you’d drop the honorific when using a surname with classmates. And you really don’t normally do that with friends…at all.


    erizibang: I thought that Open Heart was even going to disappear for a little while because Amu would need a new attack. But the new Open Heart…I’d really have rathered it went away for a while.

    Ah. Her parents do drive her to school. Thanks for noticing that. It’s a definite continuation error. Though, have they really been driving her much since the Dia arc ended?


    13Cici: Well, I still think it’s a temporary thing…hopefully once Satelight learns how to deal with it, even the Anime Original stuff will get better, but…*sigh* I don’t know.

    Yeah! Where is Nagihiko!? He’s in the opening and ending and he hasn’t even appeared yet. I want him back. Because that episode would probably follow the manga a little bit, so it’s likely to be good.


    oTAKu: Hmm…that’s a reason for me to watch Negima then. Just to hear Akemi Kanda’s cute voice (well, if I ever have free time anyway).


    hoshihoshiyoru: Very nice way to summarize Lulu’s purpose.

    But…in the beginning of the series Tadase had lots of admirers. He’s had two fillers with girls in love with him (that little girl in episode 18 and the other one that became Amu’s friend before that). Ikuto’s just had one…but he does have Utau too.

    Personally, I don’t want Lulu to like either of them because it makes her too generic.

    Well, she is a wannabe singer (I think she’s just an Utau fan) so we’ll only have to deal with her for one week.


    fuyu_maiden_fan: Well, since it’s a mahou shoujo series (and he’s actually human) I doubt he will, but we can all still hope all we want.

    I know. I had the same reaction about the pom-poms. A big super power-up and…her pom-poms glow. What the heck…that’s the first way they show that she’s powered-up.


    mo0on12: Yes…it is a typical mahou shoujo show now. *sigh* Well, hopefully there will be some COOL&SPICY fillers in the midst of our generic-ness.

    Oh my god…Fillers inside the filler are our only hopes for good episodes! Nooo!!!


    Alicegoddess: I never watched any of the Pretty Cute series, so I’ll just take your word for it, but…well, that certainly proves the point of it being just like any other mahou shoujo series by reminding someone so much of another mahou shoujo series. We have Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, and who knows what else.

    Well, it’s only 13+ in America (and the West really). In Japan it’s geared toward pre-teens (like 10-12+). But yeah, now it kind of seem 5-6+

    Oh god please no new character after Lulu! That’s when I figured we’d get Ikuto’s arc!


    kaedemirumo: Ah, well any character can become fun with crack pairings. …Heh, actually that’s something I’d like to see now…

    Oh if only he would get pushed off the building. If only~

    Actually that’s what I’ve liked about this episode too. The new songs aren’t always standing out, but that’s a good thing. Unlike all the other changes, it means that something from before still feels the same.

    Ah…more comparisons to Pretty Cure now…the Cool&Spicy really might be fading a little during the anime-original stuff.

    I think it depends on when the manga finishes…then we’ll know how long until Ikuto’s arc starts. Well I guess we can make proper guesses after the next chapter is released.


    littlestaroflove: Oh I think we all want to see Utau vs Lulu. The winner would be obvious.

  26. I actually thought this Lulu girl was Utau for a second!!! WOAH, and how can anyone walk past Ikuto, it’s possibly i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e unless your too into reviewing a manga/anime or your always looking down. But still you would still feel his awesome presense. Did I just become a Ikuto fangirl????

    Anyways Nice review, loved the screencaps.

  27. By the way great background

  28. All im saying is….I WUV IKUTO! <3 i wuved that moment too ^^ *squeal*

  29. Is it just me or does Lulu look kinda like Kanaria? I think it’s her eyelashes that remind me..

  30. When will it come out subbed? The date. sorry for being a pain.

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