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It’s so moe and just fucking adorable that all of you should have at least had one minor heart-attack each. I did and I surround myself by so much cuteness already, you think I’d be immune. But not against this.

You didn’t get to see all that much of Nagisa this week, but I still enjoyed this episode at least as much as the others. Shocking, I know. Well, what can I say? We’re only two episodes in and this is pretty much already guaranteed to be my favorite arc so far. Plus Mei is just damn cute. She’s my second favorite again this week.

Poo on my stupid computer. I’m supposed to blog Clannad on Friday, but instead it’s Sunday. There better be at least one person blogging after me or I’ll feel like I’ve lost! (No idea why I feel so competitive today)

*sigh* Anyway, I wonder how long the character arcs are going to go on for before we hit the main story. It looks like Sunohara’s goes until next week (probably when it wraps up too) then after that we likely have Yukine’s and maybe Misae’s…and would that be it? Oh, but there’s some story for that old forgetful teacher right? Maybe his will come up too.

Well, I’d like to see everything I can as long as it doesn’t mess too much with the real After Story. I originally thought we were just getting 13 episodes anyway. I especially want the entirety of this arc because I love it so far.


Hell yeah Mei! Even in the midst of her family crisis, she still manages to be an adorable devious loli. And her character managed to connect with me on a personal level too! Mei is confirmed as my eternal second favorite girl in Clannad. Absolutely! She’s in my next top ten of anime girls too (in about a year from now…).

So because of my excitement, we have overdone screencapping again (but I did my best!).

lol. Everyone picks on Sunohara and it’s always going to be funny. Too bad a lot of the humor felt limited in this episode. But srs bsns Clannad is fine too~! Family is important you know. And this is the first story I’ve ever really felt a connection to so far (dealing with family anyway).

…is this a real game? It can’t be right. I mean…I watched it and I don’t even know how its played. And honestly, no matter what, weirdest game I’ve ever seen. Like Guitar Hero with fish.

The expressions say it all. Mei is wondering how the heck her brother got to be that way, Tomoya just looks plain disgusted, and Nagisa looks genuinely concerned for Sunohara’s well-being.

Ah and so it begins. Something like this has never happened to me, but I can so easily imagine being in Mei’s place here. Even though she treats Sunohara that way, you know that her brother is someone she’d look up to. That’s how most younger siblings feel about their older siblings anyway. Even when we don’t want to. So as younger sister with an older brother growing up in a two children household I can put myself in Mei’s place…

And seeing your big brother allow a little defenseless girl be picked on is absolutely awful! Sure, boys fight all the time when they’re younger. I was on the playgrounds! I saw it! But seeing a bunch of boys ganging up on a younger girl!

Sunohara you suck right now. But it’s okay because you’re still stupid enough to forgive and things are made clearer later on, but still!

lol…Isn’t Sanae leading Sunohara on a little too much? Ah…well I know what happens later on so it’s fine. I look forward to my future humor.

He said it after everything. Everything. Sometimes it made no sense, but others it was just ridiculously funny. I think the best part was that Tomoya forgot that he even told him to say it in the first place.

Whoa. Those eyes…I don’t even know what to think. But it really shocked me the first time I was watching. Add some sparkles and you have yourself some old school shoujo eyes.

Boo Sunohara! How did he go from being the lonely onii-chan to pretty much telling his sister that she doesn’t even care about him. Everyone knows that all imouto have their tsundere side (unless they’re a crappy imouto that’s in love with their non-blood related brother).

Then again it’s Sunohara so you can’t expect him to know what everyone else knows. I don’t even think most older brothers know that anyway.

*sigh* But her really should have gone after Mei. Poor girl. Makes me sad. Of course, at this point you’re realizing that Sunohara didn’t just randomly turn into an asshole, but has some problems of his own too. So we can forgive him a little.

If Mei had cried though, there would be no forgiveness!!!

My god, who would pick on a girl that cute? Okay little obnoxious boys would. I know I was extremely cute but got picked on a lot in preschool.

…I can’t even take that back. I was cute. Because I was freakin’ tiny. And tiny = cute (as long as you aren’t deformed).

Awww. So cute. The Sunohara family is just full of cute children, isn’t it? It’s fun seeing an innocent and earnest Sunohara too. Ah, before he turned into one of the school delinquents he was cute.

Alright, I was trying to purposely ignore it because I already talked about it last week, but my god Sanae! She’s like the ultimate “mother being mistaken for a sister” in anime. Akio’s reaction was absolutely hilarious. Hmm…do we get a story about them in the After Story or is that just my mind playing tricks on me?

Oh and Nagisa is cute in the corner (she always is).

Most epic “EH!?” ever. EPIC!

Oh Nagisa~! (And we’ll leave it at that)

My god. When she tries so she can actually be cuter than normal. The reaction to this is obvious (and completely natural in that situation).

The onii-chan scenes are definitely the highlight for this episode. I’ve had to watch them about six times now and I still laugh out loud each time. It’s a combination of absolutely f@%$ing cuteness and humor so it’s impossible to not at least smile.

Of course, this made it all better. Ah, though I kind of wish Tomoyo had been there too. (If you look at a previous frame you can actually see them in the background)

Kotomi and Kyou were okay, but Ryou is what drove the hilariousness home. With her ice cream dropping out of her hands and then her overdramatic crying. Oh Ryou. When did I even start liking you so much?

lol, and even after that humiliation Tomoya still can’t resist being called onii-chan. Ah, these past couple of episodes really can’t help but make you wonder a bit more about him and the type of girls he likes. And they choose to do it now when he has a girlfriend lol.

Oh how I wish this worked. It only works on a “new brother” (like a step-brother) or one you haven’t seen in a while. So actually, Tomoya can easily be manipulated by the, “I hate you” manuever.

It always works on dads too. Anyway, I officially give the best ever imouto award to Mei. She’s earned it.

And in case there is any doubt, all of this is done strictly for Mei’s amusement. Ah, she’s a wicked girl and I love her for it.

Hahaha. Poor Tomoya though. But I will enjoy it because it’s not often he gets to be the victim. He’s finally met his match in manipulation.

He’s still crazy good at lying though, for both serious and selfish (for fun) purposes. Of course, in the anime it definitely feels like a stretch since Sunohara should know better. But since it’s Sunohara I guess you can just let it go. He believes everything.

Poor guy though. You’d really think that this would finally get him to snap out of it, but no. Oh well, at least this way we’re getting a lot of much-needed character development for our comic relief character. I look forward to Sunohara becoming a good brother again!

In the meantime though…poor Mei.

Until now none of the “family” stories about Clannad have really connected with me outside of me finding them to be really sweet. My family is very typical and there have never been any family problems at all, except with my brother. There was a time when I was…probably a little younger than Mei (and until I was probably her age) where my brother didn’t act like my brother either.

Of course, there were some reasons behind it that I really don’t feel I should get into, it’s my brother’s problems, but it definitely makes me sympathize with Mei a lot. Unlike her however, I just had to stand by and wait for my parents to fix the situation. It wasn’t something I could fix quite so easily and was something my brother had to do on his own.

*sigh* This whole story is making me think about my brother since he came to my rescue a couple of times when I was little too. There were quite a few incidents with boys where my brother stood up for me, though in his certain way (which is a nice way of saying that he usually at least punched them in the face or threatened them with much worse).

Sorry for being all sentimental and reflective there, but this episode really got me thinking and when you’re blogging a series like Clannad (that everyone is blogging), you really want to put out the post that only you can do. I’ll probably be like this next week too (as an advanced warning).

To make up for it for those who don’t like my sentimentality getting in the way of the usual fangirling…here’s the weekly, “OMG! NAGISA IS SO CUTE!” picture.

Seriously…Nagisa is fucking cute. Everyone better vote for her in SaiMoe or I’m going to be pissed. It looks like she’s up against Hayate from Nanoha next, so people better take that match seriously and any Clannad fan in general should vote for Nagisa. She’s the main girl and if you don’t think she’s moe then you’re not a real fan!!!

There. That’s better.


Yay! Looks like Sunohara might snap out of it! Finally! Though since I know some of what this arc is supposed to include, I wonder if it’s going to end next week or if it’s actually going to be spread out even more. Not that I’m complaining. This has ended up being my favorite arc so far. I’m pretty much guaranteed to cry at the end.

Also…Nagisa is cute.


I don’t think I’m going to do a poll every time with Clannad, but because of my own reflections, a relevant question has popped up.

My answer…should be obvious since it’s the reason I did the poll.

…Ah. Today also seems to be my six month-iversery (or whatever) for blogging. Yay. *confetti* Well no one can complain about my sentimentality anyway. My blog just turned six months old! Have some decency!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I was away for the weekend and have to catch up on 5 different series D: Tales of the Abyss, To Aru Majutsu, Kannagi, Gundam 00, and Chaos;Head
    On the plus side, I got to watch Penn State kick Michigan’s ass for the first time in I think 9 years, so it was well worth it :D
    Glad to see your computer is fixed as well, and I do hope you’re feeling better. Nothing like Mei-chan being extremely moe to cheer you up! :>

  2. i’ll be the last to blog about clannad, as i was going to do it along with all the anime i watched this week. :) so no worries!

    the fish scared me x_X

  3. Omg, Mei…Mei~!!! <3
    Best girl this episode. No questions asked.
    Gah, if only this had came out sooner. She could still be in SaiMoe. Damn…
    Lol Sanako was just…awesome.
    Huh, while I was watching Sunohara playing the swordfish, I had no idea what he kept on saying over and over but in Chinese (Cantonese, anyways), it sounded like “Die! Die! Die! Die!” xDD;;
    I really, really wanted to slap Sunohara even though he is going redeem himself (by doing something unredeeming but that doesn’t really apply to this case much, does it? lol) later on. He was such an ass. I mean, yea, I can understand why he’d be sulky over the fact that his “date” with a girl, who omggasp! actually likes him (ok, that’s so mean but I must laugh at it), had to be cut short but his attitude is…repulsive. If he were a real man, he’d suck it up and try to act responsibly and try to impress her, wouldn’t he? *sigh*
    But I wanted to slap him most over how he treated Mei. & I blame Sanae (who already forgave because she’s just too awesome not to) for continuing to lead him on. Before this whole fake-girlfriend plan, Sunohara, despite his failures, was…hmm, well, he seemed pretty smart on a couple of things. Like how he had to advise Tomoya into going on that picnic and how he told Nagisa not to give in to the choir club just because they were using a handicap as an excuse. What happened to that Sunohara? Toilet-cover Sunohara is funny, yea, but the rest of him seemed to have been tossed under his bed or something because of the “Toilet cover!”.
    Meh, w/e. I’m thinking too much again, especially when this is all going to be resolved next episode.
    So…Nagisa’s “Ehhh?!” was way too cute! x333
    Mei~! I want you for an imouto! <3 lol & my reaction to Tomoya’s reaction of being called “Onii-chan” was… “Dude, that’s so gross but so f***in’ hilarious!”
    & the three purple-headed bishoujos just made it all the better. I love those three. xDD
    *sigh* (I’m doing that a lot lately) I really hope Sunohara gets his act back together. Heh, I’m all for the fight to happen (after all, Tomoya’s a delinquent, too, ha). I know there are going to be several other people involved in the whole act of getting Sunohara back on his feet but this is for once, a serious fight.
    As for the “family stories”, I don’t have a particular connection with any but there are certain parts that I can relate to. For one thing, in Mei’s case, I don’t sympathize with her as much on having a problematic older brother but more on just having a problematic brother (I hope that makes sense?). I’m an older sibling and have a younger brother, who’s a pain in the ass. And I dislike him. Very much. I’ve gotten over hating him but I can’t stand him at all.
    So yea, I might be the “Sunohara” in my personal case, since I’m one of the eldest and should take some responsibility but I’ve been doing that ever since I could start remembering for myself as a kid. And I’m tired of it. Especially since my family’s Asian and you know Asian families. They’re always saying “You must get along!” because it’s necessary to be in harmony or something (that’s what my dad keeps on saying). F*** that shit. I’m not going to give up being angry just so everybody else can “be happy.” No.
    Crap, now I said too much irrelevant things (sorry). But I admire Mei. At least she can still see hope in getting her old Onii-chan back and is trying hard. I, however, am done with trying. Makes me wonder why I love CLANNAD so much. :/
    Yea…k, I’m done ranting. Ah, I’m so sad. Kyou lost (I was so sure she’d win and then go face-to-face with Tomoyo T_T). Not fair. Kagami had her chance two years ago (I think?). *sigh* Stupid Lucky Star…
    K, lookin’ forward to next week! ^^

  4. The funny thing about Mei is:

    Once she acts cute, you devolpe an instant imouto complex.

    It’s almost iresistable. >////////<

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