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Woo! CHAOS;HEAD is finally here. And it’s everything I wanted it to be. Learning nothing and expecting nothing is successful.

However, even though I’ve been waiting for CHAOS;HEAD and pretty much got what I expected, Index was my favorite this week. Touma is freakin’ awesome!

So, this week I talk about Yozakura Quartet, CHAOS;HEAD, To Aru Majutsu no Index, and Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka. Also quick blurbs on ToraDora! and Hakushaku to Yousei.

Hmm…I wonder if I’m ever really going to be able to do this on Friday. I have my Clannad post to do on Fridays too. And if torrents are late like they were this week, it might be hard to understand enough to do decent-sized blurbs on everything. Not a problem for me this week because I went out of town, but it’s still a problem.

Oh well, not much you can do. Let’s just get along with this.

ToraDora! – I didn’t watch ToraDora! yet this week. I read a bunch of entries complaining about how they skipped too far ahead and ruined the emotion of an important “lamp post” (or something) scene. So, I’m trying to read the light novel and get to that scene first.

Normally this would make me happy because, “Aha~! I don’t have to be all sulky like the rest of you because I didn’t read the original material~!” But I don’t want the experience ruined for me either. If I watch it the…not well done way, it’s going to kind of ruin the surprise for when I read the way it’s supposed to be done and rob me of whatever I’d normally feel while reading it.

So, hopefully I’ll be able to watch it and catch up next week. However, due to my busy schedule, I’m not even sure if I’ll really get the chance to blog any more of this (more explanation at the bottom). We’ll see.

Hakushaku to Yousei – Finally got to see the subbed version. It’s even better when you know what that “refined villain” Edgar is saying. I’m doing a post on it on Tuesday, which will hopefully become my regular blogging day for it. We’ll see.

CHAOS;HEAD – Episode 01

Hell yeah. I’ve been waiting for this one since it was first announced and it did not let me down. I haven’t played the game, I avoided finding out much about the game, and I avoided anyone who watched the raw. All I knew was the basic premise involving the “New Gene” incidents. Keeping myself cut off about any information (which is rare for me because I love my spoilers) was very successful.

(Right now, as a warning I don’t care if I didn’t do the proper title for CHAOS;HEAD. That crap pisses me off and all capitals is fine.)

But even the stuff I did know about got me excited when I was watching the anime. And let me clarify, not like, “happy excited” but more like, “Oh shit! People are getting killed” excited. It’s not too bloody yet though. I mean, I’m sure that scene where the pink-haired girl is nailing some guy to a wall could get some people queezy, but it seemed pretty tame to me. What had me feeling creeped out was my imagination. “The pregnant man” incident specifically gave me a really…oh I can’t even quite explain it. The idea of it just got me really creeped out. Which is good for an anime like this. It’s what I expected and wanted.

I love how the whole story is portrayed too. The seiyuu all seem well-suited to their roles so far and I’m loving some of that creepy music and sound effects. We see all of this stuff through the eyes of Takumi, a shut-in otaku who is always having delusions. In this episode you were able to tell what was fake pretty well, but it still makes it interesting since he doesn’t even know what he’s just imagining and what’s actually real. Those delusions can be pretty fun to watch too. It feels weird calling him a hikikomori though since he seems to go to school often enough. But he has to meet all these girls somehow I suppose.

t’s also just fun to see an otaku surrounded by moe girls of different types. So far only two were introduced fully, our megane ojou-sama character and the cute imouto character (who annoyed me quite a bit). But we have the main pink-haired, pleasantly crazy girl who seems to be the one killing everyone. Though we only saw her do one thing. Maybe she’s not the only bishoujo out killing people. In the OP we see pretty much all the girls with some crazy weapons…which got me thinking about Rozen Maiden’s premise of battling each other for some reason (I only started reading the manga recently, so that might be why).

Then there was that short-haired girl who said the same thing Takumi is saying. “Those eyes, who do they belong to?” (or your other translation of choice). For Takumi I figured he was just freaked out about people watching him, but now I’m wondering about it more. Watching the OP, I think she’s some sort of singer (because she was singing before too actually).

Personally, I love this anime and the way the story is going. Perfect person to have freaked out about murders is someone who’s just freaked out by real life in general. All the bishoujo’s around is pretty much a plus too. But we’re only in the first episode and a lot more needs to happen. The OP tells us more characters need to appear and all the girls need to show off their gigantic weapons at some point (and the reason for that needs to be explained as well).

Right now, I’m just wondering about the pink-haired girl who really seems to be the main one. What was up with that opening scene? Does that have something to do with why she knows Takumi’s name? Or is that one of those, “possible future” things? It’s hard to even guess at these things since, because of Takumi’s delusions, we know that he’s not a “reliable narrator” so when we see things from his POV…who really knows what’s going on.

Also…that scene at the end was great (and so was the one where he first met the girl). You knew it was coming, but it still sent shivers up my spine just my imagining what it would be like. The girl you saw covered in blood and nailing someone to the wall (and somehow knows you) shows up at your school. Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe how that would feel in real life. That’s what completely sold me on this series…or maybe it was just seeing her covered by blood in the first place.

Of course, I haven’t seen anything but the anime. People who have read the manga adaptation or (especially) played the VN probably won’t feel the same about it. But for me it’s new and it’s good.

Yozakura Quartet – Episode 02 (and 01 clarification)

So I just watched the raw last week and the fansub now too. Since it was the first episode, there was a lot I missed and avoided mentioning. Like, I knew the town was full of youkai, but I didn’t know why and I didn’t know that…it was like over half.

I also didn’t know that Hime was the mayor. Predictably, that put a smile on my face. However, I was also hoping the fansubs would clear up why Akina’s hair grows when he does his super special attack. It did not. But it’s okay because that doesn’t get cleared up in the manga either. It’s just to make him look cooler I guess.

I’ve read the first two volumes of the manga released by Del Rey now. I should probably mention that. The anime is a bit different from the manga, but I’m not really bothered by it. If Hime is still Hime, I’m completely satisfied. I’m still planning to do an intro post for Yozakura Quartet now that the fansubs are out. Expect the more in-depth ramblings on my opinion of the show and characters sometime soon (once I have free time anyway). Now that I’ve read the manga I’ll make some comparisons and add in my thoughts on that too. But let’s move onto this week (or rather, what I could understand this week).

Rin was freakin’ annoying in this episode (girl who hates youkai). She’s not like this in the manga, she’s sweet. But she’s really such a minor character that I just don’t care what they do to her in the anime. Just, her clothes look even worse when they’re colored in. Bleh.

In this episode we get to learn more about Akina’s power too. How his family considers it basically, “killling” even though it’s just transporting the youkai to another world (not sure if that was explained in full, sorry if it wasn’t and I spoiled it). That’s fine and all, but I like the way his power was revealed later in the manga. That was a pretty awesome scene. I hope they’ll include it somehow later, even if they can’t lead up to it in exactly the same way.

Touka showed up this week too which made me happy. I love that blushy girl. But mostly, the episode was about Rin being bitchy, so I don’t really care about the rest of it. Anyway, Akina was pretty cool in the end and it all ended well.

Hm…I’m actually finding it really hard to talk about this episode now that I’ve read the manga. Anything revealed, I already knew so I’m not having any real reaction to it. I don’t have a lot to say without spoiling anything either. Next week I’ll have a lot more to say though.

Ah! And I really wished they weren’t going to animate the next episode. I can’t say anymore to avoid spoilers, but…*sigh* Well, at least next week I think we might get to hear the town song. Though I’m not entirely sure if I’m out of order on that one. Oh well, no matter what…more Hime~! There wasn’t enough of her this week.

To Aru Majutsu no Index – Episode 02

This anime was so badass this week (okay, so I say that about anything with magic and action, but it’s still true). Touma is seriously just about the best main male character in an anime this Fall. Or at least out of the new non-shoujo ones (for me anyway).

Really, this episode had everything it needs to be considered awesome. Explosions? Check. Crazy situation that’t “impossible” to get out of? Check. After a pretty solid defeat, coming back to just get an absolute victoy? Check. Specifically striding back into battle and calmly explaining your plan? Check! Awesome lines? Hmm…”If you don’t want to follow them into Hell…The only thing to do is…Drag them out of the depths of Hell!” And that line is done while punching someone in the face? Hell yeah that’s another check! And then all of that was done with cool techno-ish music playing in the background (even if you hate techno it’s damn good for battle and car chase scenes).

Really Touma was just way too cool. That freakin’ tough looking evil guy was so pathetic and panicking at the end of the fight. Dude still had other spells to use and just wet his pants and let himself get punched in the face. He dodged the punch before. Ah, what a loser. Hopefully his half-dressed lady-partned (or whatever) with the big sword will put up a better fight (and any of those other villains in the OP).

Index also got upgraded from just cute to an interesting and pretty nice character. She showed some signs last week, but I was too distracted by cute to notice. This week there was almost no humor so her other traits showed out. Seems like the poor little nun is having a hard time. She’s so sweet too, awww~! Makes me sad though. At least her “power” was explained this week, though I’m not entirely sure it explains her kind of different personality (though it seems to make her kind of computer-ish like she’s supposed to be around for data storage or something). I’m still looking to learn more about her organization (or whatever) to answer those questions.

Also, stuck-up Mikoto from last week has a sister with some sort of job that’s going to make those two involved in the plot. *sigh* Well, I knew this was going to happen, but I don’t care. She’s still annoying.

Finally, the loli teacher is still funny as all hell. All those beer cans and cigarettes…how old is she? That bunny hood was classic too.

I’m really just looking forward to more of this series. So much good stuff this season for me. It’s great~! It’s definitely a favorite for me right now.

Akane-Iro Ni Somaru Saka – Episode 02

Poo. So the most basic theory about what the heck was up with the SUPAH SPAI from last week turned out to be right. He and his wife (another spy) are just the parents of Junichi and Minao. Boring. If my memory serves me right, Yuuhi’s father is the guy rescued last week too. So everything is really just explained in the simplest way (Yuuhi is engaged to Junichi because Junichi’s dad saved her dad). Boring.

Yuuhi’s dad is also a jerk. I don’t care about any “Well, Japanese society…” arguments or crap. it’s just stupid. Instead of forcing your daughter to marry some random person you see as fit to run the company, just make your own daughter fit to run your stupid company. Asshole. At least Yuuhi didn’t just completely roll over for her dad and insisted on making a judgment herself (damn straight!).

There was a lot of cliched jokes and stuff in this episode, but I still laughed when Yuuhi was discovering all the stuff in the Super Market. She really is just so darn cute. It’s nice to have Rie Kugimiya in a role like this. Minato also became a lot more likable in my eyes (though I never specifically disliked her), but Yuuhi is still my favorite. It’s really nice to see them getting along too, though it’s kind of what I expected from the OP.

It really is a pretty typical series, because even crazy parents doing crazy things isn’t that out there for series like this (they have to be out of the picture for some reason). Also the “maybe you two aren’t siblings” remark from Yuuhi to Minato was pretty much expected. No matter what is true (oh it’s not true, these shows almost always chicken out), imouto-san will be entering the love triangle about the same time Yuuhi starts changin her opinion of Junichi. Just you watch.

Oh well. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll come up with stuff to say about this series, but this week was fun. Yuuhi really is cute (especially in that last scene). However, next week looks like some time being spent with the other girls in class and I really have no interest in that. Meh.

I think I might drop AkaSaka from blogging, or just blog it when something interesting happens. When I start ToraDora again I don’t think I’ll have much to say about it either, so I’ll probably drop that as well. I’m also wondering about Kannagi, but I’ll decide for that after I watch the second episode.

I’m still going to keep watching these shows, I just don’t think I’ll be able to say much since I can’t offer much. If I think of something to say, I’ll say it. I really don’t want to get too busy or anything. To me some of these shows seem difficult to keep up with weekly anyway. It’s better to watch them in 2-3 episode batches when I’m bored..and without coming up with stuff to say about it.

Really, sometimes all I can say is, “Well, it entertained me. That’s good.”

Instead I’ll be left with my three “Awesome” series which I will always have something to say about. Even if it’s just, “AWESOME!”

That means Yozakura Quartet, CHAOS;HEAD, and To Aru Majutsu no Index are going to be the three anime commonly seen in the Weekly Anime posts. Which I’m thinking of doing on Sundays from now on. Friday already has Clannad and my Sundays are pretty open since I intend to blog Skip Beat! on Mondays (even when the raw comes out on Sunday). So…yeah.

Though that’s still not certain yet. This week is going to be really busy for me so I still have a little more adjusting to do.

Well, just be on the look out for the next post sometime this weekend. Until next time just enjoy the cute pink-haired murdering bishoujo. Ah…she smiles so sweetly when she’s not killing people.

(I keep feeling like I’m making a mistake somewhere in these posts. Once again, let me know if you notice anything!)


  1. You’ll have to let me know how gore-filled Chaos Head gets. It looks really crazy and mysterious and I love anime like that, but I really have a hard time stomaching blood and gore :< And since the reviews I’ve read all say it’s going to be a really gorey anime, I’m not sure I want to commit to it if I can’t finish it because of the gore D:

  2. What’s this about pregnant men?!?!?! xDDDD;;
    Whoa, Chaos;Head sounds so…awesome. It’s like…the better version of School Days or something from what I’m thinking right now (never watched School Days, btw, and never will). But nooo! Nooo. No, no, no. I have enough to watch right now. I musn’t be tempted. I musn’t be tempted. Not even if cute pink-haired bishoujo over there comes over and threatens to murder me in my sleep. xD;
    Hmm, I’ll see. I’ll see…
    But yay! You’re reading Rozen Maiden! Sorry, had to say it. xD
    Toradora…eh. I’m not that attached to the novel as much as others are so I was only a little peeved at the fastforwarding but on the much better side, I don’t have to put up with Taiga as a major bitch for the next episodes like she was for a while in the manga (that’s not a typo there). She still will be bitchy but at least she doesn’t regard Ryuuji as some dog now. I hate it when it’s like that. Poor guy is being pushed around by some girl half his size but can’t even stand up for himself when he’s that badly insulted. *sigh* -.-;
    HtY~! <3 & Eddy is not a villain. He’s a sauve, manipulative, vile, gentlemanly scoundrel of scoundrels slash your typical English Victorian playboy who’s murdered a lot of people with his oh-so-pretty gun but he is hardly a villain. xDDD Will definitely wait for your post to say more. Damn, I really should consider opening up my own blog, huh? :/ (And in response to your last comment about this…SHH! xD)
    I’m still lovin’ AkaSaka. I agree that the plot is so incredibly unoriginal that it would’ve made me gag but I didn’t (it must be the seiyuu magic, ooo~…).
    “Instead of forcing your daughter to marry some random person you see as fit to run the company, just make your own daughter fit to run your stupid company.”
    I know, right? What is up with these freakin’ old men and their freakin’ analness at keeping a patriarchal society just because they think it’s so freakin’ “tradtional”? Ugh. Stupid. But Yuuhi love goes up for being a strike-back Oujo-sama. She even screamed at her dad. Awesome.
    Ahaha, & Yuuhi was so cute. x3
    Hmm, but I’m starting to like Nano-I mean, Minato damn a little more than Yuuhi (still rooting for Yuuhi to hook up with Jun, though). Don’t know why. Maybe because she’s just too much of an awesome “imouto”? Maybe because that look on her face when Yuuhi said they didn’t look like siblings (feh, they look so alike and they are not siblings, wonderful) and I might’ve interpreted that as some flash of hope for her or something? Maybe it’s just because she looks like Nanoha? Or maybe because incest is becoming the latest fad in EVERYTHING?!?! o.O;;
    …Yea…well, I’m definitely going to enjoy the live triangle part (mwuahaha~). So you’ll definitely have to blog that.
    *sigh* Yea, I think I’ll get a blog…but only after Shugo Chara ends…or not, maybe just the filler arc. I’ll decide after finals are over. It’s goin’ to be one hell of a second semester for meh, that’s for sure. But first, *needs to learn how to operate wordpress…also very inefficient at html and all that crap*…
    K, thx for the quick reviews as always. ^^

  3. HaToY without subs rules..and HaToY with subs rules even more. I love knowing what’s going on, and the banter between Edger and Lydia. Can’t wait to see your post.

  4. I don’t care what anyone says, Chaos;Head OWNED. I loved it. I enjoyed the second ep of Toradora too, even if it wasn’t exactly like the Light Novel. I think I may like the anime more than the light novels anyhow. ^.^

  5. Ahhh Toaru, will there be a show to surpass you this season? I think not. Also EPIC PUNCH IS EPIC.

  6. Chaos;Head might even be the ‘Higurashi’ of this season (or of the year?) because it really tackles moe-ism as well as horror. I quite like it, though there are still some things I despise on the show like Takumi’s voice (ugh)…

    I haven’t watched episode 2 of ToraDora yet but the lamp post scene (if you had seen the manga) was the most cutest scenes ever yet ^_^. I’ll totally rage if it was ruined on the anime.

    And Hakushaku to Yousei… So many hot bishies, so many shows to watch, so little time… T.T I hope I could catch up on that one :).

  7. *Gets out of Lurker Mode*

    Let me see, I have yet to watch HtY, but AkaSaka definitely would be on a list of dropped animes’ this Fall; it spews generic-ness all over it.

    Tora-Dora is definitely on my to-watch list. A lot of it had me laughing with some of the antics of both Takasu and Taiga. But I haven’t read the novel yet, so I probably don’t get what most are complaining about. It did feel a little fast, but I didn’t mind the rushing. I might read the ongoing translation available if I’m curious.

    To Aru Majutsu no Index. I was hoping to watch it, but RL got in the way. I liked the opening by Mami Kawada, so maybe later this week I’ll actually watch it. Raws first then subs.

    Chaos;Head. I have very mixed feelings about the anime, but playing the VN does that. To me, the first episode was poorly timed, too many switches in perspective, strange その目だれの目 spots, but with interesting deviations into Nanami and Yua. Takumi is way more likeable here and Seira is just as real as ever. Still, I really hope this episode doesn’t ruin the later twists later on since everyone knows Takumi is crazy. But maybe it won’t. We’ll see.

    Oh yes. 梨深. Do the salute. That’s pretty much the only thing I recognize from the oddly shaped faces and the so-so animation. Nanami, where are my oranges, and why aren’t you on the floor?

  8. nazarielle: Well, so far it’s not that bad but I think it’s likely to change. Apparently the game gets pretty bad and censors usually aren’t as picky about violence as they are about things like panty shots (for some reason).

    But if you are going to watch it, I’d recommend doing it in weekly doses. I like violent mystery anime sometimes, but I can’t watch it unless it’s airing because I can’t watch it all at once and I can’t not marathon already aired anime.


    xiao_jie88: You don’t want to know about the pregnant man. I’m just thankful that they didn’t show it.

    You should be tempted~! Watch it. It’s awesome! I’d say it’s better than School Days since School Days really only had some killing at the end and the rest was pretty much watching people be…awful.

    I’m only on volume 4 of Rozen Maiden though. I want to just get through it all because it’s so awesome, but if I do that I don’t think I’d ever get around to buying all the manga. It’s torture!

    Heh…I kind of want to watch her be a bitch for a little while. So I’m absolutely reading it first. Though I think I’ll just go through the manga to save some time and read the light novel when it’s all over (and can print it out for easier reading).

    Even though her practically kidnapped and blackmailed Lydia. But he didn’t, so I guess he isn’t a villain, at least not a bad one~! (lolwut…)

    Start a blog! Do it!!! And I’ll keep quiet…even though it’s no fun!

    Exactly. If traditional was always best then why is progress so sucessful? Idiot father. But at least that was a chance for Yuuhi to show her awesome ojou-sama side.

    I think her Nanoha look-alike-ness has grown on me quite a bit. Because I liked side-ponytail Nanoha as a teenager much more than adult-Nanoha and it’s like I get to see more of the teenager version. Except you know…not Nanoha. But the fact that I like her look definitely adds to me liking Minato. Her personality is pretty basic too, but definitely likable.

    Yay! Victory! But it probably is best to start with a new anime season or something. As far as operating WordPress…if you get a wordpress.com blog (and not one you install on another host) it’s really easy. It’s actually quite a bit like livejournal posting, except with more options. Everything’s all in the buttons.


    warriorhope: Oh I know~! The banter between them, it’s rare that I get two characters so perfectly suited for those sorts of scenes, even in shoujo. I love it. I’m working on my post right now (and it’s a big one…).


    amayalee: I KNOW! I’m so glad to see someone saying that so simply so I’ve seen criticism (understandable criticism though) everywhere. Just keep it simple…it’s awesome.

    Really? Liking the anime more than the original source material!? You’re not a real fan! (Hehe, kidding of course…)


    omisyth: Oh most certainly not. At least not surpassing it in pure unfiltered AWESOME.


    kanzeon: The Higurashi of this season, huh? I like the sound of that. Pretty big shoes to fill though, I just hope it’s up to it. Takumi’s voice is certainly annoying, but oddly enough I like it because it fits his annoying shut-in character.

    Ah, I really need to read through the manga quickly then. Everyone talking about it has me looking for ward to it.

    You can still easily catch up with HtY. Episode 2 just aired today and episode 1’s fansub was released pretty recently.


    クレナイ夢: Haha. You had to leave lurker mode for Chaos;Head, right? Admit it.

    HtY is only recommended if you can tolerate extreme shoujo and sparkling bishies though. It definitely needs that warning.

    I usually don’t mind something being fast, but since some people said it interfered with the emotion of the scene, I have to try a different version first. I am very serious about my emotional crap.

    Watch it. Even if you don’t understand the raws (which I didn’t understand quite a bit since there’s quite a few random words in there) it’s awesome just for some of its action. In the second episode especially. Touma is awesome.

    Everyone who’s played the VN seems to dislike the anime, but that always happens anyway. I think it’s impossible to adapt a VN in a way that fans can completely approve of. But…In the VN you don’t get to know Takumi is crazy right away? And Takumi is more likable? Really?

    Hmm…now I really want to check out the VN. You have me so curious. But I definitely won’t even try until after the anime ends so I can at least enjoy that until the end. I probably won’t be able to understand anything then actually, so who knows when I can properly play it?

  9. Ha. Of course. I wouldn’t post for any other reason now, would I? You could pretty much expect me posting every time you blog it from now ’til the end of Fall.

    Yes, you are. Scary serious indeed. I’m thinking of concurrently reading the light novel and watching the anime at the same time so I can judge whether or not it was butchered or done well. Though I’m finding it hard to actually sit down and read the translation. Could be my ugly font…

    I just watched a few minutes of the raw on YT during my spare time; it’s definitely part of my To-Watch anime list. A lot of feels really nostalgic to me though, but I won’t elaborate here. And yes, Index is awesome. I mean, Touma. Yes, that’s what I meant. What’s with the look?

    It’s a given; if you’ve played the game, you WILL hate/dislike/partly like the anime. The OP alone was enough to “kill” my enthusiasm and the abundance of clues (Anime purists won’t see them) they left sorta dampened my hopes for it. The biggest one I hated was the その目だれの目 (Whose eyes are those?) timing. The second was okay, but the first just came out of nowhere. The others? Eh, it works.

    This must be said: Freaky Yua was the best part of that episode. My favorite scene in Chapter One.

    Ah. In the VN, because it’s mostly from Taku’s viewpoint, you really “believe” everything he sees until you hit a certain point in the game, and even then, it’s still hard to differentiate. And yes, he is more likable in the anime. Seriously. Not joking. If you hate him now, you’ll hate him even more in the VN.

    Don’t check it! There. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – Or anyone else for that matter. And yeah, it’s better to play it knowing Japanese, so you can browse through it much faster instead of having to look up the occasional word. The New Gen murders are really something though. The Pregnant Man. Gawd, I feel sorry for the poor guy, but the Group Diving was just…*mumbles*. The Crucified Guy? Uh, can’t say anything else I spoil it. Keep watching is all I’ll say.

  10. […] duo and took over her father’s company on her own like I wanted her to be able to do back in episode two. That’s what I’d call a good end. At least she did kind of stand up to her father in […]

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