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ROFL! It’s another recap! Because I had my expectations so low after last week, I don’t even care. It’s just freakin’ hilarious for me. Besides, the in between clips were better this time. Anime original Amuto is always welcome. ^_^

So, next week is when SC!! Doki really begins. The anime original plot seems to be starting next week for reals. But, lol, recap. At least there was some Amuto in the rain~!

Last week a recap could have been justified if someone wanted to start watching SC! for the first time for the “new series,” but that doesn’t change the fact the first episode was super boring.

Now then…Two recaps? That’s a bit excessive, Satelight. But it’s okay. I was busy again so less time on a summary is fine with me, I’m actually looking forward to seeing some stupid fangirls get mad, and you gave me Amuto. All is forgiven.

But seriously, I don’t think anyone knows how funny I find this. When I first found out I had a “wtf?” reaction, but then I kept laughing for about the next twenty minutes while I did other stuff. Twenty minutes. It’s just so funny after some fans tried to defend the recap last week. Defend it this time guys~!

I’m so glad I stopped caring about what would happen after last week. Now I’m just blogging it for the sake of…I don’t even know. Consistency? Maybe, I want to be able to come out of this thing and go, “Ha! Once I started I never stopped!” But mostly it’s for the commenters who are always thanking me for the summaries. You guys better stay grateful!


Recap again, but with a surprising amount of (anime-original) plot.

Ikuto’s skipping school again and Yoru makes some jokes and Ikuto actually laughs. At the royal garden the guardians are all having some super good doughnuts. Amu gives Tadase a vanilla one and they have another one of their chibi looking moments because she remembered he liked vanilla. Until Yaya comes out and ruins their chibi aura.

At Easter the loser scientists go over how they failed (and apparently are no longer in charge of looking for the embryo) and recap the way in which Easter’s plans have all failed.

Amu goes to talk to the First King on his request. Ran finds the picture book he wrote and asks him what would happen next (or something) and finds out that the eggs get a power-up or something which Miki and Su don’t believe at all. Amu asks why he had her come there and he pulls his random card stuff and Amu pulls out the Joker card. He says some things about shining lights going out with darkness (or random crap) which Amu doesn’t understand. He then says a new story is starting and the Humpty Lock can feel it too (or something). He says more foreshadowing things that really tell us nothing too.

It starts raining so Ikuto has to leave his spot on the grass (where he’s apparently been all day, lol). Amu runs through the rain and gets shelter under a tree in the same park where she sang with Ikuto’s violin, which she thinks about. And when she says his name out loud, Ikuto hangs off of the branch in front of her and causes her to freak out until she trips and Ikuto catches her. After a time-skip (cop-out Satelight!) Amu and Ikuto are both standing under the tree and being stubborn with each other. Yoru and Amu’s charas talk about rain, Yoru is anti-rain and Ran, Miki, and Su are pro-rain (I don’t really think this is important though) Something about how it’s romantic.

Tadase comes to the First King’s office with random guardian business and sees that Amu isn’t there. The First King says she already started to head home.

Back in the park Amu is thinking a lot about something (what to talk about I think) but is being stubborn as usual. Ikuto says that she seems different somehow. Amu replies that she might have grown a bit, but Ikuto calls her stupid since that’s not what he was talking about. Amu thinks about something the first king said before and starts wondering about the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key again. Then Amuto recap (with tons of stuff left out btw). Amu asks Ikuto where his violin is, but Ikuto doesn’t have it with him. Amu asks if it’s something important to him, but Ikuto responds by teasing her about how she’s asking a lot of questions about him then more stubbornness and teasing (lol, Miki asks where Amu’s Cool & Spicy character went).

Tadase comes running up with two umbrellas (one for Amu I assume), but Ikuto comes out and puts Tadase in his tsuntsun bad mood. Ikuto says some things to tick Tadase off, saying Tadase can’t open the lock (or whatever) and Tadase says that the Dumpty Key belongs to him and that he’ll get it back that day. And so a fight starts up when they each chara-change.

Amu just stands by uselessly for a minute and thinks about how she doesn’t know what happened between them in the past, but she won’t let them fight (or something). She runs forward and still frame happens (with a shot of First King being all, “I knows everything~!” in his office) and the Humpty Lock starts acting weird. Amu does a new “powered-up” transformation into Amulet Heart which really just looks the same except there’s just a new transformation sequence.

This gets Ikuto and Tadase to stop fighting (boys are easily distracted by cheerleaders appearing a flash of light it seems). Ikuto notices the Dumpty Key having a reaction to what happened. Then the charas notice that it stopped raining and that there’s a rainbow. Ikuto disappears while everyone else is too distracted by pretty shining rainbow. And everyone continues to be distracted by the pretty shining rainbow (seriously…wtf…).

Meanwhile, the asshole director is talking to Gozen about their new plan. A girl is arriving from France (right?) that will get the embryo for Gozen. And surprises! It’s Lulu, the girl from the opening.

So…basically: Amu talks to the first king (and learns nothing), she talks to Ikuto (and thinks the same stuff as always), Ikuto and Tadase fight (for no reason and with no real outcome), and Amu gets a powered-up chara-nari (that looks the same). Oh, and anime-original villain girl showed up at the end and ultimately, she will have no impact on anything either.


My God Satelight is half-assing it now. I heard that a lot of the staff has changed and this episode doesn’t leave a single shred of doubt in my mind about that. Even with its fillers, the first season at least put in some effort. I’m just sitting here going, “wtf…” for a lot of the episode. Amu got a power-up for her Chara-Nari in the most obviously shoved in there sort of way. It was, quite frankly, lame.

The Amuto scenes were fun though. Nothing new was developed, but it was fun.

Meh…I took screencaps from Horrible Raw (which really isn’t so horrible anymore anyway), but because of my lack of enthusiasm I’m just keeping these screencaps.

lol. There’s like five places Ikuto shows up regularly and he’s in at least one every episode: in a tree, in front of a full moon, on his house’s roof, on Easter’s roof, or on this grassy hill.

Personally, I’m a fan of the hill and the trees.

Yoru~! He made Ikuto laugh and look how happy that makes him~! God why are all the charas so darn cute?

Okay, it’s not just me, right? This scene looks quite messily done. I mean, Tadase’s clothes seem weird to me (it looks like he’s slouching too) and Amu’s body just looks kind of weird. I’m not just saying that as an Amuto fan, it’s the first place I noticed a change in the animation. Things look different.

Now then…don’t get too happy Tadase. Amu remembers that Ikuto likes chocolate too.

I want an Utau puppet! I want it like there’s no tomorrow! An adorable tsundere puppet! Gimme! Forget plushies (for now).

*runs off to read puppet-making tutorials*

No one else is going to say it, huh? I have to be the one? *sigh* Fine.

The first king doesn’t do anything. He tells people the vaguest things that they usually figure out soon on their own anyway. Why bother telling the kids anything if it’s not going to help them? Why!?

Ehe~! I don’t know, Ikuto being hit with a raindrop just made me giggle.

Silly Amu. Hanging around a place where you’ve seen Ikuto and knowing what a sneaky catboy he is and you just decide to say his name out loud. Heh. Should have known better. Start expecting to see Ikuto at all minutes of the day already.

This is definitely the best screencap in the whole episode and pretty high up there on the anime-original moments list. However…

Dude it didn’t have any purpose at all? After this they went to a commercial break and when they came back they were both just hanging out underneath a tree. I mean, what happened? It’s like they just threw it in there as fanservice for the Amuto fans.

I don’t really mind though. Random Amuto is fine with me. This just goes to show that Satelight knows who is in control here. That’s right, you better keep us happy.

Aw…the stubborn couple returns. They’re made for each other. (Seriously, so cute the way they’re both being all stubborn and acting like they don’t care.)

I’m not entirely sure why (since I’m not entirely sure what happened here), but this was my second favorite moment in the episode. Ikuto said that Amu changed (if my Japanese doesn’t suck today) and I want to know how. I think I may have missed something.

But even though I think I missed something I still feel like I got it somehow. I’m not really sure how to explain it, but…yeah.

Return of the Amuto bg. I’ve missed my blue to pink gradient. (Also, this is just a nice Amuto image, right? ^_^)

Oh! Amu let her Cool & Spicy chara slip and started asking Ikuto questions. Can’t pretend like you don’t care when you’re asking him what’s important to him and stuff. Silly girl~!

Of course Ikuto catches it right away and forces Amu back to tsuntsun (and completely shatters her Cool & Spicy act as well btw. Even Miki notices).

>_< A smiling Ikuto makes me such a happy fangirl in these dark manga times. Ah~! This is probably the main reason I keep watching the anime. Even when it pisses me off, the fluff is still a good balance for the manga right now.

Boo! Tadase showed up and ruined my smiling Ikuto fun by making Ikuto act all cool and confrontational (well, Tadase did just challenge him in the last episode…). But boo!

Now personally, I’m not one of the fans who hates Tadase just for getting in Amuto’s way. That’s stupid. On CR they created a thread complaining about how Tadase saved Amu and Ikuto in episode 51. What the heck? Dumbest thread on CR right now (because it’s the one where shipping wars are taking place). But this episode it bothered me specifically because it’s really rare that we get to see Ikuto able to just enjoy himself. Even when he’s been around Amu it’s because something Easter-ish has happened.

So…for today it bothered me, but I blame Satelight for that because they made the situation stupid.

Lame. This fight was so lame. Honestly. There wasn’t even a real fight. Episode 01 was a real fight. Episode 42 was a super real fight. This was just…nothing. But I can just blame that on the definite decrease in animation time.

I’ve said this before, but they used to plan episodes 6 months ahead of time, now it’s something like 3 months. New staff probably doesn’t help either.

I mean this. It was just a still image of Amu with her lock glowing as they did a scroll-panning thing. What happened to that wind effect from episode 29 when her lock started to glow? Hmm?

Well, I suppose I can just say it’s a recap, but I can’t be greedy anyway. With less time, I can’t expect the same quality.

What the hell. This was so pointless. It’s just a new transformation sequence. Is there anything even different about Amulet Heart? Her roller blades haven’t shown up yet. It was so overdone and it kind of happened for no reason too.

It ticks me off because this is kind of standard in mahou shoujo anime, a power-up, but usually even that it’s for some real reason. Make it happen after Amu fails to beat the enemy next week. That’s how mahou shoujo works! Make her need the extra power before you give it to her!

And make it apparent what that power is, because right now it’s just Amu feeling like she has more power it seems.

But I love that this was the image right after. To me it looked like both of them were thinking, “Um…isn’t that just the same thing as before?” and “What’s the deal with all the extra sparkles?”

Of course, that might just be because that’s what I was thinking, but even though it got them to stop fighting neither of them really seemed too impressed (to me).

I did like the music during this part though (thought I’d mention it).

Ah. Well then. At least we finally got to this point. The Dumpty Key reacting when the Humpty Lock does something. Now do it when Amu makes a mahou shoujo speech too.

I think this is where my slim belief that this arc won’t just be cliche mahou shoujo crap devoid of Cool & Spicy flew right out the window. It’s also where my enjoyment in the episode kind of just fell. I was kind of just going through it easily, then I got really happy for my Amuto, then the lame fight kind of deflated that and then this just made me end up back with my low expectations.

A rainbow? I mean, I like rainbows too, but why would that distract you from your new power-up and the fight that was going on just five seconds ago? Can anyone say short attention span?

Ikuto seems to be in character most (if not all) the time now. Amu on the other hand, has me quite worried with this scene (and a couple small moments before this). Please don’t screw up my Cool & Spicy heroine Satelight. T_T

One last dig at the quality. The whole design of the characters feels different sometimes. People commented last week on Tadase’s hair seeming longer (which it does) and the faces in general just seem a little different too.

They’re also using a lot more shortcuts than before (but I kind of expected that). It’s going to take some getting used to because I think we’ve all been spoiled by the first series, which had its awkward moments, but did quite a bit more than you’d expect from a mahou shoujo anime, especially a long one.

But this is still a recap. Perhaps my judgments are premature. It’s not like it’s bad either…just takes some getting used to.

Ikuto image…because. I want to make up for the ranting before I even get started.

And here we go! Lulu shows up officially next week. I still find her annoying even though she hasn’t properly appeared.

First off, I know she was designed by Peach-Pit or whatever. I don’t care though. Creators save all their good material for their actual story. And anyway, I don’t have a problem hating characters created by Peach-Pit. I hated Tadase for a long time for being too shallow and not well-developed. This girl is just someone brought in to fill time so the manga can get ahead. I doubt she’s going to have that much depth.

Sure, she probably has her story we’ll find out and that will make her friends with Amu in 20 or so episodes, but what’s that story going to be? She’s rude because her family situation sucks? Sorry, Rima’s got that. She does it because a close family member asked her to? Kairi’s got that. She does it for love and simply lost her way? Utau’s got that. She’s trapped in the company and doesn’t even want anything to do with Easter? Ikuto’s got that.

I’m not saying there’s no other “excuses” for her, but most of the good ones seem to be taken up. The rest of her story is so cliche anyway. She’s from another country? Okay either America or France (BAM! I’m almost certain I heard France). As soon as I heard that, I couldn’t help but go, “I knew it!”

And judging by that smile, she doesn’t mind what she’s doing. We saw Utau do her angsting right from the beginning. You either have a blank expression or you show sad faces early on. You can’t be evil girl and have all your development thrown it later. In anime (especially with filler characters) it’s done too hastily that way.

Ah…and I’m brought to my main problem with this girl. The poses and expressions they’ve been giving her remind me too much of Utau. The confidence just with some added ojou-sama instead of tsundere. She’s an Utau rip-off. You don’t rip-off Utau. You just don’t. And that pisses me off.

Also, if Peach-Pit did her character design, they didn’t do a good job making her blend in. She doesn’t fit in with the other characters because her hair…is weird. It makes her stand out and very clearly say, “I don’t belong here!”

But that’s that. I’m done now. That’s just my opinion on it for now.

Now then, to end this on a positive note…I really enjoyed the Amuto scene. It was nice seeing them just talking with each other, because it’s at times like that where I tend to enjoy Amuto the most and can remember why I have so little doubt of them being the OTP in my mind.

Just talking comfortably with one another, eventually just acting like their real selves, and really having a conversation. It just makes me smile somehow.

So for that alone I can be happy and say that this episode wasn’t a waste of my time. I can sit through the crap for these small moments, because not much makes me smile like Amuto during these tough days. There’s still other things, but not many. It’s another reason I’d like to keep blogging as well. Other people who want to see this stuff but just don’t have the time to watch fillers every week deserve to see it as well.

And if I must be the one to sift through some crap, then so be it! I don’t really mind.


Lulu makes her official entrance in an episode titled “Eh? A New Friend?” Which kind of makes me wonder if Lulu is going to pretend to be friends with Amu. The betrayal thing was already done with Kairi, so I hope now.

Anyway, Lulu is going to be making people do random ugly chara-nari’s when she forces a crazy smiling question mark on their eggs or something. I don’t know. All I know is it’s stupid. I couldn’t be any more reminded of various Sailor Moon villains.

People have already mentioned that maybe Lulu will become a romantic rival (or try to be one) for either Ikuto or Tadase, but eh. I’ll comment on that next week, but even if I think it might provide some entertainment for now, it’ll make me even more meh-ish on the cliches. And it always feels weird when an original character likes a regular character to me.

But one last thing. Let’s start taking bets now. Who wants to bet that Lulu is going back to whatever country she came from once her arc is over? Really making the next 20 or so episodes even more useless than the fillers of the past.

…I do. And I actually hope I’m right because I don’t want any interference in Ikuto’s arc, thank you very much.


  1. are you serious?! we have suffered through 11 fillers it feels like and now 2 recaps in a row? what is the point of waiting on the subbers if i know this is what i am going to get?!

    thanks for the report, just sorry there wasn’t more to report on!

  2. GOOOOOOSH !! the anime turned into a big joke where is ikuto’-s arc and amuto bed scene , before season 2 started when episode 33 came out i though that in episode 51 the ikuto arc will begin so they can finish it in the seconed season but NOOOO they had to make a LOT and i mean A LOT of fillers and then more recaps ?? COME ON ! i prefer waiting for the manga every month than waiting for the anime episodes every week , i dont even care if they subbed those episodes BECAUSE IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL STORY !!

  3. Another recap?! Damn you Satelight… But I forgive them because there was the presence of Amuto. But that catch…seems awfully familiar to the one that Nikaidou did with Sanjou in Ep 44.

  4. Lol, so last week was the guardians recap and now was the easter recap. No more recaps again, I hope. After all, I bet all the episodes have already been summaried in these recaps. Oh, and I am grateful. A lot! ^^
    Donuts seemed poplar on this episode. The guardians ate it, and even the losers.
    I was unhappy when Amu remembered that Tadase liked vanilla. It reminds me of chapter 28 when amu remembers that Ikuto likes chocolate. Not fair, he should have been the first one she remembers <_<
    Amu and Ikuto turned stubborn with each other? That is so cute. Love it when the act like that with each other <3
    Hey, I pretty much liked the amuto part with the juicy amuto recaps, only shame that took only a short part of the episode. The rest fails…
    Miki asks where Amu’s cool & spicy went, but truth be told, she never has it when she is near Ikuto. She’s always her true self when she’s with him, and even when she turns stubborn, he always mannages to make her act normal again.
    Amu trying to stop the fight was classical and cliché, but seriously, how it ended didn’t make any sense at all. Stupid rainbow and stupid power-ups….
    So Lulu is arriving from France? Dammit, don’t tell it’s a character with a strange japanese accent? I hope her voice isn’t too annoying <_<
    Ikuto’s favourite places…Amu should know about them all xD
    Charas are cute by nature…and Yoru, my favourite! I just love that little kitty <3
    The animation in that part isn’t as bad as I’ve seen before, but it does look kinda weird.
    Those puppets were the most cutest thing ever! I want all of them (if only they had one of Ikuto too…)
    I know what you mean! That I’m aware of, usually guys that read stars are clear in what they see, but Tsukasa sure is very ambiguous in what he says.
    …and when Ikuto noticed the raindrop made me squeal. He looked so hot looking at the sky with one eye open…
    I totally agree with you, that was the best screencap in the entire episode and the quality of the animation was just wow. The raindrops make it look pretty, by the way.
    I had a friend who said the same thing about that Amu-changed scene. I bet he probably means that she grew on the inside. Have you noticed that she hasn’t been blushing like crazy around him? Probably her childish cruch for him has grown to something stronger. Remember she still blushes like a fangirl around Tadase.
    She was asking questions about him ^^ She finally is showing signs that she wants to know more about him. It’s a shame he ruined everything.
    But damn, that smile was so cute. And yes, there is such a different mood between the manga and the anime. The manga is all dark and gloomy (with a fricken cliffhanger only to be cleared on chapter 35), while the anime is going all happy and colourful.
    New(?) transformation = lameness. Amu did chara nari like it was something special and the guys looked at her like it REALLY was something special. The only good thing I saw was the key responding to the lock.
    Ooh, I can say it! Short attention span *giggles* The rainbow was so random and corny I actually laughed at that part. Dumb stupid Satelight.
    Tadase’s hair seems longer you say? I actually only noticed Amu, mostly in chara nari that is.
    This feels like a bet to see what Lulu’s background story will be. Maybe she’s doind all this cause she owns a favor to Hoshina guy and in 10 episodes or more we’ll learn her family drama and stuff…
    That random girl…isn’t she one of Amu’s friends from her classroom? I thought she was…
    At least I HOPE they leave most of the Ikuto arc intact, so yeah, she has to leave. Oh and don’t worry about the whole filler girl crap next week. If I’m not mistaken we get Utau the week after that or in two weeks (I seriously think it’s in episode 55 anyway).
    And with this, there is only one question left: Where the heck is Nagihiko?

  5. A cute Amuto moment episode. It was a shame they didn’t go anywhere with the fall-and-catch scene, but oh well.
    Heh. So it’s not my eyesight; they really have done SOMETHING to the characters (But what it is exactly, I’m not sure).
    Laughing Ikuto is cute. In an Ikuto-way. And Yoru is just 24/7 adorableness, so it goes without saying.
    Tadase ruined it. Completely. The Amuto moment, I mean. Sigh. There’s just no way of making him understand.
    ROFL! I thought they really WERE going to zap her when she ran! And then the Humpty Lock interfered. And it looked a bit stiff and improvised. And her pose is even worse now.
    (Sing-song voice) So-omewhere, over the rainbow…
    That was a really random moment.
    I have nothing to say to first king.
    Lulu looks french. I don’t know why, there’s just SOMETHING about her that says FRANCE! I like her dress, but her hair is just a teensy bit OTT.
    Thank you for summarizing! Lets hope next week will be just that little bit more eventful.

  6. I am glad i haven watched it yet. I guess we are heading for a filler arc… *Gloom*

    Well, it’s ok i hav plenty of other animes to keep me occuppied.

    Altough the plot is kind of going downhill. i like the animation quality though. I think it looks nicer. I hope Utau come out soon… I wanna see her in a nicely animated form~ Ikuto looks cuter with the better quality too. =D

  7. Yep. I guess since winter’s coming he’ll probably go back to the tops of roofs soon, which is a shame.

    Yoru! So adorable. The charas are the cuteset when they’re trying to cheer up their owners though.

    Heh. Good luck with making it. I don’t think there’s going to be any plushies made for non-chara characters, so this is probably your best bet.

    I get annoyed every time I’ve seen First King since episode 39, because it means there’s another episode where they’ve shown him without doing the kitty ear scene from chapter 23. Satelight better do it soon.

    Ikuto’s expression when the raindrop hit his face is win.

    Yep. She’s know the guy for like a year now. She should be better prepared.

    I don’t know. The time skip ruined the whole Ikuto catching Amu moment for me. I wanted to see the immediate aftermath.

    Stubborn couple=love. Yep. Neither of them are fooling anyone too, with the whole “I don’t really care” act.

    Hm-um! Smiling Ikuto, and non-emo Amuto, makes the anime worth it.

    Amulet Heart stoping the fight, kind of reminded me of episode 33, when Amu character transformed with Eru, because of the “Wth?” expressions on Tadase and Ikuto’s faces. (Only not awesome).

    I think the whole rainbow thing was to distract Amu and Tadase, while Ikuto disappeared. Couldn’t they have just made him say goodbye, before leaping off into air like episode 18?

    Yeah, she definetly gives off the apperence of being a Utau ripoff. I’m betting she’s one of those girl’s who laughs behind her hand too.

  8. omgah you watched Sailor Moon too? *_* xD uhm anyways, yea… OOOH IKUTO LAUGHED AND MY HEART FLUTTERED =] haha Satelight is still somewhat smart cause the plan for the last two weeks
    1: Annoying fillers to plot [somewhat] out what we should do next
    2: Save our ass’s from being murdered by showing a bunch of Amuto in the second filler
    3: Finally get on with the plot
    oo aaand I was personally surprised how you only mentioned Utau TWICE. D= not only the staff is changing, you too! haha nyu, you still love your Amuto soo there isnt much different. oh, and sorry about this lame ass review, im like uber hyper and im sorry for wasting your time making you either laugh or mad at me ^-^;

  9. Thank u soo much for doing this. But i agree with u, i can forgive one lame filler,but the only reason i can forgive this one is because of all the Amuto. But i have to say it YORU IS THE CUTEST CHARA EVER!!!
    Ok,now that thats outa my system, i think the whole Lulu thing or whatever is just a girl who wants her future to start. U know, like Easter promised her a start in fashion ( a thread i’ve been reading )or maybe just money in general.
    But i will bet she’ll probally leave in about 20 episodes anyway, so who cares?

    THX again

  10. If she messes with Amuto, I have to kill the bitch, m’kay? ^_^

  11. Oh, and….HOLY CRAP!!!

    It’s the “Obvious-Cliche Embryo Pendant!!!”


    What? I know you where thinking it too.

  12. Of course, we are grateful. :P lol
    Ah, this episode was ok. Easter flashbacks and Amuto. The only thing I liked about the Easter flashbacks was how it reminded how much I love Utau and Ikuto. X33 & the puppets were…funny. xD
    That has got to be his own hill or something. He must have marked it off somehow. Lol Now if only he can regularly show up on Amu’s balcony or better yet, inside her room already. *rolls eyes*
    Lol Doughnuts. Wut? xDD;;
    & I loved Yaya. I seriously really do. That’s all there needs to be said, right?
    I want to hit Shodai K over the head sometimes for being so “Ooo, mysterious…” all the time. His lack of seriousness doesn’t really bother me b/c I just got use to his character being that way (actually, he’s always been like that from the start) but sometimes it’s just…make a grim face, is that so hard? He was partially responsible for the whole fight/misunderstanding between Tadase and Ikuto anyways (though it was done with good intentions) for not telling who-&-who what-&-what was going on and he’s like “That’s ok! Everything will be alright in the end! *happy*”. He’s also like “Ahaha, yea, I guess I did kinda kidnapped him, didn’t I?” over the critical issues. Ugh, ranting again. But I wish he would be more…I dunno, at least try to look concerned or something. He’s an adult and he doesn’t act like one (always playing with his tea cups in his room). Agh, whatever! I’ll shut up now. =_=;
    Back to Ikuto~! <3
    Hehe, the raindrop was quite cute. I thought that he’d sense the change in weather since he kinda has some cat instincts and all but nevermind because the raindrop was cute. lol
    I giggled so hard at the “Spidercat” scene (urgh, that’s what I’m going to think every time I see this scene now no thanks to the Amuto thread on GW, :P ). Amu was all quietly remembering to herself and there was the nice violin playing in the background…then Ikuto dropped down and the music went ppllp…!
    & YES! The classic trip-and-catch-you…thing! *can’t think up the right term* lol He’s already so accustomed to her falling over that it’s his first instinct to catch her before she meets the concrete floor.
    But, dude, yea, what the hell was with that time skip? *sigh* W/e. I got Amuto. I am happy. *wants to be more happy, tho* :P
    Kyaa~, I love stubborn couples (wow, I think I’m gonna comment on every screencap xD; )! A nice short break from teasing. Hehe ^^
    I understand about the “You’ve changed” part. I think I know what he means but it’s a really unorganized thought process and just can’t be put into words just yet. Hmm…maybe having something to do with her maturing so much or something? I dunno, but the skip from ep 3 flashbacks to the most recent ones gave me that impression (I need subs~!). Argh.
    Aww, and she asked about his violin~! *happy fangirl* She doesn’t know it but Ikuto does. It’s an indirect reply to the ep 33 “I’m interested in you”. No wonder why’s he’s all smiley. Lol xD
    ARGH! And stupid Satelight had to ruin it with another “macho game” confrontation (lol, warriorhope said this) between Ikuto and Tadase . That just soured my mood. I won’t blame Tadase for ruining the moment because he has almost equal bad luck in running in on an Amuto moment as much as Ikuto has on Tadase interrupting it. This is all Satelight’s fault. That and the whole blahblahblah over the Dumpty Key which is entirely not it but this is ok since people are always trying to cover up their love issues with something else. :P
    & screw ALL the threads on CR. I don’t care if I’ve never been there or looked at the more positive threads. Their forums serve as a hate place. I don’t see the point in spreading hate. It’s stupid and a waste of time.
    Anyways, going back to the episode…
    Heh, is it just me or does Ikuto’s smirk seems more apparent than usual (oh, he’s pissed over that interruption alright!)? xD
    & come to think of it, I’ve never seen Tadase looked so pissed. It really surprised and…scared me a bit. Shit! Don’t go yandere on me, Tadase! Or yangire…w/e. Is this GAR I’m seeing? 8D (I’ve lost it. I think I’ve really lost it…)
    I disagree a bit on the next part. I actually liked the new Chara-nari transformation, though not as much as I liked the previous one (the current one had too many sparklies and stars for comfort). For one thing, animation was top-notch unless I’m mistaken cuz I only watched it on youtube so far. But yea, for them to make something not even completely new was pointless. *sigh* I don’t care anymore…
    YES! Somebody else noticed the music! xDD & they were impressed. Amu made the rain stop and brought out a rainbow. Huzzah.
    Hmm, quality-wise…I concur. *shrug*
    & finally…I like Lulu now (keyword: now). Not because it’s been revealed that P-Pit designed her anything cuz her image reminded me too much of certain other characters I didn’t particularly like anyway. But it’s because I’ve been thinking about this new pairing too much: Ludase. *all arrows pointed here* You heard me. Ludase. Not enough reason to expand on it yet but yea. ^^; *don’t care about the whole love rival business as long as it doesn’t affect the plot* (Obviously, she’s gonna go back to her home country after filler arc is over)
    Well, so yea, I’m actually hoping to like her more as it goes on but I’ll have to see how Satelight portrays her. Yes, she probably doesn’t have even a sympathizing story behind her judging from that look on her face but I don’t think I want another angsty situation behind it. Cuz it’s filler. And filler is not meant to be taken seriously. It shouldn’t, actually.
    Hmm, I don’t see her as an Utau ripoff, though (maybe a little when I first saw her but not really). When I look at her, it just screams the “other direction of a villain girl” (there are so many different ones so…). I just wished they didn’t make her blonde. Nothing against blondes or anything but we’ve had quite a couple already. Make her a red-head or something. Of course, that would’ve required a whole character revision but I’d like a red-head to appear since we don’t have one. *loves red-head characters* xD
    *breathe* Ok, I’m done, I think. Damn, this was long one for a recap episode. -.-; Ah, I’m so going to miss my Amuto since it probably won’t show up again for a while. ;__; Meh, I’m going to watch it again right now! Even though I have a massive load of hwk to do…but who cares? I’m depressed! D/
    Thx for the summary and your thoughts as always. Wah, and take your time in replying back if you choose to. We can shove all of Lulu into next week’s ep. xD;

  13. I see, so Lulu is from France…well I guess thats kind of better than America (ok no not really) -____- Its always either, the US, France or England. Why can’t they mix things up a bit with a different country like…oh I don’t know…maybe SWITZERLAND or something ^-^’

  14. LOL you make me laugh and have a god moment remembering the things I missed from the episode… (I need to learn how to comment like that x_x)
    Anyway… I’m also curious about Ruru

  15. “A rainbow? I mean, I like rainbows too, but why would that distract you from your new power-up and the fight that was going on just five seconds ago? Can anyone say short attention span?”

    I lol’d.
    Also, thanks for blogging this, I watched so little of the anime because I don’t have time to long series, but love reading this blog on more Amuto going on!

  16. This episode WAS boring… A stupid recap… TWO RECAP’S IN A WEEK! How stupid!!!!!!! I’m really mad at sattelight AND they drew Tadase’s eyes wrong… Sattelight is just getting worse and worse

  17. ….If this Lulu person is going to interfear with Amuto i will personally fly to what ever contenet i have to and shoot her in the head, seriously thats gay they should just get on with the plot. damn it i already fell like shooting her and she hasnt even showed up in a full episode yet. well thanks for the in sight ill try not to keep my hopes up so that i dont go and shoot the people at satelight!! T_T Thank you your rock!!

  18. I was wondering who the new villain was going to be. Lulu seems very villainous? lol. idk, we’ll see.

  19. If you took out everything except the Amuto and Ikuto scenes, it was a good episode :) But seriously. The episode didn’t really make sense to me. Why did we have another recap?We have already had a episode for this, so it makes no sense doing it again.Why did Amu transform into Amulet Heart for no reason? She did nothing. She got no new abilties whatsoever.And why Amulet Heart? Are the other transformations not good enough or something?I am starting to hate Amulet Heart.Its really getting on my nerves how Satelight is giving that transformation the spotlight. And why did everything become happy when a rainbow appered? sure,I kinda get excited when I see a rainbow, but it’s not that great.It really wont stop me from what I’m doing. I’ll admire it for a minute, then get on with life. It’s just a rainbow. Go get a garden hose,spray the water in the sunlight and BAM!You have a rainbow.But the most important question of all questions is….were the Satlight poeple hungry when they made this episode? Becasue donuts were sure in the ep. a lot XD Lol, I was getting hungry when i kept seeing donuts.Mmmmmmm,donuts.Ok, Enough now of my questions and on to my thoughts of the episode.
    Ikuto in the beginning made me happy. And Yoru!!!He was totally adorable in this episode.He was trying to make Ikuto laugh and when he did,his face!Awwwww,you are too cute!!!
    When I saw the Tadamu moment, I was like”Where’s Eru to ruin it!”lol.Isn’t she like always ruining those kind of Tadamu heart BG scenes? That’s all I could think about during that scene.
    Crap. Why did I get my hopes up. I really thought those Easter fools were gone. I’m not gonna say anything else about them though, because they are not even worth metioning.
    I want a Utau puppet!:D
    AMUTO!!!What would I do with AMuto,lol. I loved how Amu was thinking of Ikuto and then BAM!Ikuto scares Amu half to death.I was giggling like the little fangirl i am because The music was like sweet then went sour and Amu’s expression.To top it off, Ikuto was just haning down from a tree like its normal.And yay! Ikuto catches Amu agian. What is it,like the 100th time she fallen and Ikuto catches her?But I don’t mind a bit. But
    i was kinda “ehhh?”when they didn’t show what happend after Ikuto caught her. I really wanted to see what happened.
    Teehee, Amu keeps asking Ikuto questions. You know you care Amu.
    Awwww, a smiling Ikuto! I love seeing that! And I still can’t get over his laugh. It’s too cute. I giggle too much when I hear it. Teehee(darn it Fuyumadien, you are making me type that XD)
    The Amuto in this episode was just adorable and cute. I really loved the conversation and the reactions.
    Woah. Tadase meant business with his violent umbrella throwing. Sorry, I had to make fun of that.And one little thing;My sister thought it was a girl speaking when Tadase was entering the first king’s office(when we couldn’t see Tadase’s face). I found that amusing because Tadase’s VA is a girl,lol.
    -.-No comment on the fight.And I already ranted/questioned on Amulet Heart. I didn’t like the new transfromation sequence either.
    I dont really know how I feel on Lulu. I am not too upset now that I know P-P designed her. But I’m kinda like “mehhh” on the situation. I do want her to like Ikuto and be all flirty with him in front of Amu. I want Amu to be like”I don’t care” and putting up her cool and spicy act.But in the inside she really is saying”He’s mine!You cant have him!” Yeah, i want some jealosy.Ohhh! Got it!Lulu is all flirty with Ikuto, then BAM! Utau comes in gets into bro-complex mode!She then becomes all scary and Lulu is like”What have I gotten myself into?”And Amu just will be even more jealous and confused(but when isn’t Amu confused)lol, I just want Utau to appear again.
    Next week’s random transformation has got to be the creepist ever. Im scared,lol.And what is with evil necklaces?Satelight needs to be a little more orginal.
    Thanks for your summary and thoughts!I will stay grateful!I really do appreciate it and I’m glad you will keep blogging SC! even though the show is going all weird. I’m just watching because I’m curious to see what happens and for Ikuto( I also have free time,lol im a loser)
    Thanks again Fuyimaiden!!!*goes to get a donut and watches Amuto again XD*

  20. I wonder if Lulu is Amu’s age cuz gosh, they designed her with… um… (breast)

    I think her character transformation is ugly. >:P I also think she will be a rival for Amuto!! (NOO WAY) After all, if she is older she might take effect. But Ikuto wouldn’t want a smiley faced little girl who wants to be a leaf indian fairy (or whatever that thing is).

    But whatever this Shugo Chara Doki! is starting out good enough. AMUTO SCENES! >:D

  21. This episode was okay for a filler. Though I was wondering about the chara-nari and the rainbow though. Distracted by a rainbow…too random. And not to mention cliche. -_-
    I was still wondering what was so different about Amulet Heart. It looks the same with the exception of the number of sparkles.
    The puppets were so adorable. I so have to make one. XD
    And about the chara-nari thing…yup, it’s TOO random. Seriously, couldn’t they have come up with a better design? That was just…bleh. No comment.
    I was happy with the amount of Amuto screentime in here, because it’s not all the time we get to see the both of them open up to each other. ^^
    Tadamu scene…still okay, but it seemed to be just a fling to me for Tadamu fans. Seriously, that’s like the only one scene that would make them happy. Because of this…to me, it’s classified as random again.
    And Amu wasn’t even in any real trouble. The fight was too minor. I didn’t even thnk that there was a need for her to stop them anyway. But ah, I guess they just wanted to have an excuse to show the chara-nari.
    And I don’t think every episode is free of recaps. Argh.
    Well, it was good overall. Thanks, Fuyu! ^^

    that really explains a lot. Really it does.
    Curse you Satelight! Why did you need to change? No wonder the show just seemed so…off. Maybe it will get better, or at least interesting enough to watch. I’m hoping. But it’s not the same :(
    Amulet Heart’s new transformation was PFFFTH. No good. And they’ll probably change all the others too just for the heck of it. I liked the old ones way better. This one’s just not as interesting. Plus I was looking forward to a new formulaic Amulet Dia transformation when the opportunity arose…oh well.
    At the least we have the manga to look forward to! By the way, do you know anything about chapters 33 and 34? they should be out right now.
    And yes! I really do appreciate you blogging this despite the fact that the arc is probably going to be all filler. Keep standing strong!

  23. I completely agree with the whole needs to have a new villain and get beaten but I really wanted the whole Ikuto and the violin ARC and watever happened to the transformation with Kiseki, that was supposed to be a while ago. I dont get the whole Dia thing, is she back, is she not hatched yet, is she just being a bitch, but Amu’s character is perfect for this show and I dont mind Lulu s appearance it suits her perfectly because she seems stuck up so yeah. I forgot what I was mainly going to say but this is fine for now. So yea

  24. Honestly, I don’t like Doki too much. It’s not just the recaps. It feels like they’re trying to turn SC! into something it’s not.
    At first I loved the new season, it was like a breathe of fresh air. But now it’s.. meh. Amu seems too OOC. It just kind of bugs me… But I guess it’ll just take some getting used to.
    For now, I’m just going to wait for Nagihiko’s appearence. It’ll be glorious. There’s no way anyone could mess up a Nagihiko moment.

    Aw. I’m not too excited about Lulu anymore. At first she seemed cute and her chara Nana slightly reminded me of Kobato or Marry Poppins. Now she seems too cliche.
    I was hoping for a personality we haven’t had yet. But I still have high hopes for her Chara though. Nana seems cute.
    The Utau recaps were the best. It was like an Utau montoge!
    and the Black Diamond puppets were epic. I thought the Black Diamond outfit was Utau’s best look. They even had puppets of the band members no one really cares about. Too cute~! <3
    The season has started off on a reletivly bad start. First we have two recaps, then an episode about a filler charater. Nagihiko better show up soon. And Kukai too. I want some touching Tadase and Kukai friendship moments!

  25. I had mixed thoughts with this one. I let the recap for the first Doki episode slide because we saw Eru and Dia(my two favorite Charas along with Suu).

    On one hand I loved the Amuto, on the other hand Amulet Heart annoyed me. I think the new henshin sequence looked pretty, but was it really needed? I might just be saying that because Amulet Heart is my least favorite of Amu’s Chara-Nis(it’s overused and Tadase’s ‘crush’ on her annoys me to no end.) And the rainbow thing sucked

    I think for the first time since I’ve started watching this series, I’m not looking forward to next week’s episode. More Amulet Heart will be in it. The Chara-Ni in the preview is also very hideous. I do agree with you on the Sailor Moon thing. It’s like in Sailor Stars when someone without a ‘true’ starseed lost theirs and became an annoying parody of themselves (example: a doctor becomes “Sailor Doctor”). And this Lulu is not going to sit well with me, I can tell I’m going to dislike her. She’s goibng to be a bad Utau rip off.

    Ugh, when are we getting Nagehiko and Ikuto’s arc?

  26. Ha I love SC but I think I prefer Divine anime blog……..

  27. Good for you person with an overly-long name. Then go there.

  28. Hmm.Out of curiosity I checked this “Divine anime blog”.I had three thoughts:
    1.It’s(It was) copying you.
    2.It left out anything Amuto from any episodes summary.(natural Tadamu fan…)
    3.She had very low quality pictures from youtube.
    Well I don’t know about you futariwaprettycuremaxheartshinyluminous
    but I’m here to stay.If you can put up with “Ok Fuyumaide now I’m mad!!!!!”(Fuyumaide?),”DEFINITLY”,”NUUUUUUU” then good for you!

  29. Oh and sorry for typos!

  30. *is waiting for new summery/blog thingy* xD anyways guess what i realised! Ran’s chara-nari background thingy is the same as Daiya’s cept the colors! D=< Daiya needs something for her alone. xD and the new heart unlock power thingy is uber ghey.

  31. waaaaaaaaa!!! ikuto so cute~ amuto 4 ever!!!
    thanks, btw!

  32. I got a new monitor so everything’s nice and bright now and I thought the animation looked even better than ever.

    Can you say Phage? Oh well. I won’t judge Lulu too much till I see more of her.

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