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Sorry that the post is late. Like I said in my image spam of Nagisa, I had to spend the day out of town. I only had enough time to watch the raw and take a bunch of screencaps of Nagisa before heading out for the day. Disappointing.

The fact that I didn’t have time to write anything. I’m not disappointed in posting a dozen screencaps of Nagisa. That was fun.

Speaking of the raw, I was surprised to find that I understood more than usual (my “lately” usual anyway). Which means one of two things. Either my brain fog has finally lifted or Clannad just wasn’t that difficult to understand.

Or hey, maybe the seiyuu are just so good I get what they’re saying without even understanding it. Always a possibility.


Woo! They remembered the plot (talking about the beginning)! And double woo for getting the chance to see Sunohara’s story! Woo woo!

This was definitely another funny episode of Clannad. I’m not sure if I’d call it the funniest because every single one has me laughing out loud, but this one was definitely among the best. I overdid screencapping so much that I couldn’t even toss many out.

It was nice to see the other world again. I love how carefully animated these scenes are. It’s kind of overdone, but in a good way. It gives it that surreal feeling.

I know the secret behind the other world, but not much about what actually happens in the other world. So I’m looking forward to seeing more of it just the same.

For some reason, this made me happy. I don’t know. The three of them eating lunch together just reminds me of how people say the game is. I like all the other girls, but they don’t need to be there all the time. I like the random visits to them better. When they’re all in the same room it feels kind of…crowded (lol).

Aww…worried Mei is cute.

Oh Nagisa’s head tilt is so cute. She knows there’s something amiss with “baby-face” Sunohara. Ah, she was so cute in these scenes. The worried bystander. Like when she said, “I don’t think lying is a good idea” but got ignored. Poor Nagisa. But it’s okay, because it’s cute.

Stage whisper…if it was anyone but Sunohara this wouldn’t have worked.

And Nagisa, you know Tomoya so well. “Aren’t you having a little too much fun?” Yes Nagisa. He is.

I feel like this would normally annoy me, but this was just too hilariously cute. You don’t have to cry Ryou! Ah she gets embarassed so easily that I really can’t dislike her.

Wow Kyou. This scene might have been my favorite in the whole episode (excluding various cute Nagisa moments).

She went from crazy pissed-off violence, to a good worried onee-san, to smiling during more crazy violence, to her exit, leaving destruction behind her and both Nagisa and Ryou looking mildly terrified. I think Kyou became my second favorite girl again (but gah! What about Mei?).

Ah poor Sunohara. This is what he expected.

This is what he got. Ignored. Ultimately it ended the same as always too.

Darn it, now what about Tomoyo too. Who’s my second favorite? I don’t even know anymore~!

Oh yeah, and this definitely doesn’t hurt Tomoyo’s ranking. Girls becoming friends and calling eachother by name is just so cute. Tomoyo and Nagisa interacting in general is just cute. I want more of that.

Yeah, you know what? I think out of all of the girls interacting, I like it when Nagisa and Tomoyo talk the most. Freakin’ cute. Nagisa admires Tomoyo and Tomoyo…seems to think Nagisa is cute and nice (because she totally is). Ah…cute.

Yeah, I really don’t know who my second favorite is. Kotomi became really cute after her arc ended. Hmm, but I’m pretty sure she’s not in the race for second favorite. She’s darn cute, but unfortunately brought down by that violin.

She’s also getting less screentime than any of the other girls, so that probably hurts her.

Yukine~! Since we got to see a delinquent friend of hers I hope that means we get to see her route too. After Sunohara’s (then we can finish up Nagisa’s route and head for the After Story!).

lol, Tomoya. Up until now it seemed like he was genuinely trying to help Sunohara (sometimes), but now he’s just in it for the lulz again.

Ah, Sunohara. How the heck do you keep falling for this stuff? It’s not as bad as when you followed Tomoya’s advice about talking to Tomoyo back in the first season (with the bowling and crap), but still. While you were saying that stuff you totally should have realized.

Head-tilt. It runs in the family.

Ah. This really just made me think, “lol, Tomoya. You’re such a bad friend.” Because honestly. It’s okay because it’s funny though. And at least he’s doing his best to make sure Akio doesn’t find out.

Determined Mei is cute too.

lol, None of those costumes would even work in the first place. What was the point? Teacher costume actually made her look her age for once.

But…I don’t mind. It’s fun to watch Tomoya and Nagisa’s reactions in the back. The cat maid is, of course, the best. If only that had been her actual disguise!

Aw…Nagisa. It seems like she’s always the one who has to worry about these silly plans. But it’s okay because it’s cute.

And I know I gave Nagisa just a 4 for no-bangs in my filler post, but come on. Her adorable puppy-dog eyes can’t look up through her bangs that way. See? (but really, Nagisa is cute no matter what. That’s why it’s always at least a 4/5.)

Like mother, like daughter. I always noticed it when they’re at the table eating a meal and stuff, but Nagisa and Sanae are really so similar that it’s ridiculous.

This means Nagisa will always look like she’s 16 (I know she’s supposed to be like 18 or 19, but there’s no way).

Jealous Nagisa is just about the cutest Nagisa ever. And she’s jealous of her mom which just makes it funny.

Sunohara…I really have nothing to say, just…thank you for being you. You make every episode ROFL-worthy.

This was my favorite screencap in the whole episode. You may have noticed that Nagisa is my icon right now. It’s because she’s so darn cute. Like, “What the heck Tomoya-kun…” She always seems to know what he’s up to now…though I have no doubt that she’ll still get tricked plenty.

What the Hell? Sunohara has the craziest imagination. He’s taken the random fantasy job from Tomoya!

Ah…but lol. I’m so reminded of this image.

Holy crap! She really does look like a high schooler now! Whoa Sanae-san! (Also lol at the dramatic, moe, toe-to head reveal)

Aw, Nagisa don’t be too jealous. That’s pretty much what you’re going to look like when you’re that age anyway. It’s a good thing (kind of).

I mean, it’s not so bad if the first girl your boyfriend looks at in the entire course of history besides you is your mom…right? Or lol, is that worse? Nah, after all Sanae looks like a 17-year-old anyway.

Seriously…she looks like she’s 17. What braids, glasses, and a uniform can do~!

Serious close-up Mei is cute too.


Well, they certainly didn’t give much away. The narration is as vague as ever. But more Mei is good and I’ve always heard great things about this route in the game.

Serious Sunohara was really the only thing of interest in the preview. Looking forward to seeing what caused that (he’s only not been a character relief character in this series like…maybe once or twice before).


  1. “Speaking of the raw, I was surprised to find that I understood more than usual”

    Haha, I said the exact same thing. I’m thinking it has to do with the seiyuus being so darn good and with having a season full of experience with them and the way they talk and act and even look. But I’m with you on that, I actually watched the raw and kinda thought.. wow, I almost don’t even need subs, I know what happened! :O

    And I see you’re having the same crisis I am. It’s so darn hard to pick a favorite and then a second favorite and such, especially when they show them one after another like that in a really cute way D:

  2. Nyahaha~! This episode was awesome. x3
    Goin’ by screencaps again (ha~, you have so much).
    The other world: Really nice as always. But lol, what’s with the random weird-looking sheep? I want one! xD;
    “Baby Face Sunohara.” Hmm…that makes it sound like some kind of mafia boss joke or something. xDD;; He’ll probably be beaten up for it if it ever happens. But that’s ok because that’s when Sunohara shines at his best! lol
    Kyaa~, Nagisa, one of these days you should scold Tomoya again for having too much fun with his mean tricks! Drag him around as your man slave like you use to! x3
    & I find it so amusing that after Kyou had beat both of them up that she doesn’t ask if Tomoya was alright. She’s got that “I told you so” face. Kaahh, so cute. x3
    Aww, Ryou~! You’re so cute when you cry! *wants to hug Ryou* I really like characters like her. Normally, that stuff would annoy me, too, but Ryou is a girl who has an older sister who is incredibly better than her at like everything so she’ll never have a chance to show how good she is at her own talents (at least not in this case). I sympathize with that. To top it off, since she can’t be mean to anyone, she probably knows it’s easy for her to be picked on. hence, she fakes her tears to get her nice Onee-chan to beat them up for her! xDD;; Argh, going too much into Ryou, but hey, if I had a cute little Imouto-chan like Ryou, I’d do the same thing as Kyou would’ve done.
    & Kyou was awesome. So awesome. Personally hoping she beats Tomoyo (I still love her, though, hehe) if they ever come face to face in the finals or whatever. Forget about the #1 spot, that would be the battle of the entire competition. Lol
    Tomoyo, kakkoii~! x3 I found it so funny when Sunohara plopped down in the seat next to her, she and her underclassmen admirers were talking about removing stains and whatnot. Her expression was the best.
    And aww, my thoughts exactly on the friendship thing! ^^ Tomoyo can’t help but fall for Nagisa’s charm, too! More of these moments, KyoAni!
    Kawaii. Kotomi so eager to help her friends. Absolutely cute. x3
    Yukine~! Where have you been? Missed her. ;_; She’s so cute…cuz she always have that sleepy look on her face. Gah, found another moe weakness. Sleepy-faced, cute girls. *weirdo*
    Hmm, but I hope they go into her arc, too. & Sanae’s, maybe Yoshino Yusuke’s…and bring in Kappei, jeez!
    I loved Sunohara’s “HI, kanojo~!” I should put that as the start-up sound on my computer or something. xD;
    & Mei! Mei’s so cute! Gah, why are all of them so cute?!
    Though I have to say that the best overall female character has got to be handed to Sanae. Not Nagisa. Sanae. Because she’s so pretty and funny and nice and all that stuff. But that’s just my opinion. Heh.
    Oh, btw, did anybody think of the song “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne during this? I did. Somebody should make an AMV of that. It. Will. Be. Awesome! 8D
    Hmm, so we go into a little bit of dorama next week, eh? For some reason, I thought I saw Tamaki when Sunohara in his purple shirt suddenly came onto the screen but that is irrelevant. I’m guessing some sort of argument will come up between him and Tomoya, no doubt involving Mei (*gasp* Who’s holding Mei like that?!). Yea, can’t wait. ^^

  3. This was definitely another funny episode of Clannad. I’m not sure if I’d call it the funniest because every single one has me laughing out loud, but this one was definitely among the best

    Thank you for saying this! Sunohara happens to be one of the many reasons why I enjoy Clannad. He seems to be the main source of cutaway gags which I’m so fond of.

  4. nazarielle: Than it wasn’t just me! It was easier to understand, and with some definite help from the wonderful seiyuu. But the subs make the jokes even better.

    Well, Nagisa is firmly in the number one spot forever (my god, I’m watching the first season again and I have to keep pausing it when Nagisa smiles so I can stop giggling). But the second one is hard to decide. I’d say right now it goes Kyou, Tomoyo, Mei, then Yukine and Kotomi in a tie.

    Next week will definitely change that though. Next week Mei gets more spotlight and therefore more love~!


    xiao_jie88: I had even more screencaps before. So I had to start editing them into little 4-pictures boxes too.

    I know I thought the same thing when I saw the sheeps! Or rather, when I saw the girl holding the sheep. It was like, “Aww…I want to hold one too…”

    lol. It really does. Or a boxer or something (just hope he doesn’t have to get in the ring with any girls, because then he’s out in the first five seconds).

    She made him panic enough when she started getting all jealous (that was so freakin’ cute btw). But yes. More scolding Nagisa! Because she looks cute that way. (God what expression doesn’t make Nagisa look super cute?)

    Haha, you’re right she didn’t. So cute indeed~!

    Everything you just said about Ryou reminded me of the Lucky Star OAV’s volleyball game. Seriously, it has to be on purpose! Twins with purple hair, similar personalities, and similar roles. It’s definitely on purpose!!!

    Oh I would too. Except I wouldn’t be as kick-ass awesome as Kyou was. That’s impossible.

    I’m actually kind of hoping that too. Because Kyou just seems more moe to me. No matter what it’s going to be a close battle.

    Ah, but the Tomoyo and Nagisa friendship kind of leads us to a plot hole doesn’t it? (Spoilers ahead~!) In the After Story, Nagisa has to go to school for another year, and doesn’t have any friends again. But Tomoyo should be in the same year as her then. So…it doesn’t make sense for Nagisa to be getting picked on if Tomoyo is around. Unless Tomoyo is just too busy being the president…but still…

    Sleepy-faced cute girls are great. There’s nothing weird about it. There’s only something weird about those who didn’t let Yukine go further in SaiMoe (though I forget where she lost so I can’t really say if it was deserved or not).

    Kappei needs to at least make an appearance with Ryou! I need more couples in this anime, because it’s just too sad if none of those girls end up with anyone.

    …OMG! I just imagined starting my computer and hearing Sunohara’s voice greeting me like that. Absolutely priceless. You should do it. But not me, I have…haha, well that’s my little secret for now (it’s embarrassing).

    I’m fine with Sanae being the best female character in Clannad. After all she’s Nagisa’s mom and they’re so similar anyway. It’s only natural that the more mature one would be better). It actually makes me happy, because Nagisa is going to be such a great person when she’s older, isn’t she? Ah, Nagisa~! Though probably not in quite the same way (I can’t imagine Nagisa running off in tears because her bread is bad).

    lol, Well now I can’t help but think of that song. I had to watch that music video again once you said it (it had been so long…). But someone should make an AMV.


    7: Well Sunohara is, quite simply awesomely funny. No one should ever argue that. He’s just about the best comic relief character ever.

  5. That’s efficient. ^^
    & you know he’d just jump right back in, ready for more (and get yelled at for not knowing the rules). lol xD
    Nagisa’s face was scuplted for cuteness no matter what face she’s going to make…nvm, I was about to add on something but I’d rather not think about it. ^^;
    Ya. I don’t know which came first in publishment but their creators must have had some kind of joint-copyright to get as much money as they could. Heh.
    Ah, I’m actually looking forward more to a MAD of their battle if they ever come head-to-head. That MAD had better be good. xD
    Hmm…maybe Nagisa wasn’t really necessarily being picked on (actually, no, that’s no excuse because Nagisa’s too sweet and good to ever even sneer upon on so screw them!). I just know for sure that she was unsuccessful at recruiting members and some people laughed at her for trying so hard. & then she wouldn’t even tell Tomoya about it when she came home or something. I dunno…Poor Nagisa. ;_;
    *is a weirdo through and through anyway* |D; Yukine lost to Ryou (why are all the good CLANNAD girls except for Fuuko getting kicked out? *sad*)…which I thought was understandable since Ryou definitely had more screentime and that whole crush-issue with Tomoya. But if they had done Yukine’s path, I’m sure she would’ve beaten Ryou. *shrug*
    Yes! Kapppppppeeeeeiiiii~! Dx & I want to see Sunohara fall for him, too. LOL xD;
    What is it?! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! xD lol J/k.
    Yea…Sanae just gives me the image of this golden girl, or rather, golden mother with awesome moe traits. And this is a Key mom, too, so…yea. It’s very hard to live up to a Key mom. *nod nod*
    But true, true. Nagisa is inevitably going to be a great person in her own way. ^^ I can’t see her running off and crying about her bread either. But she’d make the cutest pout and say “Oh, I’m sorry.” Kyaa~! Nagisa! <333

  6. He would, wouldn’t he? Sunohara you silly boy. (I’d really like to see it now…)

    My god, I’ve been rewatching the first season these last couple of days and…god. I keep having to stop because Nagisa really was just…made to look cute. Every single expression. Especially early on. Ah! The first time she smiles is so cute because it took a while! Oh I love Nagisa~!

    Yes, MAD of their battle. How come there isn’t one yet?

    Oh that’s right. Well to me being laughed is just as bad (or worse) than being picked on so I just consider them the same thing. I mean, usually when you’re picked on there’s some effort and usually at least a little jealousy in play, but when you’re just being laughed at. *sigh* It’s so sad. Nagisa…I’m going to cry once those episodes show up.

    Oh if it’s to Ryou then it couldn’t be helped. Ryou is like 100% moe and she got more screentime. However, next year Yukine will definitely do better (as long as she doesn’t get set up against some that’s impossible to beat or something).

    lol, Golden Girl. It’s a good thing you changed that. Key moms are the best moms in all of anime! It’s hard to deny that fact since there’s so few parents in anime anyway. No key moms in Little Busters! though, huh? Actually…are there any adults in Little Busters?

    I think I just had a little fit over the imagined Nagisa pouting. I want to see her working and doing her best at her job! Stupid After Story…so many things I want to see. They’re torturing me.

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