Nagisa Screencaps for Episode 02

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Today I’m going out of town for an all-day trip. I just managed to watch the raw for the second episode of the After Story, but nothing else. No Weekly Anime today, no After Story post either. Not enough time. Look for both posts either tomorrow or Sunday.

So, just enjoy many wonderful screencaps of Nagisa from episode 02 instead. And yes, I did take almost every shot of Nagisa that I saw. But you only get to see 20 of them (plus the one above).

I don’t even really have time to comment on all of these pictures. Let me just say, it’s fun to look at them all one by one and imagine what Nagisa is either saying or thinking (at least for me).

“Worried Bystander” seems to be a common aura Nagisa gives off too. I have more images of her watching either Tomoya or Sunohara (or both) with a worried look on her face than what I posted here. She seems to specialize in puppy dog eyes too, so when I see an image of her smiling, I have to suppress my excitement because she just looks too darn cute! >_<

So, because of my lack of time and to add a little bit of substance to this post, I’m going to rate all of the images on a scale of 1-5. And that would be a measurement of dango, by the way. There’s no images ready of dango though, so just use your imagination~!

Couple Image = Automatic 4.5

Worried Bystander – 4.2


5! >////<

Stage whisper = couple image gets 4.8

Worried Bystander – 4.2


SUPER 5!!!

Blushing and smiling always = 5

Aw, even pained Nagisa is cute and gets a 4.2


4.8 (because this is a rare expression!)

Smiling~! 4.9

Pouting Nagisa = 5


4 (Nagisa just looks cuter with bangs)

4.5 (She always looks cute when she looks up~!)

5~! (Favorite for the episode)


5, That is a jealous Nagisa and that just automatically makes it cuter.

lol, it was all decimals anyway. Dango would have made things so much harder. It never went below 4 after all, but…it’s Nagisa. It’s impossible to be lower than 4. Nagisa~!

Hmm…I kind of wish I could do this every week. It would be fun. It’s been a while since I did a filler post at all actually, but the blog is too quiet lately. If I can’t do my Friday posts, something needs to be on here! And what’s better to post than Nagisa? Nothing.

I think I keep liking Nagisa even more than before. It’s almost becoming hazardous to my health. I better learn to deal with it though. There’s 22 more episodes. That means over 22 more chances of getting a heart-attack just by watching the opening animation, because I always watch that more than once.


  1. Changes “4 (Nagisa just looks cuter with bangs)” image to 4.3. :P
    She was so cute in this episode. <3 Nagisa love has been upped from the last one. As I thought, I love this Nagisa so much more.
    Holding off other comments until your post. In the meantime, lol-ing at Sunohara (I love this guy!) again. xD

  2. Haha, I’m surprised you didn’t post some of the ones from when she’s worried about her mom dressing up in all those silly costumes. She looks so cute being worried and I actually kinda liked how she parted her bangs with that clip in her hair.
    Poor Sunohara though. I never thought I’d say it, but poor Sunohara. He’s getting duped so bad, I’m almost scared to see what comes next D:

  3. Haha, indeed if you don’t have enough time for a full Clannad post why not a super cute Nagisa filled one <33333

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