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The Fall anime are out, so it’s time to change my banner again for this “banner-worthy” event.

Yes, I know that the rest of the season isn’t out yet, and I shouldn’t be able to decide which anime is my favorite this season, but who cares? Clannad is Clannad and it gets a banner.

The only new series that could compete with Clannad was Skip Beat!, and to be fair I did a banner of that back in June. As a compromise I’m changing my author’s icon to Demon-Posessed Kyoko when the episode comes out. I’m thinking this image. Ooo and then Demon Chicken Kyoko once that episode airs. Hell, that one deserves another banner (just because).

Okay, I got off-track, let’s see…ah! Hakushaku to Yousei is very deserving of a banner as well, but there aren’t enough images. I mean, I have some from the light novel, but meh. I’m don’t like the art enough for a benner specifically.

Besides…Clannad is Clannad. We’ve been over this, right?

Because it’s Clannad there were also plenty of promo material to choose from. There’s like…four posters of Clannad in Megami this month. Which reminds me…I really want this issue of Megami. For the previously mentioned Clannad posters (though I think at least one you’re stuck with it being double-sided), an adorable poster from SC! with Amu, Rima, and Yaya (it’s my desktop wallpaper right now), a kind of cute poster of Haruka (where she isn’t wearing a bathing suit! Yay!), and a couple of others. That already puts it abover the last issue I got which really just had 2 (mayber 3) posters I wanted.

Ah, we’re off-track. Moving along then.

It’s also the Postseason for baseball in America right now. The Red Sox are in it again, so I’m watching the games when I can. And the Red Sox doing great by the way, 2-0 against the Angels, one more game and we move on (hopefully to kick Tampa Bay’s ass). But don’t expect anything less than my team doing great. New England pretty much owns sports this decade. (It hurts because it’s true!)

Anyway, I’m showing my support for my team in the only way I can on an anime blog…by showing off cute girls playing the same sport.

As for the little tagline (or whatever I’m calling it these days) “Baseball is better with bishoujos” Well…that’s just true, isn’t it? Nagisa is no Papelbon when it comes to pitching, but she’s a hell of a lot cuter.

…Maybe I should stop now. Most of my readers are just fangirls, and from all over the country (and world) too. So…New England sports specifically might not be a topic for everyone to share. But um…yeah. Those are my reasons.

The banner itself is kind of plain. It’s pretty much just white. I was going to use some green in the image, but that would have looked awful with my non-customizable theme. Using just white and doing minimal editing made the banner look a lot cleaner and…nicer anyway I think. The colors used in the images themselves are fine.

Besides, I had to make the title transparent so you could see more of the image. You’d be missing out on Kotomi specifically.

Oh and yes, I realize that Tomoyo and Kyou, two of the most popular girls, have the smallest images and it’s not on purpose. The screencaps I wanted from them were farther off and Nagisa and Kotomi had close-ups so their images got to be on top of the others so you could actually see their faces. Though sadly, Kotomi’s adorable face is kind of blocked by the title. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I like this banner. It’s strange, but even though I hate most of my graphics, the banners for this blog have turned out pretty well. Not badly anyway. I don’t even spend a ton of time on them. This one took me…maybe a half hour? I don’t know.

But simple is best for something like this I suppose.

Now then, you can still see the Ranka banner in my Banners page along with any other of my old banners if you like looking at them.

And…not sure how to end this since I’ve rambled on so much. It makes a banner post seem slightly less useless than usual. So basically…new banner. Enjoy. That’s all. I’m writing this way too late (or early) and I have to go to sleep.


  1. Nice banner! I like the photography concept.

  2. It really is a very nice banner. ^^ & very true. Cute bishoujos make sports all the more fun (no fanservice, though, kthx).
    Baseball should have more bishoujos, too! RAWR!!! If it were like that, I’d follow baseball more often. :P lol
    Well, great job again. I think it defines “Simplicity” at its best like all your other ones did. hehe ^^ Argh, I just remembered I never commented on the Ranka one but I thought that was pretty cool, too. ^^;
    Yep. Can’t wait for your next one (DEW IT!!! 8DD lol). Hope Eddy’s in it. ~.^

  3. Baseball really IS better with bishoujo ;P

  4. Wow I really like your banner now too those are great i give my props to you

  5. Adorable.

    You’re right. Demon chicken Kyoko is defintely worth a banner.

  6. I love it, but I wish it had Fuko in it too :( On a side note, I think I’m going to steal that main picture with the four girls and use it as my wallpaper for a bit~

  7. i want that i a giant size to post it in my wall…

  8. Haha, this banner is so cute. I’m not fond of the “Simplicity” outlined in white, but, I love the way you did the images in the background~
    Hmm. I doubt you remember me, given the amount of people you reply to daily. But, I commented on a handful of your posts, granted, it took pretty big occasions to do so [a handful of Shugo Chara episodes that got me a little extra-excited]. I’m not a big commenter, but I have been following since Snowfall Night. And, it’s twice now you’ve brought up the Red Sox in your posts, and both times, I started grinning, because I am a huge fan. [Thank god we actually won last night before going into extra innings. Another 12-inning loss would’ve sucked.]
    So, the baseball refrences aren’t totally lost on everyone. And, I, for one, hope that I do get to see that post of cute girls playing baseball.

    I never meet people online who like the same kind of anime as me and also love baseball, and it’s strange that now when I found someone who does, they like the same team I do.

    So, because I’m a baseball fan, and this banner is full of cute girls, it makes me even happier than if it were only adorable girls from Clannad~!

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