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If that’s how they want to do it with the episode count, I’ll play along. Though it’s stupid. Make it Doki or make it episode 52. Don’t do both!!!

That aside…are they serious!? It’s another damn recap. And it’s more recap than ever before! *pissed* They recapped the entire series so far! From the beginning!

I am pissed off. It’s only been like…eight episodes since Kokoro no Kirameki. Then they do this!? This is even worse than Kokoro no Sketch!!! My god! Even if it’s a sequel or a new season or whatever, you don’t have the first episode be just a recap episode! *throws something* There wasn’t even a “Kokoro no” to warn us! Not fair!

God, and you think I’m pissed now? Dumbass question mark egg and Satelight’s new “villain” don’t show up until episode 54 or something. I totally saw this coming, but I thought they’d just add someone new to Easter who did stuff with X-eggs. No idea what this question mark crap is. But come on…they should try to stick with the material a little more instead of making up random crap.

At least I’m getting my Rimahiko now. *happy sigh* Oh that made me feel better immediately. They’re so cute together! I’m so glad Nagihiko is coming back now! >_<

Now then, a bit of news. The late night Shugo Chara! is just replaying the first season with brief scenes from an upcoming episode of Doki at the end. Really, nothing special.



Opening – Minna no Tamago (Shugo Chara Egg)

The live version of this song sounded better. The girls were more energetic. Here it just sounds boring and some of the accompanying visuals just gave me that automatic, “…lame.” reaction.

To be fair, when I watched the OP I already knew about the episode being a recap, so I was in a grumpy mood anyway, but it’s still my least favorite OP. It’s like…could they have made my Cool & Spicy anime any more generic? The shots introducing my characters were fine (though the words gave me sort of a “wtf?” feeling), but meh to everything else. Including making Cool & Spicy Amu dance like that.

Wait, especially making Amu dance like that. It reminded me of the Full Moon opening when they made Amu dance. Mitsuki (anime Mitsuki anyway) might dance like that. Amu? No. Just…no. So, out of character. At least make her chara-changed with Ran or something!

It really felt like I was watching an OP for some other kiddy anime instead of Shugo Chara!. At least the good news is that the stupid “All kids…” opening is gone. Now Amu’s charas say some random stuff instead.

*sigh* Move on to the positive now. My favorite shots from the OP should be obvious. Any shot that included a favorite characters (aside from Amu) is a favorite shot. The Ikuto ones especially. They made me laugh, because it’s just so like him. Tease Amu, make her all dokidoki, and then leave her to deal with the consequences. That’s how you keep a tsunderekko in check! Tadase on the other hand was the dokidoki one for their shot (seriously guys…).

I was also pleased that Rima and Nagihiko were put together. Makes me smile~! Especially suspicious Rima! Oh I can’t wait until Nagihiko appears! I demand Rimahiko fillers!

Oh and as far as anime villain girl, there’s info on her. Her name is Lulu (on livejournal we do not find her worthy of that name) and her chara’s name is Nana. I already hate her. I don’t care if she’ll be “good” later on. She’s a useless character just taking up screentime with freakin’ question mark eggs. I’m not pleased at all. At least she was kept out of the groups shots.

But we don’t want to end on a bad note to…Eru~! She’s not a big part of the story anymore, so she got less time, but she’s still there. And I’m glad because I love my Eru-run~!

Ending – Lotta Love Lotta Love (Buono!)

lol. Seems like Rottara is engrish for Lotta Love. What the hell. ^_^;

It was a really cute sequence with Amu’s charas trying to wake her up and Amu dreaming…about characters scrolling by (lol). It was definitely cute though. Even though I have to poke a little fun at it.

“Lotta Love” seems to be a new favorite from Buono! for me. Gachinko De Ikou! was the current favorite, so Buono! just keeps getting better, don’t they? Ah, I love those girls.

Rima and Nagihiko grouped together again btw. Had to specially cap them also because it makes me happy.

I’m also glad to see Kukai in the ED, even though he wasn’t in the OP. It made me worry that he might not show up this season, but that’s certainly not true after seeing him in the ED. (BTW, I was also glad to see Utau’s place in the OPs and EDs weren’t reduced since I was worried about her appearing a lot less this season also.)

The ED was definitely the best part of watching this episode for me. Which says a lot for the ED, but not much for the actual episode. It brought back the old Shugo Chara! feeling that seems to be missing from the rest of the episode (excluding that shot of Lulu messing up my shot of Utau). It’s the good music we’ve come to love and all the characters are acting like their usual selves. Much better and definitely the most enjoyable thing about this episode.



Dia comes back temporarily for a recap. She just talks to the charas. I was right like always.

Now then, we’ll just go over the main points (but really, anything important about the episode can be summed up above).

  • Kiseki is holding one of his usual “Taking over the world” meetings with all the guardians’ charas plus Eru and Iru. Talks about how they almost got the embryo and need to find it again.
  • Then the charas all want to hear a story from Kiseki (wtf random) and just when he comes up with one, Dia comes out of her egg very undramatically. “To play” with everyone it seems.
  • Dia wants to hear a story too, but she wants to hear about all the things that happened before she was around (or something) and so begins our recap.
  • Ran, Miki, and Su all narrate their own stories and you can tell what’s going on, because it’s all from previous episodes.
  • After Su finishes her story, Ran Miki and Su start picking on each other and fighting. Dia gets them to stop easily and everyone gets along again.
  • Then the Ran, Miki, and Su say something about Amu and all the other charas add in about their owners (or whatever you’d call them) being great too or something weird. This leads to recaps on some Guardians stuff. All the way up to Kairi leaving.
  • Then there charas say something about seeing everyone again (I really don’t know) and they even get to see Dia that day. Then there’s a Dia recap.
  • Then they talk about everyone’s shine and the recaps seem to be over.
  • The Guardians get out of school and the charas try to show Amu Dia, but she’s already back in her egg.
  • When asked what they did that day, Amu’s charas say that Kiseki told them a story and everyone else wants to hear it. With all these expectations (especially Rima who turns into Miss “Comedy is srs bsns”).
  • Tadase makes them stop, but just to say that they should have some tea also. And the episode ends with poor Kiseki floating away as a ghost.

…Dude. Nothing happened this episode. It really can just be summed up as: Dia came out of her egg to hear what happened when she wasn’t around from the other charas. Then she went back in her egg and no one but the charas even know she was out and about.

Now, I call some fillers pointless…but honestly. This did nothing in terms of the plot. Wow.



As soon as I saw the screencaps I swear to god I started going through the five stages of grief. Denial and Anger went hand in hand with my first tweet. I suppose the second one could be seen as bargaining (and more anger). Then I’d say this was depression (as depressed as I’d really get over something like this anyway).

More anger can be seen everywhere…but that’s just how I am. I’ve accepted this crap into my life. Just because of next week’s episode though. So let’s hurry it along with this week. (Thank god for the OP & ED, because I really have nothing to say this week.)

They finally did it. An episode that is just chara antics. I didn’t even bother trying to translate most of this stuff. I just put down stuff I already knew in the summary. So that’s probably less accurate than usual btw.

You know, I would have been okay with a chara episode that had Eru…but stupid recap ruined everything.

Oh well…Eru~! I love you Angel of Love!

You know, even if it’s just for this episode, Satelight could have tried to make Dia’s appearance more dramatic. This really was such a waste of time. I love Dia and she deserves better than being the plot device for a stupid recap.

Heh…this argument was kind of funny actually. Dia ended it quickly by being her sweet, sparkly, shiny self though. Yay Dia~!

Eru…looks…so…cool! Ah! I love that adorable angel chara! Eru~! Eru~! Eru~! But too bad…this is the end of her screencaps, she didn’t get to appear much in between all the recap. (I hate you Satelight!!!)

Aw, I love you Dia. You’re so sweet when you smile. You’re definitely Amu’s best chara. I just hope that Satelight doesn’t abuse you again just because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Come back when Amu shines instead.

Oh okay. There is one more shot of Eru (she just isn’t the focus). Eru, I think your shine is beautiful (but your Utau’s chara, so that’s obvious).

Also…heh, this image just randomly made me think…Kiseki’s got a harem this season, doesn’t he? No other male charas around most of the time. Just Yoru (who will probably steal all his haremettes anyway, if they’re anything like their masters…he.).

And…Dia’s back in her egg. Just like that. Congratulations everyone! You wasted about twenty minutes of your life that you’ll never get back! Don’t you just love Shugo Chara!! Doki so far?

Ah, I love srs bsns Rima. So cute.

Kiseki doesn’t seem to agree though. Poor king just can’t win. Even Tadase didn’t help him.

Ah, Dia…the only reasonable chara. And that just makes her cuter.

Come back when Amu shines, Dia~!

Oh yeah and these are the new eyecatches. I’m kind of hoping the second one changes every so often so they can at least show off the other chara-nari items, but somehow I doubt it.

If Satelight had their way, Amulet Heart would be the only chara-nari in this show…



Hmmm…a memorable place, huh? I recognize it and this means, Amuto~! In the rain too~!

Perhaps with Ikuto’s kitty scene coming back too! (I saw the First King anyway.) It looks like Amu might be getting her roller blades for Amulet Heart too (though that’s just pure guessing).

But who cares? Ikuto’s back to negate the lameness of this season with his awesomeness. And we get Amuto!!!

Haha. Been a while since we’ve seen that! Yeah, I’m looking forward to next week. I’m no longer excited about the anime since the recap killed that, but Amuto makes me happy.

Too bad Tadase is going to end up being there somehow too. I mean, I understand that they need to satisfy the Tadamu fans a little, but come on. It’s not his special place. But whatever…Amuto is good enough for me.

Oh yeah, notice the changed border? I kinda like it…the only new thing about Doki that I like so far…


  1. Yeah, I totally hated the opening. It didn’t even have Kukai! D:.<

    She just seems like she’ll be a stupid wannabe clone of Utau…’cept without the cute cute tsundere-ness! D:< She needs to leave NAO.

    At least the next episode will at least have SOME Amuto (that hopefully won’t be destroyed by a big ugly serving of Tadamu…) and it’s going to be IN THE RAIN! I just love rain and Amuto+Rain = *Squee*

    Once again, thank you for your awesome summary, thoughts, and info. ^^ Much appreciated!

  2. I don’t mean to double post but for some reason the last thing i posted cut out a lot of what I wrote. ‘3’ by the wannabe clone of Utau, I mean Lulu. And after I wrote how I hated the opening, I said ‘oh well, at least the ending is cute.’
    Ugh dumb computer! D:< Lol, I’m very sorry.

  3. This really ticked me off. I mean, I had low expectations to being with, after seeing that AWFUL excuse for a series trailer. But THIS!? Come ON! Is this honestly the best they can do? A friggin recap? I mean, they’ve already recapped this stuff! Jeez!
    The new opening.. I admit it’s cute. But, that’s just it. I know Shugo Chara isn’t the most grown up of shows, but I wouldn’t say it’s this young! The highlights were the Rima and Nagihiko bit, and the Ikuto and Utau bit. The rest was just lame to me.
    I groaned out loud when I saw that Lulu girl. She looks like an Alice in wonderland reject. Really unorginal. WHY did they have to add her!? I want my Ikuto arc! I don’t care about some stupid filler character. Not to mention, her chara looks stupid. A female scarecrow!? What kind of would-be-self is that? Seriously, ARGH!
    Dia is so cute though! <333
    She really is turning into one of my favorites. By far my favorite of Amu’s. It’s about time we had a levelheaded chara, after all the crazy ones we have.
    I hope they DO change the eyecatches as eps go on. Like they did in Special A. I’m sick of seeing Amulet Heart everywhere, I mean, Ran isn’t Amu’s only character. Ran’s probably my least favorite of Amu’s to be perfectly honest. She hogs the screen, and her personality is boring compared to the other charas.
    The next ep looks much better, I really hope they improve this series as time goes on. Aswell as add the Ikuto arc chapters we all so despretely want to see! I’m pretty sure Satelight will lose viewers if they fail to do so.
    I admit, I adored the ending. It’s my favorite ending by far. I loved the song! The poses suited the characters so much aswell! (Tadase looking like a girl as always.) I just wish Lulu wasn’t there.
    Satelight’s lucky that Shugo Chara has such great characters. Or else I would of just left this anime, and moved on. But it’s because of Rima, Kukai, Utau (with her adorable charas),Nagihiko (I can’t WAIT to see him return!) and of COURSE Ikuto that I’m bothering to watch this anime. Because, so far, Shugo Chara Doki (lame name BTW) seems like total FAIL. I actually feel like making a blog myself, so I can rant about every ep I see. Yes, it annoyed me that much. I guess SC! has become such a big part of my leisure life, that I just can’t let things like this slide.

    If Satelight wants to do something anime orginal, that’s RIGHT. I suggest bringing Kairi back for a filler or two. Now THAT’LL be awesome.

  4. I was excited the whole week to see the new episode and I get a recap. A freakin recap!!!!! WTH Satelight!!!!You just got yourself forgiven and all and you had to go and mess it up again!!!
    WHat the hell are you doing!!!
    *Sigh* AT least there is Amuto next week.But I have no idea what the are thinking and what they are going to do this season.And Nagehiko is back.YAY! Now we can have RimaxNagehiko!
    I like the 2nd opening better. The new song is cute, but I still like the other one better.I didn’t notice till you mentioned, but the stupid egg “all kids…” thing is gone! YES!!! At least they got rid of that.
    My reaction to seeing the new character:O_O WTH!!!!Get off the screen! You have no place in this, so go away!!!What are you doing Satelight? Please, Please, dont mess everything up. But of course, they dont know what they are doing and will mess up.But I like the Ikuto in the OP :D
    I think they did good with that. And Ikuto leaving Amu to deal with Utau. That was good. I also loved Rima and Nagihiko in the opening too. Especially Rima’s face when Amu and Nagihiko were together.Rima!! You are so cute!!!Rimahiko forever!
    The only thing Im going to say abou the actual episode is that Dia was cute. Even though she is not supposed to be out of her egg and everything, she is adorable and my fav out of Amu’s charas.And Eru!! You are adorable!! Im glad Eru was there. But no Yoru? Awww, thats too bad. I love Yoru.Lol, Kiseki is the only boy chara in their little meeting.
    I love the new Ending!! I keep humming the song. They ending is just too cute, That is my favorite ending so far.It’s so adorable with Amu sleeping when she should be doing her homework and the charas trying to wake her up.Too Cute!
    Yes! AT least Ikuto is in the next episode!!Thank God. We need his awesomeness to make up for the lameness of this episode. And we get to see him scare Amu to death too!! Lol, her face. Well,I can’t wait to see Ikuto and some Amuto.
    Thanks for the summary Fuyumaiden!(Even though the whole episode was a recap and I really didn’t need a translation,lol)

  5. Yeah. I know what you mean. The charas are cute and all, but they can’t really make an episode.

    Dia is the most reasonable one. ^_^ Kinda of mediates the rest of the charas’ craziness.

    I’m looking forward to next week. (Ikuto and Amuto ftw). I’m going to try to focus on the things I like and not think about.

    Oh Amu dokied when Ikuto teased her in the OP, I think.

  6. Rima FTW.

  7. Meh, stupid count.
    & agreed. It’s way too soon for another recap. Way, way, waaayyyy too soon. *sigh* =_=;
    But let’s try to start and end this on a good note (which is not going to work so I don’t know why I’m saying it). Ok:
    OP – The song is very catchy and very cute…but nothing special. I won’t be too critical since I think it was meant to be a sort of rehash of the first season’s “Kokoro no Tamago” (which is undoubtedly better). They just don’t get any more points than “decent.”
    But the animation…wtf is with all the freakin’ words flying everywhere?! EH?! Characters looked fine, though. Haha, I loved the Rimahiko and Rima’s silent “Grr..” face at the “Konn…” exchange. I can’t wait till they actually start working together, but then a little few mismatches between them is a must first. ~.^
    And I still got like a second of Amuto. It was satisfactory because she was smiling up at him when he was that close to her (kyaa~! xDDD) and she even went “Doki!”, too! She didn’t go “Doki!” when she bumped into Tadase (though Tadase did, which I admit, was quite cute) but she was “Doki!” for Ikuto! *squeal* x333 & the follow-up was great. Pissed-off Utau and Ikuto moseying off with that cat-like smirk of his. Ah, yes, I waste no time on getting as much as I can from Amuto. ^^
    Villian girl, villain girl. I don’t hate her (yet) precisely because I don’t see the point in introducing her. Practically, she’s nothing to me if her purpose serves only the filler portion of the season and then she goes off after the fillers are over. Will do this, did it, bye bye. Keep it simple like that, Satelight, and I’ll tolerate.
    But her name, her design…ugh, it’s like she’s ripping off 10 other characters all at once or something. Yes, she is certainly not worthy of the name “Lulu” ESPECIALLY not after how CG ended! How dare you make joke of the 99th FABULOUS Britannian Emperor’s nickname, Satelight! Dx & I don’t care if her hair appears yellow blonde. I saw it as greenish-yellow blonde first on the magazine scan and that reminded me of C.C. Never, and I mean NEVER rip off my favorite CG witch girl. Grr…to top it all off, she stole Milly’s “Kaichou meirei desu!” stances and added some Saaya to it. I don’t really want another Saaya. =_=;
    Not sure what to think of Nana, though. Who looks like Saaya But she might have been named after our goddess so I’ll forgive a little.
    All in all, sorry, not Buono! rating because Satelight didn’t try hard enough. It was decent, but they could’ve done so much better.
    ED – Ah, Buono!, how I love thee. x3 You saved this show.
    Haha, Amu napping while her Charas try to wake her up. & she’s dreaming about everyone. Lol Yea, ok, Amu, keep dreaming. xD Though I wonder whether your little subconscious smile at the end had something to do with a certain cat boy your pervy little girl. xDDD
    Ah, and I forgot to mention this earlier but so glad that Utau appears in both OP and ED. This means she’ll be an occasional character, right? I’m all for Utau-fillers, yo (even better if we get to see her and Amu team up again). Yes, bring on the Utau fillers (and some Utakai, too).
    Episode – You suck, Satelight. You may have given me Chara cuteness in there somewhere and let Dia come back for a few hours but you still suck.
    So I’m only going to address the highlights of it:
    1) Brownie meeting~. Cute. x3
    2) Eru-run~! *melts into fangirl puddle*
    3) Ran: #1 here! (I’m not sure what “shorin” (?) means), Miki: #2, Suu: #3, Pepe: Shorin ja nai detchu! Pepe love moves up. Yes.
    4) Dia was cute. Kyaa, she’s so cute! She wanted to talk and play with the others. Aww… She even dances really cute, too! Of course, nothing less of Amu’s shining naritai jibun. ~.^ Ah, Dia… But stupid Satelight. They had Dia pop out and made her go back into her egg again (she’s going to be so bored, you morons!). What’s the point in that? *rolls eyes*
    5) Hehe, Suu was called a dojikko (who called Amu a dojikko) and she says “I’m not a dojikko desu~!” Too adorable.
    6) Iru is so freakin’ awesome for slamming Kiseki’s ego into his own face. “Your story is probably boring~!” I mean, I like Kiseki and all but Iru is just awesome for speaking up nastily yet correctly about his speeches. It’s about time he made a change in his so-called inspiring speeches. As expected of Utau’s Chara, hehe.
    7) Kiseki being pwned by the goddess of comedy is win.
    8) Dia, stay with us~!!! ;___;
    Meh, eyecatch was ok. I liked last season’s more (duh). Hoping for something different than Amulet Heart in the second one, too.
    & woohoo! Satelight saw its wrongs immediately so they sought to remedy it with Amuto in the rain~! Hmm, I love the rain now. Maybe they’re not so dumb after all though I wish they could’ve brought in Tadase at a different place at different time. Baka Satelight. The violin-duet park is reserved for Amuto only. If you want triangles, go back to the aquarium and leave the rest alone (you’re disturbing the umbrella tree moment, too, beh! :P).
    So yep, looking forward to next week even if the Amuto is reduced to less than 5 minutes or so again. I’ll take whatever I can get so give it all to meh! xDD;;

  8. I thought the new opening was a bit disappointing with how young it was. I like the ending a lot more. The episode in general was disappointing… The only good thing was we got to see Dia (however pointless) and we know Nagihiko is coming back soon.

  9. *Bangs head on wall* Bleh, I might not even review this episode…so frickin stupid.

  10. I was compelety dissappointed in this episode :( Dia kinda just popped out(that made me angry). I loved that she was in the opening doing the little dancing and stuff.

    I hope the rest of doki is a bit better. I don’t mind anime original stuff as long as they do mess everything up. the new villian may be ok, at least she’s better than filler scientist. I think the anime writiers are wasting sometime because the managa isn’t done yet(I think the next volume comes out in january) I don’t like when anime is too far from the managa but they may have to for a bit.

    I’m not an Amuto fan really in my eye’s the age is way to different iat thier current age. when amu is about 18 and Ikuto is about 23 or something then I would be a HUGE fan. I’m still looking forward to “that scene” ;)who knows how long that will be.
    right now I support all Amu’s main pairings(no filler characters or fanboys for me)

  11. i didnt even notice the new border amuto was there… hmm the next episode seems more interesting and actually has a point than this boring making me want to claw my eyes out recap episode. Now eru and dia they are adorable! so i didnt fully hate this episode. The opening my gosh when i saw that dude i was ready to turn off my computer before the episode even started and what i hated was in all the recaps barely any ikuto!!!!! wah. the ikuto in the opening that was awesome the no kukai in the opening that was bad. But no worries he was there in the ending! and guess what the arrival of Nagehiko only means the Ikuto arc is closer those of you who have read the manga know what that means!!! Any way who the heck is lulu? i think that is an even more pointless filler charactor than Kotone! (the violin chick from episode 49) ugh so far the second season sucks. but on a positive not out of the 3 openings opening 2 and 3 have more amuto that tadamu. Yay!

    -Peace, yo! RabbitFromTheHat

  12. oh and one more thing after re reading the whole episode thing if that lulu is another person who loves ikuto i will be furious >:(

  13. I watched it. Wow. Way too many onomatopoeias. And kinda creepy background. Why did Satelight decide to do some damn filler arc again? Reminds me of the D.Gray-Man one. So annoying.

  14. One little thing I want to say. Chapter 34 is so for Rimahiko fans :)
    (Unless I’m slow and everyone else knows about the chapter; I just found out today,lol.)

  15. The only interesting things about the episode were the OP and the ED. I was kinda excited about the OP. The song was really catchy and cute, but the animation turned out to be stupid. I mean, what’s with all those words (onomatopoeias xP)? It doesn’t really fit a opening. And the squared floor is also lame. Oh well, it still has it’s good (Amuto :3) and funny moments. The ED was a nice surprise. I was allready expecting something good, atleast the song, considering Buono! was singing it. But the animation is also good. And Ikuto in Amu’s dream is looking so cool, while Tadase is in gay pose! Loved it~
    The episode, though, was completely boring x.x’
    It may be good for those who start watching SC!!Doki without watching SC! first (which I think is stupid, so go watch the first 51 episodes now!) but it was pointless. Kiseki’s speeches are getting pretty repetitive too :/ At least Eru and Iru are there.. And Dia appears! As usually, she has such a calm personality. I just love her. Definitely best Amu chara and it also has the best chara nari. It was good that she appeared but… not enough. They could give a small plot for this episode, just like ep 44 (yeah, you know what i’m talking about, the “Kairi going home and saying he loved Amu” episode), but oh well… On to the preview, Ikuto shows up! He appears in front of Amu… falling down from a tree… on a rainy day? Reminds me of Spiderman o_O’ So Satelight, give us those precious Amuto moments! After a crappy episode, there’s nothing better than an Amuto one!~

  16. About Dia having a more emphasized entrance, I agree but I also think that she already kinda does that visually. I mean with her pigtails (adorable pigtails) she looks a lot bigger and more impressive amongst all the Charas. (YAY!) And about the preview, OMIGOSH! I totally forgot about the Ikuto kitty scene with the first king! KYA! I really want that animated! XD

  17. You know, we can hate Satelight as much as we want, but you have admit they were smart with this. They piss everyone off the ENTIRE episode, then boom, look at the preview, AMUTO! =3

  18. I feel cheated. T.T

    How can statelight start of the new season with a freaking RECAP episode?! We JUST recapped a few weeks ago… Aren’t new seasons supposed to be a fresh and exciting start?! Is recapping 51 episode exciting and fresh? And why did Dia come out for such a stupid episode?! Dia should be out when there is something BIG happening.

    If not for Utau and Amuto, i would have left the show immediately.

    I am so disapointed. And i started watching the show with an excited feeling too…

    *Crawls into a hole and cries*

  19. What a waste of a new season….I guess I’ll comment more on the OP and ED instead of the episode itself.
    A recap? How forgetful do they think we are? We are not birdbrains that forgot what happened in previous episodes, let along the previous recap epsisode that we had no more than 10 episode ago!
    Yeah, that random crap is the worse. Although I’m still in the process of seeing if I’ll like the new charaters, Lulu and her chara Nana.
    Oh yeah…Rima and Nagihiko are always side by side on the OP and ED…*hinthint* ^^
    Oh, it’s a shame you didn’t like the OP. I actually did. It was cute and made me want to dance (yes, the same way as Amu).
    I was going “OTP, OTP” when Amu was pushed towards Tadase, and he was the only one going Doki Doki. When it was Amu and Ikuto, SHE was the one who went Doki >3<
    Eru looks so cute in that shot, with a cute blush on her face ^^
    I really liked the ED too. Didn’t Amu seem older by any chance? At least prettier.
    About the episode, not much to say. Kiseki must really be troubled. His harem is big, and there is no other male chara with the guardians (and it will take a very long time for Rizumu to hatch <3).
    And I thought too that this wold be a chat-episode, but I was hoping for some teaser about what’s to happen in the future. Oh well…
    decsgyu Dia looks so cute <3 She has a great influence on her sisters to the point of stopping all the bickery. And Eru too~ damn short screencap time D<
    Oh, yeah, forgot Yoru….forgot my favourite shugo chara ^^’ Just shows how much a person forgets when Ikuto doesn’t show up enough times.
    I think that just by seeing the preview for this episode was enought to know what happen in the whole 22 min of episode (minus OP and ED)
    Preview!! And this preview screams Amuto. Lots and lots of Amuto ^^ (with some interruption from yours truly, Tadase <_< )
    I too have the feeling that the new powers will come next episode. Shiny light on Tadase (yellow), Ikuto (blue) and Amu (pink).

  20. LOL! In the preview, it shows glowy tadase and glowy Ikuto, then glowy amu with glow on both sides. I thought they were zapping her, LOL! I never considered maybe she gets her rollerblades, I just thought I’d wait until next week!
    Blah. This was soooooooooo boring! I skipped most of the episode. NEXT week, it gets interesting!
    Lulu is cool! I didn-t know she was evil (But I guessed something like that, ’cause she just… LOOKS evil) but I thought she was cool the first moment I saw her! And her Chara (Nana, right?) is CUTE! But not as cute as Kusu Kusu or Eru. Or Dia. Or any of the others.
    ARGH! The op is stuck in my head!
    Thanks for summarizing! You are incredible; I would have given up long ago on this episode!


  22. Good I love your blog!I love Ikuto,You love Ikuto!I love Dia,Eru,Utau,You love Dia,Eru,UTau!And best of all You love Rimahiko too?YIPPEE I LOVE THIS BLOG!

  23. Sorry, just quickly before I reply to everyone, I need to do this first.

    @Anonymous: Are you fucking stupid? It was a recap! There was about five minutes of actual show time! I summarized about five minutes worth!

    You’re not entitled to anything. It’s “not fair” for me to do something I don’t have to and get complaints for it. I don’t do this for a piece of crap like you, I do it for real fans who are grateful for what they get and you’re lucky that they’re around because otherwise I’d say screw you and never do a summary again.

    And if Ikuto was there, I would have translated his lines, but that’s the only thing I’d add. It’s a recap. Nothing happened. Dia came out of her egg, talked to everyone about what’s happened in the past, then went back in. That’s it. Summary over.

    Go crawl in a hole. It’s the only place you can actually be useful by just staying out of everyone’s way.

    Oh and learn to spell too. (why can’t anyone who flames me spell?)


  24. wow anonymus interesting comment maybe u could like i sont know learn japanese and while at that learn to spell for words in the englisj langugage duh if ikuto was there it would be a better summary new things would happen not a boring recap where u know what happens

  25. Nagihiko! ;o; Oh how I missed you!
    I’m so glad we saw him in the OP and ED. He’s now my favorite trap ever.
    If it wasn’t for my love of Shota princes, he’d be my favorite SC! character.
    The OP was okay. I didn’t like the danceing so much, but the part with Amu and the other main characters was cute. It’s the only part I really enjoyed. I’m actually excited to see this Anime-Original character. I’m hoping that she gets a little develpment instead of most filler characters.
    If she’s a big part of the OP, I really hope she’s a tolerable anime-only character. Like Meilin-Li from CCS.

  26. @Anonymous: Are you fucking stupid? It was a recap! There was about five minutes of actual show time! I summarized about five minutes worth!….I don’t do this for a piece of crap like you…

    One word – OWNED!

    Did you check out the IP address? Might be someone you already know….

  27. @anonymous: What the hell? We shouldn’t care about it if you know Japanese or not. It was a recap episode. BORING!Wait for the chibi subbers to upload it with subs.It’s her blog if she doesn’t want to make a big summary she doesn’t need to. Jeez

  28. Hey guys at least there will be more amuto scenes that they are gonna have to make for the fillers rite? =p i dont really want it to end just yet, but i dont like the lame fillers like something to do with tadase and amu D= lol

  29. Well, at least the anime original character was designed by Peach-Pit. Imagine the horror if Satelight had created their own character! =0!

    I’m excited about Nagehiko and all… But boy… I miss Kairi… I want my megane-kun! ;-; Kairi for me=Ikuto for the rest of you. Kairi is definitely my favorite character… Why’d he have to leave? *sniffles*

  30. ah the look on amus face when ikuto does the upside down hanging thing is priceless

  31. YES, this episode sucks. (no offense, Satelight) But seriously. RECAP? ugh. I waited too long for this episode and I’m just SO disappointed. But I think Amu dancing in the OP theme was actually quite cute, even if it’s out of her character. I can’t wait for the next ep though (AMUTO >_<)Ugh! It’ll be a miracle if Tadase doesn’t appear to ruin their moment. I’m probably gonna read the summary and the thoughts on the next episode on your blog before I watch the RAW episode though, cos I don’t understand Japanese that well… Thanks for everything!! :D

  32. Don’t hate on Lulu. It’s just Tadase in a drag.

  33. Fearless: Best comment I’ve gotten in a while. I literally laughed out loud.

  34. What the hell, Anonymous? Who are you to tell her that she has to give a proper summary? Her summary was great, for such a crappy episode that showed NOTHING but recaps. Even if Ikuto WERE in it, this episode still would have been boring because it would have been still a RECAP. FuyuMaiden’s no one’s puppet to order around and say “Now you better make this a good long summary about how GREAT this ep was when it clearly SUCKED”! If you don’t know japanese, wait for the subtitles. Don’t order people to summarize things that is clearly not in their tastes. Jeez. Lol, but you got totally owned, so your little bitchy comment really has no importance.

    Anyway.. XD When I saw Lulu, I honestly thought “Is that fucking TADASE?!” With his hair growing longer, he could pass for her. I can’t wait until your ep 53 summary.

  35. This episode was such a waste of time!! OMG, I was REALLLY hoping to see Nagehiko..and everyone’s reaction. :ooo I don’t think next weeks ep will be it.

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