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(Yozakura Quartet)

Well, I wrote something up on all of the anime I watched this week, but I’m not necessarily blogging them all. Some of them I’ll probably get bored of, but for now…this is my anime. Once I watch more next week the list will probably change a bit though.

This week I’m discussing Akane-iro Somaru Saka, ToraDora!, and Yozakura Quartet. Along with some quick blurbs on Shugo Chara Doki!!, Hakushaku to Yousei, and Clannad ~After Story~.

So, I’m watching both versions of all these shows. Raw and fansub. I’ll comment on whatever I understand each week, but sometimes I may have to clear things up the next week if the fansubbed version didn’t come out yet.

Basically, this will be rather unorganized and just my thoughts on everything from the week. I’m just putting my thoughts down when I first watch the show, then correcting and adding some things for fansubs and…just whatever else. It’s all just thoughts on the anime I’ve been watching. The blind fangirl spin you’ve all come to know so well.

Of course, this being the first one and the start of the premieres, everything is going to be extra messy. I got a lot of comments on Fall Blogging saying that I was organized, but alas…it’s not true. I’m an unorganized fool who tried to make things organized, but got distracted by a quest to find an adorable kitten. That quest was successful by the way (and she’s so cute).

And yeah…Weekly Anime is going to be on Fridays. It’s definitely the most logical day I think.


Shugo Chara Doki!! – Just quickly…how many people have seen the CM? Do you guys understand why the promo image made me go, “ugh” now? Do you!?

Ah well…at least Trap-kun is back. I love Nadehiko. And I can at least look forward to some Rimahiko too since they’re going to have to spend time together since they’re both guardians (BTW…chapter 34 is wonderful~!). Everything else in the CM…bleh. Question mark egg made me want to throw something. I expected a new villain, but I didn’t expect something that reminds me so much of Sailor Moon fillers. (I’ll explain better on Saturday)

But yeah…I’m still blogging it. Personally, I’m kind of hoping I get to insult it and then get flamed by some little brat who thinks these episodes rule and doesn’t like anyone putting out negative opinions. (“Oh noes! Someone doesn’t think the same way as me! I hate them!!!” Idiots.) Then I can take my frustration out on them, because stupid Satelight is in Japan and I can’t yell at them.

… *throws something* There…rage over.


Hakushaku to Yousei – I’m planning on doing my usual “introduction” post on this series for the first episode and am going to try to blog it weekly whenever I can. However, it will be included in here as well, just in case I don’t always get a post out on time. The initial fangirling just has to wait for the fansubs so I can do an introduction post with full understanding. I need absolutely full dialogue for a series like that.

All of my in-depth stuff will be in my series intro post, so let me just say…I LOVE it. Nana-sama and bishies = absolute <3

Without a doubt, this is the new series I’ve enjoyed the most and am looking forward to seeing more from the most as well.


Clannad ~After Story~ – By the time I post this, my episode post is already out. So…let me just say…NAGISA~! I love you!!! (And you’re my number one girl for SaiMoe now! Fight-o desu yo!)


Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka – Episode 01

What the hell was up with the beginning of this episode? I assume we’ll be finding out later, right? The OP gives me a WTF sort of feeling too. Are there aliens or something showing up in this anime? And why the hell is it even part of the plot when the rest just seems to be typical school love-com stuff? However, since I’m just WTF about these things right now, I’m going to leave it at that an discuss what’s important, the seiyuu.

I’d kind of forgotten that Rie Kugimiya was in this one too. Luckily she ended up using a nicer, ojou-sama tone rather than her tsuntsun, irritated tone most of the time. That makes me feel better. After a Zero no Tsukaima summer, I think it would have left a bad impression on me if I heard the Louise voice again. But Yuuhi  is actually quite cute and is the sort of character I like. She’s polite, cute, and still has that awesome side too.

That aside, this anime is pretty average. I feel like its only redeeming trait is the amount of talented seiyuu in it. Like Rie Kugimiya mentioned above, and there’s also Rie Tanaka, Aya Hirano, Marina Inoue, and some others (those are the only ones I follow). So right there, that’s enough for me to really enjoy this show.

Aya Hirano playing the sister (Minato) bothered me a little. I had no preconceived notions about any of the characters, so when I hear a voice and still think, “That doesn’t seem right” it’s not exactly a good sign. However, it didn’t seem as weird as time went on. Maybe I just got thrown off because she wasn’t in one of her usual typecast sort of role (i.e. loud…). So it might actually be a good thing. More seiyuu doing roles I’m not used to them doing!

Really, all of the characters are your average harem, VN girls (aside from some with crazy hair) and can fit into some typical archetype. The first episode made no real impact outside of the seiyuu. The animation is typical. The art is cute, but typical for VN adaptations. Typical male lead. Typical cute girls. Typical, typical, typical. The two main girls (judging by promo material) are the male lead’s sister (who will inevitably not be his sister I’m sure) and his “fiance”. Though I find it refreshingly odd that Minato seems to act somewhat like a real sister would. Everything else is just typical though.

However, the only thing that really bothers me is that almost everyone is just too darn polite. It’s a little annoying. Absolutely everyone is friends and so polite and…I don’t know, it bothers me. Except with Yuuhi who I just find cute no matter what. Everyone is so nice and calm about everything. Then everyone jokes around with everyone else too and…there’s just too much of a buddy-buddy atmosphere going on. And of course, the scene that lead to the kiss was a little stupid (understatement).

But I like typical and stupid. This is a nice comfortable series I can watch with some really great talent. Plenty of anime start off typical and get better anyway. There’s already something a little strange going on in this series too (the previously mentioned wtf stuff). All the promo and what I read about the story seems to indicate that it’s just a typical love-com, but the clips at the beginning and end have gotten me curious (The OP too)

Either way, even if it ends up just being typical, I’m watching it. The massive talent in this show is really too much to ignore. I get my wish for Rie Kugimiya, not just a tsundere loli role (yay!). And just because it’s typical doesn’t mean it’s bad. I feel like, at least for a while, I can shut my brain off while watching this. That’s helpful right now. It seems like it with just be typical love-com shenanigans next week anyway.


ToraDora! – Episode 01

It’s pretty bad luck that I watched two shows with Rie Kugimiya playing the lead role, one right after the other. I couldn’t help but compare Taiga and Yuuhi, and I definitely like Yuuhi more since she’s a lot less like the “typical” Rie Kugimiya role. It also might be bad that I never got around to reading the light novel translation, so I don’t know if it gets better or whatever.

However, JC Staff must have done something right because the first episode managed to change my initial opinion. The mellow music and monologues of the two main characters at the beginning took away that twinge of annoyance I’d been feeling every time someone mentioned ToraDora. The rest of the world seemed to be in love with it, but I couldn’t see it as anything special.

And…maybe it isn’t. Everything I’ve seen from the anime, I’ve specifically seen somewhere else. It annoys me that some people pretend that it’s new, but whatever. I can definitely see the charm in this series now. By the way the characters acted in the beginning, I got the feeling we’d be getting some development. I don’t mind them being annoying now if they don’t stay this way forever. In fact, it will be fun to watch such outcasts grow I think.

There’s a lot more big fans of this series around though, so I’ll just keep my opinions simple. I don’t see the point in me writing absolutely everything I feel out when other people, who like it more, should be spreading the love. So nice and simple.

I hate Ryuuji’s mom (stupid bitch should act like an adult!!!). Ryuuji looks so much like Usui from Karin in the anime. The unintentional “scary look” I’ve already seen in Ouran and Karin (obviously) so it kind of annoyed me that there was nothing new this series added to it. But I definitely can’t find myself disliking any characters (outside of the mom). I definitely laughed a few times. And the animation was really good for this episode (though I imagine it’s just going to be like that for this episode). I really enjoy Taiga when she messes up for some reason. She’s a tsundere dojikko. It’s a combo I’ve never seen before, but I guess I like it combined with the crazy violence.

To wrap this up, quite simply, I’m just interested in where this is going and it’s entertaining enough for me to follow it there. I don’t love it like others, but it’s still enjoyable for me. The characters all seem likable enough and for me that’s enough.


Yozakura Quartet – Episode 01

First off, I love the OP. Everything else…yeah, I love it too. The plot seems kind of typical, but somehow…I like that. A lot. It reminds me of when I used to watch more action anime, because that was basically all I could watch. It was what was on TV and it was what my brother bought. So, this anime is kind of nostalgic for me. For some reason I didn’t pick up any fantasy action series back in Spring. I watched Wagaya no Oinari-sama, but that really seemed more like fantasy slice of life with some action on the side to me.

The art is all very nice. I especially liked the opening animation (and the song). There’s just something cool about this anime. I think it has something to do with the music. There was som boring narration in the beginning that just really clarified the setting, but it didn’t bother me because there was music in the background. I’m looking forward to an OST from this series.

All the characters have my interest, which is always the most important thing for me in anime. It can have an amazing plot, but it the characters can’t hold my interest in some way, forget about it. They’re all good, but Hime is specifically my favorite. She’s pretty damn cool. She might have become my favorite once she started jumping from building to building. Kicking a door open was a plus. Then a silly moment earned my love. Then she knocked some bullets out of the air (with her bare hand) and…well, I like her. It’s that simple.

As for a plot…I haven’t noticed something outside of beating up demons (the word youkai is used specifically), but I’m sure something will come up. I’m going to read the manga to find out more. The action is enough for me right now.

Hmm…I really can’t justify going on too much more here. Maybe I’ll just do an in-depth post later (after fansubs are out and I read some of the manga) on one of my slow days. Because I really want to say more. But right now, just know that I like it (And Hime-ojousama too!!!).


There we go. That’s my anime for this week so far. I watched Kurogane no Linebarrels on CR too, but it’s too much trouble to blog, especially since I’m sure I’ll end up dropping it.

At this point, most of the anime I’ve been looking forward to the most still haven’t premiered. I got bored this week and even ended up watching an anime I didn’t even intend to see. And I watched everything raw before watching fansubs too. Didn’t intend to do that either.

To Aru Majutsu no Index, Chaos;Head, and Skip Beat! still have yet to appear and I’m more excited about any of them than I was about either of my planned watches. I’m also intending to at least check out Shikabane Hime and maybe a couple of others.

Then there’s Shugo Chara Doki!! tomorrow…which we aren’t talking about anymore outside of SC! posts. That damn question mark egg! *throws something again*

Now then, speaking briefly about Simplicity, sorry for the slowdown again. I’m suffering from the usual season change slowdown combined with some stressful life issues. Then I also adopted a kitty on Wednesday and just got too involved in her cuteness.

BTW, I will be using that kitty for filler post at some point in the near future. The plan was to do it on Thursday, but alas. Kitty wanted to watch the VP debate. (Hehe, she watched Yozakura Quartet with me too. So cute~!)

Now this has already gotten really long, but this is an intro for a lot of anime. However, one thing has been made clear to me. Unless I drop some anime, I’m going to have to do two of these each week (making it more like “bi-weekly Anime” but whatever). Friday and Tuesday is what I think I’d go for, but we’ll see. It might not be necessary just yet.

Also, you may have noticed the random screencap of Yozakura Quartet as the main image. Well, I’ll just be sticking a screencap of whichever of my “featured anime” in the post made the most impact that week. Meaning that Clannad and Hakushaku to Yousei weren’t eligible. I was just watching Yozakura Quartet because I was bored, it ended up being the one I enjoyed most, so a well-deserved feature.

The order of the anime is just the order in which I ended up watching them.

Well, look forward to the next Weekly Anime which should either be on Tuesday or in a week (Next Friday). Skip Beat!’s post should be out on either Sunday or Monday.

Either way, ’til next time!

(Included for being the shot that definitely changed my mind about ToraDora!)

I had some trouble rushing to finish this post, so let me know if you see some humongous error, okay?


  1. Yep. I think the CM of Doki scares us all. (brings back unwanted sailor moon flashbacks). Episode 53 has Ikuto in it though, and we’ll probably only have to sit through a six or seven episode filler arc. (I hope).

    I love chapter 34! Nagihiko, Rima and Rimahiko=total love.

    HaToY is awesome. Makes up for all the crap that’s been going on in other anime fandoms this week.

    Yazakura Quartet looks interesting too.

    Oh and forgot to mention it on my Clannad After Story comment, but your kitty is adorable! I like her name too.

  2. The Doki CM makes us all go WTF?! It’s strange and scary, but maybe it’ll turn out to be good :D
    I simply loved the 1st ep of ToraDora!. The animation was quite good and it had a lot of fun moments. That photo of Ryuuji’s mom and dad together was simply amazing xD I hope it continues being this interesting though.
    Yazakura Quartet looks pretty cool. Gonna see if I like it ^^
    And your kitty is so cute!~ Litte Rin, right? xD Be nice to it!

  3. It makes me jealous you can understand the raws while I wait for the subs. :P There seems to be many great new shows this fall, I don’t know how we will all keep up.

    BTW, I found your post pretty organized to me. :)

  4. warriorhope: Ah, does it really? Only one bad episode to sit through then. That’s fine with me. I can forget this week ever happened once we hit next week.

    And my god yes. Chapter 34 was great. It’s what’s keeping me from banging my head against the wall over this week’s episode of SC!. Rimahiko~!

    Ah, and thank you about my kitty. I know she’s cute (incredibly so).


    Meball: Not at first anyway. Episode 52 is a recap episode. Seriously…

    Everyone who’s read the light novel or manga says that it stays interesting, so I have high hopes.

    Wait for subs so you understand what’s going on though~!

    Yes, Rin. No need to worry about me being nice. Worry about my dog, who is so excessively nice, trying to pet the kitty (and accidentally knocking her over because she’s so tiny).


    Christina: Don’t be too jealous. I only watched one of these anime in just raw. I’m not much ahead of fansub watchers since I really can’t understand much anyway.

    Really? You think it’s organized. Ah, maybe it’s just me then. I think it’s mess (but that’s how I am).

  5. yeah, you seem very well organized. my problem is ENDING a post. I seem to ramble on and on.

    I’ll try not to be jealous. But episode 52 of Shugo Chara is a recap episode or was that a different anime you were talking about?

  6. Haha, I have trouble ending a post sometimes too. I ramble, realize I have to finish the post, then ramble some more to get it to a closing.

    Yes. That’s what I was talking. Shugo Chara!…*headdesk* I was so disappointed when I saw the screencaps and it was basically just shots I’d seen before.

  7. I tend to want to write about every moment, but then it takes the fun away from watching the episode/series from the readers. I keep thinking OH but one more thing!

    Well, I am still on episode 50, so it is not like it will be subbed any time soon. :( They should just jump right into the new “season” like Clannad did.

  8. Keeping thoughts on Doki! till tomorrow…or I guess later (since it’s past 12 already, lol).
    HtY – Ah, same here. I was so happy when AT-X broadcasted it earlier but now I’m annoyed because the next episode won’t be until next, next week. ARGH! *throws something at the wall* At least I have something to watch on Tuesday. Other than that, I love everything about this show. Nana-sama~! <3 I want the OP now. It’s been stuck in my head for like…ever. @.@;;
    I’m also curious to know if you read the spoilers but I won’t ask cuz either way, it will still be awesome. *still relishing over Eddy’s playboy attitude and Lydia’s tsuntsun-ness* xDD
    Akane – I loved it. & you already know why. & you must be mad at me, too. xD; My opinions on the seiyuu are obvious. & Yuuhi has probably got to be one of the better roles that Rie-san has played in a while (according to me, that is, but they’re really almost all the same :P). She’s so cute and pretty, too! Ha, she’s not a flat-chest loli either. xDDD;; Yes, I love Yuuhi now. Lol
    & I love Minato (but her ponytail reminds me so much of Nanoha…Nanoha, you’re in the wrong story! xD; ) and Aya Hirano’s different approach to voicing a character. It’s really sweet. I like these occasional changes from what they usually do. It just shows you how talented they are and that they are not just defined to one area/specialty. ^^
    Hmm, but I smell some possible bro-con. What is up with that lately? First we had yaoi, then yuri (or whichever came first, doesn’t matter) and when we can’t enough, throw incest stuff at us?! xD; Oi…
    Hmm, yea…the story is pretty typical (except the wtfness at the beginning. Wonder how that all ties in. -_-;) but it amuses me so it’s staying on my list, that’s for sure.
    Toradora – I like it. It’s ok. Animation impressed me (especially the sudden wave of flying desks, lol). I like Yu-I mean, Ryuuji. *coughstupidShanacough* I don’t like Taiga much, though. She’s like the ultimate combination of every tsundere role Rie-san had ever did times ten plus a dojikko. Though I admit that her rolling out of a locker still in fetal position is quite hilarious and cute. But w/e. I’m not watching it for Taiga. I’m watching it for the seiyuus and some of the story line.
    & there is no humongous error I can see so you’re good. Anyways, how can you go that wrong when you have such an adorable, smart kitten to obsess over (I nearly fell asleep during the speech, heh)? Eh? xD
    Thx for the post! See you later on Doki! Huh, that will be lots of fun. :/

  9. Yup, I liked Hakushaku to Yousei too :)

    Oh, thank you for reviewing Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka. I didn’t plan to see it originally, but was considering to check it out. Thanks to your writeup and images, I won’t do it and save time :P

  10. I was confused with the beginning of the first ep of Akane too…I was just like WTF?! Made no sense. I liked the Toradora light novels, but wouldn’t say I’m in love with it. More like I’m just in love with Taiga. I dunno why, but I just really love girls with characters like that. Clannad was amazing ~ ’nuff said. I didn’t watch Yozakura yet, but I’ll get around to it. Hakushaku, was of course epic. I just loved it…with an intense and passionate love, too. Shugo Chara – Doki! Looks so flippin’ ridiculous. I don’t understand why they even created that blonde chick, or all of the anime original plot. The story was interesting enough with out it! GAH! It makes me mad. The opening theme made me mad too, so little Ikuto. If the second season is going to be anime original, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing very little of him! >.<

  11. Did you name your kittie Rin, like Rin from Little Busters?! Awesome! XD

  12. The CM of shugo chara made me go wtf!!! too. What;s up with the qustion mark eggs??!!! And why does Manami( Amu’s classmate) have a chara become????!!!!!!! O.O It seems like it’s going to be filled with fillers for a while… and wtf filler too…

    Toradora was quite cute, it was better then zero no tsukaima at least. I couldn’t stand ZNT because of the boob shots. I haven seens any in the Toradora yet, so far it’s just tsundere-ness.

    I loved Hakushaku to Yousei, alothough i found it a litle weird, be cause i kept hearing Utau in Lydia’s voice. XD But the plot and anime is quite good, and we have a few ‘moments’ of Edgard and Lydia. *Hearts*

  13. Out of all of them, I still probably hadn’t seen Akane-Iro yet. I guess I’ll just wait for the fansubs. I also agree that Yozakura Quartet was cool. The OP had got me going. It was so addicting. Btw, Kuroshitsuji has a nice first episode too. Hope you’ll try it ^_^.

  14. xiao_jie88: Ah I know. I want more HtY. At least…maybe this week we’ll be getting a fuller OP? I hope so.

    And yes I did read the spoilers~! Ah…I hope we get to see all of that in the anime. Hehe~!

    Well, because all of Rie-san’s roles are so similar, it makes this one better for being so cute and…not quite so similar.

    Everyone is getting reminded of Nanoha by Minato. I think I was too which is why Aya Hirano felt so odd voicing her. But Aya-san certainly seems to have come a long way from Haruhi. I think her haters are running out of ways to insult her since she’s getting better all the time.

    Bro-con has become a necessary staple in the harem genre is seems. Oh well…they always end up wussing out and making that girl the loser or make them not related or both.

    That wave of desks was classic. For a minute I was like, “Am I watching Haruh?” because I think I was reminded of the famous Nagato vs. Asakura fight.

    lol, I’m watching it for Taiga. I forget who put it this way, but she really is like tsundere on PMS and that amuses me to no end. Besides, once her tsuntsun dies down a little (which everyone says it does) it’ll be even more amazing that it is for other tsundere girls. I saw this one image of her smiling and blushing (from the manga version I think) and I’m looking forward to seeing how the heck she’d get there.


    Kitsune: Well, that’s a good way to use other blogs. Deciding to watch a show. It is the most logical purpose of an anime blog, because the rest of it is just opinionated nonsense (in my case anyway).

    And always happy to find more people liking HtY. Still more fans are necessary.


    amayalee: Well, I guess we now know why it got an adaptation. Most VNs don’t unless they have something unique to bring these days. Clannad is done by Key (so duh), School Days had its bad ends, and AkaSaka (as I am calling it to make it shorter) has secret agents.

    Me too! It’s just about Taiga for me. Everytime I watch it she seems to be cuter. It’s all because I saw one cute image of her smiling. I’m going to finish watch the anime before reading the novels though so I don’t have anything to critiscize, but I’m actually looking forward to it a lot more now.

    They created the blonde chick because they needed to have a story going before we hit Ikuto’s arc. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense that nothing was happening. But still, unless she’s working for Easter, I’m going to consider it a big waste of time. Oh hell, I’m considering it that anyway. Lulu doesn’t even look like she belongs in there because her character design is so different from everyone else’s.

    And yes. Rin is named for kitty-loving Rin from Little Busters!.


    hoshihoshiyoru: Then everyone is on the same page then. WTF. *sigh*

    Heh. It’s not that hard to be better than ZnT though. But I doubt we’ll get any boob shots in ToraDora…no one seems to have boobs anyway. XD

    I kept hearing Kotoko and Utau in Lydia’s voice at first. It happens with all Nana-sama characters for me, but it usually fades away after a while.


    kanzeon: Ah…I really want to check out Kuroshitsuji too after all the good things I’ve heard, but I just can’t. I have too many anime already and I’m terrified of finding something else I like. It’s been added to my “plan to watch” list though.

  15. “(”Oh noes! Someone doesn’t think the same way as me! I hate them!!!” Idiots.””

    i agree lol XD its like those ppl who watch shugo chara without reading manga and they are like AWWWW what a cute show and they dont know that later its no cute at all because ikuto will suffer and amu will come rescue him , BUT when is that going to happen and what about the bed scene ?? do we have to wait until episode 60 or 70 so the anime can follow THE REAL story :( stupid fillers …

  16. the lack of subs for Hakushaku to Yousei and Yozakura Quartet (especially Skip Beat!) annoys me. -_-”’

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