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Finally! Nagisa! Oh I missed you so much! I was going to curl up in my closet if it took even one more day to see you. Nagisa~!

…That silliness of mine aside, I’m glad Clannad is back. I’m not sure if this stuff is from the VN (or rather necessary for the story), but since I’m keeping away from the VN until after the anime is over I’m fine. As a fan of Nagisa and just the anime, I am satisfied.

I’m going to keep my Clannad posts nice and loose since everyone and their mom is going to be blogging Clannad this season. I’m keeping summaries, speculation, spoilers, and anything real out of it. Every week is just going to be my thoughts. Done in the regular fangirling way you are accostomed to.

Example: Nagisa~! I love you~! Sing the Dango Daikazoku song! Please?

Of course, later the posts will just be full of baaaaw-ing, but still…who cares? Clannad is back with 50% more Nagisa! Did you see the OP!? Nagisa was everywhere!!! And that’s enough to satisfy me.



Hm…basically, I like them both. But once again, since Clannad is being reviewed by everyone, we’re keeping this “everyone” stuff to a minimum. I’m going to do what I do best…image spam of a cute girl (Nagisa).

You know, there’s about 11 different shots of Nagisa in the OP. Considering how many other characters there are, that’s freakin’ awesome. And yes, it’s just Nagisa.

As far as the actual song goes, it’s called Toki wo Kizamu Utau and it’s by Lia who does…tons of songs for Key really. There were two filler songs for Clannad that she did I think (Ana and Over). If I could redo my Top Ten Openings now, I’d replace Megumeru with this too. There’s nothing too special about it since it reminds me of every other Lia song, but I absolute love all Lia songs and this is certainly no exception. Also…the animation is just so pretty (especially the shots of Nagisa).

The way the animation goes reminds me of both the previous Clannad OP and Air’s OP because of all the sky effects.

I think the whole thing fits the mood nicely for both the light-hearted episodes and the future dramatic episodes. Animation and song are both just, very mellow and I love it. The ending song though…

Another Lia song (Torch). I think it fits fine now, but it’s going to feel odd when an episode ends dramatically. It’s really just a typical ED. Nice song with some typical scenery shots and the characters just walking by. It felt like they paraded every single character from last season by us (I skipped by it all with just the old teacher and NagisaxTomoya shot). But really, there’s nothing much to say except…not enough dango. And of course, I saw that cute little girl in the beginning, did you?

You know, it seems like we saw more of her in the OP of season one than just the quick image in this season’s OP and her running at the beginning of this ED. Seems odd, but whatever.



Even though it felt like this was an odd way to start the After Story, I’m just glad to have Clannad (and Nagisa) back again. I won’t worry about, “Will they have enough time!?” like I did last season and just enjoy the ride.

After all, this episode was incredibly entertaining and that’s what counts. All of the characters got to show their quirks and it was just so ROFL-worthy sometimes. There was so much to enjoy that I, once again, overdid my screencaps and had to delete quite a few. But the best (Nagisa) are all in there.

Tomoya was cute when he was little. I want to see a full non-shadowy image of him when he was little. (Please Kyo-Ani?)

lol, This ended up being so useless. Tomoya caught the ball and even if he hadn’t, Nagisa didn’t push him out of the way and didn’t get in the way of the ball. However, I’m not complaining one bit! Go Nagisa!!!

Ah I missed the mealtime antics at the Furukawa home. Sanae and Nagisa are mostly just spectators, but that adds to all the ridiculous humor. Since Tomoya is the only one who ever thinks something odd is going on in that house. Ah, I love it and I missed it so much!

Eheh. Nothing to say except…^_^ (I’m all smiley and giggly again~!-

You know I think Tomoya is the funniest character in the series. Maybe that’s just because of how my own family works, but still. I love that serious delivery. And of course Yuichi Nakamura gets credit too! He can say some freakin’ ridiculous lines completely seriously (“Neko Ranger Blue!!!” ROFL).

And of course, if Tomoya wasn’t around a lot of other characters wouldn’t even get the chance to be funny! Remember that!

Ah, more Sunohara abuse. Can never get enough of it.

All the people around Tomoya are so gullible. Even Tomoyo fell for it. We’re not making fun of Nagisa because she’s cute, but Sunohara? This is a lie about you! Why did you fall for it?

Misae-san~! Too bad that I don’t think we’ll be seeing much more of her this season. I hope we get to see her beat up at least one person or something. I want to hear Satsuki Yukino’s angry voice…

Ah, this is where all the shipping fans differ in their opinions. I think Nagisa handles Tomoya’s situation with his father the best. She got him out of the house, but tries to gently bring them back together in the meantime. Everyone else…is stupid and wrong. That’s that.

(There is no room for discussion when it comes to Tomoya and Nagisa!)

Cute twin-tailed loli voiced by Yukarin is a go!!! Ah Mei is probably my second favorite Clannad girl (No, I’m not joking) so I’m oh, so glad to see her again. And maybe next week as well! Yay~! (She’s so cute when she actually gets a little shy…)

What the heck Tomoyo? I don’t remember you being this cute last season! I remember you being a super perfect, can-do-anything Class President. Not that I’m complaining. This was fun to see. It’s like they were trying to show why Tomoyo beat Kotomi in SaiMoe.

“Eh?” Fucking adorable! >////< I love Nagisa even more than ever.

Ah, every time I think my Nagisa love has reached its peek…she gets even cuter. It’s not fair~!

Nagisa is so cute when sh’es playing baseball. (Okay, so she’s alway cute…)

Hmm…right now I’m reminded of something and am making a delcaration. If the Red Sox win the World Series again this year I will do a massive image spam of cute girls with baseball stuff. Featuring Nagisa and Rin from Little Busters! of course!!

Kotomi doesn’t bother me like she does for other people. In fact, I like that she’s still around even though she pretty much does nothing useful. She’s a lot more entertaining after her arc ended. She’s not just the moeblob with a touching story anymore. She’s the moeblob who adds humor by being a genius moeblob. And I like it!

Sunohara was so useless (in a good way ^_^_. You’d think that someone who was so good at sports in the past would at least do a little bit better. (Also, this is the only screencap of Kyou…sorry about that fanboys)

Ha. Kotomi screwed up too and she got encouraged instead of scolded. Too bad for you Sunopi. You just don’t make a pretty enough girl (wait…what?).

“What kind of quiz is that?”

I. Fucking. Love. Nagisa. (Sorry for the swearing Nagisa-chan, but it is the only way to express my intense fangirl adoration!)

No one has ever looked cuter when they’ve failed.

Mei doing her very best fangirl cheer and being adorable! Yay~!

Aw, silly Yoshino Yusuke (you always have to say the full name). This is one of those ROFL moments I was talking about though. I really can’t add anything, except…it’s just awesomely funny.

Especially this. Awesomely cool guy voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa curled up in the corner. Can’t find this anywhere else and it is classic.

>////< (Nothing else to say)

Ah classic. I think this is the best orz I’ve ever seen. As usual Tomoyo, you are the best at everything you do.

Alright, he got to finish this time. And the epic speech was epic (and so fun because it was so out of place). Ah, the simple humor is best. Yoshino Yusuke…you are awesome.

Fight-o desu yo~! It felt like that was Sanae’s only line in whole episode. She just said it over and over and over.

Now then, is Tomoya going to do it? Can he drive in the winning run!?

With his incredibly adorable girlfriend looking at him like that he better!

But alas, the tension is deflated immediately when they switch right to the victory party (wtf!?). It was obvious, but still…don’t spoil your own anime!

And this scene with Sunopi thinking Sanae is Nagisa’s sister…does this mean we get to see Sunohara’s route after all?

Aww…I’m all smiley again~!

Oh my god! Tomoya did it! No wai!!! I’m sorry, but the victory party bothered me much more than you’d think it should. I’m a big fan of sports movies and stories and they just ruined! Not fair!

However, it’s okay because Nagisa looked adorable running to home.

Oh yeah…and to ruin our baseball party and remind us there’s a plot. Seriously…for just a moment…when are we going to be hitting the plot?

But ignoring that again, quite simply, I just enjoyed Clannad like I always do. It’s fun and it makes me smile (which you should have guessed by the fact that I mentioned smiling quite a bit). So maybe not everyone thinks the After Story is doing what it’s supposed in regards to the plot, but hey. Right now I’m satisfied just like I was last season. Because I’m entertained. That’s enough for me.

Simplicity after all!



Hey, are we really getting Sunohara’s route next week? I hope so. I always hear so much about it! Though, fitting it in here, I’m sure a few things are different. But still! I’m just glad if we get to see it.

Any episode with Sunohara is a good episode.

Now then, let’s just leave off with the obligatory Nagisa and Tomoya shot.

Awesome. Glad to have you back Clannad.


  1. I laughed so much when I was watching the episode last night. I love drama as much as the next girl, but cute funny fluff is needed somedays. ^_^
    And Nagisa is adorable, as always.

  2. I loved the first epi! I was so happy! And seriously it was just hilarious. And Nagisa~! Gah, I love her! T.T She’s awesome, and I love her seiyuu too, who voices Nagisa from Strawberry Panic, Lol. I’m so happy that Clannad is back! I can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do with the season.

    I really liked the opening song though, it was relaxed and mellow and made me smile…So much Nagisa~! Kotomi is awesome, she’s my second favorite girl. Kyou and Ryou just bug the hell out of me and I agree that Tomoyo is awesome!!

    Can’t wait for more episodes and more Nagisa cuteness!!

  3. Oh gawd. I’m already hyped up about Clannad AS. This post just made me more excited. Can’t wait to watch this at home after classes. ^_^

  4. Oh yeah it looks like they’ll really do the Sunohara/Mei route. Notice I said Sunohara/Mei, since the Sunohara “route” is a horrible and very very disturbing bad end X.X;

  5. Your entusiasm is contagious. I’m actually planning on watching this series (and see the previous ones *coughcoughskippedcough*

  6. […] ~After Story~ – By the time I post this, my episode post is already out. So…let me just say…NAGISA~! I love you!!! (And you’re my number […]

  7. :) I love this series and I thought the first episode was great. Yusuke had really out there lines. btw, I am jealous of how clear your screenies always turn out, mine looks special sometimes. :( Now the sad news…we have to wait a whole week for the next episode!

  8. Damn, girl, you sure didn’t hold back on screencaps and the Nagisa fangirling. Nothing wrong with that, tho. lol xDD;;
    Ah, I am kind of a little disappointed in something…or a couple of things. I thought that this show was going to get me all hyped up and going “OMG, I WANT THE NEXT EPISODE NAO, DAMMIT!” this fall but it’s not. I know I said it was epic on Twitter but that’s just the first time I watched it through. Of course it would be epic. I got to see KyoAni animation again. But it turns out that I watched Akane-iro for the second time before I went back to CLANNAD. (You may only throw cushions at me for this :P)
    For one thing, my enthusiastic Nagisa love I had last season had not changed from its “meh…” hibernation state since summer. In fact, I think it sunk a little more. & I think the reason why is because I see Nagisa sniffing at every little cute mistake she made in the game. Ok, I know the crybaby quality is part of Nagisa’s character and I let that slide. But she wasn’t like this crybaby. At least, not the season 1 Nagisa I remember (I can only recall her making a sad, downward glance at her shoes and that was fine) or maybe it’s just because I have a horrible, horrible memory (most likely so). I dunno. Maybe I’m being too critical. Maybe I need to watch this whole thing over again. But I’m not happy with how KyoAni reintroduced Nagisa. Right now, she’s acting like the type of girl I would hate. Or maybe it’s because I liked all the other girls in this ep better than her. I really don’t know. *confused now*
    That, and the whole “Let’s ask your dad if he’d like to join, too!” bothers me (yes, I will discuss it, OK?! xD; ). I liked it when she invited Tomoya’s dad to the play without telling Tomoya. I thought that was very effective. But here, she’s just naïve and it reminds me of some rants ago about how me and another commenter were comparing Nagisa and Tomoyo in the game context and to me, Tomoyo clearly seemed to be the winner on the issue with Tomoya’s dad based on the information he/she gave. I know she was doing it for Tomoya’s sake but this just shows she’s not the brightest person when it comes to sentimental problems. And I know that. I don’t need to be reminded of it. *sigh*
    & then there’s Tomoya. I would think he would look a little happier since he has such a cute girlfriend but that’s not the real problem here, is it? I thought season 1 had changed all his “Eh, why am I doing this? It’s pointless” blah blah blah. In regards to other people, he’s very supportive. But to himself, he’s like “whatever.”
    Oi, maybe I’m reading too much into this. I’m sorry. Got carried away ranting again. =_=;;
    Anyways, focusing on the stuff I really liked:
    LIA~!!!!! x333 I love the new OP and ED so much. I don’t care about Dango. *shot* Not much to say about the ED, tho. But the OP…god, the OP. The animation, Nagisa and they even included the other girls w/their names without Fuuko! Yes! xD; I’m happy. Only problem I had was the summer uniform. Never been fond of it. Looked so out of place. Winter uniform back, plz.
    Lol I missed the Furukawa table~! But where is Sanae’s bread?! xDD;;
    Sunohara! You never fail at your failures! Awesome.
    Mei. x3
    Tomoyo was indeed, very cute this episode. Lol “I want to hit the ball daintily and pretty like a girl.” Oh, Tomoyo. Too bad she and her fellow CLANNAD competitor had to be placed in the same block. But hey, moe is ruthless. No hard feelings, though, right Kotomi? We have next year! *thumbs up*
    & speaking of which, Kotomi is awesome. My love for Kotomi has been renewed and polished. Yep, that pretty much sums up everything for her.
    Kyou…I think she surpassed Tomoyo as my favorite second Clannad girl (actually, I don’t even know any more). Tomoyo is great and all, but she was such a Sue. Yea, yea, some can argue about that and how Kyou can be a Sue, too, or whatever but I like Kyou’s personality more (pfft, because there’s more personality, I guess). She’s a tough girl! YEA! xD
    Yoshino Yusuke’s speech was the epicness of all epicness. Hikaru-san, you rule!!!
    Fight-o desu yo~! xDD
    & I’m pretty sure no one else is going to mention this so I might as well (I apologize). I liked seeing the girls having fun together and simply being friends. Basically, Tomoya is not in the picture anymore (much). Yea, this is a harem and all that but it’s because of that, nobody took the time to appreciate the other great details the anime gives that the game probably doesn’t have time to give. Or maybe people just don’t care and want their fanservice above all else. W/e. Romance isn’t everything. I’d take friendship over cat-fighting about whose food the guy should eat any day.
    Hmm…maybe I should start my own blog…
    So yay~, we have a Sunohara episode next week. I don’t doubt that it’ll be amusing. But question: Is After Story only 13 episodes long or are the other episodes just not listed yet? According to syoboi, it’s only 13. *will keep checking*
    Thanx for the screencaps and your thoughts! ^^

  9. I just love the OP theme. I don’t know why but it gave me lots of goosebumps when I started watching it. I must change my Absolute Anime Openings and add that to my list.

  10. warriorhope: I certainly can’t argue with that. I love the fun, fluffy side of Clannad. (Especially the NagisaxTomoya fluff!)


    amayalee: Oh Mai Nakahara certainly adds to my Nagisa love. She’s one of my favorite seiyuu (I’d tell you where she ranks, but I plan on doing my top ten seiyuu someday). Such a cute voice (lol, especially for Nagisa’s).

    Oh I know, everyone loves the OP. It’s just so great. Mellow, and beautiful, and so much Nagisa~!

    You know, I didn’t like Kotomi at first, but she’s really grown on me. I think she might be my third or fourth favorite now.


    7: I assume you’ve watched it now. Did you enjoy it? Ah you should be doing a post, right? So I’ll find out there.


    FlameStrike: lol, I just call that specifically the Sunohara Bad End. But it’s not that disturbing for any yaoi fangirls who play it~!

    Ah…I’d like to see that infamous end for laughs someday.


    ForeverOblivion: Well hurry and watch it then. There’s rumors that the first season of Clannad has been released you know. I don’t think it’s been made official yet anyway…


    Christina: Yoshino Yusuke is awesome. I’m so glad we get to see a lot more of him this season.

    Well, if it’s helpful, I always take my screencaps with Media Player Classic…then I just resize them in Adobe Photoshop (but any editing software would be good for resizing I think).

    Yes, a week…well it’s not too bad waiting yet. Once we get into the story it will be a little harder I think.


    xiao_joe88: You know, even I don’t feel hyped up about Clannad. Still, just specifically about Nagisa, but I completely forgot it was going to air until the day it did air. And now I’m just really relaxed about waiting for next week.

    I absolutely love it when I watch it, but the rest of the time, I’m a lot more mellow about it. For me, I think it’s a good thing. That’s how a KeyxKyo-Ani series should be enjoyed. However, Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (okay, dammit that name is too long. We’re just calling it “AkaSaka” for short from now on. It sounds cute.) before Clannad…that is something I can’t understand.

    You’re right, Nagisa didn’t really sniffle or cry at little mistakes last season (which is why it was cute for me this season). So I don’t mind that. It’s just a small thing (and I think Nagisa might have been discouraged because she thought she was stopping her friends’ fun by not playing well, so it’s just cuter to me).

    Eh!? Why does that bother you? Well, that’s just some place we’ll have to disagree. The other way might be more effective, but this way is still good. If she does things without telling Tomoya all the time, it might be bad for their relationship after all. She just has to gently push him sometimes I think. If she’d invited his dad without telling him, it would have ruined everyone’s fun I think too. A happy occasion would have gotten unecessarily serious. I think Nagisa knows what she’s doing.

    Well, Tomoya always kind of has to be like that, doesn’t he? For the After Story to make any sense. If he cared about himself, he wouldn’t behave in that certain way later on.

    Nuuu! You have to love the dango! But another vote for the OP being awesome, huh? Ah~!

    I like the Summer uniform, but now I’m kind of tired of it. It seems like the summer uniform has been around more often than the Winter one. I don’t like that.

    Heh. I totally voted for Tomoyo (because of her special episode) in SaiMoe. After this episode, I want to vote for her again. Who’s she going up against next?

    But Tomoyo is silly, unintentional Sue. That’s better than just being a regular Sue. But I can totally admit that Kyou has more personality too. I just like Tomoyo’s personality better.

    Ah agreed! I like the girls getting along also. Though when Nagisa was around they always seemed to get along (except Tomoyo and Kyou, lol). But now that they’ve all given up on Tomoya, there’s not even any tension between them and they can all just have fun. It’s especially better for the Fujibayashi sisters I think. There were so many scenes in the first season that made me feel bad for those two.

    If you start a blog, I will definitely be a regular visitor. I can tell you that right now!

    It’s 13 episodes. I think when the announcement came out they said 13 episodes (or we all just guessed that), but yeah. Everywhere it’s listed for 13 episodes.


    kanzeon: Oh I know. This opening definitely deserves a placement on my list too.

    Where are you going to place it in your list? I want to see the changed list.

  11. I guess with sequels, it’s like that. & that’s ok. HtY has already secured the “NEED MOAR!!!” spot. I don’t really need another one, now that I think about it. ^^;
    Hey, it’s something I can’t understand either. But it just happened. Maybe it’ll change when Ushio comes but I’m not sure, hmm… (AkaSaka, it is, then, lol)
    Perhaps, yea…
    Ah, I admit I haven’t thought about that. Thank you for bringing that up. Hmm…Yea, it would be pretty bad if she kept on doing all that stuff behind Tomoya’s back (that’s what makes the relationship break, no trust and space) but it’s not like I expect her to do it often and often, oh no. That one time it worked pretty alright. If she did it on a regular basis, I would’ve facepalmed and said “You stupid girl.” But she’s not stupid. She’s just not bright. And that’s where this invitation comes in. See, Tomoya is still uncomfortable with being around his dad while it’s just the two of them. For Nagisa to invite him to the baseball game where ALL of their friends are going to participate, Tomoya probably wouldn’t even show up. So yea, she might know what she needs to do but sometimes the means she uses are not exactly the best thought-up ways, y’know? I think that’s the reason why it bother me. :/ But it’s okay. I forgive Nagisa cuz I love her. <3
    Maybe…still don’t like it, though. Watching him like that depresses me. :/
    I love dango only if you give me some to eat. hehe
    Tomoyo’s next opponent is Konata from Lucky Star (ooo, tough luck, KyoAni) but it’ll be an easy match, I’m sure. ;)
    Hmm…nope, Sue’s still there even if I turn a different angle. :(
    Right? ^^ & it’s not worth it fighting over a guy like that. No offense to Tomoya, but yea. xD;
    Ah, I’d be honored to have you as a regular visitor. *feels so humbled* ^^ Thing is, I don’t have the time, which is sad. :( Maybe I should just drop business or something.
    Oh, ok. Thx for clarifying. *sigh* So can they fit it all in? I hope so. ^^;

  12. Funniest Ep. cant wait for moar!!!
    Cute twin-tailed loli FTW!!!!

  13. Great post yes I must admit that this first episode was great a good mix of comedy and storyline. I like it we have some of the same pics in our blog posts…awesome!

  14. The first episode was lots of fun, this show always brings a smile to my face as well. Also, Nagisa FTW!

  15. I just can’t figure how you guys can pick favorites D: I love all of them, it’s really hard for me to say I like one of the girls more than the other, <3 them all. Well, I didn’t really like Ryou, but she’s not so different from Nagisa in a sense that she’s not very confident in herself.
    I have no idea why I’m rambling about this but whatever, I’ll blame it on the lateness of the hour and my hunger for more Clannad. do want moar!!

  16. xiao_jie88: No you don’t need another one. I already have two with Skip Beat and HtY anyway.

    Ah, I just made myself sad. Shugo Chara! isn’t a “need moar!!!” series anymore because the anime is being crappy. I never thought this day would come. (It’ll be the ultimate “need moar” once Ikuto’s arc starts though)

    Oh it better change once Ushio comes out. That adorable little girl…I’m excited now just waiting for her. Tehe~! Ah…that reminds me. She’ll be in SaiMoe next year, won’t she? If Nagisa wins this year, I’d almost want Ushio to win next year just so it’s like passing the torch (haha, but no…I’m throwing my entire support behind Utau again next year, even if it’s hopless).

    No, Nagisa isn’t very bright is she? (I laughed at the way you said that btw. “Not stupid, just not bright.” lol).

    I know, it’s depressing. But you have to start training for it to get a lot more depressing now. Tomoya’s just going to get worse before he gets better. (Though I think he gets better for a little bit)

    Ooo…Tomoyo vs. Konata, huh? I think after this week’s episode Tomoyo can win. People like Konata a lot for being an otaku, but I think when it comes down to moe, Tomoyo will win.

    Well a blog certainly does take up time. ^^; But if you ever do make one, tell me and I’ll be your best reader ever by doing a nice post telling people to visit your blog. That would totally make me your favorite reader, wouldn’t it?

    I was wrong. It’s been updated to 24 episodes now. o_O Did not expect that, but it has me completely ecstatic if it’s true. They can fit all the good stuff in 24 episodes plus the stuff missing from last season (like Sunohara’s episode next week). I hope it’s true~!


    EvilDevil: Damn straight! Though I think it ties with a few for funniest for me.


    blitzero21: Do we now? Well those are all good moments in the episode so I’m not surprised. And you have an adorable Nagisa screencap! Yay! Everyone needs adorable Nagisa screencaps.


    ETERNAL: Did you say “Nagisa”? *squee* Hell Yeah Nagisa FTW! Not enough people come around to show more Nagisa support. Thank you!


    nazarielle: Ah, it is how moe works sometimes. It comes in different forms, so the girl who gives you that “…FREAKIN’ CUTE!!!” reaction is your favorite. If you don’t have one of those reactions, well you don’t have a favorite. Which kind of makes you lucky because that reaction can give me a heart-attack sometimes.

    If you have no reaction, it’s easy to just like them all because they’re all just really great girls.

    Hmm…I’m not too fond of Ryou actually either, because she doesn’t seem to do much. She is kind of similar to Nagisa, except with even less confidence. Meh.

  17. Well, I don’t have a really huge OMG :>>>>> reaction when any one of them comes on screen, but I do love seeing all of them. Particularly, I love seeing Kyou getting all flustered and blushy (BAKA BAKA SHI!), Kotomi being cute and happy (although her “Is she a bully?” lines are pretty cute too :3), Tomoyo when she’s being all motherly, and Fuko just.. when she’s being Fuko :p
    I guess I just have a hard time proclaiming one of the girls to be my favorite, because when I go to justify it, I start thinking, Kotomi is so cute when she’s first meeting friends, but then Kyou is also really cute when she’s caught completely off guard and goes all blushy, oh but Tomoyo is so cute going all mom-mode on Tomoya. I just can’t make up my mind, because to me there’s things to love about all of them and I can’t decide which I like best :p
    But yeah, I agree, Ryou does seem to have even less confidence than Nagisa, plus she’s not really featured all that much. Probably because Kyou has such a stronger personality, so they just don’t bother showing Ryou.

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