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…I have no idea what Satelight is doing with the second season. There’s still no details anywhere. But whatever. Enjoy what you get I guess.

This should be an episode to make both the Amuto and Tadamu fans happy…though we Amuto fans are a bit happier I’d say. We always are. And we better be, we’re the 70% majority.

All in all…they could have done worse. If there wasn’t a second season I’d probably have more of an, “ugh/don’t care/this sucks” attitude. But we have a second season, so I’m fine with the anime plot filler.

Yes. You heard me right. Plot and filler. Because this doesn’t add much to the overall plot, but it still brings up the plot.

So in this episode we have Amuto (yay!), Tadamu (shallow…), Kukai (woot!), Dia (surprise!), Rima adorableness (freakin’ cute), quick little peeks at Kairi and Utau, and even a scene from the manga involving Gozen. Pretty good stuff for an anime plot filler.

Yeah…I think this episode is worth a watch by people skipping fillers even though it has no real impact on the plot. I still think it was a pretty good episode.



Amu has a dream where she sees Dia and is asked what she’d wish for from the embryo. When she tells her charas they come up with wishes for her (getting married to Tadase, wishing for an outfit), but Amu’s own wishes are different (one of them is wanting to see Nadeshiko again); she has so many that she ends up confusing and frustrating herself. Then she sees Yukari and Nikaidou arguing while on a “date” which they both fiercely deny. After that’s over, Nikaidou brings up an e-mail he accidentally got from Easter (stalker scientist being a fool) talking about how they found (or will find) the embryo. Yukari then brings up Gozen and Amu asks about that person since Ikuto brought them up before. Nikaidou cheerfully tells her they don’t know who it is. They’ve never seen Gozen. Yukari adds that people working for Easter have to do whatever Gozen says, and that includes Ikuto (kind of guessing a little here).

Meanwhile Ikuto is in an elevator with the asshole director and they go up to see Gozen some secret room (Gozen is behind a curtain wall). (From here I’m guessing a lot because the director uses really formal language when talking to Gozen) The director explains their plans about getting x-eggs and introduces Ikuto (like I said, guessing). Then the same things as usual seem to come up (in other words, a-hole being an a-hole). After Ikuto leaves the director sets his sites on Amu because if she’s not around collecting x-eggs would be easier. Yoru, as usual, complains about Easter and Ikuto just agrees.

Later on the roof the Guardians are having a party (for some reason involving the embryo, but it’s not a very good reason) and they all end up talking about their wishes (Rima’s is the best). Then during the party Amu gets a message on her phone from Ikuto telling her to meet him someplace. Miki thinks it’s suspicious, but Amu leaves the party to go. The charas wonder where the someplace is, but Amu already knows (then some dude follows her in a car).

That place is, of course, the amusement park. She goes to the teacups for a quick nostalgic little memory. She wanders around, wondering where Ikuto is when her charas point out a greenhouse with the door open. Once she goes inside though, one of those stupid scientists locks her in. She finds out it was a trap (no wai!) and when she goes to open the door, she gets trapped by those machines the scientists made. The Guardians are worried about Amu because she’s late and then they spot a whole bunch of the machines floating nearby and they get turned on.

Amu tries calling someone on her cellphone, but can’t get service. So her charas suggest she try to chara-nari, but Amu left her lock at the party (never seen Ran, Miki, and Su so pissed). Elsewhere, Ikuto’s just sitting around watching the stupid Easter plan when the guy who trapped Amu drives up and starts talking to the stalker scientist on his phone about trapping Amu (and using Ikuto’s name). Ikuto appears in front of the guy and scares him into giving him the information about Amu. The guardian’s charas sense the x-egg energy and they become aware that it’s an Easter plan.

Amu and her charas talk about Easter’s current plans, wondering how to get out when Ikuto jumps through the glass and frees Amu. After Ikuto calls her stupid for getting caught in an obvious trap (paraphrasing) Amu goes all tsuntsun until Ikuto tells her that he had something interesting to tell her, but now he won’t.

Back with the guardians, the dumb Easter scientists can’t even control their own inventions. It gets so out of control that they all end up joining together into one big Frisbee thing. The scientists proceed to fail more and manage to explode the laptop after the director calls. The frisbee is doing a big muri attack like from episode 15 and Yaya gets hit and goes all LOLemo. Amu shows up in the nick of time and everyone does their chara-nari.  With everyone attacking they manage to defeat all of the machines and heal the eggs pretty easily.

After the eggs are healed, Ikuto, who’s been nearby, sees the embryo among the eggs and everyone else sees it as well. Ikuto, then Amu, both race toward the embryo. As Amu is flying towards it, she thinks about granting everyone’s wishes as well as her own, but she stops because she still doesn’t have an answer to Dia’s question about what her wish is. Ikuto reaches the embryo as well and Amu wonders again what Ikuto’s wish is.

The scientists get a call from the director again and Stalker-san panics so much that he hits a button which ends up shooting some sort of missile at Amu and Ikuto. Ikuto manages to stop it and protect Amu, but after that they start falling (and the embryo has disappeared) and Amuto ensues. Tadase and Kukai manage to save the day (Amu ends up in Tadase’s arms, reminiscent of episode 1). After Ikuto lands nearby, Tadase declares to him that he won’t hand anything over to him (blah, blah, blah old news).

Everyone runs to greet Amu and she apologizes for not getting the embryo, but they’re just glad she’s safe. As they’re walking away, Yoru comments on how they didn’t get the embryo and Ikuto says they’ll just have to find it again (that’s right, Ikuto got enough from all that stuff with Amu~!). There’s an ominous shot of Gozen and…whatever. Epilogue time.

The next day the charas say it’s too bad they didn’t get the embryo. Amu still doesn’t know her true wish or true self, but her charas say that it’ll be fun trying to find out (like she can have fun along the way or something). They get Amu to agree and tell her that they believe in her shine~! The first king says something about a story (like always) and we get shots of all the characters in their daily life (except Nagihiko…). Then some stuff about kids’ true selves and whatever and the episode is over.

There was less translating this time, but the summary still ended up being long because a lot happened. I had a hard time summarizing a few things, but I’m pretty sure you can all get the gist of it.



Gah. They keep doing this now. Since episode 49 I’ve been getting regular doses of Amuto. And I love it. It probably stops next week, but who cares? I’m glad that we’ve gotten so much recently. Hmm…I think this is my favorite completely anime-original episode. Yup…definitely. It would piss me off if it really ended like this, but with a new season next week, this completely satisfies me!

Oh and as usual, when Amuto is around, I overdid my screencaps.

God Dia is so cute. Especially her voice. Kanae Ito definitely became one of my favorite seiyuu after I heard her adorable Dia voice. And Dia is definitely my second favorite chara, without a doubt (she would be number one, but no one can compete with Eru).

Anyway…I want that CD of Amu and her charas singing already. I want to hear Kanae Ito sing with the adorable Dia voice!!!

The description was misleading again. Amu didn’t think of herself marrying Tadase, Su did. Amu’s wedding fantasies involve four guys (she’s a polygamist~!) so I thought something was strange. One wedding fantasy is usually the limit for shoujo.

…And Su isn’t my third favorite chara anymore. She might even be fifth now. Not because Tadamu bothers me (though that’s part of it), but because what Tadamu fans do with scenes like this. It breaks my shipping rules. And Su gave them the ability to do so.

The best thing the anime has done differently than the manga is definitely all the Yukari and Nikaidou scenes (lol, I’m still calling Nikaidou by his family name even though I switched for Yukari). I love how often we get to see them. They make up that sort of dysfunctional couple I just can’t get enough (Yukari’s so tsundere sometimes too, and we all know that I love that).

It’s a glass elevator. You can see the outside. Someone should just shove him through the glass! Not Ikuto though…he’s too cool to shove people. That was established last week. But someone can do it!!!

Well, there goes the “gozen is Ikuto’s mom” theory. Not one I really thought was true, but whatever. Satelight obviously isn’t completely out of the loop with what’s going to happen in the manga (Tadase’s grandmother…remember?) so I think it’s safe to assume Gozen is probably a dude. Pretty sure Ikuto’s mom doesn’t sound like that.

That leaves the First King and Aruto (Or Alto, whichever) for the current theories. Or the taiyaki kid…but that would be weird.

Frowny Ikuto picture because I haven’t put up any Ikuto screencaps yet (blasphemy!).

That’s right you asshole. You better not talk about Amu until Ikuto is out of the room. Sneaky little asshole…

Seriously though…why is this dude always talking to himself?

I think the most common phrase from Ikuto has to be “sou da na” now. Every time Yoru talks to him, that’s his response.

…I don’t get Kukai x Yaya shippers. They really just act like friends or even siblings, so…I don’t get it. I’ll leave it at that though. A simple difference of opinion because Kukai x Yaya shippers are nice and polite.

Awww…Rima. Out of the Guardians, she’s the one who deserves the embryo the most. Stupid Tadase wants to become a good leader or something (do that with your own strength! That’s why you have Kiseki!), Kukai didn’t really want anything, and Yaya wanted candy. So yeah…Rima should definitely get her happy family.

Oh, but the fact that she’s still wishing for it means that she doesn’t have it yet, doesn’t it? So sad! Hang in there Rima! You still have Amu and your other friends! And perhaps a future trap boyfriend!

Rima~! She really is adorable. It feels like it’s been so long since I got to be all, “Aww~! Rima~!” so this episode made me happy.

A text from Ikuto? Honestly Amu? I don’t even think Ikuto has a cell phone. Or if he does, he never uses it (he’s too cool for even cell phones).

But we can just take it as Amu wanting to see Ikuto. Look how she rushed out of there!

>_< Aww~! Freakin’ cute. Amu and Ikuto have their own special place at the teacups and it makes me so happy~! (Spoiler: Amu is even willing to get hurt to keep that place safe~!)

I give massive points to Satelight for this. All these little moments just make me smile.

Amu really wasn’t at her best today. Walking right into a trap. I suppose we can just say that’s because she was too caught up in seeing Ikuto. It’s fine then.

O_O Whoa. They’re freakin’ pissed. Su looks especially deranged since she’s still smiling. Scary…

Ikuto, you are awesome. Just…awesome (and cool too). Fat scientist should know better than to kidnap Amu next time…especially using Ikuto to trap her.

Ah, Easter’s really in trouble. Their employees are more afraid of the company’s “puppet” than they are of their own boss.

Ikuto’s so cool. How many times do I get to say that this week? But yeah…busting in through a glass ceiling and freeing Amu in about a second. Freakin’ cool.

And Amu definitely agrees. (So cute, blushing~!)

Of course the moment doesn’t last long when they quickly return to their usual way of speaking with each other. Insults, teasing, and so on. (Amu totally deserved to be called stupid btw)

And on Amu’s end, tsuntsun time! It didn’t last long since Ikuto knows how to handle her, “Well, I was going to tell you something…” Amu just can’t win, can she? But it’s okay, that makes her cuter.

The guardians were so useless without Amu, it was kind of ridiculous. Rima should have been able to transform at least (plot hole).

ROFL. Awesome. Especially Rima’s pose.

After this the fight kind of stunk though. A lot of recycled animation. Except Kukai’s attack…that was cool.

Now I have to say, this episode got me curious about what Amu’s wish will be. In the manga right now, it hasn’t come up much, but we know that she doesn’t have a wish of her own yet. Now I’m curious. The common theory is that she’ll want Ikuto’s wish granted, but I kind of want Ikuto’s wish to get granted without the embryo (whatever it is).

The getting to the embryo stuff turned out pretty well, if not a bit corny. It was really well-animated. It was a little overdone (does time slow way down when you get close to the embryo or something?), but not so much to make me go, “This is stupid” like a certain series ending I could mention.

And in the preview we were all wonderring what caused Amu to make that expression. Now we know and it makes me a sad fangirl.

Considering Ikuto’s always calm and cool personality, this really surprised me. Not that I think it’s OOC or something, it’s just still surprising. Ikuto’s situation sucks. Hurry up and fix that Peach-Pit.

But before anything can happen, the Stalker Scientist accidentally shoots a missile at Amu and Ikuto. Yeah…a freakin’ missile. What the hell?

But it’s all good. Ikuto can even stop a missile.

I have to say this made me smile. Ikuto got hurt protecting Amu. That is something I believe most shippers want. Sacrifice for the sake of love~! Yeah.

As for the rest of the fall…yeah, this is one of those types of scenes I just love. I am a happy fangirl.

Tadase and Kukai saved the day in the end and Tadamu fans get one shot of Tadase holding Amu. Before I deleted some because I had too many I had about five shots of Ikuto holding Amu. We win. (Hell yeah it’s a competition. Shipping is srs bsns.)

To put things in better perspective, let’s take a look at the rest of the episode. There was a little fantasy of Amu marrying Tadase with one shot…and it wasn’t even her imagining it (it was Su). We got Amu going to see Ikuto and remembering the tea cups fondly and a little Amuto teasing…both taking up some decent time.

If someone who hasn’t seen Shugo Chara! asks me why I support Amuto over Tadamu, I’m just going to tell them to watch this episode. It’s really no competition unless you happen to be a really big fan of shota princes (or maybe if you like your love shallow), but I think most of us aren’t like that. (Remember~! 70%)

…In the anime we’re still at the point where Tadase is an intolerable little twit and I hate him. After this I had to remind myself about where we currently are in the manga so I didn’t go into a little rant.

That said…Tadase is issuing his challenge…now? Didn’t Ikuto already do that in episode 18 (and again in episode 33). Oh Tadase. Either your attempts are overshadowed by Ikuto, or you’re just way too late to the game. I’d feel bad for your supporters if they weren’t so annoying.

Luckily at the end I got the return to my friendship vibe from Tadamu. I really love the Guardians as a group. I wish we got to see Rima, Nadehiko, Kairi, Kukai, Tadase, Yaya, and Amu all together just once.

…I have to comment on it. I mean, wasn’t it just a Full Moon last week? Ah…silly.

Heh. Seeing Ikuto as a student still manages to make me laugh a little. It really doesn’t seem to fit him. I want to have a filler that has Ikuto at school. It would be fun~!

This…is all the Utau we get? Not enough!!! Dammit…there better be more Utau next season. She’s pretty much the most neglected character. Kairi may have gotten the least amount of episodes, but when he was around her got plenty of focus. More Utau! And definitely some Utau with Kukai (it’s a filler I can approve of).

Kairi! T_T I still miss you. It’s even worse than Nadehiko being gone because at least I know he comes back. But Kairi!!!

I’m a little ticked that Nadehiko didn’t get to appear in the little epilogue though. He better show up again soon.

And…the end! God, I would have been so ticked if this was the ending. Or rather, like I said before I’d just stop caring. But it’s not! Doki starts next week. With the new opening and ending, right? Though nothing else seems to be very new about it.

Ah…I’m almost disappointed that Doki was announced and started so early. I would have loved to see all the little fangirls getting pissed off about the ending. You know, the ones that don’t even know the manga exists. The ones who believe there is a “Shugo Char! creation team”. Yeah…that would have been fun to see.

But no, we charge right ahead next week…with no clear plot.



The episode count seems to be continuing like normal even though they call it Shugo Chara Doki!! so I have no idea how I’ll be titling next week’s post. I’ll decide after I watch the episode.

Now then to peek at the premiere episode of Doki…


…It appears to just be random chara stuff again, but…that seems like a pretty flimsy premiere episode (with the exception of Dia appearing) so I’m sure something else will happen. The episode is called, “meiippai no kirakira” or something (first time I actually had to translate some hiragana to get the title, so that might be wrong). As for what that means…I dunno. Someone else can find out.

I already tried to find out what “meiipai” (or rather めいいっぱい in case my romaji is wrong) might mean, but alas…anything I found seemed completely wrong, so I give up. I probably did something wrong or maybe the info just isn’t out there…but meh. Whatever.

Instead of thinking about how I know pretty much nothing about the next season (even though I managed to fill up two posts with information), I’ll just look forward to seeing Eru-run next week. Eru~!


  1. uuhh!! Ikuto >.<

  2. I’m a little pissed that Dia is appearing NOT BECAUSE I HATE DIA I LOVE HER <3 but because she hasn’t appeared in the Manga yet, apparently Amu’s time to shine was closer than I thought. when I saw the preview I yelled saying “Dia you go back in your egg your not supposed back yet” I woke my brother.teehee. I wonder if Dia’s name is actually Dia or they have a different name for her.

    I think Naghiko will come back next week or the week after. But I thought it was ood that he wasn’t shown in the epilogue thing(or at least his face or something)

  3. but if they’re still mentioning kairi,than he’ll defintley come back! p.s. can’t wait for scenes from chapter 28!!!!

  4. I freaking loved this episode. Ever since I saw the screencaps last night I’ve been in Fangirl Mode.

    Yukari and Nikadou. ^_^ I was hoping yukari’s stalker would see them on a “date” first, but Amu seeing them and calling them out on it, causing them to go into super protest mode.

    Gozen finally makes a semi-appearence. Maybe he’s just some random dude. Personally I hope it is the little kid from chapters 28, 31, and 32, even though it would be werid.

    Evil stepdad is smart enough to know that talking about plans to hurt Ikuto in front of Amu is a no-no. Well, evil characters in fictional series do talk to themselves a lot, and First King does the same thing.

    Rima does need Embroyo the most out of the guardians. It’s sad though. She shouldn’t have to have to wish for her parents’ love.

    Yeah how did she not find that suspicous? When Ikuto wants to talk to someone he just goes to visit them, not use a communications device. But watching her run off to see him was awesome. And than sohowing a remembrance of the teacup scene. I guess Satelight is bringing them up again for when they animate chapter 31.

    Yeah. We can forgive her for acting dense if she was caught up and flustered about meeting Ikuto again.

    When I saw that part I started laughing a lot, which caused my parents to wonder what the hell was wrong with me. I guess stupid easter goon number 2, now understands, that trapping or endangering Amu, and using Ikuto name to pull it off is very dangerous. Easter should be in pretty bad shape, since all the employees (except one)they have left now are idoits, and the one competent employee pretty much does whatever he wants to.

    Yes, Ikuto demostrates total coolness this week and shows why 70% of the girls who watch Shugo chara like him so much. And Amu blushing when she saw him was total win.

    But than they go back to the way they usually are. -_- Oh well, Amu only acts like that around Ikuto and visca verus, so it’s still pretty cool. And as always Ikuto has the last word.

    The power rangers pose and the extra pictures for Kairi and Nagihiko was hilraiis. Leave it to Kukai to bring on the comic relief.

    Poor Ikuto. He’s so frantic to get the embroyo because of his crappy sitution in life. Makes me hate Evil Stepdad and Easter even more.

    He got hurt protecting her. Yes I think we all wanted to see this. (Well not Ikuto getting hurt, get what I mean).

    The fall. which. caused. Ikuto. to. hold. Amu. close. to. his. chest. to. protect. her. This is what really caused me to go into fangirl mode last night.

    Yeah this episode pretty much confirms that Amuto>Tadamu.

    Tadase, Tadase. Tsk tsk. Still such an immature boy in the manga.

    Hopefully they will during the final battle. I’m hoping that during chapter 34 Kairi will burst in with Utau and Kukai to distract some Easter goons well everyone else continues to walk up the stairs.

    More dramatic moon backlighting for the Tsukiyomis. ^_^

    Ikuto as a school boy. I hope they have a filler of him school to. Like he takes Amu to his school’s cultral fair or something.

    More Utau, Eru and Iru is needed. And UtauxKukai fillers.

    Hopefully the chara stuff is only a cover and will get to see the guardians doing stuff and Utau being Utau.

  5. Ok, since we’re going to have a second season anyway, I’m allowed to say this: I WANT MORE AMUTO!!!1one
    There. ^^
    Urmg, Satelight what the hell are you doing? You’re making me happy and squeaming with anxiety over everything else. But I love you, Satelight, I do. *hearts* So give me moar Amuto, dammit! xD;
    I hope the better resolution comes out soon. Only got 760xsomething one.
    Dia~! Sashiburi~! She’s so cute and sounds so cute! “Amu-chan no negai wa nani?” *squeals & melts* Yes, I’m totally ordering that CD next month.
    Suu~, you have been bumped of Fuyu-san’s top 3. What have you got to say for yourself? *mother hen voice* xD;
    Lol They’re on a date (and Nikaidou is her man slave). Awesome.
    I’d shove him off but I’m not 2-D. Damn. & how dare he stalk Amu and take pictures of her?! Keep your filthy pedo eyes off our Amu! Or be burned and blinded by her Cool&Spicyness.
    Gozen is secretly Ikuto’s dead grandfather who is somehow not dead and living alive via a test tube. The one sitting on a throne is an aluminum human box where said test tube is being housed. How’s that for a screwed up theory? :P
    I think it’s safe to say that Kuya won’t compete with Utakai in the romance field much. Kuya can still be Kuya, just not lovey-dovey Kuya. & I loled when Yaya kept on poking him in the head. Win. x3
    Rima~! You have the purest wish of all (out of the Guardians). I support you all the way!
    Tadase, it’s an admirable thing that you want to be strong and a good leader but relying on the Embryo for that is just…lame. & it’s not b/c I have any aversion towards Tadase anymore but that’s just how life works. Improving yourself can only be done yourself. Tadase’s still a kid but he’s almost in junior high. He should realize this. :/
    If Ikuto had a cellphone and Amu’s phone number, he should text and call her more often~…
    But yay! Amu didn’t go tsuntsun when she remembered their date (Hell yea! There’s no parentheses here!). Satelight, more love to you.
    Lol Amu has been called a “dojikko”. That makes me very happy for some reason. xD;
    & I swear that I have seen that scene where Ikuto was making his scary face at that stupid scientist in one of my dreams. I don’t remember when I had it or whatever but when I saw this I was like “Omg, déjà vu.” Didn’t remember what they were saying though, and didn’t see Amu either…but wow, it was all because of Amu! Yes, yes yes! Awesome.
    & Ikuto went to rescue her. More awesome. & then more teasing and light bickering and tsuntsun. Did I say it was awesome? Meh, but I’m mad at Amu. I wanted to hear what Ikuto was going to say! Hmm, lessee…*watching again*
    Oh, I see…haha, she was like “You’re late!” and I think he kinda choked up a laugh at this or something. I don’t really know but I’ll keep it at that until the subs come out. It’s too cute and funny. Like he says “Wow, you were really expecting me” or something. K, I’m not angry at Amu anymore. Lol xD;
    Now that you mention it, it was pretty stupid that none of them could (or would, I should say) transform without Amu there. Wth? Though, their cosplay pose was funny (lol, Nadehiko and Kairi: “We’re Guardians, too, just not…there.”).
    I want Amu’s wish to be…not granted by the Embryo. Or I dunno. I seriously want to break the “Embryo” right now. Not b/c I don’t like it or anything (it’s a glowing, flying egg that can “grant wishes”, so what?) but I think in the end, it’s all just a hoax. For one thing, there’s been too many different ones popping up lately and nobody has ever guaranteed that once you get your hands on “Ooo, shiny egg!” that your wish can be granted. Hell, do they even know if they have to pay a price for that wish? I’m guessing no but things like that usually occur and you’re screwed when you realize it too late. So just…no Embryo. Come on, manga, no more Embryo. Give me happy times and such. -_-;
    Anyways, I think Satelight did a great job on Ikuto’s desperate expression and Amu’s surprised one at seeing him. Compared to her friends who are all hopeful and cheery, Ikuto is just not. & that should concern her more. The one farthest away from happiness almost always deserves it the most.
    So yea, what the fuck is up with the missile of pink smoke? Stupid scientist. I hate you. You hurt Ikuto and Amu.
    Hmm, but they were falling and clinging close to each other. Ah, that made me so happy. It’s pretty clear to everyone now how Ikuto feels about Amu. He put her first before the Embryo, and you can see that got him really down (at not being able to attain it) after going after it for so long. He was like in half a daze when Tadase was declaring his challenge but he was quick to look smooth and cool about it. He’s like “Alright, bring it.” xD;
    *sigh* & just one comment about Tadase…I’m glad that he was looking at Amu that said “I really am glad you’re not hurt”. I can see the love now. But it’s just too late into the game already, Tadase. Amu’s already fallen half out of love for you (maybe more, we don’t really know yet). & I’m not speaking about this because I’m an Amuto fangirl (seriously, I’m not). That’s just how things are and go. You can’t expect a girl to wait for you to like her back for that long (at least in realistic situations, anyway, and in this case, it’s pretty realistic). As for the current situation in the manga in regards to this scene in the anime, I’m annoyed he said to Ikuto “I won’t let you have anything!” when he should be well aware of the fact that Ikuto never had anything at all. His family was almost ruined, he had no allies or close friends he could really trust, and he was being used. Ikuto never really had anything or much at all. He was much worse off than anyone else. & Tadase’s letting his bitterness over the Key (and other things) blind him over their friendship. *sigh* anime-Tadase, please come to your senses soon.
    Ok, time to wrap this up (wow, this is long but since it’s the last episode of the first season, you will forgive me? ^^; ). I liked how everybody got a shot…except for the fact that Nadehiko is still MIA. Yes, he is MIA. No, he is not in Europe. He is MIA, dammit! xD;
    Shodai K, do you do anything else besides sit inside your cozy little office and drink tea while looking out the window and go “Ah, the future is going to be interesting”? Jeez…
    So…yay, next week is season two!
    WHY THE HELL IS DIA OUT OF HER EGG?!?! D8 What are you doing, Satelight? You’re driving me insane.
    But yay! Iru and Eru join the Chara-munchkins in their Brownie meetings as well! Awesome~! I look forward to the next eppy, even if it’s going to make me go “WTF?!” even more. At the very least, I need Amuto in the OP (Buono! rating, SC!Egg~).
    So…a toast to the success of the first season and another to the second in hopes that it will be able to keep that success. *toast* Cheers.
    Thanx for the summary and the review~! Till next week. ^^

  6. Kelly: I get what you mean. It kind of bothers me also. But I’m thinking that they’re messing with us again and making it…a dream or something. I don’t know. But it will be really stupid if Dia really does come out of her egg for a little bit.

    Really…Amu hasn’t shined yet! Satelight is breaking the rules. If Dia really does come out of her egg next week, there will be less of an impact when she really does it.

    I certainly hope Nagihiko shows up soon. Though I doubt it’s next week (that’s something they should show in the preview!).


    kc: So optimistic. I wish I could think that. But I’m just stuck on he better show up. I’m just not sure he will.


    warriorhope: Oh me too! Me too! There were so many screencaps of Amu and Ikuto and I know that they always miss at least a couple of scenes, so as expected…tons of Amuto this week.

    The stalker will see them on a date someday and either get ignored or shoved somewhere. I look forward to either happening.

    It really would be weird since Gozen has such an uber deep voice. But it could happen. I’m leaning towards it being Alto though because I think that would be so, “OMFG NO WAI!” and I’d love it. But then again, I want him to be a good guy also so…eh. I have no idea who Gozen is.

    No she shouldn’t! Rima T_T It’s not fair.

    Maybe she thought he sent her a message because she was around the guardians? I don’t know, but Amu should have known better. Or who knows, maybe she thought it was suspicious anyway and was just willing to risk it to see him (I like that idea best).

    I can’t wait until they anime chapter 31. In the manga so much happened that a lot of important scenes were in smaller panels. I want proper and full action.

    There’s only one more stupid scientist that has to learn not to mess with Amu by either taking her things (the stalker) or trapping her (fat dude).

    Yeah, their only competent employee specifically works against the company whenever he can get away with it too. Easter’s in trouble.

    I’m glad they acted like normal. We got the EPIC moment later with the hug, so I’m glad we got their little banter in there too. All Amuto moments are great.

    Yeah, not Ikuto getting hurt, but seeing him protecting Amu so much that he got hurt for her sake. Sacrifices for love~!

    Ah yes! That fall was the best Amuto fall yet. No doubt in my mind. Best…one…yet.

    Yes! That needs to happen! Utau, Kukai, and Kairi all showing up randomly. And then we can have some interaction between Utau and Kukai during the fight too. More banter!!!

    Tons of UtauxKukai fillers with Eru (being the angel of love) becoming a fangirl for them. Yes.


    xiao_jie88: Such a long comment. Someone liked this episode~!

    God how long ago was it now when everyone was in a rage over Satelight and episode 13? Now we love them again. And I’ll definitely loe them more if they add in more Amuto (though these past few episodes have already been amazingly full~!).

    I don’t have money to order the CD yet! T_T But I’m going to!!!

    It’s okay. Hopefully in the next couple of chapters in the manga the asshole will get blinded by Amuto raburabu. That’s even better.

    ROFL. I like that theory. I think it’s the most likely one yet.

    Yes, exactly. Tadase needs to find his true self all on his own. I mean…he already has Kiseki, he doesn’t need the embryo to make himself a good leader. He really should know better. I’m looking forward to the episode where Tadase finally grows up so I can stop going, “ugh” everytime he opens his mouth (a bit harsh, but it’s true).

    Yeah, but if Ikuto had a phone he couldn’t follow her around the same way. No…wait…he totally would anyway. I can imagine Ikuto calling Amu right from her balcony (lol, now I want to see that).

    Even Amu can’t be tsuntsun about their date. She loved their date so much that she can’t even deny it. And I love it.

    Oh I loved hearing Amu called a dojikko too (I forgot to mention it dammit). I hadn’t thought of it before…but she totally is. Always falling off of stuff and forgetting stuff. Dojikko, Tsundere, Cool & Spicy Amu-chan. Damn, maybe she should win SaiMoe.

    Yes. It was all…awesome.

    Ah, and thanks for translating a little. Part of that I had trouble understanding. But yeah…still need the subs. At least episode 49 will be out soon. Need to correct some stuff for that too.

    I don’t think the other guardians can transform that easily if Amu and her humpty lock aren’t there…but yeah. Rima should have (and would have) transformed. Small slip-up for Satelight. They like their “everyone transforms” montages too much.

    Well, I kind of always thought that Amu’s wish would be something really simple and pure, so I thought it would be good to have a wish like that granted. But yeah, I get what you mean. The one thing that always bothered me about Shugo Chara was the embryo. I mean…just finding an egg and your wish is granted? Seems silly. They don’t even have to do that much to get it.

    Ah, you reminded me and made me sad. Ikuto… I need to read the next chapter! I want Ikuto to be happy already! It’s not fair. He does deserve it the most.

    I have watched the scene with them falling ten times already. Oh and in an awesome AMV too. Watch it. That scene matches so well with the music and it ends up making me *squee* even more. It’s really, just about a perfect video for Amuto. I posted it on my twitter too, so you may have already seen it.

    It’s pretty clear to everyone but Tadamu fans who insist that Ikuto’s just using Amu. I don’t want to break up the fangirling, but god that pisses me off. I mean, you don’t have to approve of the couple, but don’t make crap up. It’s…completely obvious. Especially after this episode. I’m feeling all wicked and I’m actually looking forward to “Simpleanimeblogger”s post on this so I can laugh at how she tries to navigate her way around the absolute Amuto~!

    Ah yes, Ikuto accepted the challenge so nicely. He’s so cool and confident and…awesome. Yeah.

    I think Tadase lost his chance after he rejected Amu and then Ikuto showed up…like right after. Then he made the hole deeper by confessing to “Amulet Heart” and…eh, yeah, it’s way too late in the game. Like I used to say a lot, most Tadamu “development” actually seems to push Amu away from Tadase. And most Amuto development does what it’s supposed to.

    And yeah. Tadase got me angry when he shouted that at Ikuto too. That’s what always really annoyed me about Tadase, how he completely thought of Ikuto as the bad guy. After Amu met Ikuto three times she was already thinking that might not be the case…so how come Tadase who knew Ikuto for so long automatically assumed the worst? That still bothers me. And it will continue to bother me until the anime does Ikuto’s arc.

    Ah he is MIA. He’s lost in trapland and won’t come back…I’m starting to think he won’t come back until Ikuto’s arc starts up, but god I hope I’m wrong. Ikuto’s arc might not start for another six months or so.

    God yes Amuto in the OP. After everything from this season (we had at least three episodes that were pretty much devoted to Amuto), they can’t get away with not having scenes to rival Minna Daisuki’s. I wish them luck though, because I still get all giggly when I watch Minna Daisuki.

    Cheers indeed~! We finished off this season on a good note, so let’s just hope the next keeps it up.

  7. I’m hoping for shoved somewhere by Yukari.

    I want Alto to be a good guy, even though I agree it would be totally awesome and unexpected.

    It isn’t. I hate her parents even more after this episode.

    I like option two as well. ^_^

    KukaixUtau bantar. ^_^ Yes and Eru would totally support KukaixUtau, because she’s awesome like that.
    Maybe the other two will warn her. Messing with Amu=Pissing off Ikuto=bad idea.

    Yep. That’s probably why they needed to brain wash Ikuto in the latest chapters. Nothing else would work.

    I want to see chapter 31 animated, so I can offically stop hating anime Tadase. Plus there looks like a lot of good action scenes are in that chapter that need to be seen in motion.

  8. i think i watched the part where amu and ikuto fall for a thousand times, its so awesome when he saves her instead of getting the embryo. tadase annoyed me doing that “prince charming” look when he caught amu like he was the one that saved him from the missile. i cant wait to see the next episode dia is so freaking cute. hope the scenes from the manga with amu and ikuto in the bed come soon. also i wonder will yoru and amu really chara nari and become amulet cat i got a picture with amulet cat and i was like wtf? amu with pink cat years i squeald and almost melted. anyway i cant wait for the rest of the episodes . amuto rulz

  9. hi there i love shugo chara when are all the episodes gonna be released plz tell me at my email
    i realy wanna watch them but plz make them subbed i
    love shugo chara!! :)
    ikuto is so cutee
    tasade is so hott/cutee!!
    i love every1 in shugo chara
    i think im in love lol……………………………

  10. OMG I WANT MORE AMUTO SCENES!!! but mannnn i stil wondering what does iktuo want to tell amu………and amu should just go with ikuto and she know’s it! but i want ikuto and amu more and they should make an episode with just them two!(and no tadase he pissees me off everytime he has to barge into a amuto moment!GRRRRR!) AMUTO FOR LIFE PPL!

  11. This episode blew my little fangirl mind with it’s Amuto! I mean Ikuto went so far to protect her and he hugged her closer and…I got carried away just now. I liked this ep, but if it were really the last one I would have been so pissed off, seriously fuming for weeks on end over it. And if Nadehiko does not come back, Satelight will have hell to pay!

  12. This was cool episode, but it seemed a little shorter to me. I wonder why. Oh well.
    I love Satelight. They are fianlly making up for retatded mistakes they have made and gave us Amuto!! Thank You! That’s all us Amuto fans ask for!
    Awww, Dia is so cute. She is one of the most adorable looking charas.
    Ive heard a lot of who Gozen might be, and yeah, the mom idea is shot down. Unless she has that really creepy voice. But I really dont think so.
    Hehe, I like how Amu rushed off to see Ikuto even though it was a trap. It just goes to show that she would rush to Ikuto no matter the situation if he needed her.I just wonder why Amu didn’t stop to think about the message.She didnt wonder how Ikuto got her number if it was really him. Wait, how did Easter get her number???
    I also loved how amu remembered Ikuto and the teacups. Too sweet.
    I dont get why there is a greenhouse in the middle of an amusement park. i doesnt amke sense. Whatever.
    Man, I hate those Easter fools.Especially the stalker one. They are freakin ugly, annoying, and are just dumb. How did they get in to Easter? If all the employees are like this, then Easter is a failure. But those fools have to be gone! How can they not be fired after that incident? If they are not fired,i am going to be so mad.
    Man, Ikuto is just too cool. Scaring the fat,ugly fool and crashing into a window to save Amu.And the face he made when he looked at the guy.I just love Ikuto. He is so cool.
    I hope Rima’s situation gets better soon.It is so obvious that out of all the guardians, she deserves it the most. Awww, Rima! You are too cute to deal with stupid parents like yours!
    Now that you bring it up, why didn’t everyone transform? I didn’t realize that. I guess Satelight didnt either.I did like the pose after everyone transformed. That was too cute.
    Kukai! He was in the episode for a good amount too. Now we just need Utau and we can have a KukaixUtau episode!
    Im glad they switched amu with tadase for going after the embryo. One reason, it’s more dramatic since Ikuto was going after the embryo too, and Amu has feeling for Ikuto. I was suprised at Ikuto’s face. He seemed so desperate and I felt really bad for him.Amu was so suprised too, so that added to the dramatic effect. Reason number two,Amuto!!!!I thought that Amu would end up in Ikuto’s arms. And I was right!!I was so happy seeing Ikuto protecting Amu and getting hurt in the proceess(I wasn’t happy in the getting hurt part though).I love sweet moments like that!Man, Amu doesn’t realize how lucky she is to have someone care for her like that.
    Lol, Tadase is just now challenging Ikuto?!?Are you kidding me. Man, Tadase is so slow. Ikuto beat Tadase to the punch forever ago. Tadase, you lost.I dont hate you as much for reasons, but you still lost.Amuto forever!
    Lol, there always is a full moon behind Ikuto!And it is huge!And why does the evil director always talk to himself.Whatever though.
    Im glad there is going to be a secons season. I wouldn’t have been to happy if this was the ending. I did like how they showed all the charcters like Utau and Kairi. Awwwww, Kairi!!I miss you! You were the coolest,tallest fourth grader ever(lol, he would probably be taller than me)!!!!He better come back!Peach Pit better make him come back!And where’s our favorite trap?!?He better come soon too.
    It is funny seeing Ikuto going to school. Lol, school doesnt fit him well.
    My reaction to seeing the preview for the next season”WTH!!!!!!!Dia!!!!!!” What is Satelight doing!I like Dia and all, but she’s not supposed to come yet!They better not mess this up or I will not happy.
    All in all, I am excited for the new season. I think i can endure through the fillers and I’m just curious to see what they are going to do.They better have Amuto in the OP. They should oif they gave us Amuto in the second opening, they have to do it again.
    Thanks for the summary Fuyumaiden!

  13. MORE AMUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!70%

  14. I think the reason why Dia reappears is because so many Dia fans( Like me) Like to see her so Satelight decided to bring her back. Plus on the poster for SC!!D Dia’s on it so we should have expected her to come back. Oh and I think Dia will make the fillers and Episodes more intresting.

  15. You know it! xD
    I know…but we should keep our hopes low. Just in case they can’t keep up with the demand, which is fine. I’d rather they save their budget for Amuto, Utau, Nagihiko, Utakai, Rimahiko and stuff like that. But then again, they can always squeeze a few little surprises in every episode. Yea, I like that idea better though they probably won’t do it. ^^;
    You shall! You must! I command it! *crazy look*
    I was thinking about Nanoha StrikerS when I heard his voice. It sounded so…not human almost and made me think of brains floating in a cell. xD;
    No, it’s not harsh at all. It’s just that they’re taking so long for Tadase to realize it (alright, Kukai, you have another job besides being Utau’s boy now, lol). As for his wish, yea, the Embryo is really unnecessary. What would be the point of having Kiseki if he just got the Embryo? And I also think he’s well on his way to becoming a good leader. He’s a good kid with good values in mind along with a few flaws (some selfishness, extremely stubborn over a few things, an impossible dream of ruling the world) but everybody has flaws so that’s forgivable. He certainly won’t sacrifice what’s important to him to get what he wants (I think I always knew that but it’s because of his immaturity over Ikuto that I couldn’t see it). All he needs is to speak up a little more and get a bit more GAR into him. There, that was easy. lol
    Yes~…and she’d hang up on him and he’d intrude her room anyways to get revenge and scare the crap out of her. lol Ah, Amuto…
    *adds more Amuto dates to the second season want list*
    Haha, now that she and Yaya are the only ones left of their show in SaiMoe, she might as well. Yaya won’t last this round. Good job, though, Yaya. You made it when Utau couldn’t. I’m so proud. *sniff&tear* Hmm, but Kagami of Lucky Star is going to be her opponent next so as much as I’m trying not to sound pessimistic, Amu has a slim chance of winning. I’m still gonna vote for her, though, and if she somehow manages to win, I will love Amu forever. o.O I already do but this stretches into my next 100 lives as well. Lol
    Simple and pure could be a lot of things, though, so she has to be careful of what she wishes for. I’m hoping along the lines of “I wish that everybody can find the strength within themselves to become the person they want to be” or something like that. Hmm, I like that. It shows promise. ^^
    It’s okay~! Your sadness now can only cause your happiness to bloom 10 times more when Ikuto is saved and happy w/Amu. That is called true appreciation. It is godly logic. 8D
    Haha, yep. I saw it. It was really good. Argh, makes me want to make an Amuto video but I can’t find the time to. When’s my next day off? *goes off to check*
    You are unbelievable. I would’ve avoided her blog at all costs. xD;
    & how the hell does that make sense? Ikuto only using Amu. Amu doesn’t have anything that Ikuto is after. Except herself. *shot* xD; He originally went for her eggs b/c he thought they might’ve been the Embryo but left them alone after finding out that they weren’t. He might’ve wanted to get the Humpty Lock but returned it back to her anyway since it would mostly respond to only Amu (what else was he going to do with it?). & again, he wants the Embryo. That’s the only “thing” he wants and it’s clear that Amu doesn’t have it. :P
    *sigh* Tadamu fans. To think they’d sink so low. I understand that Tadamu appeals to a few certain people and I have no problem with that. People have different tastes, after all. But to attack another pairing just because they don’t like it? Make stuff up to bring it down, too? There are many other things to do than fuss over that. I mean, I shouldn’t be talking since I was once like them but I realized it was wrong on my account at least. & also, I think part of the blame for the pairing wars have been started (and continuously fueled) by extreme Amuto supporters so I can understand that they would want to defend their preferred pairing but they’re going about it the wrong way. They should highlight what they like about the pairing, and what they see in the pairing that makes it compatible even if there’ll be disagreements (there always is but you’ll have to learn to deal with it). Not bash another one. That just gets us nowhere. -_-;
    Anyways, rabid fans aside…he certainly did. He didn’t lose all of it at once but he gradually ripped parts of it away. Your last point is right, too. Love doesn’t wait or look back, even if you’re just an elementary school kid, and even innocent foolishness can’t be made up. It just goes.
    & he is just stubborn. But I don’t put majority of the blame on him. (spoilers from this point on to anyone else who’s reading) For the most part, he’s innocent. The blame all goes to his crazy, over-jealous mother. I feel sorry for Tadase actually. He really tried to believe that it wasn’t Ikuto who was bad but it was just bad luck that what happened had happened when Ikuto was around. His stupid mom only made it worse. You know kids tend to believe their parents on a lot of things when they’re young (probably because they believe their parents wouldn’t lie to them, ha, yea right), whether right or wrong, and their parents’ biases become their own bias. It happened to me but now I know better. I think that’s why I didn’t like Tadase. Cuz we both had similar bad qualities (ha, look, another reference to what you said, hehe) but I understand him a little more now. (end of spoilers) But yea, it’s going to be a real pain to watch it continue on for two or more months. We’ll just have to try our best to be patient.
    Nuu~! Don’t say that! Trap-kun not coming back and Ikuto’s arc not starting for another six months! It’ll make me cry. T_T
    We’ll see and hope for the best. Less than a week away. We’ll see. ^^

  16. Overall, good episode.
    I’m looking forward to more AMuto and Dia! Oh, and of course, Eru as well. XD

  17. Ahhh… Ikuto~! I loved it how he decided to sarcrifice himself to save Amu. He hugged Amu closer to him and covered her head so that if they crash onto the ground Amu wouldn’t get hurt. It was so sweet!!!!!!! I was was really surprised when he did it, cause I didn’t imagine Statelight will entertain us, Amuto fangirls, in such a way. +10000000 points for Amuto!!!!!

    All Tadase did was to carry Amu in his arms after he and Kukia saved them. It’s kind of pointless. Since Amu is already saved anyway. Besides he had Kukia’s help too.

    Noooo~~~!!! Kuukia with Yaya. Kuukia is Utau’s! I repeat, Utau’s!!!! I hope Statelight will do a filler of Utakai soon… Although i am not too hopeful…

    I am rather puzzled by the next episode… i mean…why has Dia come out? It’s good that she is out, she’s my fav. chara!!!! But its not in the manga… Besides, Dia said that she will appear when it’s time for Amu to shine again. I’m pretty sure Amu’s time to shine isn’t here yet. I was thinking that Amu’s time to shine will be when she goes to save Ikuto…or when she has finally decided on her wish…

  18. OMG you saw my AMV of Amuto? Lol thank you so much! :D

    I read your blog for every episode, so I’m going to give another comment. This episod was major Amuto EPICNESS! Honestly, I haven’t been this happy about a filler since.. well, I don’t know when, as I usually don’t watch the fillers. XD Ha ha ha! You’re right. Someone does need to shove that asshole director out the glass elevator. I’d die laughing, and Ikuto’s problems would be solved.

    Tadase still annoys me, and I was hoping his “Tskyumio Ikuto!” wouldn’t be said again like last week, but the little twit just had to say it AND ruin the Amuto moment. Aw well. He lost anyway, lol. XD Ikuto’s catch phrases are always “So do na.” and “sa na” (or something like that). He says them in about every freaking episode, and although I’m not complaining, it’s really funny when just about every time Yoru opens his mouth, it’s Ikuto’s immediate response. It’s like he’s not even listening to him anymore. XD Poor Yoru. At least he didn’t get chara abused this week! :D

    That fat ugly bastard that trapped Amu is so f*cking stupid, honestly. What kind of idiot lurks around, getting out of the car and talking about it so loud the world can hear and not expect Ikuto to hear him? Couldn’t he have just called the asshole director in the car? And how the hell did Easter get Amu’s cell phone number anyway, and how did they know Amu would even go to meet Ikuto? They must know about their relationship. Great. -_- LOL, but the minute I saw Ikuto’s “still-smirking-but-DANGEROUSLY-evil” look at that stupid fat guy, I was like “Oh shit, he’s pissed now! Don’t f*ck with Amu, because Ikuto will kick your ass!” Then he manages to come SOARING and BREAKING the glass AND take out the contraptions the Easter fags trapped her in in less than what, thirty seconds? You’re right, Easter’s in deep shit with Ikuto working there. He’s the only smart one, and once he’s gone, that company’s gone when it comes to intellect, lol. XD

    Best part of this episode? The freaking Amuto. When Ikuto raced off for the Embryo and that music started playing, I got near tears. And once Amu joined him and she saw Ikuto’s desperate and pain-filled expression, I actually started crying. That look.. it’s heart-wrenching for those of us who’ve read the manga and know what Ikuto’s wish is. I hope, if Amu gets it, she wishes Easter never existed (along with her own wish/wishes) thus freeing Ikuto. I’d be a happy fangirl. XD

    Dumbass gay stalker being an idiot and firing the missle. I mean, WTF? Why the hell do they have a missle for anyway? And yeah, PERFECT time to freak out weirdo when you could have killed Amu and Ikuto. But Ikuto’s so mega-pwnage that he pwns the missle too, getting hurt in the process and falls with Amu in his arms, and as they’re falling farther, puts his hand over his head to protect her and pulls her closer.

    For all the Tadamu fans that say that “Oh, Ikuto doesn’t really love her, he’s only using her for whatever excuse we can come up with”, should be gagging on their words now. If Ikuto giving up his chance for the Embryo to save Amu — when he could have just let it blow her up and seize the Embryo for himself — doesn’t show he GENUINELY loves her, I don’t know what does.

    Okay, Tadase’s so slow. He’s obviously too late. Amu’s already fallen half-way out of love with him. Probably more.

    Overall, FANTASTIC episode. Probably my favorite filler ever. XD And WTF Dia?! She’s my favorite, but she shouldn’t be out yet! XD

    Ikuto at school was so random, but I loved it. I just can’t picture him doing school work. He probably sleeps during it anyway. XD And yes, it needs to show him at school one day. Preferably at a fair or something and he takes Amu along. *__* XD

  19. So from episode 51 we carry on towards 52 and so far…but first of all, episode 51.
    I liked the fact that Dia showed up. his is one of the good things about the anime: it develops the main characters more, including the ones who show up so little, just like our cute little Dia.
    Amu was always filled with dreams, no? 4 shugos and now many wishes.
    Ha, Yukari and Nikaidou on a date. They are very bad at denying it, but even so makes me wonder if this is how it was when they were REALLY dating! No wonder they no longer are dating (yet) :P
    Gozen had a scary voice. But at the same time, I really wonder if that is his real voice. It was to creepy for it.
    I agree that Rima’s wish is the best (and the most deserving of coming true) of them all.
    I was smilling like a freak when I saw Ikuto’s name in Amu’s phone (at least both their names are the only ones I know in japanese; beside Iru and Eru). It’s a shame it wasn’t him who called her T_T
    Ikuto can be sooo scary when he wants to. I bet all the guys in easter (minus gozen and the director) must be scared of Ikuto. Oh yeah, don’t mess with a young kitten in love.
    What, Ikuto had something to tell Amu? Argh, Ikuto we only need Amu to be tsuntsun, not you too!
    So we had the missed scene of grabbing the embryo in mid-air, but in a better way. Amuto anytime, anywhere (even while ‘flying’)
    Oh, so that is what Tadase was saying. I didn’t quite remember what the words he said meant. But that explains Ikuto’s smirk. It feels like he accepts the challenge ^^
    When I saw Tsukasa I thought that Ikuto would pop out from the window and we would have that little scene that STILL hasn’t showed up on the anime <_3<
    I guess that Tadase’s challenge NOW would do the fact that NOW he knows how he really feels. In those 2 previos episodes, he was still protecting Amu, cause Amu could become Amulet Heart. Right now, I would say that he already likesAmu for her own self.
    Ikuto student is way cool. And his uniform suits him way better than anyone else.
    WTFDIA!? was exactly my reaction when I saw the preview. What the heck is Satelight even thinking? This is starting to make me afraid that I might not get my dear Amuto scenes from the manga, the best ones of them all T_T
    Someone put the title on wiki: “Sparkle With All Your Might!” It’s something that tipical Dia would say. Maybe her appearance is temporary. Or I get the impression that it might be some of those special episodes. The ones where everybody shows up, enemies included and they talk about the series. It’s like an episode that doesn’t happen in the time line of the series. And it might even show some future scenes. There was an episode like that in Sailor Moon. Hope you understant what exactly i’m talking about. A filler to ‘fill’ in information and such…

  20. It WAS a good episode. I had the stupidest grin ever after the falling scene. It just made me feel happy (those kind of scenes seem to do that)

    ‘kirakira’ means ‘shining/shiny/sparkling/sparkly’
    no is used when referring to something belonging to someone (I think) examples:
    Kei no Uta (Kei’s song)
    Utau no Uta (Utau’s song [but in this case, it might change, because Utau means ‘sing/song’)
    Natsume no baka (Natsume’s stupid)
    theoretically speaking, the title is probably something along the lines of (meiippai no kirakira) ‘MEIIPPAI sparkle’

    But I just found out (from Wikipedia, so I don’t know how accurate it is) the title will be ‘Sparkle With All Your Might!’

    Anyway, thanks for summarizing!

  21. So finally, episode 51!
    I remember when I just started seein’ SC and saw there’d be only 51 episodes and wondered “That’ll be enough to end this story…?” Obviously not, so we have our 2nd season x)
    I liked this ep. Yeah, I felt like punching some characters more than once, but still.
    But in the other hand, I feel that if the manga plot was like this, I probably wouldn’t like so much SC, but I find it ok for the anime…
    Anyway, let’s move on.
    Lol, today Amu’s charas really showed off. I loved seeing Dia again, she’s so freaking cute~! I just wanna hug her everytime she speaks~! [so, I need and Eru, Yoru and Dia plushie] And also seeing the charas so pissed off was hilarious xD Never though I could see Su like that. That vindicated her a lil after her Tadamu fantasy… I did not like that ¬¬ It’s not necesary for me to be a real Tadamu scene to bother me, bcause is enough to some character imagines that to see a Tadamu screencap all over the place. Yiuk.
    But then I totally forgot about that with Ikuto~!! ♥ [Yep, I cannot write only “Ikuto” the 1st time without the heart, would show my feelings properly] Todaty Idk why, maybe cause I was alone at home, but I was so in my fangirl mode everytime Ikuto appeared. I had to repeat his scenes, not only bcause I wanted to see him again, bcause I was to busy ‘fangirling’ that I didn’t pay much attention…
    And… the gozen Ikuto’s mom?? O.o I’ve never heard about that theory. Kinda ridiculous for me… And I don’t think is the 1st King either, that wouldn’t fit much [I mean, why hiding Ikuto if you’re the gozen?] but that sounds better than Ikuto’s mom. And Aruto… Wow, Idk what to think anymore. After hearing that stupid rumour that he’s killing Ikuto, I didn’t want to hear anything anymore.
    Hey, the director wouldn’t be a shoujo bad guy if he didn’t say his evil plans loudly! And of course he had to say it right after the main male character leaves to talk about how he’s planing to get rid of the main female character…!
    [Btw, what does “sou da na” means? I know I probably sound stupid asking this at this point, but got my reasons.]
    And Rima, you should totally deserve having your happy family!!! I was so “Oooh~!!” when I saw this. It’s a pity she won’t get the Embryo [hey, we know that] since she does have a worthy wish. Everyone wants to have a normal and happy family and she’s so young…! Besides, other Guardian’s wishes are stupid. At least Yaya and Tadase’s. I’m not talking about Tadase ¬¬ Now, when Yaya mentioned sweets I wanted to slap her. Not world peace, not money, just… sweets. Baka. I mean, of course I’d love to eat my own weight in chocolate and candies [though that wouldn’t be much, lol], but I wouldn’t use a magical egg that grants any wish to ask that!! But I didn’t feel so like slaping her during the episode… Maybe it was because of Kukai. I love Kukai, and in a moment Yaya and him seems like siblings or sthin like that, I tought it was… cute ¿? Idk, I don’t like slaping guy-I-like’s lil sisters… [Well, Utau was an exception! But was. Past tense. Love Uti~!]
    And Amu… lol. She couldn’t image Ikuto as a student but she can image him having a cell phone. Haha
    But anyway, if she didn’t go into the trap, we wouldn’t be able of seeing her rushing because of Ikuto, the tea cup scene again and Ikuto rescuing her. So it’s ok Amu, you’re forgiven x)
    Oh, Ikuto, you’re so cool, awsome, hot…!! ♥ I totally love seeing him on the top of that pole, that reminds me to chapter 1 when he met Amu. And they was he scared the fatty one was just too cool…
    Oh, and breaking the glass ceiling while freeing Amu and his hot pose… Nice touch. I watched that a lot of times. That and when he called her “Baka”. Never heard a cooler baka. And yeah, Amu did deserve being called like that xD And the tipical teasing atmosphere ♥ Yep, I’m a happy fangirl.
    Btw, that random Kairi and Nadeshiko wtf…
    The usual healing of the X eggs, I think I skipped it, except when Kukai attacked. I miss him, couldn’t help it.
    And wow, the way Ikuto tried to reach the embryo. Wow. There you could see how much he desires the embryo, and then we get to see it on his face. That was like mixed emotions for me, since I was surprised yet sad, yet Idk. And in the manga Ikuto’s situation is not better at all. Damn, someone bring Ikuto a happy ending!! Quickly!!
    And then, more Amuto ♥ I missed Amu being rescued from falling by Ikuto. Was so cute the way he worries about her, just look how he hold her!!! Ahhh… Yep, still happy with my Amuto ♥
    [Again, what’s going on with that 30%?? Yep, if it’s about Amuto/Ikuto I’m really narrow-minded =)] Now I think about it, this ep has some things that reminds me things from other eps… For being the last one of this season, was another nice touch.
    Would be great having a Guardian’s final reunion~! I hope there’ll be one…
    And student Ikuto?? Haha, the first time I saw him like that i had the same reaction as Amu x) He must be the hottest student ever… I mean, if I attend at the same school as him I’d be looking for him the whole day. I wonder how his school life is… Yeah, I support Ikuto at school filler too!
    Well, I suppose we’ll get to see more Uti since she’s the one that tells Amu about Ikuto’s missing [after that, ramen contest~!! Yay xD], but I agree, she should be more, I mean she’s an important and loved character!
    I miss Kairi too T.T
    And for the end, blushing and smiling Amu-chan with her “Hi everyone!” [or sthin like that]. I’m satisfied since we have the 2nd season next week.
    I’ll just wait patently for it =)

  22. I have to admit even though I’m a Tadamu fan Tadase’s pose was *Gulp* LAME!


    @Rabbitfromthehat: Yes I know Im a Tadamu fan but that pose embaresses me.


    (@Rabbitfromthehat) I know


    (@Rabbitfromthehat) Thank you

  23. Wow, xD this is the first time i came here cause i freind show the link, and i love the way you tell how the things happened 8D
    (*cough* Im of the 70%) :3
    And well, even it was filler (maybe not all or it was? xD) it had good scenes, specially amuto ones, i mean the part when they were falling and how Ikuto protected amu *–* that was so cute
    Hmmm, about the preview… wtfuh is Dia doing there =3=?
    I love Dia o< <3! yayz :D

  24. If you want a really good blog go to Its not an Amuto site but it’s good

  25. *Laughs at the comment just before this one*

  26. I agree with the first comment dia isnt supposed to be back yet! what about the Ikuto arc?!?!?! if they skip they will have many agnry amuto fans sending them angry emails ( Tee Hee ill send about 9) (im one of the 70% of amuto fans i cant stand tadamu!) anywho…yes filler ikuto arc is simply amazing and there is lots of amuto from what ive read in the manga! the whole falling and hugging/holding scene i loved i squeled like a fangirl so loud my dog ran to see what happened. back to falling scene they were so close and she trusted ikuto and didnt like yell at him and when tadase caught her i was so fricken mad i yelled at my computer. wah he ruined the amuto moment i was so sad. But this show better end up amuto! i’ll cry if it doesnt.!Amu deserves to have ikuto i mean if you read the manga scanlations around end of 20’s and chapter 30 you would know he likes her and it took Tadase over 50 episodes to realize that amu is amulet heart! Le gasp! ikuto rox. but i also hols a love for kukai…he is the 2nd best guy. tadase is like in the bottom 3.before easter people. ikuto was so worried about amu even if he hid it and did you see amu leave that party just cuz ikuto texted her even though it wasnt ikuto and she thought it was. okay i believe i shall end this now but with one last statement in the beginning amu would blush around tadase because of anything but now she never blushes around him! i believe she has fallen in love with ikuto! I hope so! <3


    *Le Gasp* (I like saying that) simpleanimeblogger ur a tadamu fan! oh now its on! but amuto is more likely but uh tadases poses are always lame i wanted to claw my eyes out when i saw his transformation! also amuto007_is_mit-chan007 i am so with i had like the biggest idiodic grin on after that scene it was too amazing!


    dag yo i really have to remember to put everything in my posts befoe i submit them but xiao_jie88 is it true six months till ikuto’s arc! i think im going to die. and anonymous person dude i think ive seen it over a thousnad times pure epic amuto-ness this will go down in history as one of the best amuto scenes so far! amuto fillers would be amazing im hoping they’ll happen and kc dude right there with ya chapter 28 scenes i will make popcorn for that episode i shall hope it comes soon! i believe this is my last post till next sumaary and dont worry you can never have enought amuto screen caps i would have every second with amuto as a screen cap!

    -RabbitFromTheHat out yo! <3


    i just realized that the guardian 5 thing reminds me off the power rangers, heh weird


    meh to lazy to capitalize the first letter right now but simpleanimeblogger it is ok i think that that pose embarasses everyone even us non-tadase fans, but i guess you can be an exception and even though you are a tadamu fan i wont have an all out war with you about pairings. but i love amuto! <3


    (@simpleanimeblogger) ur very welcome together we shall destroy every other amu pairing out there MWAHAHAHAHHA! let us plot.

  27. The Gaurdian Five thing was the highlight of this episode. I love Kukai. Great to see him. Now I’m just waiting for Najihiko to come back. He was my second favorite character since chapter three.
    I love Shota Princes, but I’m still an Amuto fan. My biggest wish is that Tadase will find his own tsundere girl to fall in love with – just like Yuki from fruuba did. (Although I like Tadse x Kukai too)
    I like Kukai x Yaya. It seems like the kind of couple you’d find in real life instead of a shoujo anime. I also love it for the age difference. I tend to like couples with an age gap.

  28. Actually, this is the real You just use her URL.

  29. I’m still working on my replies to everyone’s comments, but quickly, @ simpleanimeblogger and rabbitfromthehat, I don’t want to discourage commenting in any way, but please don’t carry on conversations back and forth so much. It makes a little bit more work for me and it adds to the clutter.

    My SC! posts are always long and the comments just make the page even longer, so I try to avoid unnecessary comments just to make the page even a little easier to navigate and just a little less cluttered.

    I edited your comments so that they can really just fit into a couple of comments. Sorry if this confuses you for a moment, but I needed to do it to make things easier for me. Sorry again.

    I’m still working on replies to everyone to be posted a little bit later.

  30. hey how did all my comments get to same place? eh anywho gah the wait is already killing me ikuto arc where arth thou?

  31. rabbitfromthehat: I explained it in my last comment. It was getting too cluttered. Because of how long the posts get and how many comments I get for SC! posts, I have to move comments around sometimes. The page gets really long otherwise. Especially with a really popular post like this one.

    So multiple comments back and forth should be avoided if possible and I edit comments all in a row into one comment post too.

    I don’t discourage commenting at all, I’m just trying to keep the comment area neater.

  32. oh i get it now. crap im doing it again but do YOU know when the ikuto arc happens like soon hopefully

  33. lulz i thought the first pic is upside down. /facepalm stupid me. XD

  34. I’m sorry for double commenting.. but i just thought of somehting which i forgot to mention in my previous comment.
    Anyway, as i was watching the scene where Ikuto and the eh… guy (What’s his name?) was in the elevator, I thought to myself : Hey! I bet Fuyu-senpai is going to use her baseball bat to hit him out of the glass windows!
    I am rather disapointed you didn’t, but shoving him just as good! Fuyu-senpai can do the shoving. XD (And save Ikuto from his torment! >.<)

  35. Just wanted to tell you that there is a trailer for the second season…and dissapoints me like no other:

  36. Forever: Yeah it’s pretty depressing. I think that’s only the first episode. At least I saw Nagihiko at the end of it.

  37. I know. I was kinda freaked out by that new Kyara Nari. It’s kinda freaky. At least it’s official Dia’s coming and staying. She’s sooooooooooooo cute! Oh and to all of the flaming Amuto fan’s who flamed my blog. Your forgiven. :)

  38. O_O I still need to finish my replies to everyone’s comments…but my god. This is…awful. Except for Nagihiko coming back everything is…my god.

    Well, I look forward to the flames I get when I call every episode stupid.

    And quickly, simpleanimeblogger, it’s not definite that Dia is coming back for good. The Dia clips might just be from the first episode.

    And keep the flaming drama off my blog now too. It’s already over. No need to forgive or anything, just…you know…don’t keep bringing it up. It’s unnecessary.

  39. Actually seeing the preview….Dia looks like she’s staying…..for good

  40. And I’m going to disagree…again. There’s a lot of shots of Amu with just Ran, Miki, and Su. If Dia is staying, she should probably be in more of those shots.

    Just saying, don’t set yourself up for disappointment. If Dia comes out of her egg, she’s going to have to go back in it eventually when they decide to follow the manga again anyway.

    EDIT: Also, wouldn’t Amulet Dia be appearing in the promo stuff if Dia was back for good? Dia herself is a part of a lot of things, but not her chara-nari. I think it’s a lot like all the furoku that come with Nakayoshi. Dia still isn’t back in the manga, but she’s on all the Shugo Chara items from the manga.

  41. Here’s why Amulet Heart:Sporty things, appears the most. Spade: Appears the second least. Artsy things. Clover: Appears often. Girly things, thing need to be remade, Diamond: Least. When Amu’ “radiance” is needed

  42. That…doesn’t make any sense. Why does that explain why Dia is definitely going to appear this season.

    Amulet Dia does more than show of Amu’s Radiance. It can stop a helicopter from crashing! It’s Amu’s most useful and most powerful chara-nari!

  43. Because Dia is Amu’s guardian character so obviously
    Satelight wants Dia to come back.

  44. That…also makes no sense. It doesn’t answer my question of why your last answer meant Dia was back for good. It also does not answer why she would be back for good. Because she’s Amu’s chara? That’s true in the manga as well and she’s still not back. And how do you really know what Satelight wants anyway?

    How about you make the case for Dia being back for good on your blog instead of going back and forth with me in my comments. That’s what blogs are for.

  45. fuyumaiden I wouldn’t be mad at me right now. I was on wikipedia and well I looked up simplicityanime and found this. here’s the link:

  46. I’m not mad at you, I’m just trying to get an answer.

    And whatever that page was, it’s deleted. Wikipedia doesn’t allow random pages about anime blogs. And I don’t believe for a moment that you just happened to find it. Either someone sent you the link or you tried to make the “attack page” yourself. Nice try. Why can’t you just let things go?

    Do I have to block all your comments again or can you be mature?

    EDIT: Oh yeah. And “Simplicity Anime” shouldn’t be one word either. It’s just what I use in my url. The blog’s just called “Simplicity.” Idiot. (I don’t even care about being civil myself anymore. You’re freakin’ stupid and when you say stupid things on my blog, I’ll call you stupid.)

  47. She’s being an idoit again? Too bad. She stole images from my SC chapter 34 post too.

  48. ..
    i just saw episode 51 today (ok..yeah im slow =.=)
    SO FREAKIN AWESOME! amutooo <3
    but im also disappointed because of the new looks ( although the song is absolutely adorable..:3 )
    haha. i was in a bad mood but your argument with simple made me happy ^^
    keep up the good blogging ^^

  49. […] comes back temporarily for a recap. She just talks to the charas. I was right like […]

  50. LOL I’m even slower, I haven’t seen those episodes but I like your summaries, the Amuto scenes seem to be quite important for me to watch them without understanding them (sigh they are fillers, I can wait)
    I’ve just found your blog and find it quite interesting… except… your hate for Tadase… (yeah, I have a thing for princes and I don’t find MY love for him to be shallow)… I highly disagree but oh well =/ (he’s not annoying >.< )

  51. erizibang: I only hate Tadase when he’s being all tsuntsun towards Ikuto and treating him like some big bad villain. I’m actually growing to like him in the manga after he stops being all stubborn.

    As far as Tadase love being “shallow” I’m specifically referring to Amu and Tadase’s relationship which is basically just them smiling and blushing at each other occasionally.Not Tadase’s fans liking him.

    Well a few of them like him for shallow reasons like the ones who just shout, “Tadase is the best!” and when you ask them why they think so, they just answer by insulting Ikuto. That’s not a real fan. I believe the reasonable fans probably have plenty of good reasons for liking him. You seem to be reasonable so I’m sure your love for Tadase isn’t shallow at all. ^_^

    Just wanted to clear that up. Tadase is a frequent debate on this blog about when some of us like him and when of us think he’s being too stubborn and naive. But the general feeling these days is Tadase is okay, some of his fans can be annoying ‘tards. Any insults aren’t directed at the smart fans.

  52. Personally…

    Amu x Kairi > Amuto > Amu x Nagehiko > Tadamu > Amu x Kukai (Boy, Amu really gets around, doesn’t she?)

    And I could be considered one of those Kukai x Yaya shippers. I have a big weakness for “childhood friends becoming something more.” Love at first sight just does not work for me. Anyway, I think Kukai and Yaya are cute together. If anything does happen with the two of them though it won’t be for awhile (hopefully.) Yaya’s still WAY too immature for anyone right now, even Kukai!

  53. Oh, I’ve just came back xD (*has been on exams*)
    uuhh yeah, I’m a reasonable Tadase fan… hmm no scratch that… I just love him (blushes) … and I don’t even see Tadamu as a real relationship… at least not at first u_u (I’d explain it but I’m not sure you’ll read this)
    oh… I also find Ikuto hot and misunderstood (so I wouldn’t insult him) but I prefer Tadase u_u (so I’m a real fan… I even posted all the reasons why I like him in my LJ xD)

    and about you tsundere moments… dunno why but I love them… xD (I go… aw!!!) these are my fav takuto moments ;D cuz you know there’s something going on there (Tadase and Ikuto’s past is… is… hot? LOL a past being hot but whatever xD… can’t find a better word)

  54. […] comes back temporarily for a recap. She just talks to the charas. I was right like always. Just enjoy the bit below, I proooooooberly should paragraph it but, after translating […]

  55. well so i was goin over this episode (and the other amuto related ones) when in this particular episode the part the tadamu fans (ew tadase and amu so not right) probably enjoyd the most was when he caught her. yes? but ohoho did you know that tadase couldnt of caught if kukai wasnt their??? tadase fails. ikuto wins!!!!

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