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September 25, 2008 at 9:02 pm | Posted in Anime | 14 Comments

It’s now less than a week until the Fall season of anime really begins. At least for me. I have Hakushaku to Yosei airing on Monday. So I feel like it’s time to get my plans and temporary schedule out there.

Things will likely change a little after everything has aired though. Something that never occurred to me may catch my attention, something I was excited about may just turn around and fail on me. Such is the way of anime (and television in general).

But this is the plan for right now.

These are the anime I intend to watch right away (as they are airing):

  1. Shugo Chara Doki!!
  2. Clannad ~After Story~
  3. Skip Beat!
  4. Hakushaku to Yosei
  5. Chaos;Head
  6. To Aru Majutsu no Index
  7. Akane-Iro Somaru Saka
  8. ToraDora!

I’m also going to be blogging every single one of these anime.

Yes, that’s right.

I’m going to do Shugo Chara, Clannad, and Skip Beat! all ASAP in my usual format. But those three might be the only ones I have time and energy to do that way.

I might add on Hakushaku to Yosei with my rambling screencaps, but I’m not sure. I know I’ll love watching it, and that I’ll always have something to say. But my usual lengthy fangirling posts? I’m not so sure.

Shugo Chara, Skip Beat!, and Clannad are all things I’m already familiar with for one reason or another. Even if I don’t like an episode I can come up with tons of rambling about how I didn’t like it. I can’t promise the same for new shows.

So here’s the plan for the remaining five shows. I’m going to blog them all together each week. A few short paragraphs on the shows every week all grouped together. If I don’t end up dropping many shows, I might end up separating them into two groups, but we’ll see.

At the moment I plan to have these posts on Mondays (starting October 6), but if my Skip Beat! blogging ends up being on Monday (which it might) I’ll shift them over to Tuesdays.

Right now here’s the planned schedule:

Monday: Weekly Anime or Skip Beat!
Tuesday: Weekly Anime (Maybe)
Wednesday: Top Ten
Thursday: Clannad ~After Story~
Friday: Unfilled
Saturday: Shugo Chara Doki!!
Sunday: Skip Beat! (Maybe)

Maybe it would be better to have my Weekly Anime on Friday before the weekend. It would make more sense. Well, the first one with my impressions of the new season (minus Chaos;Head which airs on Thursday) will be on 10/6 or 10/7.

Once everything is certain I’ll add a new page to the blog with my schedule so you can always know when I should be posting. If I fail at following that schedule you can yell at me, I won’t mind (Unless it’s about Shugo Chara!, because I don’t trust some of you girls to be reasonable).

Well, let’s all look forward to the new season!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m still caught up in Summer and Spring’s leftovers and have some marathoning to do. Some posting afterwards too (I’ll finish up Haruka soon). I also have those comments to catch up on too. So busy and yet I still manage to be bored sometimes.


  1. Oh, looks like you are very organized :)

  2. Yay, you’re blogging the shows I plan to watch. :)
    Why do most of them fall on a Thursday though? Not that I mind since it’s the weekend for me already but still…hmm, weird.
    I think you should blog one of your weekly anime on Fridays if you could. Cuz it’s Friday and all. You can write summaries while waiting for the SC! torrent. lol
    Hmm, up to you. Do it when you can and if not, just post a short comment on Twitter. xD I love that thing. I’m having so much fun with it over my phone. *texts some more*

  3. I’m watching four of the shows on your list and three of them are the ones you’re sure to blog.

    I’m excited for skip beat since they’ve updated the website. Even though the love me outfit is the color of peto bismel.

    Xiao-jie suggestion for Friday makes sense. Don’t worry to much about following the schedule. I’m sure most of your readers will understand.

  4. その目だれの目?

    The moment you see this, a series of murders known as ニュージェネ will occur and you will be its unfortunate witness. Behind the “reality” you see in your normal everyday lives, you try to live your life with advice from your fantasy doll. But the moment you turn around, you will see a psychic loli and her blue haired friend with a popsicle, both armed with their big デソードー, tossing an equation that looks like this on the floor: fun ^ 10 x int ^ 40 = Ir2.

    And you’ll wish you never saw the writing on the wall in the first place.

    On the topic, looks like you’ve got your whole schedule figured out. But you’ll have to make room for a few shows coming late this Fall, if you’re going to watch them.

    I’m going to watch Chaos;Head, とある魔術の禁書目録, ef – A tale of melodies, Garei Zero, Tora-Dora and a few others I don’t remember the name to right now. For two of them, I’ll probably play the VN as well, just to refresh my memory and see what kind of changes they did to the anime.

    Just remember. You live in a normal world. You are not hallucinating. You are not imagining things. You live in a normal world. You are not hallucinating. You are not imagining things. You live in a normal world. You are not hallucinating. You are not imagining things. You live in a normal world. You are not hallucinating. You are not imagining things.

    You live in a normal world.

    Do you?

  5. Cool! Three of your target shows are on my bingo list! I admire your organizing skills…makes it easy for me to view things in order. ^_^

  6. Ha, it’s great the series that you will blog. I’ll be keeping up with you on SC Doki, Skip Beat, Hakushaku to Yosei, and maybe Clannad (since I didn’t see the series before…just to spice up the interest for it).

  7. I can’t wait on how will you be blogging Chaos;hEAd, since I think this would be your first (?) non-shoujo anime to blog ^_^

  8. I haven’t even thought about when I’m going to blong the animes i’m watching..I’ve been so busy! T.T At least your semi-organized. I look forward too it! ^.^

  9. I’m going to have to be cutthroat in my anime this fall, or else I’ll end up watching anime and having fun… only to fail at getting into a good Uni ^^;

  10. that’s right people! don’t nag her about keeping to the schedule for Shugo Chara!! Doki!

    It WOULD make more sense to have weekly anime on fridays, but it depends on your personal schedule, too.

  11. You’ve really prepared yourself well! I’m still putting bits and pieces together on what I plan on blogging, watching, etc.
    The fall season just has so many animes you just don’t want to miss X)

  12. gosh… you’re way more organized than i am. even after reading reviews, watching previews, i’m most likely to go as they come along on what i wanna watch.

  13. great organization a lot of my shows are on Thursday which kind of sucks but I’ll deal with it and I’ll be looking to the new anime season as well

  14. […] and the start of the premieres, everything is going to be extra messy. I got a lot of comments on Fall Blogging saying that I was organized, but alas…it’s not true. I’m an unorganized fool who […]

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