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Ah thank you to everyone who cleared things up so quickly. I really appreciate it. The only real service I can offer is gathering this information in one place since my Japanese is so very, very limited. I appreciate all the tips and I’m sure anyone else reading this does too.

So, moving right along. After September 20th, quite a few things did get cleared up.

First off, the 10/10 showing has been cleared up. That’s just a later showing on a different network. Not TV Tokyo which airs Shugo Chara! first.

Basically, the 10/10 airing is just a rerun of the first episode of the new season.

(Thanks to Hana for this tip!)

The new band is called “Shugo Chara Egg!” (they’re members from Hello!Project Egg, so I guess you can see where it comes from). And this group appears to be more specifically oriented with Shugo Chara! than Buono! was judging by the title and more specifically, their website. The outfits are kind of a giveaway too.

From left to right the girls are Saho Akari [Amulet Spade], Wasa Ayaka [Amulet Dia], Maeda Yuuka [Amulet Heart] and Fukuda Kanon [Amulet Clover].

The opening song will be titled Minna no Tamago and the single will be released on December 10, 2008.

(Thanks to Hana for this tip as well!)

Back-up Source (thanks to oTAKu):

(By now you’ve all probably heard this anyway)

More about Shugo Chara Egg!, you can hear Minna no Tamago on YouTube.

They do have a little bit of a different sound, but I like their first song. Or rather, I really, really like it. So cute (I’ve listened to it dozens of times). It’s fitting for the new group because I know everyone would complain if they were basically just like Buono!. Besides, it’s cute (and I like cute things).

Hmm…anyway, I’m looking forward to the new opening now (More Amuto please). And more from this group too. I have someone new to follow (at least until SC! ends).

You can also see some images from the event here (site in Spanish).

Buono!’s new single’s title has been announced: “Rottara Rottara”

It’s going to be the ending theme for Shugo Chara! next season like usual. I’m not sure if they’ll still be following the 12-13 episodes at a time system, but probably.

It’s still listed as Untitled on cdjapan, but you can preorder it there anyway.

The official site seems to updating with their own “Shugo Chara!! Doki” information slowly.

Though, like I said. Slowly.

The promo image is really the only interesting thing on the site (as seen above), but I’m thinking it does the opposite of what a promo image should. Instead of before where I was all, “Yay!” about the new season, the promo image gave me an immediate, “Ugh” reaction.

To clarify…Amulet Heart has roller blades. The other chara-nari’s have some new weapon too. None of this stuff has shown up in the manga. It all seems unnecessary for anything that happens in the manga. Therefore, the logical conclusion: Filler.

And not just filler, but these new weapons specifically make me think they’re going toward generic mahou shoujo action.

But hey, it’s just a promo image. No need to get all, “ugh” unless you’re like me. I like to fear the worst so that if I’m wrong, I end up being pleasantly surprised no matter what.

Shugo Chara! Season One Episode-Skipping Guide:

Okay, so SC! is 51 episodes long. That’s a lot of episodes. Lots of people have friends they want to watch SC! or just want to watch SC! themselves, but are bothered by the number of episodes. So now that we’re just about through season one I went ahead and picked through the episodes that would be worth watching. Use it and share it with your friends if you want! I don’t need credit!

This lists all of the episodes that add…something. Even some of these can be skipped. Just follow the little notations to decide what to skip. Anything without notations, really should be watched.

(Episode titles taken from ANN and Wikipedia)

  • Episode 01: Shugo Chara Born!
  • Episode 02: Egg of the Heart!
  • Episode 03: Flaky and Fluffy, Leave it to Su!
  • Episode 04: I’m the Trump Card!?
  • Episode 06: Chara-Nari! Amulet Spade! (Manga Filler, Intro, Maybe FF)
  • Episode 07: Small Egg! (Intro, FF)
  • Episode 08: I Fell in Love With Your Eyes! (FF)
  • Episode 10: Chara-Nari! Amulet Clover! (Intro, Maybe FF)
  • Episode 11: Holiday on the Snow Mountain! (Manga Filler, Intro)
  • Episode 12: Sad Christmas Eve!
  • Episode 13: Big Disturbance! New Year Live!
  • Episode 17: The Breath-Taking Speech Contest!
  • Episode 18: The Delightful and Embarrassed First Date! (Overall)
  • Episode 21: Kidnapping of Shugo Charas!
  • Episode 22: Shugo Charas Rescue Mission!
  • Episode 23: Remake Honey! My Would-Be Self!
  • Episode 24: Sketch of the Heart! (Recap, FF)
  • Episode 25: Nadeshiko! Farewell, though it’s Spring!?
  • Episode 26: New Beginning!
  • Episode 27: The Fourth Guardian Egg!
  • Episode 28: Joker Disqualification? New Guardians Appear!
  • Episode 29: Chara-Nari!? Amulet Angel!
  • Episode 30: Class Star VS Class Moon! Cheerleader Great Activity! (Manga Filler)
  • Episode 31: Pretty Baby! Great Tumult! (Manga Filler)
  • Episode 32: Lonely Queen!
  • Episode 33: Can’t Help Falling in Love! (Recommended, Manga Filler)
  • Episode 38: Key and Lock; He and I (Overall)
  • Episode 39: Chara-Nari!? Platinum Royale!
  • Episode 40: Rima! Unlock The Heart!
  • Episode 41: True Self!
  • Episode 42: Hoshina Utau! The Last Fight!
  • Episode 43: Chara-Nari! Amulet Dia!
  • Episode 44: Twinkle of the Heart! (Recap, FF)
  • Episode 47: I’m Utau’s Manager!? (Recommended)
  • Episode 49: The Secret of the Violin!… (Recommended, Anime Plot)
  • Episode 50: Have We Really Found it!? The Embryo! (Anime Plot)
  • Episode 51: I’ll Get the Embryo! (Anime Plot)

I put little notations next to some to say why I consider them to be necessary. Here’s a little key to explain some of them:

FF: At least try to Fast-Forward to catch a couple scenes
Manga Filler: It was in the manga, but still kind of filler
Intro: Something/Someone introduced
Overall: Important for running plot or sub-plot
Recommended: Not necessary, but I recommend it
Anime Plot: Anime plot only

I think this includes everything. Following this the episode count would be 37 episodes and some of those I recommend some Fast-Forwarding.

I have pretty much run out of official anime images with all of these blurbs. Someone needs to scan the calendar once it comes out. And Megami needs to use SC! for more awesomely cute posters.

…Well I still have the DVD covers and a couple of smaller images, but meh. No more blurbs for me. So no more seasons of Shugo Chara! after this either! You hear me Satelight!?

Anyway, I debated about waiting for the episode one info to come out before posting this, but that might not be until this Saturday. It’s already Wednesday, even if the information comes out tomorrow, I figure everyone can wait until my SC! post on Saturday anyway. That’s when I’ll be doing any news like normal.

If you can’t wait that long then I suggest you try to find information yourself, or check out (or subscribe to) my Twitter. I’ve already been updating when I find out some info. I’ll do so for every bit I find now that I’ve done this post. That’s if any new info comes out before Saturday anyway.

Like before, feel free to comment or e-mail me so I can edit or add things to this post. I’ll also add new tips to my twitter (whicyh you can find in the sidebar as well btw).

And…I think that’s it.

Here’s a collection of links you may find useful (most are in Japanese):

Yup, that’s it. Anyone just post a comment or e-mail if you think I forgot anything or made a mistake.


  1. New band is cute. I like the song. But there must be Amuto in the OP if it wants to come close to Buono! rating. *srs bsnz*
    Buono!~… <3 Some Amuto in the ED, too, plz?
    Aww, why is everyone like that about the new toys? Am I the only who likes them? D: I don’t really care what the anime does if it’s stuff like that cuz I love the merchandise, lol. Plot’s more important. As long as Satelight doesn’t screw up the plot, I’m fine with it.
    Wow…that’s like 14 episodes of complete, non-important filler. I thought there’d been more than that. xD;
    So yep, thx for the info and until Saturday~ which is 3 days away. Ugh, I want my weekend.

  2. The band looks cute and the song sounds okay..but I have to see the animation before I judge.

    Yeah, I’m not big on the heart, spade, or clover need items. I want character/plot revelent filler.

    Buono’s still doing the end theme. That’s good. ^_^ I hope the ending’s more serious this time though since we’re moving into a darker plot. I always hate how at the ending of watching a serious episode of an anime they’ll go into a super happy ending theme. Then again the first part of the season isn’t going be that serious probably so..I guess a happy chara-centered ending is okay. As long as there’s Eru in it.

    The episode skipping guide is good too if you wanted to try to rewatch the first season.

    Peach-Pit should be to wrap Shugo Chara up by next year anyways. Yeah, I hope Satelight isn’t trying to make Shugo chara the new sailor moon or precure.

  3. OMG I LOVE YOU FUYU-CHAN seriouly you are the best iv read every blog since episode 23 and i have got to say you amazing. keep up the good work and dont worry ill never disagree with you because my thoughts on the episodes are pretty much the same. anyways i hope you have a good week and i cant wait till your next post!

  4. Another fine update, thanks again for clearing things up! That Shugo Chara Egg! website is such a giveway, but they look and sound so cute!

    @xiao_jie88 – Agreed. All upcoming openings should contain Amuto.

  5. HEy its mo0on12 ! from youtube :) thanks for the info i cant wait for season 2 ONLY for the ikuto arc and amuto bed scene :)

  6. the girls in the new band are only thirteen and fourteen! Wow.

    Yay! It comes out next Saturday!

    Thanks for blurb!

  7. I’m VERY surprised you didnt make a ‘Must watch filler’ for Utau. o.o And if I was getting the calendar any possible time before my birthday, I would easily scan it for you as quickly as i can, but december birthdays suck ass most of the time. -_-

  8. yeah its FUzzball000 from Youtube and also i am (shirbyanimeluver) so…yea…XD and also THANX chu! :) I wuv the new band..KAWAII!!!!!

  9. when is episode 64 going to come out i cant find any web site that has shugo chara episode 64 with sub headings

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