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September 21, 2008 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Personal, Site | 11 Comments

So in my eternal quest to make sure I never do anything useful when I’m on my computer, I finally got a Twitter account.

It’ll just stay about stuff I do while I’m at home or have access to a computer. So it’ll often be related to anime, the interweb, some randomness, and often my blog. Thus I feel it’s worth a mention on my blog (and an inclusion in my sidebar).

I was determined not to be pulled into this like I am with so many other things, but it’s just so alluring. It’s a place to just say little blurbs that don’t fit anywhere else. A way to stay up to date without any hassle.

I’ve always preferred forums, and now blogging, to stuff like instant messaging. But alas…these ways of discussing are much slower. Twitter seems to be a nice little compromise between the alternatives and I like it.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure what I’ll post about. So far you can take a look and it’s…nothingness. But hey, I figure my nothingness is as good as anyone else’s nothingness. So I will post it. You can just choose whether or not to read it.

It’s pretty active right now…though I’m sure that will fall a little once it’s not so, “My gosh! New! Exciting! WOW!” to me. You know how it is.

Who knows what I’ll end up posting, but I’m sure a lot of it will be unrelated to anime. A lot of it will just be, “lol, look what I found.” More, “RAWR! WTF!?” that would normally go unseen because I think about it long enough to not post it. And only some of it will be, “Oh news about something.”

I’m sure those of you already using Twitter already know how it goes anyway.

Mine’s just going to be a lot of stuff that I can do or talk about while on the computer. I just got my cell phone recently and we don’t even have text messaging enabled. That’s right. I didn’t get a cell phone until I turned eighteen, and even now I do not text. It’s insane. I’m a traitor to my generation and so on.

I’ll probably update my progress on certain blog posts on Twitter. So if you’re feeling impatient for a specific series’ post you can just follow that and go, “Yes! She’s done with the summary! Won’t be long now!” Because when I’ve been incredibly late it makes me feel bad that my page views suddenly go up because people keep on checking back just in case it’s there.

I think this is especially useful now that I’ve started working on the second “Shugo Chara! Blurbs” post because I started collecting information there to refer to. (You can see it on there now)

But most importantly, Twitter is a way to avoid the “Where has Fuyu been?” posts in the future. My lack of activity recently is what made me decide that it wouldn’t hurt to have a place where I could regularly update and keep in contact with many of my online contacts. If you glance over at my sidebar and see “School sucks. I’m busy.” under twitter, you know why the heck I’m not around.

See? I’m making mine functional amongst all of my, “lol” nothingness.

Now then. Those of you with twitter accounts…gimme. I’m too lazy to find all of you myself. So come to me instead!

The rest of you can just lurk…like a lot of you do now anyway. Or you could get your own accounts. Wouldn’t that be fun?

And yeah, that’s the end of this post. Been a while since I’ve done a self-serving filler post full of…nothing. But I’m in training for Twitter. I feel no need to give apologies.

(Ah and yes. One last thing. It is very pink on my Twitter page. It’s not just you. It’s my temporary setup.)


  1. I’ve been contemplating whether to get a Twitter account for a while, but I just wasn’t sure whether I wanted to or not…I still don’t know. But it’s good that you got one! ^.^ Hopefully you don’t feel as pressured to keep up with blogging now! XD

    I want to make an account now. But I’d rather have internet on my phone before I do (crap, I want a new phone, too. The one I have is ugly).
    Damn you & your advertising. You’re evil. :P

  3. So that’s what Twitter is! I’ve been browsing applications on my iPod Touch and I found Twitter. I didn’t know what it was for back then (the bird icon caught my attention).

    Should I or should I not make one? Maybe if enough web buddies I have get it, I will too.

    The only bad thing is that it will give me another thing to get addicted to. :(

  4. like 7 said earlier i have to be careful getting into any new applications because it will suck more time out of me and in college time is fairly precious but I’ll see

  5. Not sure why anyone would want to avoid THAT WHICH IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD RUN AWAY A RUN AWAY the innovative creation that is Twitter. So, what are you thinking? BIG TWITTER IS WATCHING YOU.

  6. I’m following you up now ^_^ Hope we keep in touch there!

  7. amaylee: Get one. If you decide it’s too much of a bother to update little stuff you can just neglect it in the future anyway.


    xiao_jie88: Yes. I am. It’s revenge for all the times…other people have done it to me.

    You could just update stuff from the internet like I’m doing. Or apparently you can set it up for texting if you want to do that (I don’t know how).


    7: Ah. I see that you did end up making one, I believe. Heh. It’s probably hard to get addicted though because how often can you write about nothing?

    …Actually it is really easy. I’m a liar.


    blitzero21: It only takes like ten seconds to type out a little sentence though. So easy and oddly fun.


    omisyth: That sounds very much like Twitter to me. Terrifying (and yet I love it).


    kanzeon: I’m following you as well. I’m addicted to it so there’s no way we won’t keep in touch.

  8. @FuyuMaide: Yeah I did make one, under the full extent of my screen name, 7thWraith…way to go to turn on my OCD. LOL!

  9. Now wai~ 8D I’m gonna stalk to you now :0 Just kidding…partly. Anyway can’t wait to see those little twitter updates :]

  10. But what have I done to you?! xDD;;;
    Hmm, yea, I’ll do that. Still I wanna text, too, cuz it’ll amuse me while I’m in class. lol

  11. You know, I was perfectly content just shadow chibi lurking on your blog but no, I have to be brought over to the Twitter side. I don’t need more addictions. Gah, what have you done?

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