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Well that surprised me. Amidst all the little chara antics there was some actual plot. Well, anime plot anyway. None of this stuff ever happened in the manga.

Ikuto showed up a bit and for more than just flicking Yoru away. Kinda surprised me. But maybe it shouldn’t have since this was supposed to be one of the last two episodes originally.

I don’t think I have anything to really add on that doesn’t involve the episode this week because of that little post I did last night with some Shugo Chara news.

Just that somehow the new season of Shugo Chara! is getting my excitement back. I’ve been rather, “meh” about the whole series recently, but looking for news like I used to in the past is getting me all excited again. This episode wasn’t even really anything that special, but I was still excited and enjoyed every last bit of it.

How long this will last however is another story, but I think I can stay excited at least until after the new season starts.



The episode begins with the embryo wandering around (yes, seriously) and it wanders to Amu’s house where Su sees it through the window. Then it passes by Kiseki who sees it, but then thinks he just saw the moon.

At the royal garden the next day, the Guardians have a whole bunch of research about the embryo gathered by Kairi. They talk a little about the embryo and Su tries to bring up what she saw, but is interrupted by Yaya who claims she has the embryo in a box. Kiseki opens it and a fake bird just pops out of an egg, ticking him off severely.

Meanwhile at some random Easter building, the three stupid scientists are at work on building the second version of their embryo-finding machine. They get too busy celebrating and don’t notice a danger sign and a bunch of x-eggs sneak away. Ikuto and Yoru are outside, Yoru notices the x-eggs and wakes Ikuto up. Ikuto notices the shining egg nearby which they think might be the embryo and gets ready to go after it, but an explosion from the building gets his attention long enough for the eggs to disappear.

Ikuto goes to investigate the building and Yukari’s stalked explains to him about their little invention, but while he’s explaining Ikuto leaves. The stalker gets a phone call from the director who wants him to do something else involving Ikuto. As they walk away, Ikuto lets Yoru know he figured something out about the embryo, but keeps it to himself.

Amu reads through some of the books Kairi collected, not understanding much. Kiseki and Miki are looking for the embryo and Kiseki tells her about thinking that he saw the embryo through some thick clouds. Su tries to bring up what she saw again, but gets interrupted. Miki explains to Ran who misunderstands and ends up thinking of a black spider. She tells KusuKusu and Pepe who add to the story by making it a big black spider who swallowed the embryo. They go to Daichi who goes to ask Kukai where the spider is and gets that he’s at the devil’s castle which appears on a full moon (or something) because he’s playing a video game (And this game of telephone is complete lolz).

On Easter’s roof Ikuto finally explains to Yoru, it’s when there’s a lot of eggs around that the emrbyo appears, but Ikuto shuts Yoru up when Stalker-san appears (to share his lunch =_=;) and touches Ikuto’s shoulder before he leaves. It’s then revealed that he put a tiny camera on Ikuto for the director (no wai! Yukari’s stalker became Ikuto’s stalker!). So if Ikuto knows anything about the embryo, they’ll find it soon. Then the director just says some ominous evil things that make him more of an asshole.

The next day the charas have a meeting while the guardians are in school where the end of the spider story makes it back to Kiseki. That night is a full moon (lol, like every night) so they can go after the embryo at long last! So begins the charas’ little RPG fantasy where they go after the embryo in the castle.

Later, the Easter scientists are watching monitors for the camera planted on Ikuto and learn how boring it is to keep watch on a cat napping. Ikuto already found the camera and put it on Yoru instead. And Stalker-san is feeling down (good, loser ^_^).

That night the charas go out to find the castle (Daichi was brought along even though Kukai isn’t in the guardians anymore). Kiseki doesn’t know where the castle is but they’re just going to search for it anyway. And then the most random chara adventure montage follows. At one point Su gets left behind and reunites with her doggy friend from episode 10 (the one that belongs to Amu’s fanboy).

At home, Amu has been busy studying the embryo stuff so she just notices that her charas are gone and finds a note about going to look for the embryo from them. She meets up with the other guardians whose charas have also gone off. Su finds them coincidentally and tells them she got left behind and tells them they’re looking for the castle.

The charas find their castle in the form of the random Easter building, but Miki and Daichi find it suspicious. Yoru appears and asks what they’re doing, after Kiseki refuses to tell him, Pepe starts telling him everything. The Easter scientists hear all this (and recognize Pepe as a Guardian’s chara for some reason) and they find out the signal is coming from right outside. Su leads the Guardians to the other charas (by sensing them or whatever). Ran and Miki gets scolded by Amu and Su once they arrive. Kieseki explains what they’re doing there, then Yoru comes out screaming for some reason and Pepe knocks him with a harisen (which makes the camera fall off). Inside they find nothing but the machine (and my Japanese gets a little fuzzy) and Pepe and KusuKusu end up going after the machine and accidentally turning it on.

They all take cover from the machine until they find out there’s an x-egg around. Amu transforms into Amulet Clover and with Tadase’s help, she heals the egg. Once they’re done Yoru seems disappointed that the embryo didn’t show up, and Ikuto shows up. He tells the guardians that they’re in an Easter building which makes the charas realize it’s not a castle. Then their little game of telephone is revealed and it’s all revealed to be a misunderstanding. Then they’re interrupted by the scientists hurrying down the stairs, so the guardians leave (but not before Amu looks back at Ikuto). The scientists arrive to find everything messed up and Ikuto jumps down.

The director arrives at the building to find out what happened (the machine is broken). Ikuto starts to leave but is stopped by the director. Ikuto says he doesn’t have the embryo (or something along those lines) and tosses the camera to the director (pissing him off) and leaves. (Then something along the lines about how Tsukiyomi’s have to work for Easter is said by the director. I’m not sure.)

At home the charas comment about how they couldn’t find the embryo. Su finally gets her chance to tell everyone she saw the emrbyo, but no one believes her. Then it just ends with the embryo wandering about in the night sky again.

(Hmm, I wonder if I enjoyed the episode more than I expected to because I understood more than usual…)



Satelight pulled out their old tricks again. I haven’t even been able to say, “Oh snap! You tricky plot ninjas!” about Satelight since episode 26. But damn they’re being tricky plot ninjas again. They snuck in all sorts of development nd enjoyment recently. It’s all anime-original of course, but when you’re expecting nothing it’s still a nice surprise.

But still, I don’t have a lot to say. So I overdid the Ikuto screencaps again (hey, if it’s what the readers want, I can’t deny them). I had so many that I had to delete some (agh!) because I know I’m not the only one out there blogging SC! (You better load up too amayalee!)

Aw, Su~! Though I have to say quickly, what was up with the Embryo (or excuse me “embryo” I have to keep saying that until we know for sure) just wandering around. More, “let just do this!” writing from Satelight I guess.

Back to the important topic though…Su~! She hasn’t gotten the spotlight in a while (and all my attention was diverted to Eru) so I forgot how cute she was.

I miss you Kairi. Why do these sadists keep bringing him up? It’s not fair! You should have had him stick around longer!!! *grumpy*

This was like…one joke in the episode. Why did they make it the description? I don’t get it. So it could be spoiler-free I guess? Not like any of those spoilers are important anyway. Any progress they make with finding the embryo will just be reset for next season so they can follow the manga.

I was pretty surprised when I saw how often Ikuto was on the screencaps on 2ch. He really showed up in the episode quite a bit. Lately it’s like we’ve been getting the most anime-original Ikuto we’ve ever had. Though…really that just means he’s showing up now even when they don’t have something from the manga to build from.

And the plot they’ve come up with to end the season while making Ikuto involved is so full of plot holes. For now I don’t mind though, because a day where I can step back and say, “Whoa! I have too many screencaps of Ikuto!” is a very good day indeed.

And the best part about all of this anime-original stuff is that I can’t shout, “Agh! That’s not Ikuto!” because he’s acting pretty much in character. If there’s anything bad going on, I know I‘m not noticing it (if you guys find anything it’s just because you’re looking).

Oh yeah. Breaking the fangirl mood for a minute here. Asshole director.

To be honest, I didn’t think any specific death for him this time. Once he appeared on screen though I just started thinking, “Die in a fire. Die in a fire. Die in a fire.” over and over so I guess that will do for this week.

Back to the regular fangirling now. Ikuto~! He can’t even tell his chara any little secrets right away. Has to keep them to himself for a while. That’s just how the mysterious boys do things I suppose (and it makes me giggle-laugh to myself).

Ah yes. The game of telephone. Let me make it clearer here. (Though first, if you didn’t get what I meant by telephone, in this case wikipedia is your friend)

Miki explained to Ran about what Kiseki was saying using “kuroi kumo” which Miki meant as thick fog and clouds, but Ran took as a dark/black spider. Then Ran told Pepe who made a bunch of stuff up about the spider eating the embryo, and then the castle stuff came from Daichi thinking Kukai was answering his question when he was really just talking about his game. I think I made most of it clear in my summary, but I wanted to be sure.

And speaking of Kukai…why? Why was this his only appearance? Not fair. At least we get to see him next week I supposed (but still no Utau which is even more unfair).

lol, chara abuse. Though you really can’t blame Ikuto, considering the way Yoru acts sometime (so loud).

Really puts things in focus, doesn’t it? Makes you understand just how very lame Stalker-san is. (No, Ikuto didn’t fall for your ridiculous plan. Don’t be stupid.)

I love this image because of Ikuto’s expression. It’s like you can tell what he’s thinking. He totally wanted to just shove that guy off the roof. But I guess he managed not to because that’s not as cool as just walking away. Ikuto knows he has to be cool at all times or the fangirls will appear on Satelight’s doorstep.

Oh this was fun for the RPG players. Su was a white mage, Miki was a dark mage (or just a witch), Pepe was a random warrior (you know the ones), Ran was a swordsman, Kiseki was the leader, and Daichi was the prisoner you meet along the way (they’re actually pretty common…). It was all fitting. Then of course there was KusuKusu the jester, which was oh so fitting, but not something I’m familiar with (but hey, I think entertainers appear in some MMORPGs anyway).

Yeah, this was all fun for me (especially Su bringing the enemies back to life), but that’s just because I’m a minor Final Fantasy addict. Others may just go through the whole thing not understanding a thing.

And now a break from charas for the return to fangirling. Obviously, Ikuto is one step ahead of everyone. Why? Because he’s Ikuto. That is all/

Aw, as much as I said I wouldn’t be interested in the adventure this week, this was all flipping cute and random. It’s like lately they’ve been reminding you of things from the past, but instead of going, “seen this…move on” it’s, “Aww…cute…” instead. At least for me.

…Cute. Just…freakin’ cute.

Su has become my third favorite chara again. At least for this week.

I love how Pepe just started explaining things. She has officially been added to the ranking at number…five or six. I’m not sure.

Scolded~! Ha.

Okay, to be honest I had to add this screencap in because I realized I had none of Amu…and she’s the heroine. Though, in my defense…she didn’t do much anyway this episode. I’d venture to say that Ikuto had the same amount of screenttime (except with more important stuff going on).

Aw. We can’t complain about Amulet Clover not appearing for weeks. I’m almost disappointed. Well…I’ll still complain about Amulet Heart appearing anyway. Since Clover and Spade never get to appear for anime-original plot-related episodes.

Aw…Amu’s already so familiar with Yoru, it’s freakin’ cute. I didn’t have anything specific to say again here, just saving a screencap because it’s cute. It speaks for itself.

Eh? Why didn’t Tadase get all tsundere (yeah, that’s right) and shout “Tsukiyomi Ikuto!!” like usual? I almost…missed it. (What’s wrong with me?) Though I say that’s just because it felt OOC for him not to do that. Especially when Ikuto’s just appearing randomly.

Oh, and something would be wrong if I didn’t do this:

I don’t think she wanted to go~! (Ah, I can find joy in the smallest moments ^_^)

Now then…someone needs to photoshop the appropriate blush on Amu in the last image. I would, but I’m a teensy bit busy now.

Booo! Easter’s asshole Director! (Let’s throw slugs at him!)

Though it still makes me a sad little fangirl to see Ikuto being trapped by Easter, at least a battle was won today.


It’s okay fugly director. It happens to everyone when they deal with Ikuto.

But don’t get too angry just yet. Save some for later. Next time you’ll be pwned by the power of Amuto raburabu. That’ll hurt more than just your pride.

And because no one wants to end on fugly asshole directors…

Poor Su. By the time she got to see what she’d been trying to all episode, no one believed her. There, there Su. I believe you. And I’m sure Eru would too (ha, random, but Eru totally would have).

Though the screencap is funny out of context, like she’s thinking, “What the heck is wrong with these guys?” and pitying them (or something). Though that might just be tired little me.



So considering that episode 51 was originally supposed to be the big finale of the show and considering the anime-original “Easter villains” from the past few episodes, you would guess that the next episode would be showdown time.

And you would be right.

Though the surprising thing is, for once Satelight seemed to actually do a preview that makes you go, “OMGNOWAI!” about the next episode. I mean, anyone who follows the manga knows what’s going to end up happening overall, but I’m still curious about this specific screencap (and this one).

I’m going to keep from speculating about anything this time so I can just go along with anything they toss into the episode.

Oh yeah…and more Kukai next week. That’s good too.


  1. Kukai has a PSP! ;D
    and a blue one at that ~

    Reading the summary really makes me want to watch the episode…
    Too bad it hasn’t been subbed yet D:

    I’m too stupid to understand ;]
    *goes and buys herself a mini Japanese to English dictionary*

  2. Ha, yes, this episode was truly more entertaining than usual. And I was pratically flying in the hair when I saw the preview for next week. My excitement is being revived as well as yours ^^
    What’s up with the Embryo? I always thought it was something that was mysterious, and now the anime made my opinion turn into little curiousity, and strong opinion that the egg likes to fly around randomly.
    So the part of Yaya having the embryo in the box was just a very little teaser. Or just a way to trick us into tinking something completely different of the episode. Damn summaries…
    Those damn scientist realy piss me off. I laughed a bit at their ‘personalities’, but still not very amusing. But seeing the x-eggs sneaking out sure was fun.
    Ikuto figured something about the Embryo? I wonder what was it. He sure is very smart. I wonder how are his grades at school…
    Lol, spider. Is the words similar to embryo, or do they really suck at explaing things? And kuukai starts playing a PPP? So, they made a ‘Shugo Chara’ version of the PSP (lol, stupid name. I’m not surprised, they did one for the PS2 many eps ago).
    Oh, so that’s what Ikuto figured out. Well, I kinda already and been aware of that, but since anime characters are always so ‘duh’ when it comes to figure out certain things, I aplaude Ikuto for noticing so soon.
    Ha, so Yukari stalker/Ikuto stalker, aka, stalker in general really thought that they could outsmart a neko-boy such as Ikuto. So stupid and pathetic little scientist…
    The adventures of the shugo charas was actually funny, and not so boring as I thought it would have been.
    Amu looked back at Ikuto. That is so good. If only they had been at the same ground level…
    Yeah, yeah, Su is also very cute. I personaly always liked her, and her voice doesn’t annoy me as much as it used to in the beginning of the series, a long time ago.
    It’s never too much to have so many Ikuto screencaps. It IS always too little, actually. Oh, and Amuto too.
    You wanted the director to die in a fire. After the whole episode, especially the last part, the ‘you have to work for me’ thing, made me want to strangle him with my bare hands <_<
    Ah, that telephone game (or whatever), I played it once in school. I was at the end, and before I even began reading out loud what I heard, I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath. Funny things indead.
    Lol, yes Ikuto does the coolest things. And, unfortunatelly, shoving the stalker off the roof is not one of them.
    Poor Daichi, being the poor prisoner while everyone else has cute costumes.
    Loved while Su brought the bugs back to life. If I’m not mistaken it’s only the caterpillers that she fears. Oh yeah, Final Fantasy style (I’m a huge fan) ^^
    You are right. I had the same feeling when I saw the episode, specially those parts. They reminded us of the past, and while watching the episode it made me think that this reminded me of those recaps. Or at least made think back to episode 10.
    Amu really seem so confortable with Yoru. If only she had pet him, it would be pure win.
    Tadase didn’t start going all ‘Tsukiyomi Ikuto’, but I’m glad he didn’t. Actually, Tadase looked cute in one part, and that was good as it is. He behaved well in this episode, so I was satisfied in general.
    Ha, that long stare. That’s the most enjoyable thing is this whole episode.
    Su was really cute in the lasp part. By looking at her, and her little hand, I remember that she’s a cule chibi, and felt like hugging her. I think she’s my favourite chara from all 4 of Amu’s. Who knows, the opinion changes with the contents of the week’s episode.
    Well, the whole ‘jump and catch that egg’ kinda reminds me of that particular scene we didn’t see at the end of the Dia arc, aka, the competition between Ikuto and Tadase in catching the embryo. So maybe that’s why we get this instead. I don’t complain. I actually like this way better. And if Amu is looking at Ikuto like that probably means that he must have a sad expression. Or at least that is my opinion on the whole subject.
    kuukai!!! Even though I’m sure that there is no Utau going around unnoticed, Tsukiyomi style, I’m happy to see Sky Jack once more.

  3. I actually thought this was cute! Better than I expected. I was totally surprised when PEOPLE showed up; I thought the episode was going to be purely Charas! Anyway, cute, DEFINITELY looking forward to next week! Thanks for summarizing!

  4. I declare that Satelight must be praised and pampered till they give us a filler cuz I loved and giggled over this episode so much. *squee* xD
    I also name Suu the Chara of absolute WIN! in this episode b/c she was just too cute. Lol “Remake Honey!” and the bugs come back (funny cuz Suu hates bugs). & Fluffy (whatever his name is) is back! Yay for Fluffy! x333
    Gagh, all the Charas were cute this week, who I am kidding? Now if only Eru showed up and was some holy guide in their little RPG daydream (and maybe adorably messed up the telephone game, too), it would’ve been perfect. She could’ve also pulled an Omega or whatever spell out of her sleeve and pwned that big spider in a second. *sigh* Yea…Eru~…
    Mmmkay, now that I got the Charas outta the way…
    As expected of Iinchou. He musn’t let the rest of the Guardians slack off if he’s not there but really, Kairi, just where do you get information like “Kaguya-hime” and all that? xD; *sigh* I miss Kairi even more now. ;_;
    Aha, is that what I think Yoru is eating? Rainbow popcorn? Whaaa…?
    Savin’ Ikuto for last (and then I’m gonna take a nap cuz watching him or Yoru nap makes me feel tired, too *sleepy*)
    Yay for Amulet Clover appearing. I’m not gonna complain about Amulet Heart showing up in the next one, tho, cuz she flies better than the other Chara-naris (and y’know, natural colors going on there, yea…).
    Tadase not going mad at seeing Ikuto surprised me, too. But since they were the ones looking for their Charas and Yoru was just hanging about, it doesn’t seem so strange that they’d meet (it’s on Easter property, too). Hmm, but yea, it is weird.
    Aww, Amu totally loves Yoru. It’s written all over her face. Now hurry up and pay attention to his owner. xDDD;;
    Which it did happen! Made me so happy I wanted to scream. But first thing’s first: Ikuto appeared again! *so happy* Hmm, I don’t have anything more to add to his screentime than what you already said. ‘Cept when he went to the lab to check out what blew it up, I had to bury my face into my desk (cuz everybody else was sleeping). They made it look like he kicked down the door or something but he only really nudged it and then it went bang!platter…heh, so flimsy.
    It’s also random to note that curiosity doesn’t kill this kitty. Which is pure awesome. Heh.
    & finally, the Amuto~! asjkdadladjkasdh xD She really looked like she didn’t want to go and have him handle the stupid Easter people all by himself but it’s ok, since Ikuto can pwn anything so you don’t have to worry much, Amu. Heh, we will also add on to the joy by saying that her expression was also telling him “Be careful, alright?” Yep, sometimes it’s better if there are no words exchanged. You just have to watch them sharing a look and let the fangirling speculations take it from there. *content*
    Stupid director needs to die a horrible, painful death.
    And so, next week is gonna go out with an awesome bang, I hope? Satelight, I love you. You not only give me Sky Jack argh, but you don’t give me Utakai?! xD; you also give me more Amuto. And that shiny, glowy egg is just an illusion, we clear? It’s not really there at all. So Amu and Ikuto are not reaching for that, they’re reaching for each other. xDDDDD I want the “Amuto world” with its Amuto background to initiate when this happens (and it can only be the two of them alone who see this), the “embryo” thing to escape, and something that causes Amu’s true wish to trigger (or something like that, cuz they mentioned something about her wish in a spoiler) when she’s face to face with Ikuto. Yes, I want a lot of things but those who aren’t greedy can get nothing. x3
    Thx for the summary and the review as always. ^^

  5. Ack!!!YES ive been waiting for 50 to come out since forever!!!!!!!!

  6. Gah, I’m behind on blogging…Had to go out and get a life, really messed up my schedule! But anyways…ZOMFG! Preview for next week made my heart race! Amu and Ikuto! ~ <3 Happy me…even if they’re fighting over the embryo! ^.^

  7. I thought this episode would blow…But to be honest I like this episode more than 49!!It’s crazy, I know but we got lots of Ikuto here and there.And even thought he comes up randomly for merely 30 seconds he managed to make me go, “Man, you Smexi kitten!” Like the little fangirl I am.Besides…Tadase < Ikuto.It’s math :P.And I actually liked the little Chara adventure thing.I loved Miki’s outfit!And Kitty Chara abuse.Ah well.He has a reason.So I dont blame him.The ‘Mature’ Tadamu fans are out of luck because NO TADAMU IN THE PREVIEW!HAHAHA!Lol.That was random.Ha ha Fulgyomi – Kun.You deserved it.BE IKUTO PWNED IN SHAME!

  8. Yay for Su cuteness and Ikuto coolness.

    They never mentioned Nagihiko or Kukai this much after they left. Satelight is just being evil. -_-

    On the other hand I love Satelight for having so much in character Ikuto in the last few episodes. I loved how he went to see what in the hell was going on with the three idoits then left without anyone noticing.

    Stalker-san -_-. As always ready with a “brilliant plan”. I think anyone would want to push him off a roof, especially if he rubbed their shoulder like he did to Ikuto.

    The RPG scene reminded me of dragonlance for some reason. It was funny and cute, but still I’m a little freaked out by the fact Kiseki knows so much about RPGs. Does Tadase have a secert stash of them or something?

    Su’s way of deciding which way to go, and getting lost/saved by the dog again was cute. She definitly stood out amoung the charas this week. Pepe and Yoru had some good moments too though.

    Amulet Clover. ^_^ That’s true though neither come up went it’s important to the plot unless it’s based on the manga.

    I wanted to see Tadase as a Tsundere too. Oh well, maybe he was too tired, or since they were in an Easter buliding and had just destroyed sentive technology too worried, to act immature.

    Ah the pause and stare moment. It’s as if Satelight suddenly decided to be genergous at the end of the season and gave us all this Ikuto and Amuto. It gives me good vibes for next season.

    Evil stepdad. -_- Watching Ikuto pwn him was awesome. Yep hopefully next chapter or chapter 35.

    Su and Ikuto are the only ones who seem to know what’s going on.

    Looks like Satelight going to finish the filler villian arc next week, as well as giving everyone some Amuto for the road, and letting Kukai come back and do something besides playing video games or training Yaya.

  9. Ok, I saw this episode the same time I saw episode 49, so no sound for this one either. So I am still not the happiest person(in fact im the oppisite of happy)
    Aside from the stupid problems I had to deal with, the episode seemed pretty cute. I love Su. She is so cute. Especially in this episode. I liked it when she did the direction thing with the cooking utensil-thing(lol, I forgot what that was called.) Like in ep. 10. Lol, Su you are too cute.Awwwww, they didnt belive you when you said you saw the embryo. Well, I believe you!(maybe because I saw her see the embryo; that may be one reason,lol.)
    Ikuto is just too cool. He pwned all the Eastrer people! He didnt fall for one of those tricks at all. Why? Cuz he’s cool(and hot) like that!!Thats just him.
    Man, what are up with those Easter employees. They are freakin annoying! They are pretty ugly too. But seriously, they bug the crap out of me. Especially the stalker one. Seroiusly, he wants to share his lunch with Ikuto? Yeah, like that’s not a stupid and obvious plan. I cant wait till those idiots are gone. Yet, because life hates me, they will keep reappering*sigh*.
    I didn’t notice till you said somenthing, but the guardians havent really apperaed much in the last couple filler episodes(did you say it in this summary or the ep. 49’s summary?). I was just hoping that Ikuto would appear so much, that I kinda just forgot them. Hmmm…wonder why. Oh well.
    Awwwwww, the charas were so cute in this episode. I like their whole RPG adventure thing. That was too cute!!! I found it very amusing and just the cutest thing ever.
    Ok, even though there was barely anything of it this ep., Amuto! There was a little hint of Amuto(at least to me) When Amu looked at Ikuto, it looked like she wanted to stay with Ikuto. You know you do Amu! You can’t hide it from us!You did want to stay Ikuto.
    Hehe, I liked it when Ikuto made the director all mad. Haha, stupid director! You got pwned ! Ikuto is just to cool to fall for that.Hehe, I laugh at the director.He is so ugly. I hate him. I hope he dies a painful death.Lol, I am not nice.
    It’s not really worth metioning, but…Kukai has a PSP! I want a PSP!Or at least it looks like a PSP.Aww, why did Kukai only appear that one time? At least Daichi was in the episode. I didn’t realize it till he appeared in this ep., but Imissed him. I miss Kukai and Daichi.
    I wonder how the last ep. is going to end. Yay! Kukai will be there! It better be a good episode. I am looking forward to it!
    Thanks for your summary Fuyumaiden!

  10. Fuyu, I asked this to amayalee from Irreprehensible blog, but I figured I might as well ask you because you also blog about SC….

    Is Tadase a guy or a girl? According to Wiki, the character is a guy…but this picture…

    says so otherwise.

    Is there a logical explanation for this or am I seeing two different people?

    Excuse my ignorance. :( I haven’t watched the series yet.

  11. @ 7 – I can answer that for you. That particular picture features Amu and Utau in Arabian outfits. So two different people, but sometimes they have striking resembelences if you don’t look twice.Tadase is pretty much male, although feminine clothing does suit him., scroll down to the fourth manga page.

  12. Amu and Ikuto grabbing for the embryo. Sigh. I’ve been deprived of Shugo Chara for a long time. X3

  13. Hi! Long time no… write xD
    I’ve been pretty busy so I haven’t had time to comment in a while… but I came to read your reviews every week, anyway^^

    This episode surprised me… I thought it was just a random filler, but the apparition of Ikuto change it all xD <=she’s just a Ikuto fangirl, try to understand her -.-

    And anyway the charas are too cute… *_* I underestimated them too much, lately… kawaii!

    Just one thing disappointed me: no real Amuto interactions. It’s unfair! I wanted to see Ikuto teasing Amu as usual in front of Tadase (who’d must say “Tsukiyomi Ikuto!”… I kinda missed this too)…

    I’ll wait for next saturday to see the Black Lynx vs Amulet Heart scene. Go for it-…! who? I’m not sure if support Ikuto or Amu-chan… xD

  14. Wow, and I had though it wouldn’t be worthy to see, but… Ikutoo! ♥
    That’s the only reason why I saw it. Well, kinda, since my comp works horribly bad, it takes a considerable effort to watch videos. So, only the Ikuto parts. It doesn’t really matters to me at this point skipping episodes. Specially if it’s a filler. But I’m a full Ikuto fan ;)
    Anyway, not much to comment about the plot of this ep.
    But, I think I’d enjoy it more if Eru appeared. And yeah, she would totally beleive Suu, I’m absolutely sure~!! But she’s Uti’s chara after all… Sigh, I miss having her around Amu.
    Oh, Ikuto ♥ ♥ ♥ He’s just so him. I’m glad that they haven’t distored his personality. I remember that at some point on the anime he was too emo compared with the manga. But now he’s finally the Ikuto we all know and love ♥ And I don’t get tired of seeing him either, so “yay~!” for your screengaps ;)
    I’m also glad to see Yoru, but of course he couldn’t miss. I love Yoru ♥ He’s just freaking cute, poor him that suffers chara abuse~!! But since is from Ikuto is ok. Still, poor Yoru~! And I love the way he and Amu talk so naturally. I remember when Amu saw Yoru she used to get alarmed and looking around to see if the “Nekomimi hentai cosplay otoko” was there (lol). Now she’s so used to him, which also means that how Ikuto-Amu relashionship has been progresing to certain point of familiarity. I know that maybe it sounds stupid, but hey, I am meticulous about that stuff!
    And Amu… You didn’t want to leave. But you were with the guardians. Damn. And I love Ikuto’s expression. I just love Ikuto. ♥.
    And that f* director… I do not invent ways of dying, but I do invent swears. I hate him. But I’m a calm person in these kind of cases, so I’m fine… And the fact that he was pwned by Ikuto was just delicious [No, is not a bad traslation of mine, I did want to use that word].
    Now I do want to see next episode. As I read the manga, I do know, or at least I think I know how the things will end up. But still… AmuxIkuto. That’s it.
    (Lil P.S: In the episode 49 I commented sthin about Ikuto “not batting an eyelash” and how I was uncertain about that expression. Thanx for clarify that to me. And in Spanish we actually don’t use a specific expression, we use a verb which means “to express physically a gesture of emotional commotion, speciallly through gestures or voice”. So, we’d say that ‘he didn’t even *here the verb*’. Sorry if I bored you, but you clarified sthin to me, so I though maybe I should do it aswell to since you said you were a but curious.)

  15. LMFAO I officially love you! XD

    The “pwned step-father” capture is hilarious! And you’re right he is freaking UGLY! UGH. Damn good thing he’s not Ikuto’s real father! Aruto owns you bitch! Ha ha ha. And the AMUTO! Hell yeah, I was fangirling. That small moment.. so many words.. a simple stare.. *Sighs dreamily* LOL okay I’m calm now. XD

    I was wondering where Tadase’s annoying exclamation of Ikuto’s first and last names went. It really shocked me he didn’t just blurt it out. And Suu was so freaking cute in this ep and Yoru too!

    Best of all was the amount of Ikuto! ^__^ I think he beat Amu in screen time.. O__O

    LOL and for sure Ikuto wanted to knock that dumb ass stalker off the roof but walking away is indeed cooler and enough to make us fangirls go “Oooooohhh” at his coolness.

    Can’t wait for your next review!

  16. IT’S SKY JACK~!
    Finally we’ll see him again. Sky Jack is pretty much my favorite chara-nari. I missed it.
    Oh, and I used to be a final fantasy addict, so I enjoyed this episode a lot. The chara anticts were cute.
    I actually loved Ikuto this episode. He always finds a way to be a little rebel.


  18. zockf: Um that’s nice. Even though we’re talking about the anime version here…

  19. Zockf: What a fucking idiot… Sorry, Fuyu-chan, I just had to say it. The manga’s better than the anime, and yet you call it shity? LOL..

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