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Well, since the new “season” is coming out soon there’s a few things I want to clarify and all that before we plunge into what will likely be another fifty episodes. I’ve ended up collecting some information through tips and things I just stumble on, so I thought I’d share it with anyone who still hasn’t stumbled onto this sort of information. Now you can stumble onto it all in one place.

Things are still unclear and mostly rumors, but there’s going to be a Shugo Chara! “event” tomorrow. So hopefully things will become clear soon.

Also, any further tips are appreciated.

First off there’s two “airdates” for “Ninenme” floating around. We have 10/10 which would make Shugo Chara start airing on Fridays and we have 10/4 which would make more sense since it just picks right up from episode 51.

No idea which is true. If someone can properly clarify for me, that would be great. I think we all especially want to know if it’s changing days. Though that very flaw is what makes 10/4 over 10/10 (which switches it to Friday). 10/10 just comes from ANN, but I found the 10/4 airdate on Newtype’s website.

I’d just believe October 4th for now.

Now then, according to moonphase (but I found the info here) the new season is actually being called Shugo Chara! Doki.

Not a random English word but still worth a mild, “…wha?” But if they’re going to add on a silly extra word, Doki would be a good choice. There’s a lot of DokiDoki in the next story arc for the manga for Amu. (Still makes me a little “eh…” about it though.)

Anyway, it looks like it is a “second season” officially and the episode count is restarting.

Kind of ticks me off as a blogger. I’m not adding a new category, I’ll just restart the episode count in the titles. “Shugo Chara! Doki – Episode 01” is how I’d title the first post if this bit of news is right.

But even if the new titles is wrong, I’m pretty sure the episode count is restarting. Newtype tells me that much.

And the text underneath “episode 1” of Nineme on Newtype just seems to be saying that it’s undecided (or unnanounced) if my fragmented Japanese and Kanji/Kana to Romajii translator are to be trusted. Hopefully this stuff will be cleared up on September 20th.

Which would bring us to the next bit of news.

The new band stuff has been fully cleared up. There is a new band to do a new opening, but Buono! is still doing the ending. That single will be released on November 12 according to CDJapan.

I guess Buono!’s popularity made them decide to turn another three (or so) girls into stars by taking advantage of the Shugo Chara popularity. It works after all. Girl Idol groups and mahou shoujo pretty much have the same target audience (both male and female parts of that audience).

The new band is debuting on September 20th, during a Shugo Chara! event. That’s when the band members will be announced. I won’t be able to offer any light on the members though. I’m don’t really follow Hello!Project at all.

Now I heard that they’re going to be doing a live performance on the new opening, but I’m not sure. If they do, a video might show up and we can decide whether another band makes us happy or not then.

It’s that time of year. Pre-ordering all your anime calendars from Japan. As expected, Shugo Chara! has its offerings. We have the anime one and the manga one.

I’m not sure which one I’ll be getting. They both have their upsides and downsides. The anime one costs less, the manga one is prettier. The anime one will probably have all new images, the manga one might have that “Stars of Destiny” Amuto images.

Yeah, for me it’s up in the air. If I have enough money, I might just end up getting both. Who knows? But I thought I’d point them out to everyone now.

In case you still haven’t heard, there’s a new Shugo Chara game coming out for DS. “Amu no Nijiiro Chara Change” (Official Website)

Basically, Amu does chara changes with other charas. There’s one promo screencap of her doing a chara change with Eru and talking to Ikuto while she’s all ticked off and it makes me want it. I want an Amu and Eru chara change.

I didn’t bother with the last one and I don’t know if I’m going to bother with this one either. But it comes out November 5, 2008. Buy it if you want it or stalk the internets to pirate it.

Also about the game, apparently it’s going to have a little opening song that Amu and her charas sing. And it will be released as a single.

So the demand for more Kanae Ito singing has been heard (Because she sings as both Amu and Dia).

You can preorder the CD on cdJapan. I know I will once I have the money. It’s going to be released on November 5, 2008. Same as the game.

Thanks to xiao_jie88 for pointing this out.

Oh yeah, there’s also news of a “Late Night” version of Shugo Chara airing at 3AM on Wednesday nights/Thursday Mornings. Starting October 1st.

What this means exactly? …I dunno. If torrents of the “Late Night” version come out, we’ll see what the deal is then. If it’s anything I think is worth watching (if I get to watch it) I’ll blog about it.

Personally, the only way I’d see it as a big deal is if they went back to the first episode and redid Amu and Ikuto’s meeting so it’s like it is in the manga. Otherwise…I don’t really care.

It will probably just have some random seiyuu commentary or something else that appeals to the otaku crowd.

I also wanted to add in a little bit of thanks to anyone who offered their support during my recent blogging drama. I never got the chance to reply to any of the comments because I was so busy when that crap started. Part of the reason why it bothered me so much.

Then, next thing I knew I had 47 comments. Most of them incredibly supportive. The only time I ever got more comments was on the original announcement for Season 2 of Shugo Chara! Which has 54 comments so far.

With so many comments, I couldn’t reply to everyone individually. So I’ll just give a grouped response instead.

I’m thankful that so many people, regular readers, casual readers, and some who just happened upon the post all commented to tell me that I’m not wrong. I feel really…touched? Moved? I hesitate to say that because as much as I talk with some of you, we still don’t really know each other. But yeah…perhaps even more so because of that. Because my mind was so full of the stupidity of strangers on the internet, seeing rationality made me feel much better.

Though I especially appreciated all of the nice regular readers who seemed to take offense to the blatant plagiarism as much as I did. Along with the people who specifically tried to make me feel better. That made me smile.

Anyway thank you. And you’ll all be glad to know that problem has been solved. At least to my satisfaction, which is what I think counts.

Ah…I wanted to get this round-up posted earlier, but here it is anyway. I cut some stuff out so it’s ended up a little short, but all of the important and current info is in there. I postponed it a little to see if anything to add came up on 2ch, but nothing I could see. But I didn’t want to wait any longer than that.

If a lot of news from the event taking place tomorrow (September 20th) comes out I’ll just have to do another one of these. If anyone has anything they think should be added in the next one, send me an e-mail and I’ll take care of it.

If I don’t get any tips I’m not sure if I’ll be able to collect the information properly. Which won’t be a big deal of course. Everything will just have to wait until the episode airs.

Now, I know that a lot of this news will already be familiar to a lot of you, so this is mostly for the lurkers. Or the people who either don’t go around looking for the information or don’t get it hand-delivered to them in e-mails and comments like me. I collected everything I’ve read in one place. Any more information from anyone else is also appreciated.

I’ve heard all of this stuff from a lot of different sources. I get my random little tips and read stuff in some random little places. Unfortunately I quickly forget those little places before bookmarking the page so I can’t direct you to many of them right now.

I’d also like to add on that even though I stated it a few times, a lot of this stuff can’t be said with certainty. Rumors~ And if I give a source, it’s that sources fault if it’s wrong. If I don’t give a source, don’t take my word for granted.

I’m not saying I’m untrustworthy. I’m saying I suck at Japanese. You know…the usual. I just wanted to say that again like usual, because I’m always getting new readers on this blog.

(scan links to source)

So to wrap this up:

  • “Shugo Chara! Doki” airs on 10/4
  • Shugo Chara! event supposed to take place on 9/20 (tomorrow)
  • New band is confirmed, Buono! is still active
  • Calendars are out for pre-order
  • Second Shugo Chara! DS out soon
  • DS Game has a single with Amu and her Charas singing
  • Late Night Airings of Shugo Chara! begin on 10/1

And you know, don’t believe everything you read. Know your source, Rumors are rumors, etc.

As a last reminder, if you have any tips you want to share, please do. Post a comment or send me an e-mail. Same if you know anything in this post is wrong. I’d like to correct things as soon as possible. We don’t need any more incorrect rumors spreading around.

If I get enough tips I’ll put together another set of blurbs or I’ll just include some news in my next episode post. I’ll also mention any debunked rumors so people will be sure to notice them.

That’s that for now. I’ve already seen the screencaps for episode 50 now. All I can say is that I might not be as lazy with the summary as I thought I would. I’ll work on it and get it out early this week.


  1. Yay, blurb time! lol :D
    Well, I’m finally truly excited for the new season.No longer dreading it anymore…until maybe we hit a filler.
    I’m not going to trust ANN anymore. A lot of the information edited on there are by normal visitors or so and so. Moonphase is more reliable. :/ & I like “Doki!” more than “Ninenme”. It suits a second magical girl season better. That, and *dokidoki* is totally reserved for Amuto. x3
    I’m going to remain loyal to Buono! but I’ll see how the new group is before making any further comments.
    Get both calendars. Nao. xD;
    No DS = no game for meh. *sigh* So sad. But at least I get the CD. :) And you’re welcome.
    I hope the “Late Night” thing is just some seiyuu commentary or re-runs. I have enough things on my fall plate as it is.
    & I’m glad your blogging drama has lifted, even if it’s not fully resolved yet. Always here to support ya. ^^
    haha & oh yes, Satelight played a wonderful trick on us. 50 is partial epic. 51 is gonna be EPIC! epic. xD

  2. Doki..Doki! That’s probably my favorite word in japanese. I just love it, but I wish they’d just keep the title as it is…it’s much more annoying to add a new word to it. (At least it’s not as bad as “Vampire Knight: Guilty) I really didn’t think the new season would be that long…that means a lot more filler! >.< But filler is the price to pay for the Amuto. ^.^ I hadn’t heard a few of the things that you posted about, but I’m glad I know now!

  3. Speaking of Shugo Chara news, one ‘pink-haired fierce girl’ is planning to join the second season of Anime’s Next Top Model ^_^
    @amayalee: At least it’s not as bad as “Vampire Knight: Guilty” –> Lol, totally agree! Weird for a sub-title…

  4. Ha, yes. Doki sure makes one go crazy with want about the next season(?). I like it no matter how weird it sounds.
    Moon Phase shares the same date as newtype, so I do trust those sites more than ANN. Isn’t Moon Phase always right (I don’t know; I’m really asking)?
    About that “late night” thingie…isn’t it just the re-run from the series from the beginning? At least that’s what I thought it was…
    Wait, so the new DS games comes with a single? I so want it. I sure hope someone releases it on the net.
    You’re welcome about the support thing. After all, we love your posts and to hear your opinion. Thank you for all your hard work ^^

  5. […] I don’t think I have anything to really add on that doesn’t involve the episode this week because of that little post I did last night with some Shugo Chara news. […]

  6. xiao_jie88: Yeah I finally got excited too. Looking for news got me back in the old SC! news somehow. Though fillers will definitely ruin it again.

    Moonphase is a lot more reliable, just too bad I can’t understand any of it easily.

    Oh everyone is thinking the same thing about “Doki” aren’t they? Amuto is what popped into my head first.

    Ah. I found out about the new band. Shugo Chara! Egg is what they’re called (I’m not kidding). But I don’t know much else yet. Working on finding out more before I post anything.

    But I have almost no moneys. What would I do if something even more amazing came out? T_T (I totally want them both though.)

    You can still play the game if you download a DS emulator. I know the game appeared on the internet for such a purpose after it was released.

    Well no matter what it’s just reruns of some sort. It’s just that it’s supposed to have some sort of extra content (supposedly) but I have no idea what.

    It’s mostly resolved though. I figure she can keep taking my screencaps if she wants to since there’s not even a bandwidth issue with wordpress. I’m almost thankful to her anyway since I got to see all my commentors be awesome people. Though, I suppose there is still the problem of her editing other people’s comments. So…rude. I wish I never edited hers that one time (just to remove her e-mail so people wouldn’t start harassing her…never do that again) because I don’t think she’d have figured it out otherwise.


    amayalee: *sigh* I know. I’d rather run into 100 episode eventually than add on a whole new word. What’s worse one number or a whole extra word. It’s clear to me.

    But definitely agreed. Nowhere near as bad as Vampire Knight: Guilty (I still go wtf when I read that…).

    Well, it’s not certain it will be that long, but they originally announced it as, “A second year” so since SC has been running almost a year now…I think it would mean another 50 episodes. That’s not definite either.


    kanzeon: O_O I know who that girl is. Cannot wait now. I’m so tempted to pimp out the next season of “Anime’s Next Top Model” on my blog once it begins, but I’m afraid that you’ll get overrun by SC! fangirls and the voting won’t be fair.

    Heh…but no matter what I’m definitely looking forward to it. Dammit you hooked me.


    ForeverOblivion: It’s starting to grow on me the more I think about it, but the episode count restart still kind of bothers me.

    MoonPhase is right like…over 99% of the time. Which is crazy since they seem to announce things before the companies do so themselves.

    Ah, maybe I didn’t make that clear. It doesn’t come with the single. You can buy one that gets released on the same day. But no matter what, both will probably get released on the internet (especially the CD).

    Oh more happiness for me. I’m not sure whether to say “Thank you” or “You’re welcome” this time.

  7. thank you for all the notices! So helpful! I’m excited to find out the second season won’t be too far away (hopefully)! I had thought we’d have to wait at least a month… but I guess not!

  8. D: No way…how the hell are they going to appear when Shugo Chara! is over then? Well, I guess they can change their name but still… =_=;
    But you have a bat.
    Ah, never heard of that. But can it translate for me, too?
    *sigh* These are the consequences of the internet. You can only do and not do so much.

  9. i was gonna email you, but i just wanted to say thanks for taking your time to do this for us! :)

    and you have great shugo chara pics. :D

    i’m not stealing them i’ll just go and find them myself. :)

  10. amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Yeah, a lot of people seemed to have been thinking it would be a month. Makes me glad that I ended up doing this. Otherwise people would have been surprised when I started posting more episodes right away.


    xiao_jie88: They can just form a new group after Shuro Chara! ends, such is the way of the Japanese idol groups. Especially when they’re so young (Three of them are 13).

    Translate what?


    annaberry: Ah, I can direct you to where you can find a lot of them: Shuushuu. There’s another site where I find a lot of them, but I don’t want to subject any SC fans to some of the nastiness on that site.

  11. lol i love shugo chara i can`t wait to see season 2 though the name is a lil weird

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