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I am such a happy little fangirl today. I got the cutest little surprise in the mail today (even though I knew she was coming), my very own cute little Angeru figure~!

Yes. I got my Eru figure. ^_^ *is happeh*

First I must say that I am disappointed by the lack of Eru images available! When I even did a little google image short of Eru and Shugo Chara, do you know what I found? Most of the images linked back to me somehow! My livejournal and Simplicty. It’s not fair~! There needs to be more Eru available. I had to quickly edit a screencap to get a cute image for this post.

…It looks crappy. I need to get back to learning vectoring. Stupid school taking all my free time.

*sigh* Now then. There’s a small little story that goes along with Eru. Not an interesting one, but I’ll tell it to you anyway.

Though right now, you should take a look at the mighty Eru figure.

Powerful, isn’t it?

Eru is about two inches tall and she’s just pure 100% adorableness. That’s all you need to really know about her for now.

So…story time.

Some of you who stalk ebay for Shugo Chara! merchandise (despite possibly being broke like me) probably saw all those cute little chara figures up for auction a while ago. You may or may not have also noticed that the bidding on those cute little figures was a little suspicious.

The seller was someone that members of the Shugo Chara community on LiveJournal should already be familiar with. The same person who sold me my Eru keychain (so cute…). However, I’ll keep things vague because she isn’t selling these figures anymore so I don’t want people pestering her for them.

Now like I said, the bidding was suspicious and even after she corrected that, more bad things happened. The person who won the auction didn’t get her mother’s permission to use the credit card (though that tidbit came out later). So she decided not to auction the figures again. In fact, she decided not to sell anything again.

I was intending on participating in the auction, but I thought I was completely broke. I’ve borrowed money from my parents a few times and was hesitant to borrow anymore. I wasn’t in too much of a rush because she was going to keep selling the figures on ebay. But alas. Once I heard of the problems I lost hope.

But lucky for me! She’d already picked up the figures the girl wanted and those two just so happened to be Ran and…Eru! So after finding this out and getting the offer to buy her, I did (because as it turned out, there’s a bit of money left in my bank account). For $21.50, which some may think is a lot, but to me was the perfect price (it includes shipping after all).

Of course, the story doesn’t just have a happy ending for me, but Shugo Chara shoppers everywhere. Since she’s still selling stuff on livejournal.

Though really. Let’s move along now. This is what I paid $21.50 for and I think it’s worth it. Of course, that’s only because I’m an Eru fangirl (she has been properly added to my favorite characters on MAL) and a cute little Eru figure is like a dream come true.

Almost as good as an Eru plushie (Why!? You idiots make every other possible merchandise? Where’s my official Eru plushie!?). But to make up for the lack of the figure’s plushiness she comes with an egg and three flow cards (Oooo).

Also the packaging is nice too. Worth a small mention.

I have to say now that I’m eighteen and still collecting these cute little things along with girls much younger than me, I’m starting to feel geekier than ever. But who cares? People older than me collect this stuff too.

And anyway! You’re never too old to love cute little angel charas, are you? No. No you’re not. You can have a Shugo Chara until you’re at least seventeen after all. So there’s no problem with me still crazily adoring this little chara.

Well, maybe the crazy part’s a little excessive, but meh.

So, Eru fits nicely into her cute little egg. I feel so tempted to do a little animation of her popping out of her egg. But, I am incredibly lacking in patience (and plain old time) these days. So it will have to wait.

If anyone has the Humpty Lock set at home, Eru basically fits in her egg the same as Ran, Miki, and Su. Really…it’s all pretty much the same.

And right now I have four of these little charas (though Ran, Miki, and Su’s eggs are still missing their plaid…). I feel very tempted to do some little chara theatre in just cute little comic. But once again, due to lack of time, I will resist.

But seeing them all placed together, I’m sure all the charas seem similar. Their eggs are shaped the same and they fit in their bases the same.

But if you put them together, you can tell that they aren’t the same. There’s a different Ran, Miki, and Su that you can buy with just their eggs, same as Eru. And they’re more like the quality of Eru.

You can’t really tell in the image, but Eru is definitely a better quality little figurine than Ran is. All three of the charas that came with my Humpty Lock had little defects in them. Not big ones. Just normal things. They had little problems in the paint and there were just some laziness issues. Not much of that from Eru though and I’m sure it the same for the other charas. (I think the poses for Ran, Miki, and Su are different too, but I don’t have an image of them saved anywhere)

Eru also came with three flow cards. Which I both love and curse at the same time. I was trying so hard not to collect Flow Cards, but now so many things are making it hard to resist.

First those wonderful scans from mitsuki_chi on livejournal (I used “Small Talk” for my new icon btw) and now three cards delivered right to my door. Thankfully, these three are just normal anime images and not those fun, completely original images from the usual cards. These are basically like screencaps.

Well, except Eru’s little card which has Eru in her signature pose. Though instead of looking preachy or just angelic, she looks all worried and…freakin’ adorable. God I love Eru.

It also shows off Eru’s official spelling, “El” so now people can stop telling me that El isn’t the right spelling or that it is (and acting like I don’t already know that). El, there is is, spelt officially on Shugo Chara merhcandise. I just use “Eru” because El reminds me of one of two Spanish words which are both masculine somehow, and I don’t like that. Eru is cuter.

Now, I have no idea how the Flow Card game works, but Eru’s card is a “Popularity & Future” one which feature’s Dia’s egg. What does that mean? I dunno. I think there’s even people who can speak and read Japanese that have no idea how this game works.

I also have a card of one of my favorite images of Utau from the first ending. It was a good choice to make a card from. And tehe~! “Charm” how incredibly fitting for Utau.

This one’s a “Psychology & Negativity” one with that cross egg that people are constantly making crap up about. To which I can say, BAM! Here’s the proof now. It’s just on the back of a card. That’s the only place you can see it. Stop making stuff up.

There’s this Utau one too, Moonlight. Personally, I like this card the least. They used a kind of poor quality image from the anime, so it came out kind of blurry. And I don’t think it’s the right image for Moonlight either. For Moonlight you need a huge full moon that gives some awesome backlighting to either Utau or Ikuto. Because that is what moonlight is for. Dramatic background and backlighting for the Tsukiyomi.

Here’s the packaging too. I think it’s worth a quick little mention because there’s a cute image of Amu and all the charas on the front. Also, the back gives some sort of information about the eggs I’m sure.

It has them putting an egg against the Humpty Lock, but I’m not sure if that’s just telling you about the Humpty Lock also or whatever. I tried it quickly with Eru’s egg just in case, but it didn’t work. Not that it really means anything concrete in my case. I got a defective lock. It won’t work properly with Ran’s egg and only half the time with Su’s and Miki’s. I just picked it up for some possible future cosplaying.

Though now I totally want that other Humpty Lock instead. There were like five versions on ebay for a really quick time (and the Dumpty Key too), but agh. Even though I have a little bit of money in the bank now, I’m hesitant to use it for anything. I have it set aside for a couple of specific purposes.

But now everyone should take a closer look at back packaging and tell me if you notice anything.

…No? Well, to be fair it is really small.

There we go. That’s much better.

So yeah, Yoru comes with an Amuto picture so of course Kiseki had to come with a Tadamu one. Though it amuses me which image they scenes they chose out of all of their options.

And these images are right next to each other too. Priceless. I couldn’t even make this stuff up.

I would have bought Yoru to get Ikuto’s card and the Amuto one (also Yoru is adorable), but with the way things seemed for a while, I’m glad just to get Eru.

Getting back on topic at the end here though. For $21.50, I feel very satisfied with what I got. If anyone else manages to find the figures for the same price, I’d advise them to jump at the deal, especially since you can’t really find them anywhere easily online right now.

Of course, it’s really only worth it if you love the chara you’re buying. If they came out with a Dia one, I’d probably try to find that cute little figure too. Pure Dia anyway. For some reason imagining her in figure mode gets me especially excited.

Wrapping things up now. Quite simply, I love my Eru figure even more than my Eru keychain. Adorable expression, adorable pose, adorable little wings, and adorable little egg. She’s adorable. I love her. End of story.

Heh…and now I have the most complete Eru collection it is possible to have (as far as I know anyway). Now if they’d just come out with a plushie I’d be able to actually feel like my Eru collection is complete.


  1. Ahh what a fine purchase! Eru is adorable. Full stop. Didn’t those Flow Cards appear early on in the anime? One time when Amu’s charas were playing with them (episode 7 if I’m not mistaken) and at the episode where Amu goes on a sleepover at Nedeshiko’s house (episode 9, but they had Saeki Nobuko on them…) Amusing.

  2. Grrr, NADESHIKO. Sorry about the typo.


    I wanna grow up faster!!!!!!


    Btw, congrats. ^^

  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing Fuyu as always.

    The Tadamu moment. lol I think even tadamu fans would agree it was a strange choice.

  5. Rofl, I thought it was a strange choice for a Tadamu moment too! ^.^ Ah well, I really want one of these now…which is just annoying! I had promised myself that all of my money was going toward anime dvd’s and manga, because they can actually entertain me…but Yoru and Eru…I want Yoru and Eru…And I want to stare at them in their glory! I’m jealous! XD

  6. Ah yes, the joys of having figurines and tiny little plushies. I prefer the model kits just so it actually takes effort to admire it, but I’d stack them with fanbooks, bonus CD’s, and the packaging. All the extra little stuff just makes it worth buying. And playing. Seen the Clannad fan book? Wish I bought it.

    On the topic of El, Just so I can become an annoying person: Technically, both spellings are correct, if you like to read Romanji. The official English name is “El”, but if you just look at the tiny katakana on the top of her name, it says エル. When romanized literally, spells it roughly to Eru, or Elu, or El.

    For the sake of it, both are right. Doesn’t matter which.

  7. D’AWWWW~! ERUUUU~!!! <333 She’s so cyute! I wanna glomp her and all her sweet angeru goodness! Wai~!
    Ah, I saw that auction thing/post whatever it was on livejournal, too, but I wasn’t going to buy any so I just overlooked it. Hmm, if I knew they’d come with Flow Cards, I might have changed my mind but I’ve already ordered separate Flow Cards so yea…
    Wah! I really like Eru’s egg. Compared to Ran, Miki and Suu’s, it’s much more simple but still elegant (I guess that’s why the toy producers got lazy with the other three, :P). Well, yay for Eru~! x3
    Eh, the “Moonlight” one really is bad quality. They’ve wasted another good word. -.-;
    “El” and “Charm” are so pretty, tho. *stares in awe*
    Argh, now I want to get the Yoru figure for the Flow Cards it comes with. This is what I hate about collecting cards. They keep on making them but of course, they’re never gonna tell you how much they’re going to make and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the ones you really want if it’s distributed out like this way (the figures, the booster packs, starter sets, etc). *sigh* I have this “habit”, I guess, of wanting every card that is produced for a series. And that means every single one (yes, even the Tadamu ones, oh boy). Stupid Pokemon and Yugioh. They started this! *sulk*
    Anyways…I hope they make a Dia one~! I wubb both Dias and if they do that, more Flow Cards for me to go glossy-eye over. Come to think of it, Seraphic Charm shoulda came with Eru.
    *sigh* I want an Eru plushie, too. It will give me relief from school and life at home. Eru~ ;_;
    Well, enjoy your Eru and let’s pray she will appear during tomorrow’s (or rather, tonight’s) episode. ^^

  8. I need my Eru Key chain!I dont care which one I get, I must have it!Fuyu-Chan your soooooo lucky T.T.Oh and I saw the Humpty Lock on Ebay but it was gone, 50 minutes after. *Sweatdrop* Er, unusual eh?But anyways back to the subject:Everything about Eru is so cute!She is cute, Shes a angel, She blows Tsundere covers, and shes just cute!Eru is totally priceless in that pose.Cute little Eru.Oh why dont you exist?The only Chara Figure’s I have are the following, : Ran, Miki ,Suu ,and Yoru.Where Is my Eru?!Eru is to cute to not have!And I swear.Is it just me or is Utau totally bad ass in her card “Charm” ?Just commenting on that quickly.I dont want to collect the cards- Im just minorly intrested with Utau…Okay fine FINE im obsesive over my Tsundreko Utau!UTAU LIVE ON!Back to Eru.Speaking of them I dont think there apearing in the anime EVER again after Episode 47.(I sure hope not!) And I really wanted to see Eru get Utau all blushy again and go “E-Eru…” and have her Jou-Sama self.Ah Utau.You never fdail to please me.And thats it…Cya in my next post ^_^.

  9. oTAKu: Yeah the Flow Cards appeared in the anime a couple of times. Promotion. There’s even a flow card of Amu playing with flow cards (I swear to God one of them’s an Amuto card too, but you can’t see it easily).


    Starry: Don’t grow up too fast. Then you’d start feeling like a dork when you want to childish things. (Though I felt like that even when I was a kid)


    warriorhope: Or the immature ones would overreact and point the blame at me somehow. But they should do what I’d do and rage at the toy company instead.

    Though, I guess you can’t really blame them if they’re Amuto fans anyway.


    amayalee: Ah. You reminded me of my wilting anime DVD collection. All the good DVDs are going to be coming out soon. I need a job…

    Well, at least you can hold off on buying them since they’re not really available right now. Not easily anyway.


    kagaminokujira: Now you make me feel like alazy fan since I hate modely kits. I suck at putting anything together, no matter how small the task is (hence, my un-plaid shugo eggs).

    Clannad fan book? No. i try to stay away from fanbooks as much as possible. I end up wanting them all and they’re all to expensive (for me right now anyway). If I find it I could tell you though.

    You’re right that is annoying (kidding). I’m just mostly saying that’s the “official” spelling. Like in CCS and TRC it’s “Syaoran” specifically and not Shaoran. Because that’s what the merchandise says.

    I go with merchandise and manga-ka with just spelling though. Not their translations. (Ex: “Absolute Awake Angel” sounds a teensy bit weirder than “Absolute Awakening Angel”)


    xiao_jie88: That’s how I reacted when I opened the package (gah! It took all my strength not to just rip it open).

    You’re getting flow cards? Which ones? Take pictures or something! I wanna see!!!

    Well, I don’t know how they did on the figures from the series, just the ones from the Humpty Lock. But there’s no way they look as good as Eru.

    I wish they’d used that image of Utau from the Black Diamond arc for Moonlight, but it looks like they were keeping it to season one (which is stupid since Eru doesn’t appear until season 2 anyway).

    That is precisely why I am trying to avoid the Flow Cards. Though once I get a job, I know it’s going to be useless. I don’t want to collect all of them. Card-collecting for me gets out of hand because I go crazy wanting to pay just about any price to get the cards I really, really want. And I really want all Eru, Rima, Utau, and Ikuto cards (especially Amuto). And Kairi too (because I miss Iinchou).

    You’re right. Seraphic Charm should have come with Eru (more being stupid and avoiding spoilers I guess).

    Ah, she didn’t appear (makes me sad).


    AmuxIku: The Humpty Lock was gone really quickly, wasn’t it? If it appears again I want to jump right on it. But my account doesn’t have any feedback yet so I can’t I’d have to e-mail them and stuff first.

    You have Yoru? *jealous* I want Yoru too. Gosh, if I had the money I’d just buy them all anyway.

    Well, they’ll certainly appear in the next season. But yeah, Utau and Eru don’t seem to be making another appearance this season (makes me so sad…).

  10. So cute!

  11. Kawaii~~~

  12. OMFG, I envy u so much at this moment!! [A healthy envy, of course x)]
    But I need an Eru plushie!! Dx Anyways, she’s so damn cute ♥ Even if she’s not my fav chara I just love her too. She’s way too adorable
    And about the name… “El”… I don’t like it since Spanish is the language I use everyday and “El” means “he” or “the” in the masculine gender. So not El for me.
    And I love the cards. Specially the 2nd. That’s one of my fav Uti pics [even though that at the time I saw it I denied I liked].
    But I still can beleive that so many stupid rumors could came for those cute cards…! I mean, the Amulet Cross thing and the Yori one were so ridiculous. Now there’s one about Aruto’s killing Ikuto. Idiots ¬¬
    But I don’t wanna ruin Eru’s cuteness talking about this~!
    I’d have more things to say, but they’d be unnecessary.
    Again, lucky you =)


  14. […] actually pretty good. It had a lot of cute chara moments. (Particularly some with Eru which I know someone must be pretty happy about ^_^), as well as the return of Ami who really hasn’t shown up in […]

  15. […] to make dozens of Eru idols when you have the ability! I myself can’t resist buying any Eru item I come […]

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