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Yeah, “Hare Hare Yukai” picture, because it’s not like it’s even a spoiler for an anime endings list.

Ah…I ran out of normal ideas and went back to finish off my anime themes by doing my top ten anime endings. Now we’re done.

…Until I inevitably go ahead and do my top ten insert songs. You know it’ll happen.

I’ve been having trouble getting top ten lists ready the past few weeks, so I just went back to the old standby of music. I can always really easily name off ten songs I like, so it usually takes about an hour of total time if I don’t go crazy looking for screencaps.

So to make it easier on myself I decided to just do the YouTube videos this time. It takes away my main complaint (which was finding screencaps). Screencaps of anime endings aren’t all that impressive anyway…


Mentionable: Suzumiya Harauhi no Yuutsu ED – Hare Hare Yukai (Aya Hirano, Yuko Goto, and Minori Chihara)

I wanted to get it out of the way early on, because everyone expects this no matter what.

I mean, I like Hare Hare Yukai, but not so much after like…two years of, “LOL! HARE HARE YUKAI PARODY!” It’s gotten kind of…eh. Once the full dance version came out…man has anything ever had more parodies? I think not.

I mean, at one time it was probably high up in my ranking. I really do love the ending. Just…eh. It’s one of those things that’s overdone because of the fans. Can’t really help it.

But I really have no idea where I wanted to rank it. Before it got immensely overplayed…how much did I like this ending? A lot. So, this one surpasses the ranking and get the automatic mention of, “Hell yeah! It belongs on this list.”


Number 10: Kanon ED – Kaze no Tadori Tsuku Basho (Ayana)

I’m weak for Kanon’s ending too. It’s so upbeat and even if it’s just the same thing again and again, I always watched Ayu running through the snow. She just looked too cute and I loved the way it matched the music. Besides, it was oddly fun. That same way people (I’m one of them) can just watch those ten minute loops of cute and weird things on YouTube and NicoNico.

Which reminds me…has anyone made a loop of this? I’d totally watch it for ten minutes.

Oh and for giggles, more fun brought to you by NicoNico. I won’t tell you what it is, it’s not as funny if you know ahead of time.


Number 09: Nanoha ED1 – Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~ (Yukari Tamura)

Quite frankly, I was ticked off by this opening the first time I watched through Nanoha. It was just cutesy and there was nothing impressive about it. Just absolutely standard. For some reason, that bothered me unlike anything else.

Then I started watching a little each time, starting around episode five. By episode nine I’d watched the whole thing and always had to watch the whole thing. Instead of bothering me because it was too cute, I fell in love with it because it was too cute. So…cute. I really can’t explain it outside of that.


Number 08: Full Metal Panic TSR ED – Mouichido Kimi ni Aitai (Mikuni Shimokawa)

Hmm, a pretty basic ending. But since it’s KyoAni animating it, it’s a well-animated basic ending. Seriously, it’s such a basic thing, but I just like watching it anyway.

Also, it’s really such a pretty song. It makes me smile when I listen to it. And it was very appropriate with the storyline of TSR, especially getting near the end. Just…a good anime ending. Good song, good animation, just good.


Number 07: Tsubasa Chronicle ED1 – Loop (Maaya Sakamoto)

Maaya Sakamoto has such a pretty voice. Can that alone justify it? No? Alright fine.

We already covered in the Anime Openings about how I like the music from Tsubasa, just not the crappy job Bee Train did adapting it (What…the hell…). And this one is just so cute and sentimental and…ah~! It reminds me of when Sakura and Syaoran just got to be the cute childhood friends and that was that. Cute. Always put a smile on my face. The sadness was actually just, “aww” sad instead of, “OMG…I’m in shock” sad. The latter sort of sadness quite frankly…sucks.

But anyway~! Big Sakura and Syaoran, cute. Little Sakura and Syaoran, cuter. Interchanging them…somehow even cuter. It’s simple, cute, and quite heart-warming (god, Sakura is such a cute child).


Number 06: Shugo Chara! ED4 – Gachinko de Ikou! (Buono!)

The love of cute overrules the love of sentimentality. No question. This video is like…illegally cute. Gah…first of all…I got some really cute shots of Eru. Eru~! I love Eru. I have a keychain and a cute little figure on the way too. To be perfectly honest…Eru is my fourth favorite character in Shugo Chara!. Yeah, right behind Utau and ahead of Rima (*shockgasp* yeah, that’s right, ahead of Rima…by a milimeter). So there’s that.

Also, Buono! became a favorite group of mine when I started watching Shugo Chara!, the music is so cute. Now, I don’t follow Hello Project stuff…at all. Just Buono!. So one of their songs was bound to end up on this list (there’s four). This is the one for three reasons.

One, the previously mentioned Eru cuteness. Two, it’s too freakin’ catchy (my head can’t…not bounce while watching the ending). Three, I get to play “Spot the Amuto~!” with the episode recap (or I would if they let me…even last week’s episode didn’t quite let me…not fair). But all that aside, it’s just cute. That’s good enough.


Number 05: Chobits ED1 – Raison D’Etre (Rie Tanaka)

Go ahead. Ask me why it’s ranked so high. It’s just a bunny walking. Why the hell is it ranked so high?

I don’t know. I don’t even know why it’s Raison D’Etre and not Ningyo Hime. I like that song more. So much more. But for some reason, when I watched Chobits, I’d always sit through and watch the bunny walking for one minute and thirty seconds. Then it changed to a different song which I liked a lot more…but after I got the song I just stopped watching the ending.

I don’t know why. Something about it just makes me…like it. I don’t know. Let’s move on.


Number 04: Chrno Crusade ED – Sayonara Solitaire (Saeko Chiba)

Ah another pretty song. Saeko Chiba is really so talented. I can’t believe she sings this too (and she can voice traps and crazy racists!). Though, let’s set that aside for a moment.

It’s been a really long time since I watched Chrno Crusade. I think it was back around the time when I first watched Full Metal Panic. My brother bought the DVDs for this as they came out and I watched the dub with him (pretty well done and since all the characters were American it fit, but I’d like to watch the Japanese version now for Saeko Chiba).

It’s another ending that went unnoticed for a long time because it really just starts out with some ripples. But one day when I was sneakily watching my brother’s DVD late at night I watched the whole thing. It’s just pretty. You just have to be in the right mood to appreciate it.


Number 03: InuYasha ED4 – Every Heart (BoA)

I mentioned InuYasha openings being good, which is true, but the endings are really…a lot better. There were only two ones I didn’t like (Fukai Mori because the animation was too boring and…Itazura na Kiss for seeming stupid).

Ultimately, it became another problem of which one I’d chose. I like My Will, Come, and Every Heart almost equally. All of them have really pretty animation and a nice song, but Come was knocked out first. It’s pretty lazy and the song gets repetitive after a while. When it came down to My Will and Every Heart, Every Heart won with a few really pretty images and a song I just liked better.

The animation surprises you in a few moments and nothing ever really seems to not fit or anything. So this one’s my favorite.


Number 02: Clannad ED – Dango Daikazoku (Chata)

Dango Daikazoku at number two!? Hell yes, Dango Daikazoku at number two.

Actually as much as I love cute little dango bouncing around and being grandpas and babies, this ending probably made it to this high ranking more based on the similar songs.

Basically it made it here on Nagisa’s Theme and Chiisana te no Hira. When I listen to those songs I can get my eyes all teary even if I’m not even thinking about anything. They’re great songs. Really, really great songs. If the After Story uses Chiisana te no Hira, you can bet that it automatically gets number one.

Basically, Dango Daikazoku for all the many wonderful arrangements that can be found of it, Nagisa’s theme, and Chiisana te no Hira.


Number 01: Full Moon ED3 – Eternal Snow (Changin’ My Life)

The Full Moon anime was a sucky adaptation. I don’t hate it as much as other Arina Tanemura fans, in fact I like it quite a bit when I treat it as a completely different story…and ignore some of the ridiculous fillers in the beginning.

Quite simply too, this ending makes it to the top from the fact that I just love the song. If it was song and animation, Love Chronicle would be my favorite. Beautiful animation and beautiful song. But quite simply, I love Eternal Snow. I listened to it for hours on end and never got sick of it. It’s a really beautiful song. If I absolutely had to chose a favorite song out of any sort of music, it might just be Eternal Snow. It’s been quite some time since I first listened to it, maybe four years now, and I can still say that it might be my favorite song. That means something I think.

I just really like the lyrics and the song overall is just really pretty. So yeah, it might just be my favorite. Who knows?

I wish Changin’ My Life was still making music (as far as I know, they aren’t). Though, I really haven’t liked any of their songs not used in the Full Moon anime as much. Even “Focus” which would be my favorite outside of the songs (New Future, Myself, Eternal Snow, Love Chronicle, and Smile) was used in episode one. *sigh*

Though to make this a teensy bit less about the song, I do like the way the images move in the music box’s glass. It looks nice. Especially the last image of Mitsuki.


Well that’s it for my ending themes. This was an easier list to make some how, though I had trouble deciding whether or not to bend my rules to put Eternal Snow at number one. But it’s the one song that I haven’t started to like less after a year had gone by. I’m not all crazy excited, obsessively listening to it anymore, but I still enjoy it just the same.

And that enjoyment from the song alone topped any enjoyment I got out of the other endings and their animation. So, it got its number one spot.

Hmm…I wonder how long before I’ll go back and rely on insert songs again. I really do think that insert songs are something I won’t be able to avoid for much longer and then I’ll start gushing over all of those songs.

Well, we’ll see. At this point I’m still undecided about my next top ten list.


  1. HA! Dango Daikazoku!!!!

    They made a Rozen Maiden parody of Dango Daikazoku
    It was so darn funny XD

    Damn…so cute…I NEED THE SONG NOW!!!!

    YES. Gachinko de Ikou! has illegal cuteness. So cute, not even Fuyu-chan can resist it XD

    Ew. Full Moon ending >_< The manga was great, but the anime was just….BLEH.

    Anyway… -goes off to download Dango Daikazoku-

  2. Nice list, I like all of these songs! ^.^ I never made it past the first few episodes of Full Moon though, and I hadn’t read the manga yet. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t really good either…So I found something else.

    I love Every Heart, it’s just such a pretty song. And of course Dango Daikazoku is a must! I love all of your other picks as well!

  3. Lol I love your first post pic. I’ll need to find the video for that. xD

    Of course, who isn’t at least intrigued by Hare Hare Yukai? I’m surprised it didn’t spawn some sort of revolution of anime endings. Right now, a lot of the recent ones are not as interesting as the ones back then. I guess it’s just me but meh. I don’t love the EDs now as much as I did. Which is sad…


    Kanon~! Haha, I actually fell in love with this song before I knew anything about Kanon. It was used for a CCS AMV and was pretty hard for me to find the mp3. But agreed, Ayu is so cute (run for the horizon!), lol. The animation was expected. KyoAni. Yea.
    Heh, I love the CLANNAD parody.

    I thought “Little Wish” was cute to listen to but it was just meh to me. I like “Spiritual Garden” more…and the StS endings even more.

    The Full Metal Panic! one sounds so relaxing. ^^

    Kyaa! Maaya Sakamoto! I actually like the second ED (urgh, can’t remember the name at the moment) more but Loop! was very nice. Focused on my OTP for life. Lovely.

    Heh, you already know my opinion on “Gachinko de Ikou!” so…I still want to join them! They’re having so much fun! Lol xD;

    I haven’t watched Chobits in ages but the song is nice (I’m saying that a lot, I know) and it’s Rie Tanaka singing it. Yep. ^^

    I liked the Chrono Crusade one but I forgot about it. But holy crud, Saeko Chiba was the one who sang it?! She. Is. Awesome. Nuff said. *hearts*

    I’m gonna do the rest quick cuz I have to get to class in five minutes.
    Every Heart – It’s been so long. But agreed, it’s an unforgettable ED.
    Dango – What can I say? A variation of two very great songs and Nagisa’s theme as well. xD
    Eternal Snow – I’ll need to rewatch this later but the song was beautiful. I like Love Chronicle better but yea.

    Ok, gotta go. Will get back to this. Bai!

  4. Ooo! This brings back the memories. I know all the endings (save two of them…Shugo Chara and Chrono Crusade). Good job bringing this topic up.

  5. Ending themes, huh?

    A lot of it is based on whether or not you like the song or not. There’s hardly any animation present, and it’s just there to signal the end of whatever episode it is. So, whatever fits your taste works.

    Most of the songs are good, and I like FMP one; just because it’s 下川みくに (Mikuni Shimokawa). The rest are good, but most are just old. That’s probably why it just gets no response from me.

    And if anyone wanted to see more Sunohara-Kanon combinations, make sure you have an account on ニコニコ動画、or else you can’t watch them.

  6. Another great list! :)
    For the most part I’d agree with you on most of your choices. I’ve been trying to compile a list of my favourite endings (and openings at that) as well, but I realized that making the decision for which one you want to be on your list is actually very hard X)

  7. Haha, you probably chose Raison D’Etre because Ningyo Hime is so ridiculously depressing to listen to sometimes (then again, you have Eternal Snow as your No.1… Love the song myself, but if I was in a crappy mood, Love Chronicle would be my personal choice for a Changin My Life song)

  8. I like Raison D’Etre especially when it was played on the final episode of the series, it really suited how the series end happily but at the same time, it gave tears to my eyes…

    And oooh Dango Daikazoku!!! I kinda knew that it was the ‘secret’ one you told me when I put up my list ;) Nothing much I can say about that other than it is EPIC. Speaking of Clannad, I can’t wait for the After Story this Fall ^_^

  9. It’s amazing how you always make me want to see new series. When I saw your top 10 op list, I felt for Lion, and thus, Macross Frontier. And now, you did the same with Clannad (Dango Daikazoku was what really convinced me…and spoiling myself a little about the story). Love your top 10s. Can’t wait to see when you do the insert songs (I’m expecting some Nana Mizuki in it).

  10. From this list I like Chrono Crusade, Inuyasha, and Dango endings the most :)

  11. I noticed that you made a mistake:

    ” Quite frankly, I was ticked off by this opening the first time I watched through Nanoha. It was just cutesy and there was nothing impressive about it.”

    By this opening?Isn’t it an ending?But I still think its cute!

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