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It’s over. Now all the anime-only fans can go read the manga. Trust me. If you enjoyed this at all (at least enough to get through 24 episodes) you’ll enjoy the manga (more). Though, even if I hadn’t read the manga, I’d feel disappointed in ending since it concluded nothing. I just enjoyed a few small moments along the way (but I really, really enjoyed those moments).

And yes…I did screencap a crayon-y moment for the big image. Because at the end of the day, that is what we all remember about this anime. Those awful crayons. Plus without the crayons that image is darn cute.

(Beware of severely overdone screencapping)

Sheesh, I’m finally on time with an episode…at the end. It’s only on pure fangirl love for the manga that I made it this far really.

But I’m glad I made it this far. This episode was like a pure fanservice episode for manga fans. There were a lot of little cameos (everyone who played an important role in the series) including one cameo that is really easy to miss. Though I bet all the Ryuu fans spotted it.

So, I was left with a lot to say about this episode for a change. For the first time in a long time, blogging it isn’t a chore.



So, this episode was kind a combination of, “Let’s get Kei back from London” chapter and the second “Kei’s birthday” chapter with all of the little cameos and stuffs added in.

And I really only have the one thing to complain about. Kei and Hikari did not get proper closure. Too bad it’s a big thing to complain about.

Well, this was as cute as it always is. Nice change since usually loli-Hikari is so busy being, “I challenge you!” and stuff to get the cuteness.

Sweet. I don’t think we’ve ever seen the ominous evil aura from Hikari before.

I was ticked at anime-Akira all week after the last episode. It was all her fault that we got the drama. But of course, only anime-Akira because only Gonzo and AIC have her act that way. Damn them.

lol, Brother Complex. I think no image better shows brother complex than the cute younger sibling hanging onto to their older brother’s clothing. Male or female, the image is the same.

What the Hell!? It’s November? And it’s Kei’s birthday!? For most of the episode I felt like I was just misunderstanding or something…but what the Hell! There’s no way it’s been a year! They just got out of their Summer uniforms not that long ago. And at the beginning of the series! It wasn’t long before they changed into their summer uniforms!

But I will not try to make sense of it. I’ll just quietly grumble away in the corner.

Worst character adaptation ever. I mean come on! Dramatic evil backlighting? In complete daylight!? It’s ridiculous!

He didn’t even get properly redeemed. I saw no silliness whatsoever. *sulks in a corner to grumble some more*

I was reminded of the recent “twist” in Zero no Tsukaima. Everyone quits to go save their friend.

Let me just say one thing…if you’re reminding me of Zero no Tsukaima…you are not doing a good job with the writing SA.

…I know it was like this in the manga, but considering the circumstances and that it’s the last episode of the anime, I really felt the SA silliness could be kept out.

Anime-Akira love regained automatically.

I mean seriously. That’s your boyfriend Akira. That’s cruel. And I love it.

Well, predictable things are predictable, but I really felt like Ryuu deserved some screencapping love.

Once again, I love your cruelty Akira. Absolutely awesome.

Woo! Yahiro! I thought I saw you in the preview! I think he’s my second favorite SA guy. Which makes sense since Megumi is my tied (with Sakura) for second favorite SA girl (the pairs go together). That’s in the manga anyway. Hikari doesn’t get a ranking in the anime.

Though when I first watched this my, “Yay! Yahiro!” was shortly cut-off by, “Eh! But you’re supposed to help Megumi!!!”

Aww, Meido Hikari and Megumi are freakin’ cute. Why isn’t Akira being Akira over them?

Who knew who Mysterious Meido was? I did! And if you didn’t you are not a Sakura-ojousama fan!!!

Sakura~! I’m so glad she appeared. I got a little something for my third favorite side-pairing. It makes me happy.

Oh the return of playboy Jun had me ROFLing. For some reason, I didn’t expect it at all. Then I got all, “Hell yeah!” excited about it. The mood of the anime caught me up.

And thus, to keep this mood going, they decided to grant my every wish along the way. I wanted Sakura to appear after I saw Yahiro (and she did~!), so then I thought, “Megumi better talk” and she did.

Guess what I wished for next?

Yeah. That’s totally what I wished for. And I knew it was coming since I already knew Yahiro was aroung. Hell yes. I love anime-original stuff when it’s stuff I want.

*jawdrop shockgasp* FUCK YEAH! (It cannot be censored, that is the reaction) Did not expect this happening whatsoever (you fucking go anime-Yahiro). Officially, Megumi and Yahiro are the pairing that’s gotten the best development as opposed to the manga.

So since the almost-kiss caught me so off-guard and was so quick, I did not expect what would naturally happen. Damn you Tadashi! You’ve done it again!

Until I watched the anime I never realized what a cockblocker Tadashi was. Damn him…if he weren’t so likable…

Yappy is a present to Kei from Yahiro. I love knowing something like that for once.

This scene was stupid. That’s what I was thinking the whole time, “This is stupid.” And I do not like thinking that for my KeixHikari scenes. Not one bit. So we move along to the montage of happy couples instead.

Fucking awww~! Too bad you can only catch it in the fade out.

Yeah, as you can tell the Megumi and Yahiro stuff got me especially excited, because we don’t really get it in the manga. So…yeah. These parts were the best parts of the whole episode (I can say without a doubt they’re the best anime-original moments in the anime too…thus the things I enjoyed the most since I got caught off-guard).

Who’s that reverse trap standing in the window? Why, it’s Ryuu’s very own reverse-trap girlfriend (well…sort of girlfriend). And I will leave it at that. Who cares if it’s a spoiler. Reverse trap news will get people curious about the manga.

Yeah…Finn made a blurry window cameo. Since we expected nothing…this is better than nothing.

Aw SA dolls made by Hikari. They were in the manga too. Cute. I like how Kei specifically has a different expression from everyone else, all srs bsns.

What happened to the meido outfit? Dammit Hikari! God! She was never even wearing that uniform!

But worry not, the “WTF” only begins here. There are more “This is stupid” moments to come.

Haha! Damn straight. Still making up for lost time with all the Hikari blushing.

Alright Kei. That’s a little more like the real Kei now. Emo, selfless Kei suuucked. I like possessive Kei better.

And that’s the right reaction to have you dumb girl (about time).

Oh crap…they’re finishing their match. Well, when it comes down to it, that’s how the anime is going to keep things. Boo…

This is all we get for a confession. It’s not fair! There’s a perfectly good confession in the manga, but they don’t use it. There’s a perfectly good way to get closure…but they don’t use it. It’s not fair.

This was stupid. Jumping off of Big Ben so she can freakin’ catch a flower. Anything that follows is already partially ruined by me thinking, “Hikari you’re freaking stupid.”

Oh let’s defy some gravity now. Despite the stupidity, this was getting a small “aww” out of me until they brought in the crayons.

Dammit, this is the cutest Hikari’s looked (because she’s acting the way she should have for the past 23 episodes!!!) but it’s all ruined by random crayoning. Dammit.

And damn you white fade in!!! We don’t get a kiss in this anime that we can see properly without super glow getting in the way! Dammit!

And then it kind of ruins itself when you realize…they’re in mid-air. A kiss beside Big Ben while in mid-air isn’t as romantic as it sounds when they make it this obvious and insanely stupid. Maybe if it hadn’t be super-lazy animator at the helm it would have worked out well, but meh.

Any, “aww” from this was cut off by an extreme *facepalm* reaction.

Followed by *headdesk* when you realize that they’re still in the exact same place ten seconds later.

I mean…seriously.

And everything “returns to normal” epilogue is not what I wanted. I wanted a Hikari and Kei dating montage. Or maybe just a montage of scenes from the manga. That would have made me happy. Returning to normal scene. Hell no.

Ah well. At least I got a little of the couple raburabu (even though they’re not clearly a couple).

“Ni-san” became a petname. Freakin’ cute. Too bad we got about ten seconds of this. As opposed to around forty chapters of it.


Final Thoughts

Can I just say meh? No…okay fine.

Even if I’d watched this without reading the manga, I’m pretty damn sure I’d be pissed off about this ending. Probably more so since I wouldn’t be able to go, “Well, knew this would happen. Thank god I have the wonderful manga.”

Thanks Gonzo and AIC. My rating for the SA anime got busted down to 6 today (it was at 7), but the manga got moved up to 10. Hey at least you guys made me appreciate what I do have.

I mean, if I’d sat through the whole anime just to get, a kiss that you can barely see while defying gravity in a ridiculous way. During that scene I went, “Aw-” for about 0.5 seconds before having my jaw drop and then just repeating, “This is stupid. This is stupid. This is stupid. This is stupid. This is stupid.” in my head for the remainder of the ten seconds.

Now I’m all for mid-air romance (fucking awesome), but I like it to be done in ways that aren’t blatantly ridiculous.

Also, if Gonzo and AIC wanted people to stop complaining that they were trying to copy Ouran…they failed. Immensely. They did the opposite of what they should have done.

Well, let’s just wrap this up and be done with it.

Would I rewatch this anime? I would rewatch the episodes with Sakura, Yahiro and Megumi, and episode 12. Nothing else.

…I will especially rewatch my Yahiro and Megumi moments because in the anime they’re my favorite pairing. Because Hikari and Kei lack what I like about them.

I mean…seriously. There was perfectly good confession for them to use. It had this and that! It even had the usual Tadashi appearance that they could have used to make us go *headdesk* instead (since they like to do that). But noooo! Can’t use it. Can’t use one of my favorite, “Oh hell yes!” confessions ever.

I hate you Gonzo and AIC. Don’t talk to me anymore.

Next question…do I expect a sequel? No way. SA’s been airing at like midnight or something crazy in Japan. It’s been dropped like crazy. No one is going to find it memorable.

Of course, if it did have a sequel…I would totally watch it. Because they’d have no choice but to show my HikarixKei raburabu. But they won’t make a sequel. So I’m still not talking to Gonzo and AIC.

And…now I feel that I’ve ranted enough. SA is done. We can all move on. I’ll just revisit it the once to watch the fansubs, but really…it’s done. And I’m glad. I had fun blogging it (ranting and being immature is fun sometimes), but it’s over now. Time to move on. And I can do so without any sentimentality whatsoever. Which is the only thing that makes me feel a little sad.

SA is the first series to go into my “Completed” category. I’m glad that I made it through to the end. I have more free time and can do better things now. Like that pesky reading for school.

Though I do admit, my Mondays are going to feel a little empty without having anything to watch.


  1. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!


    WTF?! Mid-air Romance?! SWEET!!!!!! (I wonder if we could do that with Amu and Ikuto? XD)

    Of course…it HAS to end. Even though the series SHOULD have been a LITTLE longer >_<

    Oh well…at least we got some loving :3

  2. i still haven’t seen it. it’s still downloading -_-”’ but based on your summary, i feel as though the keiXhikari thing felt a little forced. but i so look forward to the yahiroXmegumi bit. ^^

    what is yappy doing there :'(

  3. That was a very “meh” ending. Somewhat sweet, but predictably not exceeding expectations. Really, Gonzo and AIC tried too hard to make it funny and left all the relationships on the side, even though that gradually becomes more central than the challenges and humour.
    And those damn crayons… may you drown in wax, Gonzo, or get turned into a candle and get slowly melted away.
    I was hoping for a montage too, at least one like in Nodame Cantabile. But again, meh. I wasn’t expecting anything more than closure for the final arc, nothing more. XP

  4. oh my god!!!i dont wanna beleive it!! hey,anyone knows. is there 2nd season of this??they have to do 2nd season,look at how far they have progressed in that manga.and where’s finn, where is iori huh??

  5. Hope this isn’t spamming, but I forgot to mention I thought one the best parts of the episode was Tadashi almost getting owned by the laser grid – and then Yahiro showing up rather coolly with wire cutters.
    Ah, Yahiro turned out nicely. Not like Aoi.
    Now, I am off to steal and melt Gonzo’s crayons. ^^

  6. It’s finished, it can’t be! Ah well, contrary to what other people say, I was pretty satisfied with the ending. Though I believe that SA will go down the path of Fruits Basket and Ouran *hinted by the sort-of anime exculsive endings*. Let me join you kaekyo; I’m bringing the flame-thrower.

  7. Another 24-episoder? Maybe I will watch this every time I’m commuting to work :)

    I heard this series was funny and quite entertaining.

  8. Aw, it was so cuuute! So bad it is end now. I wish it could be at least 30 episodes or more. But, we can only hope! I LOVE THIS ANIME!! All the waaay!


  9. well, thank you for your thoughts. and thank your for this anime, beacuse I started to watch this only just because you wrote about this :) and yeah, a bit ouranish ( especially at the and, befora that I didn’t feel…), and a bit stupidity… but I had a tears on my face, just one or two.
    and I will read the manga. so..just… thank you^^

  10. Yes I love this anime but I enjoy the manga way more…I haven’t watched the last two episodes yet so I didn’t read the post cause I don’t to spoil it yet. I’ve read up to the 5th volume, I haven’t picked up the sixth yet but probably will here real soon…

    check out my blog too


  11. You sound mean. So what if it’s stupid? You did enjoy it right… For those of us who only watch the anime adaptation, it’s fabulous! No offense really, but I really think you should give it a chance… Keep a simple mind to get some humorous laughter… =) Yay for Kei + Hikari, Yahiro + Megumi, Jun + Sakura and Tadashi + Akira… :P

  12. lol2728: *sigh* If it were longer I think I would have enjoyed it so much more because I wouldn’t be sitting there going, “Agh! They’re not going to get to any of the good stuff!” It’s really too bad.


    biankita: Ah, I hope I didn’t end up influencing you to think that it was forced while you were watching it (but it totally was anyway).

    Even knowing about YahiroxMegumi scene won’t spoil the wonderfulness of seeing it. I still get a little *squee* in me when I watch it.


    kaeyko: Yeah. I think that’s where Gonzo and AIC met their little failure. The reason why the manga is so popular is the relationships (with a lot of the relationship-related humor). They realized that when it was too late.

    Nodame Cantabile…I keep getting reminded that I have to watch that. No freakin’ time…

    Ah and no that’s not spamming at all (send ten comments all on one post and that is spamming).

    Yes, Yahiro turned out nicely. I remember when I was all moody and thinking that they’d make Yahiro a villain in the end, but they didn’t. I can at least give Gonzo credit for that (though not much considering what they did to Aoi).


    kei-kun: There is no second season. One hasn’t been announced yet and I doubt it will anytime in the future.

    Finn will remain a blur in the window and Iori will never exist. Sad…


    oTAKu: Well, at least I can say that the anime got more people interested in the manga. I like that. An open end will make people curious about what else happened whether they were satisfied or not.


    7: Oh it is entertaining as long as you haven’t seen the manga (and can ignore a few art inconsistincies). If you haven’t read the manga I’d suggest that you dive right in.


    Angelica: *sigh* Yeah, now that it is over I admit to missing it a little (mostly because I wanted more cuter cuteness).


    Dindae: I’m glad you started watching it then. The Ouran thing originally just came from people talking about how there were a bunch of priveleged kids spending their time freely with a “commoner” amongst them and comparing it to Ouran. Like you, I never saw it (maybe because I read the manga) except at the end there.

    And I hope you’ll enjoy the manga. The first twenty chapters are a little slow, but it’s worth it.


    blitzero21: Ah. I’m so glad someone else agreed with me that the manga is better. I feel like the big bad witch who’s dissing the anime (though perhaps I was just a teensy bit harsh).

    Ooo, the sixth one. That’s a good one. I won’t say anything more though.

    Oh and I’ve added you to my blogroll now.


    Stella: Well, sorry if I sound mean. It’s just my opinion in its purest form. I wrote this up literally right after I finished watching the episode. All the excitement and rage is there in its purest form. And I can’t help it.

    And no. I didn’t enjoy it. Or rather, I rarely enjoyed it after a certain point.

    Though I will agree, for those who didn’t read the manga, this anime was probably a lot of fun. As for me, I read the manga. The jokes don’t hit me the same way because I already read them in the manga. It’s just something that can’t be helped.

    I always keep an open mind when I watch things. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean forgetting what I already know.

  13. I just watched it now and I must say that I had at least enjoyed the series overall but nothing really impressed me that much… Oh well, and I also thought that this one could be the ‘one’ that can save Gonzo from bankruptcy… *sigh* I guess this is one of the many shows where you find that the manga is still better imo.

    My fave couple throughout the story is Tadashi-Akira. I really enjoy every minute of their screentime. And my last words for the series are: NO FINN T.T??? Lol I hope they should make a Ryuu-Finn OVA or a sequel…

  14. @fuyumaiden: finally got around watching it. no, you didn’t influence the opinion of kei and hikari. frankly, it lacked build-up. but yes, i got the squee on megumiXyahiro – why is tadashi such a cockblocker???!!! ;A;

  15. Yay, it is finally ovuuurrr~…
    I skipped the past few episodes. I didn’t want to see Kei being out of character. Aoi was bad enough from watching this ep. *shudder*
    Hmm, so yep, WTH IT’s ALREADY BEEN A YEAR?! o.O; No way. No way, no way, no way. Stupid Gonzo & AIC. Is there ever going to be a time where you don’t fail? Grr!
    Well, at least they finally got to London(unless my memory fails me & they did but it doesn’t really matter at this point; Kei was OOC, blah). It didn’t even take that long in the manga for them to go to London. Oi.
    lol Akira. Awesome. xD; & Tadashi can practically survive getting sucked into a black hole if it did happen. :P
    Ah, my favorite part must have been the pairings. Actually, that was the only good part. I won’t even bother mentioning the other stuff that bugged me. So!
    Woot! PIMP!Jun! & Sakuraaa~! x333 Too bad they didn’t have a close moment together. Damn all you other maids!
    OH HELL YEA! Yahiro is so fuckin’ awesome! First saving Tadashi’s ass (TADASHI! HOW DARE YOU COCKBLOCK AFTER THAT?!?! *mad*) and then going to help his kawaii girlfriend out. I was smiling so hard I think I might have scared away all the people sitting next to me. lol GARGH! Stupid Tadashi! I didn’t get my kiss cuz of you!
    At least I got snuggling. Snuggling is nice…
    Holy shit! Finn! What the hell are you doing there?! Go down there and get your man! Doesn’t matter if you don’t know each other! xD; Ha, I played a very funny thought in my head when I saw it. The anime-only Ryuu fangirls probably went “Yes! Ryuu’s still single!” until Finn showed up and went “Who’s that?”.
    & finally, Hikari and Kei…meh, it didn’t strike me at all. It didn’t move me even a little as much as Megumi and Yahiro did (I now declare this as my 1st ranked anime-pairing in S.A.).
    The dolls were certainly cute, tho. But urgh, Hikari had to ruin the mood with another challenge. Wtf, girl, can’t you stop acting like a competitive tomboy for a second? -.-; & her “confession” sucked. Course this is only my opinion but it seriously sucked. “Eien no rival” Yea, that’s nice but I would’ve like to have heard something like “You’re my number 1!”. W/e.
    Major points OFF for being unoriginal about the kiss scene. They totally ripped that off from Shana (and that was my favorite couple from that series, too!). What the hell, Gonzo! Don’t you research other shows to avoid this kinda of stuff?! Not to mention, you started it off so dumb (diving off a tower to catch flowers, are you stupid?), then you had to use the crayons and then have them levitate. Stupid.
    I give up. It was fun while it lasted and cute and sweet at some parts which are the only parts I will rewatch but Gonzo and AIC have failed on me too much to have me consider a second season if they’re gonna make any (unless it’s handed over to another studio but I dunno).
    Mmmkay. Thx for summary and review!
    Can’t wait for the real London stuff comin’ on the 28th. That should be enough to fill your Monday gap. xD

  16. I was laughing at the mid-air romance. And the kiss got blocked … What the fuck?

    Finn cameo… That made my day. It was showing everyone with their significant other and I was thinking “Ryuu is lonely” and suddenly Finn cameo?! I had to rewind & pause to see if it was trap for real. XD

    Yahiro x Megumi almost kiss… I was “FFJFHFJ” for 1/4 of a second till Tadashi fucked it up.

    The only episodes I’d rewatch would be ep19 (it’s actually the only ep in the whole series I’ve watched multiple times) and ep12 maybe (I watched that twice).

    Otherwise, I’ll stick with not rewatching SA. Hikari x Kei is just a retarded couple. Megumi & Yahiro, Ryu & Finn FTW.

  17. YOU GAVE ME A GOOD LAUGH I havent watched the anime not interested but her falling for a flower and the kiss in mid air and they slow fall like turles makes me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I like that first picture in this post with interesting contrast of purple and green :)

  19. oh man i agree they should have that romance from the manga cause its like wayyyyyyyyyyy better!!!!! but i still like the manga better! if they were to make that come true……….xD

  20. no more special a??
    that means no more akiraXtadashi!!!

  21. Megumi & Yahiro is definitely my favorite couple for this series! XD THE KISS! DAMN YOU TADASHI!

    Yeahh. And the midair kiss? I was like “WTF!? ARE THEY FLOATING!?” HAHAHA.

    Still. I enjoyed this series. It kinda reminded me of Ouran. One of the first animes i`ve ever watched and truly loved. Lol.

  22. i didnt even read the manga and I thought it was a meh ending! is the manga better?

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