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Amuto, Amu singing while Ikuto plays his violin, the final scene to fix the “This sucks!” rage from episode 12 and 13. I pretty much would declare this a “must-watch” episode for most of the people coming to my blog specifically to see if the episode is worth watching.

Though the simple term, “amuto” should have let you known that already. Just be prepared for a lot of focus on a filler character too.

Ah~! This episode was the perfect thing after the recent drama that has befallen my cute little blog.  Yes, my blog is cute. Ranka is in my header, so my blog is cute.

Though, I have to admit to a certain, “meh” feeling by the end of the episode. This time they pretty much did the opposite of what they normally do. Ikuto showed up in the beginning, but not much in the second half.

The amount of filler character time kind of ticked me off, but I’ll save complaints for later. Let’s just move along.



The episode begins with some Easter plotting. Yukari’s stalked and his fellow scientists came up with a machine that would take x-eggs from kids using the energy from another x-egg. They act like idiots when presenting it in front of the director, but he agrees to their plan anyway. While he’s walking away, he thinks that the only problem is Ikuto (because he won’t hand over the embryo or something I think. I’m not sure because I can only take listening to him so much).

Ikuto is at the park with Yoru who comments that they didn’t find the embryo that day. Ikuto agrees and Yoru asks him if he even looked, Ikuto asks how they should look anyway (Yoru doesn’t know). Yoru then asks Ikuto what he’d wish for when they find the embryo (and adds on something I understood, but can’t quite translate. Referring to a kid basically, and keeping it ambiguous). Ikuto flicks away Yoru instead of answering and picks up his violin to play instead.

Meanwhile Amu is late getting home from her meeting with the Guardians and is running past the park when she hears a violin playing. It gets her thinking so she follows the music and finds that it really is Ikuto. She recognizes the song he’s playing, so she starts to sing along. Ikuto notices her and stops (can’t follow the dialogue easily, sorry) after being teased a little Amu stubbornly says that it’s been a while and asks where he went. Ikuto replies as usual with a non-answer (as I like to call it) and for everything else you’ll have to wait for fansubs, because I’m either clueless or don’t feel like I’m right. But Ikuto starts playing again with Amu singing along until the violin string breaks. The charas joke that it might be because of Amu’s singing and Ikuto adds that it might be true.

Since Ikuto doesn’t have any spare strings he ends up taking Amu to a violin store (or just a place where they build them and fix them, I’m not sure) where Ikuto seems to be a regular customer. The shop owner asks Amu if she’s Ikuto’s girlfriend which she fiercely denies (which is pretty much ignored). The owner calls Kotone (his daughter I think) to get them some tea. Once she shows up, she puts the tea down and goes to happily greet Ikuto with a blush on her face, and promptly gets ticked off when she’s told to get the tea for Ikuto’s girlfriend.

Kotone becomes nice again once she finds out Amu isn’t Ikuto’s girlfriend. The owner then tells her about another customer that will come that day, Sayoko, who is apparently a famous violinist. Ikuto’s violin is fixed and he plays it (Yume no Tsubomi). Amu and Kotone talk about violins and how her father fixes them (and something about how violincs should last for 100 years or something) and how she wants to make violins last that long (or something). She doesn’t think she’s ready yet though. Then Sayoko comes in and talks with Kotone, eventually asking her specifically (not her father) to take care of her violin. Amu comes over to congratulate her for getting work. Ikuto leaves while they’re talking (girls get so excited talking to each other that they don’t hear him ^_^). Later, Amu asks Kotone if she can come again tomorrow, but she also goes unheard.

The next day, the Easter fools finished their prototype, stuff an x-egg in it and send it out.

After school Amu goes straight to the violin store where she greets Kotone, but once again gets ignored. Her father telsl Amu how she’s been working the whole time. Amu just sits and watches Kotone until she falls asleep. Once Kotone finishes, she notices Amu asleep and starts to feel tired herself. She falls asleep and spills the tea beside her and the violin gets caught in the spill. Amu wakes up, comes to look at the violin to see that it’s done and wakes Kotone up. Kotone picks up the violin and notices that it looks like it has a water stain and notices the tea she spilt. She gets depressed over it and when her father tells her that Sayoko will be coming to pick it up, she runs out of the store with the violin. Amu follows her.

The charas are able to lead Amu to Kotone because they can feel her egg becoming an x-egg and in the park, sure enough, hopeless Kotone’s egg gets x-ed. Amu sees the egg once she arrives, but Ikuto catches it first. Yoru complains that it’s not the embryo so it’s trash, but Amu tells them it’s Kotone’s egg which distracts Ikuto enough for the egg to slip away. Amu becomes Amulet Spade and starts a fight with the x-chara in the usual way. Ran and Su go over to tell Ikuto to help, but Yoru reminds them that they’re enemies. Amu prevails in her usual way anyway. The healed chara says thank you and the egg goes back inside Kotone.

Amu returns to normal and helps Kotone up so they can go back. The charas bring up fixing the violin with Su’s Remake Honey, but Ikuto tells them that they shouldn’t because unless Kotone does it herself it doesn’t have any meaning (or something along those lines). Kotone rushes back so that she can fix it herself and Amu looks back to find that Ikuto’s gone.

While Kotone is fixing it, her father shows up, she apologizes, but he gives her some fatherly peptalk. Sayoko comes later to pick up her violins and Kotone gives the violin to Sayoko and takes responsibility for what she did. Sayoko surprises her by saying she’ll be really good at it someday. Kotone asks to take the violin so she can fix it properly and Sayoko gives it to her again. Amu comes over to share her happiness and Kotone thanks Amu because she thinks Amu did something to help, though she thinks that might have just been a dream. She also thinks Ikuto did something for her and comments that he’s really nice and that she likes him. Amu looks at her with a sort of frozen expression, but Kotone quickly breaks the atmoshphere.

At Easter, the fool scientists find out that their machine is trying to steal real eggs (like…from a chicken) and their machine gets broken by a lady pissed off about her eggs being stolen.

Walking home, Amu decides that she has to be like Kotone about her dreams (or something) and do her best. Su asks what she needs to do her best, Miki slyly adds in, “For Ikuto?” and Ran gets her shouting “Fighto!” with her. Once Amu realizes what she’s doing she shouts that’s not it while her charas laugh.

(I had a lot of trouble with this because I couldn’t find my dictionary. Words that were familiar that would normally just take a refresher to translate left me completely in the dark. I’m looking for my dictionary and will edit stuff to make the summary better. Any help people can give to fill in the blank spots is appreciated though. Still, I know I’m awaiting the fansub of this episode.

Though somehow, even with my lack of understanding this summary ended up being long. Though, I’m guessing a lot of you won’t mind since you specifically come here for that.)



Well, right away I can say I really, really liked my Amuto part. Even though it didn’t live up to the manga. I still had a smile and it got the proper giggles and chuckles. Filler parts…mostly meh.

But I can absolutely say, I enjoyed this episode more than I’ve enjoyed most fillers. As expected, I totally overdid the Amuto screencaps. That is how it should be! (I’ll update with better screencaps once I have time to do so with a better quality raw)

First thing’s first. The asshole director. It seems to have become my habit to wish some new death (or possibly just incredible injury, though most things I wish sound like they’re almost impossible to survive). I don’t really do it on purpose. Once he appears on screen I start wishing I could shove him off of stuff and being my brother’s sister I get more creative from there.

This week…I wish someone would stab him in the arm, take him on a boat off the coast of California, shove him into the water with his open cut, and let the great white sharks find him.

Hmm, yeah. It’s gotten more violent recently.

Go…away. My god, when they first showed up I kind of rolled my eyes thinking, “Whatever. They’re trying to insert random plot again.” and I figured that would be how filler girl would lose her egg. But no. They were pointless. They took up time…in my Amuto episode. This time could have been spent on Amu being jealous or just more fluff with her singing. But no. No!

I hope the idiot stalker decides to stalk Yukari when she’s out on a date with Nikaidou and gets his face smashed into a petstore full of cats so he can wet himself while he has flashbacks of his trauma from episode 38. (Though that doesn’t seem like a real Nikaidou reaction…)

…I like wishing violence too much. I really think we should move past the annoying and focus on my fluff.

First off, the screencap for Ikuto being Ikuto! Yay!

Seriously though, I think this might be the first time it’s even been brought up with Ikuto and Yoru that they don’t know how to get the embryo.

Awww, Yoru’s being abused again. Heh, but I liked this because it was Ikuto’s reaction to what Yoru said (the thing I kept ambiguous on purpose). Ikuto’s pretty stubborn if I think about it (though this has all occurred to me before and I’m just mentioning it when it comes up).

Screencap because it’s Ikuto with his violin. (No seriously. This time there’s no other reason.)

Amu stop on her way home to find Ikuto even though she was late getting home. Yes~! Slightly off-topic now; Ikuto, Amu, their charas, and filler characters are the only characters we see in this episode. Thought it was worth a mention.

Lately the Guardians haven’t been getting the same screentime. They weren’t in episode 47 either (and just Rima in episode 46).

Oh Amu you’re so tsundere. Hey! Let’s play “caption the tsunderekko”, okay?

“I just came rushing over to see you because I had some business in the park anyway. As a matter of fact, it didn’t even occur to me that it might be you playing the violin in the same spot where I’ve already seen you playing the violin. It’s a complete coincidence.”
“…By the way where have you been? Even though I don’t care I’m just curious.”

Hmm…needs denial and stuttering. Someone else can do a better job.

Ah I missed this! I don’t think we’ve had teasing like this since episode 33. In episode 48 we had Ikuto calling Amu a perverted kid, but he wasn’t smirking and stuff. I missed the teasing where Ikuto just messes with Amu so easily.

Fellow fangirls…I do believe that we have an official Amuto song now. Add that to the ranking with our four splash pages and other wonderful things we have to have enjoy purely for Amuto and no other pairing.

Though the song definitely sounded familiar, so I looked through the Shugo Chara soundtracks on my computer. It’s most similar to track six on the first OST (I don’t know the name of the song), but that song gets rearranged for different background music a lot. But I’m sure everyone else recognized that familiar sound too. (I know it’s used in at least four other songs)

Finally! We got to hear Kanae Ito sing! I know I wasn’t the only one waiting for it! She’s been a seiyuu in a major role for…well really a full year now. I’m not really sure if we can call her a new seiyuu anymore. But anyway, up until now really haven’t been able to hear Kanae-san sing and all seiyuu sing. Kanae-san having become a favorite of mine, I really wanted to hear her sing.

And now I have. And I am satisfied. Especially since this wasn’t Kanae-san singing as a professional singer, but singing as a sixth-grader singing in a park. And she is still a new seiyuu as far as singing goes, so hell yeah she passes my test. Bring on the character singles!

Did anyone else notice how her singing started sounding better when they got the Amuto background aura going? I am positive it was on purpose. The song got better as it went along. (Of course, Amu’s still no Utau. WHo expects that?)

Ah that’s what I wanted! The smile! Though this moment still doesn’t quite capture what the manga had (come on, look how far away Amu and Ikuto were standing from each other), I’ll take what I get. Complaining that I didn’t get “enough” of what I thought I’d never even get is silly.

So 36 episodes later, you’re forgiven Satelight. Don’t screw up again.

Heh~! I loved this. Amu really is easy to mess with. This still makes me laugh (I don’t know why I find it so laugh/giggle worthy. Probably because I was already smiling). It’s definitely better if you undertand it on your own I think.

I found it adorable that Ikuto took Amu to the violin shop and that she came along…even though she was already late getting home. Convenient plot hole or more support for Amuto. I think we all know what answer we will be choosing.

This is the second time, Amu’s gotten mistaken for Ikuto’s girlfriend (first time was the drama CD). I’m glad this cute and silly reaction was added into the anime (though in the CD Amu got more embarassed and less “spirited”).

I also love how Ikuto just stayed silent while Amu was denying it. Ah, the small things.

Of course we knew this would happen at some point. Polls say 75-80% of Shugo Chara fangirls are also Ikuto fangirls (or at least like Ikuto the most), so for any sort of reality at least 75% of the girls who know Ikuto have to be like Kotone.

This looks familiar. Ikuto sure brings out the jealousy in girls. That Aura is almost enough to compete with Utau’s.

Hmm…wonder if Utau knows about this girl. I’d like to see that confrontation purely for curiosity’s sake. Even with Utau’s bro-con severity on the decline, I bet she’d still win.

lol, Poor Amu. The jealousy is always directed at her. Such are the pains of having your own reverse harem Amu. You must persevere.

As for Kotone outside of her fangirl status, there’s absolutely nothing interesting about her. I have to say, this is the laziest Satelight has been with a filler character’s story yet. It completely followed the most basic of outlines for a filler character’s story. She didn’t even have any little jokes or anything.

I’m not sure how to explain how generic her story is, but I definitely rolled my eyes and a few times at the obviousness of it all. Her personality too. Basic. The one thing that made her stand out among filler characters is already a trait owned by Utau.

Girls. *sigh* Getting too wrapped up in their excitement. I wasn’t ticked at the writers for doing this actually, because I know this is something that would have happened in real life. Even if it is Ikuto, if we’re already wrapped up in something…we are impossible to catch the attention of. Ikuto already seems aware of this fact, which makes him an even better guy than before. Amu will majorly miss out if she doesn’t realize stuff like that soon. Or at least stop denying that realization. Sheesh.

So lazy Satelight. It’s like they sat down and went, “Okay…right now we have a few episode without Ikuto. Even more without Amuto. If we don’t add something in soon we’re going to die.” “Well, we still have that scene with the violin saved up for an emergency like this!” “Good. But what do we do with the rest of the time?” “Filler character of course!”

And then from that point on they just threw together whatever they could think of. Seriously…she fell asleep in less then three seconds and spilled her tea? Can’t make it just a teensy bit more believable? I mean, you guys already have someone who just met Amu having their egg x-ed for no reason (can’t get less believable than that), so can’t you try in other areas instead?

Ikuto in a tree…because. Not since episode 33 again. And seeing the cat boy in a tree still amuses me (just like his catnaps on roofs).

Amulet Spade! And it was actually a real fight this time! And she appeared when she was supposed to! For music! You know what this means now? We can complain about Amulet Clover not appearing instead. (And we will still always complain about Amulet Heart appearing unnecessarily).

I loved Ran and Su going to tell Ikuto to get his butt out there and help Amu. But he’s still acting like they’re on different sides. Stubborn.

Of course, if Amu really needed help, then Ikuto would have stepped in. For once I am displeased with Amu being a capable mahou shoujo heroine. Dammit…where’s a building when you need it? If Amu had the chance to fall off something I know we’d have something there. Tsk.

I’m going to stop taking screencaps of these things now. They’re all basic. They all have little hairclips. I don’t care anymore. Moving on.

Stupid Satelight. I was even feeling grumbly during an Ikuto scene because I knew something like this was going to happen when I first heard of the episode. Ikuto wasn’t going to help Amu but he was going to give some sort of advice or something like that after. Boo Satelight! Making me predict something Ikuto was going to do! I don’t like that at all!

Another thing that felt weird about this episode. Amu became friends with Kotone way too quick. She comes back the next day and sits around so long during nothing that she falls asleep and then she gets so happy when things work out. If I watched just this scene and hadn’t scene Shugo Chara, I would have thought they’d been friends for a long time.

It didn’t make sense to me. Amu didn’t even become friends with Misaki that fast. Satelight was really lazy with the story-writing this episode. (Which writer was responsible this week?)

Oh well. Kotone and her generic story and personality no longer matter to me. I got what I specifically said I wanted last week.

Allow me to clue you into Amu’s thought process here: “She likes Ikuto? How well does she know Ikuto anyway? She calls him by his first name. She must have known him for a while. I wonder how often Ikuto comes by here. It’s no big deal though. I don’t care. Except…Kotone’s definitely not related to him…”

After that would be Amu’s usual, “Agh! Why should I care anyway? I don’t!” denial, but Kotone breaks it up for Amu with her “nante ne!” and the thought process is halted before it gets anywhere. Dammit.

Though you can definitely see it in Amu’s look. That’s a little bit of surprise, alarm, and curiosity all together. I’ll have to wait a little bit for the true jealousy though.

Nice Ran, Miki, and Su! I absolutely love how they got Amu going before she realized what she was doing. Seriously Amu, you should have been able to understand what they were saying to you. Silly girl, letting your subconscious get the best of you. It’s okay though. It gave me the giggles.

Ah. If you really just take this episode for what it is (A filler character episode with some Amuto development), it really is an enjoyable episode. Take it for what it is people and you’ll enjoy it I’m sure. It was pretty nice to have an episode with Amu and Ikuto being the only main characters in it actually. Any important development was given over to them.

Now as a quick little note, I wouldn’t object to Kotone being a repeating filler character Satelight. After all, I want real jealousy from Amu and she seems to be my best bet right now. So…bring her back. Or another girl to cause some jealousy. I’m fine either way.



It looks like some random little chara adventure that reminds me quite a bit of episode eight. Way back before I’d even started discussin Shugo Chara in my livejournal. But you gusy know the one. Where Ami goes off on a little adventure with the charas? Yeah. Like that.

As for me? I couldn’t care less about that. Maybe if Eru was around, but meh. I mean, they’ve done this before, so I don’t really see the point.

So, just a head’s up. Next week…prepare to see the worst of my laziness with summaries.

For more important things though. This episode got me back to wondering if they’re heading toward Ikuto’s arc again. Even though having Amu able to find him so easily make it feel kind of weird. Mostly, I’m wondering because of what the asshole director said about Ikuto being a problem. I’m keeping the spoilers out, but logically, if he’s seeing Ikuto as a problem, he’d want to fix that problem.

But then Ikuto has his violin and so it all just falls apart. No idea what next season will start with.


  1. Argh, get off of my screen you Easter fools!!!! Make way for Amuto! There really is something about Ikuto though, fangirls scream in delight. Now I really second the idea of having character songs.

    Thanks for the summary! And Fuyu-chan, do you know if the second season will start straight after the end of the current one? I just want solid confirmation.

  2. Ah, I want to answer that question right now, about the second season.

    I think that it’s supposed to. That’s the idea you could get from the original announcement in Nakayoshi. The second year came across as sounding like a continuation.

    I also read about the singles for whatever new band there might be singing for Shugo Chara debuting with the anime in early October. The release date for the next Buono! single also seems to match the usual wait perios after the song debuts (it would be in October).

    Also, Satelight has mentioned that up until now they’ve planned episode six months in advance. Now they’re planning them three months in advance.

    Pretty much, it’s just a lot of rumors, but they all seem to indicate that it’ll just continue on. Most magical girl anime do that when it’s not a complete sequel. So I’d give a 90% confirmation that either it’s just continuing right along or that there’s going to be a very small pause. A month or so.

    I wish my Japanese was better so I could say that more definitely. I should get back to practicing on the original announcement. It’s just so darn cluttered…

  3. Ugh…I couldn’t sleep at all last night! Dx
    And it wasn’t because of this episode I watched before going to bed or anything but I still feel like I woke up in a garbage can. Blah.
    Anyways…I dunno what to say for the eppy. I was happy for the Amuto and disappointed about certain other things. Don’t know exactly how much but I was disappointed. I wish Satelight could’ve put the conversation between Shodai K and Ikuto in there. I think that scene can pretty much fit in almost anything. Even a non-plot relevant like this one. Meh. Maybe next season or something. *sigh*
    Hmm, what else before I highlight the Amuto? I want to end this on a happy note.
    Kotone…I don’t know what to think about her. The only things I liked about her are her jealousy over Amu and the fact that she said she might like Ikuto (b/c that totally got Amu a little close to worrying, or at the very least, thinking about other girls [who were not related to him] liking him…ack, mumble jumble, sry). She’s nice enough. Normal filler girl. Can’t blame her for liking Ikuto though I still get that irky feeling every time some filler person says the like so-or-so of my favorite pairing. Eh, but w/e. It’s because my Amuto love is so pure~(yea, right). lol xD
    Other that that, I dislike her character design. Like…very. What’s with her clothes? It reminds me of something that some other random unimportant character in a Final Fantasy game would wear. Even filler lady had a better sense of fashion. Stupid Satelight. But w/e, I forgive. It just makes Amu all the more great. :P
    And yea, she and Amu became friendly way too quick. It feels really out of place. :/
    I did, however, liked the impact of Amu’s heroine speech in this ep more than I did in the others. Because she talked more or because Kotone gave up so easily (which I thought was utterly ridiculous for some parts of it)? Hmm, or maybe because it was Amulet Spade? Cuz, w/Miki being a tomboy and all, that might have crossed over or just enhanced Amu’s Cool N’ Spicyness more? I dunno. But it was great. x3
    Uh, nothing else much to say ‘cept Easter made me headdesk. -_-;
    So onto the good parts:
    Ikuto~!!!! <3333 Needless to say, I love his violin. His violin needs more love, too. *loves violin* lol
    Why couldn’t you stay on screen longer?! Jeez! It takes this much episodes to get him back and we get under 15 minutes of him and then he’s gone again. I want the Ikuto arc now.
    Aww, Amu being tsuntsun. So cute. x3 I really liked how she’s no longer…hmm, “opposed” I guess (?) to being around him anymore. Since she was the one who ran to him xD; It tells me that even though he might view they are on different sides, she doesn’t and that makes all the difference in the world especially with the second year coming up. Yep.
    Teasing! I missed the teasing, too! It’s been too long! *fangirl puddle* xD
    Haha, I think the song is Amu’s main character theme (Cool & Spicy on the tracklist) aka the entire series’ main theme (love the variations on it every time). And now it’s an Amuto theme. It’s a song that pwns, y’hear? X)
    Urgh, I was thinking from the preview that we were gonna have some sort of night scene from the Amuto mood they fixed up (the lighting, or less of it, only added to it) but apparently not. Amu, why didn’t you follow Ikuto when he was leaving? You could’ve continued singing. *sigh*
    Well, I thought Kanae-san’s singing was adorable and lovely. And Amu’s smile…kyaa! Best facial expression from her yet! We need more Amuto scenes. I want Amu to smile like this a lot more.
    I’ll end it here. I have class. I need to practice. Oi.
    Next week, Chara filler, huh? Well, I see Daichi so maybe Kukai’s back again (yay). I want Eru back, too. Meep. And NAGIHIKO! RAWR!
    K, thx for the summary and review! Bai. ^^

  4. Well, I’m definitely pleased that they finally bothered to put in this scene. It’s gotten me thinking, “Maybe they want to save up the Amuto scenes for more development before the Amuto-filled Ikuto Arc?(Presuming the second season starts off with that.

    The whole, “Are you his girlfriend?” scene gave me a chuckle~ Now only if it comes true… Hopefully the second season will be Amuto-filled. If I see one more filler character I may just drop the series altogether, thank god there aren’t many episodes to the first season left. that makes life better~

    Still, I’m against the filler. They could’ve made this into a decent episode if they kept the opening mood all the way through. Not that it was a bad episode… the singing was lovely, indeed.

    Still, enough of my complaining! Thanks for the summary Fuyu-san!

  5. (Urgh pissed off right now cause my pc had an error and shut down along with the huge comment I make. Let me try to do it again D<)
    Before I begin, I want to help you out with your statement: YEAH, YOUR BLOG IS CUTE!
    I have the feeling that Yoru was talking about Amu. Didn’t he say ‘girl’ instead of ‘kid’? (can’t really tell. My japanese isn’t all that great.) The other possibility, in a twisted kind of way (aka, Satelight kind of way) would be the little kind that shows up chapter 28 up. Who knows…
    I loved the part that everyone blamed Amu for the broken string. Partly cause I understood what they were saying. But like you, nothing of what was say before that.
    I bet that the old guy is in fact the same guy from the drama cd. After all, he keeps on saying that Amu is Ikuto’s girlfriend. I liked the fact that Ikuto didn’t try to deny it ^^
    Kotone, that guys daughter is the one I don’t like. Although she is pretty, she likes Ikuto, and made a scary face towards Amu.
    When Ikuto was leaving, and the old guy looked behind the door, was he sending that “I see…” look towards Ikuto or his daughter? If it as towards Ikuto, than we can add this character to the list of people that are involved in making Amuto (scenes) happen.
    Oh, and you got it wrong. Amu transformed into Amulet Spade, not Amulet Heart. Focus, don’t let Amuto overtake your brain! (lol, as if I’m one to talk :P )
    Kotone said she liked Ikuto and Amu was froken! That’s a good thing….right? ^^’
    I laughed at the stupidity of the easter employees. Catch normal eggs? *snort* dorks!
    Amu’s shugos know her well, wouldn’t you say? “Do your best as Ikuto’s girlfriend!”, “YEAH!!” XD Such a shame she realized what she said <_<
    Hoshina guy surely deserves all of that. That are your agressive thoughts?! I’m scared of what will be like when he does so much worse (and he is going to; he hasn’t even started to hurt Ikuto)
    Seing the employees makes all my ‘respect’ for the manga easter go to waste. The anime ruined the company in my opinion.
    You silly you. You don’t need to make excuses for posting sexy images of Ikuto. We would do the same, just as you did ^^
    Don’t complain about the lack of guardians. If we don’t have guardians, we won’t have TadasexAmu and TadasexRima interaction. And since Trap-kun is still not the new Jack, I think it’s pointless to bring the guardians around for random stuff.
    Amu = denial; As such, makes me say: Ikuto = patience. Sheesh, I bet even Ikuto knows that Amu is being stubborn about her feeling for him <_<
    Ha…Amuto song. I want it to have a very good title (at least this is so much better than the school song). *gasp* The song made me think about their theme, and as such wedding song *3*
    6th track of the first CD? It’s called “hontou no jibun”, aka, “real self” (I have the Cd’s downloaded through nipponsei, so I have the names of all the songs from both CDs)
    Oh yeah, better singing. More feeling (and without need Ran to do so) and sexy background.
    I’m surprised with the fact that she forgot that she was already late as it is. But I’m not complaining or anything…
    Your right, Kotone could easily compete with Utau. Didn’t Utau say she would keep all the bugs away from Ikuto? Damn, she is losing her touch…
    In a way, I’m not surprised with the chara adventure for next episode. In a way, I had the impression it would be something like this. Till next week.

  6. This episode was Awsome!Kotone is kinda boring Especially because she wants to FIX Violins.Who the HELL want’s to do that?!I’ll tell you.No one who has a sane mind.Heh heh heh….We got to see Amu singing to Ikutos Violin :D….But some ;part of me said “This Episode Isn’t What I thought”.I wanted More Amuto!Like Amu Falling!Or Ikuto helping Amu!But lets admit it.Sendo and Ebara already said there heading torwards a Tadamu thing.Now we must rely on Sendo since she made Episode 3, 12, 13, 26, 33, 38, 47, And This one.We love you Sendo-Tama!And Yay!Kanae Ito sang!I’ve been waiting for this!And heh…If the next episode isnt tadamu and neither is 51, We can all be happy and say Tadamu Didn’t Win!So yeah.And Utau would so Pwn Kotone!I cant help it.I just love Utau to much to let anybody say anything that might beat her.Sorry Fuyu-Chan )=.And while Im talking about a Utau some Idiotic Utau Hater said ‘Who care’s about Utua?’ First of all it’s not ‘Utua’ it’s ‘Utau’.Second of all your just jealous how Tsundere Utau can be.Third of all your jealous you dont have a awsome Eru Chara that ruin’s Your Tsundere Cover :D.So…Utau Pwnation!And secretly I wanted to see the sympathetic side of Ikuto.I dont know why.I just did.Maybye because that would be so priceless it could be my Computer background till Shugo Chara! (Includeing the Second Season) Ended.Because I would ADORE Yoru just going “Ikuto!What are you thinking?!C’mon!”.Seriously.I’ve got to see it.I cannot wait till Ikuto’s Arc.Now if they decide to kill Ikuto-off there probably getting murdered by IFFL (Short For: Ikuto Fangirls for Life.).If they decide to make Tadamu happen then they’l be worshiped by TOCD (Short For:Tadamu obsesesion Complusive Disordor) And Murdered by AIAAIIDETWWKY (Short For:Amuto Is awsome and If it doesn’t end that way well kill you.).And that’s pretty much it.But wait!Not yet!ARUTO WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!I want to see you so bad!Not that I want to see Ikuto torchered…I just wana see how you look.Well, Ikuto’s gotta have it from somewhere!Oh and thank’s for Summary ^_^ I think my Japanese has improved Lately :D.Oh and I know the ‘Thing’ x].Hehehe….

  7. -glomps computer screen-


    Oh, how LONG I have waited for thiiiiiiiis!!!!!!!

    I hope that song is actually gonna be on a CD ^^ I’d buy the CD if that happens! XD

    Grrrr, another filler episode. Well, I wonder if Yoru or Eru might show up? That’d be good :D

    -sigh- Ok, another death scene for the asshole has been made up in my mind.

    Huh. Now that I think about it, It relieves stress a little, you know? ^^

    OH NOES. Ikuto fangirl~! Huh. We need more of those. In Shugo Chara, I mean xD

  8. This episode was cute. The thing I like most about Ikuto is the fact that you cannot put him in a box. One minute he’s stubborn, the next minute, vulnerable. Still, Amu shouldn’t like a catboy.
    Moving on to the action, they put too much emphasis on that girl’s feeling, this looked to me similar to one of the first episodes.

  9. I was soooo happy with the first part of this episode, and then I just got..”Bleh” when that filler girl showed up. But we did get to see Amu “almost” jealous. ^.^ I was totally thinking the same thing about the building…if Amu just biffed it off a building Ikuto could save her yet again..I’ll never be tired of seeing that. :P I missed Ikuto sooo much though. Glad he was back for a bit. And I was seriously giggling my way through Amu’s questions about how filler girl is related to Ikuto, that was some good stuff.

  10. Even evil stepdad’s voice is annoying. No matter who Gozen is, this guy’s the true villian of the series in my books, and I hope Amu and the others “deal” with him in the next chapter.

    Looks like wiggle walk has been joined by two other idoits. Hee-hee. I hope that happens too. Yukari would be more like to be the actually person punching though.

    Amuto violin scene. I think you pretty much said everything that needed to be said so I can’t really add anymore.

    Definitly more support for Amuto!

    Silly Amu. She can’t even admit she wants to spend more time with him. (She’s cute when she’s a tsundere).

    lol. I hope they bring back the old guy so he can call Amu, Ikuto’s girlfriend again.

    Seeing Ikuto with fangirls is always good. I kinda of wish they’d actually show what his (and Utau’s) school life is like in the series, but that’s probably not going to happen.

    Amulet Spade! I know she was just in episode 47, but still it’s cool. It almost makes up for not seeing Amulet Angel anymore.

    He looked disappointed that he couldn’t help here though. Poor conflicted catboy.

    Seriously. Ikuto’s not suppose to be predictable.

    I blame Amu getting excited on Maho cliches. You know like a heroine who gets attached to people she just met who will never show up again.

    Heh. That’s definitly what she was thinking.It’s a good thing to.

    Good sneaky charas. Since they’ve seen like every Amuto moment, they know exactly what’s going on.

    Yeah, as soon as I saw the screen caps I thought the same thing. Maybe Iru and Eru will show up anyways since Yoru is?

  11. Oh, I had to post this (sry if it’s an inconvience but I doubt :3):

    You were right. Like always. xD

  12. Oh, Amutoo~!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    I know, I know… The stupid filler characters, the lack of plot, etc… But, my violin amuto scene appears! Who cares about those stuff?
    Actually I usually do, but… it’s amazing what Amuto(specially the uto part) can do with me. I realised that what it matters to me is the feelin’ I can get with sthin, beyond the result itself. The other day I was reflecting on it while I was reading SA [just started]…
    Anyway, sorry about my randomness!! Let’s move with the ep.
    Oh, Ikutooooo!!!!!!!! ♥ So happy you got back ♥ Cause the manga is making me want you even more, so I kinda needed to see you soon! And in your normal mood! ♥ [Specially with the Amu teasin’ and the tree, only the holding in your arms after falling was missing ;)]
    And I actually heard Amu’s singing…! Which was ok, but… Sorry Amu, but first of all, I don’t like much Japanese music/singing apart from Uti’s and you hav Ikuto’s violin as the background. Ikuto’s violin. No way you could compete with that. Despites of that, was pretty ok.
    Then the teasing part ♥ And I actually loved the fact that when the violin string broke, Amu was next to him watching kinda waiting for him like a friend or a close person does when something happens. Just superb. Immediately afterwards, she goes with him to fix the problem… like a close person does. Oh, the lil parts that makes my Amuto ever cuter. Cause it’s not all about teasing or the other extreme which is drama. That details are the ones I enjoy the most. ♥
    Oh, and “Ikuto’s girlfriend”… Even more superb. The best was that Ikuto is so cool in those situations, he didn’t even bat an eyelash (*lil note: the expression would be that one, right? In Spanish we use sthin very different…)
    And…. 75-80%? Really? Well, a normal person would say “Oh, what a high number” “Seems a popular character” or sthin like that. Me? Well, my conscience deep inside says sthin like “What’s wrong with that 25-20%??”. But that’s my blind love again… And I’ll leave the comments to a normal person x) So let’s not even talk about the reaction that I’d have if I’d be able of actually meet Ikuto~!!
    Well, as summary, happy having Ikuto [although I also thought it was weird for the same thing] and still waiting my jealous Amu, but the fact that she’s realising by step her feelings for Ikuto… It makes me happier =)
    And for the rest of the ep… I already ‘fangirl-moded’ and said the stuff I had trapped in my mind. I think no more to say, since that was actually the important thing in the ep… I don’t think I’ll watch next one. But hey, it had been a while since the last time I needed to look up sthin in the dictionary to write my comment (and the last time I used so many ♥ xP). Shows a progress, at least for me! Haha…

  13. Ahh I see! Thanks for the heads up everyone! Looking forward to the juicy Ikuto arc perhaps?

  14. I enjoyed the amuto scene. And what are OSTs?

    LOL! Kotone’s reaction to hearing ‘Ikuto’s girlfriend’! As soon as I saw her face when she saw Ikuto, I was thinking Amu was gonna get in a mess!

    Heh. Ikuto got ignored… Thou is the power of girls!

    I love you, little Charas! Making Amu cheer for herself! (For Ikuto, of course!) LOL!

    Next week might be slightly more important than Ami’s adventure. ep. 51 is called ‘I’ll get the Embryo’ (Or something), so it might be that the Charas find it and give it to whoever… and that spider is COOL! You know, they could easily have it being a HUGE Amu-eating spider… (Does anyone get where I’m going with this?) That’ll never happen, though. Satelight will try to keep it realistic, so… Whatever.

    Thanks for summarizing!

  15. This week’s chara was actually cute. Much better than the other filler charas.
    I never watched episode 13 or 12,(I started watching the anime at episode 30) so I had no idea they took out the part where Amu sings. It just seemed like such a important part of the scene, so I didn’t think they’d dare taking it out.
    But oh well. Those kind of scenes are kind of nice later on in the series when the relationship has developed more.
    I’m glad Amu didn’t turn out to be some beyond amazing singer. Amu’s mary-sue like qualities have been bugging me recently, so another sue trait would have ticked me off.

  16. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay IKUTOO!!!
    amuto 4ever~

  17. xiao_jie88: I know that feeling. That awful garbage can feeling…

    Ah! I almost forgot about my Shodai K and Ikuto conversation. Well…maybe next episode. If it does in fact follow along with episode eight, when Yoru appears, Ikuto will be around too. Maybe that’s when we’ll finally get our missing scene. That’s what I hope anyway…

    Yep, outside of the Ikuto fangirl aspect, Kotone’s just your typical filler girl. Though I agree with her clothes. I felt like she was working at one of those random “spiritual shops” you see in some towns rather than a Violin shop.

    Hmm, I agree about Amu’s speech too. It did feel more…I don’t know, just better? I’m chalking that up to the fact that Amu puts in the most effort against her rivals though (like with Utau~!).

    His Violin needs plenty of love since his violin also gets abused by Easter. *also loves the violin*

    I want the Ikuto arc now too! Or…this came to me recently, I want the Ikuto arc dragged out. Like say, early in the beginning of next season, Amu finds Ikuto in her bed. Then the fillers begin. With Ikuto staying in Amu’s room. That way there’s really no way there will be a lack of IKuto. Right? Yeah…I like that idea…

    No, she’s not opposed to being around him at all anymore. She goes to see him because she wants to see him, but she has to be all tsuntsun about it because she’s trying to pretend like she doesn’t really care about seeing him…even though she goes to see him herself. Amu~!

    Ah, that’s the main theme it’s called. Now I remember. Cool and Spicy. Hmm…this came to mind really recently, I wonder if that song will be Amu’s own character song? Because listening to the lyrics specifically got me thinking that way.

    Yes! We need more fluffy Amuto with Amu smiling! It’s really so great when a tsunderekko starts smiling around the person she likes. It’s cute.

    Aha! I knew I was right! Yes!!! I love being right! Though what’s up with the Ninenme? It’s just the same story continuing and without even a little break. Just keep the name exactly the same. Or maybe it’s just ANN being ANN. Who knows.


    RenZeffie: Hmm…I really am wondering how the second season will be starting…

    Don’t drop the series because of stupid filler characters! Even if you do you have to at least watch the real episodes. And any possible Amuto fillers (I hope we get more…).

    If they hadn’t already done the drama CD…I keep thinking that would have been a nice follow-up to the first part of the episode. The way it ended up being reminded me of episode 48 though. Amuto scene with random non-plot inserted along the way.


    ForeverOblivion: Ha! Yes! My blog is very cute!

    Oh! Someone caught onto it! So let me explain properly for you. I tried to keep it as ambiguous as the anime did.

    “Ko” would normally refer to a girl, but it can refer to just a child in general. Yoru being Ikuto’s chara would probably juse use ko for a girl and gaki for other kids. But I wanted to keep it open. Because if I make it “girl” everyone automatically just assumes that Yoru means Amu. That’s what I was thinking. That’s how I inerpreted it, but I wanted everyone else to be able to come up with the meaning on their own.

    It’s one of those places where Japanese is really hard to translate, since so many words are gender-neutral.

    I found my dictionary now, so hopefully I can clear up some of what was said before. But the fact that I understood so little makes me a teensy bit skeptical.

    Heh, maybe it’s the same guy. (I’d find that so amusing)

    I think the “I see…” look was towards his daughter, but either way this guy is still pro-Amuto.

    Ah thank you for catching that mistake. It must be my dislike for Amulet Heart being everywhere that messed me up. It’s fixed now.

    Once the asshole director starts actually hurting Ikuto there will be more stabbing in with the shoving.

    Yeah, Easter doesn’t seem the least bit ominous anymore. All they have is the asshole director, everyone else is a moron.

    That’s right. No Tadase with anyone stuff to complain about (though I’m tending to care about who Rima ends up with a little less lately. I prefer Rimahiko but Rimase would be fine I suppose). Once Nagihiko comes back though, I want the Guardians around all the time!

    Oh Ikuto probably knows a little about how stubborn Amu is being about her feelings. Otherwise he wouldn’t be trying quite so hard to keep her away. If she didn’t like him, he wouldn’t have to worry about her getting involved in his crap after all.

    Thanks for the title. Honto no Jibun, Cool & Spicy are just a couple of the songs that are familiar.

    Only Amuto gets the pretty night sky backgrounds. Hell, just the prettiest backgrounds overall.

    Kotone must be a bug that Utau missed. Ikuto keeps his violin playing mostly to himself now anyway.

    I kind of figured it would be a ridiculous sort of adventure that included the guardians too since they hadn’t been showing up as much recently, but whatever. I wouldn’t have been into that either.


    iShugoChara!: It’s been so long since Amu fell from anywhere and Ikuto had to catch her. It’s not fair. I want that to happen again.

    Well, there’s a tiny bit of Tadamu coming up in episode 51 actually. But I think there will be a tiny bit of Amuto in there too, so it doesn’t matter too much.

    Loved the mini Utau love-rant btw.

    Oh it’s Mahou Shoujo. Ikuto won’t be killed. He’ll be saved by the POWER OF AMUTO RABU-RABU from Amu.

    I think we all want to see Alto/Aruto. I hope he shows up soon.


    lol2728: It better be on a song. At least I know Ikuto’s violin version of that song will come up on an OST sometime in the future (probably the fourth one though…tch).

    It relieves a lot of stress for me. Death wishes!

    Oh if any more girls show up that meet Ikuto, they will become automatic fangirls without a doubt.


    Roxy: Ikuto’s unpredictable. Which is why I got ticked at Satelight for making me predict something he’d do.

    It really did seem familiar, didn’t it? I knew it. To me it just seems like too many other fillers and that really bothers me.


    amayalee: Stupid scene had to take place in the park. There’s no buildings in a park. And she did chara-nari too quickly so she wouldn’t even have to get caught. Not fair.

    Those questions are definitely what was going through Amu’s head! She’s a little worried now that someone likes Ikuto who isn’t related to him, isn’t she?


    warriorhope: Oh without a doubt he’s the real villain in this story. Gozen has the ability to be redeemed, but not this asshole.

    That’s true. Yukari would probably smash his face into a window.

    Yeah, Amu really is cute when she’s being all tsundere. This episode got me wanting Amu to maybe win SaiMoe. I love my Tsunderekko’s.

    Ah! Amulet Angel! T_T I miss you Eru!!!

    But moving on…Ikuto (More T_T), I hope he gets to help Amu out again soon.

    I hope Eru and Iru show up, but I kind of doubt it. I didn’t see them anyway.


    Reina: I know what you mean about Amuto (and Ikuto specifically). Just when I think my fangirling is subsiding a little, I’m still able to get just as excited about Amuto again. Just…in a more coherent way now.

    Yeah, Ikuto’s violin. All the songs they have him play sound really good.

    The little details are really the best, because that’s when you can tell they’re paying special attention to the little things a couple does. Amu and Tadase don’t have that. Amu and Nagihiko kind of do, but Rima and Nagihiko seem to have that in the manga too.

    That is the right expression. Surprised you know it. Though you’ve got me curious about what you use in Spanish.

    Well, the 25-20 % are hung up on one of four other couples with Amu. Tadase, Kukai, Kairi, and Nagihiko. Same goes with Ikuto’s popularit percentage. He’s beaten four other guys out by more than fifty percent. That is a crazy victory.

    But you are right…what’s wrong with everyone else!?

    Yep. Slowly, step by step, Amu’s realizing what’s going on. Her denial just keep trying to push it away (but it’s totally happening).


    oTAKu: I hope so, but somehow I just doubt it. More Ikuto in the next season anyway.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: OST stands for Original Sound Track. It’s just the soundtrack for a series.

    lol, poor Amu. She’s the victim of so much jealousy from other girls. Though oddly enough, she never gets the chance to be jealous herself (it’s not fair!!!).

    Yes Amu! Fighto for Ikuto!!!

    I’m hoping episode 51 will have Amu wondering more about what Ikuto’s wish is since apparently she’s going to be thinking about wishes for the embryo in that episode.

    I have…no idea where you’re going with it actually.


    13Cici: You didn’t watch until episode 30? But you missed so many fun scenes. If you ever have free time you should at least go back and watch some of the plot-related episodes. Even if they;re mostly just the same as the manga, it’s still fun to watch them in motion.

    But they took the scene out anyway. They had Ikuto acting all stubborn instead, leaving Amu after she said that she liked his song, because they were “enemies”. It wasn’t fun to watch. No fluff at all.

    Heh, if she chooses Dia as her would-be self though she’ll become an amazing singer.


    Lola: Seconded!!!

  18. Do people who work in spiritual shops even wear those kind of clothes anymore? xD I know, I know. I have too much fun making fun of filler characters.
    Haha, that’s a good reason. I’d add the fact that Ikuto was there as well. lol
    Ooo, that’s a really good idea (even though Ikuto’s only gonna stay in Amu’s room for three days, ha). I like as well, I like as well. It’s possible to squeeze fillers within a few hours, right? xD; Eh, but they’d have to get the fall semester over with first. It was already snowing when we entered the Ikuto arc. :/
    Gah, she can be honest about anything else but her own feelings. That’s cheating. :P
    I think so, too. Just like how Utau’s songs are made especially for her, the same thing has to apply to Amu since she is the heroine and all. I want the CD now…ooo, speaking of which, have you heard that a CD’s going to be released for the OP of the new SC! game? I think it’s sometime in November and Amu and her Charas are going to sing it (including Dia, yay). Can’t wait. ^^
    She will smile more in next chapter hopefully yes? :D
    Ah, you know them peoplez and their sequels. They just have to differentiate season 1 and season 2 by adding something onto the title. At least this is not some random English word/phrase that makes no sense (Shugo Chara! Anrokku!, pfft). Heh, I do find it funny how it means “second year”, tho. The manga didn’t even get pass a few months after the Utau/Dia arc and Amu will graduate in the spring. Right…

  19. Well, they sell them anyway. So that obviously must be where our filler girl goes to get her clothes. But silly girl, she won’t get Ikuto like that. She needs to try more Cool and Spicy.

    No! Satelight can adjust the story this once. Ikuto can stay in Amu’s room for two months (yes…two months). Satelight has no problem defying logic, so they can totally ignore the fact that Amu’s parents would have caught on before two months.

    The CD probably will get released (if it does) around the same time as Utau’s. Sheesh, when are they going to announce it? It’s not fair!!!

    Ah. I did not know that. Song with double Kanae Ito singing! Want it? Do you know when it’s coming out? Or where you heard about it? Because I’m doing a little round-up post to gather all the info coming out before the second season and I want to include this little tidbit.

    Shugo Chara! Anrokku! would actually make me get in the car, drive to the airport, get on a plane to Japan, head over to wherever Satelight’s offices are and go wiffle smack whoever is in charge of making up titles (and while I’m there I’d make a stop by Gonzo too of course).

    Ah. That’s a good point. Are they going to do a super slowdown? Because they can’t just randomly continue after Amu graduates. Not with the same storyline anyway…

  20. Nah, she shouldn’t. Then I’d hate her for being a poser. Filler people should just stay filler.
    Because he is that sick and needs Amu’s love and care. x3 Hehe, & it’d just make Amu’s mama the awesomest mother in the world for being so godly understanding. I swear, every adult in SC! is an Amuto supporter. People need to grow up to be that smart. lol
    They should release it soon. Black Diamonds LE is already out of print…and they can promote the second season with it. C’mon, Pony Canyon~…
    && clickie here:
    It’s gonna sell on PlayAsia and YesAsia, too. On Nov. 5. I want the game so badly now.
    Bring back lots of souvenirs! Lol xD; Ah, that reminds me, I’m gonna watch the last eppy of Special A before class tomorrow.
    Nuuu~!!! It’s already bad enough that there’s a high chance they’ll be starting with fillers (oh god) but to stretch it out that much? I say P-Pit should just chock out the chapters every two weeks now. I wouldn’t mind the less pages. -.-;

  21. i have yet to see this episode, i just wanted you to know that girl who stole your summary before “borrowed” every single picture from your site and made her post on her blog.

  22. ok, I’m going to start off with a little rant before I give my thoughts on the episode.
    Damnit, Damnit, Damnit!!!!Damn Hurricane Ike and damn centerpoint energy! I was a hour away from seeing this episode with sound before the power went out. Then centerpoint energy didnt fix the power for my neighborhood till yesterday! But I wasn’t at my house, so I had to wait forever to come home. Then I come home to watch it and there is no sound! So i had to watch an Amuto episode with no sound*pouts*. I am not in a good mood.
    Ok, but enough with that, and with Amuto! Yay! Amuto! I was so excited for this episode.I was so happy to finally see the scene. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could have heard Ikuto playing his violin and Amu singing. But whatever. Yoru was really cute. Yoru is always cute. But loud sometimes. But that is what makis him cute.
    THe filler character is the prettiest filler charcter so far. Bt other than that, she was kinda lame. And wow. how could she spill that tea and not hear it!
    yay! Amulet Spade came to the rescue!Good. Miki even said Amulet Spade was the one Amu used the least(back in 44, i think)
    Hehe, Ikuto gave advice, but was no help really to Amu.I find that amusing for some reason.
    I love at the end how her charas made her say all that stuff, and then Amu finally realized what she was saying. lol. Too funny.You know you love Ikuto,Amu. Just accept it.
    I hope i get to see the episode WITH sound this time. It will be so much better. But it was still good.

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