WTF? Plagiarism.

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I swore I was done ranting about any immature Shugo Chara fans, but this time it’s not even about Shugo Chara specifically. It’s hit a new low. And I am pissed off. Unlike before where it was just exhausting, this time…I’m actually angry and completely offended by this. There’s few things on the internet that I would take so seriously, but she’s found one.

I was plagiarized. My summary for episode 39 was copied with many of my little “(lol comments)” and only edited to take out the ones where I made fun of Tadase and changed to support Tadamu.

That’s right. Same annoying flamer. At first she amused me, but now congratulations you lazy-ass Tadamu fan. You’ve pissed me off. But hey, I’ll give give you what you want anyway. Have some traffic from my blog and learn to deal with the consequences of what you say.

To start off, did anyone notice the title of the blog in the url? SimplicityAnimeBlogger. Couldn’t think of your own despite your many super secret aliases that you use when flaming me? I’m surprised.

Of course, it was changed to “simpleanimeblogger” which the last time she flamed me got a small little eyebrow-raise from me. By now I recognize her IP address from all of her flames. Hence, I decided to look up “simple anime blogger” in wordpress and found my way to her plagiarism.

I don’t know if she’s really just the unoriginal, if she’s doing it to try and steal some views when people search for my blog, or if she’s just trying to piss me off. I don’t try to understand girls that create a blog, use “ur” and tons of exclamation points.

Sure, anyone can have a blog, but I think if you want to have some real readers, you should try to maintain the minimum level of professionalism.

Of course, the first look at our precious little plagiarizer’s blog tells us she’s lazy. Open for business with an entirely new blog and EVERYTHING is unorganized with the basic starting theme set in place. She’s starting brand new posts without even getting her actual blog fixed up.

Now, of course, none of that stuff would even bother me if it weren’t for the fact I’m holding the plagiarism against her and am determined to show off every other small thing wrong with her blog.

She kept the “Hello World!” post in there too for some reason. Not a thing is in there aside from what comes with the blog and her plagiarized post.

Now then…to the Episode 39 post. Here’s hers…here’s mine. Right away there’s something you can notice. See those crappy looking screencaps? That’s what it looks like when you take your screencaps from the HorribleRaws video. Like I did.

Then you should notice that every image is the same as mine in my episode 39 post. Then you can go right click, view image, and see that the url…links to my image.

I don’t actually mind that so much, since I don’t have to worry about bandwidth quite yet, but with her lack of interweb knowledge, I doubt she knows that. Once again, this wouldn’t bother me too much if it weren’t for the other crap, but it’s getting there.

What pissed me off was the blatant copy and paste job she did on MY summary while she specifically called it her summary. “Well heres my summary:” is what she said right before it. Bitch.

I don’t even need that to call it plagiarism. Plagiarze definition from Miriam-Webster:

to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own : use (another’s production) without crediting the source

No credit. It’s plagiarism.

Now then, let’s do a quick copy & paste of “her” summary.

Things open with Utau and her clearly awesome new song and ominousness. Then Tadase comes along and is bullied.Which made me cry.His flower he picked for his G-ma is crushed and he cries!!!!!!!!!So cute when cries!!!!!!!!

On the way to school Amu’s charas make fun of her yawning. She turns into a drooling fangirl for Tadase. Amu notices that he doesn’t seem to be feeling well but Tadase says he’s his usual self. Then when they go to class everyone’s talking about a new CD that apparently grants wishes (give you three guesses about whose it is). Neither Amu or Tadase know anything about it.

They talk about the CD more in the Garden. Supposedly it’s haunted or cursed or something too (I don’t know, I’m msotly guessing at meanings there). Then Yaya starts freaking Amu out with ghost stuff and Rima scares her too. Then Kairi and Musashi plot a little with the CDs.

Then cut to more Utau awesome singing. Enjoy it! They give the CD out for free to people. Everyone seems entranced by Utau singing or something.

After school Amu looks for Tadase because he wasn’t feeling well .Amu’s charas get all involved in her business (including Eru the angel of love), but Amu firmly ignores them this time. Amu finds Tadase in front of the planetarium. Amu brings up the planetarium’s nice caretaker and Tadase starts laughing. Inside the planetarium Amu learns that the caretaker is actually the first king (and we saw just before that he has a copy of the book from the…second episode too).

Tadase talks to Amu a little and says he wanted the CD too (or something). Amu asks what he’d want and he says something about being strong or something.Tadase then has a sad flashback about his dead dog Bessy,And his sick G-ma.Tadase explains a little about his grandma who I guess always told him to be strong and stuff. Then Tadase goes on more emo about not being able to find the embryo and some other crap. Then Kiseki gets all ticked at Tadase and talk him out of it or something. Amu joins in too.

Back at Amu’s house, Amu is thinking abotu Tadase and Kiseki, her charas all try to cheer her up. Eru interrupts with Utau love~! She brings up Dia and everyone goes emo again. Emo Amu talks about Dia and stuff (or whatever) and Eru falls asleep.

At Tadases house Tadase and Kiseki got in a fight so Tadase isnt Talking to him.He then takes out the CD Which Kairi put their probably.Kiseki is stuck into his egg because Tadase listens to it.Tadase walks off to a van with some other kids.Meanwhile Kairi is doing the dishes and feeling bad about what he did, putting the CD in Tadase’s bag under his sister’s orders.On her balcony, Amu is thinking about Tadase not feeling well.Amu sees a shooting star and wishes three times for Tadase to feel better. She gets hit in the face by Kiseki, learns all the news about Tadase, transforms into Amulet Heart, and rushes off to save him.

After flying around a bit, Amu sees all the kids and goes to check out what’s up. Then x-eggs start showing up and Kiseki’s egg starts turning into an x-egg. Specifically, as Amu thinks, like Dia.

Elsewhere, Dia has a reaction. Utau asks what’s wrong and Dia talks! She says nothing really, but still, Dia talked!

Amu sees Tadase and he’s all emo about flowers again. Then he sees Amulet Heart and starts to snap out of it. Amu talks about Dia and stuff to him and tries to get him to snap out of it more by telling him to remember about when Kiseki was born (or something). Then we get a flashback of when Kiseki was born, which was apparently caused by the flower sadness.More, sapping out of it occurs with encouragement from Kiseki. Then the Humpty Lock glows and a super transformation ensues.

Amu and Tadase team up and heal the eggs (with Tadase’s new attack) and Kairi and Musashi see it (when did they get there anyway?). Utau sees it as well, but she’s unimpressed. Amu does her open heart and bam, everyone’s healed. They see a bright glowing egg among all the healed eggs that quickly bounces away.

Kiseki and Tadase reunite and there’s a small moment with Tadase’s grandma and all seems to be well.

But in Utau’s van, there’s more plotting. The plans about the indie band Black Diamonds is revealed. And Utau takes off her glasses and gets her name said for the first time this episode (like they’re revealing it or something).

Do you see all that purple text? That’s what’s from my summary. She cut anything out that was anti-Tadase and added in her poorly spelled fangirling. She cut out my complaint about Ikuto being cut out too. There’s also blue for things that are reworded from my summary for things I was unsure of at the time.

She even kept in all of my “or somethings” and my typos. It’s completely pathetic. Even me calling Tadase “emo” was kept in there for some reason.

Now, I know that this summary was incredibly biased and I wouldn’t write a summary like this again (and I didn’t do it often before this). But back then I was ticked off about Ikuto’s scene being cut out, so I was especially harsh at Tadase because I was just naturally angrier.

Will I take it down though? Nope. That’s how I felt back then. So it stays.

However, especially because I’m not proud of this summary, I feel offended that someone would be so lazy as to steal it. You’ve seen the episode you bitch! Make your own summary! Without the, “or somethings” so it can at least have the advantage of being accurate.

God, I’m kind of pissed of, specifically because I don’t have to defend myself. I don’t have to put any thought into it. Everything is just copy-pasta. It’s stupid.

Now out of sheer spite, I’m going to go through and disect every single one of her comments about the episode. Because I’m offended by the absolute lack of time she put into her blogging. I’m going to prove my point by specifically putting more effort into making fun of her post.

I’m spiteful, but Hell. It’s about time I had my fun. I’m tired of being the mature one.

“New form”? Try new clothes. Idiot. New form would be Seraphic Charm. And Kawaii, huh? Cute’s not enough for you?

Yeah, when I talk about Tadamu fans, this is what I’m talking about. One two-word fragment for Tadase, then straight for the Tadamu. What about Tadase as a person? My god. I spent more time saying why I specifically don’t like Tadase than you girls spend saying why you like him. It’s all about Tadamu for you girls. It’s pathetic.

And you hope they get married? Wouldn’t it be better if one of them would accept the other’s confession first?

I bet she hasn’t bought the single. Someone so lazy that they won’t even write a proper post can’t possibly have a job. The only way she has the CD is if her parents got it for her.

She just likes the First King because she likes Tadase. I bet she only hates Ikuto because he’s interference for Tadamu too. Of course, she’d probably give the standard, “Ikuto’s a pedophile!” response, but it still stems from her just being into princely shotas. Her whole world revolves around it. Pathetic.

She called Tadase emo and went “Waaa”. Wow, she’s such a good fan. Now stating why she’s sad about Tadase being sad?

Sheesh. At least I manage some real sympathy for characters I like outside of all capitals online crying. I think I’m starting to even like Tadase despite him being that princely sort of character I can’t stand. He’s pulling out the pity in me because he has such awful fans. I feel like he deserves some real fans who will defend him without just saying, “You’re mean!” about shallow little jokes. Insulting Ikuto to defend the character you like. It’s pathetic.

All a character has to give them any sort of significance in the real world is their fans. Tadase mostly has these little fangirls spamming people and giving his whole fanbase a bad name. Real Amuto fans don’t do that crap. Real Tadamu fans shouldn’t either.

I knew that from you spamming “WAAAAAAIIIIIITTTTOOOOO” on my blog five times that you liked Eru. But once again…you are shallow about your love. At least Eru has real srs bsns fans. I know. I’ve seen the Eru love on this blog.

Same shallowness. Are all Tadamu fans like this about everything? They make themself “victims” and are so immature they think two wrongs make a right, but they never have any reason for liking what they like outside of, “Cute” and crap. No wonder telling them to think before writing has no effect. They don’t think.

What happened to the Eru love? Now it sounds like you’re freakin’ scolding her. Maybe that’s not what you mean, but uh…exclamation points and question marks are one of the few ways to express tone on the internet. Freakin’ learn how to use them properly.

The lack of space in between sentences and “ur” is really stating to piss me off. For “you” it just takes two more letters. “Your” just two more also. Are you that lazy? Yes. Everything else screams YES!!!!!!!!!1111111eleventy-one

Same crap as before. Do you even like Amu for anything but pairing her up with Tadase? And my god…I still can’t believe Tadamu fans like it when Tadase shows that he likes Amulet Heart. Don’t you want him to like the real Amu? No…guess not.

“Your hilarious” (I can’t do “ur” I just can’t) implies that she thinks this is funny. Why? Because it looks girly? or…dare I say it…gay? Hmm…I wonder. Because that’s why it made all of us laugh. Amuto fans, Kamuri fans, even mature Tadamu fans.

Someone doesn’t read the manga then. And why episode 43? Random.

“Kawaii” again? I have no more words for you. Oh excuse me. I should talk in a way you understand. I hav no more words for u. …Kawaii!!!!!!1111


Quite frankly, this noobtard, troll, and freakin’ immature piece of shit has been bothering me for a long time. Not letting comments in didn’t work, she started e-mailing me again to show me a poorly made parody AMV. (The skit was funny, but putting it randomly to clips of Tadase and Ikuto doesn’t make it funny)

I stopped giving her attention again, but then she goes ahead with plagiarism. Cannot ignore.

That is my one BIG button that you do not want to press. Pisses me off like nothing else.

Probably because I want to be a writer in the future. Words are something important to me. My personal style, my little jokes, my ideas, all of it is important to me because it is distinctly mine. Then someone else steals it and say it’s theirs? It depends on how a person feels about it, but in my case, it’s the most offensive thing you can do to me outside of insulting or hurting a friend or family member.

You stole my time and effort and claimed it as your own. You stole my words. Not only that, but you censored the little thoughts I put in to make myself sit through something I didn’t enjoy and replaced them with your own.

No credit, no source, no permission, no nothing.

I know the last time you e-mailed me you started off saying, “I know you hate my guts.” No…I do not. or I did not. Personally, I don’t think I’m capable of hating someone unless they actually offend me. It’s only happened five times in my life where I’ve developed a personal hate against someone.

  1. The bitch little girl who cut in front of me and shoved me to the ground at Disney World when I wasn’t looking so she could hold hands with Minnie instead of me. I hope her parents beat some sense into her, though judging by how bratty she is, I doubt it.
  2. The other bitch little girl who got in a fight with me at my brother’s boy scout meeting and said she’d get her dad to get his gun and shoot me. We were seven.
  3. My bitch friend from seventh grade who told boys I don’t wear underwear because I told her she was being a brat. Lies.
  4. Girl who made fun of my brother in front of me because my brother punched her boyfriend in the face when he was being an asshole. Hope she got pregnant and dropped out of school for that same asshole.
  5. Bitch who insults me in front of my best friend and spread around rumors that I was anorexic just because I wasn’t her size (she’s overweight, which I don’;t have a problem with, just her attitude). When I gained a little weight, she actually said to my friend she thought I was getting kind of chubby. I was still half her size.
  6. The bitch who had a crush on my brother and after making fun of me for a year (friend of bitch number 4), tried to act like we were friends when my brother was around.

Okay…so there’s six. Obviously, I hold grudges for a long time judging by number 1 and 2. And silly little plagiarizer, you haven’t even made this list with your distinct disregard for the work of others.

You complain if someone makes fun of a character you like, but then you turn around and make fun of someone for liking a different character (basic quote from her signature: “Amuto fans are evil” nice).

Quite frankly, once my initial rage over being plagiarized is gone, I just have to shake my head and sigh.

I pity you. You’re lazy. You have no real thoughts or opinions. You have so much free time to go around flaming others, but not enough time to develop your own summary.

You better be 13 or under, or else I can say right now that you’re spoiled and will never make it in the real world. Never. I’m often told that I have the maturity of s 16-year-old because of my lack of experience in dealing with society. You have less than that little missy. And I pity what will become of you if you don’t shape up.

I’m done with you now. Your plagiarism tops it all, and it still makes me absolutely pissed, but everything else…done.

I can’t reason with you. I can’t talk to you. Whatever. I’ve had my spiteful little revenge now (thanks for making a blog btw, it’s what I’ve wanted all along so I could properly call you out. Blogger to blogger). Just take down my summary or at least give linked credit (specifically mentioning that you changed some things) and stay out of my crap until you can conduct yourself like a proper fan.

From now on. If you have something to say, keep it to your own blog. or reply here to. Since I’m specifically insulting you here go ahead and “defend” yourself. That’s fair enough.

You can keep spamming me all you want. Just remember that for every comment I have to delete from you (or just your ip address if your “sister” is real), I will spam you with two right back. Tired of being mature.


Now then, to my readers…I don’t condone flaming. That said, I won’t be disappointed and stop talking to you guys if you go ahead and flame her anyway. Quite frankly, she deserves it and I do kind of want her to understand how annoying what she does to me is.

If you do decide to comment on her post though, be mature and don’t be mean. If there’s already a lot of other flames there, please don’t just bury her in flames. I feel like that’s actually quite mean. One flame is annoying, but a pile of people ganging up on you is…a lot more difficult to deal with I imagine.

Of course, I doubt your comments will even see the light of day. If you really want them read, feel free to tell me what you said.

Now then, I realize how immature I’m being and for that I apologize. I’m a little disapointed in myself. But dammit, I’m pissed off. If I could meet this girl face to face I would tell her all this myself and I’d keep it personal. I can’t do that though. So I’m sharing it with others too, wanting some sort of affirmation that, “Yeah! You have a right to be pissed off!”

Plagiarism is wrong. On any level. If you condone it when it’s just a small little episode summary, someone this immature will think that it’s fine. It’s not. And by telling the world now, I get to make sure you don’t get any credit for what I’ve done.

Take the summary down.

Now then quickly reffering to comments again. I commented before posting this. I’m not waiting for a reply, because I’m too pissed off. I want her to remember why plagiarism and flaming is bad. Here’s the screencap since it probably won’t see the light of day.

Sorry if anyone else thinks I’m being immature. (I know I do) Can’t help it. Wanted to rant. Decided to rant. Posted it. Story Over. This was just something I couldn’t ignore.

I mean, just to put it in perspective…My Post. Her Post. It’s a blatant rip-off. I won’t stand for it. If it was just a forum, fine. A livejournal…eh…but fine. Starting her blog off with my content? Hell no.

Now then…apology image.

I’m excited for Clannad’s After Story and I wanted to remind myself of a fandom that’s never given me such problems. Sure we all poke at each other a little, but the absolute immaturity just isn’t there. I am definitely looking forward to my Furukawa shenanigans (early on anyway).

Done now. Sorry for the rant. Feel free to tell me I’m being a whiner doing two rants in a short span of time. I know I am. (Also, didn’t reread a damn thing, so it’s even more rambling than usual)

Update 9/15: The plagiarized post was deleted. Not by her though. At least one person reported her for the plagiarism, a friend online who reads this blog regularly. It was a further solution that completely slipped my mind during my RAGE. Anyway, here was the response e-mail:


We have removed a plagiarized post noted by the blog's owner. We will deal with it from there.


Automattic |

So basically, problem solved for now. Though the little bitch still hasn’t admitted to anything and now I know she intends to do more episode summaries, so I’m keeping an eye on things. She’s also declared me her “rival” which would give anyone a sort of *headdesk* reaction. Wow. Rival? No. Annoyance. Rival means that she somehow can compete with me. She just steals my crap.

*sigh* Anyway, thanks for everyone who responded. She is an annoying little girl, isn’t she? (I’m replying to comments later)


  1. This shit happens all the time. Just gotta get used to it and establish a good base of readers that know your blog. Just keep churning out good content and the rest will take care of itself; at least he or she is not profiting off of your writing.

  2. i thought the whole point of a blog was to put your ideas and opinions on a subject in a place where you were not censored. what this person is doing is lazy and sad. how can you love something so much, yet put no time and effort into it.

    i am new to the blogging world, but everything i write down are my own thoughts and ideas. i do not read other blogs wanting to see the SAME opinions, i want to read others. i hope that she does take down this blog or people see her for who she really is. i am sorry this happened to you.

  3. nah… i don’t think that you’re being immature. shoot the plagiarists!!!

    what i find funny that other than the fact that she added on stuff after stealing your post, you had one misspelled word that she didn’t even correct – so if she whines that you’re spreading lies about her, i’ll have your back on beating this girl senseless.

    on another note, it’s really pathetic that she would be the first to comment on her own posts to tell readers to please comment.

  4. Needs moar RAW RAW FITE DA POWAA.

  5. Well, I really won’t say your being a whiner. If someone did that to me I’d probably do the same thing. It really pisses someone off. Really.
    And when you think this stupid girl just can’t go that far, well, she goes. Actually, from reading, you can tell when it’s her writing. Yup, she doesn’t even know how to write. “U”‘s and “ur”‘s are also stupid. She really must be 13 or something.
    Nway, expressing your thoughts in rants is not that bad. You free what’s inside your head, and you end up feeling better. Major problem is, the stupid Tadamu fan could get even more… stupid, and start doing even more…. stupider things that are just… stupid. I mean, we all are sick of you, so just get out and d-die o_ô
    Argh… to deal with this immature people… it’s better to stop being mature and just counter-attack.
    I seriously thought we could be friends and everything would be solved. But having someone who just doesn’t admit that she’s wrong… it’s harder this way. It’s fine though, and i’m talking to you, Tadamu fan. Listen well, or actually, read well, if you “can” read, that is. Ok, so I know you want to see Tadase ending up with Amu (every Tadamu fan wants to anyway). Yup, that’s YOUR opinion. Ever heard of respecting other people opinions? I guess not. Every fan has something they like and dislike. It’s like this for almost everything. But look, wouldn’t it be better if you acted like a true Tadamu fan? If someone says that Tadase is gay, so what? What matters is your own opinion (believe in your heart lalalaaalalalllaa~~). Not the others. And yeah, you should believe in your own opinion and not get influenciated by others. Unless you’re allready drugging yourself because someone said you to do so. In the end, you are still a bitch and Fuyu’s right, just grow up… please? Maybe I left something out my I’m also stressed with this girl. Just know you are being a mean bitch! Waaaa~

  6. The things that she was doing to you right now are too much… I think that this girl only wants to ruin you and bring you down. That was really immature of her to do that and come on, is she mentally retarded?

    It was really good to voice out and express yourself in this blog and I really admire that you are being strong in times of this, Fuyu-chan. Keep being strong ^_^!

  7. Yeah! You have a right to be pissed off!
    Feel a lil better now? :)
    I’m sorry to say I haven’t read all of your post like I would usually do (I’m briefly skimming it over cuz I have class in half an hour) but just looking at all those ridiculous add-ins she made and that horrible spelling…what the f***, there are actually people this seriously retarded?
    I can tell it’s plagiarism even without the different font color. It makes me sick and I feel like I want to slap (flame, whatever) her but I won’t. I refuse to visit this so-called blog of hers to even tell her off about her stupidity cuz I can’t stand looking at that kind of crap. But I want you to know that I back you and your anger 100%. It certainly isn’t immaturity, imo. This is your work and effort that was stolen. You have every right to be pissed off and to rant about it. Maybe even more.
    And I admire the fact that you had the grace to be patient with your comment to her. I would’ve shut down her blog. -_-;

  8. LAWL wtf?? XD That reminds me I gotta go back to my SC scans and slap my blog’s URL all over them as they are being distributed all over the place with no credit x(

  9. Damn, I can’t beleive it…!
    I don’t think you’re being immature, since plagiarism is such a low thing.
    I won’t say much bcause is your rant and hope that at least worked for you to vent out…
    But wow. This persone is absolutely incredible.
    Just know that you do have a good blog by your own and loyal readers. And when someone has something good, there’ll always be a person that tries to steal it or make fun of it…!
    Btw, I didn’t know the “ur” bothered you! Haha, I should know that…
    And the girls from your lil list of hatred, well… Haha, they do seem like bitches. But seems that the persons that can win your hate are characterized by bein’ rather fake or bratty. This one is just stupid. And life move on…!

  10. Plagiarizing blogs is like stealing leaves, though. It’s a worthless commodity.

  11. Actually I didnt my friend gave me those ideas.She also sent me those screencaps.I did NOT Plagurize.I hate plagurizing so if u want 2 rant about me I dont care.Stupid Amuto fans!

  12. I read Manga!!!!I have all Shugo Chara Nakayoshi issues!

  13. I have 3 words to describe that girl:

    Dumb Mother Fucker.

    How stupid can people be?

    Him loving Amulet Heart is NOT Tadamu. You stated that clearly. It’s ANTI-Tadamu.

    Dumb fucks.

    I am soooo sick of you getting flamed. I’m about to go straight bitch-face on them all.

    Don’t worry. I’m writing a mean little comment for that girl RIGHT NOW.

  14. I think your completely justified in your anger. Whenever I write something, or heck, whenever any blogger writes anything, it’s a personal expression of their feelings about the subject, and actually having the gall to steal someone else’s thoughts and pass them off as your own is shallow, idiotic and extremely pathetic.

    Not to mention the girl comes off as a complete retard with no social skills whatsoever but that’s not the main point.

  15. O no! There are a bunch of people that will give you crap like this one and the others mentioned above, but remember that ignoring these people will help you focus on the ones that really matter to you, the ones that hold you dear. I, for one, shall remain a FuyuMaiden Fan; and no amount of plagiarizing and stupidity in general will ever change that and especially replace you. Don’t worry about those people. Your fanbase will continue to come to Simplicity to happily read the latest entry and never pay heed (again) to any poor imitations that shall never amount to what Simplicity simply is. A GIFt for you:

  16. I can not believe that immature idiot actually ripped off your blog! Can’t you spam her blog for that? I’m filled with so much anger toward this pathetic Tadamu fan that I’m about to explode. She had no right to take your good Shugo Chara summaries and butcher them! And she ripped off your blog title to! GAH! I’m pissed. >.<

    Four paragraphs into you post and I had already decided I was going to flame her. Lol.

  17. More than being plagiarized, I think you’re being trolled, and it’s not worth feeding the troll despite the plagiarism.

  18. Oh wow! Seriously, she’s so dumb. Not only can you tell they’re your screenshots, but the fact that the writing is drastically different from the rest is just unbelievably dumb! ^_^

    She even failed at plagiarizing correctly! Not that I support plagiarism…>_>

  19. Sorry to hear about what happened Fuyu. No one should have to put up with that.

    And she even commented on this post. What a fool.

  20. Woot! Go Fuyumaiden!I don’t think you are wrong at all. I would be just as mad as you are right now and act the same way. Actually, I probably would have acted more childish, but hey, I’m a freshman(yay! I’m a freshman now!)so, yeah. I thought you handled that very well. She is so freakin lazy. what is her problem?
    Anyways, I’m so sorry that she did that. I hope she can get off her ass and do something productive.
    Also, Im sorry that I havent been commenting. I’ve been reading all your summaries and stuff, but my life has been so hectic, I can’t always comment. But things are starting to slow down and you should hear me fangirl about Ikuto for this weeks episode.
    Again, good job on handling this whole situation very well.

  21. Gods does that girl make me laugh. I haven’t seen that big of an idiot since I last went on Gaia almost TWO YEARS AGO. For now, I’m just sighing and pitying her. If she’s over 15-16, I won’t believe it. I really really don’t know how there could be people like that. It’s kinda shameful and makes me feel like I need to belong to a different generation. I absolutely hate plagiarism too. I’ll be honest and admit I did it ONCE before in my blog career. When I think about it now, I feel really really bad and stupid about it. Hopefully that girl will feel embarrassed about herself in the future and grow up to make good structured opinions. It’s possible. I got through after all.

    This post kinda made my day. I’m still sick and I’m losing my voice more and more but I still had a good laugh reading all of this. Hur. Now I’m just sighing at the poor girl. Please grow up.

  22. DAMMIT!!! That girl finally, FINALLY, managed to irritate me! WTF?!
    I don’t know either to cry for sheer stupidity or laugh at the whole irony in her saying that she hates plagiarism, but does it anyway. I bet she doesn’t even know what the word means.
    Urgh, a blog is not made solely with fangirling over a character/pairing. It takes a full critical view over a serie, with personal comments here and there, and a GOOD GRAMMAR! THAT is a blog, and THAT is what Fuyumaiden does so well.
    Who the fuck (this situation REALLY requires for me to swear) does she think she is?! She doesn’t even deserve the fangirl title.
    I personally like Tadamu (but only after ch 28 minus lame moments from Tadase’s part; Amuto is still my priority), and Tadase is also a character I like (mostly when he acts as an active character, not as Amu’s love interest), and I feel extremely offended with fans like you.
    I agree with you, Fuyumaiden. Tadase is a very unlucky character for having such bad, and I really mean BAD fans.
    And what about the Eru love? She can’t even tell when she contradicts herself.
    Fuyu-chan, did you notice a curious error that she made (in the middle of so many)? Quoting: “Amu I know you’ll make Tadase a good girlfriend!!!” So, she supports Tadamu, but Tadase will be a good GIRLfriend? Sounds gay to me. But then again, it’s just my opinion (it’s Tadase bashing, so I guess it’s safe to say you won’t steal it right! *sarcasm*)
    And your comment was very mature. By looking at her post, I would say it really didn’t “see the daylight”. It’s stupid because you made a very polite comment. Apparently, she will only understand fully the situation when she sees that her blog won’t be that well received. She either gets flamed, or ignored. Either way makes one wonder: what is the point in all this? What is she trying to prove? My answer: she’s a n00b. And a thief.
    One last note: Fuyu-chan, we have all to be immature once in a while (talking about you). Aparently it’s the only way of dealing with others that are constantly immature.

  23. And one more thing directed to when she commented here: Your friend, or whatever excuse you make, cannot have the same imagination and criativity as fuyumaiden. It’s impossible. And the fact that you have entire paragraphs equal to the one made by this incredible blogger, only proves more and more that you stole her words. The only other possibility is that you memorized the whole thing, but given the fact that sheer stupidity rules your brain, I would confidently say that you didn’t.

  24. There are limits to stupidity one can have on the interwebs, before one questions why he/she/it is doing this. And it can’t just be for fun.

    Simplicityanimeblogger is one of them.

    Seriously…Why don’t we all go on her blog and have a nice flame party? I’ll bring the gasoline and everyone else can bring a match. Then we’ll all have fun watching her blog burn down in flames and ashes.

    If only getting rid of idiots were that easy…

    Still, being immature is probably something she’d want you to do; act all bitchy and whatnot. My advice 冬メイデン: Don’t give her any attention. Toss all her emails out. Block her on whatever chatrooms you go to. Just…treat her like she doesn’t exist. Sooner or later, she’ll give up, cry in the corner, and whine to her mother about why the world hates her.

    Works all the time.

  25. Dear Lord. Poor you, putting up with the so-called-bratty-know-it-all. You do a fine job, but it happens, it’s just that this little bitch takes it one (or a billion) steps too far. Her immaturity was painful to read ‘Kya! Kawaii!!!!’, how can Tadase possibly be cute AND emo at the same time. Unbelievable… And judgin by her captions, she only watches episodes that feature Tadamu eg ‘Utaus new form is so kawaii!’ – if she had watched every episode she would know that that is only her new outfit for the song ‘Black Diamond’.

    @warriorhope – ditto, she can’t even spell ‘plagiarism’ properly, then why bother commenting, nobody cares if she has all the Nakayoshi issues. According to her blog she’s 17. Great…

    Oh and a little comment to the bitch in question:
    if your blog has the title ‘Divine Anime Blog; For Anime Fans…Amuto and Tadamu fans!!!’ then why don’t you show your love and use a Tadase Banner, instead of a terrible quality version of Dia.

    And her lastest post about getting the Black Diamond CD, I swear I’ve seen those translated lyrics before, I’ll go investigate. I bet you she grabbed those romanised and Kanji lyrics from Gendou WITHOUT CITATION!!!!!

  26. I tried commenting on her blog about the whole plagiarism thing. I think she deleted it but I’m really upset over it even though it’s not my blog or anything. I think you got a bit overly-wrathful in the middle but overall, I really don’t mind you flaming someone as disgusting and fake as that. I would use curse words to describe her, but I think that at this point, it would be a bit too good for her (sorry I just really hate it when people do things like what she did and I’m a fairly biggish fan of yours.

  27. Actually I didnt my friend gave me those ideas.She also sent me those screencaps.I did NOT Plagurize.I hate plagurizing so if u want 2 rant about me I dont care.Stupid Amuto fans!

    Comment by simpleanimeblogger — September 11, 2008


    In that case, why are your summaries so similar (including typos)? You say you’re 17, but I don’t buy it. I’m only 13 and yet it seems as though I have more sense than you do. By the by, if you actually do stop stealing Fuyu’s summaries and write your own, try using proper grammar and spelling. You’ll see that people tend to like reading something with correct grammar over what you seem to write, a.k.a “OMG!!!!!!I cant beleve ppl would i stole stuff from someone elses blog!!!!can u???!!!???” It make you sound less than 12-years old, really immature an foolish.

  28. One more thing. Fuyu-chan, you could always disable the right-clicking function. I don’t know how though… And yes she did swiped those lyrics from and I high doubt she did those translations by herself.
    I’m 16 year 11 going into year 12 next term, and believe me if you (simpleanimeblogger) do plagiarise here in my school you get a big fat ZERO. Actually I think you’ll get negative figures.

  29. Argh my finger slipped. ‘Highly’ is what I mean. I’m really sorry for reposting, but this pisses my off so much.

  30. Unbelievable.
    I can’t believe someone would be so rude and inconsiderate as to steal your work and post it as their own.
    Not to mention steal your pictures and your thoughts, as well as declare themselves your “rival”. Then later deny it, although we can all /clearly/ see the links back to your website [regarding pics]. Does she think that we’re stupid or something? [Actually, I just read her post and yes she does. But at least we can spell words correctly.] And with such awful grammar and spelling, I’m surprised she actually made it through elementary [although I doubt that she’s 17].
    And, in the end, all for a two-dimensional character…that is sad…
    Poor FuyuMaiden-sama. D: Having to deal with such an annoying, disrespectful person such as her. Just because she didn’t like what you were thinking. You have every right to be as angry as you are, and your post wasn’t immature in any way. I admire you greatly, and know that we are all rooting [and supporting] for you. Keep up with your awesome [not plagiarized =)] blog and don’t be bogged down by idiotic, unreasonable fangirls like her!
    I hope she learns her lesson, but judging from the way she’s been acting up til now, it doesn’t seem like she will. Pity.

  31. WOW! That girl is hilarious! I’ve never ever seen anyone pull off a triple whammy….1. trying to plagiarize…2. failure to plagiarize properly…and finally 3. covering your failure to plagiarize properly by using a weak lie!

    In other words,
    1. She cant write her own original thoughts
    2. She can’t plagiarize right
    3. She can’t lie (friend’s idea my ass)

    Ahahaha, this is so amusing! Fuyu, I feel sorry that you have to go through this nuisance.

    And oh…I have a counter for this phrase…”Stupid Amuto fans!”

    Guess what…I don’t watch Shugo Chara! Thefore, I’m not anybody’s fan!

  32. I thought I should post this here, just because it’s so awesome. =D
    Seeing as how this Tadamu fan can’t think of a creative title for her blog, my friend Suleana [in case you dare to come here again before checking your “blog”, this is called “crediting”. You should try it.] came up with the /perfect/ name for you.

  33. I have only these words for that thief…
    “Send in the Tentacles!!!”

  34. That girl is just poor.

    Keep on, Fuyu-chan, you’re doing well!

  35. I feel disgusted.

    I can’ believe a 17 yr old will go around doing something like that.

    On the other hand, i feel kinda sorry for her, because only someone who has low IQ and EQ will go around doin such a stupid thing. In fact, i’m surprised that a 17 year old will like Tadase and hate Ikuto that much. Cause, that is just… SHALLOW.

    I refuse to think that all 17 year olds are the same. So i can only come to the conclusion that that girl is not mentally well.

  36. This girl has GOT to be a joke. No one can seriously be that stupid.

    Well… actually…

    Well, she’s got to be lying about her age. I just turned 15 a week ago.. and I’ve never done anything she’s done.

    And I was a pretty dumb kid!

    I’m really sorry about this :/ I really do give my best wishes and hopefully that little brat will get bored and move on.

  37. OH gawd -.-;;. That must be annoying. Anyway I’ve emailed wordpress about her plagiarism and they deleted the post at least. Are there any other specific instances of plagiarism?

  38. I think “noobs” have hit a new low. I mean, seriously, doesn’t she have any common sense?(I’m guessing she’s one of the people who think they can do anything on the ‘net and get away with it..)

    What’s the point of starting her own blog if she doesn’t even write her own material? Even her hate material isn’t hers. (The “baka” video isn’t actually hers, i checked. It was too-well made.)

    Don’t give up, Fuyu-san! You’ve got your fans, you’re amazing blog, and unlike her, your own thoughts and ideas.

    I’m glad she was reported, but sadly, I’m thinking she didn’t learn her lesson…

  39. Ha! I was going to report her for it, but I thought I’d just let her get flamed a little first. Someone beat me to the punch. :P

  40. Hm, I just received an e-mail from said Tadamu fan, in which she clearly stated that she would get me back…for what, I wonder? I doubt she could do anything to get me back anyways.

  41. amayalee: that person is crazy…

  42. She brought back the post but not the summary and credited you for the screen caps. But it’s still… meh :/

  43. @F.C: it’s not really crediting. She said that the images were ‘provided’. Doesn’t that mean that Fuyu gave an autorization for doing so? I’m sure she didn’t allow to do so.
    And the stupidest of all is that she credits other places for the screenshots, but they all have the address of Fuyu’s blog!

  44. Hey Fuyu! First of all, I really enjoy your rants and summaries, so don’t let anyone like that get you down. And second, I don’t think what you write (or type) is crap, or any other related term. If it was me against someone like that, I would take it as amusement, and not give her the satisfactory of it getting to you. And then I would probably turn around and report her. ;) So, good luck! =)

  45. I can understand your rage. I want to be a writer when I grow up (already writing a book) and plagiarism is WRONG! You are in no way being immature, because you have a right to be angry. She took your work and said it was her own, any action you made is justified.

  46. Urgh, she posted episode 40. And even though she didn’t steal your rants and words, she still keeps on stealing your pictures. I wonder how will she do it when she reaches episode 49 (too much amuto for her to handle)…

  47. Just hang on there girl! Seriously, kiddies shouldn’t be allowed to use the Internet, the always cause so much trouble! But I guess their parents just don’t care enough… -.- Sad but true! As for this lil’ girl’s blog, it’s just a noobish lazy job, and the fact that she stole your summary proves me right! I can’t tell you not to get upset, she stole your words and that is illegal! Of course she wouldn’t be able to understand that, since she even now denies stealing your work, but oh, well! Anyway, keep posting, we love those rants more than anything!!! ^^

  48. It’s been some time since that happen, but she has been pissing me OFF! D<
    She has been editing the posts of people flaming her into complements!

  49. wow… I just started reading this blog today, but I like Tadase… but that girl is seriously irritating…
    Well I’m a Tadase fan that doesn’t like Tadamu!
    Reasons why I like Tadase.
    He’s smart – Dude, he’s like the class representative
    He’s pretty nice – People -.- Tadase isn’t this homicidal freak out to get Amu
    He’s amusing – His cluelessness at somethings is pretty funny!
    Those are so far the reasons I have thought up as of now, so please remember that not every Tadase fan is a Tadamu fan ^.^

  50. Wow. Seriously, curse plagiarizers. I heard someone got her fanfiction plagiarized and someone posted it and passed it of as their own. With the very same author notes and the exact story. And now…plagiarizers who have seriously such bad grammar to add on to the summary(Which doesn’t make it any better with all the useless unreadable information) have reached like…wow. A new low.

    I know how annoying plagiarism is but luckily, I haven’t had to deal with it.

    Sorry if I commented in an old post, it’s just something I had to get out. ^^ And I hope these people can get their own life already.

  51. Wow. I am a Tadamu fan too, but seriosly (I know I didn’t spell that right) she’s stupid. She makes all of us tadamu fans look bad.

  52. @Goopa Maybe she isn’t..I should know she’s my cousin but she wanted to get back at Fuyumaiden she didn’t want to plagurize I don’t care if I spelled it wrong she’s only nine. So just leave her alone.And maybe you make Tadamu fans look bad(Which they all do)

  53. …at Dia? If she wanted to get back at Fuyu, but she didnt want to plagiarize, then why DID she? o_o And Goopa isnt making Tadamu fans look bad because s/he isnt really doing anything other than saying something about someone alone, not what they think. And not all Tadamu fans look bad, its just the ones who get overly obnoxious about it. Also since i think that im going to be remarked about that, im an Amuto fan at that. =3

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