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Ah…ehhh…hmmm…um…Huh. Yeah, I really can’t describe how I feel about this episode. It’s all anime original, but I’m having completely mixed feelings about it. The things I did like still bothered me. And the things I didn’t like, I somehow thought were appropriate.

Basically, I am without words. I couldn’t even really find a proper image to “represent” this episode or whatever. Hmm…

Gonzo and AIC being failures at writing just relied on some standard series-ending (or leading up to a series ending) cliches.

My biggest complaint would be that when SA began everyone saw this ending coming from a mile away. Kei leaving for England was what pretty much everyone figured would be how Gonzo would try to wrap it up. And that’s what’s happening. And it’s specifically what I didn’t want to happen.

Basically, it’s the fact that I like SA for the dysfunctional, but cute romantic relationships (and the fluff too), but drama? Ehhh…even if it’s not poorly done, I’m still not fond of it. But whatever.



I’ll try to keep the, “ehh…ah…umm…” down to a minimum, but I really am “in between” on most of this episode. I’m going to refrain from commenting on the drama parts because that’s what really leaves me with an “…eh” sort of feeling.

Of course to start off, there’s one major complaint I have about this episode. That’s the fact that a lot of my “eh” comes from the characters seeming OOC to me a lot of the time.

Reality seemed to hit me a lot randomly during this episode like…why wouldn’t the principal call everyone up and tell them what had happened before they all came to school wearing the wrong uniform? More specifically…why wouldn’t she tell her son?

Aww…poor Kei. I think this episode had me making more frowny faces for Kei than any other. Part of that I blame Gonzo and AIC for, making Kei not act like his usual self in this episode. That gives me a frowny face too.

How like Hikari, being all upbeat when everyone else is upset. It’s part of her being dense, but it’s still part of her dense personality that I like. Anime’s making Hikari likable at the end of the anime…not cool. Should have been like this all along.

I think Aoi is the biggest victim of OOC-ness. I remember back when I used to complain about how they were turning Yahiro into this big bad guy, it doesn’t even come close to this. Where’s my silly Kei-stalked Aoi, huh? We do not approve.

But do you know what bothers me most? This episode takes place right after the last one, the “cliffhanger” at the end tells us that. But what the hell? Why doesn’t that pop into Hikari’s mind even once? She’s pretty much just treating Kei like normal!

At least she had small blushes when she was talking to him. Barely makes it worth it though.

Sheesh. And if this is what Akira was like in the manga, I wouldn’t like her at all. She wouldn’t tell Kei to make things better or whatever. She’d want everyone to fix things. Boo anime. You have displeased me again.

Heh. At least you all know this brought a smile to my face (ignoring the rather awkward art). I think the reason why I’ve continued with SA is the same reason why I’ve continued with some crappy action anime. I love the whole catching a girl in midair thing. So cool~!

Heh…Kei~! He carried her like that for some time if the sun’s setting now. Hehe.

This is the in-character Hikari I like. She’s crying, but she’s purposely holding it back. And what she wants is for her friends to all be together. Sheesh. Why are AIC and Gonzo making Hikari act like herself when they’re doing the opposite with some others. For the sake of their anime-original plot I suppose. Not a smart move with a character-driven series like SA though.

Ah. I knew what was going to happen once we hit this scene. Predictable, but still…not bad. It just had me feeling like things felt out of place for SA, you know…

lol, but I enjoyed this (minus the doily explosion). Kei is so awesome. He knows exactly what to say (it’s like his last little jab at Hikari so he definitely made it a good one).

Now that is a real blush from a girl who actually knows who she likes now.

Oh Kei, you’re great. We won’t get to see much more of this in the anime, but we’ve hit the part where it’s easier for Kei to mess with Hikari than vice-versa. It’s too bad it’s ending now.

Heh, that’s right. I enjoyed this right to the end. Look how calmly Kei leaves while Hikari’s become a cute little mess.

And one last blushing picture for the road! Alright!!!

Poor Kei. I liked how they showed him remiscing way back to episode 1 though. That was fun> There were a lot of random little memories in this episode. (Though they felt weird because you could tell how the animation changed in each episode.)

Knew it was a dream. There’s no way dense Hikari would figure out Kei’s feelings.

^_^ Still enjoyable. It’s like they’re trying to finally make up for all those times when they cut out Hikari blushing. About time.

…I really don’t know what to say about the whole DORAMA aspect of this episode, except it just kind of felt out of place. So I’m keeping the commentary shallow, because that is what Gonzo and AIC have earned.

During this scene I couldn’t help but think two things. One…Hikari, don’t be stupid, you’re going to get run over or die from choking on plane exhaust or something. Two…Kei would have totally caught that plane.

Another thing, I felt like Kei was prety OOC here. Seeing Hikari running along the runway would have made him beat up the whole staff or something to get the plane to stop, even if it wasn’t his plan. Because he’s Kei and that’s how he gets about Hikari. Unless in episode 24 they’re going to surprise us with, “Kei went to Lodon so he could tell his grandfather he’s going to keep going to school” like in the manga. Which I’d actually like, if only they didn’t make things in this episode this way so that would feel out of place now. Meh.

And so to be continued. Everyone is going to London. Hikari and Kei are either never going to get together, or there’s going to be some rushed confession in the last five minutes that will make SA fangirls everywhere stare blankly at their screens before a sudden urge to throw them out the window comes over them.



Well we have a little more blushing Hikari and a Hikari x Kei moment (ruined by crayons), so maybe I won’t hate it. Doubt it though. I expect that the one thing I’ll want to say about this series after it’s over is that I’m just incredibly disappointed by it. I’m 99.9% positive that Hikari and Kei won’t get any sort of proper closure for their relationship, at least by shoujo fangirl standards.

But whatever. If the expectations are this low, maybe I’ll end up with a pleasant surprise.

(Blogging update: Still figuring out how to manage my time, so the Top Ten is post-poned again until next week. Too much homework and I was incredibly sick yesterday, so I have to do it all today.)


  1. I’m agree with yoU!! This anime was RUNNING A LOT!! and that most precious moments in the manga they tried to used in a weird way and low scenes in the anime -_- oh my!..

    Although I enjoyed a lot the humor scenes.. they got me laugh sometimes!! but ep 20 until ep 23 they mixed all sort of weird moments pretty boried and confused!

    The storie lost all the magic that Minami Maki got with the manga.

    I don’t know how explain what I feel about his anime!.. is like I want to see what will happen in the last ep.. but I don’t get disappointed again! :S oh .. well… I’m still S.A fan!

    My last comment about all this stuff is that I love HikarixKei and if the anime will get they together (quality final), then I’ll be able to sleep good all my life lol ^^

  2. omg nooo! kei come back!!!! TT^TT i’m guessing Kei left because he didn’t want to trouble the SA any further. and what did Kei say to Hikari to make her blush so red????

  3. this anime made me dislike the kei and hikari pairing so much. i have shifted love to tadashi.

  4. tadashi is mii lyfee xD
    but i totally agree with you… they bettah make this last episode good >:(

  5. Has anyone noticed how funny Tadashis laugh is XDD I love it.

  6. We do no approve.
    Can I join that we? XP I am most displeased with how they’ve made Aoi a total jerk. I mean, yeah, that’s how he appeared at first, but with the Kei photos and all, you’d figure they would make him less insensitive or whatever when nobody was looking.
    Two…Kei would have totally caught that plane.
    lol. Never even considered that.
    Speaking of those crayon moments, how about we storm Gonzo’s studio someday and steal all their crayons and melt them into a super-crayon?

  7. MoniChan: Yeah, that’s what they’ve been doing all along. It’s so disappointing. So many moments that got me all giggling or just smiling in the manga left me with a blank expression. Though, I’ll admit too that they did pretty well with the comedy.

    Well, if you expect to be disappointed, it won’t be quite so disappointing…


    Natsuya801923: Ah, that. It was part of the challenge. If she could protect the flower, he would use “magic” to return everything to normal. But if she failed, basically to have all of Hikari to himself. It’s hard to translate into English, but heh.


    biankita: I hear that from so many people. It really takes a lot of awfulness to dislike a pairing, especially if people used to like the same pairing. Awful anime. Though oddly enough, I think Tadashi has become more popular with the anime.


    shelli: They better…but they won’t. Keeping the expectations low.


    random person: Well yeah. Tadashi is funny. I can admit that about the anime.


    kaeyko: I figured you’d want to join in the disapproval. They’vre really messed up. They’ve been making me a little confused about the characters for a while, but now with Aoi, they’re definitely going too OOC and I don’t like it at all.

    They better have Aoi act the way we know he does at least once next week.

    I like it. We could probably make the biggest crayon in the world. Break a new world record. Then something memorable would come out of this crappy adaptation.

  8. oh no!!!!.. please let Kei and Hikari paired up in the last ep!!!!!.. please … make it a good ending of the anime… hehe.. coz.. finally.. Hikari is blushing when Kei is talking to her.. haha. just like the way that Kei’s touched when they are talking before.. oh!!!! please.. onegai!!!!…

    hrm.. Overall.. I think SA is ok… the only unique thing in the anime is.. there’s a magic appeared whenver characters are showing their confession… it really attractive.. hehe.. i love the part…. hehe//

    And that’s it.. there only 2 things that I love in SA..
    1. Kei and Hikari relationship..
    2. The magic thing.. hehe…

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