Where Has Fuyu Been?

September 9, 2008 at 12:23 am | Posted in Personal | 13 Comments

I bet people have been wondering that. I’ve only been kind of slow for a little over a week, but on the internet a week seems like AGES. Especially when a lot of my readers come to check Simplicity everyday instead of using the magic of RSS and Blog Readers.

I somehow feel like I owe an explanation. So even though I like to keep personal posts out of my anime blog, here goes.

The short answer to the question would be that I’m in school. Hence megane Fate at a desk in school

I’m attending the local community college as a Dual-Enrollment Student so I don’t have to return to high school to make up for last year. Of course, I missed last year because I was sick for 80% of the year, and by the time I was well enough to return, it wasn’t even worth it. So, instead this year I’m taking college courses and earning high school credit that way.

It takes some getting used to. Doing homework again and reading like normal. I’m still adjusting my personal schedule so I can do things properly. I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday, so I’m setting aside Saturday to be my 100% free day so I can catch up on blogging and other things. Everything else will take some getting used to.

As an example, I still have another twenty pages to read for my class tomorrow (and it’s 11:30 at night…yikes).

Of course, all of this is even more difficult to handle with my certain little health…problems. But as expected, getting out every day is building up my ability to…get out every day (without the complete lack of consciousness that would normally follow).

Though, I do own up to some regular and selfish laziness. I’m trying to figure out Sony Vegas so I can get back to making AMVs. Before I started up my blog that was my major hobby which has virtually dwindled down to…well nothing.

I also picked up some random anime DVDs with some of what’s left of my money and had to watch those. Mainly Gurren Lagann since the final volume came out this week. I waited quite a while to watch Gurren Lagann despite being spoiler-slapped a bunch of times because it had already been licensed when I thought of checking it out. I like buying anime and being a fansub and raw watcher has made me miss the days when I used to be able to sit back and watch an anime for the first time without any distractions.

Even when I’m watching Code Geass or Macross F, I generally have a dozen other windows open and it takes me 45 minutes to watch about 22 minutes of anime. I kind of want to go the DVD route with Gundam 00, but I completely fear spoilers for mecha anime. Outside of Gurren Lagann, not many have been able to hold my attention if I know what’s going to happen.

Oh and yeah…because I mentioned Gurren Lagann, it needs to be said: Fucking awesome. It became my favorite anime in the first ten minutes of the first episode. I think I’m going to shell out the money to buy copies of the version with the dub just so I can force my brother back into anime, because I’m positive this could finally do it. Even though he hates Gainax. (If he comes home before the dub gets released on DVD though I can force him to listen to the much more epic Japanese version too…)

Moving on though, I also have my ongoing job-hunt which took a much better turn today. All the college tourists are gone, back to their colleges. Now as an 18-year-old townie who only goes to school two days a week I have a distinct advantage. Especially since I spoke to a manager today and applied to a store where my friend is already a model employee and has already promies to give me a wonderful recommendation (she better too. I got her a job where I worked before and she quit just two weeks later. She owes me.).

So then let’s just wrap this up with a few notes on my blogging to make up for the lack of…blogging.

  • I watched SA episode 23 late last night. My initial reaction as I summed up in the in-progress post is basically, “…ehhhh…” because I’m really not sure what to make of it. Not bad, but it left me feeling kind of like that time I got lost in my own neighborhood when I was eight. Things seems familiar, but I still wasn’t quite sure what was going on.
  • The Top Ten will be returning this week in a rather lackluster way. An easy top ten without much work, but hey. It’s something.
  • I stand by everything I said in my post on Ranka, but I’m not replying to comments because…really. I already said what I had to say. It was just my take on it.
  • Yeah…I’m still getting flamed by Tadamu fan(s). I weep for my country after learning that she’ll be 18 for the next election. Or at least she says she will be. Ah, even if she votes for who I intend to vote for, it’ll just make me a sad girl anyway. I don’t want my candidate to win that way. (BTW, my attention to the two conventions can also explain some of my absence recently.)
  • Another note about Tadamu fans. They’re not the reason I’m not blogging. I’m having fun with them. But I’m keeping the fun to myself because I don’t want that to become a defining trait of my blog. I’d rather be the blind fangirl than the Destroyer of shipping flamers. Though both are kind of fun.
  • I finally have a couple of Complexity posts in the works as well as another article. Expect at least one of them sometime this month.
  • …I ordered my cute little Eru figure with her cute little egg. She comes with flow cards. The instant I get her, I’m setting up a bragging post.
  • Oh, and miraculously while I was sick, I figured out how I’m going to handle blogging everything I want to blog once Fall comes around. I’ll save that for when I actually decide what I’ll be watching and post my schedule in October.
  • My Japanese Learning has also been stalled in favor of the absolute Devil that is Algebra. I failed the first course in High School, I never got to complete the second course because my tutor decided that considering my track record with math, it was better to focus on courses I could actually pass, and I failed my placement test over the Summer for the college (though oddly enough I scored in the top 10% for math on my MCAS. Go figure…). So no posts for that for a while.
  • Nogizaka Haruka is temporarily on Hold because I’m moping about the lack of super fluff recently.
  • And in case you hadn’t heard…Amuto in the next episode of Shugo Chara. So um, even if my overall enthusiasm for the series has been fading a little…still HELL YEAH for the missing Amuto scene finally getting in there. (Hell…yeah)

And that’s really it. It’ll all be blogging as usual soon. I’m starting to get back into the swing of school already. I already figured out how to avoid the potential crisis that would have been Fall, so by the time the week is over, it should be business as usual.

Now then…back to Middlesex. Twenty pages before school tomorrow…I can do it! I used to stay up until 2:00 AM on school nights finishing off homework that should have been done at normal hours all the time! Of course that’s what lead to sickly girl, but let’s not remember that.

And oh yeah…rambling text…here’s a picture.

Sakura from CCS. Because CLAMP and Tsubasa Chronicle have been pissing me off and I want to remember a time when they didn’t piss me off. (I should catch up with Kobato…that doesn’t piss me off)


  1. I’m also being busy these days at school T.T And OMG Algebra… the existing hell on earth… Man T.T… Anyway, good luck on your school work (and to me too ^_^)

  2. You lucky face. Only having schools on Tuesday and Thursday. :P
    Well, sounds pretty busy from all that you plan to do so take your time in blogging. Studies first, sadly enough. *sigh*
    I’m already behind but that’s because Amazon is so slow with my books. Urgh. -_-;
    Ooo, I wanna see what Gurren Lagann is about now. Maybe when my library opens (yea, I’m at school…and have two hours till my first class today, lol).
    Ok, good luck with your work and finding a job and…everything else. xD;

  3. Having school and a potential job on the way could be a lot of work! :P I just got a new job and it’s made it harder for me to keep up with blogging. (Only cause every job I get works me to death) But I need the money to provide for my Otaku habit. I loved Gurren Lagann, but it isn’t my favorite anime…or maybe it is. I find it hard to choose.

    Good Luck with figuring out Sony Vegas, I got it weeks ago and am still having trouble with it. It’s easy to edit clips and put them where you want, but the rest of it is just hard. T.T

  4. Having school and work isn’t that bad! I mean, it might seem it’s a little tough, but it actually pays off. It actually teaches you a thing or two about time management. Another thing is that people tend to be lenient towards you at work because of your student status.

    You’ll get over this…I’m confident you can. If it makes you feel better, I’m also struggling to get in a university from a community college. I am not sure how it is in your case, but universities tend to look down upon community college students. So I’m working my ass off really hard to exceed their engineering curriculum there. Algebra? Forget about it, I’m forced to take Calculus classes one year too early!

    Anyhow, good luck! :)

  5. “she better too. I got her a job where I worked before and she quit just two weeks later. She owes me”
    or you can always resort to blackmail/tentacle monsters… let us call that plan B…

  6. Ugh maths. It makes me glad I take all literary subjects. Except for the essays. So very long essays…
    What’s weird is that I also used to make AMV’s (read: I made around 10 :P) but when I started my blog I kind of stopped caring as well. Also, my poor editing system WMM kept crapping out on me. Might check out Vegas, as I do like making them, but no such inspiration (except for Death Note) has struck lately.

  7. Poor Fuyu-chan :( Still getting flamed T_T

    PLEASE send me NAOMI-chan’s email. PLEASE.

    I’ll flame that bitch like there’s NO tomorrow.

    She’ll be sooooo sorry she f**ked with you,
    Fuyu-chan >D

    (Good news! I got Fruits Basket Vol 1!!! HORRAY!!! Yuki and Kyo….they’re so cute!!! >\\\\<)

  8. Alegebra… *Shivers* I agree with you, it’s a devil…

    And well, congrats for ur soon to be gotten Eru and flow cards! I want a really really long and detailed post from you when you get them. I mean it. XD

  9. Algebra is… Uh… I don’t know. Algebra is algebra. Simple. (Not really. It’s so complicated, I can’t even describe it!) Ugh. I hate algebra.
    Ooh, make sure to post some pictures of Eru! You’re so lucky! ^-^

  10. Also….algebra…-shudders-

    I’m good at math…but now it’s annoying >_<

    -hugs Fuyu-chan-

  11. It seems everyone is getting caught up with school issues lately. After so many months of sleeping in everyday in the warm summer, it’s really hard to get used to a normal schedule complete with homework again… I’ve been basically bombarded with homework already. I hope you pull through! :)

    I always really enjoy buying the DVDs as well, for basically the same reason as you. I’ve been wanting to buy Gurren Lagann for some time now, but my lack of money obviously makes it a problem. I haven’t even pre-ordered my Ouran DVD yet and there is a couple of other box-sets that I’ve been eying lately…

  12. Thank you to everyone who offered their condolences on my Algebra issue. It is Hell.


    kanzeon: Busy so soon after getting your blog running again. So sad…


    xiao_jie88: You should watch Gurren Lagann. It’s so good. Been so long since there was a mecha series I could legitimately enjoy.


    amayalee: Personally with Sony Vegas, my issue is editing the clips down. I hate having to do it all myself. I miss scene detection. The effects have actually been…kind of easy for me.


    7: That’s what I’m going to have to do. I’m attending the COmmunity College for two years before using their automatic transfer system to transfer into a state university. I’m not looking forward to saying, “Oh I transferred from a community college.” to people as a new student.


    EvilDevil: An excellent plan, especially since I have anime knowledgte she does not. Twice as effective since she doesn’t know of tentacle monsters. They’l catch her by surprise. And I can pull a “lol sunrise” blackmail TWIST on her to and have that actually surprise her.


    omisyth: Ah WMM…I remember so well. It got a little better when I switched to Vista, but barely. I hate that devil. Won’t be missing it at all.


    lol2728: Well, I can’t send you NAOMI’s e-mail (don’t really have it) and I won’t send you the other one’s out of principal. BUT…one of the flamers has a blog now.
    I don’t mind you flaming her there. She deserves it after spamming my blog with WAITTO’s recently and runing Eru’s cuteness with her lameness. Or maybe it was her friend. Either way they’re both made of fail.

    And Yay! Furuba! And starting the manga now means you get so much time before you want to kill TokyoPOp for their slow releases (I hate that company).


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Oh I will. Eru will get tons of pictures. Along with her flow cards. She’s already so cute in pictures, I can’t wait to really get her.


    lostty: I’m glad I’m not the only one. But I’ve been noticing it with a lot of blogs.

    I haven’t pre-ordered Ouran yet with the same problem…lack of money. I specifically had some set aside for Gurren Lagann. Agh! I missed a great sale for Ouran too!

  13. […] most importantly, Twitter is a way to avoid the “Where has Fuyu been?” posts in the future. My lack of activity recently is what made me decide that it wouldn’t […]

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