Shugo Chara! – Episode 48

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This episode was super boring and I went through the whole thing with a completely blank expression (except for the small smile when Kukai showed up. Yaya really doesn’t entertain me.

But who gives a shit? Ikuto’s back. And he’s back again next week too for exactly what I’ve wanted since episode 13.

For the first time in weeks I actually checked out the screencaps on 2ch. Curiosity lead me to wikipedia to see if there were any new episode titles, and there were. All the way up to episode 51. And episode 49 caught my eye with the title: “The Secret of the Violin! Notes dancing on the wind!”

I wasn’t very suspicious because that’s more how Shugo Chara does the titles. You know… “One sentence! Another Sentence!” So I looked forward to the screencaps this time. I got excited when it was 9:00, that’s when Shugo Chara just finishes airing in Japan and the screencaps for the preview would be up (according to my timezone). So I went right for the computer when I got home and BAM! Ikuto.

And not just Ikuto, but we also seem to have the last missing Amuto scene in there because I saw Amu singing. Yes~!

But really…all of this should be saved for the preview section, but somehow I couldn’t help it. I was just generally unimpressed with Yaya’s filler episode and I didn’t want to start off on a sour note at all. In fact I’m trying to keep the “ugh” factor out entirely. After all, Satelight did what I’ve been wanting them to do with filler episodes. Focus on a real character. It’s not their fault that I just don’t really care for Yaya anyway.

So, know that I didn’t care for it, but that I don’t have a real problem with it.

Heh. Now excuse me. In order to keep myself upbeat I have to watch the episode preview every few minutes. Hehe. Ikuto~! I missed you!



(Um, I got lazy towards the end, but anything that might be important for later episodes has been included in full detail)

The Guardians are walking to the main school building and all of the students are gettign excited over them. Ran, Su, and Miki comment on how the way everyone sees the guardians is different from their inner and would-be selves. Yaya shows up and really isn’t the different from her would-be self (then I think Yaya’s baby brother is brought up or something…I don’t know).

In the garden, everyone wonders about how Kairi is doing since they’re now back from Summer Break and seeing the empty Jack’s chair for the first time. Everyone promises to do their best. Then Tadase brings up the shining egg they’ve seen a few times that might be the embryo. Yaya says they have to find it quickly so Tadase can conquer the world, calling him “ouji” and making him go into King Mode. Then the First King appears randomly and says something (like even though they don’t have a jack, they should be fine…or something). Then Tadase orders Yaya to do something while still in King Mode, or just say something to freak her out (I don’t know what, but it has something to do with training).

Then at Easter, people are working on computers (including that guy who I’ve decided to call “Yukari’s stalker” from episode 38). They find some images of the shining egg Tadase was just saying might have been the embryo and Stalker Scientist thinks he knows what it is, or really just goes, “This is…!”

The guardians are talking about Yaya’s training (for what I have no idea) while Yaya plays with a bird and Kukai suddenly shows up for a visit. Tadase explains his reasons for telling Yaya to do whatever or something. Yaya just wants to play with Kukai, but he brings up the training and she refuses. After some flattery and encouragement Yaya and Pepe both agree. The training is strikingly similar to Amu’s (the dash with Kukai…memories).

While Yaya’s recovering from the dash after, some kids approach them looking for a parakeet which Yaya thinks is the same bird from before. The rest of the Guardians show up and promise to find the bird. Amu draws the bird (by chara-changing with Miki) and Kukai and Tadase decide to put Yaya in charge of finding the bird by herself. With urging, she agrees. At home that night, Yaya complains about the day to her mother (she couldn’t find the bird). But when she sees Tsubasa it reminds her of the kids that day and she decides to do her best.

The next day Yaya shows up in her Sherlock Holmes detective gear, like she saw on TV. Yaya wanders around looking for the parakeet and the kids call her over and she says she’ll find the bird that day. Then she randomly goes to the First King to ask him questions, but just ends up hanging out. The Guardians spy on her and go back and forth a little about Yaya searching for the parakeet.

At Easter, Stalked Scientist shows off the pictures that are probably the embryo to the director. He turns to Ikuto in the room and asks if he saw it too and why he didn’t say anything. Ikuto being Ikuto basically just says, “Who knows. I wonder why.” The director than says that since Utau isn’t there anymore, finding the embryo is his job now and that he won’t be forgiven next time (basically). Ikuto leaves and Yoru vents out his frustration as they walk. The director says some things that piss me off (but I don’t feel confident enough to translate).

Yaya’s still looking for the bird and she and Pepe randomly end up wondering if it’s been kidnapped or something. The Guardians are still following her. Then she gets called to her ballet class and asks everyone if they’ve seen the bird. Later during class, Mai (the girl whose egg got x-ed way back) sees the bird in a tree outside and Yaya goes chasing after it. She falls, but instead of crying and chara-changing she keeps going and looks for the bird all over. Then, when Kukai’s walking home, Daichi points something out to him.

During some randomness (involving eating and me questioning Amu’s tastes again), the Guardians lost Yaya and are looking for her. They find Yaya, whose found the bird. It flies up high so Yaya chara-nari’s so she can make it fall to sleep and she catches it. The doctor who they went to when Tsubasa was sick shows up, and it turns out to be his bird that she just found. Rima confirms it with the picture.

Yaya goes back to school disappointed, but the bird was returned already. Kukai shows up and tells the Guardians what happened. The kids were able to get the bird back themselves. And everything ends well.



Well, this episode wasn’t bad. As far as filler episodes go, it’s pretty good. Focusing on a real character, but eh. I just find Yaya boring. It can’t be helped if I don’t care for it.

Ew. Fangirls without noses and with bad bangs and…they all just have varying shades of brown hair and they all pretty much have the same face. Seriously…couldn’t even use different hair colors? Way to make annoying fangirls bother me even more Satelight (yes, this is just a pet peeve of mine).

I loved this picture of Rima. Though for some reason, I expected her to turn to the camera slowly, smile politely, tilt her head to the side, close her eyes with a little bow and say, “gokigenyo.” Only some people will get that, but that’s really how it felt to me.

Aww…cute. I want to be able to glomp onto Rima too. Not fair~!

…I miss Kairi too! To be honest, I’d been trying not to think of him recently, but…I really miss him! He wasn’t in the anime for long enough! It’s not fair! They didn’t have to make him leave so soon! He could have stuck around for at least one more episode. Or two. The recap, then a Guardians having fun filler, and then the episode where he leaves. That would be better.

Eh? Get out of my anime fool! Sheesh…I guess because now that all the real characters have left Easter, this guy has to do some random crap. If they do have an anime-original arc, I hope they make an Easter villain I can take at least a little seriously. This guy sucks!

Kukai! You’re back! Why didn’t you come back just one episode earlier!? It’s not fair! But I’m happy that you’re back for this week anyway. Now then…next time Kukai appears, Utau should appear as well. I know that when I’ve been demanding things, they’ve been slowly happening! I demanded fillers about characters, and I got it. Utau and Rima fillers specifically. Got it!

So Come on Satelight! Get to the Utakai filler (and the sleepover filler…and do Alice in Wonderland for fun).

Quickly, Yaya wasn’t really bad in this episode. Since she made such a bad impression on us about being a bratty older sister, I’m glad they went back and showed us that Yaya did become a proper older sister after that episode. I don’t dislike Yaya really I guess…I just can’t help but feel like she’s sort of a filler character since she never does anything that has an effect on the plot. And her “funny” scenes just don’t seem funny to me, so she really doesn’t seem to serve a purpose. For me anyway.

Animals with detective gear reminded me (very randomly) of “The Great Mouse Detective“. Does anyone remember that movie? It’s a Disney movie I used to watch all the time when I was little. About that mouse who’s a detective and lives underneath Sherlock Holmes’s house. Ah…I used to love saying Rattigan just because it was fun to say.

I want to see that movie again. (This really has nothing to do with anything…but I wanted to fill up some space since I don’t have that much to say on this episode.)

Ikuto! You’re back! So soon! After last week, there was some doubts if Ikuto would appear until his arc, but nope! He’s right here. Too bad that him being here still makes me a sad fangirl. Knowing what a lot of us have come to know, seeing Ikuto still under Easter’s control makes me sad.

Ah, and how I was reminded of back really early when some fans were saying that Ikuto seemed too emo. But now we know what he’s had to go through. Ah poor Ikuto.

At least despite him actually seeming to get ticked off before leaving the room (we…seriously don’t usually see Ikuto showing that stuff around Easter, so it surprised me), Ikuto’s still his normal self. I’m just wondering how long Ikuto’s going to be stuck with Easter like this in the anime. They don’t really have it set up for him to taking off too soon.

Of course everything is the fault of this fugly guy. I hope he gets kicked onto the third rail and then gets run over by a train. Yeah…I seem to come up with a new death wish for this guy every time he appears. He really brings out the anger in me (that asshole).

…My god it’s back. And wtf Pink!? This is…so distracting. Even when it’s just still, I can’t help but stare at it. Annoying. This is definitely the last time I’ll mention it though. But seriously…wtf…

Oh come on! Just today I thought, “Ah, even if I think there’s any sort of scene where Tadase looks lame and possibly gay, I won’t say a thing because I’m tired of people taking me too seriously.” But come on!!

Sheesh, and this was Amu’s imagination…what’s up with you Amu? You even added in pink doilies! What’s up with that?

What the Hell!? Longer pigtails out of nowhere? They weren’t like this all episode, but then just this one moment. Wow. It kind of scared me.

Oh hey! Yaya didn’t mess up with her powers! Only the bird fell asleep. Now let’s just hope she can do this during actual battles too. Somehow I doubt it though…but I’ve been wrong before.



This looks familiar…but I don’t care. Familiar things have to happen when Satelight goes back to put in something that they never should have taken out. But I’m fine with it. More Amuto that way. Every time they add in a scene or event that should have happened in a previous episode (pretty much always from the 12 and 13 mess up), they have to do a new lead up and we get more Amuto.

And we’ve hit the end of the episode 12 and 13 clean up. We have Amu singing~! Unfortunately it seems that we also have 1, 2, 3 filler characters. I’m unsure about how I’ll feel about that. But whatever, no matter what…Ikuto. Yeah…judging by the preview there will be plenty of Ikuto screentime. I like that.

Also, part of me thinks that two girls being involved with violins could somehow make Amu jealous. I’m not sure what makes me think that, maybe it’s just what I’ve been hoping for since Amu didn’t get much of a chance to be jealous of Utau before the big reveal. I miss her, “W-what am I thinking about him for?” and I’d be happy to replace it with, “W-what am I feeling so angry for?” with plenty of blushing of course.

But really, no matter what I’m excited about next week. It really was my favorite scene in the manga for a really long time (before chapter 28), so I’m really looking forward to it. Judging by the fact that Amu seems to find Ikuto playing his violin in the park, I’m betting it’ll be like in the manga.

Wow Satelight, you guys are really trying to make up for all the other complaints before you plunge into the whole unplanned second year. Aside from fillers, I don’t think anyone has anything left to complain about now.

Amuto aside for a moment (Man, I’m looking forward to Saturday), all the episode titles up to the previously planned “ending” to the series have been announced. Considering that Satelight was planning on having Shugo Chara end with 51 episodes six months ago (up until now, they’ve been planning episode 6 months in advance, starting “next season” it’ll only be 3 months), it makes sense.

“Have We Really Found it?! The Embryo!” and “I’ll Get the Embryo” are the English translations. The guess is, they’ll find the embryo and lose it, or they’ll chase something that won’t turn out to be the embryo and will continue on with new determination. It’s the standard, “Hey, the manga’s still going, so we couldn’t come up with an ending, but they’ll vow to continue instead” sort of thing. We know that it’s continuing, so we’ll still have to wait for news on the next story arc. Considering that Ikuto’s showing up now just like he has been. I kind of figure there will be some anime-original arc before Ikuto’s, but we’ll have to wait and see. Also, it seems like the violin Ikuto’s playing is his own violin. Fans who follow the manga and any spoilers should know why that would mean a delay on Ikuto’s arc.

Well, we’ll see what happens eventually.

(And quickly…yeah, I’ve been busy. I didn’t reply to anyone’s comments last week. I don’t think I’ve even read them all. I’ll explain what’s caused the blog slowdown either later today or tomorrow. I’m catching up again though.)


  1. Just 2 words….F**K YEAH!!!!!!!

    Ikuto~!! -glomps computer screen- I MISSED YOU!!!!

    Yeah, Easter fag MUST DIE. PERIOD. Heh heh…run over by a train. Fuyu-chan, you cease to amuse me!

    YE~AH!!!!! Next week is Amu and Ikuto’s episode!!! If Tadase shows up, well….Oh, screw Tadase. This is an Amuto episode, baby~!

  2. I kinda liked this episode, most likely beacuse I think Yaya has never had any importance and this episode made her look a little like an actual guardian rather than just being around. I also like that Kukai appeared, I don’t think he should actaully be out of the series__he justs goes to a different school he is still around he should appear more when the group is doing something no school related.

    It’s good that Ikuto is comming back, they really should not have important characters just not be around for no unexplained reason.

  3. This episode focused on a real character, and if you have noticed, Satelight has been doing that lately. Rima, the Utau, now Yaya. All our girls (Amu is alwasys present, so she doesn’t need one; although I think the next one will be a treat)
    I loved seeing the guardians walking by and showing the comparison between their outer characters and their true selves XD
    Aww…I too want to glomp Rima…and Amu…and Utau…Ikuto…even Ami ^^’
    Thinking about the jack’s chair makes me miss both Kuukai and Kairi (and occasionally Trap-kun). Doesn’t this sound like the Defence Against the Dark Arts position from Harry Potter? The position is cursed, I tell you!
    Yukari’s stalker… *snort* no comment.
    Ha…Kuukai. Can you believe that it’s been like 20 episodes since we last saw him (minus flashback filler)? Way too long. And yes, we need our Utakai filler. NAO!
    I like Yaya, and I respect your opinion. True, she doesn’t do anything irrelevant, but I like her for her cuteness (even if she acts like a baby; well, that’s her chara).
    Actually, this dog(?) detective reminded me of PP other manga, Rozen Maiden.
    I like the emo side of Ikuto. It makes my heart go dokidoki when I see him teasing Amu. At least he get happy when he’s with her. And although this was a filler, this Easter part showed that the bad guys are starting to plot their next move (aka Ikuto’s violin).
    I hate that Hoshina guy. Even more for being Ikuto’s stepfather. Asshole…
    Seeing that little part with detective Tadase (or whatever) makes me remember those pretty old animes, the ones that would make me roll my eyes.
    This is what I like best about the Amuto scenes done by Satelight. Since they only add part to a certain episode, and make the rest amuto filler, we have the chance to have even more amuto episodes. And that is what I want the most.
    The episode titles that were added on Wikipedia, were added by me. I’m part of GW forum, and a girl that got nakayoshi this week, posted the titles and summaries (someone translated them). The string from Ikuto’s violin breaks, and he takes Amu to a music shop (thus bringing us the filler people). I’m glad Ikuto is going nowhere in this episode. It revolves around him and violin, so don’t run away like usual >3<
    I’ll quote the summaries (credits go to kaedemirumo and hana for scans and translation):
    49 – Amu meets Ikuto in the park while he is playing the violin. Just then, the strings break, and Ikuto takes Amu to a violin workshop.
    50 – The Guardians are reading books studiously in the Royal Garden. Yaya comes in with a small box, and says, “The Embryo is in this box.” ……?!
    51 – Amu is thinking, “If I get the Embryo, I’ll wish “to get clothes”, “to get 100 points on a test”, ” to be Tadase’s bride”, but then she thinks that maybe there’s something more important to wish for……
    So, you see, I also want to know what Amu thinks is more important to wish for. Till next week.

  4. *drools at the sight of Ikuto after a few episodes without him*

    He’s back baby! Don’t worry about the 3 filler characters, there’re nothing compared to Ikuto being in the next episode.

    Is that ‘Maria-sama ga Miteru’ I see there with the screencap of Rima?

    By the way, Who the heck it that guy from Easter??? A stalker indeed.

    Oh Fuyu-san, the post title says ‘Episode 28’ instead of ‘Episode 48’…

  5. KUKAAAAAAAAAAAAAI i love u :) and i cant wait for amuto next week its been a long time sense we saw some amuto moments and i missed that :( GO AMUTO !

  6. Um.. Fuyu-Chan shouldn’t the episode title be Episode 48, not 28?
    Just thought I’d point that out xD

  7. I can understand your… dislike (I couldn’t put it another way) for Yaya, because it’s true she doesn’t do much. But I love her care-free nature. (That’s just me, though)
    I actually didn’t notice all the fangirls look the same. They’re just… THERE. I don’t really studdy them, ’cause I know they’re fillers. Now you mention it… they’re all clones!
    When Yaya glomped Rima, I expected Rima to get annoyed. Is it just me, or did Rima not seem to mind too much?
    Ah, everyone misses Kairi. I wonder what he would think if he new Amu missed him?
    Yukari’s Stalker, nice name! He always seems drunk to me, so I call him Drunk guy, but Yukari’s stalker is better! And he’s annoying…
    Kukai! I don’t really get the origin of Utakai, but oh well. I’m a YayaxKukai supporter, for an unknown reason. I don’t really mind, as long as our main pairing is Amuto. (I’ll accept Tadamu if it means we then get STRONGER Amuto, but only if that’s the case)
    Nyaw, Tsubasa-chan is cute!
    We have ‘The Great Mouse detective’ on video! Oh, I love that film! It’s great!
    3, 8, 12, 18, 20, 27, 33, 37, 38, 41, 44, 47 and 48 were all written by the same guy. Notice that a good portion of the best episodes are in that list… (26 and 43 were by the same guy, too. just not THIS guy) I thought I might point it out.
    Eh, I don’t understand what happened in the scene with the evil guy, but oh well.
    The transitions are so random…
    Pink doilies… ROFL! Tadase, you have PINK DOILIES behind you! They are so un-manly. (Not that I’m complaining)
    They do that sometimes. Making characters’ hair longer, I mean. I really noticed it on Yaya. I was like, “WTH just happened?!”
    Nyaw, the bird is cute!
    Yay! The bird was saved! I thought Kukai had helped when he appeared, but oh well.
    Next week… Maybe one of the ladies is Ikuto’s mum? You know, the lady with blue hair…
    I wanna hear Amu’s singing voice!
    On the subject of the 2nd season, do you think they’ll start it with Amu in middle school? ‘Cause if I calculated correctly, Amu is only one year younger than Kukai, and Kukai changed schools when he went into 7th grade, so when the current school year Amu is in ends, she’ll have to go to a middle school! (And get a new uniform!) So it would make more sense for them to start the season at her middle school… But if they’ve only just come back from summer break, they’re only on their second semester! So… Oh whatever. I was just wondering.
    Thanks for the summary!

  8. I don’t get why Yaya looks for a random bird at all – because the younger students found it cute?
    But, aaargh, Kukai the skater boy appears…
    Since Ikuto appears I’m guessed a cliffhanger the 1st season’s end, though it will continue immediatly. Or it is just Amuto fanservice for filler and preparation for the Ikuto arc. We will see. The preview looks great and I’m interested in Ikuto talking about advantaged musical stuff.
    But I was surprised to see the Easter’s boss’s face way better than in the manga…
    Curious to see the dad’s purple violin. I didn’t know something like that exists, btw.

  9. Haha you made a typo. x]
    Ikuto is gonna be in the next eppie! =D Yayyyyyy.

  10. Before I get into anything, the following has nothing to do with the episode (mostly)…
    OMG, someone please save me from my life!!! T_T
    *cough* Ok, done. Needed to get that out cuz school and all that crap (& my dad won’t stop bitchin at me) is srsly goin’ to butcher me into a million pieces this year. *sigh* I wish Shugo Chara! took a break for this season before continuing.
    I don’t know why but my excitement for SC! is kinda goin’ down. I mean, I’m still all for Amuto and the other characters, don’t get me wrong, but the rate the manga is going, everything is almost pretty much settled which pretty much equals me being mellow from that point on.
    Heh, this is gettin’ irrelevant but am I the only fan who will actually be completely happy and screaming “HALLELUJAH!!!” when the manga is over? Hmm…
    Lol Nice to see the Guardians’ popularity among the students again (it’s been a while since they’re just walking and being admired at the same time). The fangirls and fanboys I don’t find annoying as much as long as they stay on the sidelines and just do what they do best. Just fan.
    Ooo, Rima is the exact image of an Oujo-sama in that screencap (and then it’s Bara Baransu~!, lol). I lubb Rima. x3 I’m having such a hard time convincing my friend to like Rima (she made it clear that she absolutely detests Rima by skipping over her episodes…that kills me). *sigh* I wanna hug Rima now. ;__;
    Kairi needs to come back already. Srsly. I miss him like bad. After the Ikuto arc is done which is probably soon (I’m guessing it will probably end on the 8th volume, rite?), he should come back. Or…I dunno. It’d just make the whole love thing way more drama-y. God, Amu, why must you be so friggin’ popular with the guys? xD But for the final battle, he has to be back.
    YESSSS!!! Kukai! He’s back. So happy. x) The Kuya fans must be lovin’ this episode. Look at them. It’s not romantic or anything but it’s still Kuya. Hmm, I wonder which one’s more popular? Utakai or Kuya…
    Hrm, I’m still peeved that he used the DASH!treatment on Yaya. That was to be reserved for Amu and Amu only. :( And he has his RACE! with Utau. But w/e.
    On Yaya herself, I…like her a little more now. She’s still the spoiled lil’ kid but she’s comic relief (lol, the flattery) and that’s what she does best. *shrug*
    *gasp* Why hallo thar, Miki Chara-change! It’s been like what? Since episode 2? :P It’s sad that not only does Amulet Spade get the least screentime, her Chara-change is the same, too. Ugh, Satelight.
    I want to kill that stupid director to vent my anger out. F***** bastard. F***** Easter. I hate them so much.
    Ikuto~… ;_;
    Yaya’s pigtails look like they can do a lot of damage for some reason…*smirk* And yay for no screw-ups! ^^
    Finally~! The duet~! I can sing now just thinkin’ about it but I won’t. lol I have feeling that filler character 3 is related to filler character 2 somehow (maybe his wife? I dunno) and filler character 1 is just another customer who wants to learn violin or something (oh, ya, we definitely need to have her egg batsu! too for the mahou shoujo purpose, :P ). But yea, w/e. If there is or isn’t any jealousy, there’s still goin’ to be Amuto…and Amu falling even more in love with him. That’s all I care about. Huzzah.
    A few random notes before I end this:
    Aww~!!! Tsubasa was so cute~!!! xDDDD He said “Nee-nee!” Omg, I want to take him home. xDDD;;;
    Huh, they revealed Shodai K’s name in this episode…that was random.
    Maika’s back. Random.
    Yea, I think that’s it. 7 more days until episode 49. Amuto~… <3

  11. lol in your title you wrote ‘Episode 28’ instead of episode 48 so it took me a while to find this :P , but ANYWAYS!!

    OMG, I’m pretty excited that Ikuto’s back. I miss seeing him. And Yoru was so cute in this episode! :D

    And that Tadase 007 crap or whatever that was, it just made me…argh, I don’t even wanna talk about it.

    Once again, this summary really helped me, so thanks! :D

  12. Kukai’s back! too bad he isn’t making out with Utau or something too. Looks like Yaya’s the new victim of the training practises.

    Ugh. Filler fangirls again. I amused myself by thinking that they would scream out Amane-sama to Amu or something. shot for strawberry panic reference

    I miss Kairi too. Someone besides Amu needs to be shocked by how the guardians act, and the show’s been missing some megene cuteness since he left especially since Nikadou doesn’t wear glasses anymore.

    OMG wiggle-walk did come back. I can’t wait to see his brillent plans to capture embroyo -_- . I hope Satelight has him see Nikadou and Sanjou together.

    Emo Ikuto is okay. I mean the only time he seems happy is when he’s teasing Amu or Tadase, or when he’s with Amu in genreal. Seeing Yoru get angry on his behalf was cute.

    Evil stepdad looks even uglier in the anime. I don’t care who Gozen is at this point, to me this guy is the villian of the series. I hope he’ll get his in the manga soon.

    Tadase vison made me go lolwhat, but in his defense this was something that Amu dreamed up not something he actually did. But it also goes to show that even Amu sees him like this, wherehas her fantasy of Ikuto is episode 25…

    Episode 49. ^_^ It looks like Satelight is finally going to finish that scene from volume 2 after 37 episodes. Now they only need to insert in the conversation between First king and Ikuto..

    xiao_jie88: I’ll be happy when it’s over at this point too. The last few weeks I’ve been to busy fangirling over other series to probably get excited about SC. I think a lot of people having been feeling that way, because every month since June everyone’s been waiting for something big to happen, and it never does! . It looks like the “big” thing might happen in chaper 34 though.

  13. I’m so glad that Ikuto is back! I’ve been missing him! I’m happy that we get the missing scene with Amu singing! This episode did hold much joy for me, but it was worth it just to see Ikuto again. I missed the neko-bishie. And I too request and Alice in Wonderland scene! O.O

  14. warriorhope: I’m so glad I’m not the only one. xD I mean, I think I gave SC! more than half my sanity which is NOT good. Not good at all. I had things I needed to do but I was always distracted by SC!. *sigh* Oi~, I hope we don’t have another SC!-like series for quite a while. The fillers and pairing wars were just ugh enough.
    Regarding the chapters, I feel the same way. Things have been progressing along but they were…small at best and the month-long wait always feels so long. Ooo, but I am lookin’ forward to chapter 34. Amu will save Ikuto and they huggle, yes yes? x3

  15. well fuyu chan your are great this is the firsttime i have ever lwft a comment and iv been reading your blog since episode 23. I must admit i agree with you you’ve pretty much have the exact same thought as me. also i agree with you big time to the fact that tadase is pretty much the biggest loser in this whole series. Ikuto should deffinetly get Amu for he is just much cool then tadase in every possible way. i have never thought tadase was cool and im pretty sure i thought he was a girl for the first 5 episodes. yeah so i look forward to your next review because you about 100 times better then anyone eles’s i’ve ever read so good job

  16. As much as the fillers may not have all been bad, I’m still upset that we are getting fillers to begin with :P
    Why can’t Kukai appear more often!!! If it wasn’t for Ikuto, he would be my favourite character! I’m glad the next epsiode looks promising at least :)

  17. Hey~! Long time without comment~! [Not the only busy otaku, haha]
    So, this week is a Yaya filler… Ah, who cares??? Ikuto!!! ♥
    Finally…!! I mean, I was so Ikutoless that I though I’d crack up; luckily for me, I’ve seen Ikuto~! And tomorrow I’ll get to see chapter 33~! Ah, karma is workin’ :D
    But anyway this ep plot is irelevant and if u ask me, borin’. I don’t like Yaya. But I did appreciate that she’s not that bratty about Tsubasa. Still, I find Yaya annoyin’… And Tadase GAY!! Damn, even Amu who is supposed to like Tadase [supposed ’cause, well, the lil fact she loves Ikuto ♥] imagines him that way… So, she ‘likes’ him just the gay way he is. Why?? It’s only me who like guys who act like… guys?? But sadly, is not only in anime… I know all the blah blah stuff, but I seriously don’t get it ¬¬

    Sorry, Tadase anger is back. I really need my manga back. Just one more day…!

    But, at least in this ep I got something to say from the main characters [except Uti, but she got her epi last week], even Kairi, who left. Oh, I miss him too T-T But… I’m not complainin’ about not havin’ him one or 2 more eps… They just did what the manga says and I respect that. I had the Kairi’s leaving done properly and his confession on time. That works for me. But still, I miss him… Funny, at first I was busy missin’ Kukai to like Kairi… But that won’t happen with Nagihiko! [At least is not happenin’ so far…]
    And Kukai~! Oh, was nice to see u again x) What a shame that was for Yaya…! [But hey, soon it’ll be for Tadase, which means my ramen contest ;D]
    Now I agree a lil more with side pairings like Utakai and NagihikoxRima; but I’m such an Amuto fan that my lov for this couple was enough for, idk, another 1000 main couples from different animes; now I’m also seein’ the possibility of other pairings [which doesn’t mean that my lov for Amuto waned!! On the contrary, it increased…!]
    Sorry for all my randomness, but was long time since last time I commented my opinion about a SC! epi, and since all those all opinions were in my head, I just hav to let them out… and it’s a Yaya episode. No interest for Yaya in me…
    But back to the episode… well, the preview… Finally, Amu singing with my Ikuto playing his violin~! Yay~! And I thought next time I saw Ikuto with his violin, well, would be after that scene. But nop~! Finally we’ll see what we should hav seen long ago…!!! It’s one of my fav scenes and I was really mad/sad when didn’t appear in the anime. Now I’m happy! Even though they haven’t include it properly. But I like the idea of jealous Amu… ‘Cause in every shoujo manga we need at least once our main character jealous ’cause someone else also wants his love ♥ But if it’s his sister… Well, the idea doesn’t work much. But was cute til we found out. The bad thing is that most of ppl found out earlier bcause of the spoilers. So, it didn’t last much…!
    Ah, thanx for ur blog, where I can free my mind!! I kinda needed it x)

  18. Easter + Fugly = Kazuomi!I dont like you Kazumomi-Kun.How about Fuglyomi-Kun :D?Yes..Fuglyomi-Kun…Also thinking about it I had noooo intrest in this episode.Another bad thing.Yaya is still the same.I wasn’t looking forward to this episode so It came kinda fast.And I swear if those Filler Characters speak to much.. (Though I expect the Brown haired girl to because I get the feeling she’s trying to learn how to play the Violin-Kun like Ikuto-Tama?)Let’s just say I will run torwards Satelight and go “Wtf did you do to my Amuto Episode You morons!?”.And I want to hear Kanae-Tan Sing!And Youchi-Kun Play the Baiorin!Ha.Good Good.I love you Kukai.At least there aren’t any filler characters today.Except for those fangirls.They distracted me.And your right about the transitions.There distracting to.Ha!Pink background for Tadase!Though I’ve tryed not to call him Gay due to the ‘Mature’ Tadamu fans, Seriously.The pink background was killer.Yoru-Kuuuuuun!~I love you!Getting all angry like that and frustrated made me “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” The whole Damn time.I dont know why.But I love Yoru.So kawaii~Desu!He.Ran didn’t show up.Dont like you Ran.Amulet Heart iks way over used.Dont like yah no more :P.Is it just me or is todays Animation Really good?And now…Hold your ear’s…….*Takes in air* KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!Yes Yes Yes!My Amuto Episode!My most beloved Amuto Episode!You Are here my Love!You are here!*Breathes Again* Sorry I just lost control.Besides who wouldn’t?Oh yeah those ‘Mature’ Tadamu fangirls.Well its only a ‘little’ bit obvious Amuto’s going to humpty.I mean Seriously!What would the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key be for anyway?Seriously!Well thank’s for Summary Fuyu-Chan!

  19. First of all, thank you to everyone who pointed out the typo in the episode number. I fixed it once I woke up and checked the comments out.


    lol2728: Damn straight he has to die. Though since it’s mahou shoujo, I doubt he will. But I will continue hoping for his death in new ways every week that he appears. It’s the only way I can see his face without going crazy.


    Kelly: Oh I agree. For a filler episode, this one was useful. Yaya’s a character that’s pretty much always just stood around. Kairi and Rima who were both around for a lot less time both seemed to get more development, and Yaya was due for some.


    ForeverOblivion: Well, Amu always gets the focus for the best plot-relevant episodes too, so she really, really doesn’t need one.

    You’re right though…it has been a really long time since we’ve seen Kukai. Wow…I guess I’d mostly forgotten since he’d been appearing in the manga more lately and since it’s been even longer since Nadehiko’s appeared. I’m glad he returned, at least temporarily.

    Yes, Ikuto is happy when he’s with Amu. And that thought alone puts a little smile on my face (I’m such an Amuto fangirl…).

    Ah, thank you for adding the Episode Titles then. I owe you a quick resurgance in my excitement for SC this week (and the thanks get passed along to kaedemirumo and hana if they happen to read this).

    Hmm…I wasn’t too far off with the guesses anyway it seems. And hey~! If Ikuto takes Amu to the shop (where the filler characters will be), then it seems to me that the filler characters won’t really interfere with the Amuto. Amu and Ikuto get a nice little outing together too. Ooo, I’m looking forward to it even more now.

    But I am wondering what Amu will think of that’s more important…


    oTAKu: Yay! Someone got what I was saying about Rima!!!

    I don’t know who the guy from Easter is. Some stupid Adult Lackey I’m sure. He ticks me off with his uselessness.


    Mo0on12: It’s been…ten episodes now. Ten exactly. Episode 38 was the big Key and Lock episode, and no real Amuto since. It’s sad. At least we’re finally getting some now, but we’ve really never gone so long without Amuto before. Even after episode 13, we got Amuto again in episode 18. It’s been too long this time!!!


    rawrs: Yup. I’ve changed it now. Thanks for the catch.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Yaya’s just the sort of character I can’t really care for. My dislike for fillers is kind of the hint. I just dislike things that aren’t useful. It’s just how I am (though I understand her cuteness and how others can like her).

    I couldn’t help but study the fangirls because I took a screencap of them. Then I had this sort of, “…WTF!? They’re all clones!” reaction.

    Rima didn’t mind. She probably liked it actually (she’s so stubborn~).

    The origin of Utakai comes purely from the manga, which is why all the supporters are so anxious to see some fillers for them in the anime so we can get more Utakai. Pretty much the same with Rimahiko. Just a couple of scenes fans have latched onto. (I’m also okay with Tadamu creating stronger Amuto too. It’s a scenario I’d actually like to see. More DRAMA!!! Though I doubt it’ll happen anyway.)

    Lucky! I wanted to get the Great Mouse Detective when it came out on DVD, but we missed it’s release (could probably still find it somewhere though…). God, I have no idea why I love that movie so much, I just do.

    Well, it really shocked me with Yaya, because her hair is so easy to draw and they usually pay special attention to the character in a scene like that. I mean, I’d never seen them mess up Yaya’s hair before. It was weird.

    Ikuto’s mom, huh? That’s something I didn’t think of. But…hmm…I don’t think she is. There’s a picture of her around now and I think she looks different.

    Ah, no, I think the second season is really just beginning right where this season leaves off. We’re all using the term “second season” but it’s really just seems to be one thing leading right into the other. And if they follow the manga she can’t change schools because that would throw everything off. Though I really would like to see Amu in middle school.


    MinaMurray: The bird was like the class pet. It escaped somehow.

    The Amuto episode is probably just filler with a few more little peeks at Ikuto’s motivations and such. More of Amu realizing that there’s definitely more to him than being Easter’s pawn. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Ikutom especially with him talking about music, also.

    Though, I get the feeling I’ll have a harder time understanding everything next week.


    xiao_jie88: Oh I think a lot of us are having problems right now with that sort of thing, I know I am. My excitement for SC is most certainly going down.

    I think it’s only natural when a series lasts so long for the enthusiasm to die down a little. I like it better when it’s like that because I can enjoy it more easily and I can see things more clearly. That’s when I usually have the best discussions about a series instead of rambling fangirling (though the rambling is more fun…).

    No, you most certainly won’t be the only fan screaming “HALLELUJAH!” I’ll be shouting it out as well. If it’s not an ending I specifically dislike anyway.

    Eh? SHe doesn’t like Rima? And she hasn’t even watched Rima’s episodes? That’s just ignorant! Tell her that she can’t possibly form a proper opinion if she doesn’t even watch Rima’s episodes! That’s just silly. Though…if your friend is anything like my brother is about certain things he hates without seeing, it won’t do any good at all.

    But once Ikuto’s arc ends, won’t the series probably be ending soon too? Well, there will probably be that last battle where Kairi comes back (and some brief chapter before that battle too). I hope so. We need the whole cast in there and that includes Kairi (and Utau needs to get her butt back from Hawaii!).

    I’d go out on a limb and say Utakai, because pretty much over half of Amuto fans (from what I’ve seen) seem to be going for that couple and Amuto fans make up like 70% of the SC fandom.

    Yes, Miki’s chara change has been missing even longer than Amulet Spade. It’s really so sad…

    That’s probably how the filler characters work out. But they don’t matter, it’s all about the Amuto next week. The singing scene. Oh, we’ve waited so long for it.

    Tsubasa was really cute in this episode. I’m so glad Yaya’s being a good sister. Even if Amu hadn’t talked sense into her, I think Tsubasa’s cuteness would have won her over.


    Naji: Tadase 007, lol. That’s exactly what it reminded me of. Except Tadase is no 007. No way.


    warriorhope: ROFL. I would have died if they shouted “Amane-sama” to Amu. But now you’ve got me in this crazy Strawberry Panic! x Shugo Chara! imaginings. To me Nadeshiko automatically became Shizuma and Amu actually became Nagisa (for the pink hair). God, now I’ll never be able to forget that when I see “Nadeshiko” and Amu together.

    Ah, there’s no one to be shocked. Nadehiko doesn’t get shocked. It’s so sad…

    Yes! Yukari’s stalked sould definitely see them together. I’d love that.

    *sigh* It’s so cute how his emoness just floats away when Amu’s around. But yeah, emo Ikuto is okay. Not like he doesn’t deserve the chance to hate the crap around him (and besides, he looks good like that too…heh).

    Yes, so the Tadase image this week really made me question Amu’s tastes more than anything about Tadase. Though I think it’s funny that the number one Tadase fangirl (Amu) puts pink doilies behind him whil all the rabid little girls go, “Tadase’s no girly! He’s cool and manly!” Sure he is.

    …Even now I have to pause for a moment to remember episode 25. The ultimate in Amuto surprise and Ikuto hotness surprise that Satelight has ever pulled. Epic.

    Damn straight they need to add that in. Maybe it’ll appear next week too (though I doubt it). It at least needs to appear before the season ends! Or early next season. We still want Ikuto’s kitty ears.

    Quickly adding in here, I just got my Nakayoshi today and after chapter 32, 33 felt like kind of a letdown (nothing happened). They better make up for it in chapter 34.


    amayalee: The singing scene is still my second favorite Amuto scene just because it’s just so, “aww” worthy. I really hope they do it right.

    Alice in Wonderland scene receives another yes! Get on it now Satelight.


    Ashley Lovell: Wow so long. Thank you for reading for such a long time. Even without commenting, I’m glad you liked reading (at least enough to not be sick of me yet).

    ROFL. I thought Tadase might have been a girl the very first time I saw him, but then I saw him in an image with Amu and I figured he was some kind of romantic interest and it didn’t make sense for him to be a girl.


    lostty: Well, I guess it can’t be helped if we want to get the good parts animated, though the fillers are definitely annoying.

    I know. Kukai should appear more often. He already comes over to visit randomly, they have no reason not make him appear all the time. It’s not fair, he should appear more!


    Reina: You’re right, it has been a while. I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s busy (actually, a lot of people seem to be like that these days).

    Heh, I got to see chapter 33 today. It was good, but for once I feel unmotivated to actually try and read it.

    I don’t think anyone but the less than 30% of Tadamu fangirls get it (in every poll Amuto wins by around 70% and all the Amu shippings have some piece of 30%). It’s just Amu holding onto an ideal and a certain type of guy that appeals to her I guess (though I still don’t get why).

    Well, that’s true. They did do Kairi’s departure properly, but I’ll still wish we had more time with him anyway. At least while he was around he got a lot of focus though…

    Ramen contest yes. Though I wonder how soon…we want more Utakai somehow anyway!!! And Rimahiko too (ah, I caught a small moment in this chapter that I’ll want to translate at some point).

    Yes! Now someone’s behind me about jealous Amu! Oh, I really hope it happens and my mind’s all crazy imagining about it. I can really picture Ikuto catching on and teasing her about it and her denying it while blushing like mad.


    iShugoChara!: lol Fuglyomi-kun, I like that.

    Yeah, it looks like brown-haired filler girl is trying to learn to play the violin (and she’ll probably get disheartened and her egg wil get x-ed).

    Yes, finally Kanae-san will sing. Though, I’m not expecting too much. Even if she can sing well, she’ll probably sing like a regular 12-year-old would.

    That was a massive “KYA!” I had to take it down a little because it was stretching the page, but don’t worry. It has been recorded that it was massive.

  20. Wow, 18 comments is one day. ^^ Fuyu-senpai’s blog sure is popular. XD

    I didn’t watch this episode, so i don’t have much to say, but I will surely be watching the next episode though. XD

    I think that they removed Amu singing until
    next episode, because Kanae-san is a newbie so they most probably weren’t sure of her singing. But after episode 45(?) The one where Amu sung in the choir, they are more sure that Kanae-san can sing, so they feel that She is able to sing the school song, with ikuto’s voilin. =D

  21. Ikuto is back! XD


  22. xiao_jie88: Yes the pairing/filler wars between fans in SC is so annoying. That’s why so many people have given up on it.

    We were all spoiled by chapters 28, 29 and 30. I think the last few chapters have mainly been transitional so I’m hoping for lots in chapter 34. And yes that’s what should definitly happen.

    Fuyu: Heh. Amu totally fits Nagisa and Nadeshiko has some of Shizuma’s personalitly traits. I can see Nadeshiko as anime Tameo too.

    Nope he doesn’t. Poor Amu no one to get shocked with anymore.

    Amu’s emoness goes away when she’s around him too. ^_^ Yes, with all that’s going on in his life he definitly has a free pass to go emo, and since he generally makes it look hot, there’s no real problem.

    Yep, after seeing that you really have to wonder about Amu’s tastes.

    Satelight deserves an award for that moment.

    Maybe around episode 50-51? I hope so, since we only get to see Ikuto’s cat ears when he’s in chara-change in the anime. Besides isn’t the fact that first king likes cats a running joke in the manga?

  23. (I don’t think my post went through so I’ll try again)
    True. Very true. At the beginning, you’ll just be so blinded by “OMG!SOOOKOOL!!!” but when it wears out, I think that’s when you actually appreciate the series more than you already do (like you said, being able to understand everything easier). Though I agree, rambling is fun. lol
    Same here. xD I was thinking back to Shinkuro which I had slightly mixed feelings about it ending at 47 (I wanted an even number…50) but SC! I need to be done already.
    Ah, let me explain (please don’t be angered or offended by this but I feel the need to speak in her defense since she is my best friend and all). She already knows Rima’s story from other summaries but the thing is, she’s the type of person who once you leave an impression on her that implies you’re bitchy and/or selfish (in short, anyone who intends to harm or condescend the good characters (she usually favors the good ones) for their own gains or self-indulgement, I guess), it’s hard to get “forgiveness” from her, y’know? Which is strange, because I think she’s very forgiving. ^^; I know this might make it sound as if she’s ignorant but she really isn’t. She just doesn’t like characters who treat others unfairly or unjustly (even if they turn good later but there are exceptions) and that’s a fair reason, which is what I like about her. It tells me she’s a good person at heart. And she’s pretty stubborn about that, too. It’s not something I can change but I’m gonna try to convince her otherwise. I think responding to her “I hate Rima!” with “I LOVE RIMA~!” and pulling a few tears will be the trick. xD; On a side note, she doesn’t hate Utau but she’s not close to liking her either. Eh, no problem. That can be easily fixed with Nana-sama. lol x3
    Yea, that’s what I think, too. So I’m hoping they will keep the drama down to a minimum or just resolve it shortly. Kairi’s a good man and so he’ll take Amu’s answer as a real man should. Other than that, yep, I’m all for the reunion battle and the after-party. xD
    Yay~! Heh, I use to almost support Kuya until Utakai came along and that got me thinking that there’s a small chance he would be interested in girls younger than him. Probably since he’s the oldest and feels the need to look out for them (hence, noogies and group hugs) but with Utau, it’d be competing, then teasing, and then hugging which is much better. x3

  24. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! GODF**CKINGDAMMITTTT!!!!!!! they just had to do another friggin’ filler ep! i mean, i feel the same way as u, fuyu. i don’t hate yaya, but omg! this is like, what, the 5th filler ep in a row! just get on with it! BUT THANK GOD NEXT WEEK IS AMUTO!!!! i would’ve prob just stopped watching shugo chara if next week was another filler. let’s let satelite work their amuto magic next week . . .

  25. Didn’t watch it. Again.
    I am SO watching next week though. …Even though it will take hours because my laptop fan seems to be fucked up so this stupid thing overheats every two minutes unless I stick in hibernation to cool down. Ah well.

    I’m really looking forward to next week… Ikuto~

  26. lol, i just read this instead of watching the actual episode!!
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE that you summarize, don’t ever quit, or i’ll go into a state of annoyance and throw a pig at my brother.

    but whoooo!! IKUTO IS BACK FROM HIBERNATING!! do cats hibernate??? :P

    anyways. :)

  27. I watched the part were evil stepdad was talking with subs, and hate even more now. He actually called Ikuto “his doll that he can break in his hands”. ***hole. 34 chapter needs to have him getting driven off a cliff or something.

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