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I really consider this a filler episode worth watching for all those skipping fillers. It’s not just because it’s entertaining, but they also touch briefly on the plot. Bringing up Ikuto and mentioning Utau’s problem after leaving Easter.

As usual, the good fillers have something from the manga to build off of. It usually works well when they do that.

Oh yeah, also…this is important too. New song for Utau. People only get to hear that if they’re good and listen to me past the cut.

This is really how a filler should be done. No random new character that will disappear without a trace next week. This episode just spent time developing characters that already exist and that we already enjoy. Filler approved. Keep it up Satelight.

(Also, sorry if this wasn’t up that quickly. I finished the summary at 1:30, but I was still waiting for the torrent so I could get my screencaps)



Amu is at home doing her summer vacation homework again. Her charas annoy her by singing the random stuff they usually say (like, “even though you’re the heroine!”). When Amu gets back to her work, Ami comes in saying she has a phonecall from an “oba-san” which turns out to be Sanjou Yukari. Amu goes down to Sanjou Productions and it turns out that Yukari wants Amu to be Utau’s manager for the day because she’s sick. Amu doesn’t think she can do it and Utau says some stubborn things as a challenge. Amu still doesn’t think she can do it, Utau decides to go alone, Yukari decides that she really should come along, but ends up falling over because she’s sick.

Seeing this, Amu and her charas decide that it can’t be helped and Amu decides to help out, with Amu secretly thinking it might be fun. Of course Utau ruins it by being all tsuntsun and telling her to hurry up.

They get on a train and Amu comments that she’s surprised Utau takes the train because it doesn’t match her “image” or something, Utau ignores her in her stubborn way. Amu still wonders if she can do the job of a manager, but Eru comes along and gives her a pair of glasses to solve all the problems. Amu seems to enjoy the glasses and starts talking to her charas, getting her weird looks from other passengers. Utau steps away so she can pretend that she doesn’t know her.

At the TV station, they meet up with the man in charge of Utau’s appearance. He tells Utau that her work was cancelled that day. He apologizes and walks off, but Utau demands more answers. Then the guy says something jerk-like about it being an adult situation or something. He asks where Sanjou is eventually and Utau introduces Amu as her manager for that day. Eventually he leaves even though Utau tries to stop him and that band DARTS randomly shows up (wtf?). Amu doesn’t know who they are so Iru and Eru mention that they’re an idol group from Easter. They bring up how she can’t get work or something (I was following it until the dumb yellow one started talking) and Utau storms out, Amu ignores the guys and follows her.

Amu asks what happened when they get downstairs. Utau, Eru, and Iru explain to her what’s happened since she quit Easter. She’s not popular enough to be on the radio or TV anymore. In the business world she’s an enemy of Easter and since they’re a powerful company, no one will hire her. (I think that’s the jist of it) Then Eru starts saying weird things that starts up Amu and her chara’s imagination. (I couldn’t understand a lot of what happened next so I’ll skip ahead)

At Sanjou productions, Yukari is wondering about Utau and starts hallucinating about Nikaidou being there…but he really is! They talk a little about how Utau and Amu might be doing, then Nikaidou gets slapped (I have no idea why, must have missed it).

Outside somewhere, Amu, Utau, and their charas talk a little bit about the situation they’re in. Utau comments that all of her sales and appearances before were by Easter’s power. Amu remembers Utau’s song and thinks that’s not it. Utau wants to find a place where she can sing, so Amu gets determined and declares that she’ll find Utau work. Eventually, Amu’s enthusiasm makes Utau agree.

They go to a lot of places with Amu bowing and asking for them to let Utau sing at each one. After the first place Amu declares that they’ll go to all sorts of places to find a place for Utau to sing. But each place rejects them. At the last place, Utau bows and asks as well, telling Amu that she’ll find her place by her own power. They both ask, but still are refused. Then Saeki Nobuko randomly shows up, comments on the two of them, but really has no impact on anything that happens. Outside they talk a little, Amu says that it’s not over yet so they continue again.

Back with sick Yukari, she finds out that Utau’s job was cancelled because of Easter. Nikaidou makes some food for Yukari that a girl taught him how to make, and Yukari unknowingly gets jealous of everyone’s favorite crack pairing.

At the end of the day Amu and Utau are tired sitting in a park with lots of other tired people around. They weren’t able to find any work. Utau makes Amu get her a drink and when Amu gets back she finds Utau singing her new song to herself. While they’re drinking, Utau brings up Ikuto out of the blue asking if Amu’s seen him (and making her spit out her drink). After getting over the shock, Amu replies that she hasn’t seen him since the night when she and Utau fought. After she assures Utau that’s the truth, she asks how Ikuto is and gets the surprise that Utau hasn’t seen him since then either. Amu asks Utau what Ikuto has to do with Easter and what his wish is. Utau says that her new song is Ikuto’s song that he used to play, she added lyrics to it.

The conversation is halted when Ran points out an x-egg. Amu decides to go after it, but Utau tells her not to because she doesn’t see the point (or that it’s the person’s own fault or something, I’m not sure), but Amu can’t leave it alone so she transforms into Amulet Spade and goes after it. More x-eggs appear from the people in the park, Amu’s already gone so Eru wants Utau to take care of it. Utau doesn’t want to heal the eggs, but Eru tells her that they can hear her song so Utau agrees. Utau transforms into Seraphic Charm and quickly heals the eggs. When she’s done, some people come into the park because they heard her singing.

Amu heals the egg she was after with Open Heart. She returns to the water fountain to see a crowd around Utau and Utau starts to sing her new song. Another day they return to the park, showing Yukari where Utau can sing now. It ends with Amu agonizing over her school work again and her charas annoying her again.

(I think my summary is even less accurate than usual, so please do not update anyplace with information obtained from this summary)



Well, we already know I liked this episode. So expect more fangirling than usual for a filler episode. After all, I’m all excited for Utau’s new song (among other things).

Cue automatic, “*gasp* Aww…Utau~!” from me. I automatically lost my ability to pay attention when I saw a picture of Utau smiling like that in the background.

Even more, “Aww…Utau~!” when I saw the full version. It’s not just cute, it also made me realize, “Oh! New single on the way at some point!” Heartful Song~! I’ll keep from going on too much here, but really…I’m awaiting its release.

Wow…Utau is still more than just tsundere, she can still pull out her stubborn, prideful bitch act for the heck of it too. Good. All sides of Utau stay in tact. Except, oddly enough, her super brother-complex side is fading. Wow.

Eru, you’re so fucking cute. I love you and I missed you. Thank god you made up for lost time in this episode. (Gah, I still need to get her figure with her egg!!!)

The megane were Eru’s idea! We should have known! Amu with glasses…heh. She actually looks pretty darn good. A nice cute moment for Amu. I still suspect that Satelight is trying to boost Amu’s success in SaiMoe…but I’m fine with it. Amu with glasses is cute.

Heh. About time. Amu talking to her charas was finally interpreted as her talking to herself. It’s because she was being way too loud in a public place. I loved how Utau stepped back like she didn’t know her too. They’re acting like real friends now (or is it just my friends that do that to me?).

Amu really was cute in this episode. But anyway, that guy pissed me off. He doesn’t get a screencap because he’s a stupidhead (being immature, yes). So just enjoy nervous megane-Amu.

GTFO. Especially you dressed in yellow. I couldn’t even freakin’ understand you. You guys wear ugly clothes and I hate you. Go back to Easter you losers. (I don’t know what brought this on either, they just pissed me off)

Poor Utau. Easter sucks. I’m not sure if I understood everything correctly, but whatever. The way I understood it gets to piss me off more (righteous anger!!!). Especially since I know who runs Easter…I hate that guy. I hope he gets thrown off of a building and then gets run over by a car.

Heh. Even period drama Utau still has her twintails. I guess “warumono” is an old term you hear in stuff like this. When I looked it up I found the meaning, “scoundrel” so I’m guessing that’s kind of the case.

Tsundere Utau screencap is a must. Once again, it was Eru who caused it. Meaning that Eru is well-deservedly my favorite chara. Freakin’ love that angel.

ROFLcakes. Still no sign of the other side pairings (sheesh, I want a ramen date for Kukai and Utau already), but at least the antics of Yukari being all tsundere for Nikaidou are keeping me entertained. Hmm…I wonder who broke up with who in the first place?

This scene was like…doubly cute. They were both using their cutely stubborn voices at the same time. I almost had moe and just plain cute overloads instantaneously.

Amu really tried her best. Now we know how she melted Utau’s stubbornly cold heart. It must have taken Utau such a long time to go along with it because she was trying to concentrate on not blushing and stuttering and going, “N-nani sore?” I understand Utau. It must have been hard.

Ah, the friendship between two stubborn girls who are technically rivals in love is a beautiful thing. Especially when they run off smiling at each other.

Oh no! Yukari is now jealous of everyone’s favorite crack pairing. You better look out Su. You’re in trouble (ah, these scenes really were entertaining).

Utau singing~! I think I’m even more touched than Amu. Heartful Song really is a great song~!

I’m unsure of one thing I said in my summary, about Heartful Song being Ikuto’s song that Utau added lyrics too, purely because I can’t hear the similarity. If someone with better Japanese who can translate that scene properly can let me know if I’m way wrong or I’m just confusing myself, I’d be grateful.

Ha! We were all waiting for it all episode, then it just comes out of the blue. I love it. Look at Amu blushing just because Ikuto was mentioned. That cute, silly girl. No one believes you about Ikuto anymore.

Anyway~! Anyone else notice how calm Utau was when she talked about Ikuto? No desperation or crazy demonic auras. Yup, looks like despite what she says, she starting to concede to Amu (she’s such a good girl).

Wow…Amu asked Utau how Ikuto was and she didn’t have a fit at all. It feels like I’m in a parallel universe. Though I wonder if this conversation means the filler arc is a yes or a no? Maybe we’re just heading right for Ikuto’s arc? That seems like a bad idea with pacing, but whayever. Having Utau say he’s missing now would make it weird if he just showed up to randomly tease Amu for fun later. Wonder what will happen.

Anyway, this is actually some plot inserted here. It’s the last scrap they have from the manga before touching Ikuto’s arc though. Utau still didn’t answer Amu’s questions about Ikuto’s wish. I’m assuming they’ll reveal that properly during his arc.

Finally! Amulet Spade! Too bad it barely even counted since it only took up about five seconds of new screentime. Everything else was just the usual recycled mahou shoujo animation.

I think this is another spot where I didn’t understand properly. Either I didn’t get it, or Utau’s reasoning just makes no sense to me. Both are possible. Utau is known for being stubborn and using bad reasoning.

Just really quickly, lol at the drunk salaryman chara on the right. He has a tie on his head.

Seraphic Charm~! I absolutely *squee*ed when she appeared on the scene. Yes, this definitely has become my favorite chara-nari. The angel chara-nari that attacks and heals with Nana Mizuki singing is the best. No question.

Wow. It’s rare for Utau to be caught in an embarrassing or uncomfortable situation. But we know she made it work for her.

This song is so beautiful. Did I call Black Diamond my favorite song from Utau? Forget that. This one’s the new favorite. I love the tune, I love the lyrics, and I love how Nana-sama sings it. This song is, in just one word…beautiful.

It’s too bad we only get about a minute of the song. I really want to hear more. I’ve already listened to that one minute about thirty times. I’m really looking forward to the release of this song. Too bad nothing has been announced yet. They’re still advertising Black Diamond, so you really can’t get this one to be released too soon after. Black Diamond was just released earlier this month.

I’m really glad that even though Utau’s no longer a part of the main plot we still get to see her and even get a new song from her. It’s almost like Utau’s finally getting the attention she deserves now that her arc is over. It doesn’t make any sense, but if Utau is getting attention, I’m happy.

I just hope it will last. Part of me doesn’t think so. Not unless they get Utau meeting up with Kukai in an episode sometime soon.

Hmm…originally I had more to say about this episode, something with substance. But now I forget since it took me forever to upload images. My internet is being really slow. I’ve been working on this post almost all day with my internet making my torrent slow and then slowing down my actual contrstuction of this post. I’m pretty pissed off about it. It’s only my absolute enjoyment in this episode that kept me going. Maybe it’ll come to me later and I’ll edit to add it in.

Oh yeah, randomly manga-related someone else occurred to me who could be Gozen. It’s not necessarily what I think, but it occurred to me as a possibility nonetheless. Why hasn’t anyone else brought it up? At least with me?

So rude. Now I’m going to keep it to myself, because I don’t honestly believe no one else has thought of it. So there!



“Madame Murmur” was a lie. Or it was just translated badly or…something. I have no idea. According to the preview the next episode is “Yaya ni onegai” or something.

Meaning it’s an episode about Yaya. I approve of Satelight making more filler episodes about the regular characters, but…I can’t really imagine liking this one. Yaya annoys me whenever she takes centerstage. That’s just me though. Maybe some Yaya fans will like this episode.

At least Kukai’s back, which means I should enjoy it somewhat, but not that much. I’m just saying this as an advanced warning, I probably will half-ass the summary next week. Partially because the episode might not be crazy-good for me, partially because I’ll be very busy next week getting back to school.

Also, let me just add in here. I can’t reply to all the comments on Shugo Chara posts anymore. I don’t think I replied to any last week at all. I’m only replying when I really have something to say or add. I have fun replying to comments, but I just don’t have the time for so many anymore.


  1. When Sanjou was sick at the beginning it reminded me of volume six of skip beat.

    Smiling Utau is just too cute. Especially since it doesn’t happen often.

    Eru having a cliche magical wand=awesomeness. So is Amu wearing glasses but I wish it was Ikuto wearing glasses instead

    Easter. -_- I’m guessing Ikuto and Utau’s evil stepdad is going to rear his ugly head soon.

    lol. Yeah, a lot of friendships are like that at times (one person being loud or crazy and the other person acting like they don’t know them.)

    hee-hee. Sanjou being jealous of Suu. I hope we get to see more of it.

    Utau’s singing scene was sweet. I liked how Eru and Iru were asleep in her arms too.

    Silly Amu. She’s still in denial, but nobody’s fooled anymore. Which makes it all the more amusing to watch.

    It looks like they’re setting it up for the Ikuto arc though, just based on that converstation.

    Yaydles. Seraphic Charm and Amulet Spade magical girl team up. Watching fighting together instead of fighting with each other is cool. I hope we get more of it in the anime and in the battle to save Ikuto that’s probably coming up in the manga.

    A happy Utau singing. ^_^ It’s nice to see that she can finally do what she loves again without it getting corrupted by Easter.

    It was nice to see Amu and Utau’s friendship in this episode. Utau needs to have relationships outside Sanjou, her charas and Ikuto, and it’s cool to see Amu hang out with someone who isn’t one of the guradians. Long live stubborn girl friendships.

    Yeah. Yaya is annoying. Like Kagura from fruits basket. Oh well at least Kukai will be in the next episode like you said (another clue that we’re heading towards the Ikuto arc?), and hopefully Satelight will throw in some random Rima moments.

  2. I really loved this episode. It had Utau and Amu and Eru and Iru, all good characters. :P I was glad it just wasn’t another crappy filler. I hope we get to Ikuto’s arc soon, even if it means the end of the show. I wanna see it really bad. I reviewed this episode too, even though I wasn’t planning on it. I was just bored…We pulled a couple of the same screencaps. Lol

  3. The Yaya filler next week absolutely SHOCKED me.

    Because, first, the title for next weeks filler is “Madam Murmur” Which I THOUGHT might relate to Nagihiko’s trapness meaning he’d come back :(

    Also, Seraphic Charm~! Eru is too cute!!! LOL what is that anyway? Her Love Wand? She is the Angel of Love after all~!

    Just….AUGH!!!!! WHERE IS MAH GOD DAMN IKUTO?!?! Damn it….the entire saga of him is gonna be about his LURVE for Amu and her gay love for Tadase.

    So…why not just bring Ikuto in now, let him be OMG EVIL Death Rebel! And let our Amuto moments start flowing along?!


    Anyway, I am gonna start saving up my money. Know why? Cause I wanna buy the Shugo Chara DS game :) Look, I don’t care if it’s in Japanese, Korean WHATEVER! I…WANT…AN…AMUTO…ENDING….NOOOOW

    Ah, my heart is so full of Utau love now (not sure if pun is intended or not, lol)…and Eru, too. Hee.
    What can I say? This episode was great. No, no. It was brilliant. *content sigh* I’m so happy I almost forgot about school. Lol
    Aww, I love the new promotion poster. At first, I thought it looked a little weird (because Utau’s hair is more bunched together) but now it’s just pure lovely. (Huh, it looks like she’s still keepin’ her stage name but ack, w/e) Man, I want that poster with the CD. Urgh, why can’t the limited edition ones include something special like that? Since they’re all “limited”, feh…
    Utau~! I missed you~! It’s been what? 4 episodes? That’s so long (even longer with Ikuto gone somewhere ;_; ). Ha, but I’m glad she’s her usual tsundere self. My tsuntsun queen~! If only you were still in Saimoe. *heavy sigh* Maybe next year.
    Eru~! I missed her even more. She’s so adorable. Happy to see Amu, wielding her little magic girl wand around, rummaging Amu’s bag head first for glasses (Amu looked cute), being honest for Utau and later convincing her to purify the X-eggs, etc. Eru is the angel to pwn ALL angels. *Eru rabu* x333
    Lol at the crack! love triangle. Thank you, Satelight! It makes up for those ugly Darts boys you had pop out of nowhere. And speaking of which, exact same reaction here. WTF is up with that?! First stupid name, then ugly clothes, then dissin’ Utau like she was now some loser (I wanna fuckin’ break their faces there), and then tryin’ to hit on Amu?! Easter faggots. I want knock that building down with a giant chainsaw and take all its losers with it. *fumes*
    *cough* Anyways…aww, Amu can be a great manager if she wanted to someday. I’d rather she not but yea. Heh, she’d be humorous, too, since she’s always “talking to herself”. Hen no ko. That’s probably what the Tsukiyomi siblings think of her (and how she warmed up to them). Lol
    Not to mention, Amu really is a true fan of Utau. Unlike all the other people who went “Utau quit Easter, she’s no good anymore” and even Utau herself who had thought that her previous success was all due to Easter, Amu knows it was because of Utau’s talent (even when she was doing bad stuff with her singing) that she’s so great. Why can’t there be more girls like Amu? Hmm…but then again, that’d be no fun. They’d all be posers. -.-;
    I hope chibi-subs subs this episode soon. They do it pretty fast (and better than Formula) so the dialogue about Ikuto and the songs shouldn’t be a long wait. I also think you’re correct on the things you said you weren’t sure of but my guesses are novice/amateur at best. We’ll just have to see. :/
    Anyways…yes! Some plot in a filler. And it’s Ikuto-plot. Guuud. x3
    Heh, Amu totally spazzes when Utau mentioned him. So cute. & Utau being calm about it is hard to miss. I think it’s safe to guess that’s she’s still incredibly reluctant about letting Ikuto go but at the same time, she’s kind of assured that her bro can be saved by and ultimately, be happy with Amu. S’ok, Utau. She’s got plenty of time until the Ikuto arc to ponder over it. And we all now the outcome, anyway. ~.^
    Well, I’m very glad that Amu’s open about her concern over him. Utau’s still holding back on giving her the full story behind their family tragedy but that’s understandable. Only one more month to go…
    Finally! Amulet Spade! It’s been a while. ^^ Kinda sad that she’s totally eclipsed by Seraphic Charm, tho. Which is OMFG!!!THATWASFAPPIN’AWESOME!!!!1one Yea. Btw, when’s the next OST coming out? xD
    Lol Utau said “Crap.” xDD
    Heartful Song~! I want it! I want it! It’s such a beautiful song. Like all Nana-sama songs. X33
    Hmm, yep. I also hope Utau still gets a decent amount of screentime (god, she has to go to Hawaii later, too). SC! isn’t half as good without her. :(
    What? You might know who Gozen is? Tell me~! I wanna know cuz all the guesses I have seemed to be ruled out for one reason or another cept for nameless boy, who I don’t think is him. And you’ll probably be right anyways. :P
    Well, fine then. Keep your secret to yourself. *tsuntsun* lol xD;
    Next eppy I’m a little let down with. I approve Yaya attempting to be helpful once in a while but she’s just not interesting enough. :/ Well, w/e. Kukai’ll be back (noo! Amu’s the only one who should get the DASH! Treatment!) and I like Yaya’s change in barrettes (is that right?). *sigh* Why couldn’t Kukai come back a an episode earlier? Utakai…


  6. Utakai – Kutau -> whatever, this pairing would be reeeeaaaaally interesting filler stuff (I’ve seen such a wonderful video about it yesterday <3) (Nadeshiko/Nagihiko comin’ back and that funny extra story about it would be good filler stuff, too)
    I loved this episode. Everything (most) was simply cute – like Utau singing for her charas in her arms (yes, I was reminded of a mother’s lullaby ^^), Utau in that weird jidaigeki moment, amu X Utau friendship, EruIruness,…
    And not to forget to wonderful, lovely new promotion poster! I love love love it, she’s smiling! *hach*
    I thought first it was Utau’s singing making the X-eggs appear – it was so random, so I expected her voice could still cause such things. But if Fuyu-chan writes, Utau thinks that’s those people own mistake, it can’t be like that.
    So, thank you for clearing up the main plot even though you’re not sure about everything. I wonder if with Utau quitting Easter to relationship with her mother is not going to crush – does they even live together? I don’t think so. Poor Souko-san, she must still be devastated by her husband’s disappearing. T.T

  7. Very good episode, very good filler ^^
    Is it just me or has Satelight been emphasising Amu’s difficulties with math? We get the point no, Satelight!?
    Ha, finally some Utau and Amu interaction before the Ikuto arc…sure helps to make them closer. Even by becoming Utau’s manager.
    Eru was so cute, and I kinda think she missed being with Amu and the other characters. I felt like going crazy, cause even when she digged in Amu’s bag she looked extremelly cute >3<
    I agree with you. WTF is that group of idols! But watching their disappointed faces when Amu ignored them was worth it *nodsnods*
    I too got the impression that Utau had difficulties in being idol and going against Easter (doesn’t this sound just like Kirarin Revolution just now?). I wonder if that is the main business of Easter…
    Ha, Utau gets a taste of what Amu is really like beyond her stumborness. Hope she also finds out why Ikuto loves her.
    Saeki Nobuko…now that is someone we haven’t seen in a while. Although I don’t personly mind. Thanks to her we got flashback of Trap-kun (but maybe that can also makes more impatient to see him)
    OMG, I love the scene with Yukari being jealous (unknowingly) of Su. I think that Satelight has been investing in this pairing too (well, it’s my 4th favourite pairing too ^^ )
    Finally, some Ikuto mention (and flashback…that is never too much). I knew they had to put this up sooner or later (although it was supposed to happen sooner)
    When you mentioned that the song that Utau sang was the one from Ikuto’s violin, I was quite surprised. I checked Utau’s singing again, and it does seem like Ikuto’s violin…
    Well, we finally get the Amulet Spade that we deserve, and another appearance by Seraphic Charm.
    Oh, yes yes, new Heartful Song…they better start telling us the release date like NAO!!!
    We love all of Utau, but her brother-complex can fade all away (actually it would be funny if she got a sister-in-law-complex XD
    Amu looks way cute with glasses. Of course, Eru’s idea was great.
    Lol, Utau stepping back to pretend she didn’t know her…actually, that’s what me and my sisters do to one another :P
    Stupid dart boys, they are sooo annoying. Was it just me, or were they trying to hit on Amu?
    About Yukari and Nikaidou, I bet it was unanimous. With the whole Easter and Embryo thing…
    You’re right, Utau was so relaxed talking to Amu about Ikuto. After all, after spending the entire day with Amu, and getting to know her better, she started to like her ^^
    Lol, drunk X-chara…if everybody ignored how bad they are, you could seen that the x-charas are very cute (I want a plushie T_T).
    Oh yeah, KuukaixUtau interaction…knowing Satelight, we might have more than just that scene (since Satelight likes to emphasise their parings so much…)
    Gozen, huh? Well, I’m as stumborn as either Utau or Amu, so until we actually see Gozen in the flesh, i’ll keep saying that Gozen is Ikuto’s mother and her wish is to meet/find Aruto. And no one will convince me until the manga proves otherwise *nodsnods*
    About “madam murmur”, I see that newtype got the wrong title (that’s a first), and we’ll get a Yaya centred instead (is it just me or we might have a Tadase centric after this?). I actually enjoy Yaya, though she was funnier when Nadeshiko and Kuukai were around…too bad.

  8. Utau!!!! *Squeals*

    I love her outfit for this episode! In fact i love all her outfits! Her poster was super cute too! I think that look Utau looks better then the bad one. It’s much cuter. The new song rocks too~! Can’t wait to hear the new single. >.<

    Going into something with more substence, my hartred for EASTER just grows with htis episode. How dare they prevent Utau from getting work!!!! The darts boys looks and sounds pretty stupid. Which kinda fit their image anyway. Darts through the hat. ROFL.

    But it still worked out for Utau though. :D I knew the Utau could do it!

    Nakaidou and Yukari scene was pretty funny. Especially when she was jealous of Suu. XDXDXD

    Amu and Utau make a good team with thier stubbrness. If Rima joined thier team it will be even more awesome! A trio of stubborn girls!

    I wonder wat Yaya is investigating next epi. I might watch it just for the sake of seeing Kuukia. ^^

  9. The episode was better than last week’s, that’s for sure. I enjoyed listening to Utau’s new song. Mou, why can’t they just release two cds one after the other?

    I like Yaya. She can get a bit TOO baby-ish sometimes, but she’s usually ok for me.

    Thanks for summarizing!

  10. i love utau.
    crack pairings are so awesome. :)
    ….that guy in a yellow was a boy….i swore it was a girl. weren’t they like on a poster or soemthing in a very early episode that yaya obssessed over so they all went to the concert with nikkaido?

  11. And Btw Fuyu-Chan…..Can you tell me what this mean’s?Or what they said as best as you can?Thank’s!

    1st: AMU HINAMORI: 1242 votes (“betsu ni, u-ureshiku nanka naishi! demo…arigato!”)
    2nd: IKUTO TSUKIYOMI: 1023 votes (“ma, touzen daro!?”) (MUST KNOW WHAT IKUTO SAID!)
    3rd: AMULET DIA: 512 votes (“tsugi no toujyou ga tanoshimi!”)
    4th: UTAU HOSHINA: 467 votes (“tsugi wa, amu ni makenai wa yo!”)
    5th: TADASE HOTORI: 367 votes (“ire tekurete ureshiyo”)
    6th: RIMA MASHIRO: 346 votes
    7th: AMULET SPADE: 250 votes
    8th: KUUKAI SOUMA: 229 votes (“o, kiyo ichi biyou arigatou na!”)
    9th: NAGIHIKO FUJISAKI: 196 votes (“fusawashii otokoni natte modotte kimasu!”)
    10th: KAIRI SANJYOU: 178 votes
    12th: AMULET HEART
    14th: BLACK LYNX
    16th: YAYA YUIKI
    17th: CLOWN DROP
    18th: DARK JEWEL
    19th: SKY JACK
    20th: AMI HINAMORI (“ami mo oneichan ni makenai you ganbaru!!”)

    1st: DIA: 1254 votes (“tsugiwa, itsu aeru no kana!?”)
    2nd: YORU: 987 votes (“ureshi niya~!”) (Im grateful?)
    3rd: RAN: 727 votes (“waa~i, arigatou!”)
    4th: KUSUKUSU: 672 votes
    5: MIKI: 596 votes
    6: SUU
    7: ERU
    8: X DIA
    9: PEPE
    10: IRU
    11: DAICHI
    12: KISEKI


  12. have you ever noticed that kuukai looks like nikaido in a way ! i mean the same hair style and color the same eyes color which is green ! they really look like each other lol XD but kuukai is Awesome i love u kukai !

  13. When you think about it, isn’t Utau loseing her Brother obsession?Strange.Well at least that mean’s amuto is much more likely :D!I dont get it.I couldn’t understand what Utau said when she sang.UGH! *Runs off to practice her japanese* I hope that’s the new song for Black Diamond.Because if it is, When it come’s out, i sha’l squeal and search everywhere for the CD on the Internet.My Utau obsession will NOT be denied.And im new here :D! (Yay me..?).Eru I love you to death.I love that little stick.And luckily I could understand what Eru said!Ha.Maybye I still got it!Though Amu’s Moe is being uped in these filler’s, I doubt it will help her win SaiMoe.Way to Cool & Spicy.And My Utau is way to Tsundere.Ah.I cant decide who is better.And yes!There it is!Amu is bringing Ikuto up!There moving torward’s Ikuto’s Arc since apparently Episode 49 is ’49-The secret of the violin! Notes dancing in the wind!
    Baiorin no himitsu! Kaze ni ma u on pu!” (バイオリンのひみつ! かぜにまうおんぷ!) ‘.I am sooo looking forward to that Episode.And tomrow..Yaya.No big deal though.She’s kind of a Character Development Leach know What I mean?And Kukai!Yay!He’s back!Anyway’s Thank’s for Summary my Japanese is only 85% Correct O.O.

  14. AHHH i love that song… “Heartful Song”
    It’s so beautiful ;____;

  15. those freaks show up in ep 13 too! thetre so freaky and yaya at the beggining says ‘that she was in love with the blue guy ‘ (she said his name but i dont remember! theyre such freaks!

  16. the pepole in easter should get run over by a parade of buseson fire

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