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Ah~! A return to KeixHikari. It’s still sucky compared to the manga, but I’ll take what I can get.

You probably noticed I didn’t post last week. Even though I enjoyed the episode, I just couldn’t manage to write anything up without sounding cranky, so I decided to just forget it. Somehow JunxSakura, despite being my third favorite pairing, pissed me off because I was reminded that I’ll never get to see some good HikarixKei stuff.

I mean…Gonzo and AIC messed the anime up so badly that the favorite couple from the manga has become everyone’s least favorite if they just watch the anime. Hikari’s also the most popular character in the manga, but hey! Anime fans hate her.

Yeah…while I found Hikari being dense rather…charming in the manga, it pisses me off in the anime. They screwed up big time. My optimistic fangirl nature which lasted through the first ten episodes, during some of the worst episodes, has now completely disintegrated and in regards to the SA anime I just feel like a cranky little old lady.

But! This week we get back on track. Just barely in time. The (arguably) most important chapter from the manga is showing up next week and this week’s good too.

Oh and as far as why I’m so late with this post…I intended to do it on Tuesday after getting home from some errands, but all I can say is…getting a flat tire on a highway is scary. It messes with your plans big time. Then yesterday I ended up getting sick. So sorry about all of this.



I’ll keep the commentary short today because I’m so late this time around. I am not missing out on commenting on this episode though. No way. This is what we waited the whole time for.

Well, I like how Aoi looks in the anime and I’m glad he showed up because he’s a favorite character of mine (heck, let’s be honest and admit that just about everyone is). His voice sounds good, everything is just fine. The anime does do well with casting the side characters.

But! I am very disappointed that Aoi also seems to be getting the same “bad guy” treatment as Yahiro. Maybe it’s because of the way events are working out. But Hikari didn’t get to do her “shoujo heroine” thing and help out Aoi at all. Hmm…well I’ll just keep an open mind.

At least I did get one silly Aoi moment. It was really funny the way Kei’s character song started playing in the background. This was a real laugh out loud moment for me. Those are actually pretty rare in this anime.

Aoi’s a stalker…hehehe. Yeah, I still find that funny. We don’t get many silly Aoi moments, so I’ll take what I can get.

A Yappy video camera. Where the hell did that come from? I can’t be the only one who finds that creepy, can I? I mean…it’s a Yappy (already creepy) video camera for spying (creepier).

…For some reason beyond my own comprehension, I thought this was agbsolutely adorable. I have…no idea why. It’s just…cute.

I’m also including a shot of cute Megumi to make me feel better at knowing when cute things are cute.

Giant Yappy puzzle…more creepy nightmares for me. But creepy Yappy aside, it was kind of nice to see a challenge between Kei and Hikari again, just because it’s been a while.

The way they kept on fading to Aoi watching Kei really gave me an uncomfortable, “he’s a stalker…” sort of feeling. Unintenional lolz from Gonzo as expected.

For just a minute I felt like they finally capture a little of manga Hikari’s charm. She didn’t know why she didn’t want Kei to go, she just didn’t want him too (and she was very adamant about it). For once I didn’t feel like smacking anime-Hikari in the face with a 2X4 for being dense.

Hmm…I really feel like they overdid on how great Kei is in this episode. It just kind of feels…over the top silly. But…meh, whatever.

Of course dense Hikari didn’t see the big deal and it only made her happier because she’s proud of Kei being her rival. Kind of wanted to hit Hikari here though. Can’t expect too much from Gonzo and AIC I suppose.

International shota-Kei amused me as well because it just seemed so entirely unncessary. The funniest part was cowboy Kei I think. I can’t even use that image because it makes me laugh too much.

Another unintentionally funny because it’s too over the top moment. They had a lot of those in this episode. (Why do you have a close up image of Kei on a big screen Aoi? Why?)

Yeah, they really overdid this episode. But psh. I wasn’t that bothered by Kei running down the highway and jumping off a bridge. Didn’t he lift a boulder with one hand way back? Yeah…pretty sure he did.

See? They overdid Aoi seeming like a bad guy I think. And Hikari seeming like a victim too, I’m not fond of that either.

But it’s okay. Any problems I had with this episode are quickly solved in the next few images…

That’s right, you cry you silly girl (though I have to say this is the only time Yuko Goto voicing Hikari has really bothere me).

That’s fucking right. ’bout time Hikari. (She reached out once before on that kind of date, but they got interrupted).

Crayons came in to ruin the mood after this, but I’m still satisfied. Hikari’s annoying crying voice already kind of ruined the mood anyway.

Heh, heh, heh. And now let’s head for my favorite moment of the anime so far.

Blushing Hikari is approved of. We’re off to a good start. And saying how she felt straight out without realizing what it means (back to her denseness being charming instead).

Of course, Kei see the opportunity to tease Hikari and can’t resist taking it (we all know that if he seriously though that, he wouldn’t say it in such a casual tone).

And Hikari takes him seriously. People, this is the look of realization. The fog has been lifted!!!

Now we just have to worry about denial being the next evil to deal with.

Though something tells me that it’s not going to last too long. ^_^

About time people. Now let’s just hope they’re smart about this and keep out that last phase of Hikari’s weirdness about relationships, where she just plain sees it as a challenge. I admit I enjoy that part (it’s nice to see Hikari being the one wondering about Kei’s feelings), but with 3 episodes left, we don’t have time for it.



Alright date episode~! Probably going to be my favorite episode in the series if they do it right. I still like episode 12 the best out of what we’ve seen so far. But this was my favorite chapter of the manga for a really long time, so my expectations are high. Don’t screw up Gonzo and AIC.

Though this scene tells me that the most important part is in there, so I don’t think they will screw it up.

Hmm, I’m not so pissed at Gonzo and AIC developing all the other couples at the speed of light anymore, because now it seems like Hikari and Kei get that two episode super development too. I’ll have to see how the anime-original ending goes (with the “FA” or whatever), but I cautiously feel like we may be able to call about half of this series a success anyway. That’s better than nothing, right?


  1. I haven’t read the manga, but am watching the anime. A bit cheesy at times, but I quite like it. That’s a rarity because I rarely ever like shoujo.

    I don’t find Hikari annoying though, she’s quite charming. I feel old when I say this, but her youthful innocence is refreshing. Though Akira and Tadashi are my favourite couple.

  2. God.I dont know why but I love Hikari in those bunny ear’s!Maybye because it just shouted “MOE!” To me.Or..It’s because It just changed her usual Character.Omg.Hikari is blushing.”MOE!”.Haha lol.I love you Hikari.Im offically your Fan girl.But if you hate Amuto your GONE!Hikari’s Crying..It’s sorta annoying but well…Let’s say it together..”MOE!” Got in the way of my Un-acceptance speech.Aoi.Love yah so much.I could almost buy you for a awsome bad Guy.To bad.You look to Ikuto.I could NEVER get over bishounen’s.So…sorry.Haha CRY Dumb ass!Still…Aoi is mine forever now! (I dont watch this Anime alot so if I dont got the name’s right o.o..)So she can cry.Hikari take’s Kei seriously…Haha….Not that funny.If that was Keichi from Higurashi and Mei Mei?Maybye i’d think it’s funny.Such “Moe” Love.I like Mei Mei (Her name’s Mei but..You know I like nickname’s.)But Moe was realllly nerve racking and annoying.Oh.Did I get off topic?I belive so.Wel Hikari admited.About time.Megumi.Let’s Shout It!”MOE!” I take Moe very easily x].Well not really Moe but it was extremely cute.And next week we get….A date Episode.Yay!I’m just glad it’s not a filler so I’ll watch it.Anyway’s im done now.


  3. I loved this episode for Aoi. I swear I died when I heard Yusa Kouji’s voice. I used to be one of his diehard fangirls. D= Well, I still am but much less than before. And I LOVED that pictures falling out+Kei’s chara song moment … I almost fell of my chair laughing.
    And this episode is the reason I wanted to do a “Why Bishies don’t punch each other” post … Kei disappointed me. His girl is about to get raped (not really, but you get what I mean right?) and all he does is SLAP Aoi? … ugh, I’m going to stop myself from ranting about it or I’ll lose what content I wanted in my post about this.
    I really love Hikari’s hair in the preview. We’re finally getting KeixHikari-ness! BANZAI!

  4. ah~! I am a satisfied Kei x Hikari fangirl~!

    WOW. The week’s almost over again. DAMN. It’s going by fast! xD

    Maybe even God wants to see Amuto xD JK JK.

    Oh well….Anyway, Aoi is cute~! Stalker ROFL.

  5. *sigh* I didn’t even watch last week’s episode. My enthusiasm kinda died. I still like SA but I wish Maki Minami didn’t drag it out so long. 13+ volumed-mangas are not my thing.
    Hmm, but finally! Aoi! It’s about time he showed up. & for some reason, the first screencap made me think of Lelouch…which is weird, because Junie is doing Kei. Lulu, Kei is not Nunally
    Ah, still haven’t watched this yet but after reading this, I think I’m gonna after I finish my comment.
    lol, Aoi is not Aoi if he’s not stalking Kei. But I’m worried about this “bad guy” treatment you mentioned. It probably won’t last long but still…Aoi’s just a lil’ clingy admirer. :P
    Waz with all the Yappy refrences? D:
    I agree that anime Hikari is just too annoying at times to be likable. Hmm, but to me, it might just be because it’s animated and voiced. *sigh* I’m scared of forgetting how’s it like to be all “Aww, Hikari’s so cute~”. Maybe I should check onemanga if there are any updates. -_-;
    lol Kei running on a highway. Did he speed by all those cars and have the cops in pursuit? xDD
    Awww~!!! Hikari hugged, cried and blushed over Kei~!!! Yes, I got my near-lovey moment! *ignoring the thought of the voice for now*
    I loved Hikari’s face of realization. It reminds me of that kinda horse-looking cartoon character who I don’t know the name of but altogether, still amusing.
    And aww, the last screencap was just love. Going both ways for the fangirl in me and the girl who’s just starting to know what it feels like. Ah, young love~…hehe
    Next week’s episode looks nice. Heh, Hikari looks all grown-up. I don’t remember what happened in that chapter but it’s a date so yea (I want more Hikari’s feeling development, plz).
    Now off to watch. :3

  6. tj han: Oh I have no doubt that I’d like anime Hikari if I hadn’t read the manga. This is certainly a case where reading the manga has made an anime less enjoyable for me.

    I did find Hikari charming in the manga (she was cute the way she’d always do her best), and a few times in the anime now…but eh. It really does match up to the manga.


    Neko-san: Hikari…moe? The voters of SaiMoe disagree because she didn’t make it past the preliminaries. No one from SA did actually…


    saimaisama: Well…you do have to give Kei a little bit of credit. He did punch Yahiro in the face before. Makes me wonder why they went for the slap this time actually. What the hell?

    Oh I love Hikari’s hair too (something I didn’t mention before).


    lol2728: Oh I think we’re all satisfied fangirls…finally. It took long enough.


    xiao_jie88: Hmm, I get what you mean about long manga. But I can take them if it’s non-stop shoujo goodness. Skip Beat is currently at 127 chapters and I’m still loving it every month.

    I’m sure we’ll get to see Aoi being the good guy in whatever anime original ending they come up with. With the “ominous” shots in the preview it looks like we’ll be getting a peek at that too next week. What the ending will be like.

    Yappy has become the mascot character for the series it seems. I do not approve.

    There’s no new updates on OneManga, but there’s a SA yahoo group you could join. Translations and raws (no scanlations though) of lots of the good chapters.

    Which is probably why I don’t mind SA being so long by the way. It’s definitely gotten better as it’s gone along. Probably because Maki Minami was still pretty new when she started SA. It’s really gotten better I think.

    Young love indeed~ Ah I’m looking forward to next week more than anything. The final clearing of the fog!!!

  7. I agree – Hikari, despite being extremely dense, was still charming in the manga. In the anime, she’s just dense and there’s very little indication she even feels romantic affection for Kei in the anime. She just… annoying. Yuko Goto’s voice isn’t helping her either…
    But I like Aoi.
    I’m seriously wondering if Gonzo is going to do a completely anime original ending or adapt something from the manga. At this point, it looks like it’s gonna go either way.

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