Stupidity Makes Me Tired

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This rant, as you may guess, involves Shugo Chara, (just like pretty much every rant of mine). But I’m using a Ranka image, because I am tired and she is cute. Head off that question right there. Plus, I don’t want any morons getting any more cute pictures of SC from me (you guys suck).

My blogging slowed down, a lot recently. I blame it all on being tired. It’s partially my own fault, but I’m going to go out on a limb and blame a lot of morons on the internet with nothing better to do with their time than to stalk me on the internet just because I said “bad things” about someone that they like.

Quite frankly, it’s more tiring to ignore it than it is to write a rant, so here’s a nice big frustrated rant. Enjoy.

(Disclaimer, because I realize this is very vague…this isn’t directed at everyone.) Also, lots of text, so you can skip to the bottom if you don’t care about the reasons and just want to know the outcome.

You guys suck. Especially you morons who complained about everyone else dropping Shugo Chara blogging. And all of you “mature” Tadamu fans who think that just Amuto fans are the immature ones. Yeah, fucking right. I’m ashamed of some of the newer Amuto fans, but I can say rather certainly, none of them ever tried to stalk someone on the internet just because they got called out for being a moron.

Spamming comments on my posts that just say, “You’re an idiot! You’re so mean!” are fucking stupid. I poke a little fun at an anime character and you call me an idiot? With no basis except my opinion is different than yours. And I’m an idiot. Yeah…right. And I’m mean because I don’t feel the same as you either. Huh.

How closed-minded. These little twits are even worse than the people who demand everyone like fillers.

Then because I get called stupid and respond with sarcasm, they insist I’m being mean and picking on them. If you don’t like me responding in kind to your rude messages, stop e-mailing me and sending me PMs on random sites you morons.

I mean, who can expect to go, “You’re stupid” and get a response all filled with flowers and cupcakes. It’s like all of them lack common sense. When they call someone stupid, it’s not mean, but when I do, it is. Great.

And the e-mails I’ve been getting from one specific person are the most immature things you will ever read. One of them actually said, “Hah! So there!” to me like she proved some awesome point. And she had this “elaborate” thing going about pretending to be an Amuto fan who got converted by her “friend” (and her friend was someone who used her e-mail to go around insulting amuto fans…right) so that when she asked me to take down my comments about Tadase looking gay in his “cute” chara-nari, I’d listen to her.

I kind of knew what she was up to from the beginning. Though I thought she might have just been saying it to get some comments that she thought twice about deleted, I should have known better than to expect rationality. It was the most annoying crap when she was pretending to be an Amuto fan too. Always telling me about how much she loved my blog. Ugh. I didn’t even reply to most of the crap she sent my way. That should have clued her in to the fact that I wasn’t buying it.

Even if I had fallen for it, I wouldn’t have listened. What I said is in the “thoughts” section. It’s just my opinion. And I live in America where we practically abuse our right to free speech! No way am I taking something down just because some random girl asks me to.

((Really, I’m tempted to give this girl the “NAOMI” treatment and show off all the e-mails she sent me, but I’d rather stay on topic (if someone wants to read them though, I’ll share them).))

I was prepared for this when I started blogging Shugo Chara in a real blog, but the timing is pretty bad for when it all blew up. All of this random crap is happening when I’m just a little over a week away from going back to school. I haven’t been in regular school for a while now, so my return to school is really stressful, especially when I’m trying to find a job too.

I don’t want to spend time dealing with stupid comments. Even deleting them is a pain because they keep coming back. They won’t LEAVE. Usually trolls get bored over time when they see you don’t give a crap, but these girls keep coming back every week because of my episode summaries.

Recently, I didn’t even post my SC episode review until VERY late Sunday, partially because I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to do summaries anymore. I like helping out the nice fans who don’t understand everything and helping people decide whether they even want to bother with the episode. I don’t want to help these girls.

I love contributing to a fandom in a positive way, but it’s getting tiring. I never get any bad comments about my summaries, but I enjoy writing up the thoughts, not the summary. If your demands really made me stop doing my thoughts, I’d stop doing everything. I mean…these girls do realize that this is a blog…right? I don’t have to do this.

Then I’ve gotten complaints about how when I act like I’m better than these girls (which granted I do, but it’s just because I can spell right and back up my opinions properly) it’s because I have a blog.

To which I can only respond, “*blinkblink* Wha? That’s…what?”

When has owning a blog ever been a sign of superiority? Why would I think that? All the stupidest crap I’ve ever seen on the internet has been on blogs. Blogs are just…blogs. Anyone can have one.

I know that some people I’ve specifically said, “Don’t like what you read? Make your own blog?” have done just that (they generally last only one post though).

I’m also ticked because people wonder why everyone stops blogging Shugo Chara. I’d say it’s less about the annoying fillers and more about these annoying fangirls.

Then I’m ticked off because only the SC fans take everything I say here seriously. I guess they never read my About page or they just didn’t pay attention.

“Simplicity is my own personal little anime blog.”
“It can be very opinionated and full of blind rage or blind fangirling.”
“I’m not a professional and can say whatever I want to say, don’t take me too seriously people.”
“So, I hope that people realize I am incredibly biased in…everything.”
“But you really can’t expect unbiased views from a blog anyway.”

Why can’t they just read that? At the time I wondered if I really had to state such obvious things. Now I’m glad I did, but it doesn’t matter since they don’t read it anyway.

I guess the reason why this all has me so down even though I’m not personally insulted is because…it makes me angry anyway! Just for a different reason! I don’t want my fandom to be like this! I want to be able to have intelligent conversations and not even have to dwell on stuff like this.

These girls specifically spend time insulting someone because they dislike something they like…It really is closed-minded! This is happening over an anime that has a theme of finding the good in everyone; being friends with people you may disagree with. I mean, aren’t these kids even watching the anime they’re arguing over?

No. They’re too busy arguing over something that doesn’t even matter. What does it matter what I think about Tadase? It’s what you think that counts!

And quickly stepping away for a moment, how come when I insulted Tadase in the past I specifically got comments that say, “Tadamu rules! Amuto sucks!” from the flamers. Do you guys even like Tadase for anything other than your stupid pairing!? I think Tadase deserves better fans than that.

Then when you point that out to them, then you get, “Tadase’s hot” which leaves me horrified. Tadase may be thought of as cute, but hot? My god. I’m being harassed by shota-con girls.

Anyway, if these “fans” kept up to date instead of demanding I edit posts weeks old, they’d figure out that I don’t even hate Tadase. I’m just really, really anti-Tadamu because I think it’s a shallow pairing. Lots of people do and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I mean, sure I still don’t like Tadase, but that’s just the way I am. I can’t like princely characters. And even Tadase fans thought his chara nari looked gay! There’s Ikuto fans who say they think Ikuto’s chara nari looks gay too, but we all don’t jump down their throats!

I feel like this is dragging on a bit now, but bear with me.

When I get a comment or an e-mail, I’m happy. The thing I love about having a blog is the fact that I get to discuss anime with people in a way that’s easy for me. Whether they agree or disagree with me, as long as there’s substance to the comment, I love discussing with the commentor.

But when it’s just “you suck” for no reason except I disagree with them…I just don’t get it. Why not state why you disagree with me instead of personally attacking me? And then, why does it continue for so long? Why spend all this time on the computer…for something negative like this?

Do you girls enjoy it? I really can’t imagine that. You can’t even be a troll who just likes hurting other people’s feelings, because then you wouldn’t yell at me for “being mean”.

On that point, how can you even pretend to be better than me when you go to all sorts of places purposely bashing people because of their opinions? Because I said bad things about a character? Because I said it in my own blog?

To bring up a recent event…lots of people are mad at Ranka from Macross Frontier right now. I’m a major Ranka fan, but did I go to all of these people and immaturely send them comments calling them stupid and mean? No. I accepted their opinion and can even see why they’d think that. No problems there.

I really don’t get it with some of these younger fans though. You girls are wasting your life and precious time by doing this! And that’s what really makes me angry! Every time I see another one of your dumb comments it reminds me of all the better things you could be doing!

Agh! That’s the worst part. I’m pissed off because they’re wasting their free time. They spend their day locked up with their computer, with so much free time that they can go around following someone on the internet over such a small matter, when they could be out and about. Being with people and developing real social skills.

I wish I’d had that sort of freedom when I was sixteen and seventeen, but I had to stay inside because I was sick. I was too tired to leave my house that often and I spent a lot of the day sleeping. I missed out on a lot of things because I had no choice. And people that take all of that stuff for granted make me sick.

I mean…plenty of anime fans have problems (which sometimes make them get more involved in their fandom as an escape), maybe these girls have problems too. But when they’re acting like shipping is the most important thing when they should know plenty of worse things out there, I really think they’re just being spoiled.

Or maybe you girls do get out, but why waste your time on the computer like this too? You could be discussing things you like instead.

And to clarify! Any Amuto fans or fans of any other shipping that gets personal about this crap piss me off too. It’s not just Tadamu fans. It’s all of you idiots!

Well, at least when all these girls will realize that two years went by that they’ll never get back, they’ll only be able to blame themselves. I’ll take that as punishment enough for them.


Now let’s wrap this up coherently. I’m making another declaration. I’m going to continue to state my opinions on this blog, no matter what anyone else has to say about it. If my “opinion” offends you, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings anyway, I don’t like troubling other people. But I will stand up for myself.

And I’m going to continue blogging Shugo Chara with the “no-nonsense” blogging policy. To the very end! You immature girls can stick around, but I’m keeping this blog upbeat and on-topic. I like Shugo Chara too much for you girls to ruin it for me.

After all, you punish yourselves enough by wasting your time. And because I’ve already unwillingly lost time in the past, I won’t let you waste any more of mine.

Getting my feelings all out clears my head and makes it easier to love anime again. Now if the problem continues, I can easily just remind myself of this and feel better. The Amuto love only grows when I finish with something like this too because there’s nothing distracting me (and I love things more when people insult it). My enjoyment in the series all together grows more than before too because I’ve lost a reason to dislike it. I feel better than ever after meeting a minor struggle as a blogger and getting past it. Like hell annoying flames would keep me down.

Looks like it’s MISSION FAILED girls. Still loving Amuto, still stating opinions, still a happy fangirl. And now I’m re-energized to blog like normal. Better luck next time girls~!

Now then the image to apologize for my massive ranting text…

Amulet Cat (oh it’s exactly what it sounds like). This cute image is okay because the lameass fans that have been pissing me off won’t even want it. Nyahaha~! Amu doing a chara-nari with Yoru, Ikuto’s chara. Would you girls even want this? Somehow I don’t think so~!

(As an unnecessary final disclaimer, anytime I insult Tadamu fans, I’m only insulting the dumb ones. If you’re not dumb, you shouldn’t have a problem with it)

So…did anyone actually read the whole image free rant? Hmm, I don’t suppose so, but anyway it’s back to blogging as usual now. I felt like I was about to suffer a burnout, but I’m okay now. Who would have thought that blogging could be so therapeutic?


  1. I … actually read everything.

    Really, people like that are the ones that make me afraid of admitting my age. They make it out like every sixteen year old (and younger) are morons. I won’t even bother trying to understand why people do that in the first place. I just sigh and move on. Hopefully one day they see the light and become sane people who use the brains they were born with. Bet they’ll look back on themselves in the future and say “Gods was I moron back then” =/

  2. Welcome to my world.

    They won’t LEAVE. Usually trolls get bored over time when they see you don’t give a crap, but these girls keep coming back every week because of my episode summaries.

    I feel like I said this somewhere before. Oh well. If I were you I’d do the comment lock thing that way all they can do is bang their head against their monitors :D

  3. Reading all that really made me see the type of world we live in (well, at least this type of world (teh Intrnetzz)). What can I say, it’s really stupid, so stupid I myself can’t believe it. I remember when I was like, 11 or 12 years old (i’m 15 now), and I started watching anime. I was really noob by that time, but yeah, I did grow up to realize some things. Something these girls don’t seem to. Do they even have “brains” to begin with? I seriously hope this will change and they grow up~something I think won’t happen in the next few days.
    What is really frustrating is that the Internet is full of this morons, noobs, etc. They are everywhere, it’s like a plague or something. But what can you do? Life’s like this. Keep moving on, they say. And yeah, better do that~

    I really think you should ignore them, I mean, I really don’t want you to get sick or stopping writing in the blog, which I’ve been following for a long time, and simply love~

    I also think that locking the comments won’t work =S I mean, don’t they send stupid things via e-mail too?

    My first comment here (n.n’) but so to know, you have my full support ^-^
    Also, I’m a boy, but w/e, I kind of act like a girl sometimes~

  4. ROFL! Fuyu, you’re so funny! I’m sorry that all of this Tadamu idiocy is getting to you! I don’t understand how people can have all out wars over characters in an anime. They are animated, so why get so worked up? It isn’t like they know Tadase personally. I can understand what it’s like to feel passionately about a character or pairing, but I wouldn’t stalk an internet blog to make people see my way of thinking. Just don’t let all of this immature arguing get to you, cause I really love your blog and all of your reviews. I’d be really sad if you dropped a show over something so trivial. If need be I’ll become your bodygaurd! XD Fight away the crazed fangirls! But just remember when these girls are getting to you, some of us come here because we LOVE listening to your ranting opinions! (I like your summaries as well)

    LMAO at the shota-con thing by the way! I wouldn’t call Tadase hot, because it’s a little weird. I’m willing to admit he’s cute when he isn’t annoying me. I’m with you on the not liking prince characters though, that why I wasn’t a huge fan of Yuki from Fruits Basket. ^.^

    I’ve used a couple of your images and screencaps by the way! Sorry if it bothers you. I’d take my own screencaps but I have no clue how to go about that. T.T

  5. I read everything and I agree with you in everything. This is your own personal blog, so it’s only right that you can say whatever you want to say on it. It’s not like it’s going to kill anybody. Sure, there are some things people might not like but that’s just how the world is. They can’t expect everybody to have the same opinion or act the same way. That’s just stupid.
    Moreover, they’re wasting time even thinking that they can use their idiocy and shallow-mindedness to have some sort of effective change. Uh, yea right. There’s a reason why the terms “smart” and “dumb” are separate. -_-;;
    And in Shugo Chara!’s case, the fandom has become the worst I’ve ever seen (excluding the fans who know how to act right, of course). It ruins the love a fan’s suppose to have for their animanga. They’re not suppose to spend so much time ranting over something that they will eventually get over in the future rather than just enjoying the series because of what they like about it. That’s just pointless. There will always be new things to discuss and (properly) argue over. You can’t expect to stay on Shugo Chara! forever, do you? So why waste your time?
    *long sigh*
    Great, now I’m thinking/hoping Shugo Chara! will end soon. I don’t read the immature derogatory comments at all and try to avoid them the best I can but they’re practically everywhere (and there are too few remarks that give good reasoning and/or backup for their opinion which is a shame because those are what’s worth reading). It makes me go “Ugh” just by barely looking at one and ruins my happy mood when I think about SC!. And if SC! continues for another while, I’m pretty sure it’ll only get worst. *so tired*
    …I wanna read Arinacchi manga now. Maybe that will get my mind off the fandom. *sigh*
    Oh, and Amulet Neko~! (& no need to apologize for ranting) <3333 So cute~! Too bad it probably won’t happen in the main plot but glad that P-Pit drew her anyway. ^^ Haha, Ikuto would probably love to play with her ears. I’d like to see that. xDD Come to think of it…I want Amu to play with his ears now (like Kagome with Inuyasha’s). *adds to Amuto want list* lol

  6. Jeez calling someone stupid…That makes you stupid ya know!

  7. saimaisama: I was afraid to admit my age when I was fourteen because of crap like this (though it was never this bad). I pretended to be fifteen because that seemed at least a little better.

    I really hope they realize the way they act eventually. I wouldn’t mind them if they weren’t stupid.


    Hinano: You probably did say it before. If it’s the same stupid ungrateful sort of fangirls, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    Oh and the past Shugo Chara entries are all getting the comments locked now. It seems to solve the problem since they don’t like posting on current entries (Too afraid of everyone seeing their failures).


    meball: These girls are usually around 13, I think they should know better. I was kind of like this when I was 11 though, not expecting anyone to say anything bad, but I just kept it to myself really. And I obviously grow up…without even being told dozens of times, “GORW UP!” But ah…they probably really do lack brains, that would explain it.

    Yes, it’s just the internet~!

    Locking comments works, because most of the crap comes in that way. It’s just the ones who really have no life that send me e-mails. After I talk one-on-one with them for a while they usually get pissed and run off with their tail between their legs. It’s actually pretty fun, so I don’t mind the e-mails (just the multiple e-mails from the same person).

    A boy on my blog! Huzzah! You guys do still exist! I thought the crazy fangirl power from I and my readers had forever scared everyone away.


    amayalee: It’s because they’re Tadamu fans that they get so worked over someone that’s not real. Just as Tadase was in love with Amulet Heart, they are in love with an ideal shota prince. It makes perfect sense to me now.

    Oh I’m over it now. Now I have this sort of revenge feeling about it. “Muahaha! You want me to stop blogging my thoughts!? NEVER!” is my basic outlook on it now. I know that I’ll piss them off more by continuing to do what I do.

    Yup, princely characters just strike me as annoying. I can’t help feeling that way (they act too nice and it all seems fake so it pisses me off…that’s part of it anyway). I didn’t like Yuki until he stopped acting like a princely character in the manga.

    I don’t mind anyone saving images from the blog, I just mind those girls specifically getting cute images from me that they couldn’t find otherwise. And to take screencaps you could download Media Player Classic. That’s how I get mine.


    xiao_jie88: Ah, I’m always so glad when I write a rant like this and everyone assures me that I am being the rational one. I get outnumbered by idiots sometimes and I forget.

    I know for a fact that you and I have disagreed on something before (I think we had a little discussion back on my livejournal), but we were mature and…well just plain reasonable about it. Accepting other people’s opinions…I wonder why these girls can’t do that? You learn to get along with others in Elementary school.

    If you rant about it, you’ll feel better~! Or if you get trapped into an e-mail, piss off the girl so much that she keeps replying that you’re stupid and stop e-mailing her, but you can keep doing it anyway because it’s fun now. It turns the lame bunch into a source of entertainment.

    Yes, in case you couldn’t tell, that’s what I’m doing now. I’m having my revenge and it’s really so much fun. Oh I got another one~!

    I’m teaching her a lesson. As long as she keeps replying, I’m replying back. It may be immature, but I’m trying to teach her to let things go. And yes, it’s for my childish revenge (she sent me a bunch of e-mails I never replied to and she left three comments in the span of an hour. Like Hell I’m going to let her go when I finally have the chance to let her know what it feels like.)

    However, I still feel like it would be annoying if I see it in a forum or something.

    Too bad Arina-sensei is taking a break now (just a special for ShinKuro and then nothing for a while).

    Yes, Amu playing with Ikuto’s ears. Actually, I’ve wanted to see that for a while.

    …and wow. I just got a comment. Oho~! I think I know who it’s from.


    Tadamulover3000: Is this who I think it is? Couldn’t just let it go after all, could you?

    Hmm…and calling someone automatically makes me stupid? Please elaborate. I mean, if I call someone who doesn’t know what 1+1 equals stupid…am I stupid then too?

    But once again, thinking someone is “stupid” is a matter of opinion. Quite obviously something you don’t understand. It’s okay. You’ll get it someday. Ask your teacher to explain it to you when school starts.

  8. Glad to be of some support to ya. ^^ God knows, if I were in your seat, I’d like that as well.
    If they weren’t so blinded by their own stubborness, I think they’d see that you’re right, too. But they’re just childish and…well, dumb for being so.
    Heh, we disagreed on quite a few things, didn’t we (here and on livejournal)? But yea, we didn’t go overboard or anything. I didn’t push you into liking Amulet Heart when I first heard you didn’t like her (though I admit I was initially guilty of nudging you in that direction. Gah! Sorry ’bout that. xD; ) and you didn’t tell me to not stop disliking Tadase when I did. These are really trivial things. Personal things. Why do we have to get into a fight over it?
    Ah, utility at its best. Turn a piece of junk into something workable. Good for you! Take your vengeance with pleasure and give teach her a good lesson. >:3
    But that’s the reason why forums have strict mods (the good kind, of course). Heh, it’s even funnier because the entire board gets to see one person being scolded and maybe even banned.
    I know~… What am I gonna occupy myself with? T_T Oh, yea, fall season. xD
    If it doesn’t happen, somebody needs to draw a fanart of it.
    …wow. I just read Tadamulover3000‘s comment. I don’t think she even read your post. Just skimmed it. There’s not even backup. K, that’s just lame. Nothing more to say there.

  9. I did too!!!!!!!!11Plus I dont know who you guys are talking about my email is (REMOVED by Fuyu for lulz)

  10. i love the picture at the end.
    i hate if you’d stop bloggin this since your sarcastic humor is so hilarious in my opinion..(since i’m a pretty sarcastic…yet happy person too)
    and it helps to know whta’s goin on for me. :D

  11. I read it all and I really feel bad that you had to feel this way only because of other people’s stupidity. I’m glad you decided to stand up for yourself against these annoying spammers!
    I have to mention though, I love the tags you used for this post!

  12. Oh wow, you finally snapped, huh? Thanks to that, I ended up commenting after all. Oh wellz. This does explain the long absence though.

    Now…if ignoring them doesn’t work, you shouldn’t have to worry about them anyways. They’re typically people who have no lives save for their social cliques on the interwebs, who they believe to carry any real value or worth and whose entire existence stems from waving the banner of a particular anime character they love more than their own boyfriend/girlfriend/friends/family, with the self-appointed mission to convert every single anime fan until they join them too in the endless parade of circular gratification and obsession that borders on fanaticism and cult-like mentality.

    A.K.A, a f**king retard.

    Disclaimer: If anyone feels offended by the above description, then congratulations, you’re officially one of them. Now go and wallow in your self-pity and shoot yourself.

    (You can delete that portion of the comment if it’s too harsh, but I think it’s still too nice.)

    Anyways, aside from what everyone else said, you should just just carry a “I don’t really give a ****” stance, and continue blogging. It is your own blog and you can write whatever you want on it. So, just continue. Besides, lurkers like me won’t have anything to informative/entertaining to read if you end up taking long or permanent absences like that again.

  13. Fuyu-chan, will you give me NAOMI-chan’s email? Oh…why? Cause I wanna have a -snicker- civilized argument.

    Ok, I’m lying. I wanna tell her she’s stupid. PLEASE give me her EMAIL!!!! I wanna see how stupid she’ll be in an email :D

    Plus, YOU’RE RIGHT! How come YOU’RE getting called mean because you’re speaking the truth about Tadase being a total gaytard?

    That’s STUPID! Fuyu-chan, you’re not mean! You’re AWESOME!!! :D People you call you stupid are gay. PERIOD, THE END. ^_^

  14. Wow o_o, I agree with you completely. Some people out there find enjoyment in being immature brats, they might keep on coming back because of that. (looking at you, tadamulover3000 -_-)

  15. Aww that sucks, now they’re bothering you too?
    *SIGH* everyones going shugo chara crazy its kind of annoying now. You should see all the random rumors these days on crunchyroll. And if you oppose they say “NO!!! IT”S TRUE I SWARE!!”
    I’ve never seen such obsession over an anime that people would bite each others’ heads off for it. I hope you won’t stop blogging though! Maybe if you ignore them for a while they’ll go away…good luck with that

    on a lighter note–oh my gosh amulet cat! I’ve actually been wondering what that would be like. She could use it to save Ikuto. How awesome would that be?

  16. Wow, that was a LONG rant. But better get it out I suppose. Well sucks to those immature flamers who can’t even spell, they can go to hell. And this is all over a CHILDREN’S ANIME SERIES. Unbelievable…
    Fuyu-chan rocks, get it straight fags…Honestly your opinions are a joy to read. Two thumbs up from me! Love the Amulet Cat image, I want it animated now.

    @Luna-chan – yeah, I lost my faith in crunchyroll long ago, when there were absolutely ridiculously rumours going around such as ‘Amu has a brother?!’ and ‘Amu-chan is going to transfer to America?!’ As if…

  17. You rock Fuyu-chan!!! Just keep up your work and don’t let those flamers get in your way. If they did that to you again, THEY WILL TASTE THIS :)

    Honestly come on, it’s just a f*cking animated show and a f*cking shota guy (oops my nerve!) I’m actually not a big fan of the show so I really wonder why some fangirls are really into that Tada-shota???

    Anyway, it’s a good thing that you’re back in the good track. And as your newest blogroll friend, I look forward on more of you and your fab sarcasms ^_^

  18. Amu in the end is just *overwhelmed by the sheer cuteness*…well my wish to see what Amu looks like in a chara-nari with Yoru has been granted. Thanks! XD

    Ah, and don’t let those annoying spammers bother you. It actually flatters them when you read their posts. XDD

  19. So…


    A group of SC fangirls decided to spam your e-mail just because you insulted…Tadase, right? You didn’t need to write out a rant just for this. Just post their e-mails on the blog to you just for kicks, and we’ll all laugh at their stupidity.
    You seriously should have given them the NAOMI treatment. Would have been better and fun that way.

  20. There’s a masochistic voice in the back of my head shouting “blog Shugo Chara, blog Shugo Chara” just to experience it first-hand, but I follow subs only, so I’m not half as cool to the fans anyway.

    Since I am a bad person and too lazy to read all the comments (although I did read the majority of the article) I will keep this short and compliment you for having a really great attitude at the end of this post. Way to keep it positive and not devolve into a massive hate-fest. Keep it up. ^^

    OK, now I’ve got that old song lyric “I Will Survive” stuck in my head for some reason. I think it fits. XD

  21. Internet stalking… L-A-M-E. T.T

    Those ppl should seriously get a life. They are ruining the image of all under 14 people out there, including those that are undumb. I think that my 8 year old sister has more sense and is more mature then them. Who do they think they are to insult other’s opinions?

    But looking in another way, it’s kinda amusing to see them get so worked up over an… an anime chracter… T.T You should really do a post of all the most interesting and simple-minded comments and emails you have ever recieved and allow us to have a good laugh.

    I will support your blog all the way~! ^^

  22. where do you find these adorable Shugo Chara! pictures?

  23. one word for u – wow…i have to admit, u r a great debator. and i like how u say, u respect other ppl’s opinion. i too, respect other’s opinion juz like how i want other to respect mine too. He/She has his/her own reasons i have mine too. There’s no right or wrong. Anyway, keep up the great work and i would love more of ur thoughts =D.

  24. Same here. XD

  25. wow this is really long and I read it all!!! this is a really good rant! I’m glad you wrote about it :3

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