Shugo Chara! – Episode 46

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Filler episode. The filler character was kind of lame, but Rima showed us how she made it past her first real competition of SaiMoe. By being cute and adorable. Yes.

Also, I’d like to thank all of my readers (lurking or otherwise) for not being incredibly rude and demanding I put up a summary when I, quite obviously, was busy. I kind of expected to get at least one comment on episode 45 saying, “Where’s the next episode?” But I didn’t. It’s just the usual crap from random Tadamu fans on posts that are weeks old.

Part of my delayed post is the fault of annoying SC! fans, every time I’d sit down to get to writing my thoughts, I’d find something stupid from one of them and it would ruin my mood. I didn’t want to sound angry about the episode when I actually found parts of it enjoyable, so I just postponed it.

Then, I was reminded of the fact that my summaries aren’t just read by the people who leave nice comments, they’re read by morons too. It’s the reason why they stick around and aren’t bored with me yet. Part of me wants to drop the summaries, but it’s part of my blogging format, and SC is really the last series I do regular summaries for. I don’t want to stop and I know a lot of nice, normal fans will be disappointed if I do.

But I’ll get to all of that in a post sometime later. I did enjoy this week’s episode. Despite there being a wasteful filler character who I didn’t much care for, she proved to be a good back-up for some Rima awesomeness.

I was rather lost this episode. As I always am with manzai jokes…even when they’re explained to me. So, if you don’t understand why certain characters were laughing, don’t look at me. I won’t even come close to getting it. I didn’t even get the joke enough to be able to say it’s a lame joke.



The heat seems to be getting to Amu and her charas (and they’re bored too) so they sit by the fan and turn on the TV. On TV is some comedian with bad jokes who does nothing to impress Amu and Miki, but Ran bursts out in laughter. Su brings in some stamina juice (which as all stamina juice, tastes bad). After a brief meltdown, Amu gets a message from Rima to meet her somewhere.

Rima has tickets to a comedy show. KusuKusu reveals that Rima won them by sending over a hundred forms in. Rima insists that it was just something she entered casually. KusuKusu and Rima explain what the TV show they’re going to is (comedy show Rima watches). When Amu starts to say that ehs might not be able to go, Rima threateningly asks if she thinks comedy is stupid. Rima returns to normal after Amu says she loves comedy, and that they’ll go in the morning.

On the way home they run into a girl practicing her routine for the very show they’ll be attending. Her name is Miyako and Rima is not impressed by her gags (Ran finds it hilarious). Rima confronts the girl and tells her that she’s not ready yet! Miyako has a normal reaction and Amu introduces both herself and Rima. Random comedy ensues and Miyako reveals her dream (basically just to be a comedian and make people smile). Amu is impressed by Miyako’s dream, which surprises her because everyone usually just thinks she’s weird.

Random stuff happens and suddenly it gets serious and it’s revealed that Rima is some sort of legendary person (the god of comedy!!!). Miyako asks to be trained and comedy training begins! Somehow Amu becomes a student too. The training somehow leads to Rima and Miyako running on a beach as the sun sets. The training ends, Rima gives Miyako some words of encouragement and she shouts toward the setting sun. That night Miyako continues studying and she’s sure that she’ll do well at the audition because of Rima.

The next day Amu and Rima visit Miyako in the changing room and do a few more “nande ane” to get rid of nerves. The comedian Amu saw on TV the day before appears (he’s the judge for the audition or something I think) and does his gag, Rima is not impressed with him either. In fact no one is (the helpers have to tell people to laugh). Miyako doesn’t laugh either and it seems to get her in trouble.

When Miyako’s turn comes up, the guy from before and his helpers start insulting her right away. It makes her nervous and she doesn’t do well. Before she can recover, she gets cut off, spoken down to and he says the exact things that would cause her to feel all depressed (calls her weird) so she runs off. RIma and Amu run after her and when they find her, her x-egg appears. Amu and Rima chara-nari (Amulet Heart…) and team up to heal Miyako’s egg with the usual words of encouragement.

At the show, the loser guy fails when the audience doesn’t laugh even though they’re told to by his helpers. Miyako uses the opportunity to make her comeback and does an impromptu routine that makes everyone laugh. Rima sees it as a success and explained how Miyako planned it out. Rima offers her advice to the loser comedian next and gives him a new gag to use. She’s once again delcared the god of comedy.

Miyako, Amu, and Rima all sit around at the playground later and discuss what happened, then Rima busts out a new comedy move. As expected of the god of comedy, it makes everyone laugh. Rima and Miyako run on a beach at sunset again, accompanied by that loser comedian guy from before.

(Just to be safe, I’m not sure how much of my summary is right. The general plot is, but my understanding of small events may be off. Also sorry if it’s long, I’m still adjusting to be able to determine what’s right for blogging. At least on SC, people seem to like more.)



Not as bad as I thought it might be, though I did get my expected dose of Rima-ness. But see fellow fans! When you keep your expectations low, it ends up being better when they surprise you with something good.

However, I have to say that the lack of Ikuto and plot is getting to me. I’m not in rage mode, because I really expect it, but it’s quite bothersome. It’s not like I hate fillers (I’ve made it quite clear, I only hate filler characters for taking up time I’d rather be spent on good characters), but I’d still rather have things move along. Even if, sadly, it’s with some random plot the anime makes up.

Why is a girl talking into a fan so common in anime? Is it supposed to be moe or something? Because I know some guys got all fanboy giggling about someone from Lucky Star doing that (or a couple of them right?). My god! Satelight is trying to bring up Amu’s rank for SaiMoe! Don’t do it Satelight! Don’t turn my Cool and Spicy girl into a moe blob just for one competition!

Stamina juice. One thing American and Japanese entertainment have in common (hell, I know Canada and England are in there too) is that every time a home made “stamina” juice appears, it will cause chaos!!!

Hmm, this joke was cute the first five or so times that they used it but…it’s showing another weakness of the fillers. Get your act together Satelight.

Tsundere girls must teach their charas to better keep their mouths shut. They keep ruining their cool facade. First Eru, now KusuKusu. And hell, Ran and the others have been at it for a while now.

So begins my massive image spam of absolute Rima cuteness. Every single comment about these images will pretty much equal, “I love Rima. Rima is cute. Rima should win SaiMoe.” or something.

Okay, so I still think Ranka should win SaiMoe…even if she disappointed me this week. Her uselessness is just a sacrifice made for moe…or something. (Oh you guys know that everyone in any mecha anime ever has to hit the bottom before they’re able to get any real character development.)

Whoa nice. I thought no one could even come close to seeming as ominous and threatening as Utau. Good job Rima. The mood just completely shifted in an instant. It was crazy.

Miyako was a poorly developed and rather annoying character, but she’s a filler character. If you judge her among filler characters, she did her job well. She had her own briefly explained story, but she mainly served as a character to give a main character some good scenes and development.

I guess even filler characters don’t piss me off that much. They just piss me off when the story is focused on them. I don’t see the point. I honestly just don’t care about them.

Rima does not tolerate anything that she knows is not funny. It must be of Bala-Bala~nsu quality or it sucks! There is no gray area! To put it simply, as I’ve said before…Comedy is srs bsns.

Holy cow Rima! You’ve been upgraded from a queen to a God! When did this happen? How the Hell did this legend get started? How!?

Seriously…I want to know how. I want a random spinoff series (an OAV of three episodes is fine~!) where Rima saves the world with her comedy and is reborn as a god!

I miss Eru. T_T

Why couldn’t this filler have happened when Eru was still hanging around with Amu. I wanted to hear Eru go “nande ane”. It would have been so cute. Eru~! (At least we get to see her next week)

Whoa again Rima. How the heck did she manage to freak out Cool and Spicy Amu to such an extent? She’s like a drill sargeant with her comedy training.

If you didn’t understand this scene, it’s all right. You weren’t supposed to. It came out of nowhere. I chalk it up to inspirational teacher/student movies where they overcome all odds and run on a beach against the sunset.

Seeing a scene like this now though…I wonder if I’ll ever be able to make the most emotional, touching scene from Air seriously ever again…

Even small things about Rima made me laugh this week. Look how serious she is about reading her manga. It’s just really cute. Rima~!

Nande ane x-chara amuses me. Not as much as crazy, “Do you liek English!?” x-chara (because that one pretty much terrified me, so it amused me), but still amusing.

… *flips over a table and goes to quietly seethe in a corner*

Last week had no excuse with the x-chara being piano-involved, this week it’s comedy, which is technically a performance art, which technically belongs to Amulet Spade again. We are not amused.

It’s not like all of us hate Amulet Heart, we’re just sick of her getting the spotlight all the time. I missed Amu’s normal chara-nari’s too during the Dia arc, but what about Amulet Spade and Clover? Why for the past two episode has it just been Amulet Heart when it doesn’t even make sense. There are no more excuses. Even the Amulet Heart advocates have to admit, it’s getting out of hand now.

…whatever. I guess it matches the dream and all that and at least this time it doesn’t have some random clip. Just…whatever.

…pfft! ROFL. Rima has never been sillier. I look forward to seeing all the animations produced of this new incredible randomness.

And oddly enough, this scene made me realize that the fillers haven’t had awful animation yet. Let’s hope they can keep it up for next week and draw Utau’s hair properly (or maybe they won’t have to because it’ll just stay in her hat the whole time).

Wow what an ending. It’s like they broke Amu with their randomness. Poor Amu…she’s back to being the normal character dealing with everyone else’s weirdness now that Kairi is gone and Rima is so weird herself.

Ah…Amu’s become the plaything of the Guardians again. And somehow, that makes me happy.



Ah! No filler character! No filler character next week! This is the sort of filler I want fools!

Everything I saw in the preview for this episode got me all psyched. Iru and Eru, Amu wearing glasses (random), Utau singing~! Yup, everything got me excited. Too bad they did a lame half-preview on us. They did that back at episode 26 too, leaving all of us wondering about the Amuto tea cup scene.

Don’t go assuming that means Satelight is planning another surprise Amuto episode though. I can’t see how they’d get Ikuto in with Amu hanging around Utau the whole time. It just means that they didn’t want to use any more air time because they needed to fit in a giveaway announcement.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to next week. We get Utau singing. Hopefully it’s a new song that we’ll get in a single that has Utau’s other song as a track too.

Also, before anyone brings it up…I have heard that episode 51 is called Humpty-Dumpty. Do I believe it? No. I haven’t found any place that lists past episode 48’s title. That even includes wikipedia (Japanese and English). I think it’s something that someone who didn’t know about the series being extended made up. Maybe it’ll come out officially later, but having a gap between episode 48’s title and 51’s…that seems suspicious to me.


  1. HORRAY! The post is up!!! :D I waited patiently for it ^^

    Yes, I MUST agree, that the “DO YOU LIKE ENGLISH?!” Scared the ever loving SHIT out of me the first time I heard it O_O
    Seriously…It scared me T.T

    No filler character next week, thank god….but can’t we at LEAST see a shot of Ikuto in it next week? JUST ONE TWO FREAKIN SECOND SHOT?!

    Eru~! My Angeru~!

    WOW. Rima had an Utau / Kei moment. THATS SO FULL OF WIN. That is just……WIN!!!!!!!

    Amu with glasses….I am SOOOO looking forward to that. Amu with glasses is WIN+1000~!!!!!

  2. Hooray no filler character next week. Utau is there, but where is thine Ikuto??? I’d like to see him at least once before the season ends right?
    Rima-tan is the absolute goddess! She was promoted long before in my mind. Good job on the posts!

  3. I was wondering when you were gonna post your review! Oddly enough, I understood most of this episode, I think my japanese is advancing. I was seriously ROFL when they called Rima “Kami-sama!” I was like yes! Bow down to the ever cute goddess! MAHAHA!…But then my sanity returned I continued to watch.

    You know, I’ve been annoyed with Amulet Heart since about the 10th episode. I want Miki and Su to get the spotlight they deserve!

    I was so sad with the Dia arc ending because then Eru would go back home with Utau! T.T I miss Eru! I really want her to come back! I also seemed to have picked up the line…”WAAITO!!” from her, lol.

    I’m so glad that Utau is in the next episode, I’ve been missing her so much lately. ^.^ But I agree with just about everyone else, I want Ikuto! What won’t Statelight ever give us a nice filler with him in it?!

  4. Satelight* I can never seem to spell that right! XD

  5. BTW, Big ups to the animaters for making Amu’s outfit completely ADORABLE ^^

  6. This episode was just…wow! All I can say is that while watching it, my expression was torn

    between WTF and LOL. Rima was incredible great in it. It made me realize how little she is

    “developed” in the manga. She showed so many expressions and I saved so many screencaps of her,

    I almost feared for my laptop’s “storage capacity” (is this how you say in English?)
    Rima sending tons of forms in was hilarious. She looked so cute trying to make the memory go

    away (aww, Rima, we wove you either way ^^ )
    Lol, so lets recap: when rima and Amu’s classmates found out about Rima’s love for comedy, they

    teased and mocked her. Now, she is considered a legend, a comedy goddess. Wow, so SC world is

    filled with crazy people.
    Now that running at the beach, towards the evening sun made me laugh like hell. Not because it

    was funny (okay, maybe the happy expressions and Amu’s WTF look), but because it looked cliché

    and lame… I don’t think I’ll be able to ever look at a beach the same way ever again.
    The guy sure was not funny at all. And by calling Miyako weird made him a meanie (I hate anime

    bullies; especially if they are filler characters).
    Amulet Heart (again!?) and Rima save the day once more, and right after the fat guy tastes his

    own poison. Of course the filler kid helped him out, and it was so funny the face that Rima did.

    She looked like she was proud of her student’s capaities XD
    The guy soons calls her also a goddess of comedy. To think that noobs hated her when she showed

    up on the anime, yet now she is more than popular in the anime. Lol, I actually want to be her

    student in the art of comedy.
    And what the heck was that new dance? XD So funny! Rima sure deserves my 4th place in

    favouritism in SC ^^
    I agree with you on the expectations low, positive surprise big. I only kept my hope a little

    awake because it envolved Rima in it.
    Yeah, no Ikuto is bad for our health. But, next episode is Utau, and she’s still in her “don’t

    touch, don’t look, don’t even think about my brother” towards Amu, so they might talk about him,

    and Amu might wonder where he has been (since it didn’t happen on episode 44 like it was

    supposed to <_D
    Lol, an OVA explaining Rima’s awesomeness and the upgrade from Queen to Goddess? I sure would

    like to see (but if we had to chose the content of a OVA I would still want my Amuto).
    Eru T_T We’ll she her next week, so we have to be strong (I want Yoru too…and Iru, but we’ll

    also get her next week)
    Talking about the chara nari, I just remember that we might have Seraphic Charm next week as

    well (and mabe Lunatic charm, too). I miss those…and Amulet SPADE and Amulet CLOVER (but

    mostly spade). Darn you Satelight, and the pink cheerleader outfit. I have the feeling that

    Satelight is filled with a bunch of middle age pervert who have cheerleader fantasies. That sure

    would explain A LOT!!! <_.< ) and it’s fine by me.
    Yeah, there is no title beyond 48. I was the one who put the title for 48 on the english

    wikipedia (taken from Newtype, a very reliable japanese site from a magazine, I think), and that

    rumor about Humpty Dumpty was most likely started on CR. I remeber the person who putted there.

    She said the title was given to her from somebody she knew that worked for Satelight. It had a

    bunch of “spoilers”, some of them truth and most of them false. I bet it was strategy to make

    poeple believe her.

  7. my friend…( ithink on crunchyroll) found some like forums on like the shugo chara site and there’s like manga from when nagehiko comes back. :) and it’s so funny. (kuukai happens to be there too..)
    andddd i know too much about the humpty-dumpty thing….which is so horribllleee. ACK.

    this was an okay filler, but i LOVE rima…i used to hate her….XP
    i’m excited for next week!! WHOOO.

  8. Usually I don’t relly like fillers, but this time the presence of Rima-tan made it kind of funny and I liked it ^^
    Anyway, I miss too much Ikuto. I can’t stand it. I wish that he’d appear, even if for a few clips, in one of the next episodes… really next.

  9. I can’t wait for next weeks episode :D__and since I have seemed to become regular commenter(randomly I have been reading your reviews since ep 33 and never commented before ep 42or 43) I guess I will be commenting next week.

    I didn’t like this episode that much(or at all) besides funny Rima momments, other than that I was borde watching it, besides Rima’s dance-thing(and other Rima things) I found nothing really funny at all.

    Wow I sounded mean or something, I love Shugo chara but something about this episode seemed a bit odd__maybe because was out of character to much_

  10. I liked this episode better than last week’s. Mainly for Rimaness and Rima/Amu friendship.

    The loser guy was annoying, so watching him get pwned in the end was amusing.

    I liked the training at the beach scenes too. It reminded me of really cheesy sports manga and anime.

    Satelight did good in this episode if only because it used filler girl to devolop Rima (and to a lesser extent Amu). The only annoying thing with this x-egg of the week filler, is that unlike the Dia arc’s fillers, or the fillers in the first 20 episodes is that Easter’s not causing it. It’s just some person randomly saying something mean to the filler person.

    lol Rima never seemed as freaked out by the weridness of the guardians and co. as Kairi was. Poor Amu. She’ll probably never get use to how her friends act.

    The person who spread the stupid rumor about episode 51 was the CR girl you mentioned awhile ago. The one that said Ikuto had a dog chara. -_-

    I can’t wait for next week either. Eru plus Amu/Utau tsudere friendship= win. ^_^

  11. This has to be my favorite filler ever. I didn’t even mind the filler character. Her puppets weren’t funny, but they were very cute.
    And Rima’s comedy boot-camp had me cracking up. This is the first time a filler has done that.
    The whole “running on the beach” scene was so cute and funny. I totally loved it. x3
    Ran was adorable in this episode too.

  12. Oh, and I heard the whole “Humpty Dumpty” episode 51 title is just a rumor from Crunchyroll. Apparently someone added to english Wiki at one point too.

  13. Rima-tannnnnn~~~!!!! x3333
    I really liked this eppy even though I had the same face Amu had the entire the time (“Wut?” lol). Filler girl was typical filler so meh to that. I don’t dislike her mainly because of her Kansai accent (I can never dislike characters with Kansai accent for some reason…I think it’s because of Aya Hisakawa, whom I adore *hearts* ) and at least she wasn’t playing rival games with Rima. Haha, she practically worships Rima. Yay! She is tolerable! xD
    Heh, the fan thing (guys do it, too). Isn’t it mainly because of the fact that even when it’s like 100+ degrees out, the Japanese won’t turn on their air-conditioning? So they can only use the fan and due to boredom, will put their face in front of it and pretend to be aliens. Yea, I should try that at work sometime, lol.
    lol The stamina juice. I was wondering if that part would show up. Too bad Eru’s not with them anymore but she comes back next eppy so she is spared of it which is good (poor Eru shouldn’t be abused anymore, even with good intentions, xD; ).
    And why yes, Rima is GOD, peoplez! All the more reason why you should bow down at her feet and let her walk on your backs to the Saimoe throne. It is an honor to die for. xDD;;
    Srsly, I was quite happy with Satelight for all the different Rimas they had in here. Smiling and happy Rima (aww, the girls went out to eat doughnuts together *giggle* ), embarassed Rima, fangirl Rima, demon-aura Rima, fiery Rima, stern and professional Rima, angry Rima, comical Rima (lol, her dance at the end was ultimate pwnage), god Rima…yea. I just need one more to complete my list and I will attempt to make a Rima moodtheme. Guess what it is. ~.^
    Yep, Rima rawks faces.
    Ugh, but yea, Amulet Heart again. I wouldn’t be so annoyed by her appearance this time if they had Amulet Spade appear in the previous episode. This one I can kinda understand but really, what the hell is up with Satelight and their inability to use Amu’s other Chara-naris? There’s a reason why she has three, morons. So she could transform into three different forms. Stupid…
    And y’know, if Dia didn’t go back to her egg, these three episodes (the last one, this one, and the next one) would have gone to her. It’s mostly about on-stage performance, which is exactly what she was born for. *sigh* Dia…you’re being ripped off by the producers. Come back cuz we miss you (and have Amu “Starlight Breaker” Satelight’s studio, too, would ya?). T_T
    Anyways…YESSS~!!! Next week is Utau’s filler! More Utau! *fangirl screams* I thought I was goin’ to miss it cuz of some last-minute family trip but I managed to push it a day later (yea! My Utau love prevails through everything! *dork* xD; )
    Hmm…I wasn’t expecting Amu to be her “manager” (thought it would be some kinda of lame joke or w/e) but Amu wearing glasses…random but cute. lol But I can’t wait to hear what Utau’s gonna sing (doesn’t seem like Yume no Tsubomi). It’s gonna be Eru-inspired, right? RIGHT?! xD Also hoping she gets a new CD for this.
    Urgh, but stupid Satelight. They always cut everything good in half. I’m not expecting Ikuto to appear or anything (though I want to very badly) but this better mean that the episode is good. At least, good. It’s already decent cuz it’s an Utau filler where she’s “hanging out” with Amu and singing incognito in public (I dun like the new hat…why can’t they draw her a new one?) but I want minimal disappointment (i.e. if Amulet Heart shows up again (no no no no), then I’ll be able to forget it b/c the rest of the eppy is great). Don’t make me mad, Satelight!!! > : (
    Ok, thanx for the review and summary. ^^

  14. ROFL! Rima is the best! The whole training scene was just… LOL!
    It WAS Amu! I’d assumed that Amu would be Utau’s manager (Because I couldn’t think of anyone else. I mean, Sanjou wouldn’t be surprised about it The ‘?!’ in the title…)) Anyway, looking forward to it!
    Thanks for summary!

  15. Ha, i haven watch it yet, and i’m glad i didn’t. It seems pretty boring and random apart from the cute Rima scenes, but i will bee looking forward to the next episode though.

    *Squeals* Utau~!

    Hey, is it just me or does the specs Amu is wearing looks like the soec Nakaidou hav?

  16. Aww, I cant help it!Amu and her hot blushy fash!SOOOO CUTE!I can’t help the Moe.Even though I want her to stay Cool & Spicy I can’t help but love that.Good job Satelite.3+ for you.And Rima is in denial!And useing that ‘Rima Fanboy Head Band’ Made me giggle.I want to say that the Filler Character was Annoying.But-I couldn’t.Dont know why though.Dont like her much anyway.But I just didn’t have the gut’s to utter my word that I alway’s so for filler character’s.Which is of course…”LAME”.*Sob’s* I want to hear Eru say Nanade-Ane BAD!It would be sooo cute!I mean ‘What’s with That’ And my Eru obsession XD?!Moe Rima.Awsome.She changed the moment totally.All Moe Rima-Then it was just Rima Angry as Hell.I LOVED it.Seriously Rima.Don’t make me like you more than Uta-Chan!(I call Utau, Uta-Chan now, because it’s like Eru (Yes..Im obsessed)><!)Now for my thought’s on the Filler Character.Um can I shout a big….”OMG!”?Puppet’s o.o…I wouldn’t find that funny when I was 5.So -3 for you Satelite.Which take’s the Moe for Amu.That’s about the most Moe’st thing i’ve saw Amu do.Except for geting all Tsun-Tsun Around Ikuto…Nahhh :P.And the Chara isn’t as cute as I thought.Since now they make there Chara’s so unlike their owner’s i expected different..That’s it.Sure..Ok I MUST blurt the real reason…OMG WHERE’S MY DAMN AMUTO IM GETTING A FUCKING HEADACHE IM GONNA MURDER SATELITE UNLESS I GET IKUTO IN AMUS BED!!!Ok….*Cough* Sorry…And Amulet Fart.Again.We meet Again…Yes we do.Know What?I hate you.Just so you know.What’s that?You know?Good.And well Rima I love your dance!Teach me some time K’ay?And what’s with the fat dude?Him being the bad guy is Let’s say it all together…”GAY!” Yes..Very gay.Well im done!


  17. Awwwwwww. Rima is so cute. I love her. Nd she is so serious bout her comedy. I seriously got scared myself when she was all dark and evil. didn;t know Rima could do that.

  18. OMG i cant wait for the nest episode when it goes back to the story line!! i wanna know whats gonna happen to Amu and Ikuto!! ekkk super super excited!!!!

  19. Thanx so much for uploading your summaries they are a really big help for me

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