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It’s late. I know. But there was no way I was going to miss out on the ultimate Haruk and Yuuto episode…plus the introduction of Haruka’s vaguely Yakuza-ish parents? No way! Not in a million years.

But since my post is coming at the tail end of the love for episode 7, please forgive me if it sounds like I’m just saying things you’ve already heard. You can only read, “Gosh. Cute~!” so many times, I understand.

Shorter than usual commentary also since I’m rather far behind and am still trying to play blogging catch up with a few things.



First off…this episode is even funnier when you watch it a second time through on double speed. I did that to get through and grab screencaps quickly and it was funny. Usually it’s just annoying.

The Nogizaka family has jeeps, helicopters, and jets. They have their own private little army. Now I’ve seen some overly-dramatized, scary rich families in anime before…but wow. This is like X-men or Batman scary-rich.

Included because the “aww” was dampened last week by an “aww” of sadness.

Oh teenage boys and their overactive imaginations. If Yuuto didn’t have these thoughts every so often I’d swear there was something wrong with him. He was getting called gay in the first episode after all…

Haruka…how did you interpret Ruko’s drinking as making her a wonderful woman? How?

Poor Yuuto. He can’t say he doesn’t like Haruka, because then Haruka hears it too, but you can’t really confess in front of your sister, her whore roommate, and the crazy maid, can you?

And look what you ladies did! You pushed too hard and now we get no confessions at all. Bah!

Mika…how old are you? Even…an adult or a teenager wouldn’t say things like you. You devilish little girl…

Included because it’s cute. And I also wanted to make a random otaku and dakimakura joke, but I’ll keep it to myself.

ROFL Hazuki! Hurray for the dojikko drunk! It was really great the way she still behaved in her usual emotionless way but knocked into things and tried to leave the house by opening the fridge.

“This is…a princess hug.”

Silly Haruka. You already got carried like this way back in episode two. Silly girl.

Wonder if this is going to be the big finale. It’s halfway through the series (we get 13 episodes, right?) and Yuuto is seeing about half of Haruka’s face, so I’d be that he’ll have it figured out in the end.

Hmm…but I really do wonder what the end of the series is going to be like…

D’awww. No more words can be said. Yuuto’s a good guy.

Yes!!! Hazuki was already incredibly entertaining in this episode, but when she beat someone up on a roof, she officially became my favorite maid. Hazuki!!!

Did anyone else think, “OMG! Haruka looks like a cute new wife!!!” Because I obviously did.

Seriously, that hair style combined with a frying pan and apron! It screams new wife!!!

Hey, Yuuto’s sister was useful in this episode. Has her being able to use a sword come up before? Well, no matter what I loved the whole fighting sequence. It was fun. The only character who has proven themself to be completely useless in this anime is Yuuto’s whore teacher who slept through the whole thing.

Seriously…what’s her purpose?

Haruka. T_T I have to say this hit home a little.

The otaku problem is really over-dramatized in this anime, but I think almost every anime fan has an experience with their parents not accepting their hobby or not taking their hobby seriously. I didn’t really hold it against Haruka’s father for not understanding her hobby (just the way he went about it was wrong), because I’ve practically been an anime fan my whole life and my parents still don’t take it…seriously.

My parents treat it like something that I’ll easily stop being into. I still get comments like, “Are you sure you want to buy this?” Because they seem to think it’ll be like when I used to like boy bands or something and that in a couple of years I’ll want to stuff it in a box in the basement. It’s not the same thing, but my dad in particular doesn’t see my interest in anime as equal to his interest in sports. Like one hobby is better than the other.

But good for Haruka. She stood up for herself and told her father that he didn’t understand. Damn straight. Alright Haruka!

And Yuuto! Way to be a man! Even more than before (nice touch not having his glasses on btw).

If I didn’t already like Yuuto, I’d have become convinced in this scene. He’s already been a nice guy and he’s already stood up for Haruka a few times, but this really surpassed it all. Nice Yuuto! You have our fangirl stamp of approval.

I think the stamp of approval is given so easily though just because he said everything I wish real guys thought about “dorky” hobbies like anime. I know Haruka is aimed at otaku guys who dream about having an otaku girlfriend, but it’s a nice dream for us otaku girls too.

lol, Way to ruin the intense mood you guys.

Ah, the classic beautfiul onee-san mother. It’s such a cliche element of love-coms and harems that I can get tired of it, but she has a nice twist…

Because what is it that has scary Nogizaka-papa looking so scared himself?

Why it’s the Nogizaka onee-san mama letting out her ominous aura. Fantastic. That’s how you keep a man in check!

Aw, look at that face. He’s all frowny because he went overboard and got scolded by his wife. Yeah, I really can’t take Haruka’s dad’s attitude seriously because of how he acts afterwards. He’s just the usual misunderstanding father. I think we all have our encounters with them.

Ah, this could have been the best scene in the episode. Tsk. Why did everyone still have to be around? At least I got my hand-holding later.

“Muahahaa! I’ll be back!”

I actually look forward to seeing Nogizaka-papa again (yes, that’s his official label on this blog). He seems like a rather typical doting father. Apparently he likes Yuuto, but doesn’t like Yuuto being with Haruka. Yet another trait typical of so many fathers. (Mine too…)

D’aww. Look at the tough guy pouting (okay I’m done).

Heh…now Haruka is the one making the relationship move forward. Go for it! One of you is going to have to eventually initiate that kiss after all. (I don’t care who does it, I just want it to happen)



Seems like Yuuto goes somewhere with Mika and Shiina shows up. So I’m not really looking forward to it. Shiina didn’t piss me off or anything when she showed up. I found her likable. However, just because I found her likable doesn’t mean I like her. She’s boring. She’s not a real hindrance, so she doesn’t do anything to really add or subtract from Haruka and Yuuto’s relationship, so I just find her useless.

Well, next week will tells us if she’s really useless or not.


  1. YAY! Haruka gets cuter!

    Damn it, Yuuto! I don’t have enough gold stars for you! -runs off to buy more-

    Hazuki…she’s just pure awesome. Even when drunk :D

    Is that HARUKA’S mother? DAMN. Now I see why Haruka is so cute and moe~

  2. Oh, forgot to mention it but….

    If the mom has an evil aura….how come we haven’t seen Haruka with one yet?

    I’d pay good money to see that ;D

  3. Booyeah! This episode was totally awesome!

  4. OMG…That picture of Haruka sleep on the couch it to frickin’ cute! XD Haruka’s mom is really pretty and her dad just looks dorky to me, but thats ok. This episode was great, I finally caught up on this show. ^.^

  5. I don’t think this show is for otaku fantasizing about having an otaku girlfriend. I think it’s about letting otaku fantasize about being the normal, somewhat cool guy getting the girlfriend who just happens to be otaku. And then he gets cooler defending the girl and her essentially harmless hobby.

  6. Poor Yuto and his hormonies. Having your cute (almost) girlfriend stay with you, would be hard on any teenage guy I think. And also getting embarrassed by his family.

    Yeah I can see that being the big finale. It’s cliche, but if they do it right, it’ll be cute.

    Whore teacher’s purpose is to make fun of sluttly girls in haram animes.

    My dad got me into anime, so he really can’t say anything about me becoming a fangirl. However, I can sympathsize with Hakura’s problem though if not empathize. I go to school with people who look down at anime fans.

    Yuto standing up for Hakura=awesomeness.

    Hakura’s parents are amusing, especially her mother.

  7. And the Hell Hounds break loose. xD
    Loved this episode. I think I’ll really get the light novels now.
    lol, Yuuto and his healthy hormone-driven fantasies. I would’ve punched him in the back of the head for a good laugh and called him a hentai. That hentai.
    Heh, Haruka’s innocence just furthers the example of why perfect, moe otaku girlfriends will never exist. Innocence and otaku just don’t go together. The former is always killed off by the latter eventually. xD;
    Yuuto: “Tada no…classmate…”
    Haruka: “Classmate…” *depressed*
    Aww, Haruka~! She’s so cute! x3
    lmao And the first person Yuuto calls about girl-related issues is Mika (I think I’m wrong, she might have called him). Right, that doesn’t make much sense but hey, works for me. xDD;;
    Hazuki was amusing. lol
    Gentou is your typical overprotective, rather shallow-minded father with his small personal army and ooo, shiny sharp katana in check. Mmmkay.
    It hit a lil’ closer to home for me, too…cept I would have been cussing like crazy (and maybe dangerously brandishing a sword of my own, too xD; ). My parents often call me silly for still liking what they call “cartoons” and I learned to ignore them but if one of them dares to say that it’s stupid in front of my face I go batshit crazy. It’s none of their business anyway. They should be more worried if I got hooked on pot or w/e. Stupid parents, think they’re always right.
    Anyways…again, Yuuto is awesome~! Makes me happy cuz he’s so understanding and depressed because there are probably little to no men among men like him. Wish I could go reform the world now. :/
    Haruka’s onee-san mama is friggin’ awesome (Aya Hisakwa~!). She knows how to keep her husband in check (yes, evil aura all the way). “Haruka is MY daughter…!” So cool~! xDDD
    And aww to the almost-hug (damn, you peoples) and the hand holding. All’s well that almost ends well. Ok, so when’s the kiss coming? xDDD;;;
    I wanna see next week’s episode nao. :(

  8. Yuuto really did impress me in this episode. I mean, it’s been such a long time since I’ve found such a likable male lead (he has surpassed Alto for me) in an anime like this. C’mon, you must have seen other animes where the male leads get hooked on anything that has boobs >__>.
    It’s also hard not to like Haruka. Usually, I find characters like her redundant and easy to lose interest with (Belldandy comes to mind >__>) but I can’t NOT love her. She is freakin’ MOE and to sweet to hate.

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