Mistress Fortune – Chapter Three

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It’s the final chapter already. How sad. At least it was a really good chapter.

And in other Arina Tanemura news. The ShinKuro side story will come out on September 3. I still don’t know what it’s about, but I’ll be blogging that too. I’m sure someone will be nice and scanlate it.

But let’s get on topic with the final chapter of Mistress Fortune. Oh yeah and spoiler warning. Read the chapter released by Endless Youth & Co. before reading my post.

Aw…I’m going to miss this series. It’s really short, but it’s so freakin’ cute.

Since it’s the final chapter I’m going to just set aside my raw posting and just crop and review the scanlated version released by Endless Youth & Co. Glad to see they caught up with the series right before the end!

Now then…I hope they’ll be doing that special chapter of ShinKuro as well.


Splash Page

First of all, let’s talk about that splash page, huh? I saw it quite a bit before I read the chapter, and it just got me all giggly. RabuRabu cover and ending ftw! Yeah!

I was kind of getting impatient with Arina-sensei actually. *shockgasp* I know. But the last time she did a raburabu image as a splash page was back in chapter 18 of ShinKuro. Not cool. After that it wasn’t my usual Arina-sensei images! It was just cute pictures of girls.

Really, a lot of ShinKuro was just random pictures of characters. Chapter 9 with Angel Haine, chapter 11 with Haine and Taka-kun with the windows, chapter 34 with little Haine, chapter 38 with Kazuhito and Maika, chapter 40 with the student council, and chapter 45 with kick-ass Haine against the moon are the only ones that seem to fit with Arina-sensei’s usual style.

There’s probably a couple of others, but eh. It doesn’t matter. All the others looked great, but they were lacking in substance. I couldn’t tell anything about the characters or story from those images. And considering that ShinKuro started off as a romantic comedy, the lack of couple pictures bothered me a bit. There were only two of Haine and Taka-kun and only three of the love triangle. Not very good.

But all is forgiven with blushing Kisa-chan and Gin-kun.


Teaser Summary

So because of Kisaki’s “amazing power” (I knew there’d be something like this when I first looked at the raws for chapter one) she has to go to America. Her and Giniro refuse this entirely and run off together. But later on the commander informs Kisaki that if she goes, something may be able to be done for Giniro’s mother.

Now go read the chapter.



There was no kiss. T_T I am a sad Gin-kun x Kisa-chan fangirl. Arina-sensei’s managed to get kisses in her one-shots. This has three times as many chapters as a one-shot! Not fair~! Arinachi!!!

Well, if you take out the fact that there was no kiss, everything else happened in the way I wanted to. The drama about Gin-kun’s past turned out to have a purpose and all the other problems were solved easily. As expected in a one-shot. And when you don’t take it seriously the, “Oh, but it’s already okay” problem-solving adds to the entertainment.

Ah…what a fitting couple. Handeling something like moving to America with such absolute maturity.

Hmm…I kind of thought that all of the chapters would just stand alone (with the exception being the cliffhanger last chapter) and that Gin-kun’s past was just something to explain why he wasn’t answering Kisa-chan’s question. But I should have known better. Arina-sensei likes to use almost every detail.

Lost a teeny bit of my absolute Kisa-chan love here. She should have just explained things properly to Gin-kun even if it got his hopes up. It’s better than hurting him like this. Especially with how things unfolded.

Gin-kun confessed first! Yes~! Go Gin-kun! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to see the guy confess first. And usually the one you know fell in love first is the one who gets to confess first in Arina-sensei’s manga. It’s nice to have the change.

It was also nice to see silly Gin-kun acting so serious for a change. Especially since it was about Kisa-chan (where it’s usually him being pervy and silly).

Besides, if Gin-kun didn’t confess first before Kisa-chan left for America I can imagine it causing unnecessary drama. This way it caused fluffy drama. Which is much better.

Basically, if Gin-kun didn’t confess first, I’d probably see this unfolding in a way where Gin-kun tells Kisa-chan to go even if she doesn’t want to (and she confesses first). And I don’t want that. Out of the two cliche ways this could have unfolded, this is the nicer one.

The commander is a jerk. Looking back after finishing the chapter really made me realize that. It’s probably me taking the manga just a little too seriously, but he really should have just told them both the truth right here (stupid commander!).

That’s right Kisa-chan. In America we use the hellish Fahrenheit system. You’ll never understand how it works ever. 32 is freezing 212 is boiling. It’s all just random numbers. We do it to purposely confuse all foreigners. It’s our revenge for just about every other country hating our tourists.

Kisa-chan~! She’s so adorable. Yeah, the brief dent in my absolute love for Kisa-chan was healed with this scene and the other one. Confused Kisa-chan is great~!

Also…I feel like I’m missing part of the joke. Why is lettuce floating in carbonated water?

These jokes about California were made a little funnier since I know Arina-sensei has been there before. Heh~! I wonder if she ever got confused about Fahrenheit or lettuce floating in a drink.

Aww…this is the only even mildly pervy comment we get from Gin-kun. Not fair.

Though it is still worth a mention that breast size came up long before “Kisaki” specifically. Oh Gin-kun~!

This is also the only “ROFL Ebeko~!” moment too. As expected in the end of a series we didn’t get as much humor but…*whine* I want moar~!

Aww…Gin-kun. I’m not sure if he’s being stubborn or if he’s just upset because he thinks he was rejected (maybe both?). EIther way…cute~! Gin-kun~! (I feel like I want the manga to be longer just so someone can tease him for being like this about Kisa-chan)

But serisouly Kisa-chan! At least call him to tell him how you feel!

That’s my shoujo manga!!! No matter how many times it happens, “appearing at just the right time” is the best thing ever.

Gin-kun is awesome. Obviously he wasn’t that stubborn if he went all the way to America for Kisa-chan~! (I love all the guys Arina Tanemura comes up with. They’re all so great…)

Ah~! Guys in shoujo manga sure know how to say just the right thing, don’t they? Gin-kun~! I guess I’ll accept this as the ultimate Kisaki x Giniro moment (since they didn’t kiss…).

No. They didn’t know. “That bastard commander!” is right. Especially when he was making himself out to be a nice guy all this time. That idiot even tried to make Gin-kun choose a new partner!!!

Still, I love how easily the problem of Kisa-chan moving to America was solved. As expected of a three chapter series!

Damn straight you got punched by Gin-kun. Stupid commander… (that’s all I have to say)

For some reason when I saw this scene I went, “Kisa-chan and Gin-kun are going to get married someday!” in my head. I’m not sure why (I guess it’s the whole “meeting parents” thing…I don’t know). But this scene was so awww-worthy. I should have known with an Arina Tanemura series that a storyline about a family wouldn’t be neglected.

Yay! Happy ending! Nobody else tried talking to Gin-kun’s mom using telepathy, huh? Well, I guess if she was in a regular hospital up until now it makes sense.

But awww~! Gin-kun’s sad family past gets a happy ending! I’m a sucker for this sort of stuff. I love happiness~!

Ah and the classic Arina Tanemura heroine narration at the end. It’s Kisaki talking in a letter this time (that’s how Time Stranger Kyoko ended, though there was some regular narration too). She’s been doing it a lot in her one shots recently too, so I wasn’t that surprised to see it here. I’d probably be disappointed if it wasn’t there actually.

It’s just too bad that we never got to see Gin-kun read the letter…

Aww~! And a completely happy ending~! The only sad thing is that this manga’s already over after such a short period of time. It’s really too bad.


Final Thoughts

I’m not sure how much I can say about Mistress Fortune since I only follower it for three chapters across three months.

Quite simply…I guess I just completely fell in love with it.

After ShinKuro ended, this was the perfect series to take its place. All that drama and those love triangles were fun, but you wouldn’t want to dive right into another manga like that, would you? Kisa-chan and Gin-kun’s pure and simple relationship where they both loved each other all along and their biggest problem was Kisa-chan moving to America (for a week) was a nice break.

Every month I finished reading the chapter with a smile on my face. The manga was always funny and cute and it always got an “aww” out of me.

The only thing is that it was short, but in a way I’m glad it was. The characters would have gotten more development, but the problem with that is that the absolute “happy~!” feeling would have been sacrificed for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to have more Gin-kun and Kisa-chan. I get the feeling that if they got just a little more time they could have become one of my favorite couples (they were both just so darn cute). But…the longer a series lasts…Either it gets tedious or dramatic.

So I prefer Mistress Fortune as (basically) an extended one shot.

And hey! After this we still have the VOMIC after all. I’m especially looking forward to this chapter’s release. Especially hearing Ai Matayoshi reading out Kisa-chan’s letter.

So, it’s not over entirely yet! And everyone should cheer up! Since we still have one more month of Tanemura goodness before her break. ShinKuro’s special chapter comes out next week (it seems like it’ll be a focus on Taka-kun and Haine~!).

Now then…let’s just wait for Viz to pick up Mistress Fortune. However, I’m an impatient girl so as soon as MF gets released as a tankobon in Japan, I’m getting it. I wonder what else will be included in it~! The side story that I still haven’t read obviously, but I wonder if that’s enough to fill up a tankobon. Was Nocturne ever included in a tankobon for ShinKuro? If not it’ll probably show up in MF…

Well…still plenty to look forward too! It’s not completely over yet!


  1. A cute ending to a cute series. ^_^

    Too bad it wasn’t longer though since there isn’t any other fluffy maho manga or anime series out now, since SC’s become way to serious.

  2. Aaah – I had a dream with the new Shinkuro story having such an arm in arm cover too <3 *crosses fingers*
    Those pictures are definitely lacking in Sdc. There were so many in Fullmoon with the two Micky couples alone. And in TSK and KKJ. BTW, Nocturne (great story) is in no SDC volume (until ten) yet, so I think it would fit better in Misufo (another short story) than in SDC 11.
    Well, this final chapter shows how much Kisaki and Giniro belong together, no matter what difficulties or strength differents lie between them and that is simply cute.
    Ginoro’s confession is heavenly, literally. And the crying Kisaki is Hollywood-drama-like (the old ones), great. I didn’t get in the raws that Giniro flies to the USA by himself!! The more it makes him lovable.

  3. WAH~! It’s over already?! xDD;;
    Aww, that’s sad. But you’re right, there’s still the VOMIC to look forward to and then possibly a drama CD.
    Alright, on to the chapter.
    The splash page was so…so fluffy and lovely! It made me giggle, too, and kinda makes up for them not getting a kiss. Just a little.
    Lol I had a half-serious thought that Gin-kun was really going to whish Kisa-chan away and they would elope or something…but then again, they’re still just students. There’s no Kyoko or Sakataki here. Heh.
    Kisa-chan, you are dumb. I forgave her right away but…what’s up with people not being able to be honest with each other?! It’s not that hard! Especially if it’s mostly concerning him. Gin-kun would understand. That’s how relationships get messed up and fall apart (glad that it doesn’t happen for Arinacchi’s couples, very glad).
    And Gin-kun is kinda a little dumb, too. He could have just asked commander over there if he could go with Kisa-chan to America. Nobody said he couldn’t, right? Silly boy.
    Ah, but all is forgiven because he confessed first. It took me a moment to register the thought in my head. I saw “I love you” in big solid letters, 5-second pause, and then burst out laughing. Really, guys need to confess first more often now. Especially the usually non-serious ones. Ikuto. I really like it when they just stop their playing-around act to just expose their true feelings to the ones they love, particularly if it’s scenes like this . It’s very touching and knowing that their constant teasing towards their girls is just to hide up for their embarrassment (or whatever) that they like them. So cute.
    And I totally agree that someone should tease Gin-kun about liking Kisa-chan! Sad that that probably won’t happen…Again, Ikuto…
    I found the commander really funny. He deserved that punch in the end, yea, but this is love-comedy. For a few things, if it weren’t for him telling Kisa-chan about Gin-kun’s mom:
    1) Kisa-chan wouldn’t have gone to America and causing a lil’ drama between her and Gin-kun.
    2) Gin-kun wouldn’t have confessed and told her not to go.
    3) We probably wouldn’t see Gin-kun’s “energetic” refusal about a new partner if he didn’t bring it up.
    4) Indirect teasing at Gin-kun about getting all worked up without even asking how long will Kisa-chan stay in America (oh, so there was teasing).
    Back to Kisa-chan…lol Of thermometers and floating lettuce. “Lettuce, lettuce, lettuce…” It must be some drink over there. I dunno. But I’m sure Arina-sensei will explain when the volume comes out. Lol, lettuce…
    Ebeko is awesome. Impersonating Kisa-chan and scolding the American team for not knowing about her. I wanna hear Ebeko’s VA now and hear her say all that! xD
    Aww, the hug moment and all the nice stuff wrapped with it. So sweet. Gin-kun flew for five days just to see her (eww, he must be stinky, lol) and Kisa-chan’s power activating because he’s beside her (for some reason, I’m little irked by that *feminist side going up a little*). It’s just too sweet.
    Of course Kisa-chan and Gin-kun are going to get married~! xDDD And they will have adorable, fluffy, pervy esper babies together! Kisa-chan’s momma will be so thrilled! Lol
    And YES! Even though the series ends in this chapter, Gin-kun’s mom communicating with them through telepathy just makes it a very hopeful ending. I wubb hopeful endings. X3
    So finally, hmm, I agree with you on it being just a nice, short series because of not wanting to go into the longer in-and-out drama ones but I would’ve also liked to see more Gin-kunxKisa-chan moments. At least, I want Gin-kun to meet Kagami and see how that turns out. Hehe
    But all in all, this was a good series. ^^
    Oh, and the MF special is definitely enough to fill up a tankouban. *read it in Asahiya* It’s very cute but I’ll refrain from spoiling.
    Okie, now all that’s left is just to wait for the VOMIC update and Sept. 3rd.

  4. But xiao_jie88, in most of Arina’s mangas is the guy the first to confess. In sdc, it’s a quite complicated thing, but Chiaki, Takkun, Eichi and Kashii are the first turn. Haine, Ion and Kunitachi are more of admirers so they confess first. I don’t read that much manga at the moment but guy with the first turn aren’t that uncommon.
    I’ve known from the raws that Giniro confesses so I’m not really surprised now but at that time I was amazed.^^

  5. MinaMurray: Hmm…now that I think about it, that is very true (what kind of manga am I reading?). Ah, sorry! I think I got my thinking messed up! I was thinking about animanga in general but even in those circumstances, most of time the guy would confess first. Yea…
    Hmm, I think I got “realizing their feelings and confirming it with themselves” and “confessing” mixed up is what I’m trying to say. Sometimes I can never tell if they really do know about their own feelings cuz they’re probably always either joking around about it or just brushing it off as an “Oh! She’s cute when she smiles!” whim by keeping a straight face or something. I mean, this may be just me, but since the first chapter I thought that was when Gin-kun actually started to like Kisa-chan in a romantic sense (I never would’ve thought he loved her since they first met…which I still find kinda odd, even for fiction). Gah, I dunno. I can’t think straight when it’s about love sometimes. ^^;
    Yea, I think that’s it. Hehe

  6. It’s Over?!?! SHIT! Sucks…. T.T

  7. The VOMIC will only cover the first two chapters.

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