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So, in case you didn’t know, SaiMoe is going on right now. And in case anyone doesn’t know what SaiMoe is…it’s basically just a voting competition to find out what girl from the past year is the most moe.

Now that the preliminaries are over I decided to make my next top ten list be the top ten girls I want to win SaiMoe. Not the ones I necessarily expect to, just the ones I want to.


Number 10: Kozuki Kallen (Code Geass R2)

Let me just say right away, if I get one “Kallen vs. Karen” complained in here I will scream (isn’t it already canon that she can be called both?).

Now then…maybe Karen is more badass than moe, but she has her moe moments too. You don’t see them too much anymore (though we got a quick peek of embarassed Karen in episode 19), but in the first season and earlier in R2 I never stopped being amused when Karen got all deredere around Zero. Promptly turning to tsuntsun whenever it was pointed out.

Yes, Karen is a very amusing tsunderekko. Tsundere is moe. So Karen belongs on this list.


Number 09: Takamachi Nanoha (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

Nanoha is moe no matter what age she is, of course, she’s not nearly as moe now that she’s nineteen. loli-Nanoha could have won this list with no problem. She’s Nanoha!

However…Adult Nanoha still makes my list. She’s also knocked back by the fact that she already won SaiMoe once anyway and I don’t really think she needs to win again.

But she’s still voiced by Yukari Tamura (such a cute voice) and she’s still got that kick-ass moe going for her (it didn’t exist for me until the moment I watched Nanoha), so…Nanoha~! She’s still on the list.


Number 08: Caro Ru Lushe (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

The best thing about StrikerS was probably the addition Caro and Erio (I don’t much care for either Subaru or Teana). I just wish that their inclusion didn’t mean sacrificing Nanoha and Fate’s former selves! Hayate is fine at either age.

Ah…Caro could be ranked higher if I got to see her hanging out with loli Fate and Nanoha…that would have been more fun…


Number 07: Hinamori Amu (Shugo Chara!)

I wonder if anyone is shocked by the fact that Amu didn’t even place in the top five. Well, you shouldn’t be. I love Amu for her COOL AND SPICY attitude. I really don’t find her very moe at all. She’s way too cool. One of the reasons why Amu stands out as a mahou shoujo heroine is because she’s not all useless. Part of moe is wanting to “protect” a character, right? Amu doesn’t need your protection boys (except for when she falls, Ikuto takes care of that though).

But, she gets all tsundere about Ikuto and she’s just way too cute then. And she’s just cute overall as the new mahou shoujo loli so…yeah. Number seven suits her just fine.

Amu would have ranked higher if it was specifically Amulet Dia or Amulet Angel though~!


Number 06: Fate T. Harlaown (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

Adult Fate is still pretty damn moe with the way she worries over Nanoha (whether you think they’re a couple or just friends, it’s cute either way). There’s also a lot more that gets Fate a high ranking. Example being…Nana Mizuki.

Fate has that same rare “bad ass” moe as Nanoha too. It’s a proven fact that guys get all giggly like girls when they bust out their ultimate attacks.


Number 05: Sunohara Mei (Clannad)

Devious loli voiced by Yukari Tamura ftw!!! The image really explains it all.

Um…reallly Mei didn’t show up in Clannad all that much, but when she did it was memorable and she really made it count. When I first started watching Clannad, I was still all spoiler-free and after Nagisa (Oh Nagisa~!) the character that caught my eye was Mei. Even though I knew pretty much nothing about her aside from her being Sunohara’s sister I still want all, “Kyaa!” when Mei finally showed up. Cute~!

Then she got major points for her wonderful plan to get Tomoya and Nagisa to start acting more like a couple in that extra episode of Clannad.


Number 04: Mashiro Rima (Shugo Chara!)

Considering that I get all “sounds angry, but is really just way too happy and excited” for Rima, she had to have a pretty high spot on this list. I call her Rima-tan in my head all the time. So often I’m forced to go, “Rima~!” whenever Rima does anything.

She’s just pure 100% cuteness and she’s got the stubborn thing going for her too.

But really, I think Rima owes this high ranking to episode 40. My already great Rima love just about doubled in that episode.


Number 03: Furukawa Nagisa (Clannad)

Um…she’s Nagisa. She’s fangirl and fanboy creating, impossible to hate, completely adorable, selfless, cute Nagisa!

At this point all of moe girls run really close together, so it was hard to rank Nagisa at number one. But if I thought about it realistically, a lot of my Nagisa love comes less from liking her, *squee* adorable traits (though that’s definitely enough to get her in third place) and more about her being mildly realistic.

But yeah…Nagisa~!


Number 02: Hoshina Utau (Shugo Chara!)

She was going to be my number one, but then the fact that a lot of my love for her comes from her being “cool” and “awesome” too stopped me. Pure moe should be number one. But still…she is my tsundere queen.

We all know that I’m all crazy for Utau. I’m sure if I didn’t express my excitement towards her in such girly ways in forums everyone would think I’m just about her number one fanboy. Heh. Even though she’s only my third favorite character in Shugo Chara. Tsundere has that effect on me.

I’ve already gone on tons about Utau in the past…but yeah. Moe.


Number 01: Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)

Kira~! (That should be enough to explain Ranka’s ranking)

Oh Ranka…you are pure moe. Everything you do is so freaking adorable, so much so that it can even be annoying (not to me, though. I have a high tolerance for all things cute).

Muahaha…Ranka’s moe moe attack tactics successfully ruined the anime for many srs bsns mecha fanboys and I’ve been able to since enjoy Macross F like no fandom I’ve ever shared with them before. I’m so glad that my brother stopped watching anime, because he was a Macross fan and I don’t need to argue with him over Ranka.

Personally, I want Ranka to win it all, because I think she deserves it. She’s innocent, absolutely cuddlable, and adorable. Sure, there’s all sorts of moe girls out there now, but Ranka matches the original moe in both appearance and personality.

For god’s sake! She’s an idol! Isn’t there where fanboys find their real life moe anyway?

Also, Ranka’s so moe that I’ve watched various Seikan Hikou videos dozens of times…I can do about 60% of the dance. My most embarrassing secret. Treasure it.


Well, Utau’s already been knocked out. (Nooo! T_T) At the start I kind of wanted her to win, but alas, maybe next year. (Fuuko moved on and Utau didn’t. It’s so sad…)

That said…I want either Ranka or Nagisa to run away with it (Mei is acceptable too). I think both of them have a pretty decent chance. Ranka is one of the few girls on this list to create an internet phenomenon. And she did it twice. NyanNyan dance and Kira~! Internet fame is good when the whole competition is taking place online. The only ones who can really compete with her in internet fame would be the Lucky Star girls and their dance.

As for others, well Kallen’s probably going to get kicked out by Nagisa right away…or maybe vice versa (but I doubt it). Rima has a decent chance of beating her first opponents. Amu has some pretty good competition, so I really have no idea how that one will work out. I’m pretty unsure with everyone else…

Part of me thinks that even though Ranka or tons of other girls are the more appropriate, someone from Code Geass is going to win just because it’s so popular (they got so many un-moe girls in there too…).

Hmm, well this is probably a bit different than the usual SaiMoe top ten. I guess it’s just more of a girl’s opinion on it. Moe is different for us. It can’t just be anything attractive, it has to be cute and giggle worthy. Real, “awws.” Higher up also has to bring out the, “big sister” instinct.

Or maybe that’s just my opinion on it. It’s fine if you don’t even understand it.

All that out of the way now…this top ten list was quite an ordeal too. It was a pain and a half to find good pictures for all of the girls and…ugh. I didn’t even put the same amount of effort into writing (except with Ranka~!). I’m starting to think all of my Top Ten lists are going to be hard. I’m still not sure about what I’m doing next week.


  1. \m/ Ranka! Frankly, I’ll be surprised if neither Ranka or Nagisa wins … I have soft spot for Kallen too though, but she isn’t as moe as the other two.

    “I can do about 60% of the dance. My most embarassing secret. Tresure it.”

    I’ve been caught practicing. It makes my top ten embarrassing moments of my life. T_T

  2. Very cool post :)

    I won the bid! I won my Eru keychain! :D

    But Paypal’s being a shitface and won’t lemme buy it fully :( Stupid Ebay, Stupid Paypal!!!

    -sigh- Oh well…I’m sure it can be fixed…besides….I WON’T give up till I get MAH ANGERU!!!

    Wow…I wish I had bid on Iru too. Then I’d have the angel AND devil! xD

  3. I was half-expecting this. xD
    Saimoe…I really don’t know who are in my top ten (cuz there’s too many to remember right off the top of my head) except the stubborn trio and a few select CLANNAD girls. Gah! I still have to vote!
    But back to your post…
    Ah, Kallen. I don’t really like her much but she is moe in the tsundere respect. Not a lot but she is.
    Nanoha~! The loli of ALL lolis! Haha, she is indeed my loli queen. Sakura is my moe queen (because she was like the first of all moe so she has to be) and Utau is my tsundere queen. ^^
    Ahhh, but why’d she have to grow up?! She was so cute! I mean, she still is but she’s all mature now and that’s not as fun as before. Her innocence + “I’ll beat some sense into you and then we be friends, yes?” is what I really liked about her. lol And she’s voiced by Yukarin~! Yukarin~!!! <3
    Caro is so adorable. She’s not in my top ten but if they introduced her in Nanoha in some kind of different way, she might have been. Maybe…
    I know what you mean about Amu. She doesn’t seem like the type to need someone by her side to be a reassurance. She can handle herself just fine as long as she knows there are people looking out for her (which she definitely does) and that’s the best trait I see in her as a mahou shoujo heroine. But of course she has to be moe (especially around Ikuto, x3). There isn’t a magical girl who isn’t. It’s practically the sacred law of moe or something. Sakura… *sigh* Well, she’s putting up an impressive battle so far (I haven’t read the latest results since the prelims but I will in just a sec). Going up against three CLANNAD girls and Shana. Whoa…you go AMU-CHI!!!
    Fate~! God, I love Fate so much. She’s so sweet and her cuteness doesn’t wear off even when she’s an adult. I also see her as the strongest of the three main mages since she went through the most pain and absolutely holds no resent about it even when she has every right to. And of course, Nana-sama provides Fate with her gentlest voice so that only boosts her status. xD
    Heh, I get the feeling that the producers for the Nanoha series are purposely putting out more Nanoha just to get them into Saimoe. That has to be it! lol Silly people, that’s not fair play. xD
    Agreed about Mei. There’s no way she can’t make it to at least the 2nd round of the main tournament. Nuff said.
    Rima~…I don’t know where her standing is right now but I hope she makes it through the first round. I’m giving her my full support even though I don’t think she won’t get into the top 8.
    Nothing to say about Nagisa. I think her only competition is the other CLANNAD girls but the trailer for the After Story just came out so no worries. xD
    Finally, my tsundere queen, Utau~!
    WTH?! Utau lost and that annoying Fuuko gets to move up?! I am pissed (but I will get over it).
    W/e…there is always next season so I demand more Utau screen-time, Satelight! RAWR!!!
    But really…I know it’s CLANNAD and all that but if it weren’t for CLANNAD, Fuuko would be nothing. No offense to anyone who reads this comment and thinks otherwise but Fuuko has overkilled herself for being a Mary-Sue wannabe.
    *sigh*…Crap, I still don’t know how this voting thing works. I wish they had an English site.
    A few quick questions:
    Can you use the same code for voting?
    For each respective round, are you limited to only one vote?
    And if a character moves to the next round, you can still vote for her again, right?
    Sorry bout this. I should read the instructions but I’m still lost over it.
    May the best moe girl win. ^^

  4. Please, don’t forget to credit the artists that drew some of that fanart. I’ve noticed that you don’t credit them. Please do, so you don’t cause trouble.

    Yeah, Utau and Amu would be on my list. Fate too.

  5. ahhhh, Rima-tan. I KNEW she would make the list. I mean…it’s Rima-tan! She’s just pure awesomeness!

    Also, I didn’t think Amu would score so low on the list ._. Just…WOW.

    Utau, of course, made number 2 xD She’s just so tsun tsun! And so cute! :)

    Also, I saw episode 20 of Special A. It PISSED ME OFF. Also….Jun’s ouji-sama personality needs to be destroyed. LIKE NOW. All it did was piss me off through the entire episode.

    Also….poor Kei. Being kissed by a guy must be DISGUSTING. His uhhhhgh Aura was…..LOL.

  6. Yay!Hoshina Utau got second!(Evven though I was sure she’d get first) Im satfied!Yeah I agree with putting Amu in 7th.And Nana Mizuki..I have to be ur Num 1 fan!Especially ranka…In first I would’ve put Mion of higurashi but it’s fine.I dont complain like the other shit head’s ^^.And especially since Utau’s loseing her Tsun Tsun thank’s to Eru (Nothing against Eru) we better hope we get some Tsun Tsun from Rima.Fate adult…is…BAD ASS x]!It’s just perfect..She look’s so…Nana Mizuki!Her voice actor is total Awsomeness and so is her Adult self >w<!(Has gone into Magical anime World)

  7. saimaisama: I’d be surprised if neither of them wins too. Any one else I’d think might have a chance at winning already won it. Kallen isn’t nearly as moe as the other two (I think her badass side holds her back from being too moe, but that’s just fine by me).

    I got caught doing part of the dance in my chair…I think. My mom didn’t say anything, but I’m alsmot definite. It definitely is embarassing (sadly, it doesn’t make my top ten, since I’ve been caught screaming, shouting, and singing to myself before too…)


    lol2728: Yay! We can be Angeru buddies! And you better make sure that it gets fixed. Don’t surrender Eru!

    Amu’s awesome, she’s just not that moe to me. Utau and Rima however~!

    Ah…yeah, episode 20 of SA. I didn’t think it was that bad, but I still haven’t felt very inspired by it and can’t write anything about it yet.


    xiao_jie88: My top ten took a long time to collect actually and it kept getting readjusted. The only ones I had on there from the start were the SC! girls, Mei, Nagisa, and Ranka.

    Kallen made the list purely because her moe aspects are more entertaining than other moe-er girls. I will always laugh when she gets embarassed and teased by CC (Ah…but those days are gone. Stupid moe CC, I want the more entertaining devious immortal witch back).

    Nanoha the loli queen, Sakura, the moe queen, and Utau the tsundere queen. Yup, that’s pretty much how it’s broken down for me too (except Ranka is added in as my idol-moe queen…).

    I loved Ranka the instant I saw her and I shoved all my loli entertainment responsibilites on her so I ended up enjoying her a lot more than others did. I like pink-haired lolis for some reason…

    It is the sacred law of Mahou shoujo (at least since Sakura, since plenty of mahou shoujo before her were just annoying). So yes, Amu certainly has her moe side and it’s definitely brought out by Ikuto (probably part of the reason why the guy fans of SC! seem to be overwhelmingly supporting AmuxIkuto).

    Fate definitely is the strongest of the three mages, not necessarily in power, just in personality. Fate’s “ordeal” in StrikerS didn’t even really bring her down for a nanosecond. She’s just too strong now.

    Ah…Nanoha and Fate get to be in SaiMoe again next year because of the movie, don’t they? Unfair~!

    Apparently Rima made it into her second round, so she’s doing well.

    I guess we’ll see who really is the most popular girl in Clannad soon (Nagisa~!). Kyou and Tomoyo fanboys are the loudest, but something tells me that Nagisa still might be more popular.

    Yes…Utau T_T (I already got all my rage out so all I have left are tears and sighs). It’s too bad she’s in Clannad, otherwise she’d get nowhere.

    I’m…not sure how voting works. I haven’t done any voting yet (I was going to vote for Utau, but I was sick and my schedule got all messed up). I voted in the prelims, but nothing in the main thing yet. Last year I just kind-of-sort-of followed it (I didn’t watch much anime that year, so I wasn’t that invested in any of the girls).


    xxHinamori_Amuxx: If they spoke English and I could contact them, I would have specifically sent them a message asking to use their images and everything, but they’re not. Most of the time I have no idea where the images come from. The site I get them from just has a direct link to the image on a person’s website (I can’t even properly find the website a lot of the time from the link because everything’s in Japanese).

    Basically, if I knew how to credit them, I would. But none of them put their names on the images or anything so it’s hard to (the only one I know of is mirai for Kallen’s picture).


    Neko-San: She was originally my number one, but I had to be fair and rank the girl I love on pure moe status first.

    I never watched Higurashi…I would have if I knew about it when it first started airing weekly, but…I can’t take that sort of story as a marathoned series (same reason I’ve never watched Elfen Lied).

    Utau’s is still plenty tsuntsun when Amu is around~! Hopefully she’ll be all tsuntsun around Kukai too (hehehe..)

    I have an image somewhere of Fate cosplaying as Nana Mizuki…need to find that.

  8. OMG I totally agree with your top 4 >_<!!! I have predicted last time that Rima would won her round and my psychic powers(lol) worked! I’m so happy for her! Utau is my current fave bishoujo and I hope the best for her. Nagisa (but I prefer Kotomi more…) would be voted by Key fanboys (and fangirls) so she can be a tough opponent. But overall, me want Ranka ftw X3!!!

  9. You have a great list! I as well, really hope Ranka wins! I also agree that it’ll probably just be a character from Code Geass though, only because of its popularity, which would be disappointing, but will just have to wait and see!

  10. i wanted uatau to win she’s awsome

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