My First Figure! Rin~!

August 17, 2008 at 8:42 pm | Posted in Merchandise | 14 Comments

Oh it feels like it’s been ages since I got something in the mail…even though I just got my LE Code Geass boxset last week (but that doesn’t count since I’m having errors on both discs and can’t watch all the episodes properly). At least, it’s been a while since I got anything I felt was worthy for some bragging (Black Diamond CD not included, because that was review, not brag, worthy. It’s different).

I like to brag about things that a dozen people who regularly read my blog can’t just pop in and go, “Haha! Me too!”

So anyway, yesterday in the mail I finally got a figure of Natsume Rin from Key’s most recent game, Little Busters! Now, mahou shoujo fangirls don’t have to be the only ones feeling jealous of me. Key fanboys can join the club.

Now before anyone asks…no. I haven’t played the Little Busters! game. I spent $60.00 on a figure who I’ve just seen tiny little clips of and read about in a 4 panel comic. Well, I did play the translated demo of the game too. Which I’m sure is enough to infect many with Rin love.

Heh…but I pre-ordered Rin long before that demo came out…so I I can’t really use that as an excuse.

So my excucse remains that every single thing I’ve seen about Rin (MADs, random clips from the game that have made it onto YouTube, and of course the Little Busters 4-koma) must have been enough. Because Rina is just way too cute. I had to have her!

I’m sure someone else can back me up on the Rin love!

She’s pretty even when surrounded by tissue…

I got Rin in the mail yesterday before I went out frolicking at the mall with my friend. I only got her an hour before I was supposed to leave, so I was just able to get her out of the box, stare at her for ten minutes, then put her back in before I had to finish getting ready.

Then when I got home I was so tired from a lack of sleep I had to go right to bed. Some may have noticed that my Shugo Chara post from yesterday was posted at 6:42 AM. That’s because I’d been staying up all night and sleeping during the day. I was too sick to sleep one night and after that it all falls apart until I manage to get out during the day.

But when I did get her I was so happy~! Even though I had such a short time with her I grabbed that gigantic box (it was waaay bigger than the box the figure came in, stuffed with all sorts of tissue) and I got that big box open so fast. Of course, then I stopped and happily just stared at the box and calmly opened the box and proceded to stare at Rin for ten minutes.

*sigh* She really is ridiculously cute. Rin~!

But it’s all fine because I spent the whole day with Rin today (starting when I woke up at noon because of my previous lack of sleep). I’m writing this at seven. I spent about an hour moving her around my room before setting her beside my computer so I could enjoy her while doing stuff. Then I spent quite a bit of time trying to get good pictures of her (I had to move some of my lights to finally get a good batch). Most of my time on the computer was spent listening to her character songs too (so cute~! Even if one of them is a little annoying).

It’s all fine though. It’s for the sake of the cute kitten who can’t associate with people (…that’s Rin btw).

Here’s the few pictures I took that I liked (you can pretty much get the full view):

Now, Rin’s my first real figure (I have my Haruhi nendoroid too though) so I don’t know a lot, I just know that I absolutely adore her and feel she was worth my money.

Because of my lack of experience with figures, I was kind of hesitant buying her. I could wait for her to come out and read reviews, but I’ve seen figures sell out really quick before. I was kind of doubtful about this happening with Rin on import sites since she’s not in an anime yet, but then because of that I started wondering how many figures the sites would order.

But Rin is a figure from Kotobukiya and I’d never really heard anything that bad about them. A few complaints about painting (which were resolved by people saying that Rin seemed to be missing the paint problem) so I went ahead and ordered her from the site where she seemed to cost the least and had the release date that was the farthest away. That ended up being Entertainment Earth (which I’ll get to in a minute). If reviews of her figure came out and were bad, I could cancel the order. But reviews came out and nothing bad was said (all good actually, she’s not to everyone’s taste, but certainly no problems).

As usual, when I buy from someone new I give my thoughts on them. So, I’d probably only pre-order something from them that’s released from America (my brother has done so with no problems) or that’s already released, or…I guess if I can’t find it anywhere else. Their service wasn’t bad, but there was a problem with viewing the order in my account that gave me some self-imposed anxiety. It would have easily been fixed with an e-mail and everything turned out all right anyway.

Their slow pace in getting the figure and then getting it out there (about a month later than they said) was good in this case, but I probably won’t like that in the future either. I have other online stores I just like better anyway.

Now then, my personal opinion on Rin is quite simple. I just absolutely love her.

Rina also came with cat ears and her angry cat face, but I have no plans to use either. I like Rin best just like this. Even with just cat ears it spoils it for me a little. Her skirt also apparently comes off (cast-off ability mentioned when I bought her), but I’m obviously never really going to take advantage of that either. Even if I did like that sort of thing, I’ve seen pictures of her like that and it just seems weird.

All the stuff I don’t care about aside…I love Rin’s pose and her face. I’ve always wanted a figure, but the main problem I have with them is that quite a lot of them are pretty expressionless and their poses are boring. Rin doesn’t have much of an expression either, but it’s Rin so it suits her pretty well.

And her pose is so cool, looking like she’s mid-run. I know there are figures out there with better poses (some of the Nanoha ones are just crazy-awesome), but I didn’t feel the same urge to get any of those characters for their prices (except Nagisa, but by the time I found Nagisa she was already sold out everywhere).

I especially love Rin’s hair and her skirt. Basically, I just like things that have details (but especially her hair, since I’ve always thought her hair was beautiful in images). I suppose I’m just in awe because she’s my first figure. It always amazes me how they turn a 2D image into a 3D image. It’s even more amazing now that I have the figure right beside me and can look at it along with the picture:

Obviously she doesn’t look exactly like she does in the image, but it’s still amazing how close she does look. The only thing is that she seems like she might be taller…but I have no idea what has me feeling that way.

I didn’t have the same sense of amazement about my Haruhi nendoroid because I saw a video of her in 3D animation doing the Hare Hare Yukai dance (if I find it, I’ll post the link). And I’d seen SD sorts of figures before.

But getting Rin really does make me long for more figures. Like that Nagisa one, and the ones of cute loli Fate and Nanoha. If a good Haruka figure comes out I might want that too (I don’t want swimsuit Haruka and I’m not willing to pay the price for the other). I’m also just begging for a figure of Ranka from Macross F too (Ranka~!).

Of course, my collection of figures will never get that big I’m sure. Most of my favorite female characters are from shoujo (though I have some cute gachapon Shugo Chara! figures that should be arriving late in September).

I’m on the lookout for awesome new anime producing awesome new figures anyway. But for now Rin is enough.

Awww, she just as cute from above (even cute since her bangs are kind of hiding her eyes and that’s just cute!).

You can see her one flaw in this picture though (the left side of her bangs has a tiny little drip of something shiny). It only shows up in pictures though. Even if I have her in a bright place it’s barely noticable.

My room is not a bright place anyway. Not my fault though. I usually have lots of lights on all the time, but  I have many objects that block light. I can’t put on the light in the position that brightens things up most because it’s right between my computer and TV and creates an awful glare on both. So no matter what I’m doing in my room it’s not very bright.

But it’s okay, because I still have Rin sitting right beside me on my desk.

And I can always look over and see her just fine.

Aww. Rin~! ♥


  1. Wow cute figure! Um.. may I ask if it leans much? Because most figures I own that stood on one foot leans/goes out of balance…

  2. xD
    Well, from just looking at all the different angled-photos you took of her, I can guess just how much you love your new Rin. ^^
    Rin~! Aww, she’s adorable! I really hope KyoAni animates Little Busters! soon. I want them to finish the After Story and season two of Haruhi first but I would like some announcement on it at least next year. Little Busters! has such a great story line and characters that they just have to (I’m praying it’s more than fifty-ish episodes or something. There’s no way I will settle for the disappointment that was CLANNAD).
    Well, anyways, back to Rin…I love her pose. It’s her signature pose (not quite the same but you just think of “Rin!” when it’s that pose, no?). Her expression is something like a tiny mild interest (“Hmm? What’s that?”) and it just makes it all the more cute. xD
    And I love all the other details especially her school uniform. I think it’s the best uniform Key has designed for its VN so far. All the other ones were nice (if not odd in some way) but this one I really loved. Why are Japanese school uniforms so cute?! Not fair! lol
    Heh, when I was in Japan, I saw a school girl walking home I guess and I pointed out to my dad saying “Look at that! So cute! Back home, our uniforms are so ugly!” (I went to catholic school) and groveled in misery. Yes, I’m so weird. ^^;
    *sigh* I wish I had more to say about figures in general but I don’t have any and I don’t plan to get any (shame… ) so I’ll just end it here.
    And Rin is so cyuuuuutttteeeee~~~!!! <3


    SO CUTE!!!! Rin is ADORABLE!!! :D

  4. If I ever get to it, I should post a picture of Rin in her baseball or fighting pose. They need to have figures of those available. Seriously.

    Other than that, in the beginning, Rin is sorta…eh, but not as bad as Kudo. There are just times where it becomes really…frustrating with her around, but she becomes better near the endgame. Just not as good as the other Rin because (insert paragraph of spoilers here).

    Anyways, she gets my stamp of approval as the Little Busters main heroine. But only second to Kurugaya. In my book.

  5. kanzeon: Hmm…well nothing yet, and I don’t think I’m going to have a problem. I’m still a new collector so I’m not sure how good my opinion is, but she seems really sturdy. I’ve seen lots of figures bend at the feet, but she’s screwed in to her base by a metal screw and her foot is really well supported. Her weight also seems to be strangely well-distributed for a figure that leans slightly forward all on its own.

    The only spot where I could imagine her bending a little might be around her ankle, but even then I think it would only be a problem if it got really hot.

    I’ve seen other reviews of her from (much more experienced) collectors with no mention of leaning. One even addressed the issue saying she hadn’t leaned and saying they didn’t think she was going to. It’s summer and it’s been a month, so if she was going to lean I think one of them might have mentioned it.


    xiao_jie88: Oh yes. I love her very much.

    If they announce it after Clannad finishes up, it should be in line to appear after Haruhi season two (which finally seems to be moving after forever). The only worry is that new series KyoAni is possibly working on (No! You guys have made yourselves responsible for all KyoAni stuff, you owe us more Haruhi, and I doubt there will be any new seasons of FMP! without you guys. No more new projects!!!).

    Yes, her expression does seem like on of mild interest. I guess it fits because in the box she’s “running” down a school hallway and looking back like someone called her.

    Agreed it probably is the best uniform (I think Air has my second favorite uniform).

    I thought Japanese uniforms were all overexaggerated in anime until one day I saw a picture of a girl wearing sailor fuku accompanied by a history of the uniform. I once almost went to a boarding school because of the cute uniforms (blue plaid skirts and a whole non-ugly jacket, shirt, and tie combo to go with it), so at that moment I wanted to ship off as an exchange student to Japan (I realized how crazy that was, so I kept it to myself).

    Aww…none? What if you saw a cute chibi figure of Ikuto (or just about anyone from Shugo CHara) sitting right in front of you, waiting to be bought (probably never happen, but still~!).


    lol2728: I know! Isn’t she? She’s way too cute.


    kagaminokujira: Battle pose? I think I might have seen that (if it’s what I’m thinking of from the demo), but I’d like to see a picture of her baseball pose~! Kotobukiya and the other companies must be holding back on poses, waiting to cash in on the anime publicity.

    Frustrating, huh? I can kind of imagine that if it’s due to her personality (since she’s so anti-social), or is it just something else about playing the game?

    Ah missing paragraph of spoilers. You make me sad. T_T Even though I don’t think I want to see the spoilers (I’m actually trying to hold back). But…hehehehe, I’ll just go ahead and find the Little Busters manga (the one that tells the actual story) instead. It’s a fairly legitimate way to enjoy the series~! (Not as good as an anime or the VN though…)

    Yes! Stamp of approval. I’m satisfied with “second to Kurugaya” too. Everyone has their separate tastes and I’m pretty sure she’s my second favorite anyway (it seems we share a similar liking for cute things).

  6. Aww! I’m terribly jealous now! I played the translated demo a few days ago too and thought Rin was cutest thing ever. -sobs- I’ve never been all that much into figures but when I look them up, I’m pretty harsh when I judge them .. but the Rin figure’s really cute.

  7. Oh, I have the same speakers as you.

  8. saimaisama: Rin is easy to love though, isn’t she? Rin~! It only takes just a few minutes.

    …I really have to play the demo again (right now!).

    Oh Rin is very cute. She’s cute, she doesn’t look boring, she’s just absolutely great and I love her.


    Choux: It is a small world! That’s actually the second time I’ve heard that when I’ve posted an image with my computer somewhere…


    MIO-SAMA!!! :D


    RIN TOO! You lucky girl, you ;3

  11. Wut? A new series? …Well, I can see the reason why they’d do that but yea, they should just finish up all the above first before moving onto anything new (heh, did you hear about Key’s new upcoming VN? It’s gonna be great… x3). Unless…it’s Shinkuro, then I’m all for it. lol *pointlessly hopeful*
    Air’s uniform was nice but it contrasted so much with its summer theme. Black, long dress-like…so odd…then again, everything was so tragic and heart-wrenching so maybe that’s why.
    Rly? xD Hehe, I think the uniform would have been worth it…less than 1/2 worth it maybe. The rest will be Japan. lol But that’s interesting. It makes good writing material. Maybe you can put that in your future novels? Hee. ^^
    It’s a shame but nuu (stop tempting me with Ikuto! xD)…cuz my room collects so much dust and I only clean it every other 2 weeks (not even). You can imagine me freaking out over not being able to clean the whole thing completely cuz there are just some areas you can’t reach (eww, crude image, sorry). Yea…I think I’ll just be like Haruka and admire them through store windows.


    Have to hours though >.> it’s for bid only T.T Oh well! As long as I get mah Angeru!!! :)

  13. Probably. You can also check on Wiki, since it has her battle pose there. Her baseball pose is in sprite form, so I’d have to capture a screenshot in-game and post it.

    You’ll understand the frustrating part of it if you ever get the game. But it’s not with her personality; in fact, her personality makes for very hilarious scenes, but I can’t exactly say why or what without spoiling something.

    So you’re going to read the manga instead? That’s good, since that’s the next best thing to the VN. But I will warn you: There is a reason why Little Busters has an EX version, while Clannad does not. Hopefully, Key will redeem themselves with Rewrite.

    Ha ha, the last sentence with Kurugaya and cute things made me laugh there. You’ll understand why once they make the series. I don’t consider myself to like cute things, since I’m actually more like, “Aww, it’s so cute. Let’s drown it!” type of person.

  14. wow she is like me :o , just te same as me , ok where are the camera’s and plus i have the same hair style and color oooh , btw i’m belgian x]

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