Shugo Chara! – Episode 45

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Suuure. The filler episodes don’t have any drop in entertainment value. This episode was just as good as episode 42 and 43.

In case you couldn’t tell, that’s me being very sarcastic and is directed at certain people who have been hassling me or just whining because all of us aren’t all raburabu for fillers like them. Yeah. The rest of us are all raburabu for good characters. You morons can enjoy your fillers with ugly filler guys and Amu’s fanboy. Let opinions be.

Personally, I’ll just look forward to next week and the week after that. I’m pretending this week never happened.

Right now, I have to say it. I’m starting a no-nonsense blogging policy. I’ll allow all comments from my regular readers, but anything I find stupid from someone new (which are the only stupid comments I get anyway) never see the light of day. That includes pointless flames (it’s called an opinion you idiots), “OMG! Shugo Chara! is awesome!”, spoilers for no reason, and…too much else to list.

This only applies to my Shugo Chara posts, because everywhere else seems to be idiot-free. I’m going to enjoy this series…no matter what!

I mean it’s fun laughing at these idiots, but I find no need to encourage their stupidity. Especially when it’s on my blog. And I’d rather just not deal with seeing their stupid comments either.



There’s going to be a concert at Seiyo Elementary with the kids singing. Amu ends up with the solo, but she’s really nervous about it. A girl named Hatanaka Marimo (please correct me if I’m wrong on the spelling) gets to play the piano instead of that annoying girl Saaya. Seiichiro (Amu’s fanboy) turns out to be rreally bad at singing and Marimo helps him practice by playing the piano with him. She tells him her dream about wanting to play the piano forever (along with some other stuff).

At practice later, she makes a mistake, Saaya comes in and says some bitch things that gets everyone all worked up. Marimo leaves really upset, Amu tries to talk to her, but it doesn’t work. On the day of the concert, Marimo doesn’t appear and because of what Saaya said, her egg gets x-ed. After Amu’s charas sense it, the Guardians decide to go after the egg, but Seiichiro leaves first. Seiichiro loses his glasses so he can’t see the x-egg and tries to talk to Marimo and with both his help and Amu’s once she arrives, Amu’s able to heal the egg with open heart. Some randomness follows when Seiichiro sees Amu as Amulet Heart. Then the concert goes off successfully.

Amu guesses (correctly) after the concert that Seiichiro likes Marimo, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping him from being Amu’s fanboy.

-Full Summary Added Later-

I’m going out with a friend today (because I have a life off the computer), so the full summary will come out tomorrow…hopefully. Honestly, I think this is enough, but the readers who rely on the summaries can tell me if they really want more (I don’t think you’re missing much though).



Filler episode is boring. What can I say? It was mostly just Amu and her stupid fanboy. Amu is great, but one great character does not mean an entertaining episode. More Rima and Utau please. I’d wish for more Ikuto, but I know it’s hopeless at this point.

But to be fair, maybe if I paid more attention I’d find it more enjoyable. Meh…I don’t know.

Ami giving Amu lessons for singing. Absolutely priceless. More Ami being adorable please.

So…because Tadase isn’t as bad as he used to be, we have to fill the gay void? Well…at least if I call this fanboy gay no one’s going to cause a fuss and take me all seriously.

Sheesh…all this time he’s never really introduced himself to Amu and he expects her to know his name anyway. But he pretty much wet himself with excitement when she recognized him with glasses on anyway.

Satelight…I have to say it. I know that the people you have working on Shugo Chara! like to get all fancy with their transitions, but this was just freaking distracting.

…that aside. Thanks. I actually had trouble finding some good plaid for random graphics (trying to make it from scratch sucks…)

Well, again they do a decent job on a girl, though you can still tell that they barely put any detail in her character design.

Also…her forehead is big. Everytime a filler character doesn’t have bangs they end up with a huge forehead. Stop that Satelight or just give them all bangs.

Is it just me or do these fanboys look awfully familiar? I’m reminded very much of a certain other guardian’s set of fanboys…

Tadase really is more tolerable when he’s part of a group. When he turned around to encourage Amu I was ready for the urge to smack Tadase for acting like a girl. But that didn’t happen so I was all ready to get annoyed at Amu for swooning over Tadase just encouraging her…but that didn’t happen either.

Tadase as a friend was already approved, even more so in a group. So…keep it up Satelight. I like this set of Guardians as a group! Now let’s just get Nadehiko in there too. We can’t have Tadase looking like the gay boy hanging out with all the girls (not if the Tadase fangirls want everyone to stop calling him gay or girly). But if I think about it…the only other guy that gets to be in the Guardians is a trap.

We have three girls, a girly-looking boy, and…a trap. Wow. I…never noticed that before.

Conductor Tadase! I found this much more amusing than I probably should have.

I guess Satelight is taking advantage of his secret past with the Tsukiyomi’s. It’s a very musical family after all.

Obligatory friendship cuteness screencap. Rima saw right through you Amu~!

You know, I’m sure all of this was very cute to some people. Me? Not so much. They’re both undeveloped characters that really aren’t important at all. I mean the chances we’ll see any hint of this story line again? 10%

I’ll say it again. I don’t mind fillers. I just don’t see the point in messing with characters like this if you’re never going to make them appear again.

Why not just add glasses on the husband so we can be all, “lol obvious” like we were back when we were all looking at that certain Shugo Chara flow card of Amu the bride and her blue-haired groom.

Another thing…what the heck is up with this? Making Saaya the big ominous bad guy. She’s just an annoying stupid ojou-sama. Leave it at that Satelight.

Amu with cute little pigtails…cute~! It’s been a while since we’ve seen her with that hairstyle. More hairstyles for Amu again please.

You know what’s the stupidest part of them making Saaya the big bad guy this episode? She goes back to just being annoying again right after. It feels so unnatural.

Oh and…the girl that’s second from the left looks like a boy. She’s definitely a crossdressing boy. I mean I know it’s common for boys to look like girls in anime, but you have to really screw up a character’s design to make them look like a boy.

I do have to admit, this episode made me feel a little nostalgic for the first 13 episodes of the anime. Now, those fillers were still pretty boring, but they were good mahou shoujo fillers. I didn’t see them as a total waste like a lot of the fillers afterwards. I could see how Shugo Chara’s target audience of younger girls would enjoy episodes like that and everything.

I mean, it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen just one regular egg get x-ed because of the kid being emo. Amu’s adult cousin doesn’t count. That whole filler was a complete waste.

Amulet Heart…so we meet again. Agh! There really is no excuse for this. Amulet Heart appears the most and it’s annoying every time she appears, but a lot of the time…it makes sense for her to appear. It’s like this:

Amulet Heart appears when athletics or a lot of flying is necessary. A lot of fights would naturally be like that, so it makes sense for Amulet Heart to appear.

Amulet Clover appears when the egg hasn’t hatched, when something else requires healing too, or when it just randomly involves cooking.

Amulet Spade appears when there’s a lot of enemies (because Colorful Canvas can be useful for that) or when it involves something artistic.

Amulet Spade appears the least out of Amu’s three original chara-nari’s. This situation didn’t need a lot of fighting and it involved a girl who plays the piano. Music popped up a lot in the episode overall too. We should have finally been able to see Amulet Spade again. But no. Amulet Heart for no good reason.

This is why the fillers suck. They get boring because we just see the same stuff (Amulet Heart) all the time. Not fun.

The chara’s cuter than most. Just one thing that always bothers me with the non-shugo charas. Why do they always have some random clip attachment like that note? It seems so unnecessary.

Was the only reason for having it be Amulet Heart so they could make a cosplay joke? That sucks. I wouldn’t have even found that funny when I was five (even if I knew what cosplay was).

Ah. I could barely even hear what I was sitting through the whole episode to hear. But it’s just a chorus thing, so I didn’t expect much anyway. It was just Kanae Ito singing in Amu’s regular tone like a sixth-grader would.

So…I want character songs. I want to hear Kanae Ito sing. She’s the only seiyuu I’m following who I haven’t heard sing. I especially want a song for Dia! The voice Kanae-san uses for Dia is so cute.

Well…until then. Let’s just hope we get to hear Kanae-san sing the next time we see Ikuto appear. I want my Amuto from the manga. That’s one of the cutest scenes in the whole series!!!



Jokes are serious business!

Ah…I should have known. Rima’s filler involves a filler character. I’m still looking forward to it for cutely serious Rima, but meh…I’m still disappointed by the filler character.

It seems like a really annoying filler character too. I’m reminded of Misaki…what if this girl doesn’t leave either!?

Nande ane! Nande ane!

However, I look forward to Amu’s tsukkomi training.


  1. this filler was kinda sucktastic, I kinda dislike Amu’s fanboy for well_obvious reasons.
    I laughed at Conductor Tadase for some reason_I’m not sure why though.

    I kinda miss Ikuto being around and although I’m not a big amuto fan__its because he’s 17 just like I am and hes inlove with a 12 year old which is the same age as my brother_Ikuto seems way too old at the momment I see nothing wrong with 5 years age difference later in life like 20 and 25, but 17 and 12 thats a bit odd at the momment but Ikuto is so damn smexy that I am A fangirl abut HIM and I can wait for ’that scene’ anyway.

    How on earth did I start talking about Ikuto? owell. the next few weeks of filler do not seem too too bad, But I hope Nagihko comes back soon

  2. Urgh, this episode turned out to be worse than I thought. I usually like fillers, and recap fillers don’t annoy me that much, but this one beat it all. I don’t like when Satelight focuses so much on a filler character.
    Saaya was annoying in this episode. I usually ignore her, but this time it was too much. Filler episodes bring in too much annoying filler characters <_<
    Yes, I like Tadase has a friend too. Can’t wait to see chibi Tadase, Utau and Ikuto animated, cause those will be the most cute and heartbreaking scenes we’ll ever have ^^ Oh, and did you notice…no RimaxTadase interaction this week. Good news, no?
    Trap-kun…I hope he comes soon. According to episode 48’s summary, he MIGHT show up.
    Conductor Tadase was priceless. I wonder if there is something that the guy does do (urgh, ironically, I’ve just finished watching Nodame Cantabile yesterday <_< )
    That flow card…I want that to happen. It’s getting so frustrating with all the teasing art pictures that Satelight have been showing us.
    In a way, I did miss Amulet heart. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love Amulet Angel, but I did miss the chara naris with Amu’s own characters. At the same time, the purification of the egg seemed way too…fast. Even the girl’s shugo chara only apeared for a second. Complete waste.
    Well, Amu sang a song for school. So Satelight, you now have a school song, so get up your lazy asses and start making the episode where Amu sings while Ikuto plays the violin!
    Next week, it appears to be a rival for Rima in the art of comedy. When I saw her, I automatically thought of kirarin revolution and instantly feared for the quality of the episode. But it has Rima on it, so I won’t lose hope. Oh, and did you notice? Amu has a green X clip attached to her hair.

  3. LOL @ the zipper. Also the shugo chara looks like a Daiya ripoff lols. Oh well thanks for sitting through this now I Don’t have to xD

  4. Two words: Crapfest. That’s what this week’s episode was for me.

    Ami teaching Amu how to sing was cute. I guess watching Utau’s videos all the time payed off.

    Fanboy is not a menege character who looks good without glasses on.

    Tadase as a friend is awesome. If there is a sleepover filler episode I hope he and Nagihiko are invited as well.

    Ugg. This episode is full of Saya too. I hate the fangirls and fanboys in Shugo Chara. So annoying. (lol’d at Saya’s reverse trap fangirl though).

    The animation for this episode wasn’t good either. None of the characters had noses. -_-

    At least next week’s filler character isn’t in love with Amu or Rima.

    Sorry for all the complaints. Here’s to hoping that next week is better.

  5. Don’t feel pressured to, but if you COULD add the fuller summary. (I feel so pathetic. I understand like a word or two, but rely mainly on pictures. I’m like a kid learning to read.) Your summaries are really helpful.
    I think the beginning of the ep. was one of the best parts. I mean, Ami giving Amu singing lessons… LOL.
    Why is it, in anime, that people can’t recognize others unless there’s a big sign with their name on it? I mean, Utau’s disguises are a bit pitiful. I thought she had fans? And how come they recognize her in the rock band with glasses and all her EXTREMELY NOTICABLE long hair stuffed into a blue checkered hat, but the don’t recognize her wearing the outfit from the end of ep. 43?! I mean, (in this ep.) Seiichiro put on glasses, and Amu THEN recognized him. I find it a bit annoying.
    Weird transitions…
    I think the girl was cute. She was simple, they didn’t try making anything about her strange or mysterious. Except her forehead. That was a bit big.
    Conductor Tadase.
    You know that fuzzy dream thing? Was it a flashback-her mother and when she was little-, the present-her playing piano for her family-, or a wish of the future-her married with kids-? I’m not sure…
    What was Saaya going on about?
    LOL. Amu transformed in front of Seiichiro and got embarrassed about it later.
    Cute Chara!
    I think the reason most Charas have an accesory of some sort is so that you can tell when someone is in Chara Change.
    Do I have anything else to say…?
    Yes. Is next week’s filler person a guy or girl?
    And filler episodes are booooring! Usually.
    Thanks for summarizing!

  6. … Yeah, this looks boring … I’m not determined to go watch it now. Sorry, but the Bishie Sparkles don’t work on Amu’s fanboy. I’m more disgusted actually. That’s like … a disgrace to Bishie Sparkles.
    I never noticed the “three girls, trap and girly-boy” thing before … wow, that’s really something … we need a real man back in the group … and I’m still frustrated about Kairi …
    I think I’ll just look forward to conductor Tadase .. . and tsukkomi practicing Amu … sweet

  7. Yeah, this episode sucked a little T_T …but I laughed at the part where Saaya’s all like ‘HA HA HA HA’ and just bashing away at the piano. xD

    Reading your summaries helped me understand it so much better, and I laugh every time I read your thoughts. ^__^ You rock.

    O yeah, you’re making the full summary tomorrow (yay!)!

    And guess what? Tomorrow is Kuukai’s birthday, apparently. xP I found that out yesterday when I was flipping through my Shugo Chara vol. 1 manga and saw his character profile. lol (Happy birthday Kuukai..?)

  8. ahhh….2 more weeks of fillers now…
    -sporks eyes out- I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!! I want mah Ikuto!!! T.T Well, at least its a Rima filler xD

    Ami teaching Amu to sing? PRICELESS….

  9. one last thing….you EVER gonna review Strike Witches again? EVER…?

  10. Hmph. Statelight has made me angry. T.T Haven’t we completely passed the point when fillers like these were tolerable? Seriously, filler cleansing random X eggs were fine when Amu was just learning about her Chara-nari’s but what is the point now? To much has happened since then.
    I want the Ikuto arc! I miss my Amuto and I’m seriously determined to see Ikuto glomp her when she’s trying to kick him out of her bed. And if they don’t animate that scene there will be hell to pay!! Thanks for the review! Ami’s too cute! <3

  11. Damn you Satelite…No Ikuto.Not even a hint.Dont screw with me Dammit!Tadase has his chance to steal Amu from you!no no no!Ikuto dont let it happen.Oh.You share my compassion of hateing Amulet Heart.And i was sure it would be Amulet Spade because of the Music…But no satelite.You HAD to put amulet Heart in didnt you?I’ve got a new nickname for you Amulet Heart.Amulet FART!How does that sound?!And Seiichiro without glass’es is kinda cute.He look’s so much better without them.Like Nikaidou!And again Satelite wtf is Wrong with you?!Miki is best at singing!And yet RAN Has to do it?!Damn you..I BLAME YOU TADASE!You and loveing Amulet Fart…You Bastard.Ok that’s it.Im tired of the filler’s looking Gay.I mean seriously….She has GREEN hair!You dont see alot of green haired Anime Girl’s…Anyway’s I WANT IKUTO AND AMU DAMMMMMMIIITTTT!Or at least some of Ikuto’s Pst…C’mon cant I see Ikuto chibi again..Ah damn you satelite.Im soooo disapointed.And Tadase and Rima..I aprove.EVEN if Rima deserve’s better I doubt she need’s a transvestite.Tadase will be Gay and rima will cheat on him.And I hope he find’s out.Ill laugh my ass off.Rima can just make Tadase good and settled so Ikuto steal’s Amu..And Rima will secretly date Kukai!And…Whgen Kairi come’s back maybye some Lubbin for him..Speaking of Kairi..Kairi COME BAACCCKKK!I want a filler dedicated to you!And when Ikuto’s arc start’s they better push them together.In just 51 episode’s how are they going to sandwhich the Amuto scene’s and ikuto’s Past in there?And Aruto..Im looking forward to seeing you.I bet your hott…Ikuto’s gotta have it from somewhere!And i hope the next filler is worth while..I think it is since there is rima.But a Filler AGAIN?!Damn you satelite…But anyway’s thank’s for reveiwing!

  12. Meh…this ep was seriously below, below average. Even that seems too high for it. Heck, the recap ep was better than this. -_-;
    Ami teaching Amu how to sing the proper way is AWESOME! yes…I lurve Ami. x3
    Heh, fanboy is trying to imitate Tadase in skipping…right…I feel my hope for the younger portion of the male population in the SC! world (with the special exception of a certain others) rapidly diminishing as we go on.
    Filler girl was boring. She was nice, but she was BORING as hell. Ha, I’m glad you noticed her big forehead. It kept me distracted and amused. :P *sigh* But seriously, piano again? Satelight might as well have brought Shion back which means Kukai would be back, too or something. At least, Shion was interesting (she played better, too) and had a better dream. This little girl is so…plain. Eh, w/e.
    Huh, Tadase as a conductor…is a conductor for a chorus really necessary? I mean, I guess it’s done differently in the schools in Japan but all they really have to do is follow the music and sing on the same page with everybody else.
    Oh, and I disagree on Tadase’s family being musical cuz they’re anything but. No, scratch that. His mom is very screwed up enough to compare to the stupid Hoshina-jiji’s. Everybody else can be musical, tho (especially the Tsukiyomi’s, hehe).
    And again, Saaya proves just how much of bitch she is and how much she absolutely loves to be one (someone please get rid of her already). At least her stupid possy was smart enough to know that it is one thing to lose a chorus competition but losing it with Saaya singing and playing the piano is an even bigger disgrace.
    Heh, I kinda like the fillers in between Nikaidou and Utau/Dia arc more than any of the other fillers (minus “Sketch of the Heart”, that is). Most likely because Utau was the antagonist. Haha, I can’t be against Utau even when she’s being bad. Utau is just too great.
    Not much to say about Amulet Heart though I was annoyed they used her again. And when this episode is about music, too. I don’t see why Amulet Spade couldn’t have been the Chara-nari for this episode when it is friggin’ common sense for her to be. *sigh* Stupid Satelight.
    Filler girl’s chara made me frown. I don’t like her design at all.
    Lol Cosplay…I think of it as just-desserts for calling Ikuto’s cat-ears a cosplay prop but it’s lame because Ikuto was not the one to say it. Lame, lame, lame.
    Anyways…yay! I heard Amu sing…along with twelve-something other insignificants so you really couldn’t hear anything. *sad* Huh, is this the school song they’re singing, too? Cuz Amu sang that in her duet with Ikuto. Aish, w/e, I want two different songs from her at least. Kanae Ito~…
    Well, looking forward to next week solely because of Rima (maybe Amu and her “training”, too, lol). Now I shall indulge myself in Phelp’s eigth gold medal to wash this bad filler aftertaste out of my mouth. Bleh…

  13. >.> The fact that I completely forgot about this episode until Sunday afternoon, instead of being all ‘OMG IT’S 5AM SATURDAY MUST LOOK FOR NEW SHUGO CHARA EPISODE’ pretty much sums it up. It was okay. I’ve seen worse. But not much worse. I’ve definitely seen better. =P It was kinda WEIRD, actually.

    He’s kinda cute without the glasses, but I still don’t like him.

    o.o What the HECK was up with that scene-change thing?! I hope they don’t do that again.

    I thought filler-girl was kinda cute. I wish they’d used Amulet Spade. =[ She’s my fave.
    I actually spent most of this episode listening, and typing out this comment instead of watching.
    And I left to get a snack in the middle. Usually I’m glued to the screen.

    Saaya’s… fangirl? does indeed look like a boy… I dislike Saaya a LOT. She’s bitchy. And she really sucks a singing. Like, even worse than me, and I’m pretty bad.

    Glad to see that hairstyle again. <3 It’s Amulet Angel and Amulet Devil’s hairstyle. ^^ Maybe that’s why she’s wearing it?

    I thought Ran’s voice sounded different at the beginning of the episode. Did anyone else notice that, or was it just me?

    Yaya looks… older without the cape. And shouldn’t Amu have chara changed with Miki to sing? =/

    Also, this episode is named after Seiichiro, but it doesn’t seem to be much about him. More about the girl. Her chara WAS pretty cute… but weird looking.

    Despite wanting to know more about what they’re saying, I may not even bother watching this again when the subs come out… it’s too boring.

    Hopefully the Rima episode will be interesting enough to make up for this rubbish. X_x

    There’s something that’s been bothering me for a while… how come nobody ever notices the characters talking to themselves when they’re speaking to their charas?

  14. Well, first, congrats for the posts and thanks for the summaries, because fillers are so boring and annoying I don’t even bother watching them… Maybe I will when there are some INTERESTING characters, but for now you’re 100% right: Satellite needs to stop random Sailor Moon style fillers. Oh, and I completely understand why you’d delete fangirl comments. In most cases they are 10-year-olds whose parents seriously have to reconsider giving them an internet connection… They make our life a living hell sometimes!!! -.-

    Anyway, let’s hope there’ll be more Ikuto and Nagihiko love in the next episodes, though I doubt it… Most likely they’ll appear again in the second season. Meh, at least we get one manga chapter per month to keep us going! ~.^

  15. Oh, to be young and ignorant of the non-existence of fillers. :P

    With the hair clip, I think it’s to do with Chara-change, as to make it really obvious (because speaking in a completely different voice and acting in a different manner isn’t enough of a clue. :D)

    Thanks for the summary~

  16. Kelly: Conductor Tadase is just funny. It just seems so weird.

    Oh I get what you mean. Especially if it connects to your real life somehow. I have an older brother so Utau’s bro-con would make me go, “Eh…” every so often even though I didn’t take it seriously (it’s the same age difference too…).

    But I don’t have a problem with Ikuto liking Amu, because he purposely tried not to. He’s always been calling her “kid” and stuff and specifically acting like he wouldn’t like her. I think there’s been something about Ikuto purposely “waiting” for Amu too. Once Amu turns 16 though, it’s already socially acceptable in Japan for them to be together anyway. It it anime after all, the “Hurry up and grow up. I’ll wait for you.” defense works.


    ForeverOblivion: I knew that people could like fillers and still despise these ones. Filler characters are boring. The filler advocates need to get off their high horses and just admit that a half-hour focusing on a character we’ll never see again (with a one-dimensional personality) sucks.

    Not to mention that this episode focused on other characters I could care less about too.

    I missed Amu’s regular chara-nari’s too (but of course, with Amulet Angel’s limited time she needed to spotlight), but I’d have rather seen Amulet Spade. Amulet Spade’s appeared the least and it’s one of the most popular.


    Hinano: She really does look like a Dia ripoof (no wonder I thought she was cute). Someone has to sit thgourh fillers and I seem to have too much free time on my hand anyway.


    warriorhope: No fanboy is not that sort of megane boy.

    I want it to be just the girls though~! (Nadehiko can come as Nadeshiko who’s back for one night or something crazy). It has to be just the girls so Ikuto can sneak in and bother Amu when no one’s around~!

    Complaints are fine. There’s a lot to complain about.


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: Ah, if you want a better summary I’ll try to work on one. At least I’ll try to answer the questions you have on it.

    Well…fanboy is different. Amu barely pays any attention to him, so it’s no wonder she didn’t recognize him.

    Ah, that dream thing was her dream for the future where she wanted to play the piano forever even when she got married.

    As for Saaya…I’m not all that sure about what she was going on about. Part of it was, “It doesn’t matter if it’s fun if you make a mistake” or something I think.

    Yeah, but they don’t even do it on all the Shugo Charas. They just do it on random, “x-egg healed!” charas that appear once.

    I think the filler character is a girl. Satelight showing off more bad charcter designs though.


    saimaisama Amu’s fanboy is a disgrace to a lot of thing (megane characters in general) so I’m hoping that now he has his little girlfriend he disappears.

    But it’s okay with the guardians. Once Nagihiko shows up in guy mode he’s just as good as Kairi (but I still miss Kairi…)


    Naji: Well, I didn’t end up making the full summary yet (got busy), but hopefully I’ll get the full summary done soon.

    Ah yes. I heard about Kukai’s birthday. I wish him a happy birthday and had a cupcake in his honor!


    lol2728: Don’t start sporking your eyes out yet. There’s still many weeks without Ikuto…

    And I’m going to get back to Strike Witches eventually. I mentioned it briefly on one of my Haruka reviews I think. I’m going to review it in bulk because I don’t have enough to say otherwise.


    amayalee: I think we passed them once they started making anime-original filler Shugo Charas instead of just random kids’ eggs getting x-ed. Though that was boring too.

    They’ll animate it…but not for a while (I’m sure we’re headed for anime-original arc first, let’s hope for amuto in that as well).


    Neko-San: Oh we’re all missing Ikuto already, aren’t we? I’m trying to hold it back and get excited about other things (it’s not working too well though).

    Heh. The Way the anime’s been going though, Tadase almost seems more likely to make a move on Rima than Amu (what’s up with that…).

    Well, it wasn’t Amu having a problem with singing, just that she was too nervous and shy (Ran’s always handled the outgoing chara-changes since episode 1).

    51 episodes is a lot of time to do stuff in I think.


    xiao_jie88: The recap episode was better, which either means Satelight worked their recap magic (which I doubt) or this episode just super sucks.

    I kept on having flashbacks of Shion too actually. One of the few good filler characters (I think the good ones always have better seiyuu too, Shion had Mai Nakahara after all). Why don’t they try something new? At least make it the harp or something else. Why even bother with a chorus episode? Qe didn’t really get to hear Kanae Ito sing…

    When I was in my school’s chorus, we had a conductor too, but of course that conductor was a teacher. Man…why does it feel like the guardians run the school?

    Oh Saaya’s bound to have a “redeeming” (Yeah right) filler before they stop having her show up. It’s how Satelight likes to handle things.

    Those were some good fillers (but except for craptastic recap, weren’t they all based off of the manga little too?). Meh…I want good fillers. Why don’t fillers with Ikuto exist? T_T They’re almost always based off of something in the manga. Even though I know they have writers who can make up stuff because of the drama CD.

    Psh, knowing Satelight they’ll make up not using Amulet Spade now by using her in an episode where soccer comes up (again, because that’s how they seem to be handling their fillers). But instead of making that better it’ll just piss everyone off because it still won’t be right.

    Well, if we have a school song (even it’s the same one) at least we’ll probably get that Amuto scene at some point. I’m sure we can get at least one Amuto filler out of them with that scene (it’s how they’ve handled Amuto fillers until now).

    Rima and Amu’s training…yep. That’s really it.


    Kura-Chan: Ah, yeah. It’s not like it OMGAWFUL, it’s just really boring and this episode was a drag to watch.

    Oh they’ll do it again. They haven’t done blue plaid zipper yet.

    To make us remember the chara-nari’s we’ll never see again. *sigh* Yeah maybe that’s why (I want Amulet Angel’s ridiculousness back).

    Heh. Actually it wasn’t about Seiichiro that much. I know I’m not watching this episode again either actually. Even if it helps me with my Japanese I just don’t care.

    Rima’s episode will probably be dampened by the filler character though.

    Shhh! Don’t ask that question! THe answer lies in not asking the question (lol).


    Ruby: Interesting filler characters don’t exist. They’re just about impossible to make since they only half a half hour to develop them. Not enough time. Just have random, “Let’s go to the beach!” “Let’s go to a circus!” fillers with the guardians instead. Stop making up characters.

    10-year-old, I kind of wish that were true, more often they seem to be 13 and 12 which pisses me off since I was never like that and I know fully well plenty of girls that age behave properly.

    Ikuto and Nagihiko probably won’t appear until next season…unless the episode description speculation is right about Nagihiko appearing in episode 47 (seems weird though).


    Gwen: To be young indeed~! The days when fillers were fun because it was just more than you get from reading the manga. Now I can see the crap.

  17. Oh ok, thank you!

  18. this episode wuz pointless. i didn’t like it. i also didn’t like the one w/ amu’s older cousin or the date w/ Tadase or the snoope 1.

  19. I have to say: I’m glad Amu didn’t turn out to be an awesome singer. I think she’s becoming really mary-sue like, so having another sue quality would be .. ugh.
    I enjoyed seeing Sechiro without glasses. He’s actually a cute kid. I didn’t start watching the anime until episode 30, so I never saw the fanboy in previous fillers. Maybe that’s why I don’t find him so annoying.
    Poor Saaya. I know she’s just a filler character, but I’m sick of seeing doing her same super witch routine filler after filler. If they’re going to make her apear so much, couldn’t they at least give her a couple good qualities? .. I’ve always loved her hair.
    I’m a little sad Tadase conducted. A part of me really wanted to hear him sing. In fact, I wanted to her Rima sing too. I bet she’d have a cute singing voice.
    I have no idea why, but the zipper transition made me laugh really hard. Mayb because I watched this episode out of bordom at 2 am.

  20. omg if they want to draw a girl with a forehead withoud bangs then its good for me , what’s your problem jeeezz , you’re so stupid

  21. […] Kanada. She’s Ryou in Clannad (and was also apparently the girl with the big forehead from episode 45). I find her voice very cute and likable. Lulu’s character design also didn’t feel as […]

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