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Love-Com anime at Comiket equals…I don’t know. It’s really just the usual Haruka cuteness, but having a Haruka and Yuuto outing at Comiket adds the same sort of fun that episode two did in Akihabara. No random maid cosplays this time, but it was fun.

I have less to say with this episode though…but I’ll chalk that up to me being short on time since I had as much fun with this episode as I’ve had with others.



Comiket really did prove to be an awesome setting for the usual Haruka shenanigans.

Also…is it just me or did we get even more, “*squee* YuutoxHaruka! So cute!!!” than usual? There was, right? Right!?

…I know what they’re trying to do here…but somehow, I’m still kind of, “wth?” about it…

lol, Poor Yuuto. And how did Haruka manage to stay away from that awful crowd anyway? So many people…

But it is Comiket. Crowd-enduced humor is necessary…

*gasp* As is crowd-enduced romance it seems! Woot!

Romantic comedy episode at Comiket…works. Spectacularly. Who would’ve known?

Ha-Haruka…I’d *facepalm* right now…if it weren’t so incredibly cute. She went “wan” and everything (cute~!) >_<

Shoujo sparkle bubbles. Nice. The dialogue even sounded like it was out of a shoujo manga.

It’s like this show is trying to give us every sort of romance that exists in anime!

^_^ Holding hands picture because…they’re holding hands. It requires no explanation.

(Though lol at the shadow bodies excited poses)

I made the exact same expression as Yuuto and Haruka when I saw fugly fat-ass shameless otaku guy walk right up. I already saw that it was the last one on the table so, *shock* was quickly replaced with rage. I demanded that someone beat the crap out of fat-ass otaku man!

Poor Haruka collapsed just like in akihabara. It’s the second time this has happened to her and this time it was some asshole’s fault!

That aside…look at Yuuto~! Losing sight of things just because Haruka is upset! He was so collected at the beginning of this series, now this sort of thing seems normal.

Haruka gets to say some really nice relationship-improving things every once in a while too. Yeah, now we’re getting there!

I was certain I was missing some sort of joke with the random guy giving Haruka the book she wanted and sure enough…

It was Minami dressed up as a middle-aged man (wtf!? Minami!? How!?). Somehow, Hazuki, Nanami, and Mika all became even more awesome. Controlling everything from the shadows like good lolis and maids should. All for the sake of Haruka! I approve!

Oh yes, even more awesome when it’s revealed they gave fat ass otaku what he deserved. I’d love to know what that note says…

Um…don’t ask me why this is screencapped. It’s just because. You should all know why.

*snort* Haruka making doujins. I…actually really want to see that now. Please~!

Ah. Nobunaga. Of course. I knew you’d show up! Wherever otaku things are being done, Nobunaga will appear and be the cutest boy otaku I’ve come across in all my days!

Ah! Awesome! More yaoi! I was wondering if they weren’t going to go for it since it already happened in Akihabara, but they did! Awesome! Because Haruka’s reactions are just way too cute. She even fainted!

Again! Haruka gets to faint three times in this episode. Poor Haruka…she’s too fragile for comiket. (also, lol at the guy with the gigantic smile next to the ero poster)

I love it when Haruka gets all starry eyed and starts acting like a regular fangirl. Except the way she does it is about ten times cuter. She’s like a little kid the way she gets excited. But I guess it’s because she’s still just now letting her otaku nature out because she just got someone she shared her secret with.

wtf? Stupid fanboys. I hear about this stuff happening at conventions in real life. Pushy fanboys and fangirls taking a picture without permission. But come on! Haruka’s not even in costume. Good fanboys wouldn’t take pictures of a girl without knowing who she’s supposed to be anyway!

That’s right Yuuto! You be the man! Ah~! I get so happy whenever I get to see Yuuto acting like a boyfriend would. Go Yuuto!

I mean, I still hear some grumblings from guys on the internet about how Yuuto is generic and probably wouldn’t end up with a girl like Haruka or whatever. But come on! That’s really for us girls to decide, don’t you think? And I believe the general consensus (at least around this blog) has been, “Yuuto is freakin’ awesome! (especially as a megane boy without glasses)”. Yeah…that’s right.

Pipiru Piru Piru Pipiru Pi~! ROFL, especially since it’s Hazuki singing with her monotone voice. Now, I have the urge to finish watching Dokuro-chan. It’s been licensed though, hasn’t it? Maybe I should wait for my ridiculous bloody violence to come out on DVD. (Ah, it comes out at the end of September…I can wait)

And if you didn’t get this joke…watch the OP now (beware of crazy “clubbing to death” violence). Man…Saeko Chiba is awesome…*resists urge to stop blogging and watch anime*

I’ll…never complain about crowded trains again!

*squee* >_<

Words cannot describe so let’s all let the wonderful shoujo-like bubbles do it for us.

…or not *cannot resist the urge to fangirl* Because this means that both of them now how they feel and they’re at the point right before they become an official couple! Though that point “right before” can take a while in some romantic comedies…and shoujo manga. But anyway! Kissing within three episodes! Come on! (Please?)

lol at them pretending that they weren’t there. But…this is kind of the introduction of an actual…problem, isn’t it?

It is! I can’t even be all awww! for this because Haruka’s all in tears! Nuuu! Serious (maybe) developments!

Well, I guess I can exchange awesomely cute fluff for the usual love-com “sort-of” drama. If they keep up with the HarukaxYuuto moments, I’m all good.

Hmm…I wonder if this will be the introduction of Haruka’s parents or something. They still haven’t shown up and…Ah! Sure enough. Her parents have seiyuu listed now on both wikipedia and ANN. So…yeah. I didn’t really watch the preview (I never understand anything anyway), but I’ll take a wild guess that has something to do with what’s going on.

Someone else can feel free to correct me if I’m wrong (it’s just a guess after all).


  1. Everytime I read your posts, I want to pick this series up again xDD.

  2. Yay! More HarukaxYuuto! ^^
    Heh, I like how Yuuto politely declined Shiina’s request to go to the pool (I think?). I know it’s pretty the ordinary, normal thing to do and Shiina gives the right, normal reaction to it, too (Shiina~, do you still have little to no idea about Haruka and Yuuto? *sigh*) but I really liked it for that reason.
    Well, back to Comiket.
    Oi, that was hectic. Poor Yuuto. ^^; I was expecting him to be very tired out by the end of this ep and swearing he’d never go to another Comiket again (unless it’s with Haruka, hee) but that’s probably just the Lucky Star Comiket ep I’m remembering. xD;;
    I really liked Haruka bumping into Yuuto, Yuuto catching her and the bubbly backgrounds that are showing to make the moment feel special and all but they overdid it in this episode. I mean, yea, it’s for romance but…hmm.
    & OMG, Haruka said “Wan!” Omg, Haruka said “Wan!” Kyaa! xD
    Dude, that fat asshole was one thing but the female seller was another. How dare she have the gall to say “I’m sorry, I can’t do anything about it” after she tells Haruka and Yuuto to wait on that long-ass line and then let the fat ass otaku get away like that? Huh?!
    I think Yuuto’s anger is justified and wouldn’t have been surprised if he started yelling at her (oh, but thank god Haruka is there to calm him down, which is even better). If it were me, I would’ve bitch-slapped her (ok, maybe not) and then gone after that jerk and beat him up to get my copy back.
    Ah, but that will never happen…which is why I’m so glad that Mika-tachi followed them to ensure everything went well (lol, they were even nice enough to give that stupid otaku’s money back). lol But I thought the guy Minami was disguised as the original author of that doujinshi (now that I think about it, no way…) or one of the supervisors of the event who just happened to see Yuuto getting mad. Minami, you’re so cool. xD
    Moving on…haha, Haruka is so faint-hearted when it comes to erotic stuff. So cute. x3
    Ugh, rabid fanboys…they have no decency.
    But I was kinda disappointed in Haruka at that moment (even though there was a great protective-Yuuto follow-up). The girl knows judo for cryin’ out loud! And she’s just standing there being shy? At least attempt to run away or something. *sigh*
    Anyways…ha, Hazuki’s entrance was great. And Mika and Minami cosplayed as Hecate and Wilhemnia (her name is bitch to spell). & holycrud! They played Mami Kawada! WAH~!!! xDDD
    And Yuuto and Haruka had a nice cuddle on the train ride home. Aww…I think the confession will take place in the next episode, right? At least I’m hoping it would (I heard “suki” in there somewhere). And then we shall have kissing! *giggle*
    Oi, but of course, a little drama issue has to precede that. I’m guessing the man in the shades who was watching Haruka and Yuuto at Comiket is none other than her dad and when she got home, he took her purchase from her and god forbid, ripped it apart or something. But I doubt it cuz Haruka would have looked more devastated if he had done that so maybe he just took it away.
    All in all, I think it’s safe to guess her parents will be showing up soon.
    Hmm, I hope everything turns out ok. Haruka’s dad may be strict and all but I heard he really loves his children. :/

  3. AWESOME. Yuuto needs 5 gold stars, STAT!!!!

    Haruka looked at Yaoi doujins again ROFL LMFAO!!!
    The dude smiling next to the ero poster…FTW???

    Ok, the hugging RULED!!! I approve of Haruka and Yuuto! They are the number…2 OTP!!! Amuto still Number 1, though!!! xD

    WTF!!! Hazuki is dressing up LOL! Who is she dressed up as? I reconize the outfit, but NEVER watched that anime >_<

    AHHH!!! Nogizaka Haruka is warping my mind with the Yaoi Doujins, but is TOTALLY warming my heart with the rabu rabu!!

    Love for everyone!!!! :D

  4. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Un/drop. This show.

    Shoujo bubbles have the same effect as Bishie Sparkles =D

  5. I’d love to know what that note says…

    “Divine Punishment because I’ve cut in line…” ^_^

  6. I watched this wonderful episode after seeing the crapfest that was episode 45 of Shugo Chara.

    I’m guessing that her managing to avoid the crowd had something to do with Hazuki, Minami and Mika.

    This episode had so many hugs in it! Or at least Yuto supporting Hakura when she was feeling faint.

    lol Mika and the maids acting like ninjas to solve the problems Yuto can’t.

    More yaoi jokes. ^_^

    Besides cute Otaku like Hakura and Nobunaga this show also has annoying fanboys like fat ass and the camera guys. -_- But Yuto defending her was totally awesome. He really is “freaking awesome”.

  7. oh, one last thing. WE GOT TO SEE HAZUKI’S CHAINSAW!!! AWESOME…xD

  8. xlapisxlazulix: Well, you might want to pick up and watch at least this episode. It’s a good one~!


    xiao_jie88: It’s strange how some of the best things about this show are the simplest. We should all blame years of bad love-coms.

    I expected Yuuto to enjoy Comiket 100% because he was with Haruka. I expected him to be all tired, but still think it was awesome. And because of that hug at the end, I’m sure that’s what happened.

    Oh they definitely overdid it this episode, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable for me. I love overdone things (explains me being a fan of Code Geass).

    That’s true. The seller should have told the fat otaku to get to the back of the line. Haruka and Yuuto had to after all. If it was me, I’d probably have a much more Haruka-like reaction and get all teary eyed and somehow send my mom in there (she’s awesome at bitching someone out when they do don’t business right).

    But Haruka was lucky. She, unknowingly, had Mika and the maids to do something, and Yuuto too. Yuuto wasn’t able to do anything, but he still stood up for Haruka, which as Haruka know, is the important thing (god, I love this anime)

    Haruka can’t bring herself to use her super Judo skills on her fellow otaku I guess. When she did beat someone up, it was a guy who was just a complete asshole. And he was talking bad to Yuuto, not her. She’s probably still too shy to stand up for herself (which just makes it so much sweeter that she stands up for Yuuto~!).

    God, I hope that there’s a confession in the next episode. I love it when we get to see a pairing as a couple (the best part of SA is after Kei and Hikari start going out, but the anime will never get to that). This series only has 13 episodes so if they get to that, it would have to be soon.

    Hmm…everything I’ve heard about Haruka’s dad is about him loving his children too. So, if he caused Haruka to cry, I think it’s probably “parental love” doing something your kids don’t like because you think it’s best or something. Probably a father’s misunderstanding and being overprotective.


    lol2728: Damn straight he needs five this time.

    The guy smiling next to the poster was certainly a once in a life-time kind of catch. So yes, FTW!

    Hazuki is dressed up as Dokuro, an angel who beats up, kills, and resurrects the boy she’s supposed to be protecting.

    I didn’t mention it before, but yeah. Finally seeing Hazuki’s chainsaw was simply priceless.


    saimaisama: Listen to the shoujo bubbles. Undrop it for just this one episode. Then you can go back to ignoring it (until shoujo bubbles inevitably show up again).


    53RG10: Thank you! “Divine “Punishment”, eh? Awesome. As expected, I really did want to know what was on that note.


    warriorhope: Ah, that’s certainly a good way to watch Haruka. I should get some awesome fluffly series that I can watch right after a bad episode of Shugo CHara (maybe it’s time to start up Toshokan Sensou).

    Ah. Of course. Hazuki, Minami, and Mika. I should have known.

    Even if supporting Haruka when she feels faint counts as just half a hug, there’s still a lot of hugging in this episode.

    I suppose even anime can’t wipe away the reality. For every cute otaku, there must be about 100 bad ones.

  9. “I was certain I was missing some sort of joke with the random guy giving Haruka the book she wanted and sure enough…”
    thats no random guy, thats Taro Aso, also known as ‘Rozen Aso’!!

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