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New Top Ten list. This week I go into my love of music a little with ten of my favorite openings.

Specifically, these are openings that I like both the music and animation for. A good opening needs to have nice animation and nice music. One or the other doesn’t cut it.

Of course, my standard for animation is mostly just lots of pretty images. You get no ground from me for being plot-relevant. A lot of time I wonder why more openings aren’t more plot-relevant, but I never like the ones that are as much. Meh.

Anyway, this time I limited myself to one opening per anime/series. That includes sequels and different seasons. As it turned out, this was really only a problem with a couple of anime.

Meaning KyoAni usually only does one season of an anime (ooo, spoiler alert).


Number 10: InuYasha OP6 – Angelus (Hitomi Shimatani)

Yup…InuYasha is on the list. Because no matter what else you can say about the anime, it had some really nice openings. It was kind of hard to chose between this, I Am (OP2), Grip! (OP4), and One Day, One Dream (OP5). But Grip! ruined itself with sound effects. One Day, One Dream had the prettiest spot of animation, but other parts were awkward. I Am came closest with pretty animation and a song I’ve always liked, I just didn’t like either part quite as much.

Once back in my long-ago InuYasha fangirl days, I had a conversation with an old internet acquaintance on IM about which opening was the best. Basically we decided that it really came down to “which opening had the prettiest Kagome animation.” because that’s really what it comes down to.

Most shounen anime have all that crazy action, random plot insertion in the OP. What I always liked about InuYasha’s openings (and endings) was the pretty still frames, the quick landscape images, and then the shots of Kagome. They really liked making her hair blow in the wind…I like that too.


Number 09: Tsubasa Chronicle OP1 – Blaze (Kinya Kotani)

The Tsubasa anime sucked. The first season wasn’t as bad as the second, but still didn’t compare to the manga. The only thing I like about that anime is the fact that it brought me Yui Makino…and I still can’t find room in my heart to forgive them.

But the first OP had everything the anime didn’t. Some emotion, pretty animation, SakuraxSyaoran moments, cool action, plot, mysetery and…overall non-suckage. I won’t say “good music” because there was plenty of good music in the anime (why do you think I love Yui Makino so much? If it weren’t for episode 19 I’d never have even noticed her).

Basically, I liked this song. And the animation was full of the stuff I like too. Now if only it was done in Production I.G.’s Tokyo Revelations style instead of Bee Train’s. That would have been great.


Number 08: Air OP – Tori no Uta (Lia)

Oh the way I discovered KyoAni was this beautiful OP. Everyone can rag on KyoAni’s adaptations as much as they want (I personally love them all…KyoAni fangirls exist too), but they can’t say anything about the beautiful animation. Especially in the openings.

I really love that one shot of Misuzu in the sunflowers. That’s what really hooked me when I first checked out the OP. The effect with the clouds is really cool too. And the shot of Misuzu turning is just KyoAni showing off their pretty wind-blowing animation…and I love it.

Beautiful animation, a beautiful song. Yeah…it pretty much has everything you need to be on this list.


Number 07: Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Sore Ga Ai Deshou (Mikuni Shimokawa)

I had such a hard time chosing between this and Minami Kaze from Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. But this one out in the end…just barely. The other one has a song I kind of like more and a lot of really nice shots, but…this one has hair blowing in the wind. I love hair blowing in the wind.

Really, this one just has nice calm music and really nice animation that fits with it. The only complaint I have is that I’m kind of bothered by the spots for the credits, but whatever.

Yup, it’s just a really nice song with really nice animation. The only thing is…it doesn’t really fit in with the ridiculous nature of the show (so much Bonta-kun in that series…).


Number 06: Shugo Chara! OP2 – Minna Daisuki (Buono!)

Oh well all know why this one’s on here. Personally, I’m a Buono! fan, but animation is also a requirement. This one beats the other SC! opening with a better song and…an Amuto moment in the OP.

Yeah, I can’t even try to say that this one has better animation…because it doesn’t. It’s has spectacular Amuto instead. And I love it.

The whole opening is really cute though and I really like Amu’s semi-transformation into Amulet Angel. It would have been my screencap but you know…Amuto.


Number 05: Clannad OP – Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~ (eufonius)

Nagisa, Key VN-style opening, KyoAni animation, and…did I mention Nagisa? Oh and that cute little girl too! I know her name, but I’m going to be a good girl and keep it to myself, because not everyone spoils themselves about the After Story.

Personally, I’m a fan of KyoAni trying to adapt Key’s VN opening styles with animation…even if it means that they use a clip that never even gets to appear in the anime (Kyou…).

Also, this is one of my absolute favorite songs from an anime. So there’s that too.


Number 04: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha OP – Innocent Starter (Nana Mizuki)

Nana Mizuki song is a must on this list. And this is the one with the animation I like best.

Even if the song wasn’t a Nana-sama song, I’d probably still really love it. it has a really nice sound and the images are all just really nice. The shots showing of Nanoha’s sailor fuku armor are cool (though it’s being changed in the upcoming movie! My red ribbon!!!).

Even though I’m always hesitant to call Nanoha a mahou shoujo anime (really, at the very least you can’t call A’s one), the OP feels like a mix between a mahou shoujo and moe anime…and hey! That’s what it is. They do their job well.


Number 03: Macross Frontier OP2/3 – Lion (May’n & Megumi Nakajima)

Epic. I created this list a while ago, but I had to readjust it while I was typing it up because Lion came out. I’ve watched it thirty times since and I’m still absolutely loving it. Absolutely the best use of recycled animation ever. What’s with Macross F? Making an enjoyable recap episode and making a top 3 quality OP with recycled animation.  It’s almost so good that I hate them for it.

Basically, this OP combines what I really love about Macross F. The music, the pretty animation, and the girls. God, I hope this OP means I can look forward to a team-up with Sheryl and Ranka. The shipping is fun and all, but I’m really just after this anime because I like all the characters separately too.

Basically, they made old footage fun to watch by matching it up with awesome fights and the two girls singing. And pretty colors too. The effects were so amazing that even if you compare this to a MAD video, I’ll laugh and say, “point me to the MAD video that looks this great.” Especially the transitions that go all 3d with the mechs. It’s cool. I really love this opening. So bright, crisp, and the song is just awesome and matches the mood nicely (in both the way Sheryl and Ranka sing and the current mood of the anime).

Even if you don’t watch Macross F, you have to watch this opening…thirty times. Though please do it in better quality than the videos I could find on YouTube (they make me weep).


Number 02: CardCaptor Sakura OP3 – Platinum (Maaya Sakamoto)

Barely anything in this video is plot-relevant. There’s only one point in the opening where any character besides Sakura shows up too. It’s kind of funny. That always bothered me before, but now I just take it in stride as a sacrifice for beautiful animation.

In order to get a perfect screencap for this video I basically went through the whole thing frame by frame. I didn’t even get bored. Every frame is a different beautiful image, nothing ever looks awkward. Or at least, nothing important ever looks awkward. Sakura’s face is always beautiful, the only way you can tell in some of the frames that it comes from a moving animation are some transparency issues, but that’ really impossible to avoid.

It’s really a beautiful song matched with some absolutely beautiful animation. It was kind of hard choosing between the CCS openings, but this one really had to win out in the end. It’s the best season from the anime and it shows it. Best outfit for Sakura (after her princess outfit in the anime), best song, best animation. And Sakura having wings made room for even prettier animation too.


Number 01: Kanon OP – Last Regrets (Ayana)

The ultimate of hair blowing in the wind openings. In fact, the hair blowing in the wind is so amazing that I couldn’t even manage to catch an image that looked right when it was still. It’s really just something that you have to watch (cute loli-Ayu will have to do).

Really, for me…Last Regrets just can’t be topped. The music matches the mood of the anime, the animation is just absolutely beautiful, and it has those little mysteries in the opening that keep you guessing throughout the anime. The little glimpses of the past.

The only minor thing about Kanon is that it does the same thing as a certain other opening from KyoAni does. It gets so wrapped up in being like the VN and showing off the girls that it forgets that there’s a certain character who shows up even more often than the girls…

Well, I guess it’s okay. For the proper mood, it needed to just be sad girls in snow…and Ayu eating taiyaki.


That’s it for today. Maybe someday I’ll do my top ten endings too…but not sometime soon. I had a really hard time finding the right youtube links and then collecting clean openings to grab screencaps. I haven’t watched a lot of these anime in quite some time so they got deleted from my computer at some point. And I never watched either Air or InuYasha raw (and I didn’t have any InuYasha DVDs from that season).

Innocent Starter was definitely the most difficult to get a hold of though. If only Geneon were still around. Then I’d already have my Nanoha DVDs and that would have settled that!

The only ones readily available to me were Blaze (Tsubasa DVD), Sore Ga Ai Deshou (Fumoffu DVD), Minna Daisuki (Shugo Chara! raws), Lion (I’ve had that clip stored on my computer so I can watch it thirty times), and Platinum (CCS DVD). It really was quite an ordeal otherwise.


  1. Platinum is THE BEST for me. OP3 was when I realized that CCS is my all-time favorite anime series. Having that kind of opening tells you it’s not your run-of-the-mill mahou shoujo anime. It’s just totally different and made the anime itself feel transcendentally different too.

  2. If I did my top ten OPs, I probably would have a lot of the songs you did …
    Ah, I remember my Inuyasha fangirl days … hard not to with my 20+ tapes of Inuyasha episodes. Though, I would’ve picked “I am” as my favorite OP.
    My fav KyoAni anime opening is definitely CLANNAD’s Megumeru … despite the pretty animation the Last Regrets. The song itself has me biased.
    And wow, CCS. I used to watch it on TV and had to bear through the crappy english dubbed opening (which, at the moment, didn’t sound crappy to me) so I don’t really remember any of the OPs aside “Catch you catch me” and “Platinum” … which I watched from a friend’s DVD
    Man, now I have the sudden urge to go watch some CCS or Nanoha. I’m on full Mahou Shoujo mode right now … and I’m blaming Shugo Chara @__@ (10 more episodes and I would’ve catched up completely)
    Oh, and my number one OP would have to be Tactics opening “Secret World” … it has awesome animation, a neat song and I love how it foreshadows the ending of the anime without you really noticing … =D
    (Lion would’ve made my second place aswell … all the pretty effects … I don’t even care about the recycled animation … my third place would probably TTGL’s “Sorairo Days” =D)

  3. Kewl…gotta love the openings. X3
    Ah, Inuyasha did have some really nice OPs, didn’t it? Personally, I think One Day, One Dream was the best but Angelus was pretty good, too (I found the music really odd for a series like Inuyahsa but interesting all the same). Grip! was good, too, but I didn’t keep up with that arc so yea…
    Blaze was a good song and a few of the OP shots were okay. But yea, I agree on Production I.G. over Bee Train (eck!). Nothing else much to say…oh, and this is kinda off-topic but did you know that one of Yuki Kajiura’s Tsubasa tracks have been used as floor practice music for the Olympics’ Women Gymnastics? I heard it while watching the Americans last night and knew it had to be the Japanese team playing it. So great. Lol Too bad it wasn’t shown on TV, tho. Ah, well. *still happy about the outcome* xD
    Oh god, Tori no Uta was so beautiful. My opinion on the animation is pretty obvious but put Kyoani + Lia = ULTIMATE WIN!!! 8DDD On my list, this OP ranks first and second…I’m still iffy about who should have that spot. Mag Mell’s animation was great but Last Regrets was a better song (and they had pretty snow, too…). Oi, so difficult to decide…*stumped*
    Of course you must have a Shugo Chara! OP on your list! Lol And since there’s only two so far (can’t wait for the second season because we all know what that means ~.^), Minna Daisuki clearly wins b/c of the Amuto. Nuff said.
    Huh, I wonder if Buono! will continue to sing both the OPs and the EDs for the second season, too, since Ikuto’s arc is darker than the previous ones (I want Nana-sama to sing but yea…).
    Ah, just watched the Fumoffu and Macross Frontier OPs right now. Pretty good. Fumoffu’s animation was beautiful and Macross’s effects and music were fast-paced and exciting. Hmm, yep.
    Innocent Starter was awesome. I heard Eternal Blaze way before I got into Nanoha but when I started watching it, the first OP grew on me really fast. Image-wise, I got the impression of a very different kind of mahou shoujo and I guess that’s what they were aiming (usually, magical girl OPs are more cheerful and “Innocent Starter” sounded more serious so that’s probably the huge factor) for so good for them.
    Platinum~!!! Such a lovely OP. Sung by Maaya Sakamoto (she’s awesome!) and all the pretty feathers around Sakura who of course, needs to be wearing an even better costume than all the other ones in the previous OPs. *sigh* So lovely. ^^
    So yea…aww, so no top ten EDs next week. Buu~… Well, I hope you’ll be able to find youtube links and not sure if this will help or not but Veoh might have the raws you’re looking for (but you’ll have to download Veoh TV to download those so I dunno…).
    Ok, will be looking forward to your next top ten. Hehe ^^

  4. Excellent post! here are my thoughts:
    10: Ahh… I forgot about how much I liked that shoe!
    9: you’re right, it did suck. I’m not going within a 3 meter radius of that thing.
    8: did you ever see the blue ray opening to AIR? a masterpiece if I’ve ever seen one. Great quality, and the song gives me goosebumps.
    7: I didn’t like some of the effects, but nice nevertheless. Kyoani’s good at this stuff.
    6: adorable! I’ve gotta catch up with shugo chara one of these days.
    5: what? you didn’t pick the dango song? aww… still, good choice
    4: I’ve been avoiding this series because of the character designs, but I think I’ll take a look at it now
    3: excellent
    2: ccs didn’t have the best budget for anything, but I always thought that the art was really solid in that one. Absolutely loved the second movie, and this is the only case where I forgive the makers for changing the original story in all my years of watching anime.
    1: this one too, goosebumps all over. I can never get tired of this song.

  5. I KNEW CCS would be in there SOMEWHERE! Yeah, Purachina would top it for me. Then Catch You, Catch Me.
    All the videos are really nice. No. 4 was nice. As was no.5. No.1 too! A nice collection. No.9 is okay.
    Anyway, look forward to next week’s top ten!

  6. Inuyasha did have some nice openings, but I preferred the endings to the openings. The songs were very heartfelt in the endings..I loved almost all of them XD

    All of your picks very nearly match my own. I would have chosen the Kanon opening as my number one as well, it’s very good.

  7. Anime OPs day, eh? Well, I guess I’ll just comment on each one separately.
    10. Didn’t like it. At all. Even with Angelus, the animation lacks the energy of the song, using a lot of stills and lazy animation. Even if it looks nice.
    9. Three words: Typical. Clamp. Opening.
    8. I liked it, but it’s from a VN, so I’m biased. Just that cutout of each character replaced by a sky felt really awkward. I wonder if anyone mixed this with Amami’s version of 鳥の詩, instead of Lia’s.
    7. It’s a Mikuni opening, so pure win from me. They could have worked it better, but the best part is Kaname spinning in the park with those leaves.
    6. Feels typical at the beginning, then gets a little better near the end.
    5. VN Opening shortened and animated. Nothing else to say.
    4. Hard to believe it all started with a minor character in an H-game. In terms of originality, and how well the music and animation blends together, this is what I think is the best opening in the entire list.
    3. Effects-whoring to the max. Typical MAD style, except without all the stills. Song’s decent too.
    2. I’d say typical, but then everyone did it this way back then. I liked Catch You, Catch Me better.
    1. A nice, creative approach to the VN opening. Wished this was the VN opening instead.

  8. bluemist: Platinum certainly is very good. I’m just too obsessed with hair blowing in the wind (especially in slow motion!) for it to be my favorite. But it’s pretty much the same for me. I don’t think it was specifically the opening, but everything about the first couple of episodes of the “Sakura Cards” arc made me decide it was my favorite series. It had all the cuteness I love in my anime plus…OMGz plot!


    saimaisama: I Am was always my favorite until a certain point actually. Now IO’m just thrown off because that’s back before the art changed. And…not enough shots of Kagome with her hair blowing in the wind (it’s like an obsession for me…hair blowing in the wind).

    Oh god the English Opening! Now it’ll be stuck in my head forever. That was…awful.

    Shugo Chara…haha yes. It’ll do that to you. It’ll make you want to go back and watch other good mahou shoujo (PreCure and some others don’t count…).

    I’ve never watched that opening…*scurries off to YouTube* Whoa…well if I’d watched that anime it would probably be on my list too. …Dammit, that opening makes me want to watch it too, but I have too much anime to wipe off my Watchlist before Summer ends already.


    xiao_jie88: My one peeve with “One Day, one Dream” was that it had this one spot that alway bothered me and I never got over it. So it remains off my list.

    *gasp* Yuki Kajiura’s Tsubasa tracks at the olympics? You lie! Actually, I can believe that. I randomly heard some anime song in the background of the news before or something (I think it was a song from Code Geass..I can’t remember). It’s strange when anime pops up in the weirdest places.

    Hey…speaking about KyoAni Key openings…do you think we’ll be getting a new one for the After Story? I…want one. I want one that’s more Nagisa and family focused!!! I mean, the other girls will basically just be making cameos anyway, right?

    I’m sure Buono! will continue to sing for Shugo Chara! that’s the reason they were formed in the first place, right? Ikuto’s arc is darker…but it’s not too bad. They can always go with the “Serious Business no-opening” for any really important episodes. But…I wouldn’t say no to a Nana Mizuki opener either~!

    Innocent Starter certainly has that mahou shoujo sort of opening. The good kind, with smiling and little peeks of drama to come. Innocent Starter just has a nice…serious, warm sort of feeling around it (sounds weird, but I think it’s true).

    I’m completely unsure of what I’m going to do for next week actually. It may just end up being a new series of top tens just because I can easily run out of ideas for the shorter lists…


    Choux: Sadly, I own the whole first season of my number 9 (I like the seiyuu too much and it’s the only place I can hear them all…), but the second season is untouchable.

    No, I haven’t seen the bluray opening for Air! I have an HD tv, but no bluray player (yet… ) so it’s impossible for me. But someday…

    Some of the effects bothered me of a long time too actually…I got over it for the sake of flowy animation.

    If you want to catch up with Shugo Chara, I’d suggest trying before we eventually hit the 100 episode mark (which, if the rumors are true, is how long this show might end up being…).

    Well, Dango Daikazoku is an ending…if it was openings AND endings I totally would have gone with the Dangos (they are irresistible).

    I always hear that CCS had a kind of low budget, and it just makes me appreciate it more. How the heck did they manage to make everything so nice even without all the crazy action that stuff requires today? How? (And the second movie is really…yeah, I can completely forgive the anime for changing that story, because both endings are just so nice).


    amuto007_is_mit-chan007: My second favorite CCS opening is actually Tobira wo Akete, but I love almost all of them the same.


    amayalee: My god yes…those endings. Every Heart might still be my absolute favorite anime ending. I mean, most endings are just random still frames, so it doesn’t have that much competition, but it’s still beautiful. Or Come too, I love that one also.

    The Kanon opening is really just great, isn’t it? I’m still not sure exactly what it is that makes it so great…it just is.


    kagaminokujira: Eh, I get what you mean about the ANgelus opening. That’s why it’s my number ten I suppose (pretty animation only goes too far). Now that I think of it, there’s a problem with a lot of the InuYasha openings…they don’t always match up with the music at every point. Too buys doing the shounen show-off and plot intro thing.

    I love that part of the Fumoffu opening, with Kaname in the park. Everytime I see it I have to stop and go, “Aww…so beautiful” But that’s part of the problem with Fumoffu’s OP I’m left feeling all, “Aww, this was so beautiful, then suddenly…BAM insanity. It’s kind of fun that way though.

    6 does have a really typical opening (walking to school and character introductions), so I hope the next opening does a better job with that…too many openings rely on Character Intro as the basis for an opening. It’s pretty boring.

    It started with a minor character in a h-game who got a less than five minute music video about her being a magical girl on a DVD and BAM! Now she’s hitting the big screen. How did it happen?

    Yeah, I can agree that Innocent Starter might be the best, but it’s not my favorite. Not enough hair blowing in the wind…basically.

    Heh, well since I love MAD’s, I’m weak for the MAD opening…but better! Part of me being crazy for the Macross F opening is that I just love Ranka and Sheryle teaming up too…

    Nuuu! Catch You, Catch Me was a better mahou shoujo opening but it’s not as pretty! It’s more cute (which I love, but…I like my pretty flying more).

  9. Hooray, Inuyasha made it on your list! (I really should finish it, I need to be motivated first though). Ah, listen to the KyoAni fangirls squeal in delight. I for one an a huge fan of the Key series and love the VN styled opening in the anime adaptation, but I have to admit, Misuzu in the field of sunflowers was absolute win for me.
    And who could forgot Shugo Chara! Minna Daisuki, one of the best mahou shoujo openings around. Fuyu-chan, you have good taste.

  10. You have good tastes, Fuyu-senpai! (Isit ok if I call you that? Hahas. Cause you seem so much older and wiser then me. XD)

    Just something i realised while watching through the songs. Most of them have feathers in them. There are feathers present in songs, 10,9,8,6,4 and 2. And I think that there are sakura flowers in two or three of them. Hahas. Just a random note. XDXDXD

  11. Ah, I lied a little about one tiny thing. It was definitely Yuki Kajiura’s music playing but it wasn’t the Japanese team that was playing it. I’m pretty sure it was one of the European teams.
    But yea, they do turn up in the strangest places (even in Chinese action dramas but that’s because the Chinese are too lazy to compose their own original scores, bleh).
    OMGYES!!! We absolutely MUST have a new CLANNAD OP! It’s only right to do that since the main focus is on Tomoya, Nagisa and Ushio (and the rest of the girls can have their cameos). If they don’t, I will be angry. >:(
    True, true. Maybe they’ll try to sing a new OP or ED from a different perspective but if it’s still happy-go-lucky I wouldn’t mind (that’s why I love Buono! after all ^^ ).
    Aww man, now that I think about it, I really want Nana-sama to sing an OP or ED song. KAAHH~! …Will it be too much to ask if I want Kanae Ito to sing with her? xDDD;;
    I’m sure what you pick will be good. Even if it’s random like…best Japanese dessert/sweets or something. lol

  12. oTAKu: Well, if you’re going to finish InuYasha, I recommend checking out episode lists and doing some major filler-skipping (it’s because of that series, that I have enough filler tolerance to sit through and even summarize almost any filler).

    Haha, of course I do. I’m FuyuMaiden after all! (lolwut… )


    Starry: Hehe, Fuyu-senpai is fine~! It actually makes me oddly happy (I guess I watch too many school life anime).

    …What? Feathers? *rewatch* Most of them do have feathers in them!!! Even Kanon (number 1) actually does too with Ayu’s quick temporary angel wings (you can barely see them) and in that scene it looks like there’s feathers floating in front of her. Wow…I didn’t even realize. I knew I liked sakura petals flying about, but I wasn’t aware of my feather obsession until now. Makes sense though…more things blowing in the wind.


    xiao_jie88: Ah, I actually did end up hearing it actually (and I think you’re right about it being one of the European teams). I didn’t even realize it was the Yuki Kajiura song people were talking about until it was over (the last note caught my attention and made me go, “Ah!”). I knew it was something familiar, but I was on the laptop in the living room so I wasn’t paying too much attention. I’m used to hearing familiar songs in gymnastics and (during the winter olympics) figuring skating. So I didn’t think much of it.

    But wow…it’s so funny to hear it first hand.

    More focus on the Furukawa family in general would be nice actually. Oh, let’s change it around and a bunch of the characters that have their brief, “Hey! We’re side characters!” appearance in the OP can be all main in the new OP (just not in that VN-op style, because that would be weird).

    Ah! Kanae Ito & Nana-sama duet. I’d like to hear that. Hmmm…Nana-sama duet…it feels like I should have heard a song with her singing with someone else, but I can’t remember one. Maybe I’m thinking of Yukarin (I have a mp3 of her singing with Yui Horie). But speaking of Yukarin, I want a duet of her and Nana-sama too. They’re Nanoha & Fate. It feels weird if they haven’t sung together (or maybe they have and I just don’t know it). But ah! That’s what the movie’s theme can be. Both of them singing (since movies don’t generally have opening AND ending themes).

    Top ten Japanese desserts/sweets…I’d like to do that. Too bad I’ve had less than five. There are no Japanese people forcing markets to stock any sort of Japanese food outside sushi (or things to make sushi with) in my part of the world. T_T I want taiyaki.

  13. ahhhh, Ayana for Kanon. Isn’t she the same person who sang Nageki No Mori for Higurashi?
    Well, Nana Mizuki OF COURSE made the list xD
    But no ALI PROJECT! BUMMER! :( Rozen Maiden isn’t viewed as much any more, and that makes me sad.
    Maybe it isn’t viewed as much because the ended the anime in such a shitty way?
    Seriously, the ending of the show WASN’T EVEN FOLLOWING PEACH-PIT’S ORIGINAL PLOT!!!
    I mean…they made a FAKE 7th doll to replace Kirakishou? THE F**K? Just show Kirakishou and all her crazy bitch-ness and let the anime take it’s course!!!
    Well, at least the dolls all died in order…I think o.o I didn’t get the last mange volume yet

    Well…as long as Ayana, Nana Mizuki and Hitomi Shimatani are here, I can be happy :)

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